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  • Can 'Desperate Housewives' Defeat al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia? Wikileaks
    • Firstly, Jeddah is not a wahhabi city. The big majority in Jeddah are Sunnis, mostly Shafiis/Sufis. The conservatism you see on the streets of Jeddah during day time is overwhelmingly Sunni-Sufi conservatism, not the wahhabi one, which exists in some neighbourhoods.

      Why is the presence of vile things as drugs, alcohol, and sex in saudi arabia bringing up a surprise to today's media? These viles things are present in EVERY Muslim country and every Gulf country. Qatar, which is more wahhabi conservative than saudi arabia has more of these vile things per capita. But the real question is to what degree are these prevalent in Jeddah?

      The conservatism on the streets of saudi arabia has been going down instead of increasing as this wikileak report claims.

      The Muslim brotherhood is not puritan in the sense of religious matters because it is classed as a 'modernist' anti-puritan organization as its primary claim is to reform Islam, not from past innovations [which the wahhabis do], but from supposed stagnation from excelling in what they percieve as islamic modernism. They still do have the religious puritanism of the wahhabis.

      And the Egyptian government is EXACTLY the same as the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian government is doing the same activities as the Muslim Brotherhood in Azhar at the moment in religious matters through its puppets.

      The revival of Islam in Egypt is through different channels. Each of these channels is significant in that country. Most of these channels are controlled by the government there.

      Al Risala and iqraa have had musical videos playing on them for decades. Why a suprise? Eygptians singing the love of the Prophet with a western musical scene in the background have been playing on al-risala and iqraa for a long time. You can find these videos on youtube. Its all over the Islamic world. Not all Islamic channels are like this though, for example the string of new Sunni Islamic channels in England.

      The channels playing non-sharia music have been criticized by common Muslims for this since the day they started. But they have not budged.

      Elite party like the rest of the world, just underground

  • Horrific Taliban Bombing of Would-Be Pashtun Militiamen
    • There is much propaganda hype in these stories. Those martyred in the bombing were not there to make "anti-taliban" malitia, but were there to draw up plans to educate the people.

      Most Pashtuns in Mohmand support the "insurgents" fighting in Afghanistan. But they disagree with the heretics TTP who are a different group.

      Those who were martyred in this bombing were supporters of the "insurgents" in Afghanistan too.

      Pashtuns are not like Iraqis.

  • Map: Pakistan Ethnic Groups
    • It also includes the entire area of Dera Ismail Khan into the Pashtun ethnic group which is not true.

      No one in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir calls themselves "Punjabis". Yet this map shows the whole of Azad Kashmir as "Punjabi"

      Most Mirpuris [like the Pakistanis who live in England] would find it insultive being categorized as Punjabi.

      So would the other groups in Azad Kashmir, as the Pahari people in Punch.

    • This is an extremely false map. It shows the "Panjabi" ethnic group from Mansehra in the north to Rahim Yar Khan in the south.
      If you are a Pakistani, and have been to Rahim Yar Khan or Mansehra, you will know no one of the native people there call themselves as "Punjabi" but only those people are Punjabi who migrated from Punjab proper near the border with India.

      Can anyone call Mianwalis and Kohatis as Punjabis???? [As this map shows]

      They speak Hindko and Seraiki, which are languages related to Punjabi, but these people are NOT of the Punjabi ethnic group. Most of the Mianwalis and Hindko people are Pashtun in origin, such as the massive Niazi tribe.

  • Map: Ethnicities Afghanistan
    • The Pashtuns are not all Sunni. There are Shia Pashtuns too near Khurram in Pakistan. That is a border region where Shias live but they are not Hazara Shia, but Pashtun Shia.

  • Map: Religions & Ethnicities of Iraq
    • The silly map does not show the Chaldean population districts which are sizeable. Neither does it show the Turkoman ethnic group, which is a horrible mistake.

