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  • Trump's Worst Nightmare: Mueller's Grand Jury Subpoenas Russia Documents
    • Of course the Russians (esp. as Trump failed to give them what they wanted) will throw Trump under the bus in exactly the same way he throws out the “tools” (or should it be fools?) who are unable to do his bidding. Karmic.
      They will never have trusted him in any way whatever, & must now think he was as inadequate as a “conspirator” as he is as a president.
      He couldn't “conspire” to get out of a paper bag! I usually prefer openness, but really, the Trump brand, made up of egotistical & erroneous boasts & outright lies plus constant contradictions ensures that there's not another head of state in the world (unless Netanyahu is capable of believing a similar mind) who can have true respect for him -but at least they are mostly diplomatic enough to not throw it right in his face. They all know exactly what he requires - admiration!
      Re Russia, he was always just a useful tool to prevent their antagonist Clinton starting up the Cold War over again. whether or not they issued the directions to upset the election. Perhaps they'll offer him asylum, LOL...

  • Extremist Israeli Squatters literally kick Palestinians out of Home, Move In
    • Regards last paragraph, add:
      & most of the US govt. is quite content to let it happen.

  • Can the Sadr Movement in Iraq overcome Sectarianism with new Shiite-Sunni-Kurdish Party?
    • Yes. Absolutely.
      & all he demanded was the US leave.
      He had a great manifesto.

  • Putin's End Game in Syria
    • Just so, don. I was saying something similar but got a bit carried away!!
      I did note that Israel tops them both at 5.4% - but the question there is - does that count as part of the US spending or does it it not?

    • Putin's actual plan is a lot more realistic than the original US plan of deposing Assad, leaving about 40 (your figure many moons ago Juan) different groups to fight it out for top dog. I think he'll persuade Assad - all he has to do is leave...
      & naturally he wants to assure his people that their taxes are not entirely wasted in minding other people's business! As well as some salesmenship, of course. Grin!

  • Israeli Squatters at Palestine's Amona accept relocation to other Palestinian-owned Land
    • Fancy that!
      Prediction: The Israeli govt. will use this as evidence of how reaonable & considerate they are of Palestinians rights for another 10 yrs.
      I recall the fuss about the glasshouses they left in Gaza. Had to Google to learn that they also turned the water off.
      Western media is a little more wary now tho, thank goodness.

  • Point by Point Response to Likud Party Propaganda
    • Profound & much needed because the Israeli & US supporters have their own sites where people can get "simple answers" - yes, for simple people to believe unfortunately.
      Try this 1: link to
      Small excerpt:
      The Mideast conflict may be complicated to solve, but is quite easily explained:
      The Jewish people have an unbroken 4,000-year national history in the land of Israel.
      Never in history has there been an Arab Palestinian State.
      The Palestinian movement was founded to annihilate Israel.
      Let's look at some facts:
      Quote ends. I think that map that Juan posts here regularly has a lot more to say about facts myself.
      I obtained that site simply by Googling “Israeli arguments against Palestine”.
      In arguing online with Israel defenders often noted that the question asked was avoided & the argument was only “around” the subject.

  • Is Bruited Sec. of State Tillerson allied with Iran & at war with Iraq?
    • “Tillerson as head of Exxon-Mobil was perfectly happy to do a deal with Iraqi Kurdistan even if the deal angered the central Iraqi government.” & under Trump he'll be US govt. - Iran Contra anyone? Yes, facetious!
      “So, yes, you got it. Tillerson’s corporation is de facto an ally of Iran and would have a reason to want US sanctions on that country dropped (those sanctions were just renewed by Congress for 10 years).” Then he's very sensible, isn't he? & he's mates with Putin too apparently – again sensible.
      Compared with the idiotic Cold War mentality that drags on in the US for decades too long – Russia is the big bad ogre, & poor Iran, for all it's “great Satan” comments, has been harmless as you've pointed out so often Juan.
      The US should be more upset with Exxon Mobil for their keeping quiet & then denying climate change – that's what really going to stuff the world, not the petty squabbles of grudgeholders like MOST of the US hierarchies.
      Anyway, it seems that Iraq & Iran are getting on with fighting ISIS – perhaps when Russia has dealt to Syria it will pop down & give them a hand. Without tying it all up with oil & arms contracts as the US is always insistent upon.
      “But you could imagine a President Trump being rebuffed by the Baghdad government of al-Abadi for interfering in the country’s internal affairs via that KRG oil deal.” Big sigh. I think if Iraq is still willing to ask for US help after the 2003 invasion they'll just smile politely & shrug off a wee under the table deal.
      I have no truck with Trump or any of those he's likely to appoint, but it does seem that he MIGHT be a bit more straightforward & practical in his dealings with some people than at present.
      Russia & Iran are not, of course, perfect. But I prefer them to Israel & Saudia Arabia myself. Just sayin'
      & actually Juan, I do wonder if this article is entirely tongue in cheek!

