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  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks
    • Hmm 61/120 is an exceedingly weak position. Have past "coalitions" been as weak as that?

      One would think that PMs that had strong backing would be in a much more tenable position to both succeed in seeking peace and enhancing their personal position. Are these assumptions reasonable?

  • US confused over Russia‚Äôs real intentions in Syria
  • Syrian Ceasefire in Tatters as al-Qaeda & allies attack in South Aleppo
    • So, can we ALL agree that this is the official end of declarations concerning the unicorn commonly called "moderate, non-extreme... etc." rebels? Allying with Al-Qaeda is hard to undo or pretend never happened, and to break a cease-fire on top of it is icing on the cake.

  • Syria Endgame: Are Russia and US Planning overthrow of ISIL in al-Raqqa?
    • Dave,

      Thank you very much for linking that incredible article. The author's name lends a significant amount of credibility as many would try to knock it's facts and assertions. I have heard rumors of many of these events from my ME friends, but to have almost all of them verified is something else.

      Further, it makes it clear that not everything going on in ME is related to Israel.

  • Listening to Nobelist Malala Yousafzai instead of just Honoring Her
    • @Donald and super390,

      I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I would suggest that you read Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and A Game as Old as Empire. I mention this as neither of you entertained $ as a driving mechanism. As far as I can tell the US power structure is driven exclusively by $, while performing some of the most heroic linguistic acrobatics and re-definitions around to mask it. Further, the corporate world functions on such short profit timelines, usually quarterly, that waste, fraud, corruption, war, and a continual trail of destruction is inevitable. Lastly, as the nation with the largest and most spread military to force capitulation it should come as no surprise that our hand is in almost all global flare-ups.

      So follow the $ not the politics or the trash in the main stream media, that is designed much like Monday night football to entertain the bewildered herd, according to Walter Lipmann, the grand wizard of propaganda.


  • Israel's Groundhog Day: Reverse Snowballs and the Horror of Lawn-Mowing
    • Does it seem crazy to expect the UN to provide peace keepers to this situation similar to what was done in Bosnia? I just recently learned that Israeli forces control the border crossings from Jordan into the West Bank. I would really love to hear an explanation of this that has any resemblance to reason. Not having disinterested parties "govern and protect all parties" the West Bank and Gaza is clearly beneficial to Israeli colonialism only.

  • Elizabeth Warren Crushes Chris Matthews, And A Word On Cement
    • Wow, this is revolutionary. Needless to say, to think that the GOP is to blame for 100 years plus of the Dems stalling virtually all progressive movements is silly, read Democrats: A Critical history by Lance Selfa for a bit of support. This narrative, that the Dems are incapable of doing anything due to the incredible power of the GOP is simply too weak of an argument to accept. How pray tell does Ms. Warren explain how Prez Zero's first term with both houses in his pocket, he was incapable of doing anything meaningful? He certainly found the time to make sure the banks were properly funded and CEOs bonused. He found the money to make sure the Recovery act funds went right to the 1%. Was any real energy spent trying to control the foreclosure fraud? Well as far as I can tell Holder and company worked AGAINST the various state's attorneys general on behalf of the banks, not the people.

      Way too many questions with incorrect answers.

  • Can America's descent into Plutocracy (Rule-by-the-Rich) be Reversed?
    • While this article seems interesting, it seems to me to be another marketing campaign. To think that these ideas to "reform" the system will:

      1: go unnoticed by the 0.1%, is silly, clearly they will head it off like they have any number of other similar ideas, history has shown this time and again. The only case where they could not was the 1930s when the communist and socialist parties were so well supported that they actually held congressional seats and received support by the unions. This power compelled FDR to negotiate with the 0.1% as the only option to save the capitalistic system.

      2: be a marketing campaign. Really, and to take on the systems that have been actively marketing for the last what, 100 years? To think that a rag-tag group can out-market the unholy alliance of the media-corp/political circus is a fantasy. You have neither the $, nor the medium to do so. (think brand obama circa 2008)

      The bankrupt president idea: The corp-media and political critters are so active in watering down, dismantling, un-enforcing the existing rules upon the 0.1% class, that this is simply another rule to be taken apart. Play it out, your president gets in on some miracle, performs another miracle by getting the laws past and enacted. The third and most incredible miracle, the power structure was sleeping and never responded to the campaign (think Howard Dean), the bill passed (think any corp/tax reform of the last 20 years), and finally they don't mind losing market share and profits as the new rules level the playing field. And as the president fades into the night, the next morning the critters are tearing up the rules almost immediately (Think Dodd-Frank).

      This article reeks of the typical american "silver-bullet" formula. Preaching, all you have to do is follow this script and everything will work itself out from there. It is almost child-like, to think that the power structure will not respond immediately, harshly and unanimously reveals just how little thought went into this piece. Unseating predatory capitalism is going to take more than a cheesy marketing campaign.

  • Google's Larry Page: We can't Have NSA Spying and a Functioning Democracy
  • Assange on Obama Speech: "Embarrassing," Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Reform by Snowden
  • Apple: We didn't help NSA put the Dropoutjeep Backdoor in our iPhones
    • This is a riot. APPL is trapped. If they claim that they did not know of this *backdoor* it bears the marks of incompetence. Bear in mind that their whole marketing scam is based upon superior software. If they admit that they knew of it they loose their customer base. The truth of the matter is not relevant at all.

      In short this means that we, the humble masses, can expect to continue to receive non-answers to our inquiries and hollow assurances from NSA and APPL et al as neither party really gives a rat's ass about privacy only money and access to customer data.

      It is fabulous to see our weak democracy fail under the power of a militant bureaucracy and the corporatocracy. Where the hell are our numerous protective branches of balanced power charged with our governance?


  • Almost Human: How Robots, Race and Neoliberalism killed Detroit and what it Means for You
    • I find the robot assertion a bit unsupported. I am sure that they exist but there have been reports that refute that they have displaced a large portion of the work force. e. g. link to

      Please provide some information to support this assertion. It would seem to me that the various "free trade" agreements would play a much bigger role then robots. I say this as building out of US discounts more than just labor.


  • Egypt's "Revocouption" and the future of Democracy on the Nile
    • The wsj seems to think that the only reason that morisi left was due to a push by Obama. Further, when the border crossing at Ramallah opens we will know that the Egyptian populace is actually in control of their own govnt. Until then the bread crumbs of info released will hide who really is running the show, and their agenda. all we have now is tired speculation.

  • Drone Questions for Americans (Jamiol Cartoon)
    • Seth,

      While you must enjoy the chorus of clowns from inside the beltway, the fact remains that since it has been "leaked" that "any male of military age who happens to be in an area suspected of having "terrorists" present are defined as terrorists"

      I am sure that you did not miss Stephen Colbert's report on exactly this issue.
      link to

      Enjoy life in the bubble.

  • Active Nuclear Arsenals and Iran's Absence
    • Juan, I concur with your statement and would add that the level of "terrorism" the US and Israel has employed against Iran is impressive, from invading its air space on the light end to assassinating its scientists at the more extreme end.

      Further, considering that the US has mangled almost all the countries around Iran and the number of military bases around it, one would be remiss in not considering what sort of deterrent would be necessary to keep Iran from being next in line.

      So what do Iran's neighbor's think? recent polls of citizens, not puppet governments show overwhelming support for Iran's nuclear deterrent. I wonder why?

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