      The whole Bayati Shia Turkoman tribe in Kirkuk, around the Tuz area has been eliminated, and made into a Sunni Kurd ethnic area.

  • Al-Khoei: Ayatollah Sistani is Iraq's Bulwark against Iran: Wikileaks
    • The reality on the ground in Iraq is also different. The local shia population of Iraq knows that it is alien to the Sunni Areas around Baghdad and north of Baghdad [half of iraq] Ordinary shia Iraqis of the south, who make up 90% of all shias in iraq have always been expressing a secession of southern iraq from the rest of Iraq. They do not even want Baghdad, and are willing to give it away to the so called "Sunni" powers [king abdullah of jordan]. All that these shia locals of Iraq care about is to become an independent rich emirate as Kuwait, Qatar, or any other Gulf country, and develop their lands.

      They are willing to exchange the small Sunni population around Basra and Dhi Qar for the small shia populations around Kirkuk, Balad and Tal Afar.

      The gulf between Sunni Iraq and Shia Iraq is deep now.

      Until when will Iraq continue to live as a tripartite state?

      Iran can only establish a shia religious base in the south or in Baghdad. Its not all rosy for Iran.

  • Gates: Saudis want to Fight Iran to the Last American
    • What the saudis have really done is to fight the arabs to the last American, be it in Morocco or in Palestine or in Iraq, and now in Yemen.

      Iranian influence in the Gulf Area goes back hundreds of years. Saudi Arabia knows the Iranian populations inhabiting Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Eastern Saudi, UAE, Oman, be they Sunni Iranian or Shia Iranian. Much of the Gulf economy is held by massive rich Iranian families like Kanoo and families among the Lawati in Oman.

  • Gaza as Israel's Gimp
    • The Ghazza blockade is very easy to understand. The message is simple to the Palestinians. Leave and migrate to the rest of the arab world. Otherwise it makes no sense to deliberately keep someone under house arrest and torture him unnecessarily.

      The only thing is that the Palestinians, vast majority of them, wont leave.

    • Its very simple really. T

  • Arabs Urged US to Launch Attack on Iran, but Talk is Cheap: Cole in the Guardian
    • these arab leaders are actually dicatators. If religion is important to mubarak of Egypt, then he would not have allowed his puppets scholars presiding in Azhar to issue anti-islamic fatwas on the "niqab", "interest", and alcohol selling in non-Muslim countries.

      I can understand why Bahrain wants to cut of Iran's head [because Iran was responsible for a number of shiite coups within the country that failed miserably]

      I have seen mubarak pray in the mosque. His posture is not according to basic Sunni fiqh. He does not know basic posture as taught to kids when they learn the jurisprudence of how to do salah. The point is, mubarak does not know much about his religion.

      If he were a true Sunni Muslim, he would have known how spiritual the Islamic faith is, and what the masses of Islamic Sufi Masters buried in his country [such as the great Abul Hasan al-Shadhili] taught, about not harming other Muslims. Iran is a Muslim country, and in it reside Muslims. If mubarak cannot see that, then clearly religion is not motivating him [and as shown he was not religious after all]. Its all the worldly gain of power, money, more power, more money thats the culprit. What can we expect from dictators?

      Most Muslim countries are ruled by dictators, including Iran.

  • 149 Alleged Terrorists arrested in Saudi Arabia
    • I must caution everyone about saudi government. The saudi government itself holds within its shura council and all over its justice system and local governments wahhabis who demonize and excommunicate the mass of all Muslims from Islam day and night. Them accusing al-Qaeda of denunciating other Muslims is just so hypocritical.

      Now that their own dear salafis have broken away from them are attacking them in return, they cry foul of being denunciated themselves. They should shrink into their own shirt and have a deeper look at themselves.

      Its history repeating again and again. Saud had to face an ikhwan revolt in the early 20th century, which he crushed, and now they seem to have it again over time.

      There are even examples of the moderate saudi government salafis [madkhalis] denunciating their own members time and again.

