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  • Egypt's Class Conflict
    • Hey Juan,

      just saw you on Al Jazeera. Nice points about the history of revolts in Egypt. I was wondering, what are your thoughts on Asad Abukhalil?

  • Thousands Protest Interim Government in Tunis
    • I don't think the people are going to believe the police and security forces that supported and or worked for Ben Ali's government. You just have to see the reports of mass rape and mass killings since the demonstrations started to see what was happening and who was doing what.

  • Wainwright: Taseer's Assassination Lays Bare Contradictions in Pakistani Islam
    • The screwed-upness is not coming from Islam. It's coming from decades of Zia ul Haqs policies being implemented an carried, among them giving powers to people who then portray themselves as some religious authority. It's also coming from people in Pakistan seeing daily how they are being bombed by Christians and seeing Christians as hostile.

      Taseer himself was a Muslim, and a proud one at that. His funeral was attneded by lots of politicians and supporters, who defied these so called scholars.

      We do not generalize, otherwise we would follow what the KKK says on gangs in LA and there would be a total ban on people from Mexico coming in.

    • When looking at the Hadith, one has to understand that until the Quranic revelations had covered a specific point, Bibilical law was used by the Muslims. This is why there is a contradiction between what the Quran says, and what some Hadith say.

  • Iran's Oily Revenge on US Drivers, US Troops
    • The captured leader of the terrorist organization Jundallah, an organization that's carried out numerous attacks in Iran, confessed that his group was funded and supported by the US and Israel, who also supplied them with weapons.

  • Stewart: Aljazeera Pays More Attention to First Responders than Senate Republicans, US Networks
  • Fareed Zakaria Destroys Beck on Lunatic Islamophobia
    • Fox themselves admitted in a court case that they are not a news channel. Or something to that effect. I can't find where it was but search Google, I'm sure you'll find it.

  • Blair, Hitchens Debate Religion
    • I always wonder when people defend secularism/atheism in this way. If atheism stands for "non-belief", then surely they would not say they did it for "non-belief". They would do it for something else besides God. Isn't that the whole appoint of secular and atheist tyrants throughout history? Whether it be to make themselves Gods on Earth as it were, since they don't believe in any other God, or to expand their empire and have total domination? That's what's meant with secular and atheist tyrants throughout history I believe They are not driven by God and even reject God numerous times but their world view allows them to see themselves as the ultimate authority over everything in their country and possibly beyond and they seek to acquire as much power as possible, trying to emulate that which they deny.

    • Seriously? Blair? One of the two former worldleaders of the last decade worse than Bin Laden in his actions tries to defend religion? How else was it going to end?

  • Americans are always Shouting About Religion But Don't Know Much About It
    • I find these statistics worrying. No, a bit disturbing. Surely knowledge about the world and history cannot be so backward among the religious American population? But, if it is, and these people form the backbone of a major political entity in the USA... It's scary. I know not all Americans are like this, and I wish the Atheists and Mormons all the best in educating their fellow countrymen.

  • Worst Reporting on Green Energy of the Week
    • Juan, what do you see as our main source of energy in the future? I've been thinking about energy lately and my mind has been going all over the place from outdated, to realistic to sci fi....

  • Top Ways 9/11 Broke Islamic Law
    • I have yet to meet a Muslim who actually believes there will be 72 virgins in heaven waiting for them. It's a useless and usually discared Hadith but because it plays on the repressed sexual attitudes in the West, it keeps getting trotted out by idiots when they cant find any real reason for terrorist actions.

    • If that is your argument, why not take keep going with those questions: If not for the spread of Christianity, why was the US fighting in Vietnam? If not for the spread of Christianity, why did Hitler attack and conquer half of Europe and try to complete wipe out the Jews? If not for the spread of Christianity, why is the US in Iraq and Afghanistan? That question is a stupid question which is usually asked by people who have fallen for the false reasons attributed to ancient Muslim wars. Will we hear you acknowledge that as soon as the Muslim Empire was created, it was attacked by the Persians on 1 side and the Roman Empire on the other? No. Will we hear you acknowledge that the Roman Empire never actually did propose a ceasefire after trying to attack the Muslims, then losing, then being driven back to Europe from all over Africa, with the help of Jews and Christians? No. Will we hear you acknowledge that the conquest of India came about because an Indian king attacked and tried to wipe out the Muslim empires in the Turkish region while they werent looking? No. Will we hear you acknowledge that Muslims were being attacked and that they were then commanded that if you are attacked, it is perfectly alright for you to defend yourself? No, we wont. Your mind is set. You arent looking for answers, because if you were you wouldnt open your mouth before studying that area of Muslim history intensely.