  • The Reich Strikes Back? Neo-Nazis Call for a Boycott of New Star Wars Movie
    • Poor 'ickle tings'... Welcome to the real world boys, where women & non-whites outnumber you!
      I was reading something on the film world today re Kirk Douglas turning 100 - apparently he played a "soft" guy & John Wayne objected - told him he was letting the side down more or less! (Guardian.)
      Looks like the John Waynes haven't come very far in 50ish years.

  • The Fate of Iraq's Minorities After Mosul
    • “ How long can millions of refugees subsist in makeshift camps?” Well, ask the Palestinians.
      & when you refer to the Jews being exiled from Iraq in the 1950s – ask yourself what happened in 1948 – it was the nabka wasn't it? The reason Iraq & other Muslim states turned against the Jews.
      It would be wonderful if everyone could be persuaded to live together harmoniously, but until the sore of Palestinian occupation is lanced, it's unlikely to happen.
      & sadly it is CERTAIN Christians, esp. in the US, who are encouraging the Israelis in their abominable behaviour (learned nothing from being persecuted themselves) with dreams of Armageddon not unlike those of ISIS.
      Europe & America need to clean up their own religious acts before condemning Muslims.

  • How China will run rings around Trump on Green Energy, and Win Big
    • I'd rewrite that 2nd last para. myself if I was him – at a US uni. What he really means is that for decades the US has made out China is a bully – “ but finally I, the author, have woken up to the fact that that's projection & China has been more about soft power since it reached out to the world.”
      (That is not to say they don't bully at home. But when I was there many years ago they did teach co-operation in pre-school.)
      Wrote this last night, wondering where it got to?
      Ok, it's a bit sarcastic but really, people in the US are too fond of believing what they hear from official sources, as you, Juan, make quite clear here.
      Spyguy speaks for my view too.

  • Why Trump & his Cabinet's Jihad against "Political Islam" will Fail
    • Yeah! Remember Gen. Boykin?
      Bin Laden wasn't far wrong about it being a crusade.

    • Hey super - what's that about the Muslim Bros. blowing it? They won a fair election! Yeah, they started to put in some Islamic legislation but it was el Sisi & co. who shot them, & brought in martial law... Egypt is right back to Mubarak square one.
      Amazing how the US wouldn't utter the word "coup" tho. So selective about elections, aren't they! (Not a question, ho ho.) You've sure got that bit right!

    • The irony of the "Christian" US deploring political Islam is that Muhammad's Islam was always a blueprint for society, whereas Jesus' reform Judaism was actually just a plea for social justice & a suggestion that things would be better next time around!
      (& Shia Islam had similar one-down beginnings & in the mirror image of "angels on pinheads" developed a minutae of idiotic laws about praying with missing toes etc etc & preposterous ideas about women's medical matters - which they were not allowed to examine 1st hand - again, in the hope things would be ok next time.
      Shia Islam, of course, has changed monumentally since the Iranian Revolution & could be starting to come right, given the opportunity. Which is likely why the US right doesn't want to let it.)
      The illusion of control is doubly important to those who are basically insecure in their beliefs, financial situation, emotional situation, or "political" situation if you count war/pending war as that. Which is why they start with controlling women & brainwash children.
      In the US many fundies must actually HAVE some conflict with their beliefs & the realities they hit every day of their lives. The bottom would drop out of their world if they were admit it.
      You've no doubt noticed that the "fundies" of ISIS are very different belief-wise than those of the Iranian Revolution who had grown up with no other ideas mostly.
      You'll have noticed that ISIS runs where Iran stood firm in martyrdom (cannon fodder in the Iraq/Iran war).

      The only good thing I see about Trump is that he is NOT really an ideologue. Which means he can change his mind (again & again, LOL).
      As an outsider, Juan, what I wonder is how set in stone are these appointments he keeps playing with? (He's got to continue to keep his base happy given the active opposition still.) & how much personal control does he have over them once appointed officially?