  • Photo of the Day: Nile Valley from Space
    • Cairo definitely has a population of above 20 million. During working hours, it jumps to 25 million +

  • Scammed in Afghanistan
    • Regarding the pakistani military's double personality problem:

      The Pakistani military has always weighed deobandis and their offshoots heavily in their strategies, because the military is under their influence since the inception of Zia, and even before. Most of the nations major mosques were given to them, and the deobandis and the maududites and their offshoots still influence the government and the military.

      The military, under external and internal deobandi-maududite pressures and loyalties, since the 60s, looks at the northwest frontier as their area of major political influence. In Pakistan, the taleban in North West Frontier Province are divided into different groups. Who the government supports are those on the side of the mainstream deobandis and maududites, and these are the followers of the Haqqani madrasa at Akora Khattak and of Jamate Islami, and of the deobandi and maududite seminaries all over Punjab and Karachi. Who the military fights are those it labels are extremists [those who do not hold the militar's views. These are groups as Lashkare Islam in Khyber, that targets all opposed to its views, like most of the Afghan refugee population who happen to be simple sufi-sunnis following local pirs of afghanistan like shaikh saifullah who has been exiled to Lahore. It labels the military as apostate.

      Other breakaway factions have turned into completely different sects, like the breakaway faction from the maududi group called the tehreeke taliban pakistan TTP of the former maududite "sufi" muhammad.

      With Pashtun and deobandi influence so deep all over Pakistan, the military has to deal with this major proportion of the population. Major deobandi seminaries in Lahore, Karachi, Multan are filled with deobandi pashtuns too.
      Today the military and the government has been trying a new strategy of a faction of former maududites, that of Javed Ahmad Ghamdi, a punjabi from Lahore. One of his deputies was killed recently in Mardan, in Kyber Pakhtunkhawa Province. The military is targeting this group as a modernizing tool over the whole country from its media channels like Geo tv.

  • Looking for PETN, Scanning Grandma at the Airport, and the Future of Air Travel
    • Regarding Anjum Chaudhary, who someone above mentioned, he is from a radical tiny group in the UK, that is rejected by 99% of all the Muslims in that country.

      They are extremists, and the UK Muslim commmunity has invited Anjem Chaudhary [a salafi], their shameless leader, to a number of public debates on his activities, but he is no where to be seen.

    • how can al-qaeda justify from an Islamic viewpoint, that it is OK to do jihad with the killing material in your private parts??? it boggles the mind. it makes no sense. Clearly, the bomber was drugged, brainwashed, or coerced in some way. They would go this far to engage in vigilantism.

  • Bush-Cheney Use of Torture Derails Ghailani Prosecution
    • This person from Zanzibar, as his family name indicates, al-Ghilani/al-Gilani/al-Ghaylani/al-Jaylani comes from a very Sufi-Shafi'i Sunni land full of incredible people of piety. Him joining the Deobandi Tablighi Jamaat is no surprise, as it is a well known fact that the Deobandi Tablighis infiltrate Sufi mosques in East Africa pretending to be Sufis, and speaking highly of Abdul Qadir Jilani [buried in Baghdad]. But, Pakistanis, especially back home in Pakistani areas of Punjab and Sindh and Kashmir, know very well that Deobandis are overwhelmingly of the same type as the reformist Salafis in.
      It is possible that after being influenced by the camouflaged wahhabism of the Deobandis, he went over to the even more extreme wahhabis.

      The old "taleban" were majority Deobandi, and now many of them have jumped on to the salafi/al-qaeda bandwagon.

  • Species Loss Threatens Humankind
    • man has spread corruption on the lands, skies, and in the seas. Its quite unbelievable for a relatively miniscule creation, man, when compared to the massive oceans, to have utterly destroyed the oceans.

