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  • Mubarak: W. Naive, controlled by Subordinates
    • Hi Professor:
      Sort of unrelated but, I really like the new look of IC. Clean, succinct, and sort of hip. Well I think so anyway.

  • Blair, Hitchens Debate Religion
    • Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens "debate religion?" T'would seem the equally warmongering duo might prefer 'debating' hypocrisy and the question "might genocide be construed to be immoral."

  • Muslim-Americans, Heartsong Church, Celebrate Thanksgiving Together in Memphis
    • Very well said Professor. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You know, I'm 'thankful' that you take the time to write. In theory and by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, America should be the most tolerant of nations. Just goes to show that talking the talk isn't as easy as walking the walk.

  • Jahanpour: In Israel-Palestine Dispute, Obama Must Start Putting US Interests First
    • "It is time for the US Administration to put US interests first, support a just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict and thus win the respect and admiration of the international community."
      Yup, and that will happen when pigs sprout wings and take to flying holding patterns over downtown Jerusalem. Oh yeah.
      Would that mean that Eric Cantor might have to retract his "pledge of allegiance" to Israel?

  • Iraq's Christians Urged to Flee, al-Maliki Says they Should Stay, and Everyone Wonders where the Government Is
    • Question Professor:
      So G. Bush created the situation for the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Iraq? Is that what "Iraqi Freedom" was all about? Dang, seems some really bad juju to me.

  • On How War with Iran might Destroy the United States
    • Number of U.S. troops killed in the Afghaniscam for October 2010, about 64? Give or take a few. Glib I confess. Number of Americans beaten senseless and no longer paying any attention whatsoever, about 164 million? You know, give or take a million or so.
      David Broder out of his freaking mind? Quite possibly.

  • End Federal Tax Subsidies to Fox!
    • "Numbnuts..." Good one Professor. Remember to take a deep breath and consider who (whom?) it is calling for the defunding of NPR. I would have used an entirely different qualifier there but hey, that's just me. Ummm, immoral demagogues?

  • Ahmadinejad Promises to Protect Qana in South Lebanon
    • Professor? What might Mohammad Atta have to do with Iran's President Ahmadinejad? Qana is an open wound for Palestinians and Lebanese so, Ahmadinejad was probably poking at the Israelis by his visit there. But why the Atta mention? Are you suggesting there's a "connection" between Atta and Ahmadinejad?

  • Pakistan Opens Khyber Crossing to NATO Supply Trucks but issues Threats over Hot Pursuit
    • So Pakistan opens the Khyber Crossing to NATO and, is Pakistan now back in "good graces" with the U.S.? Might that suggest that Pakistan can be removed from the 'failed state' category?

  • Take that, Dennis Miller; Climate Change is Real and Dangerous
    • "Comic Dennis Miller?" Sorry Professor but, you are wrong. Demagogue resting on past laurels maybe. From his days on SNL. Miller drank the lunatic fringe koolaid and the rest is a sad history. Miller would be a 'performance demogogue'.

  • Obama Launches Green Equivalent of Moon Mission
    • Professor? I would have to disagree with your metaphor, "...the oil tsunami now assaulting the shores of the US along the Gulf of Mexico." What BP has managed to effect in the Gulf is America's Chernobyl. This disaster will haunt the Gulf Coast for a long time. BP's DeepWaterHorizon well head is compromised and oil leaks from the sea floor. BP has busied itself attempting to "salvage" the oil leaking and covering up the remainder of it's mess. BP CEO Tony Hayward needs to be in a jail cell. That's just my personal take on Hayward's arrogance.
      Given that Prince Edward Sound has never fully recovered from the Exxon Valdez, the Gulf Coast may very well be effectively destroyed for several lifetimes. That manner of ecological devastation is criminal. Residents of the Gulf Coast have their lives in shattered ruin and BP is at fault. That manner of negligence seems worlds of criminal.
      The Obama gives a good speech. Sermon? Yeah, maybe a sermon. About time. It would be more than a little reassuring IF President Obama gave the Gulf Coast the same zeal-in-prosecution going after BP as he did to "healthcare overhaul/reform" or whatever that was. Obama did have the wind in his sails for that.

