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  • As they did to Iraq, they would Do to Iran (Jamiol Cartoon)
  • Real Petraeus Issue was Evaluation of Afghanistan
    • When people hold public positions, their private lives can influence public views. As an example it can cloud views on rape, sexual harassment in the work place, spousal abuse, exploitation of others etc. In this case, the mistress also had access to his CIA e-mails. Affairs with people in sensitive positions, have at times, lead to the leaking of restrictive information. It also has opened high profile people to blackmail. A good motto is to keep your pants zipped and your lips.

  • Romney's Major Flip-Flops in the Third Debate
    • Romney’s other issue during the debate was China.
      Mitt Romney Chinese Investments – Romney partnership in Huawei. 2007 Republican Duncan Hunter “The biggest thing to me is the Huawei/Bain partnership to take over 3Com”

      link to

      link to
      CBS on 60 Minutes did a segment on Huawei, the link is above.

      Romney won’t tell about Sensata workers who jobs currently are being sent to China.

      “Why the refusal to line up his actions with his promises? A must-read, must-read, must-read news report explains how part of Romney's $450,000/week income comes from … get this … shipping jobs to China!”

      link to

  • Top Ten Things Mitt Romney Gets Wrong about US Middle East Policy
  • It's Psychological Warfare, Stupid: Why Netanyahu Really wants to Destroy Iran
    • Anyone ever thought, that Iran and North Korea co-developed sub design, as well as North Korea selling subs to Iran.

      North Korea was also one of Iran major arms suppliers during their Iran Iraq War. During the Iran Iraq war North Korea supplied Iran with Scud missiles, as well as helping Iran to set up domestic production of the missiles. North Korea was allegedly selling Syria a nuclear reactor as well as, the fuel.

      North Korea and Iran also appear to have co-designed similar tanks - the designs are similar.

      Who has nuclear weapons? North Korea. If Iran wanted nuclear weapons they would buy them from N. Korea, or they would enrich the uranium in North Korea.

  • Top Ten Pieces of Bad News for Romney on Eve of Convention
    • I think Mitt Romney is in trouble. John H. Meier has been contacted by the Canadian government by U.S. Officials requesting information on Gay, Romney, Bain and Hughes Medical. Mr.Meier's has been in communication with me for awhile. New blog post up on my website regarding the contact with Mr. Meier's.

  • Campbell: Israeli PM Sharon Threatened Bush with Nuking Iraq (Mearsheimber & Walt vindicated)
    • Israel lobby with a great deal more complication in the mix.

    • It would not be surprising if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was. There is much the American people do not know... so much that has gone on behind the scenes.

  • Omar Khayyam (143) "Religious zealots are all jackasses"
  • Global Disappointment in Obama Actually Rational, unlike in US (Pew)
    • Roger, it is difficult for people to know what is going on in the background, what the press does not cover and/or information only known to a few. Until the 'few' speak up. It can be impossible for them to do so, because they have to maneuver through people who have enlarged ego's

    • corection: Pattern and practice is the legal term not practice and practice. (not enough sleep last night)

    • corection: practice and procedure... is the legal term

    • “Middle Eastern Muslims are hoping Obama will be defeated next November.”

      “They had expected him to do something about the declining situation of the Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and he did not.”

      The alternative, at the moment is Mitt Romney. It maybe the middle-east is unfamiliar with Romney and unaware Mitt is a steadfast hard line Zionist. Romney already clearly stated in matters of the middle-east Romney would seek the opinion and advice of his long time good friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu and Romney have been close friends since Mitt’s early days at Bain, before Mitt formed Bain Capital. Netanyahu is currently married to a former Bain partner of Mitt’s.

      Romney is strongly for the invasion of Iran and is on record wanting to expand Gitmo. Mitt’s staff advisor is Cofer Black, the CIA administrator that backed and brought in Mitchell and Jensen the creators of enhanced tortures.

      Jose Rodriguez has recently published a new book has defending enhanced tortures and justifies barbaric. Just in time for Mitt’s announcement and the brain washing of American into programs Romney will strongly be behind. Rodriguez and Black intimidated CIA agents that did not approve of the enhanced torture programs.

      Mitt Romney Torture Series
      link to

      Romney strongly backs the Patriot Act, illegal wiretapping,corruption of courts, judges and attorneys.

      If one feels Romney has a compassionate heart – they will be greatly disappointed.

      In the legal field there is a term “practice and practice”, although people in the Middle-East may not take note of the years of systematic cover-up of abuse of women and childhood sexual abuse in the LDS Church dominated over by the Romney’s. Abuse that and cover-up that often was threatening and brutal. Feeling it is not the pressing issue at hand.

