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Julie King

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  • Is the Center for Jewish Life stifling free speech at Princeton University?
    • This is disturbing. The Gaza gift that keeps giving. No dissent is being allowed on campuses and it's barely allowed elsewhere in US. The Israeli nationalists in power and settlers are on a roll and somehow we're supposed to keep up our support yet stifle reasonable questions else be labeled anti-semitic. Fundamentalism at its worst, but at Princeton? Shame. After the U of Illinois debacle you'd think there would be room for open discussion. Stifling freedom of expression by an expert in the topic-- I hope the students are protesting.

  • Obama's ISIL Actions are Defensive, Despite Rhetoric of going on Offense
    • We're in bed with Saudi Arabia and Israel and supposedly can't ally with Iran or Syria. Yet the latter two are only ones who can actually help deter ISIL. ISIL is targeting Shia or not sufficiently religious Sunnis and of course us. ISIL is serving a purpose in Iraq--you can't leave the Sunnis out if gov't---as well as Syria, where the rebels can't overpower Assad but ISIL maybe could. So now we're involved.
      I'm just trying to understand, knowing what MSM feeds me isn't much truth.

    • I meant re Syria ISIL is helping break it up, against Assad. Re Iraq, we tried to get Maliki to be more 'inclusive' but he got closer to Iran. Enter ISIL.

    • Prof Cole, I'm wondering after Iraq is broken up plus Syria on the verge, how this all might play into Israel's balkinization plan for ME-- Israel coming out largest & most stable in an area with smaller states than today, segregated Sunni or Shia.
      It seems ISIL has been useful in Iraq against Iran & Syria against Assad. Or is it coincidence that the countries around Israel are fracturing, with plenty of our help? Seems like their long time plan is happening, even acknowledging SA in the mix.

  • Gaza: Inside Israel's massacre at al-Shujayeh: "I can't Believe I Survived"
    • This is just annihilation. Please EU speak out strongly. The US has lost any moral courage if it ever had any.

  • The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History: The Truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    • Thank you for the important distinctions between Shia and Sunni in acknowledging a caliph. I assume Saudi Arabia not happy about his declaration either.

  • Israeli Army: We have been instructed to Hit Hamas Hard
    • A Move-On petition is optimistic but our govt has marked those petitions as being from us leftists & don't take them seriously. I sign but am also writing letters to editors at Los Angeles Times where I live plus commenting there, NYT, WaPo---even though I get piled on it's less than a few yrs ago, which has to be being noticed by those who keep track of this. Bibi alienating much of the world this time, w/ ISIS not far away.
      Thank you for good post.

  • In the Deaths of 3 Israeli Teens, Likud Policies are also Implicated
    • We rarely hear about Palestinian deaths at hands of Israel from US media. But majority of Americans and even many US Jews are increasingly against Likud policies of Jewish supremacy and oppression, complicating our historical unconditional support of Israel. The more outrageous Netanyahu acts the more he alienates the world. 3 kids killed is horrible, but the death count is still mostly Palestinians. Excellent piece, wish it was in the NYT.

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