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  • Ex-president Saleh offers 'all Yemen's facilities' to Russia
  • Saudi-led war in Yemen provokes Humanitarian Crisis, 1.2 mn. displaced
    • No one cares. I called staff at my Congressional office, they said go take a hike. I mentioned this and Palestine to my local Democratic party people, even the so called activists, they told me to go they don't care, at all.

  • Where did the anti-War Movement go?
    • Ummm, yeswhileIdo not feel likebombing is going ondown the street, I see many happy current Vietnamese today living their lives. Some of the kids don't even know there was a war there yet! Anyways I do know where the bombing is happening: In Palestine, where Isreal drops 5000 pound bombs on residential areas at will. And yes, it makes me as a 47 year old feel helpless, but going to a rally in the back part o f the Common with 100 people where no one can see us isn't going to help.

  • Don’t Sit Tight: Congress Can Still Tank the Iran Deal
    • I have told my Congressional staffers to support the deal and tried to find out how Ms. Katherine Clark rep of Medford Mass will vote, and they are clueless so far, my Rep is Kathleen Clark. We'll see. However I am planning to go skiing in Iran ASAP. And I don't want this deal hanging over my trip. I am an American Jewish person of Polish descent and just found out my name was baranski, not baranowicze (Another town in Plland decimated by the Einstazgrupen in WW2. Since my son likes skiing in Iran he may add the Ski to his name. Anyways we hope the deal goes through,the congress staff persons sounded resigned to this fight today, last week they wouldn't even admit Ms. Clark was on that isreal trip, they s actually said they didn't even know where she was and that the scheduler was out for the day. Yes I am their biggest nightmare, a Pro Palestinian very annoying politically aware Jewish Dead Head with no job and nothing better to do than to call them all day...Its fun, but can't we just get the deal finalized so we can talk about the other elephant in my room...that map with no Palestinian state on it. I think it's a mistake when I get my next new map for my kid I want Palestine on there please. Its says Vietnam not North or South Vietnam. Thanks. See u at MSG on 10/31. yes the show is in Schumer's district, on Halloween.

  • Morgan Freeman drops F-Bomb to explain why Iran Deal prevents A-Bomb
    • Well, given my wife says I am like a cockroach I guess I no longer care. I will survive a thermonuclear war. The only issue is how to make headphones the size that a cockroach needs once all the humans are gone.

      Us cockroaches will figure it out.

  • Michigan Town Fears ISIL Summer Camp In Their Backyard
    • Umm, well I don't speak Arabic and can't tell u that ISIL does, but is that sign in that "picture" actually in any language? Anyone who speaks and writes far or near or whatever Asian languages care to comment?

      It could say "Don't Forget your Ice Cream Cone when your done with your turn." in Farsi and still cause riots cause we all know that people are violent occasionally, like the people u see on TV every six hours or so, who don't speak any far eastern languages or far western languages, except English

  • Yemen Is Starving, and We’re Partly to Blame
    • Call the staff at the State Department to ask them directly why they are doing this. If you google "State department phone list" all their direct lines come up. call them and ask. I did and they pretended they had no idea what I was talking about.

      Please do call them and your senators, if you don't you can consider yourself complicit. Do not email me to blame me for the dreams you will have about Cambodia if you do not raise your voice today about Yemen. US goal should not be to create an Al Qaeda stronghold. This is like Vietnam folks, and I have to tell Quan I tried or he is going to throw a sausage at me. A Thai sausage after all, so help me please or the sausages will fly. I will eat it as long as it meets the five second rule, but the Yemeni's have no food and are not having a Cream Puff War.. That is onhold for the time being.

      Ask them why they want Al Qaeda to win?
      call now help Yemen this is just like the Loas or Cambodia situation.

  • The Wrath of Netanyahu: What does Orange Telecom's departure from Israel really Mean for BDS?
    • Yes, this story is relevant to what I was thinking about at three AM last night.

      I am confused about what food is still Kosher (meaning not affiliated with very bad karma) to buy, and it affects my shopping. I mistakenly got some Kedem grape juice 2 weeks ago, and thought it was from Brooklyn but upon further inspection it was from Israel.

      That is to bad I can no longer buy any, it was good and at a discount. But afterwards I felt like I had just kissed a smoker.

      I also thunk twice when buying some matzo yesterday, but that indeed is made in the USA.

      But, I am thinking of not buying any Jewish products at all. It may be that as a participant in BDS I don't think it should boycott all Israeli or Jewish products, but with my confusion I will stop even buying Macaroons when they are on sale, even if it says made in New Jersey.

      Oh well, as a chosen person, I was raised to like matzo, and I do, but I bet I can make it myself. I can definitely make Herring myself. Need Capers I think.

      Anyways I am Glad Netanyahoo freaked out about the statement from Orange, it is always interesting to see what craiziness he is up to on a daily basis.

      But what would jerry do if he owned Orange? Whatever makes sense businesswise.

      If one is a businessman the market that is calling is the 1.5 Billion Muslims on the planet, not a few hundred thousand in Israel.

      But it is interesting to see and know that some progress is being made even when things seem like its moving sideways or getting worse.

  • Adelson Tabloid slams Obama for Listening to 'Court Jews' in Questioning Israel's Credibility
    • If Adelson doesn't like Court Jews, I will happily become one. I'll deal with the details later. Does it come with a job in the Obama Administration? I'll work in HHS.

