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  • Are Progressives Suffering from Trump Fatigue?
    • I think the problem lies with the Democrats -- you remember, they're the people who chose to run the anti-Russian, pro-regime change hawk who was in bed with the banks and the ruling class.

      They're now in charge of "the opposition" to Trump.

      And what are their issues? More anti-Russian nonsense that serves as an excuse for their failure in the election -- and creates a designated "enemy" which serves to divert even more money to military spending and, of course, massive unrest across the globe.

      Forget that dead end. This is a golden opportunity to run full speed ahead on single payer health care. The Republicans are intimidated by angry voters demanding more.

      Trump's ratings are in the tank, there are people in the streets demonstrating about all these reactionary proposals like immigration, climate, jobs, the economy, etc,

      So what do the Dems do? They meekly want to "fix" Obama care or maybe get a "public option." Sound familiar? It's the Obama school of negotiating -- give away the store. It's the same Dems backed by the insurance companies. Even Bernie has yet to demand single payer and make the obvious argument -- it's the most effective, efficient system and costs the least -- as Canada and the rest of the industrial countries have amply demonstrated.

      Even Trump has said good things about single payer.

      The problem is: We have two Republican parties, both controlled by the ruling class and neither is interested in representing the interests of the 99%.

  • For Russian hold on Trump, follow the Money, not the Sex tapes
    • The US intelligence agencies seem to be at the end of their rope if they think Trump can be discredited because he had golden showers while in Russia. Such an allegation might have worked during the Republican primary but at this stage of the game it only works to enhance his sexual prowess.

      What is becoming apparent is that the attempts to block Trump from engaging in detente with the Russians is NOT WORKING.

      The absurd allegation that the Russians tilted the election in Trump's favor by releasing emails showing a high level conspiracy to block the populist Bernie Sanders seems to have gone nowhere. While Democratic party supporters leaped at the opportunity to save face by blaming the Russians instead of their own incompetence, it has done nothing to get Trump to give up on detente.

      Clearly the neocon plan to target Russia for regime change took a big hit when Hillary lost the election. And it didn't help that the US was excluded from the Syrian peace talks after losing that war.

      Has anyone considered that it may be time to end the neocon's "new cold war" regime-change strategy?

      It would save tons of money from being diverted to the already bloated military budget, free up trillions of dollars for infrastructure repairs, stimulate the stagnant economy and hey, it might even prevent a nuclear war.

  • How Rupert Murdoch & Fox Created the Fake News Industry
    • George Corsetti 12/01/2016 at 8:59 am

      You hit the nail on the head, Juan.
      Excellent response to the whole "fake news" issue.

      Then there's the "real news" of WMD's in Iraq, endlessly hawked by the mainstream media like NYTimes, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. Unfortunately, most Americans get their information from these Orwellian sources -- it explains why we're so uninformed and make such poor choices come election time.

  • Bad Rain Falling: Who's to Blame for our Trump Catastrophe?
    • George Corsetti 11/20/2016 at 9:23 am

      Odd article. Gitlin is a professor of Journalism and sociology and he's a critic of "fake news"? But he never addresses the "legitimate news" that blocked Bernie, boosted Hillary and never explored vital issues such as climate change and foreign policy during the entire election process? The same "legitimate news" that gave us WMD's in the lead up to the most disastrous war/massacre in US history or the Israeli treatment of Palestinians that never sees the light of day?

      I suspect he really fears the de-legitimization of the Orwellian mainstream media that has so effectively controlled the US population for so long -- corporate media's monopoly on truth and reality.

      And then there's his list of blames for Hillary's defeat which never takes into account things like her close relationship to the ruling class, her role in blocking the Bernie candidacy, super delegates, the corrupt Democratic party controlled by corporate America, her inability to relate to the working class, ad nauseaum....

      One man's truth is another man's lies.