  • Iraq's Christians Urged to Flee, al-Maliki Says they Should Stay, and Everyone Wonders where the Government Is
    • al-qaeda is not Sunni, but of the Salafi sect, which rejects what makes one a Sunni [Ash'ari and Maturidi Belief System]

      al-qaeda threatens hanafi Sunni scholars in Iraq all the time, assassinating them, blowing up their mosques, killing Sufis, blowing up sufi khanqas and tekkes.

      al-qaeda attacks Shafii Sunni scholars among the kurds in the north, blowing up naqshbandi and qadiri khanqas, mosques

      in Baghdad, Sunnis have a religious organization to fight these radical Salafi extremists

      these salafi [not sunni] radicals are at odds with other salafis who are not radicals, and call those sover Salafis as Madkhalis, a common word in saudi these days

      Non-radical Salafi = Madkhali
      radical Salafi extremist = al-qaeda

      al-qaeda are radical Salafi extremists, not radical Sunni extremists

      just because al-qaeda uses the umbrella phrase "ahl al sunnah", does not mean it is Sunni

      The point of this post is to do justice to the vast majority of the Sunni Muslims in Iraq, particularly the Kurds, who have nothing to do with radical salafi extremists called al-qaeda, a concept alien to iraq until recently.

      Its kind of disheartening to see Sunni Muslims, who make up the vast majority of the Muslim populace being pushed in with a tiny radical sect as one whole group.

      Iraqi Sunnis have been admirers of Abdul Qadir Jilani in Baghdad.

      radical salafi extremists = al-qaeda, and their arch enemy the shiites, both tried to blow up his shrine

      radical salafi extremists even wanted to remove the grave of Imam Abu Hanifa, but were resisted by the Sunnis in Adhamiyya

  • 17 Bombings of Shiite Districts Kill 113; Fears of Sectarian Reprisals
    • Regarding al-azhar, it "was" the top sunni religious institution in past islamic history

      But to label it as an "authority" is incorrect. Sunnis do not accept institutions as authorities. Incase of al-azhar today, being dominated by unqualified puppet scholars from the Egyptian governement, giving non-shariah fatwas, it is even worse for a pious Sunni to even think of this institution and its rector office as an "authority" on shariah.

      To Sunnis, authorities, are only the leaders of the sciences that the ummah have concensus on as being authorities. Institutions come and go in history.

      Al-Azhar has some qualified scholars who relay what the past Sunni authorities have said. That, and including its, past great history, makes people give some attention to it today, but the fame is fast falling.

  • Saudi Arabia Saves Chicago Synagogue from al-Qaeda Bomb Plot
    • Regarding shabwah, even though it is considered part of the Sunni-Shafií-Sufi dominated hadramaut yemen with links to the Hadrami Sadaat, it is a fact on the ground, that in the recent past, the salafis have established a much stronger presence there, perhaps in reaction to them loosing ground elsewhere. They have violently taken over Sunni-Sufi mosques all over Hadramaut.

      Maárib being zaidi dominated wasn't much of a friendly ground for them anyways. However, hadramaut, was always a good backyard for them. Bin Laden's family comes from Hadramaut too.

      The point of this post is that, there is a great Sunni-Sufi-local opposition from religious and cultural corners fighting the salafis, not just the yemeni army.

      The television in south yemen, for example, has been taken over by Sunni-Sufis, with the help of the yemeni government.

  • On Beating Uppity Liberal Women: Afghanistan and Kentucky
    • It is a disgrace in Afghan culture, particularly Pashtun culture, to humiliate or strike the weaker members of society, women, in the public or private. These "taliban" are an alien group planted on Afghanistan by somebody.

      Next, is this striking done because shariah demands it? But I see the women in a group, and in proper hijab in a public place in the movie.

      If these "taliban" say they are enacting the sunnah of Sayyiduna Umar, the Second Caliph, then did Sayyiduna Umar ever do such a thing to women in public or private?

  • Qunduz Governor, 19 Others, Killed in Mosque Bombing
    • Bombing of places of worship, villages is a crime against everything Shariah stands for. What kind of Shariat do these bombers follow? These sneak attacks, murderous campaigns is not "jihad".