  • The Big Mistake in the New BP Ad
    • Poor poor Tony Hayward, he's suffering so and must needs "get his life back." Well gosh, at least Hayward doesn't have Israeli commandos climbing up his colon.

  • American Citizen Killed by Israeli Navy
    • Vice President Joe Biden today (June 2, 2010) praised Israel for raiding the ship, saying they “had a right to know” what might be on board.
      Is Biden saying that Israel "had a right to know" whom they were killing? Israel killed an American! There are reports that the Israeli commandos were dumping bodies into the Mediterranean. Holy Precious Mary Mother of God, this is a shameful day for the United States. Biden would defend murder? Piracy? Terrorism? Golly and gee, President Binyamin Obama sure ain't had much to say about this atrocity.

  • Israeli Commandos Kill as Many as 10-16 Aid Activists,
    wound over 50 as they Board, Capture Gaza Aid Flotilla
    • Israel commits piracy and murder on the open sea and so it goes. Our banal President Obama will say nothing about Israeli atrocity as of course, our banal President Obama is busy on his knees before Bibs Netanyahu. Israel continues the genocidal starvation and deprivation of Gaza and kills peace activists. Yeah, Israel is looking murderously bloody on this fine day.

  • "This Scares Everybody" says BP:
    Top Kill Fails, Imperils Gulf;
    "There are no Solar Spills"
    • BP has given us an 'American Chernobyl'. Not so radioactive but certainly no less dangerous. BP's execs should be thrown in jail. Leave them there until that blown well is capped and the oil is ceased flowing. Leave them there until the entire mess is cleaned and the wetlands restored. Leave them there until all lives that have been, are now, and will be affected are put right. What BP has done is no less a crime against humanity than any one of G. Bush's insane wars. Hmmm, how come the Obama can't see the failure in Afghaniscam?

  • Israel offered Nukes to Racist South Africa for Use on Black Neighbors
    • "We" got nukes. "They" got nukes. All God's children got nukes. Simple Shimon says, "I didn't give nukes to South Africa." Yeah yeah sure sure Shimon. We believe you.
      Chile gots nukes and gave their nukes to the U.S.. Oh yes, they certainly did. Weapons grade nukalar materials. Nukalar is in loving tribute to G. Bush. Brazil has them and Argentina has them and Urkraine has them and Australia has them and Japan and Indonesia and Saudi Arabia has them and golly, that nasty 'nukalar' genie is so far out of the bottle, they'll never get it back inside. Everybody that is or isn't even close to being a "global player" has nukes. Mercy, some dang fool of a government gets itchy on the old trigger finger and we all of us are in some serious trouble.

  • Pakistan's Social Media Ban Endangers Economic Growth
    • Students of Federal Urdu University staged a protest rally. The students chanted slogans saying; “We are slaves of the prophet; we are ready to die in prophet’s slavery..."
      Pakistan might not have a "better economic future," but they have their 'slavery'.

  • Iran Threatens to Pull out of Nuclear Deal over new UN Sanctions
    • On the issue of Iran, the Obama seems confused. Hmmm, maybe craven would be more applicable. Just this very Friday morning, there was a curious blub on the Google News page about South Africa having "weapons grade plutonium." I find that more than curious. South Africa? The nuclear genie is spread far and wide across our sorely wounded planet and that genie will never be returned to it's bottle. Iran has legally done all Iran is allowed to do under the terms of the NPT and still, Iran is vilified. So and bottom line would be, the 900 lb. kosher gorilla in the room is Israel. Paranoid to the point of extreme dementia. Israel has nukes and Israel has control of the United States Congress. Shameful if not treasonous. It is comprehensively sad that the Obama has turned out to be one bitter disappointment.

  • Angry Tea Partiers are not the Moral Equivalent of Compassionate Democrats
    • The "Tea Party" baggers are NOT some manner of independent movement. They are a Republican't front group. Owned and operated. High financed and given free reign to ride roughshod over our countryside spewing hate and discomfort. Historical precedent might be Germany's brownshirts pre-WWII the really big one. The xenophobes that gave our world Hitler. The 'baggers' care signs and guns. Loaded guns. You know, cause they've a "right" to. The baggers "champion" that tried and feeble 'white makes right' motif. Sarah Palin is their queen? Baggers feed on fear and ignorance. Of course, that is their right. Under what little is left of America's Constitution. However that would not include a "state's right" to turn the clock back to those precious days of antebellum idiocy and impose evangelical fascism on a trembling America.

