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  • Chess is Universal; Saudi Arabia isn't: Women's Boycott, Israeli Lawsuit
    • Israelis are very "insulted" about not allowing them to participate in this chess tournament. They even demand more or less hypothetical financial compensations in courts. On the other hand would Israel allow all Arab and Muslim chess players to participate in an equal tournament in Israel. Could Occupied Palestinian, Lebanese Shia or Iranian competitors come freely? Hardly. Would Israel pay compensation to those not allowed to enter? Certainly never. Saudi Arabia is not so unique.

  • Nations of World at UN Humiliate Trump w/ Massive vote for Palestinians
    • Indeed what?

      Micronesia has the population of 105 thousand
      Nauru 10 thousand
      Palau 21 thousand
      Marshall Islands 53 thousand

      The USA’s and Israel’s dynamic and influential Pacific support group has together the population of less than 200 thousand. The population of a medium size town.

      Maybe F-35's are a bit useless to these countries. But the tens of millions USA pays to them for their votes means some dollars per inhabitant. It would be interesting to know who pays the costs of the UN personnel of these tiny island states or if they have no own ambassadors are their votes automatically connected to USA’s voting buttons.

  • Is Israel's Netanyahu preparing for War on Iranian Special Ops in Syria?
    • It is not so much Netanyahu's accomplishment of what Israel is and to what it is developing. Israel's problem is that it needs a credible enemy and frequent small wars to keep the different active diverse Jewish camps relatively united. Without those more or less fictional enemies the internal rivalry among the numerous Jewish subgroups would become fierce and make ruling Israel as a Jewish state impossible.

      Let us imagine Israel making a two-state solution with Palestinians, peace with Syria etc. A peaceful Israel would loose completely its influence and much of its present opportunities. It would sink in the same influence category as other small countries with a population under 10 million. No more visits in the White House every 3 months, the Jewish lobbies real influence in the Western countries would be little over zero without the "fighting Israel", weapon making and selling would collapse etc. The Israeli Jews have besides their religion as a uniting factor only the need of the keeping their rather recent loot. Is it enough to make it a nation?

      Who ever leads Israel, from the left or right, will have to keep finding "enemies" and present political/military line. A peaceful and rational Israel is simply impossible if it wants to hold the present "achievements" and Jewish status. And the problem is that it wants. Netanyahu will not be replaced by a rational dove, he will be replaced by a even worse irrational hawk.

  • Trump: Aid to Syrian Rebels was 'Massive,' 'Dangerous;' slams Post
    • How are the numerous US made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles counted in this monthly 13 bullets per FSA militant fairy tale? One bullet?

  • As Scientists March, Will Trump give away US Science Lead to China?
    • Well Nobel prizes amount is in a way a rear-view mirror to nations’ technological "competitiveness" not the best indicator of the future. The prize is always based on the past several decades work. The US success in the Nobel list is mainly made possible by the admirable "invention" of providing talented individuals and research groups formed around them decades long competitive financing and great independence with demanded results and little bureaucracy. Many of these groups are lead and manned by people born and educated outside USA, but who worked in USA. Later when many of them became US citizens and got the prize they are counted to US "Nobel list". Also the neutrality of the Nobel committees can be questioned. Are they able to follow the achievements in non-western countries ? Like Obama did win his Nobel prize with rather limed (=none) achievements on the peace sector, also on the science sector politics has had a role during the cold war years and later. Well not in the same scale as in Obama's case.

      The downright amount of well educated Chinese resources in science and technology development, which are growing with unseen speed, will guaranty that China will be number one in future. US resources and the attractiveness of US universities and research centers are fast declining and Trump’s era will certainly not increase their competitiveness. The fastest supercomputers are now in China, Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2 and are not anymore made of US parts and bought form US companies. The Sunway SW26010 processor is developed and built in China. The days when Chinese will deny USA the usage of their technology for ”national security reasons” will be a reality rather soon.

      By the way notice that with the patent applications the Chinese growth factor is 38 times in 15 years and with granted patents 43 times. It will be interesting to see the WIPO statistics of the year 2016.

      By the way 2. USA did take Germany's role in the "Noble list" as the leader before WW2 in science and technology, not Britain's.

    • In the year 2000 Chinese made 26,445 patent applications (direct and PCT national phase entries) and got 6,446 granted patents (direct and PCT national phase entries). USA made in the same year 280,390 applications and got 136,671 granted patents. Source WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization.

      In the year 2015 Chinese made 1,010,448 patent applications and got 279,501 patents. USA made 529,632 applications and got 257,108 granted patents.

      USA has lost permanently the leading position in the yearly patent statistics and it happened already before Trump.

  • "Media Vandalism?" Top 6 Russian reactions to Trump's Russia Scandals
    • The Kosovo referendum was made after NATO bombings aided with massive amounts of western media houses' propaganda. And the great reward to USA in this was Camp Bondsteel, the smaller version of Guantanamo in the middle of Balkan. By the way there was a referendum in Crimea, in 2014. A referendum on a separist area is possible only when the former host country has lost their grip to the area. Believing that Serbia or Ukraine (or basically any other country) would have allowed a referendum for an area to separate volunterily is naive. Why is Kosove "process" legal and Crimea not? Would USA allow a potentially separist area in USA to hold a referendum and declare independce or join another country? Hardly, it did not tolerate it in the 1860's and will not today.