      Killing a Muslim while he is worshipping G-d? A Muslim would hear the praise of G-d and His Prophet even it comes from the mouth of the greatest enemies of Islam. But these people in takhar were fellow Muslims, no matter what their political affiliation, no matter what they were guilty of. It is most likely that the people who died were innocent, and are thus martyrs. But now the blame lies on the shoulders of the Taleban for all the innocents they have killed in this manner.

      The killed Mohammad Omar. It was the Second Caliph of Islam, Sayyiduna Umar himself who said that he would hold himself accountable if a single sheep would die of thirst or hunger as far away as Iraq, while he was in Madina.

      These taleban do not follow shariat. They follow something else.

  • 27 US Fuel Trucks Torched as Pakistan Blocks US Supplies at Khyber Pass for 2nd Day
    • Its not as simple as you think.
      Not all Sindhis and Punjabis are hostile to people with sympathies to the so called "taleban fighters". Sindhis and Punjabis have a sizeable minority deobandi population among them. The majority of the original taleban govt in Afghanistan was deobandi.

      The radical newspaper "islam" in karachi is a deobandi newspaper. However, most of the population of Karachi, as in Sukkur, are hanafi-sufi Sunnis, reject the ideas of this newspaper and the deobandis.

      Sindh also has 5 million Pashtuns, who are always in Sukkur due to the transport business along the main highways. But not all pashtuns support deobandis either.

  • Ahmadinejad Mugs for Cameras, Blames USG for 9/11 Attacks
    • Ansar al-islam is NOT a "sunni" group, neither is al-qaeda. These are not "radical" sunni groups. They have nothing to do with sunnism.

      It phrase "radical sunni group" applied to ansar al-islam or alqaeda makes no sense to a traditional Sunni.

      These are salafi/wahhabi groups who are rejected by Sunnis.

      They are sectarian groups diametrically opposed to Sunnis.

      Sunnis have separate mosques and they have separate mosques anywhere in the Islamic world.

  • Afghans Demonstrate Against US Quran-Burning That Never Happened
    • Professor Cole, the hazaras are foremost is chanting death to america and death to israel.

      Tajiks are also protesting against the book burning. Its not only pashtuns.

      Just because tajiks fought taliban does not mean they disagree with the pashtuns on this issue.

  • 'Burn the Qur'an Day' Endangers US Troops: Petraeus
    • 'kafir' stands specifically for a person who knows Islam in its basic essence but rejects it. This is the definition given by Imam Nawawi raziallahuanhu. He/she does not have to be actively opposing Islam.

      For such a person's actions and beliefs, the Muslims are asked to hate and despise in the heart, but not to hate the person or kill him/her because there is no compulsion in religion. Infact the Muslims are asked to pray for him/her guidance, because oneday he/she may be Muslim.

      Many of the famous Muslims in Islam were kafirs once.

      However, jurisprudence derived from the Quran and other sources, demands to fight against those 'kafirs' who actively attack and oppose Muslims as last resort, as protection for the community.

      It is very silly to assume that Islam commands killing ALL non-Muslims. If that were the case, there would not have been any single non-Muslim left alive in Eastern Europe, India, China, and other places.

      There have been cases of copts in Egypt being attacked by Salafis. Many of these incidents are salafis making troubles, however, a great number of incidents are when the copts in upper egypt try to spread hate towards Muslims with their foreign funded channels, with Muslims reacting generally. In addition, if you look into the incidents, you will find Muslims working as guards of churches generally, and Muslims being excellent neighbours to the copts. A lot of the incidents have tribal and family feuds across religious lines too. The point I am making is that it is NOT a Muslim against Christian fight. The Copts have flourished in Egypt always.

  • Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie
    • May God give patience to Mr Sharif and his family, heal him, and keep his hopes high in this most holy of months. May God bring him out of this test successful. Ameen

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