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  • Top 5 Trump Secrets of Sadism, from Trans People to Priebus to Police
    • Out of interest, has the name of Anthony Scaramucc, the foul mouthed purveyor of fake news,i been commented on? Scaramuccia is a character in the Italian Commedia dell' Arte; he is a lying, deceitful, unreliable and manipulative servant figure. It seems wholly appropriate that Mr Trump has appointed one with the name Scaramucci to be his press secretary.

  • Russians Troll Trump, release Photos of Meeting
  • Syria: to Assad & Kurds go the Spoils; Sunni extremists have Lost
    • When he saw the polls, President Trump
      Saw his ratings down in the dump.
      So he ordered bombs rain
      From ship and from plane
      Then his ratings rose with a bump.

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
    • H Clinton will be the next President of the USA. There are no other likely candidates from the Democrat party, and the Republicans seem unbable to produce a credible (or desirtable) leader for the country. Hilary's victory and elevation to the supreme position of political leadership on the globe will be greeted as a triumph of the democratic process. It will be claimed that the ultimate glass ceiling will have been broken, that the age when women will rule the world will at last have come, when feminine values will bring sanity and humane values to a world dominated by the patriarchy. The USA wioll lead the world into a new era of feminist enlightenment etc etc etc blah blah blah.

      Only in the Great Democracy could a woman reach the highest office in the land. Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher likewise blazed a trail of peace and enlightened progress and international peace (hahahahaha - forget about Palestine and the Falklands War etc), but they were merely leaders of insignificant countries, not of the Shining City on the Hill, the World Hegemon. Angela Merkel - who? And what wonders thata female President will achieve for women's rights. America elected its first black president seven years ago, and look how far the black population has advanced in the USA since. So women's rights will advance in the US when Hilary Rodham Clinton becomes President.

  • Is ISIL's 'Shock and Awe' more Awe-ful because One Victim?
    • RAF Bonber Command and the USAAF in WW2 instigated a policy of fire bombing German cities such as Hamburg and the Ruhr. The intention was to terrorsise the civilian population and so demoralise the populace that surrender was made more likely. So fierce were the firestorms that air was sucked into the inferno at such speeds that civilians - no doubt including women and children and babies - were helplessly dragged into the flames.

      I believe that Japanese cities were likewise subject to such incineration by the USAAF. How many were burned alive at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  • Stealing Bethlehem: How the Israelis are economically Strangling the Palestinian Town of Jesus' Birth
    • I stayed once at the Ramoth Rachel kibbutz hotel in the southern edge of Jerusalem and enjoyed a fine view over the rolling hills of south Judea towards and beyond Bethlehem and Hebron and to the easxt, the great chasm of the Dead Sea rift valley. A few kilometres to the south is the sprawl of Bthlehem centred on the Church of the Nativity, while some kilometres to the east is a strange conical hill that stands out like an extinct volcanoe over the rolling plateau. This is the Herodion, the ancient fortress wherin was buried King Herod. It is a nice irony that when you visit the Herodion, it is a desolate ruin on the edge of the wilderness, uninhabited and echoing to the sounds of wild birds, while at Bethlehem, where theat tyrant king is said to have ordered the slaughter of the infant boys of the village, the busy streets of that thriving town are loud with the sounds of children making their way home in the later day from school. Herod "the Great" is remembered only for that atrocity - that massacre of innocent Jewish boys - and the crowds of Palestinian children in the birth town of the one Jewish child that escaped the massacre- many of them descendants probably of the Jews who lived in Palestine 20 centuries ago - are testimony that the evil deeds of tyrants cannot prevail. Snd so it is an irony that it should be modern day Jewish soldiers of that same army guilty by association with the massacres of innocents committed by Christian militia at Sabra and Shatila camps. That army seems to be imposing an ever heavier and more brutal suppression on the people of Bethlehem and one fears the day is approaching when there might yet be another massacre opf the innocents at Bethlehem. What an irony that the state that represents that people who suffered the horrors of Belsen and Auschwitz and Sachsenhause should have become a latter day Herod.
      I am no longer prepared to play the tourist in the Zionist state. I now know better.