    • The reason the negatives of Christianity are highlighted in this way is bacause those Christians that have been sucked in or deceived by misinformation provided by Islamophobes fail to acknowledge this very point. They fail to see that just because you are a Muslim, it does not meant you cannot be a criminal or a bad person and commit crimes. On the contrary, whenever a Muslim gang or deranged psycho commits a crime, it is labelled as something enforced by Islam. Well, that leaves the way open for blaming Christians for every bad thing done under their watch too. And unfortunately, Christian history has so many negatives in that way the negatives of historically Islamic societies pale in comparison. And when that is pointed out, you get posts like yours. I suggest you go post this on any Islamophobic sites or blogs or forums like JihadWatch and Gellers House of Fapping over Death before you ask us.

      Just to be clear, as a Muslim I dont blame Christianity and real Christians for the Inquistion, the Crusades or the Holocaust. I understand that bad people are everywhere and sometimes they even get in power.

      As for your point about forced conversions etc. I highly doubt that forced conversions and death for conversion are carried otu routinely in Islamic countries. I dont have the statistics for Saudiland, even though it is a country whose rulers I am not a big fan of, but let's look at some other things. How many Christians and Jews are there in the Iranian parliament? Compare that to the Muslims in US government or elsewhere in the Western World. Even a lie fabricated by Islamophobes has people up in arms over Muslims in government. Can we learn from Iran? Maybe.

    • Thank you for this post, Juan. Although my interpretation of abrogation has always been a bit different, namely that the Quranic commandments and law superseded previous divine revelations like the Torah instead of the Quran superseding itself. Nevertheless, an important post. Thank you.

  • Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job
    • Seriously Billy? I suggest you read up on the various blogs that log the numerous religiously based attacks carried out by US soldiers. Mosques being blown up, Qurans burned, soldiers taking shits on rugs and drawing penises on the walls, raping young girls and women, yelling "Muhammad is dead" and if anyone dared to look at who was saying that, blowin g them up with a tank... etc etc... I can go on and on.

      But the thing is, that if any Muslim did anything the US soldiers do, suddenly Islam is blamed for it with all the Muslims being asked to denounce it, whether or not the person shouts or says anything. Do you think if a country halfway around the world invaded us and destroyed half the country, there wouldnt be people fighting back and praying to Jesus and God and whatnot while doing so? Even the US soldiers pray while they are on their missions. We just dont hear it.

      Another thing to keep in mind is how language works. Whenever you hear a Muslim say "God is Great!" on any of the tapes anti-Islamics love to fap over, they love to point out that he is doing it for Islam. Leaving aside the obvious flaws in that theory, it is important to keep in mind that one can say Jesus or God without being motivated by them or doing stuff for them. Even my atheist friends sometimes yell "Jesus" or God when they see something unbelievable. Does that mean they are Christian? No. In the same way, a lot of religious talk has, over the centuries, permeated a lot of other languages. No difference between the US soldier shouting God and Jesus when uder heavy fire and the insurgent doing the same.

  • They used to Burn Catholic Churches, now they Burn Mosques
    • I dont know whether you receive MTA on your satellite, but they had a phone interview with Terry Jones and asked him what he knew about Islam and the Quran seeing as how he his book says there is no one more qualified to write on the dangers of Islam than him. It was absolutely hilarious! Turns out he has never read any part of the Quran and admits himself he knows nothing of the Quran and Shariah law. I'll try and get that video clip online somewhere.

  • 'Burn the Qur'an Day' Endangers US Troops: Petraeus
    • What I find funny is that they will first buy the Qurans, thereby giving money to those "ebil terrirists!!!"

