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  • Twitter mirth after Steve Emerson's Fox Nonsense re: Birmingham as Muslim 'no-go' Zone
  • Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris
    • You know what's funny to me? All these points that you and Professor Cole are making point to the fact that this attack is the EXACT opposite of what Muslims want, certainly as far as self interest goes if nothing else.

      Meanwhile, Israel and its cadre of Islamophobic supporters? They benefited immensely from this act. Netanyahu couldn't wait to leap onto TV and try to galvanize this into anti-Palestinian sentiment. Nothing but profit for them... Funny, that.

    • Kindly stop making excuses for the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon. Hezbollah isn't "jihadist," it exists specifically BECAUSE Israel can't keep its mitts off of other people's land. If there had been no occupation and bombing of Lebanon, there would be no Hezbollah today.

  • Mother Of Murdered Israeli Teen Condemns anti-Palestinian Violence
    • Define "non combatant" with respects to armed settlers that are active participants in a military occupation.

    • I have a hard time putting much credence, or feeling sorry for this woman. She's feeling guilt because she made her own child a participant in a military occupation on the West Bank, and now she reaps the whirlwind. We have to keep that in mind -- Israeli citizens on the West Bank are part of a MILITARY occupation. Her government treats the children of Hamas participants as valid targets in combat. So why shouldn't we hold HER and her family to the SAME standards as she holds others?

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