    • Well the post WW2 map had been redrawn in many ways and several times before "Crimea". Actually Crimea was included to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954 by the Ukrainian Nikita Sergejevitš Hruštšov. Before that Crimea was a part of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. When this administrative move in 1954 was done it had basically no meaning or consequences to the local population. The fact is that the population of Crimea are mostly ethnic Russians who indentify themselves to Russia than to Ukraine ruled by nationalistic Ukrainians from the western parts. There is basically no "difference" with redrawing the post WW2 map with Kosovo or Crimea. If Albanians of Kosovo had the right to change the country, why not the Russians (clear majority) living in Crimea?

  • Putin: Turkey supports Radicalism & We may have to Respond, hence Tourism Ban
    • Russia is Turkey’s second biggest trade partner after EU 28. Import to Turkey from Russia was in 2014 worth over EUR 18 billion and export to Russia EUR 4.3 billion. In tourism Russians are the second largest customer group (4.5 million in 2014) and they bring USD 4 billion in revenues to Turkey. Russia is building a nuclear power station in Turkey worth billions. Turkish building companies have tens of large building projects around Russia. So the Turkish plane downing move was literally a huge economical risk which will hurt badly the development of the country.

      Can Erdogan find the gas and other raw materials coming from Russia or find new customers and markets to compensate the Russian trade and tourism. If not angry unemployed Turks will demand a more rational leadership.

  • Syria: On eve of Vienna Summit, Has Russia changed the facts on the Ground?
    • ??? Russia at risk? By Israel? Well before Russia changed the "enviroment" there were reports almost daily of Israeli planes and drones in Lebanese airspace. Now suddenly also Lebanon is a obvious no fly zone for Israel (as it should have been for decades).

    • When was the last time Israeli planes violated Lebanese or Syrian airspace? Obviously not very often during the past month, at least there are no news about them. The reason for Israel staying suddenly on its own side is?

  • Is Russia's offer of Parliamentary Elections in Syria Serious?
    • Well wouldn't it be time to ask what are USA, Saudis, Turks etc offering trough arming, financing and training Sunni militants, religious fanatics who in many cases are not even Syrians. Do those who organize this fighting seriously believe that the one thousand guerrilla, bandit and terrorist militias will lay down their weapons and organize elections when (if) they manage to destroy the present Syrian regime and governmental system? Come-on, what would Saudis for example say if their regime arranges "democracy" to Syria, but doesn't allow it at home? The fact is that somebody has to have control and keep order in Syria before there can be arranged any kind of elections. Before that order requirement happening election discussion is pure speculation. Russia's plan at least gives some hope of order "returning". The US, Saudi etc "plan" promises no Syria and decades of instability and fighting. And a couple of million new Europeans. Plus Golan for Israel because there will be no Syria demanding it back.

  • No, Donald Trump, Mideast wouldn't be more Stable under Saddam & other Dictators
    • Ask Somalis was Somalia a better place after Siad Barre? It is certain that Somalis after thinking a while of what followed: decades of violence, no order, poverty, death, militias etc would answer "probably not". During Saddam's rules start Iraq developed with giant steps until Saudis and USA conned him to attack Iran. However Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad could provide order and security for their people. Not democracy or no secret police, but compared to the pro-US kings, presidents and PMs in Middle East they were no better or worse. From the viewpoint of Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians the world would be a better place and more stable without Israeli prime ministers, past and present. It depends what we mean by "better place and stable" and from whose viewpoint we estimate that.

  • Why Partitioning Iraq is a Terrible Idea
    • Well the reality is that the Turks will not want to give one third of Turkey to Kurdistan. Neither could Turkey tolerate an independent Kurdistan in Iraq and Syria. Turkey is still the strongest force in the region, in many ways stronger than Israel is. By the way Ari Latinos in USA hardly enjoy their role as second class citizens, illegal imigrants and picking fruits and vegetables. Suffering however doesn't automatically create a state. Not anywhere.

    • Well the largest part of Kurdi area is in Turkey and halve of all Kurds live there. It is as likely that Turks will allow "their" Kurds to become independent as it is that USA allows Latinos to form a own state of the Southern USA. How much longer do the Latinos need to suffer until that day Ari?

  • Should Americans be allowed to Serve in Foreign Armies?
    • US Army has and has had numerous foreigners serving especially on times of war.. The foreigners get besides the salary the change of getting citizenship and other rewards. If that is legal and desired, why could not an American join the Chines Army, for example., with equal terms.. The democracy excuse is not valid with this topic because because armies are never "democracies", not the Chinese, not the Israeli and certainly not the American.