  • How can Progressives get through the Next 4 Years? Organize!
    • Juan, I think your suggestions to organize are all good but I don't share your pessimism toward a Trump rather than a Hillary presidency.

      I never viewed Hillary as a progressive but rather as a hawkish, well connected, experienced representative of the 1%. And post-election, it would have been difficult to push a genuine left agenda -- jobs, climate change, peace, etc -- during her reign. However, I believe the Trump presidency may be an ideal time for social change and here's why:

      1) with Hillary sidelined there may well be a lull in our hawkish foreign policy with "regime change" diminished and less antagonism, if not a pro-Russian attitude, prevailing;

      2) despite winning, Trump is weak because he's already alienated large segments of the population, blacks, Latinos, immigrants, women etc and has few allies even among Republicans -- and some of these people are already rioting in the streets;

      3) Trump's voter base seems to be low income white working class and he promised them jobs rebuilding the infrastructure, but he has no real plan and if he doesn't do something for them real soon, they too will turn against him;

      4) the government apparatus and ruling class are in disarray as no one, even Trump, expected this result;

      5) he has probably the lowest approval rating of any elected president -- most people didn't want either of them;

      6) to date, his "team" seems to consist primarily of retreads like Guiliani and Newt types who have about the same approval rate;

      7) he has no experience governing and it will take him a while to develop a working relationship with the Congress;

      8) had the neo liberal Hillary been elected, the left agenda -- peace, jobs, economic change -- would have been met with resistance from liberals who would defend her from all critics -- but with a Trump presidency, the opposite will happen and the liberals will join with the left to work on these issues;

      I could go on but I think you get the drift -- Trump may represent the best opening into social change that we've had in a long time.

  • Save America from Trump to fix America, or, Did your Mother Drop you on Your Head?
    • George Corsetti 11/03/2016 at 10:01 am

      I think your contention that Hillary can be "pressured" is naive. Obama was not pressured when he bolted the Bush economic team to his administration. Liberals and the left did and said NOTHING.

      If Hillary wins, the same people that are defending her now will defend her then. Pressure? Hardly, they'll be rallying around her, the "first woman president" blah blah blah.

      Democrats are notorious for using their left facade to do things the Republicans can't, like Bill Clinton's welfare "reform" and anti-crime measures that put thousands of minorities in prisons.

      And worse yet, demonstrations and organized opposition to Dem policies grinds to a halt. In eight years of Obama there wasn't a single large left demonstration in DC. Bush put thousands of demonstrators in Washington and organized anti war groups all over the nation. That wont happen with a Clinton presidency.

      The best we can do at this point is vote Green Party as a protest vote and hopefully get 5% to better equip the party in the next round. Bernie drew thousands of people to political activism and many are now in the Green Party and some even running for office as Greens.

      He also showed that enormous amounts of money can be raised with small donations -- an important point because neither Dems or Repubs will repeal Citizens United, the golden goose of corruption.

  • US Goes to War with Houthis in Yemen (Openly)
  • Near-War: US Planes almost tangle with Syrian MiGs, which bombed area of US troop Embeds
    • Well, given that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never actually happened but was fabricated by the US to justify entry into the Vietnam war, this is not really a parallel situation.

      However if and when Hillary gets to be prez all all that could change. Clinton once compared Russian president Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler and recommended that the United States impose a no-fly zone in Syria despite the risk of shooting down Russian military aircraft operating at the request of the Syrian government.

      When it come to international peace efforts, she's a loose canon with Ukraine, Syria and Libya under her belt. And a phony Gulf of Tonkin incident would be right up her alley.l

      having been rendered stateless by an Englishman drawing a map of the middle east with a ruler

      And second, the Kurds, having been rendered stateless by an Englishman drawing a map of the middle east with a ruler, really do need a state of their own

  • H. Clinton and Ed Snowden: Some Animals are more Equal than others
    • George Corsetti 07/06/2016 at 8:31 am

      As I recollect the Orwell quote was:
      "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

      Clinton is a disaster that keeps getting worse by the day. If the Democratic party wants to "stop Trump" they have it in their power to do so -- simply nominate Sanders, the enemy of the 1%, who can beat him hands down.