  • IfNotNow's ‘Jewish Day of Resistance’ against Trump and appointees
    • The rise of the US Jewish voice on this subject - & in solidarity with other minority social concerns (Jewish Voice for Peace too) is the best thing to have come out of the country in 20+ years.
      For far too long the Americans have been brainwashed into thinking there is some sort of recipricosity about the conflict seeing they only saw the "poor us" response of Israel to THEIR OWN violent provocation in the media.
      They might even have imagined that Palestine has an army, some planes, or a port, or an airport...
      Settlers are allowed to arm. Palestinians are not.
      Nukes vs. fire crackers is nearer the case.

  • The Election that Changed everything and Could be History's Deal-Breaker
    • Profound super.
      Add to the problem that Trump himself believes in the Divine Right of Kings!
      2 really good things on Trump's personality & how he snows his followers tonight. Feffer & a Comment by Al with professor's 10 pointer on narcissism.

  • Now that SecDef thinks Israeli Occupation is Apartheid, will the Lobby Blackballing Fail?
    • They can't see it, MEexpert.
      The US & Israel (ref. Mark K below too) think they have a legitimate monopoly on interference in the affairs of others, right down to assassinations!
      Heaven for forbid anyone else might take a leaf out of their special book...
      Another special book they both know well talks of "motes in eyes."

  • Pakistanis Baffled, Buoyant over Trump's Fantastical Praise
    • He's turning into a such a sweetie, isn't he? Everybody's friend...
      I think getoffmedz has the right millieu for him. Juggling so many contrary balls that it will be amazing if they don't all come down & hit him on the nose all at once.
      & he's going to reconcile the Israelis & Palestinians I read. I guess he thinks he's a cosmic healer as well!
      Well he might succeed in the long long long terms if he was to reneg on the Israeli US$ X billion aid package. Put the Israelis on a diet - they must like diets cos they talk about putting the Palestinians on one. Out of the kindness of their hearts of course.
      On the subject of Pakistan however, I do miss Prez. Mush! Now he knew how to keep all the balls in the air, grin!
      Frankly, quite a few countries play the US for suckers!

  • Why Russia and Regime want all of Aleppo before Trump is sworn in
    • "Another point, which the Russian press doesn’t seem to make, is that the Aleppo pocket was the last big concentration of relatively moderate fundamentalist militias."
      Got your point the other night, Juan, but it doesn't alter the fact that they were too disparate to be likely to agree themselves into a governing body along with the non-Muslims Assad protects.
      Amnesty under Assad is the best idea for all but "al-Q" & ISIS. Putin probably has enough sense to talk Assad into moderating his rule.
      Likewise hopefully he has enough sense to dissuade Trump from "vengeance" on Iran, cos that's all it is, as you point out frequently!
      None of the RULERS in the world have wanted war for decades, it all a US fantasy (pardon, excuse) with the exception of Israel which only wants the US to fight its battles for it.

  • Is Jimmy Carter right that Obama should Recognize Palestine?
    • How I hope you are right... But they'll probably just change the law or ignore it...
      Think how many international laws the US just ignores - while pontificating to others for the same thing! The Israel situation is just the longest & clearest example.
      Now perhaps if Bernie Sanders...
      (& yes I do know many Jewish people in the US are against the Israeli regime. I'm a Jewish Voice for Peace supporter.)

    • Why would he want to do that?
      He can come & live in New Zealand & we'll give him "the medal of freedom" here, ho ho.
      We're pretty cool on race relations too - altho Trump's angst is rubbing off on our right-wing types somewhat.
      I certainly can't think of another legacy Obomber could achieve to wipe out the one that nickname implies!
      But while the US FINANCES Israel nothing will improve even with recognition.
      It is the ultimate US hyprocrisy & war crime.

  • Will Trump cancel Iran deal or practice the Art of the Deal?
    • Like your thinking, super, this & the following.
      In NZ it's well known that Asians beat the locals hollow on Maths & also with the propensity for hard work!
      The big difference I felt between Sander's idea on US jobs & Trump's was that Sanders knew co-op. with China was necessary while Trump seemed to think he could just shut them out & all would be well. MEANWHILE how were US citz on low wages going to survive without Chinese imports?
      & Trump seems to think he & Vlad the Lad will become bosom buddies - but does he think Putin will suddenly disavow Iran & China? Dreaming. China is the face of tomorrow, I'm afraid the US is becoming more & more yesterday except in weapons.
      Entirely due to their rapacious & warlike hubris.
      As seen from the toenail of the world, grin!