  • US Airstrike in Syria kills 53 Civilians, 6 Children
    • Are you sure about that? I thought the reason was to keep the unemployment rate low here in Americaaa.

  • Israeli Supreme Court Upholds ‘Anti-Boycott Law’
    • They can put some legalistic framework on it, or ask Martians to enforce it, but the Boycott is here to stay. I just avoided some Jaffa Mandarins yesterday and happily went to get some yummy Moroccan ones instead. They are better anyways. The road is long and I can't see the end yet but like a newly sober alcoholic I will keep coming.

  • Yemen: Children caught in the crossfire as Houthis take Aden
    • This war makes about as much sense as when I tried to use my leaf blower to get the snow off my second story roof this past winter when I feared my roof would collapse (in Boston). Instead of the snow going out it all blew back in the window and I had a huge mess and had not cleared barely any snow off. The next day the roof collapsed. Goes to show you don't never know.

  • Palestine Authority seeks to speed up ICC probe into Israeli war crimes
    • Well Well Well, You can never tell. This American Chosen One is reading this hoping China and Russia can force the big apelike USA to back off and do what is right with Iran. I suppose it is not weird, as who helped the Vietnamese get the American war to end but the Russians and Chinese.

      Will Renault run in to Iran while ford and Chrysler wait on the side? I hope so. Fords and Chryslers are lousy cars, in my opinion. We shouldn't burden the Iranians with our cars, but they should have the option to buy one if they want without interference from....? Israel.

      Fix Or Repair Daily is not a way to live one's life, so buy a Renault.

      Anyways it is fun to watch the local news cover this issue. Its like watching Romper Room.

  • Israel's Netanyahu jumps Shark with “Iran-Lausanne-Yemen” axis barb
    • If this yahoo person wasn't responsible for so much suffering, I would feel sorry for it (him). He acts like an alcoholic before their first meeting, thriving on fear, resentments and general insanity. It has become like a TV show, however the horrific part is that this is reality, and a whole natyion s waiting for him to get his comeuppance. As Stewy the Human Dog from American Dad would say to Nit-N-Yahoo: "I have a present for you in my pants and it is not a toaster."

  • Tom Friedman & funding ISIL: Israel/Iran Derangement Syndrome
    • As an American Jew. I have no connection to that area, and as one of European descent why would I have a connection to the Middle East, except the mythical one fed to me at Sunday school when I wasn't skipping class? My ancestors are Polish/Russian, i.e. not from Palestine or Jordan or Israel, also known as nowhere near it. It is very far away, so maybe I'll go visit my heritage, in Crimea.

  • Iran's Khamenei: GOP Letter Disgusting, shows Decline of American System
    • I was only 11 at the time, but I thought the hard liners in Iran spent part of 1979 and 1980 campaigning for Reagan? Thus, indeed the Iranian hard liners have always been Republicans. Ron was their kind of guy.

  • Shock & Awe In Syria: It never Works
  • Color Video of Progress in 1950s Iraq before the US Got involved in It
  • Torture is from Mars? CIA's Hayden Says Sen. Feinstein Too "Emotional" To Judge CIA Torture
  • Falk: Edward Said was the Palestinians' Nelson Mandela
    • Very Controversial to promote one's human rights. My Zionist grandparents would love this Mr. Falk guy. They were Zionists but not neccesarily totally crazy neo=racists...............Ask my Mom.....

      Stand Up, Stand up and take my hand, we are going to live together in the Promised Land. Not everyone is a moron. Sorry Mr, Netanyahu, we are not buying what you are selling.

      Deal off, no settlement for u, says this Jewish Family, here in the USA. Stop. Now.

      And I don't like people who appropriate my religion for their political purposes. That's not going to work for us Jews who realize reality. and were raised to care about other human beings.


      Shaun Baran

  • Boycott of Israeli Universities by American Studies Assn. being Tried in a Kangaroo Court
    • You are protected by tenure? WTF you are a goldmine. Without you I wouldn't know who to read. Any University, even Harvard, or MIT, or the school up the street, also known as Tufts School of International Relations and Diplomacy etc. etc.

      They would be lucky to get a human like u.

  • Four Syrian Bedouin Women, c. 1890 (Photo of the Day)
  • Gaza: 5000 Palestinians evacuated from Flooded Homes, Israeli Blockade Hampers Rescue
    • Well, why don't we have some Hasbara kind of kind thingy where Israel sends troops to Gaza to help with the flood, the water cleanliness issue, Cholera, child malnutrition and poverty etc.

      And they could also say "We helped them when they were in the Cold Rain and Snow (After the dam's broke or didn't.)

      As an American Jewish human, who thinks Zionism is not part of real Judaism, I wonder why.

      Anyways, as far as Zion is concerned, I have heard Bob Marley speak about it in his music. I'd love to go there, but I think it may be in Senegal, near Touba-Mbacke, capital of the beautiful Wolof Mourides.

      PS, my ancestors were from Poland and Russia. They didn't care about Israel very much. To them it seemed like a romantic but not crucial issue. I know cause my grandma and grandpa told me so in 1978 before they both died. They had other priorities, like our relatives who still were alive and wandering state-lessly.

      I am Jewish and Polish and Russian. I am not a Zionist or any such regimented thing. I am just a Jew, not be Confused with some kind of Bot, or non thinking human object.

      This is kind of a ramble, but maybe instructive as to how frustrated some American 45 year old Jews feel these days about the Apartheid and our inability to discuss it with anyone that would listen.


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