  • Palestinians consider handing 'keys' back to Israel, ending Charade of "Peace Process"
    • One reason for the length of the Israeli occupation is the "genius" system developed by Israel (and US Jews), which has made it possible for Israel to make money (clean cut) with the occupation. USA basically pays the military costs of the occupation through its 3 billion donation. The Palestinian "economy" is as independent and viable as Warsaw Ghetto's economy was. Israeli state and companies can make enormous profits by taking land for free and at the best with minimum costs from their land bank (=West bank + Golan) and then selling this real estate development with the normal cost of land+house. The foreign capital given to Palestinians in the end goes in the pockets of Israeli whole sale sector and producers, because most products come there through the Israeli channels. The international community doesn't pay for decades the costs of Tibetans, people of Kashmir etc, it is the cost the occupier has to pay. If Palestinians would stop or reduce their economical activity and foreigners would end the "donations" Israel would have to make a solution in couple of months. It simply could not afford a non subsidized occupation and feed, educate and keep warm millions.

  • US Hypocrisy on Crimean secession move: Washington Supported Break-up of Sudan, Yugoslavia, Iraq
    • Let us remember, that Crimea was 60 years ago (in 1954) transferred from Russia to Ukraine in an internal Soviet deal under their Ukrainian leader, who followed that even more famous Georgian Soviet leader. Until 90's that all was Soviet Union. Crimea was never a part of the old "historical" Ukraine. Crimean Khanate, an Ottoman protectorate, ruled Crimea and Ukraine was part of Poland in the last decades of 18 century. Russians annexed the Crimean Khanate in 1783. Russians , not Ukrainians.

  • NSA bribed Encryption Companies to Install Back Doors: Was the Law Broken? Did Obama Know?
    • When Nokia, then fully owned by Finns, developed its first digital phone center system USA (CIA) demanded the documentation of it and changes to be made in the system. before Nokia was allowed to sell the system to Soviet Union. This happened in the 1980's. So this creating backdoors in systems did not start after 911 to hunt terrorists. Well soon it will be the Chinese "NSA and CIA" the dominant side which demands domestic and foreign producers to make secret product "adjustments". And USA will be screaming that this is not fair and this deliberate product weakening to allow spying and control have very little to do with .terrorist hunting.

  • India Flap derives from America's Gulag Practices and Far-Right Supreme Court
    • Surely she should, but that is not the point in this case. Numerous US wealthy and powerful people pay to little to their servants. Are they strip searched and thrown to jail when police investigates such incidents? I seriously doubt that. US as a state is demanding special treatment for their citizens (immunity from local justice system) not only for their diplomats. trying to force countries to make such bilateral treaties. Next time if a US diplomat is caught drunk driving or speeding in any country and the local police makes to him a couple of less tender "proctoscopies" before locking him in a jail let's not complain and demand diplomatic immunity.

  • France Crashes the Geneva Party, Scuttles Iran Deal
  • White Terrorist is "Gunman," "Alleged Shooter," no Mention of Wingnut 'New World Order' Beef
    • It is absurd, that in press a person like Anders Breivik is called as shooter and rather reluctantly as terrorist. And on the same time frustrated Palestinian teenager who throws stones on Israeli settlers and soldiers is called a terrorist without any questions.

      The right wing terrorism killed alone in Bologna in 1980 many times more than the Red Army Faction (Bader Meinhof) and Red Brigades combined during their whole decades long "carriers". Tens of films and books have been made of those left-wing terrorists. On the same time we are given very little "information" of those behind the Bologna massacre or Anders Breivik's mission. Strange ...

  • In Rebuke to Obama, Netanyahu-- Much of Western Europe to Support Palestine as UN Observer State
  • India Trade Delegation Bucks US Sanctions on Iran
    • It will be interesting to see how this will reflect on the competitive position of SWIFT and to its monopoly. Using a private co-operative as a tool in a geopolitical struggle is rather questionable for that institution. Others, banks and countries, who do not like the power of those who control SWIFT have to create their own "SWIFT" and the monopoly of the SWIFT is over.

      US and especially EU are crazy if they believe that others will allow them to control as and when they want the worlds banking system and trade. Will we see a Asian and Latin American "SWIFT" in the near future?

      USA already has used the information of SWIFT to sanction money transfers between European partners. One Danish businessman bought Cuban cigars from the German importer with USD 26,000. USA seized that money transfered from a Danish bank to a German bank. The justification for the seizure the US Treasury stated was that the Danish businessman violated the United States embargo against Cuba. Rather absurd because SWIFT is a European company, operates under Belgian laws and EU has no embargo against Cuba.

  • A Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Middle East: Fathollah-Nejad
    • Without nukes Israel would eventually become a country with the influence and weight of a country with the population of 5 to 7 million people. No more visits every 3 months in the White House, no more VIP treatment in other capitals. A country with the influence equal to that of Finland's or Denmark's. A relative wealthy industrially developed small country, but nothing much else. Without conflicts and US "donations" Israel can't afford to keep up its traditional military strength. The internal relations among Israeli Jewish subgroups are already tense and without the Palestinian "punch bag" would become too tense especially if the West Bank is emptied of settlements and Palestine formed. Will the Zionists ruling elite satisfy with such future, I doubt that. Wars and conflicts are Israel's business idea and the only glue to keep the Jewish subgroups together.

      Iran on the other hand has enormous raw material resources, very important strategic location and a population of 75 million. To use its full potential Iran needs only peace and time.

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