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  • Debate: Clinton slams Iran, Putin & supports Syrian Rebels; Sanders rejects Intervention
    • If foreign policy is not important now, what are you doing here reading and commenting on it and on Russia and Iran?

    • Putin forced from power?? Gettingoffmedz is not advisable.

    • We have to admit this the most relaxed Hillary Clinton has ever been in a debate. I believe her when she said that she tried Marijuana in the past and didn't like it, but she must have been high on something to have Iran her number one enemy. What was she doing in the bathroom all that long?
      But when she said she would create a safe zone in Syria, I almost got high myself to fog her foreign polices from my head. She also wants to create a "coalition that includes Arabs and people from the region". Did she mean recreate the coalition that already exists and that she worked on before she left the state department? I don't know.
      As for Bernie Sanders' views on Syria, is he really saying he would continue with the Obama approach that Obama himself kind of dismissed?

  • Syria: Will US arming of Kurdish-led Northeast Rebels Provoke Turkey?
    • Say the words Syrian Kurdistan 3 times to Erdogan and he will have a heart attack. He knows now how short sided he was waving his finger to Assad and yelling " either go or go, I will be praying at Al-Umayyad mosque." Well all it took is for Obama to say I really need moderate fighters this time, and it doesn't matter if they are found guilty by Amnesty international, or if they are a minority as long as they align themselves with some moderate Arab Syrians. Not a day later and voila, we have the DFS, Democratic forces of Syria, the Kurds YPG and some "Syrian Arabs". They also through in some Assyrians. (the tiniest Christian minority).
      They have the word democracy in the name, it can't get anymore moderate than that.
      Reuters- from YPG spokesman
      "The sensitive stage our country Syria is going through and rapid developments on the military and political front ... require that there be a united national military force for all Syrians. Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and other groups,".
      With Obama arming YPG, Saudi Arabia shoveling its weak feet back and forth to get and lean on more missiles for both Yemen and Syria, the EU pissed he keeps exporting refugees and economic migrants from all over the world, open invitation through his east and north borders directing them to the see, it seems he only has Israel left. Not that he's not uncomfortable With Kurds selling oil to it. Hey you can't rally the world to pump terrorists to Syria and sleep tight at night. Syrian Kurdistan sounds more likely Mr. No one can do anything without me. To keep it nice I only mentioned Syrian Kurdistan 2 times not 3.

  • Does Obama have a Syria Strategy? Putin Does.
    • No ground troops doesn't mean he is not at war. He was and still is just without training moderate opposition because he can't find any. Arming continue and escalate. He is in another Afganistan in Syria and Turkey is the new Pakistan. And we all new what came out of arming jihadists. They just bit the hand that fed them. As for why we are supporting the monarchies, the naive answer would be billion of dollars worth of arm deals that shouldn't end.

    • I think our President needs an advisor like professor Cole to let him know that there is no armed moderate opposition in Syria. And that all armed elements already united under the black flag of Al-Fateh Army/Army of conquest, Including Ahrar Al-sham, Al-Nusra front, Al-Aqsa soldiers, Al-Sham brigade, Al-Sunni Army, Al-Sham soldiers militia and What's left from Free Syrian Army. Unfortunately the United States Led base in Jordan is just providing support to jihadist under different names. It takes one look at so called free Syrian army to Know, and to put it lightly, that its braking every single rule of Geneva conventions. The US. Led coalition in the north and the 500 million dollars in armament and financial support, And that's just on behalf of United States, only ended up in the hands of Al- Qaeda and its main affiliate Al-Nusra. And now we are promising more.
      Does our president know that the 2 main elements fighting each other and Assad are just 2 stars of Al Zawahri planet?
      There is no armed moderates just barbaric jihadis.

  • Israeli settlers carry out attacks in East Jerusalem, West Bank
    • Besides IDF, there is the * Duvdevan unit: Soldiers known for carrying out high risk counter terror operations wearing Arab civilian cloths as a disguise.
      *Ulernate Duvdivan: The protected settlers both legals and illegals Encouraged to harrasse, burn, shoot and try to concentrate on young palastinian men and kids with the theory of stopping them From growing up and becoming Jewish killers. Also to stop them from reproducing.
      * Modern Duvdivan: Jews citizens predominatly female teenagers posting selfies and hate messages on social media, like (Hating Palestinians is not discrimination, it's values) and (The number one value is hating palastinians).