      But the Dem elite seem more interested in maintaining their power and control over the party apparatus even if it means losing the election.

  • US Elites Abandoned their Workers: Trump is their Revenge; & You ain't seen Nothin' Yet
    • George Corsetti 06/28/2016 at 12:11 pm

      This article is a rather jumbled analysis that sees a future "neo-fascist party" emerging as a result of the economic and social inequality being experienced in the US.

      But Poland is hardly a model for US discontent. In fact if you look at the the Brexit example, Polish immigrants were seen as part of the cause of Britain's xenophobic vote.

      In the US, the Democratic party elite's decision to tilt in favor of Hillary Clinton -- who is the candidate of corporations, the financial sector, arms manufacturers and the neoconservatives, suggests that the "neo-fascist party" is already here.

      US imperialism has been creating mayhem across the middle and near east triggering massive migrations of Syrians, Libyans, Ukrainians and others into Europe where discontent is finally showing its muscle.

      In the US that discontent could be seen in support for Sanders who, but for the party elite and the corporate media, would have been the Dem candidate. Trump also emerged as a spokesperson for the discontented who seem less concerned with the possible success of his program than with giving the finger to the political establishment responsible for this mess.

      At this point is seems like a Clinton win is in the cards and with it, continued US imperialism, a new cold (or hot) war against Russia, and more mid east turmoil as Israel's hand is strengthened by and eager-to-please Hillary Clinton.

      And capitalism, unencumbered by the ability to recognize the havoc it is creating world wide, will go about maximizing profits for the already-rich through its ability to control government actions.

      There is no silver lining to this dark cloud unless the political establishment gets seriously jolted. And events such as the punch in the face administered by Brexit and the huge crowds drawn to the Sanders agenda might just wake them up. If not, climate disaster or nuclear war might well put an end to nature's experiment with humans.

  • President Rand Paul's Middle East Policy
    • George Corsetti 04/08/2015 at 7:50 am

      Juan, there's a gap in this article -- between the two paragraphs:

      "In some ways this set of stances resembles those of Obama himself. Rand Paul, like Obama, supports those wars he sees as key to US security, like Afghanistan, but not elective interventions not clearly defensive in character (Saddam’s Iraq). Like Obama, Paul appears to have a preference for air interventions over infantry ones. One big difference between the two men is that Rand Paul [????]

      Rand Paul also, however, has to be seen as inconsistent. He was against bombing Syria and Iraq before he was for it. His first instinct is to avoid involvement and to criticize those who want to intervene, but then over time he seems to get pulled in by the same logic that drove others to favor action."

  • Syria: As al-Qaeda defeats 'moderate' US allies, will US ally with al-Qaeda?
    • This statement: "Those alliances, with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, got the USA attacked on September 11, 2001" could use a little clarification, explanation....

  • Is ISIL's 'Shock and Awe' more Awe-ful because One Victim?
    • Good point. ISIS/ISIL is just doing onto others what was done to them and a lot of others too. "Shock and awe" indeed!

      The media propaganda machine seems to rise to the occasion though and paint ISIL as heathen without ever mentioning that pilots kill people every day -- in equally horrendous ways -- with their bombs. It's what they do. That's their job.

      Unfortunately, the average citizen is simply not exposed to a different version of reality and blindly accepts the one-sided portrayal of US/good, everyone else/bad. It's refreshing to see a different point of view but it also underscores why Americans are so politically unsophisticated -- they're fed a steady diet of lies and distortions by the corporate media.

  • Israel's Syria Strike: Is it trying to Help al-Qaeda vs. Hizbullah & Iran?
    • George Corsetti 01/20/2015 at 9:26 am

      There is a third explanation for the strike -- Bibi thinks heightened tension, if not retaliation, will increase the likelihood he'll get elected again.