  • Islamophobe Slasher taunted Cabbie with Rightwing Talking Points before Stabbing Him
    • I sincerely doubt Geller will just disapppear. Dont forget, bashing Muslims is a very profitable business right now and the money needs to come from somewhere for her cosmetic addictions. Sometimes it comes from the support of the racists like the EDL and Wilders in Europe, sometimes from inciting a group of people to cary out attacks against other American citizens.

  • Maddow on Manhattan Mosque
    • I for one hope the center gets built and gets named the Cordoba House. At first, I didn't really care what got built where. But now that I have seen the pure hatred for people like me and that I am seen as no better than a bunch of murderers whose actions were denounced by the entire world, even by the greatest living Muslim authorities, I say build it and name it Cordoba House.

      I will not bow to racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes and bigots. Where were these people and their cries of "insensitivity" when the Muhammad cartoons were being posted all over the right wing blogosphere and forums? Then suddenly it was all about their freedom. And don't say that people died on 9/11 and that the cartoons are totally different. They're not, because throughout Muslims history, before the Muslims were attacked and killed en masse by Christians, the Christian propaganda always started with Prophet Muhammad and demeaning him.

      So go ahead Imam rauf. Build it and name it Cordoba House. You have the support of the rational and the sane and the victims of bigotry and oppression.

    • So when are you going to object to the US military base in Hiroshima? Or the destruction of Iraqi archeological sites and libraries by American Christians, where afterwards buildings were built over? The Meadow Massacre and the subsequent building there?

      The more you keep saying that it was Islamic extremists, thereby implying that that is what Islam is and Muslims are just like that, and keep saying that Muslims are not allowed to build anything there because they are Muslims and they did that, even though they had nothing to do with it, the more you show your bigotry.

  • Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie
    • Surf around the right wing blogosphere and forums and you will see plenty of names saying that. Surf around the Facebook groups and enjoy the no-racist-or-hate-mongering pictures and photoshops.

      I know you are ashamed of your fellow klanmembers, but saying that Prof Cole is lying when everything has been documented about this affair by a lot of blogs and forums is just utter stupidity.

    • Oh sorry, for a moment there I thought you were talking about Christianity. So are you saying Christians are supportive of homosexuality? And I browsed around the right wing blogosphere and forums and you can guess what they say about women and their jobs.

    • Oh sorry, for a moment there I thought you were talking about Christianity, until you said Islam.

  • Dear Rev. Graham: Obama was not born a Muslim and neither is anyone else
    • Muslims believe that before birth every soul acknowledges God and is born a Muslim, i.e. believer.

  • 6 Million Pakistanis need Immediate Aid as 1/3 of Country is Submerged
    • The Ahmadi charity groups and doctors are ready to go and help, but ofcourse, we arent allowed. Funny. Come on, Pakistan, learn your lesson.

  • Repubs Plot Israel-Iran Apocalypse and the Collapse of the US Economy
  • World Cup Death Threats for Paul the Oracle Octopus
    • I call bs! On Paul being psychic that is. Is it just me or does he choose the right side box everytime?

  • One Hour of Video Released by Gaza Aid Worker
  • A Sign of Modernization: Saudi Clerics Promote Kinship by Sharing Breast Milk
    • I can see where you're coming from Juan, but, as a Muslim, I find this just another creepy "fatwa" by a couple of clerics, who are then railed against by the majority of Muslims becuse what they say makes no sense whatsoever and one that will lead to endless questions about how to practise what they say and lots of incidents as the one described in that article.

  • Tel Aviv Rally Against Gaza Blockade;
    Wave of Protests, Gov't Condemnation
    • For anyone interested, and Juan you should talk about this too, Max Blumenthal has a couple of really good posts about the IDF admitting to doctoring audio and video footage and retracting its claims that the activists had terrorist ties, with Al Qaeda at least.

  • Why Pakistan needs the Separation of Religion and State;
    Atrocities by Taliban against Ahmadis
  • Top Ten Other Gratuitously Offensive Draw-a-Cartoon Days
    • I suggest you actually look up the timeline. I think youll be surprised that the general view of those "riots" are not what actually happened.