  • Kabul Blast Kills 19, Wounds 52; 5 US Troops Dead
    • Just about nine years in the Afghaniscam. For US military. Just about nine. Gen. Stan McChrystal says "it's a draw." If that's not psychotic and insane, what might be?

  • BP Trashes Apollo Astronauts, Parrots Sarah Palin; Oil Godzilla heads for Coast
    • "History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men. Godzilla. Oh no, they say he's got to go. Go go Godzilla! Oh no, there goes Tokyo. Go go Godzilla!"... Blue Oyster Cult
      Why aren't the clowns at the controls of BP shackled head to toe and being held in some really dank prison for crimes against our environment?

  • US Troop Withdrawal in Iraq on Track
    • "I think he (Obama) has a Christian moral vision, and he sees the Iraq war as having been immoral, and views the withdrawal as a sort of penance." Professor? Are you sure? I find the Obama to be amoral. The Obama seems given to expedience and getting over. The Obama is disingenuous for certain. About Guantanamo, about holding the Bushco war criminals to account, about nuclear Israel, the apartheid wrought on Palestinians, on his good buddies on Wall Street. Yeah the Obama can pontificate like a consummate pro. Delivering up "change" well, he doesn't seem to have managed any of that yet.

  • Karzai Defeats Obama 2-1
    • "But why would among our best foreign affairs programs fall for that rhetoric?" Ummm, because the Newshour has swallowed the propaganda koolaid and become just another irrelevant outlet for warmongering hysteria?

  • Lieberman's Modest Gulag Proposal
    • Were 'fascist' Joe Lieberman to get his way with that "McCarthy" legislation, would we have the people of Connecticut to thank for that?

  • Israeli Settler Terrorists Plan more Mosque Burnings
  • Netanyahu Commits to Colonizing East Jerusalem; First Palestinian Expelled under new Policy
    • Well said Professor. I think that "Apartheid-style policies " is not accurate. Israel is in full blown apartheid practice and there's no "style" to that whatsoever. For Israel to "deport" Palestinians from the West Bank is Likud's 'final solution' to the problem. The practice is systematic ethnic cleansing and extermination.
      Lastly, Chuck Shumer is another of the Pavlovian Zionists that drool like rabid dogs any and every time Bibi whines in public about Iran or Syria or pre-1967 borders or Middle East peace.

  • Gates Worries about Iranian Nuclear Research, while Khamenei blasts US for Hiroshima
    • Khamenei makes a number of valid points. The US 'is' the only nation on our planet to have used nuclear weapons. Yeah yeah, Harry "had to end the war" and blah blah blah. It will never matter what anyone in Iran says about anything. Iran is pariah and the US is sole arbiter of all things geo-political and of course nuclear so, circumspect wisdom gets tossed out with the histrionic bathwater. The US displays an inordinate lack of diplomatic skill when dealing with Iran. Bombastic bullying will get the US nowhere.
      Iran is in compliance with the terms of the NPT so, what more could the world want from Iran. I mean besides capitulation to Western demands.
      It is hypocritical grandstanding that the US rants on and on about Iran and all the while nuclear Israel can't even be bothered to sign the NPT. Oh right and sorry I forgot, we're not supposed to so much as "mention" Israel. Damned if you don't and anti-semitically damned if you do.

  • Top Ten Differences between Mir Hosain Mousavi and Lady Gaga
  • Wright: Assassinations Strengthen Religious Terrorist Groups
    • "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of it's constitution."...Thomas Jefferson
      Just a little quote I lifted from the front page of the "information packet" sent by the US District Court for prospective jurors. Seemed appropriate.

  • Blog Migration
    • Glad you're back Professor. The "new" look for IC is most pleasant. I must confess that there was the moment of panic when I toggled up IC and got this ominous blank 'error' page. Had to read the fine print and take a deep breath.

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