  • Putin’s Syria Strikes Irk some among Russia's 16 mn. Muslims, Raise Risks
    • So if Russia's Putin is not bombing Isis in northern Syria, who is he bombing? Hate Putin or love him, the criticism keeps concentrating on him not just bombing Isis but also the armed moderate opposition supported by the U.S... Currently there are only 5 rebels out of thousands intended to be trained and re-enter Syria via the Syrian north border with Turkey. An example that was given is Idlib which is free of Isis. Why is putting bombing there? Who is in Idlib terrorizing its citizens since 2013? His name is Abdalla Almuhsini a non Syrian Sunni jihadist, that was able to take control of Idlib with only 5 million dollars. He is in alliance with Al- Nusra ( Al-Qaeda). He massacred every Sunni that stood in his way. He is using the Syrian army jets that he captured from Alduhur air base. He conducts public executions to terrify the Sunnis that don't join him. So just because he is not affiliated with Isis, is it ok to let him keep on doing what's he's doing? Well depends I guess on if we are only against Isis or perhaps Isis and Al- Nusra, but with everyone else. Here is an non human that even its partner Al- Nura that praised him for taking control of Alduhur air base is trying to distant itself from him after his massacres. If you want to read more on him, read Syria comment on October 6. Be advised of the offensive pictures.

  • Israeli Army kills 6 Palestinians, wounds 145 at Gaza Border Demonstration
    • Sure the Palestinian protesters were armed firing on innocent IDF.
      Here is a video from France 24 showing IDF soldiers disguised as Palestinian protestors then firing on them before joining the IDF. This is actualy the least disturbing video about the incident.
      link to

  • In final Failure for Bush/Cheney, many in Iraq seek Russian Alliance
    • So after Iraq asks Russia to intervene, would Israel also coordinate with Russia regarding that like its coordinating with Russia on Syria? Israel is the only one not complaining about Russia so far.

  • As Russia Strikes, Arab Twitter Wars over call for Jihad against "occupation" of Syria
    • Here is the Arabic translation. Russia is bombing both Jabhat al nusra an extension of al Qaeda and supported by Saudi Arabia and gulf states and Daesh (Isis). In Maarat Al-Nuuman in Idlib they bombed weapon workshop and a command center in khan Shaykhum. Remember back in April an AFP reporter and 300 Kurdish civilians were kidnapped by what turkey called al nusra fighters. ( Reuter ). At that time 200 Christian ( Assyrian Christians ) were kidnaped by Isis. Both groups are fighting each other's closely on the ground. So call these groups whatever name but everyone fighting in Syria is not really directly fighting the Syrian army unless they try to intervene. They are killing, torturing, burning, raping innocent Christians and Kurds and anyone that stand in their way. And remember that the rebels trained by U.S joined al- nusra. Refer to senate meeting last week.

  • Syria: Is Bashar al-Assad winning the Diplomatic War? Rebels Fret
    • The chemical weapons were 100% removed according to John Kerry.
      link to

    • Well president Obama few months ago admitted that Isis is the direct outgrow of the chaos caused by the Iraq war. Now he is saying its a direct consequence of Assad! Guys watch the clip from his interview with vice news before forming a radical views.
      President Barack Obama traced the origins of Islamic State militants back to the presidency of George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq back in 2003, arguing that its growth was an “unintended consequence” of the war.
      Military, Middle East, Terrorism, Iraq, USA, War, Security
      In an interview withVice News, President Obama said the rise of Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) can be directly linked to America’s excursion into Iraq under Bush.

      “Two things: One is, ISIL is a direct outgrowth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion,” Obama said in an interview with VICE News. “Which is an example of unintended consequences. Which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.”

      Obama stated that he is “confident” a coalition consisting of 60 nations “will slowly push back ISIL out of Iraq,” but added that the challenge of stopping extremism won’t stop unless there is a political solution to the internal strife affecting so many countries in the Middle East.

    • That is absolutely true. Most of the Syrian refugees were in turkey and it's obvious because there was no resent massive refugee movement from Syrian to turkey. For example Alyan and his family were renting a small apartment in turkey paid for by his Canadian sister and there were waiting for asylum refused by Canada. Keep in mind that the Kurdish northern Syrian village that they came from was massively attacked by the Turkish army after Isis took it over.