  • Illusions of Whiteness: Millions of Southern 'Whites' have African Ancestry
    • We all have African ancestry. Chunbese, Native American, Soutyh Asian, European, Polynesian, Melanesian. All human groups are des ended from the Homo Sapiens thatevolved in Africa, mainly the east of the continent, and spread out over thje past 100000 years.
      I suppose what this article is say ing is that a high % of American whites have the genes of African slaves in their cells.

  • Why Kim Jong-Un was Really afraid of "The Interview:" A Humiliation Romp, not an Assassination Flick
    • Hilary Mantell, double Booker Prize winner, recently wrote a fictional short story about the "assassination" of Margaret Thatcher. There was a storm of protest from the political right in the UK about this story which they declarted to be in very bad taste. I believe it is a crime to even threaten to assassinate the ............well I won't put that in print in case I get misinterpreted. A high propoertion of the people who criticise Ms Mantel's short story, and obviously all those from government security agencies that work to prevent the assassniation of.....without any sense of irony are probably strongly in support of this film that centres on the plot to assassinate the Dear Leader, the head of state of a country who does not share their values. There were plots by the British to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the late 30s or during the war. Ms Mantell's fantasy was written probably out of a secret and half suppressed wish that such an assassination had taken place. Many might argue that the achievement of political ends by assassination is never justified.

  • Antarctica Glaciers Melting 3 Times Faster than 10 Years Ago
    • Somebody needs to tell the producers of this item that the music is far too loud, so that whatever the narrator is saying is drowned out. What is happening isn the Antarctic imust be communicated to an indifferent world - and this unfo9rtunately does not communicatgre very effectively.

  • Why Can Europe have Climate Targets but not the US? Corruption
    • "Europe is less politically corrupt". I assume you exclude Greece, Italy and Spain from Europe? And possibly Portugal, and maybe Ireland. France? Belgium? As for UK, well..........

  • On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis
    • Rather sad ignorance here. You need to get your facts straight. The Irish Republic was neutral, true, but did not support the Axis. Scores of thousands of Irish from the Republic voluntarily joined the British armed forces and fought against the Nazi and Fascist powers. A very few Republican extremists tried to make contact with Germany and spied for them with little success. Scores of thousands more Irish from the south were recruited by the British to work in factories taking over jobs the English, Welsh and Scots left when they went off to war. De valera maintained Irish neutrality, but the policy was simple: Ireland produced food that was exported to the UK and none went to Germany; if allied airmen or sailors ended up in the Irish state, they were quietly sent home to Britain or the US. There was a lot of sympathy among ordinary Irish for Britain, where many Irish had relatives who endured the bombing and rationing and hardships. Something like % million Brits were of Irish descent. I don't think there were many Germans of Irish descent!!!! If German airmen or sailors ended up on Irish soil, they were interned for the duration of the war. And of course, Northern Ireland, the six counties, was part of the UK and played a full part in helping defeat the Axis powers. Belfast was frequently bombed by the Luftwaffe, who also mototiously bombed neutral Dublin. It is true that that De Valera signed a book of condolences at the German embassy when Hitler died, and that was a serious error of judgment that was well criticised within Ireland.

  • Facial Hair, Patriotism and the Enemy in American History
    • Roman Emperors: Augustus to Trajan, 27BC to 117 AD - no beard. Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius - through second centuru AD, bearded. Third and fourth centuries - beardless.- Dilcetian, Constantine and others.

  • Is the Prisoner Swap Hysteria a sign of GOP War withdrawal Symptoms?
    • Republicans the war party? In WW1, a Democrat was President - Woodrow Wilson. In WW2, a Democrat was president - Roosevelt. In the Korean War, at the start, it was Harry Truman, a Democrat, who sent US troops to Korea, and a Republican - Eisenhower, who brought them home. The Vietnam slaughters were initiated by Kennedy and LBJ - Democrats. It is only since Reagan that the Republicans have produced war presidents. Grenada, Iraq 1 and 2, Somalia,Afgghanistan.The biggest wars were all started by Demnocrats. Though Lincoln was a Republican, but that is two centuries ago.

