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  • Trump tries to undo FDR's rescue of UK from Fascism
    • that was funny, omg, not all German Americans .....

      Trump might want to focus on all the white males in the U.S.A. who go around killing. oh, right its coming back to me now, something about a shooter in Las Vegas, and then that guy in a Texas church......
      I haven't done a count but perhaps there are more white guys running around the U.S.A. killing people than any "muslims" in Europe.

      Just how would Trump know some one was Muslim. Its not like they have a sign on their t-shirts. Oh, its the beards! Then he hasn't seen some of those white American guys on those "red neck" t.v. shows who look like the Christian version of the Taliban.... oh, well, ........

      I'm not afraid of Muslims but I'm sure afraid of all those gun carrying Americans and that includes some of their police forces.

      Not afraid of Kim 3, but Trump 1, yes, that is a problem. Most Canadians I know, don't seem to worried about N. K. but do have a lot of concerns about Trump 1. Our military must be also because they're activating 2 old bunkers.

      Trump just doesn't get it. Canada accepted 40K Syrian refugees year and we're doing just fine. A lot of us are good with accepting another 40K. As one Canadian blogger in B.C. said about his new Syrian neighbours, the food is great.

  • Will Trump/Flynn plot to Nuclearize Saudi Arabia spur Mideast Arms Race?
    • If North Korea isn't allowed any nuclear toys, why are the Saudis? On the other hand, my first question is: what are the Trumps et al getting out of it? Perhaps Jared was there to pick up the cheque a few weeks ago.

      This may not sit well with Bennie over in Israel who thought Trump was his good friend. Again Bennie is just so off base.

      Giving the Saudi's nuclear toys will only ramp up things but that is perhaps what Trump wants. He really seems to dislike the Iranians and I really can't figure out why. If I had to decide which one was worse, I'd say Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi prince Miteb freed in $1 bln settlement agreement
    • sort of like kidnapping and holding for ransom except in these cases you can ransom yourself. Nice work, but a tad corrupt, but they most likely had the blessing of the Trumps and they are all good to go. Just wonder what the Trumps are getting out of this?

  • Saudi Saturday Night Massacre: Billionaire Bin Talal, dozens of others Arrested
    • this may not end as well as the crown prince hopes it will. The men he arrested for corruption are people he has been doing business with for a very long time and they too have supporters.

      Given Kuschner's visits there recently, I'd suspect he was agreeing to what was going to be happening. Can't wait to see more Trump towers being built there.
      S.A. has been corrupt for as long as I can remember. the royal family owns most of S.A. and now the suspected heir apparent is ensuring no one opposes him. Sort of like that round up we saw in Turkey, with out the staged coup.

      I'm sure the Trump and friends will be looking forward to making a bundle on the shares when S.A. lists their oil company on the N.Y. stock exchange.

      Just can't figure out why some think S.A. is just fine and Iran isn't. from what I've seen, at least Iran holds elections and there is way more personal freedom than in S.A. Actually next to S.A., Iran looks positively progressive.

  • Continued Conflict: Iraqi PM rejects Kurdish offer, insists Referendum be Annulled
    • a lot of countries are going to be sorry. the Kurds did the heavy lifting during the recent fighting. Iraq now wants to benefit from the "peace".

      Any war/conflict with the Kurds will embolden ISIS, etc. and every one is going to be back where they were and this time ISIS may leave the KURDS alone, who will also not participate in any war.

      Iran, Iraq, Turkey would like to annihilate the Kurds. however, the Kurds do know how to do one thing very well: fight. They also have something else the others don't have: women who joined the military and fight. Who knows the Kurds may find they have more in common with Israel than the other countries.

  • Solar: Elon Musk already got a San Juan Hospital running & more to Come
    • it would be great if Musk could do a few more hospitals. its pretty obvious Trump and his ilk want to hand out $300M to friends while not providing electricity to Puerto Rico. Wonder how much Whitefish will be donating to the Republicans?

      In British Columbia, Canada, B.C. Hydro sells its electricity from dams for 3 cents a kwh. Puerto Rico would be better off to use other methods to generate electricity and be done with Trump and his friends.

      Trump will most likely hand out more contracts to friends, announce the government has spent $5B on re building P.R. and they can't afford anything more. In other words Trump gave $5B to his political supporters. We had a scheme like that in British Columbia for years. Appointed political friends to provincial boards, paid them and then the "friends" donated about the same amount to the governing party, the B.C. Lieberals. They aren't in office any more.

  • Scrutiny as $300 mn Puerto Rico bid goes to Trump-linked Firm w/ 2 Employees
    • omg this is funny. Trump figured out how to give tax payer money away to friends of the republicans while screwing over tax payers and the citizens living in P.R. Nice going. Can hardly wait to see all the work be declared substandard.

  • Iran's Khamenei: We'll observe Deal if Europe does, despite "Charlatan," Trump
    • Iran is taking the high road which will serve it well. Trump's position however will leave the U.S.A. isolated and looked upon as a country run by idiots.