  • Conspiracy Theorist in Chief: Trump's falsehood about 2 mn. illegal votes only tip of Melting Iceberg
    • Yes, definitely has a personality disorder!
      Re Melania, you might be right. She is supposed to be intelligent but her dealings with the media have been extremely naive - or possibly that she just says what Trump wants her to say.
      Putin is smart (& probably Xi also) & will likely know how to slime Trump sufficiently - diplomacy it's called, LOL.
      Neither want war. The idea is just STUPID - surely Trump has enough to contend with without getting Russia/China all fired up. (Might save Iran too.)
      Bullies project their own aggression onto others. As seen from outside the US I don't think Putin does. He does what he sees as a necessary for the protection of Russia (& friends) without undue bluster. It's the US which has hegemony as the long term project! (American Century, yeah right!)
      Trumps foreign policy doesn't - as yet (except for admiring Putin) TAKE INTO ACCOUNT what other nations might DO.
      He should have had his run before Bush put the rest of the world against US policy almost by default.
      Many countries hung in cos of trade. If he's wiping that...

    • Yes, I'm pretty well onto that super!
      Came across Goleman when doing a thesis on right-wingers (with religious bent), checking out a (Iranian expat's) theory that followers under Khomeini were like those under Hitler. (1998)
      & then along came 9/11 & proved that US right-wingers had the very same mindset!

    • Juan, you do appreciate of course that most of what you said about falsifiability equally applies to the neocons. Along with the paranoia – Cheney running around with his gas mask & shooting random friends!
      Much as I think he's an obnoxious person, I'll give Trump the benefit of the doubt over the briefings. Equal on each whether anything the CIA says is true vs. Trump's personal opinion. Under Bush they were either wrong or weren't believed so what is the point?
      At least Trump's not subject to Groupthink – read Daneil Goleman's “Vital Lies, Simple Truths” using the Kennedy Admin., Bay of Pigs etc as a classic example.
      I think Trump's a lot more sound on Putin that Clinton. Give the man credit for all his own ego & autocratic ways – he's dragged Russia a long way out of the mess it became with US financial co-operation!
      Interferring in the US elections? Snort! If so, mere blowback.
      So far Trump seems most dangerous in the people he SAYS he is going to appoint. But he's got to keep his fan club happy for a few more months... Already backing off on Climate Change, thank goodness.
      Inpeachment – well, Trump is SUCH a liar that if all it takes is a lie to Congress he should be out in 2 weeks! Can't help himself. Unless of course Congress likes to be lied to – as it certainly seems from afar.

  • In Trump's Shadow, is East Aleppo on Verge of falling to Regime, Russia?
    • What I want to know - from reading your stuff on this for years & your advice on about 40 different rebel groups - how you or anyone else could ever believe they could come together & form a valid govt. - esp. 1 that would take care of the Xtns & other religious groups - even before ISIS complicated the matter!
      If defies belief, once we understand that they are Wahibi types with such rigid interpretations.
      Seems to me that even Iraq & Libya had far less divisions & are still, shall we be polite, messy.

  • The Russian Challenge to U.S. Policy in Africa
    • Juan, I've been reading your site since 2003 from New Zealand & I love it & recommend it constantly. However, occasionally I think you have “US spex” on. In this case by allowing this article on your site.
      I'm not saying there's no truth in it - I am saying that “While the US policy toward Africa is founded on a worldview that leads it to promote democratic governance, free markets and the rule of law, “ & the like is so obviously bushit …
      I know the US motto is “Do as we say, not as we do,” but this is allowing your site to take it to extremes!
      I read Nick Turse from TomDispatch regularly too. & in fact, when you publish most of Tom's articles on Informed Comment I have noted that you have completely ignored Nick's own contributions, esp. on the US in Africa!
      PS - all of your readers here know that the US outsells war materiel over any other part of the world, including Russia.

  • Thank You for Your Support
    • Finally got it sorted, Juan.
      Been a fan since 2003.
      Already knew your reputation as a scholar from my own time doing Islam at uni - Rels Dept. (Canterbury NZ) with another US professor - Bill Shepard. Still learn heaps here.

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