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  • The momentum to recognize a Palestinian State is unstoppable
    • Please refresh my memory: Wasn't there a humanitarian boat that left Ireland a few years ago to bring medication, food, and other products to Gaza before or after the Turkisk ferry Mavi Marmara's target of attacks and piracy in international waters by Israel?

    • Einstein was quite upset at the idea of the creation of Israel following the Zionist plan, which he called fascist in a December 4, 1948 letter to the New York times co-signed with some 27 other NY Jewish intellectuals, and asking the US president not to meet Menachem Begin and not to support the creation of Israel.

    • Import duties could work, but only depending on the importing country's goverment agreement to do so. The actual trick for evading not possiby duty fees but rather boycott of Israel's products is the one initiated by Canada's best friend of Israel, prime minister Stephen Harper, who changed the labelling requirements for produces sold in Canada by not having the companies obliged to use “Made in...”, “Produce from...” Instead it's now “Prepared in...”, “Packaged in...” So, thanks to Harper and his electorate and friends from B'nai B'rit, Israel is laughing at the face of Canadians who would like to boycott that shameless land and freedom stealing country.

  • The New McCarthyism on Israel: Naming and Shaming . . . Hillel
    • Many authors and collaborators, Jews and Arabs, have claimed that Jews and Palestinians are Semite, both originating from the Biblical Sem Branch. It is also said that there was a lot of intermarriage between Jews ans Arabs over the centuries if not the millennia, that both peoples were considered as cousins..., and so on. The use of the accusation of anti-Semitism is a gag attempt and/or a scare tactic in many ways since anti-Semitic comments published in the media can be taking their authors into courts of justice in certain countries, in Canada for instance. As a matter of fact a Québec politician was forced out of government for having said in a radio interview that “Jews were not the only ones who had suffered in the world”... To me the constant use of anti-Semitism by Jews to defend Israel, no matter what Israel has been horribly doing since 1948, is diluting the real meaning/reason/historical facts behind the creation of that word. I would not go as far as comparing it to “Crying Wolf”, but who knows how far the term will be overused, overplayed, and degraded in the decades to come.

  • Dutch Lawyer who saved Jewish Boy in WWII returns Medal to Israel over Bombing of his Family in Gaza
    • Stéphane Hessel is a brilliant and rightful intellectual. I wish his work and words were translated into English.

    • I totally agree with you about the frontiers of 1947, a partition decided under the League of Nations without the 2 million Palestinians' opinion and consent and kept as such when the United Nations replaced the League of Nations. Quite frankly, the UN should put its UN hat and pants and force Israel to give back all the land stolen from the original three (3) partitioned Palestinian territories and amounting to 47% of their territory while roughly 150,000 Palestinian Jews were given 53%. Israel should be forced to add economical retribution and technical help to rebuild housing units, destroyed Palestinian infrastructures, chicken farms and other food producing facilities, provide Palestinians full access to the underground water tables, electricity, airports (to be rebuilt for having been destroyed by Israel, especially the then brand new Gaza airport) and so on. The day Israel will correct its ways and give Palestinians their due, I'll stand and applaud Israel. I've been practicing applauding for decades so I'll sound loud and clear on that glorious day.

  • Gaza: Palestinians "Philosophical," Israel "foils Foreign Infiltration" during 1957 Occupation (British "Report")
    • And the ugliness has kept going on ever since in almost the whole Middle East, particularly where oil and gas reserves were plentiful...

  • Israel seeks to force 400,000 People from Homes in North Gaza
    • I won't say the Israelis, but the zionists started the whole process 66 years ago, and put a lot of conviction, manipulation, military power, money, diplomatic influence, and so on, into the whole process, and it would appear it's NOW too late for any Peace Process to be established once and for all. The Peace Process was a no go to start with as soon as a new right-wing Israeli administration would take over Israel, or as soon as a converted pacifist Israeli prime minister would be killed for his belated conversion. The Israeli problem is mainly internal: the ones opposed to Israel's wrongdoings have no voice in trying to stop Israel, or are moving out of the country for fear of their security. The problem is also external: the western main media (press, radio, TV, and even Internet sites) belong mostly to zionists or pro-zionist owners. BDS might be the only proven and possible solution thus far.

  • Unlike Iraq, Iran, Libya, N. Korea, Israel has Impunity from Defying UNSC (Gaza Ceasefire)
    • Both consequences are possible. The latter happened to a US president already, and it would seem it had its effect on all the following presidents. But, maybe, the buying-off solution is the one the most used and most efficient. After all, the yearly 3 billions are a huge and steady source of money to use back in the U.S.A. for special political ops...