      When the deal was struck the Iranian leaders went to Europe to shop for things their country needed, including medical equipment and jets. They didn't purchase any in the U.S.A. and because the idiot former P.M. of Canada, Harper had closed Canada's embassy in Tehran, they also missed out on making sales.

      There is no reason why the agreement can't continue without the U.S.A. Its not like they are adding anything of value.

  • No, It Wasn't Iran: Top 7 Reasons Baghdad took Kirkuk
    • This may be the chance Iraq has been waiting for to once again make war on the Kurds. The U.S.A. having had the support of the Kurds no longer need them and thus don't care what happens to them. Of course this might not turn out so well for Iraq or the U.S.A. If the Kurds are involved in keeping their heads on, they may have no interest in fighting ISIS and ISIS may decide to have a good run at IRAQ once again. This time the Kurds may simply tell them all, you're on you're own and tell ISIS, they don't have to worry about them, they're not interested in helping Iraq or the Americans.

      if Iraq has a lot of advanced weapons, who knows they may decide to bomb the Kurds out of existence. They have served their purpose. It really is too bad the Kurds have not been awarded their own country. They might be a stabilizing force in the middle east.

  • Yes, White Supremacists, some Vikings were Muslims & Thor was Brown
    • OMG this article is a hoot. I hope everyone sends it to their local racist rag, racist organization, etc. its sort of like when some American racist/white nationalist finds out one of their grandparents was a person of colour.

  • Former US Allies peeling off under Trump: Turkey halts US Visas
    • it is suprising that the U.S.A. has "gotten in it" with Turkey. There are just so many similarities between Erdogan and Trump you'd think they were brothers from a different mother. Of course is no one is home at many position in the American administration, then Trump and his ilk simply don't know what they are supposed to do.

      Perhaps Erdogan, like Trump doesn't think of the ramifications of his actions hence the neglecting of the tourist industry.

      Most likely at some future date Erdogan will crawl into bed with Russia.

  • "Push her down the stairs”: Trump, US Misogyny and Birth Control
    • For a bunch of politicians who don't want health care for all which is affordable, its hard to imagine why they don't want birth control. Birth control will enable women to control their own health and bodies and thus not require the use of pre natal and post natal care.

      Perhaps Trump and his ilk are just hoping there will be more white babies to populate their new version of America.

      These politicians who use the law and their positions to control the bodies of women are no different than the Taliban. They are the Christian Taliban and are no better than that other Taliban they love to hate.

  • What’s Stopping Media From Calling Las Vegas Killer a “Terrorist”? His Whiteness
    • the title to the article is a very good question. Haven't seen the word terrorist associated with him from the Canadian media either. The guy is a terrorists, plan and simple. Yes, he most likely isn't being "named" as such because he is not only white but rich and those boys just don't do such things. It probably the reason every one keeps saying they don't have a motive. Since when does bad shit crazy need a reason. Oh, right when you're white. There appears to be a certain amount of effort also being put out to describe the shooter as perhaps mentally ill. The guy wasn't mentally ill. He was just bad shit crazy. There is a difference.

      The shooter, in my opinion, is some one who has been in this mind set for along time. Perhaps as long ago as Timothy McVey and his bombing of the Federal Building. We may see more of this in the next few years, older white men committing acts of terror and thus being terrorists. McVey acted out while young. the other men having stewed on it for most of their adult lives, now see it as a time to act.

      As some of us ask, is it safer in Baghdad or the U.S.A. Me, I'm not visiting either.

  • Plummeting in Polls, will Trump 'Wag the Dog' with Iran, N. Korea?
    • So Trump would go to war to improve his ratings? Sounds about right. Lets hope they impeach the idiot before that happens.

      Iran is in compliance and that is all there is to it. It doesn't have the greatest human rights record, but neither do a lot of other countries including China, Russia, India, etc.

      Going to war with N. Korea, Trump must be nuts. That could kill 20 Million S. Korean's and they aren't interested in dying or a war with N. Korea.

      if Trump were to start a war with any of these countries he needs to be arrested and taken to the Hague and tried as a war criminal, crimes against humanity. He can serve out his life sentence in the Netherlands.

      Not fond of N. Korea or rather its leader but right now he looks more sane than Trump. We may not like what N. Korea is doing with missiles, etc. but they are a sovereign nation and as such have the right to determine what weapons of war they need. As to the nuclear business, well they have it and they aren't going to give it up so the Americans and the rest of the world will just have to get over it. They might try being nice for a chance with N. Korea. Being nasty isn't working. or as mother said, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

      Del, perhaps with the Generals around Trump he may not go loony tunes because if he does one of them may just shove him in a closet until his rant is over. We can only hope Tillerson and the General stay in their positions. It may be a lot of peoples chance to live to be old.