  • Ukraine Crisis Shows Urgency of Green Energy: Russian Nat'l Gas Blackmail
    • Ukraine is deeply in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. It owes Russia billions. Russia wants Crimea. Solution? Well, the USA doubled its size at the start of the nineteenth century by the Louisiana purchase from Napoleon. Then later in the century, it purchased Alaska from the Czar. Why shouldn’t Ukraine sell the Crimea to Russia and Russia cancel all those debts. Most Crimeans are ethnically Russian anyway.So everyone is happy.

  • Camel Bones and Jerusalem: Archeology Shows Bible written Late, Full of Errors
    • The truth that the tales of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David and Solomon are but myths is nothing new. For a long time there has been a minimalist school of study of the Old Testament texts that has made clear that the kingdom of David and Solomon was no more than an illiterate tribal community of sheep herders living on the margins of the great ancient empires of Egypt and Mesopotamia and the Phoenician city states. But it is an illusion - or wishful delusion - to suppose that these results of serious scientific scholarship, historical research, and archaeological endeavour, will make one iota of difference to the Zionist extremists. Their faith will not be in the least undermined. Religion and religious understanding of "sacred" history is in reality but a peripheral force driving nationalist zeal. In other conflicts apparently driven by religious hatred, the religious beliefs of one or another of the protagonists have been unimportant. Who really believes that when Catholic mobs hurled molotov cocktails at the Royal Irish Constabulary, they were motivated by a devotion to transubstantiation or the immaculate condeption? Being "Catholic" was merely waving a flag. It was an identity. Most Protestants in Ulaster were not churchgoers and cared nothing for the 39 articles of the Anglican communion or the teachings of Calvin and John Knox. They called themselves Protestants simply to distinguish themselves from the "Papists" who were a different ethnic group to themselves. And so it is with so many Zionists. Ultimately, religion as such does not matter, They simply have a racial prejudice against (ironically) the Semitic natives of Palestine, Arabs, Asians, non Europeans who seventy years ago made a pact with Hitler. Religion is a justification for a pre-existing hatred, not the driving force; and scietific undermining of the "truth" of the Torah will not alter their fundamental animosity to "inferior" peoples.

  • Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State
    • Even 2000 years ago, the Jews included a variety of different etninc groups of non Hebrew origin. One of the Hasmonean kings in the first century BCE forcibly converted to Judaism mosttof the Idumaean population (this must have been painful for the men), and other neighbouring groups were incorporated into the Jewish ethnos. Meantime, many of the Jews in the diaspora, scattered round the Roman and Parthian empires, had intermarried with non Jews, and some Jewish sects were actvely converting gentiles to Judaism.

      Supposedly, the Jews were expelled from Eretz Israel (Palestine) after the great Jewish War around 70 AD, and after the subsequent war in Hadrian's rule at the time of Bar Kochba. In fact, a high % of the population remained in Palestine, either deepening their faith as rabbinical Jews, or gradually falling away from the faith and drifting into paganism, then Christianity, and then finally into Islam in the seventh century on. Ironically, it is probably the modern Palestinians who have the greatest concentration of genes derived from the first century Jews, while the modern Israeli Ashekenazi, Sephardi, and Oriental Jews are descendants of peoples who were not originally the Old TestamentHebrews oror the jews of Classical Antiquity (Greek/Roman times)

  • Is a Third Palestinian Uprising on its Way?
    • A mass march, headed by women and children, thousands approaching the checkpoints, could only be resisted by vioelnce from the IDF. Sharpeville was the first moment of realisation that the apartheidf state was unsustainable. The Zionist state would not dare to emulate the totalitatian states it abhors and alienate the democratic world to which it claims allegiance by bloody massacre. Palestine should find its Gandhi.

