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  • Cherry-Picking Intel, Nunes and the Iraq War Disaster
    • "The Intelligence and Research unit at the State Department knew that the case for the Iraq War was phony. " So why didn't they tell their boss, the SECSTATE before he relied the phony case before the world at the UN?

  • Turkey threatens war against US/Kurdish Force in Syria
    • The US and Turkey label the PKK as "terrorist" but disagree whether the YPG is "affiliated" with it. Since the YPG is the paramilitary arm of the Syrian Democratic Union party, does Turkey also claim and does the US also differ that the SDU is "affiliated" with the PKK?

  • Nations of World at UN Humiliate Trump w/ Massive vote for Palestinians
    • Trump's threat worked to the extent that 63 countries (plus the US and Israel) heeded his warning and did not vote for the resolution that 128 did. Only 9 voted no (including the illegitimate government of Honduras and the US mideast and Pacific dependencies), but 35 abstained (including Canada and Australia) and 21 were afraid to even show up.

  • Trump fires Bannon: Who are the Winners & Losers Globally?
  • Has Trump deferred to Russia in Syria?
    • "when Obama could not get the UK parliament to support joint Anglo-American action)"

      He also could not not US congressional approval, so was bailed out by Russia.

  • Circus of Liars: How Trump & GOP are Twisted into Pretzels over Putin Hack
    • "The US NSA hacked the whole world for many years until Ed Snowden blew the whistle on them. And that was when the full extent of Clapper’s mendaciousness became clear. He should have been held in contempt of Congress. He should have been fired. But no. He got away with it."

      He got away with it because Obama decided to continue supporting him.

  • More districts of East Aleppo fall to Regime & Militia Allies
    • The reason the jihadists' desperate call for a cease fire won't be accepted is that they used the previous cease fires to re-supply and strenghten their lines and in fact didn't cease fire themselves. Fooled me once....

  • In Trump's Shadow, is East Aleppo on Verge of falling to Regime, Russia?
  • Iraq: Barzani pledges Kurdish forces won't Enter Mosul
    • From Al-Jazeera on Shia fighters opening a new front west of Mosul:

      "Michael Pregent, Middle East analyst and a former US intelligence officer who served in Iraq, told Al Jazeera the Shia militias' move was not sanctioned by Iraq's government.

      He said the hope by Baghdad and Washington was that ISIL would use the western route to flee Mosul for a "final battle" later in its Syrian bastion of Raqqa.

      "The Shia militias are operating outside the control of the Iraqi government. They're not responsive to US requests not to participate," said Pregent.

      "The military operation wasn't to encircle Mosul, it was to force ISIL out into Syria. The Shia militias are blocking that now. It sounds like a good military tactic but it's not synced, it's not coordinated. And the Shia militias remain a wildcard, based on what they've done in Ramadi and Fallujah."

  • US breaks off Military Cooperation with Russia in Syria
    • The Qatar royal family owns Al-Jazeera, which might explain its outspoken pro-jihadist reporting on Syria.

    • An exchange at a State Department press conference today seems to clarify the Obama administration's position on the continued Jihadist attacks on Syrian troops during the cease fire. While Russian and Syrian air power observed the pause, Al -Qaeda (Al-Nusra), not a party to the cease fire, was able to exploit the protection granted to "moderate" jihadists to resupply and reorganize their own fighters in Aleppo province.

      The negotiated agreement excluded Al-Nusra, ISIS and allied groups, and the US declares it did ask the so called "moderate" groups it supports to stand down. However, since Al-Nusra was free to continue to fight (and be fought) and they were fighting by its side, the US considers its Jihadists were "defending themselves" and thus not violating the cease fire.

      For its part, Russia charges that the Obama administration “is in no hurry to separate US-oriented anti-government forces" from Al--Nusra, a designated terrorist organization known for years as an Al-Qaeda affiliate On the contrary, even though Al-Nusra has never been part of any ceasefire, the US “covers it with the shield of opposition groups which formally confirmed their participation in the cessation of hostilities.” In other words, Russia puts the blame on the break directly on the US for reneging on its promise to separate its "moderate" jihadists from the "terrorist" ones and, in fact, uses its Jihadists to protect the terrorist groups.

      In the press conference State spox Elizabeth Trudeau was asked if the US fulfilled its own obligation to separate the so-called moderate opposition from terrorists. She replied, “We believe we did.”She went on to say that “We had detailed negotiations with the ["moderate"] opposition, emphasizing the importance of 'demarbleizing’ [separating] from Al-Nusra,”and referred to Washington’s official stance that “Nusra is Al-Qaeda, they are a terrorist organization.” In other words, the US shrugs and says "we did what we could but they are not our troops so we can't order them." The Russian point was not to order them but to delineate their coordinates to protect them from Russian attack. It seems they simply declined to "demarblelize"or separate from the main fighting force of Al-Nusra.

      When RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reminded Trudeau that several major rebel groups refused outright to abide by the ceasefire, she revealed the basic US position on why the US backed Jihadists did not violate the ceasefire when they engaged in combat: She responded:

      “If attacked, opposition groups have the right to defend themselves.”

      The press conference is on c-spam link to

  • Number of US Troops in Iraq Heading toward 6,000
    • You're silent on Syria lately.But can you comment on this Syrian govt claim at the UN that " Ahrar Al-Sham also committed a bulk of violations that contributed the ceasefire failure in Syria, according to the Russian military. The group, which is believed to be allied with Al-Nusra Front, has rejected the latest ceasefire, but is still not officially recognized as terrorist by US-led coalition despite Russia’s repeated requests."?

  • US and Russia plan Joint Air Command to hit Terrorists in Syria
    • keep in mind that the Russian policy to intervene on behalf of Syria is a consequence of its belief that Obama/Clinton bamboozeled it (and China) for their Security Council votes on "humanitarian" intervention in Libya.

  • Nearly 500 more US Troops sent to Iraq for Mosul Attack in advance of Election Day
    • According to the S&S, 4,500 US troops are now committed to battle 3,000- 4,500 ISIS fighters in Mosul. The US forces will be backed by more than 6,500 Iraqis!

  • Near-War: US Planes almost tangle with Syrian MiGs, which bombed area of US troop Embeds
  • Who are the ISIL Fighters in Egypt's Sinai, claiming to down Plane?
    • Terrorists have reportedly used an Igla shoulder launched SAM to bring down a Syrian military helicopter after looting a supply from the Syrian military. But its effective ceiling is 11,000 ft, while the Russian A321 was reportedly flying at over 30,000.

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