  • Saudi Arabia wants to improve Image; Here's How
    • I was wondering when you would get to "women driving". that actually should be the first thing they did. the average person around the world frequently only knows one thing about Saudi Arabian life and that is women aren't allowed to drive. Change that and there will at least appear to have joined the last century. This is a first world country operating in the middle ages. they need to get with the agenda and loosen up a bit. Get with the agenda on such things as international aid. As millions of Muslims flee to Europe, what has Saudi Arabia actually done to help?? Not much that I've read about. Now its true I rely on the MSM, but. . they aren't known as a generous country.

  • Our CO2 intensified Harvey & Irma; Worse is yet to Come
    • We know what causes climate change and hurricanes and the flooding which goes with it. It will however not stop. The impact is felt not by the rich or the powerful politicians but the average person, which ever country they are living in. The rich simply move. They can afford to rebuild. As long as their stock portfolios remain in good condition nothing will change. In fact all of these horrid emergencies actually make money for some of the financial elites. Until the average person decides to do something, nothing is going to change because it doesn't impact the major share holders around the world or the political elites.

      it has actually been funny to watch the Canadians who did not leave the Caribbean caterwauling about the lack of assistance from the Canadian government. They're carrying on like it was the end of the world. All that has happened is they, first world citizens, went to live or study in a second world country and are now living like 3rd world citizens. Welcome to the real world. Many of these people gave no thought to what their desire to develop these islands did to the environment. They decided that it helped the economy in the area, but really? The Canadians were living their first world lives while the people native to the islands were living in 2 and 3rd world conditions.

      Not one Canadian has died or been injured , they just don't have room service and have to sit on the tarmac in the sun and wait for a jet to pick them up today or tomorrow. They haven't given much thought to the people who have to remain behind to rebuild. The Canadian government has decided the jets which go to pick up the Canadians will deliver supplies to the people living permanently on the islands, but the Canadians don't seem to care. its simply get me out of here, I'm uncomfortable. They will continue to go back to all their habits which of course help fuel climate change.

  • It’s Time to Take the Nazi-Trump Comparisons Seriously
    • there is an old saying about if you do not learn from history you will repeat it. here is take 2 for the U.S.A., THIS time however, it will be Americans who go facist/racist.

      While Trump was running for the nomination I watched in horror and remembered the words our Mother said to us in the 1950s, Always remember it can happen again (referring to the holocaust.)

      Americans started this down ward "spiral" in the 1970s with the Vietnam war and things never got that much better. Each time a recession was "over" the working/middle class never recovered. There has been since then a growing segment of American society which has no hope of attaining a "middle/working class" life. There is nothing quite as dangerous a people who have lost all hope.

      Trump doesn't care about the law. The law is what he wants it to be. the congress is too "chicken shit" to do much, afraid they will loose their cussie jobs in Washington.

      Leadership is doing the right thing as a politician even when you know you will loose the election next time round. There aren't many leaders left in the U.S.A.

  • Saudi throws Muslims under Bus, Sucks up to Islamophobe Trump
    • the prince is a billionaire and so is Trump. they have more in common than with the majority of people in their own countries. these people roll as one. if any one is surprised they ought not to be.

  • Trump does Poor imitation of Tin-Pot Dictator at "Press Conference"
    • this will not end well. Trump has proceeded as I thought he would. that is scary. Once Trump's appointees are Cabinet ministers we can look forward to a lot of things being shut down. No investigations, etc. Expect more court cases to be aimed at those who oppose Trump.

      For those who actually thought he was going to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" all he is doing is stocking it with a lot of alligators.

      As the Republicans have set in motion the repeal of the ACA, we can now expect Americans to start dying from a lack of medical care.

      enough Americans voted for Trump to get him elected. Now they will have to live with that or perhaps die because of it.

      The U.S.A. is going to turn into one of those tin pot dictatorships or something like Egypt or Turkey. Whatever it turns into people will not recognize it in 4 years as the country it is now.

      What Russia may or may not have on Trump, it is doubtful they don't have something on him. this may be Putin's great victory. He control Trump and thus controls the U.S.A. Not a shot fired, all real estate and banks in tact so the looting can begin.

      Thank God I live in Canada. I am starting to think a wall would be good, if only to protect our health. Turns out Trump is having one of those vaccine opponents look into whether vaccines are O.K. can hardly wait for epidemics to start. Might be a good way to reduce the population especially if the people don't have medical coverage, well 20 million of them.

  • If Trump moves US Embassy to Jerusalem, all Hell will Break Loose
    • moving an Embassy costs a lot of money. Better to save it for something useful.

      Of course moving the embassy would make Bennie happy, but he is too stupid to realise that it will only result in more war. Trump won't be there to help fight that war. But two thugs like those two, who knows what could happen.

      There has to be a solution to the mess in Israel and the settlements need to stop. If they don't, Israel could be in for a world of pain. I'm a strong supporter of Israel, but not its bad behaviour. Playing move the embassy in Jer. might be Trump's way of "pissing off Muslims" but that does not make for a peaceful ending. Trump needs to realize terrorists can get on planes and then can travel to the U.S.A and make things very messy over there also.

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