      Or, they may not take note the many times Romney has been arrested, or complaints made by police for Romney flying into a rage when Romney was stopped for violating the laws, or when Romney wanted to ‘police’ the public himself – as Mitt did during the Olympics.

      They may not take note, if a young Mitt Romney who tackled a fellow student because Romney wasn’t going to ‘put up with’ the boy’s longer length haircut.

      Or note that Romney's father indulged Mitts fascination with impersonating a police officer.

      …" laid out on his bed was a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform. He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father…. He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler. We all though, “Wow, that’s pretty creepy. And after that, we didn’t’ have much interaction with him” - Robin Madden, Romney college dorm mate.

      Pattern and practice.

  • You Always Knew it, but Now . . .
    • There are people from all walks of life,educational background, and political view and religious view that have no problem rationalizing feeding on another person, if they feel the individual can easily be victimized.

      Webster Tarpley was on Alex Jones this week. Tarpley,IMO, is the nearest to what is occurring in the American society.
      There are something he doesn't know, because wasn't and insider witnessing events -- but he is close.

    • "Even congressmen are having to use strong-arm tactics to find out how many Americans are being spied on by the government."

      With this issue, Michigan's Congressman Mike Rogers would the one of the men behind the spying. Mike is one man who needs to be strong-manned out of office.

      Romney's Bain Capital owns Clear Radio and the pay checks of a number of high profile radio host are paid for by Romney's Bain.

      How many were surprised by Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney? I wasn't, it was obvious months ago when Joel Skousen gave a endorsement of Romney months ago on Alex Jones show a bait and switch was in the works. The Paul's did not endorse McCain in 2008. An entire political movement has had the wool pulled over their eyes.

      link to

  • Planned Israeli Detention Camps for Africans Draw Human Rights Protests
  • Congress Wants the Department of Defense to Propagandize Americans
    • sorry should be with “its” horrific … not ‘is’ horrific’

    • And Mark Skousen (Heritage Foundation) > Joel Skousen (Alex Jones etc. Liberterian) > Cleon Skousen ( the man who lied about his FBI record and founder > The Center of Constitutional Studies with is horrific political influence

      Our political system is so completely influenced by elements leading back to the same sources,I am not sure we have a choice in any election.

    • Mr. Romney practices in public openly what his family has practiced with-in their religious faith for decades. Spins, manipulation, deflection, projection and silencing, making one ponder if Cathy O’Brian is correct in what she states she over- heard George Romney say.

      Our nation back extreme and ruthless tortures, Americans are being spied on, invasive and molesting TSA pat down that would have sent our grandfather’s into a fist fight if someone tried to touch their them or their family in such a disrespectful manner. And over all Americans don’t care about one another, it is win by intimidation, demand what one wants – even if the demand is out of place, inconsiderate and wrong. Rand’s Fountain Head has taken hold of America and Americans have embraced it, something several generations ago would have not.

      link to
      Mike Wallace: “Through- out the U.S. a new small pockets of intellectuals have become involved in a new philosophy and unusual philosophy that seems to strike at the very roots of our society.”

      “If Ms. Rand’s philosophy takes hold is would revolutionize our society. “

      Rand states she challenges altruism, she challenges government controlled capitalism
      The first five minutes of Rand’s stating her objectives is unbelievable – and our nation has embraced it.

  • Omar Khayyam (130) On Forgiveness and Falling off the Wagon
    • My favorite poem is by Nancy Woods

      My help is in the mountain
      where I take myself to heal
      the earthy wounds
      that people give to me.

      I find a rock with sun on it,
      and a stream where the water runs gentle,
      and the trees which one by one
      give me company.

      So must I stay for a long time,
      until I have grown from a rock,
      and the stream is running through me,
      and I cannot tell myself form one tall tree.

      Then I know that nothing touches me,
      nor makes me run away.
      My help is in the mountain
      that I take away from me.

  • Legalize Pot, Save Public Education, and end Student Indebtedness
    • multiple sclerosis? Has anyone asked if Ann Romney smokes pot? Just asking, not trying to be rude.

      Gee,the former head of Vanderbilt University wife was found smoking pot and ended his career at Vanderbuilt. Gee is also LDS.

  • Romney wants to Fight Whole Muslim World, not Concentrate on Bin Laden
  • Israeli Security Elite Slams Netanyahu, sidetracks War on Iran
    • Mitt will be so upset if this happens. Netanyahu and Romney have been friends for decades, and Netanyahu is married to a former Bain partner of Mitt's.

      Maybe a few high officials and former officials of the Israeli security found out something they didn't know.

  • Top Ten Reasons Israel tried to Censor Bob Simon's Report on Palestinian Christians
  • Syrian Civil War Kills 160, Spills over onto Lebanon, Turkey; Will US Intervene?
    • Which one is the wife and which one is the husband?