  • Israel & Palestine both Need to Root out the Hate
    • There was peace between Israel and Gaza until Netanyahoo accused Hamas of kidnapping three settler teenagers in the West Bank and organized rough searches and mollesting of Gazans. He wanted war to start so there would be NO unification between Hamas and the Fatah. So maybe the hate should be set aside in the Israeli PM's head first. Mind you it's probably not hate but land grabbing for Eretz Israel that's the main objective.

  • Where is Palestine?
    • To adanac: It's nearly impossible not to agree with you, but unfortunately one of those assisting countries is the U.S.A. Which country or countries will manage to impose a worldwide decision to sue the American empire at The Hague. That empire is still there to stay for a while more or longer depending on the success of the full-fledge application of The Project for the New American Century? If such country or association of countries exists, the bringing of the U.S.A. to court will drag because there'll be threats, military ones... Just look at Israel's wrondoings and non respect of dozens of UN Resolutions, and nothing is being done worldwide that will bring success in taking that zionist country to the world court, although the world has massively judged that country guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and total non respect of Palestinian human rights, besides stealing Palestinian land, property, etc...

  • Gaza: The Israeli Army's Unlawful Targeting Practices are bad for Children
    • Israel targeted all Gazan civilians when it made Gaza that biggest open-air prison in the world. Lying, playing with words and logic as a diversion can not and won't work in Israel's best interest forever, and neither will BDS. After this new round of interference in the Palestinian goverments' unification, Israel should be worried that BDS might be on the rise, seriously on the rise, from civilians all over the world.

  • Netanyahu's Bad Faith: From Gag orders to War as Bread and Circuses
    • You sure put the finger on the problem, Mr. Levine. Hopefully we all can find a solution before all hell starts breaking loose in the future, near and less near. By then Israel may not be the one holding all the aces and other important cards that could deter war on more than a regional level. Nuclear is a dirty and possibly final business/solution...

  • Sunni Radicals of ISIS seek showdown with Lebanon's Hizbullah
    • Agreed! That part of Lebanon occupied by Israel also included the third UN-partitioned territory “given” to the Palestinians, along the Lebanon border. When we look at the original UN partitioning map, it's easy to see how much was taken from the Palestinians by Israel since December 1948. Now we talk about respecting and abiding to the 1967 borders' agreement, but the UN should have imposed its original 1948 partitioned borders. The British and the US didn't help enforcing it, although the Palestinians, nearly 2 million then compared to roughly 150,000 Jews, were left with only 43% of the whole of their Palestine...

    • Lebanon had enough wars and warring campaigns. Far from being the best idea... I remember the shelling done by a US cruiser over Beirout during the first and most destructive war in Lebanon, in the Gemayel era...

  • Clinton to Cheney: Blaming Obama for not cleaning up your mess... Unseemly
    • If the British oil company operating at the border of Iraq on the Kuwaiti side hadn't been pumping Iraqi oil with those lateral drilling rigs, we wouldn't have had the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein to stop the stealing of Iraq's oil, and no attack of Iraq by Dady Bush. Hussein was particularly upset at the British oil companies since the British had, years ago, taken that part of Iraqi land, now called Kuwait, and made it a new nation, with oil reserves and the only deep sea port, depriving Iraq of its only deep sea shore and future port, therefore limiting Iraq's oil sales volume by much. That probably explains why Iraq's oil reserves amounted to about 2/3 of all oil reserves back then, a huge fortune in black gold that the US eyed for the controlling, if not the taking...

  • Obama Prepares for Drone War in Iraq
    • Maybe the Russians know how to spot and down drones... As for Québec becoming independent, it will most likely not happen, or it will take two to three decades. Québec youth, i.e. Québec's future, has other concerns, and for some time.

  • Absolutely Nothing: A Veteran’s Savage Indictment of the Iraq War
    • “Yeah, fuck you, Mitt.”

      That's the strict minimum he deserves, and he was having a nice , comfortable, peaceful but lively and entertaining life in Gay Paris... Do what I say, not what I do, tell us the religious leaders like Mitt, I'd bet.

  • Right Said Fred: Syria's Assad a War Criminal (John Oliver Video)
    • Who's going to compose one for Dubya, Dick the déchaîné, Rumsfeld and the rest of the clique?