    • Muslims dont draw Jesus, Moses or any other Prophets and are restricted from doing so as well. And drawing God is also out of the questions as Islam does not allow God to be compared to humans or be seen in any concrete form or other that can be grasped by mankind. So the old man with a big beard is not how Muslims see God.

    • Interesting post and challenge and one that none of the idiots who are participating in this day will actually respond to, since they have no backbone but are just in it to go with the herd and live out their prejudiced fantasies.

      Btw, Juan, I was looking at the timeline on Wiki regarding the Jyllands Posten controversy and it seems that the people that were killed died in what can be considered warzones: Afghanistan and Nigeria. I think everyone knows about Afghanistan being a warzone but in Nigeria there has been a long running conflict between the Christians and Muslims, reignited in 2001 by a Muslim being elected which the Christians didnt like. I am not sure about the validity of the timeline on Wiki but it would seem to suggest that the countries where people actually died were warzones and not countries that arent warzones or have been embroiled in conflict.

      Finally, it is interesting to note that the editor that commissioned the cartoons for the Jyllands Posten newspaper, in the interest of fairness and freedom of speech said that he would print cartoons satirizing the Holocaust as collected by teh Iranian newspaper. Know what happened? He went on a forced vacation and the newspaper said that cartoons like that would never appear in the newspaper. Funny how that works huh. And to those saying that there is a difference between satirizing the Holocaust and drawing Muhammad, remember that everytime in history when Christians attacked Muslims, they started by defaming and painting Muhammad as a barbarian devil. We find this from the Crusades, to Srebrenica to the Iraq War. So Muslims do have a certain historical precedent to feel aggrieved when Christian countries, or "The West" starts to go down that same path again.

  • Shiite Parties Form Largest Coalition in Iraq; Ayatollahs to choose PM; Win for Iran
  • Israeli Settler Terrorists Plan more Mosque Burnings
    • Thank you for your reply.

      That link I found on the blog LiveFromOccupiedPalestine which has some more interesting links you might be interested in.

    • Also, I was wondering whether you could maybe post on or provide links to where I could find information on racist language and general racism towards Palestinians and Arabs from Israeli politicians, past and present. So far, I've only found some quotes on Mindprod, but I was wondering whether you had any other resources. Thanks in advance.

    • Juan,

      I found this Yahoo group which updates with news on the Palestinian territories every day it seems: link to

  • Veiling ban in Belgium: It is all about the State
    • Im just hoping it gets challeneged in the EC. The state might want to see who we are but there are other methods of going about it.

  • In honor of Earth Day: Green Guide for Muslims
    • Hatred for Muslims and Islam is something that will never really go away. Ever since its inception, Muslims have been attacked with the intent to commit genocides against them and total annihilation of anything Islam.

  • South Park Controversy and Fallacies of Muslim Extremists
    • The South Park depictions of Muhammad didnt lead to mass protest or other stuff. Why? Because there is a big difference between what South Park did and what that Danish newspaper did, coupled with worldwide events. What happened back then was a lot more than just protests against a cartoon.

      Anyway, yes, Islamic teaching does condemn derogatory depictions of Jesus, Moses and various others prophets as well. That is something a lot of non-Muslims, especially Parker and Stone, dont understand, as was evident with their conclusion of the Cartoon Wars episodes.

      Unfortunately, what this website of about 20 people said will now be applied to over a billion people. Thats the world we live in.

    • I myself am an Ahmadi. I know what Juan and you are talking about. Too bad for those anti-Ahmadi retards I will keep calling myself a Muslim. Lately though, we have had a number of non-Ahmadi scholars and imams declare that Ahmadis are Muslims. The whole banning of Ahmadiyyat is a very sad event in Pakistani history, filled with the lure of power and money by Zia and his ilk.

  • Top Ten Differences between Mir Hosain Mousavi and Lady Gaga
  • Blog Migration
    • Here's hoping everything turns out alright. I use your blog as a huge database of Middle-Eastern news and info so I really hope the links don't break down.

      ^ ^

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