  • 'Thanks for your Service' = Silencing the Vets
    • George Corsetti 10/31/2014 at 8:27 am

      Jewelia, it depends on your perspective. If you're rich, capitalism is working for you. But if you're middle class or poor, capitalism sucks.

      Take a look at this recent Federal Reserve report: "For the top 10 percent of families, ranked by income, estimated average wealth increased by 2 percent to $3.3 million. For the bottom 20 percent of families, average wealth sharply declined by 21 percent to $65,000." link to

    • Excellent article!

      The implicit message in "thank you for your service" is that we veterans should be proud of our participation in the military instead of questioning our role in as part of the imperialist war machine.

      Marine General Smedley Butler, who twice received the medal of honor, was right, "War is a racket and always has been."

      The "thank you" is a subtle but integral part of the US culture that says it's ok to kill and maim foreigners in the cause of protecting "freedom and democracy" when in fact it advances capitalism and helps the rich get richer.

  • Obama and David Brooks's Manhood Problem
    • George Corsetti 04/21/2014 at 8:11 am

      WOW! That's some tongue lashing. And Brooks deserves it. Amazing how the media, like PBS even, tolerate his hypocritical rants.

  • Can the Neoconservatives make a comeback via the Ukraine Crisis?
    • George Corsetti 03/12/2014 at 8:23 am

      Simon, it's hardly a secret that the neocons wanted Obama to bomb Syria and they're opposed to peace negotiations with Iran. Surely you can't be suggesting that's not the case. And it's obvious that the Ukraine coup works to hamper if not derail both the Syrian and Iranian initiatives. The Ukraine coup has neocon written all over it. And of course, the real beneficiary would be Israel.

    • Simon, I don't see any "borderline anti-semitism" perhaps you could expand on that. As for the "conspiratorial," Parry does a good job of explaining why Obama would push for a confrontation with Russia when he seems to have been working closely with Putin on Iran and Syria. Neocon/state department involvement in Ukraine does answer that question -- the coup wasn't Obama's doing -- however ineptly he failed to dump those folks earlier. And with regard to "non-evidence," it's hardly happenstance that Nuland's choice was in fact selected as prime minister is it? And US funding of the Orange revolution does demonstrate a continuation of the pattern of conduct where elected governments in the past have been sabotaged by the US.

    • Juan, I'd like to thank you for publishing Parry's article. I've been following him a few weeks now on Ukraine and his narrative is the best explanation for the events there. I see two opportunities for Obama to turn this around. The first has to do with the snipers who shot police and demonstrators and provoked the coup's completion without the necessity of elections. An investigation could be completed and the culprits identified relatively quickly. Surely US intelligence knows the real culprits at this point. This would present an opportunity to shore up Putin's allegations and his international standing while hurting the neocons. Second is the $5 billion expended and the $1 billion requested. Seems like Obama could make an issue of this expenditure of tax money that would be supported by US citizens (even T party types) And this might give him an opportunity to knock out the neocons who have been promoting both the destabilization agenda and attempts to block the Obama/Putin agenda in Syria/Iran. Obama can turn this around, he just needs to act decisively.

  • Paranoia strikes Deep: Russian Media Propaganda Feeds Ukraine Crisis
  • A New Crimean War? (Update: Stuff's Getting Real)
    • George Corsetti 03/03/2014 at 11:38 am

      Before the US gets too hyper about the Russian response to the events in the Ukraine, we need a full accounting of American efforts to foment unrest against the democratically elected government there.

      Ray McGovern former CIA analyst said, "It would have been a no-brainer that Russia would use military force, if necessary, to counter attempts to use economic enticement and subversive incitement to slide Ukraine into the orbit of the West and eventually NATO." McGovern is now a member of the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). link to

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