      America has moved to a different level. America are the people who watch a man being beaten, then strip him naked and steal everything the man has - while cheering. This is not isolated, it is how Americans are now.. whether it is in the physical sense, or in the psychological sense. American is all about self interest and using who and what one can.

      As German said several years ago, Europe use to look up to America as being ethical, they no longer do because Americans can be bought.

  • US Pentagon Trained Iranian terrorists in Nevada: Hersh
    • TMP ran and article on Mitt’s links to MEK. Reiss is working to have MEK removed from the terrorist list – just in time for Mitt to take the reins of White House – at least it is their hope.

      Romney Advisor Mitchell Reiss Backs ‘Terrorist’ Group, Jokes About Being ‘Potential Criminal’

      link to

      In 2011 Romney was oddly unfamiliar with MEK,

      link to

      Romney’s doesn’t know what is MEK? It has been over a year, and Romney still has the same advisor on his team.

  • Why Romney is Lying about the Causes of high Prices at the Pump
    • With a dwindling middle class there are likely to be less vacationers, as people struggle to keep their homes and food on the table. The parents of the fifties, coming out of the World War II, maybe the first and last generation to live their lives out in a retirement they could count on – that is if they worked for one of the big companies. Before that grandma and grandpa went to live with family, and often moved from one family member to another.

      The children of the fifties and sixties are seeing they need to work into old age. With pensions lost in companies they worked for, or cut back to the point they are not survivable to live on. Heaven help their children and grandchildren.

      Outside of Romney trying to find some mud to stick on Obama one needs to realize, Obama is a big boy with a war chest of his own to lob back stones and mud at Romney. It is the average Joe and Joettee who have to fear Mr. Romney, for them they have little resources to protect themselves from Romney.

      Romney wants pensions to be privatized and social security. As normal, American’s have kept steadfastly kept their blinders on, and are not playing attention to what is going on in Japan after Japan deregulated their pensions. Billions and billions of pension dollars have been lost to investment companies through fraud by investment firms.

      Like Romney's firms, they took to using off shore accounts to hide pension assets from the aging and elderly investor, leaving millions and millions of Japanese seniors facing retirement age with little funds to support themselves.

      Romney being the vulture investment capitalist, can see the billions he and his associates will make off of American seniors. In America fleecing the nation’s people does not carry the same loss of face as it does in Japan when one is caught in corruption. Like Romney's buddy's did with the Delphi bankruptcy making millions and millions of dollars off the workers who lost their jobs and retirement benefits.

      As, far as oil – well, the Romney’s are not coming clean. When oil prices rise the Romney family rakes in millions of dollars more dollars through their oil investments. No, Romney’s are not being honest. Obama has a war chest and people to fight for him; it is the average American who is getting suckered into Romney that one should be worried about.

      Romney is counting on Americans brains being the size of a apple seed and not remembering Mitts various changes in stand, or to follow the actual words he speaks. Romney expects Americans to remember only one phrase "Anyone but Obama", as they vote Mittens into office. Romney who has no respect for women, child or man that is outside his elite circle.

      Romney is arrogant, emotionally removed, a man who believes in brutal tortures, expanding and heaping war on helpless people, and a man who is a clear and present danger.

  • Polish PM Reveals that US Tortured at Black Sites in his Country
    • Tortures are a 'real problem'. "A little measly torture? maybe societies deserve 'global warming", if our species has become so callous to dismissive the use of barbaric tortures and abuse. I can only think, one who dissed the use of brutal enhanced tortures feels safe and far away from such abuses happening to them.

      The use was broader than just in 'black opt sites'.

  • Medvedev slams Romney for "Number one Enemy" Slur
    • Romney is not really on top of the list. Mitt has bought many people in the GOP and many owe him. But remember, 75 per cent of the GOP does not approve of Romney. I have worked and spoken with many conservatives which disapprove of Romney and have fought to curb his power in the GOP. It was people with the GOP which understood Romney is a threat when I spoke with them, and moved to lessen Romney's power. It was difficult to get liberal's attention on this issue.

      Romney is a dirty player, and like BBC journalist Greg Palast found, Mitt threatens people. There is something seriously wrong with Michigan people. Very disappointing people.

    • True, true fed up nobody. But remember we all are somebody, even if no one knows who we are.

    • The focus should be on all people who victimize other people. People who take advantage of others, because they see someone easy to victimize, are a threat.

      With Romney there is no remorse or conscience for the people their ambitions have damaged. This same attitude can be found in many people. I have seen the same behaviors in many people from many different walks of life and political views.

    • Romney practices "turn the other cheek", he expects all his victims to.

    • John Birch'er Cleon Skousen was dis- proven by his own FBI file, as a fraud. Of course, Mitt took classes from Skousen while Mittens was at Brigham Young University. Mitt learned well from Skousen how to do the slight of hand and play on the fears of people.