  • Top Ten Ominous Signs about Last Month being the Hottest November on Record
    • Dunno about Spain, but here in the UK, at least the southern haf, Novemeber has been remarkably mild, with no frosts, dull dreary but damp and definitely warm air. Green leaves on trees right through to December. So I can't believe that the UK has had below average temps. Maybe Scotland only? And that won't be in the UK much longer LOL

  • How Peter O'Toole Saved the Arabs (According to David Lean)
    • "O’Toole understood Lawrence’s delusions of grandeur, playing him as a preening peacock. He understood that Lawrence had been Irish" Juan

      Er, no. Lawrence was born in Wales at Tremadog. His father was Sir Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman, 7th Baronet - a memner of tyhe Anglo-Irish aristocracy that held themselves apart from the real Catholic-Gaelic Irish people of the land. Whether Lawrence regarded himself as Welsh rather than English is not clear. But Irish he was not.

      Peter O'Toole may have been Irish. He certaily had an Irish name, was of Irish descent, may have been born in Connemara or Leeds Yorkshire, was educarted at a Catholic school in England, and did like to proclaim his Irish roots. But he was English in accent and upbringing. He cannot have had some empathy with Lawrtence as an Irishman, as Lawrence was not Irish and O'Toole was sort of Irish.

  • Obama's Limited Options: Bombing Syria unlikely to be Effective
    • Where I can get no rational answer is from the question "Why are chemical weapons so much worse than high explosives and small arms?" How many childrten have been killed by bombs, bullets, mines, rockets, missiles? When you get your lower jaw blown off, or lose a leg or two in an explosion, or get castrated by flying shrapnel, or paralysed from the neck down by a bullet, do you feel grateful that you have escaped being gassed? Do you say "Oh how lucky I am - i did not breath in chlorine based poisons!!" Why is gas defined as a WMD and not bombs? Is a MOAB or a Daisy Cutter so much more humane when it dills hundreds? Why is the use of chemical weapons so much worse than the use of explosives on civilians the "Red Line" that has been crossed? Must we intervene when chemical weapons massacre hundreds, but not when bombs kill thousands?

  • Barbecuing the Planet: With Fracking, we'll go on investing 3x in Hydrocarbons what we will in renewables (Klare)
    • You are ignoring the fact that the USA is producing masses of coal for export mainly to China. Whole mountaintops are being removed and countrysides devastated in the Appalachians to feed the coal tankers bearing their poisons off to the Far East. You could say the US is pumping its carbon into the atmoshere via Chinese power plants. Indirectly, therefore, the US is sending out its carbon into the atmosphere at ever increasing volumes. Meantime, American greenhouse gas emissions remain the highest outside China and need to be reduced by much greater volumes than the piddling decline that has been registered over the last few years.

  • Israel at 65: Welcome to the Neighborhood (Map)
    • Jewish homeland? The land belonged earlier to the Canaaniters according to the Bible. The ancestors of the Jews - the 12 tribes - invaded the land of Canaan and by a process of ethnic cleansing (see Book of Joshua) siezed the land from the original inhabitants. Then claimed that God had promised the land to them. Oh - of course - when Joshua had invaded Canaan and enslaved/exterminated the population, he was merely taking back the land thathat had been promised to Abraham. Sill me - I forgot that. But of course, Abraham too had been an invader and siezed the land just as Joshua was to centuries later, and slay the older inhabitants whose homeland it was. Well it is all mythology anyway. But myths are powerful things. The nineteenth cntury Zionists were merely doing what Abraham and Joshua were doing all those centuries before (albeit without the bloodshed) that is - taking somebody else's land and claiming it as their ancient homeland promised themm by God at Makkedah or Ur or Sinai or somewhere - or by Mr Balfour in 1917 - all because the Books of Genesis and Exodus and Joshua give out these myths. A land without a people for a people without a land - only there is a people there and has been for centuries. And the irony is that the Palestinians probably have more genes that come down to themn from the Canaanites and ancient Hebrews and even Rabbinical Jews of NT times than do the Ashkenazi invaders

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