      One million Iraqis dead, and counting, thanks to depleted uranium made ordinance, and all blood for oil, and the end of the Saddam's choice for the petroeuro and his dinar. The international banksters and U.S.A. didn't like that, apparently...

  • Dear GOP: Top 5 Biblical Marriage Moments far worse than Gay Marriage
    • Is a Gay relation worse than an Incestuous one?

      If you have a problem figuring out the purpose of that question, just think of Adam and Eve's progeny... We're all the descendants of that once only couple, not married by the way..., and are therefore all the product of incest. That might explain some mental deficiencies and the need to kill each other from time to time...

  • Syrian Civil War Spreads to Lebanon: Beirut Shaken by Iran Embassy Blast, kills 23, wounds 150
    • The same pretty much could be said of Israel... Israel is still trying its best, after more than 20 years, to start a war against Iran, an old friend by the way, under the Shah I believe, promoted there by the U.S.A., after having demoted Mossadegh, the Iranian Minister of Energy who wanted to nationalize Iranian oil, against the wishes of the British and the U.S. Contrary to Israel, Iran has started no war against its neighbours for the last 200 years or more. In the case of Syria, Iran rightfully feels it will be next if Syria is defeated via the West proxies (UK, France, U.S.A., plus Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and some NATO countries, and Israel...

  • Israeli Settlers Chop down more Palestinian Olive Trees (having destroyed 800,000 since 1967)
  • As Pakistan says US Drones killed 400 Civilians, UN Report Demands US Data (Ross)
    • Thank you very much for the correction and precision.

      One question: Did Obama really had him killed?

    • You'll never get rid of Pakistani resistant that way, the ones you call terrorists. They were living rather peacefully in their countrty until all hell broke loose next door, in Afghanistan, and we all know why the White House started bombing Afghans, don't we? If it was ALSO to get Bin Ladin, he was a CIA operative at one time, trained by the CIA, along with hundreds of Taliban.

      The more drone killings, the more enemies the U.S.A. is creating. I can only imagine the uproar in the US if a foreign drone hit US military, let alone US civilians, anywhere outside of continental US. That beind said, all hell would break loose if it happend in the US. One day it might happen...

      Trying to rule the world by economic sanctions, puppet selections and military actions can't last forever. All empires had an end. Check mankind's history. The U.S.A. has everything to gain back, in respect at least, and liking will follow, by toning down its military/security rhetorics enforced on the rest of the world. It's a poor excuse for the 911 inside job...

  • Israeli Nuclear & other Arms compared to Iran's
    • SPYGUY,

      Thank you for all the additional data on the military vs military threats, forces, performances and final results.

      Indeed nuclear explosions will spread their radiating “black rains” wherever winds and jet streams will head to, and nobody will be able to do anything to divert them. The fast final solution is nuclear, and the not so slow one is environmental. We really have to figure out our ONLY WORLD in a way to be fair for everyone and keep dangers, all dangers, under full control so they won't happen. Climate wize, let's just hope we haven't reached the no-return point...

    • French and other international observers have mentioned that Netanyahoo is going on with his anti-Iran claim in the news all the time in order to keep the majority of the Israeli population behind his project and make them forget the poor economic situation in Israel for the last few years.

    • Iran has some performing surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, including anti-ship ones. If it had to use them to try to push back the Israeli bombers and fighter jets in its airspace and territorial waters, I'm afraid Israel might be tempted to go to the next level, the nuke one. Let's hope some good sense will be forced upon Netanyahoo. And let's not forget that China and India, and Russia, just to name those three of the BRICS, might react in such a way that the U.S.A. would feel obliged to intervene. Will it be militarily or diplomatically? I say the second alternative, but it should be forced upon Netanyahoo by the U.S.A. and the Israeli electorate right now before that dangerous Israeli Prime Minister puts his threat in force, as he just announced it in the presence of the whole UN General Assembly on top of that, and particularly because no one in there reacted to that illegal move. That absence of reaction might be perceived by Netanyahoo as a silent agreement about his warmongering plans

  • Iranian President Rouhani acknowledges Holocaust as Crime against Jewish People
    • Jacques Lechasseur 09/26/2013 at 5:42 pm

      I thought the same about Professor Cole's knowledge of Persian (Farsi?) when I added the comment at:

      09/26/2013 at 2:55 pm

      About Ahmadinejad's reference to Khomeiny’s declaration in the ’70s:

      “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shaved”.