  • Why I Shared a Horrific Photo of a Drowned Syrian Child
    • Turkey can't escape its direct involvement that contributed to the entire chaos in Syria and its allowing Isis fighters to descend upon Syria via its border. Not to mention training fighters and supplying them with deadly weapons. It's calculation that they would do the fighting for them against the Kurds was short sided. Aylan Kobani and his family's tragedy in particular is directly caused by Tukey. Ardogan should stop throwing stones from his glass house.
      link to

  • Enter the Bear: Does Russia plan air strikes on Daesh/ISIL in Syria?
    • It's amazing how new channels can take couple of sentences and run with it in English to end up on a reputable site like informed comment. Gee, I am not a fan of any political power in Syria, but as Syrian would wish for all commentators that commented on the subject to listen in ARABIC to the entire interview. They will at least in the first ten minutes realize that Israel interference in Syria stopped being Mossad like but actual aggression on our land. So give me a break.

  • Israeli and Lebanese Armies Trade Fire; at least 4 Dead
    • No, they are not just now telling they fired first. They said that from second one and on major television stations viewed all over the world. Yes, they fired IN THE AIR when the israeli did not listen to the voice of reason and stop with their bulldozers and clarified their intentions in a disputed area. No, they don't have 911, and vuvuzelas don't work as well. The UNIFIL made it clear that they can't intervene in cases of aggressive behavior towards them. Beirut and Nasralla don't want this to spiral should actually make it clearer for you. Jerusalem was just building its first block toward a possible future aggression, and air strikes and bombs are enough for that.

    • A lone lebanese gunman (or two) loosing their cool would not prompt an immediate Israeli show of military might with air strikes and bombs if that is not their intention to begin with. Unless all these Israeli fighter jet pilots and their commanders lost their cool too.

  • 40 Killed in Bombings of Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq;
    Constitutional Crisis Unfolds
    • Yes these bombing might make Al-Maliki look weak and undermine his claim for a second term, but could it also be a message to Al-Sadr not to try to join Allawi to cast Al-Malaki out after the two Sadr and Allawi meat in Damascus? And could the second bombing be a message to Allawi not to do the same? Who is backing Al-Maliki so fiercely? Is he the only one that can turn a blind eye on Israel jets flying over Iraq?
      And i am not sure what channel senator McCain is watching. "we won that war"? God, I can only imagine how we are being hated more and more ever day and with every bomb. Senator McCain, would these bombs and killings have happened if it wasn't for our war? Just because you cant hear the bombs and see the bodies, that doesn't mean they don't exist. Yes the war is still on Senator McCain.

  • Palin on the Ground Zero Mosque vs. the Founding Fathers
    • I second Anthony"s comment. Ignorance of the fact that Islam and the billions that practice it have nothing to do with 9/11 can be overcome by education. The idea of just building a symbol of islam on ground zero might just keep an association that should not exist. It might take generations to dissociate the two and correct the damage done by misinformation. Meanwhile, nothing speaks louder than the education you are generously providing through your posts, books and teaching. Thank you.

  • World Condemns Brutal Israeli Assault on Humanitarian Convoy
    • Our president and goverment are waiting for investigations? By whom? Israel? We have seen where that goes. Our president who's an activist for human rights would still fear even a condemnation statement after such a provacation from Israel. And to keep thinking he is going to take a stand once and for all. Continuing settelments was not enough defiance by israel. This is an in your face to Obama on a personnal level.

  • Israeli Commandos Kill as Many as 10-16 Aid Activists,
    wound over 50 as they Board, Capture Gaza Aid Flotilla
    • If we want to know if a country is truly democratic shouldn't we take a look at it's freedom of press? Not even one tv station dared to report what the associated press is had repoted. CNN had couple of minutes of missinformation about the attack hours after it happened. Someone please tell me if we can say we live in a democratic united states without freedom of press being part of it. Thank you.

  • In honor of Earth Day: Green Guide for Muslims
    • This would be a good time to read more on Islam, the midde east and it's history with the west. Tomorrow is "Give your loved one a book and a rose day". Happy book day.

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