    • Jacques Lechasseur 09/26/2013 at 3:05 pm

      The Crusades, the Inquisitions, the burnings at the stakes... I might have forgotten some other wrongdoings, executed in the name of Christianity, whose first motto might have been: “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” We've veered from that course nearly 2,000 years ago and have the guts to lecture the rest of the world...

    • Jacques Lechasseur 09/26/2013 at 2:55 pm

      A French version of what was originally really said but badly translated (by Iran's own Islamic Republic Information Agency; I've been a translator for 30 years and can vouch for having seen very serious errors in translations, particularly by people whose target language is not their mother tongue) and then immediately published by the international news media, including the BBC and the Time Magazine, and kept as is even after Iran read the English version and issued an immediate correction. The October 25, 2005 declaration by Ahmadinejad was referring to Khomeiny's declaration in the '70s:

      "Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shaved".

      Imam (religious name for Khomeiny) ghoft (a dit) een (ce) rezhim-e (régime) ishghalgar-e (occupant) qods (Jérusalem) bayad (doit) az safheh-ye ruzfgar (de la page du temps) mahv shavad (disparaître de).

      “The Imam has said that this regime occupying Jerusalem must disappear from the page of time.”

  • Iran's Rouhani: Not Seeking the Bomb, Willing to show Flexibility
    • Iran releasing political prisoners? How about the U.S.A. releasing geopolitical prisoners for which no proofs of wrongdoing have been found, and as a matter of fact, for some of them declared innocent, but still kept in jails, whether in Gitmo, in Iraq, in Europe, and probably elsewhere on some out-of reach military base in the Indian Ocean, just to name that region.

  • UN Report Conclusive Sarin used on wide Scale, Points to Syrian Regime
    • It's to wonder why Ban Ki-Moon was re-elected for a second mandate as UN Secretary. Might have been for past and future excellent service rendition... After all he's South Korean, and his country needs the US' full protection from its Northern neighbour, who lost 5 million citizens to the armed hands of the US. So many of us seem to either not be aware of that fact or to have forgotten about it.

  • The World after the Kerry-Lavrov accord on Syria
    • And also how about keeping reins on the banksters, the oligarchs and the military industrial complex? We could also reform the UN Security Council to make it fair for the whole world, not just for five ex and actual superpowered empires and colonialist countries.

    • While the discussion is about elections of leaders who have been heads of States for too long, why not look at the elections of the Qatari and Saudi heads of States? There might even be others in the region who have been at the helm far too long and whose ruling has been reprehensible. Funny that we don't hear about them on the mainstream media, not until they're no more the flavour of the day that is...

  • US Drone Operator says, 'I became a sociopath', regrets 1626 Killings (Lest we forget)
    • How would the Americans react if drone attacks and killings were targeting them?

      I feel that robot wars will only increase resistance and reactions of revenge. It may take some time though, but it could happen. When you lose a child, killed by a US drone, will you ever forget and forgive it? The Americans wouldn't... So why would it be any different for the victims' parents, brothers, uncles, sisters? Revenge may not happen on the US territory, but to US citizens, most likely civilians and tourists at that, in some friendly country. Who knows what the future will be for the most warmonger country in human history?

  • Russia: Iran is ready to Cease Enriching Uranium to 20%
    • I agree with you. I'd add that the Iranian banking system control and the renewed Iranian oil control by the West, namely the U.S.A., would be and most likely is one of the real motivations for going to war against Iran.

      Judging on the relations between Iran and Russia, I wonder if the latter would react against that next war like it's doing against the war in Syria. I think that yes would be the proper answer.

  • How the US Can Facilitate Peace in Syria: Talking to All Sides including Iran (Lawson)
    • Riiiiiiiight all the way in my book!

      You described what I was hinting at.

    • ERRATUM:

      After all, Kerry is doing what Russia has been vetoing the UN all along until this all-sides negociations would be agreed upon, and in the presence of al-Asad.

    • How about a more fitting title?

      “How Russia Can Facilitate Peace in Syria: Talking to All Sides including Iran”

      After all, Kerry is doing what Russia has been vetoed the UN all along until this all-sides negociations would be agreed upon, and in the presence of al-Asad.

  • Dear Oklahoma: We Feel for you, we love you, but do us some favors
    • The main objection we've been constantly hearing about the building of strong and safe tornado shelters is the fact that Oklahoma's ground is mainly rock, very hard rock, and it would be too expensive to build underground shelters.

      I could think of a better solution: build the bloody shelters above ground, preferably in a reasonably low dome shape for the least possible wind resistance, made of steel reinforced concrete, with strong steel doors whose access is protected by a short tubular shaped extension, like the entrance of the igloos, and literally bolted into the rock, that hard rock that no tornado will ever be able to pull out.

      The domes could be mass produced, equipped with batteries and lighting fixtures, and sold in different sizes or customized to receive various numbers of people in total safety, and comfort if need be, for the hour or two that the tornado will be raging over the area.

      Of course, short of moving to quieter part of the country, the above-ground concrete shelters won't solve the tornados' increase problem and the costly destruction they'll keep causing.

  • "Crazy:" Egyptian Version (Video)
    • Very nice indeed... Those two voices greatly complement the music. An overall very beautiful and pleasant achievement.

  • 13-year-old Iranian Girl Sings Adele's 'Someone like You'
    • Put her on X Factor, with the recording technique used in that show, and we'll have an even much better surprise. Quite a voice, but most of all so much feeling and rendering for an only 13-year old. I wish her the best in her singing career.

  • Eyeless in Gaza: When will Israel let its People Go?
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, Rudolph, but wasn't there an election coming in Israel after that November 4, 2008 when Israel violated its ceasefire to start a new war, named Cast Lead, and use it to make the resistance Gazans look like terrorists, use that new war to have the Israeli population back the government for re-election, and ultimately claim again to be the victim of “terrorist Gaza” in front of the whole world?

      The same thing might have happened in the same proportion last November, before the 2012 Israeli election. It's obvious that Israel keeps trying to fool the whole world with its PR and Western media influence, while the majority of countries know what's really happening in Palestine. One day there might be a radicallisation of most countries against Israel, just like there was one against Apartheid South Africa. Beware Israel!

    • It's a well known fact that before every Israeli national election Israel's leaders have the habit of provocating a war against the Palestinians to get the population's support and vote therefore... It was like that in December 2008 when more than 1,000 Gazans were bombarded and killed by Israel. So why would it have been different in November 2012?

      You should read this:

      Israel: masquerading as the victim of an unprovoked attack
      A pattern of Israeli aggression after U.S. elections

      link to

      and this:

      A Permanent Truce with Israel was Being Negotiated as Assassination of Hamas Leader Occurred

      link to

      And finally, this:

      Who Started the Israel-Gaza Conflict?

      link to


      A summary of events in the renewal of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, Nov 8 - Nov 15

      By Emily L. Hauser

      “Recent events in Israel and the Gaza Strip have been unusual only in scope. Violence and fear of violence is a near-daily reality for the residents of Gaza and Israel's southern communities. There's a constant back and forth, and on both sides, there's always something or someone to avenge.

      “For instance, some Palestinian sources date the start of this latest round of violence back to November 4, when Reuters reported the death of "an unarmed, mentally unfit man" who strayed too near the border fence, did not respond to reported Israeli warnings, and was then shot. Palestinian medics report that Israeli security personnel prevented them from attending to the man for a couple of hours, and say that he likely died as a result...”

      Since November 1948 Israel has been stealing Palestinian land, occupied it, and fenced or surrounded with walls Palestinian agricultural land, humiliating Palestinians, shooting them, especially children and women (do you wish to see the special T-shirts the IDF soldiers had made, showing a child or a pregnant woman (“two for one” the t-shirt said) seen through the scope of a rifle...

      Even with all that injustice, dire life, killing, you give the impression that you wish for them to simply lie down and die. As we saw it in France during WWII, there's a way of reacting to all those military excesses described above, and it's called résistance. If it was good with the French and some Jews who fought with the French against Hitler's armies, it's also good for Palestinians to defend what's theirs in order to have every chance of surviving Israel's attempts of elimination.

      The U.S.A. may veto all UN motions against Israel's wrongdoings and non respect of the UN Resolutions condemning Israel, but history will be eventually showing a greater sense of justice and finally condemn Israel, and unfortunately all the pacifist and humanitarian Jews will be accused as well, the ones who want to live in peace with the Palestinians, their neighbours. More and more Jews refuse to hear/see Israel claim that it's doing all those crimes for the good of all Jews. Orthodox rabbis claim that Israel shouldn't have been created until the coming of the Messiah.

      I also suggest that you watch Occupation 101 on video on the Net, and the online 4 parts of the 6-hour TV Series The Promise, and also Defamation.

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