    • 'number one geopolitical foe" - This is nothing more than Romney seizing what he feels is an opportunity for a little press and maybe a few votes from people not in the know.

      The Romney's have for decades been tied at the hip with high level Russians. The entire inter-play is an attempt to deflect and make Romney appear something he isn't.

      I was at all the early meetings and know how the connections were made, it is sickening to see Romney play the public.

  • Romney Taking Santorum for a Ride in Illinois (Graphic)
  • Etch-a-Sketch Romney (Cartoon)
    • It probably is not a gaffe, as much as it is inside talk in the Romney campaign and family that was stated publicly. The Romney's think little of the American peoples intelligence.

  • SBC's Land: Romney's Mormonism "Like Islam" (Here we go Again)
    • The Book of Mormon is not put on par with the Bible, it is superior in the eyes of Mormons. Mormons taught for decades the Bible was flawed, and it was better for Mormon Church members to use the Book of Mormon.

      "The Pearl of Great Price" another Mormon Book, by Joseph Smith, was used extensively, until it was discovered The Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price
      which is a proven fraud. They (papyrus) were found in New York in 1966 and examined, and found to be a ... Well, that it's a fake, a scam, a total fabrication.

      Joseph Smith was to have run with the 'golden plates' however, they were if described correctly, far too heavy for anyone to run with.

    • Dr. Land has worked with the Romney campaign and Land has worked with the Southern Baptist trying to get them to accept Romney.

      Good for anyone who opposes Romney no matter the reason.

  • Romney "Wins" with Latinos in Puerto Rico
    • There maybe an division with the Hispanic vote. The Mexican vote does not seem to be going for Romney. One wonders if the Cayman Islands would vote for Romney.

      D. Matthews, thank you for the book reference. It looks like a good read.

  • Afghans to US Military: Be at Least a Little Ashamed
    • The whitewash starting is the Taliban has killed more Afghan people than Americans going crazy. It is not a good argument and I personally hope this spin is dropped soon.

  • Romney ads anger Latinos, Slam Santorum for Sotomayor Vote
    • Here is an article on the subject.

      In the Spring of 1966

      Romney protested in favor of Vietnam War, yet took deferment to French mansion by Timothy Whiteman from the Wilmington Political Buzz Examiner

      Photo of Mitt Romney located on the article.

      link to

    • I read where Mitten's protested FOR the Vietnam war while at Stanford, where Mitt was a poor student. I am checking the source to see it they are correct. At any rate. Mitt had a low draft number and successful avoid going to Nam by going on his mission to France ( living in the mission presidents mansion staffed with a chef and housekeepers.). After his mission Romney married quickly-

    • Romney's Mexican heritage has little to do with Mexican's and has all to do with following orders from Brigham Young to colonize the large swatch of land from upper Canada, America and into Mexico for the country Young wanted to carve out of America and call it Beehive, under Young's rule. Brigham Young declared War on the United States shortly after the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

      Romney's settled in an all white, Mormon polygamist colony to continue practicing polygamy. So no Mexican/Latino's involved in Romney's Mexican heritage.

    • Romney has never been on the right foot. Like Mitt's dad George Romney, Mitt has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  • Top 5 Stratfor Revelations
    • "Russia sold weapons to Iran but turned around and gave their security codes to Israel." and why is this a shock?

      No, surprise. Iran and Russia have never had a good history with one another. It reinforces something else, NO country that is on the other side of a Geo conflict with Russia should buy anything Israel, or trust Israel.

  • Logical Errors and Propaganda in Republican Debate on the Middle East
    • Ron Paul was groomed on Cleon Skousen, Paul is also close with Joel Skousen and this association has always cast a cautious eye on the association for me. Although, agreement with Paul on the unnecessary invasions and other war issues. There is a disquieting alliance that was troublesome.

      Washington Post ran an article on the behind the scenes friends ship between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Surprising? No. Remember Joel Skousen gave a sideways endorsement to Mitt Romney several months ago on the Alex Jones show. (interview found on The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate link here: link to

      Sometimes I wondered if Mitt’s three legged stool had to do with the influence (and deep influence) that has woven its way into our more or less three major political parties.
      Article from New York Times on Romney/Paul friendship, Washington Post ran another article on the same subject.

      link to

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
    • Minister Binyamin Netanyahu needs to stay out of American politics and trying to take down American Generals who do not agree with him. Netanyahu should look towards corruption within his own country and people.

  • Indian Investigators do not Suspect Iran in Israel Embassy Blast
  • Hoekstra Blames Everyone but Himself for the Deficits He Voted for
    • (correction, bad broken grammar on earlier post :-)

      Hoekstra is a Romney backer and is another key man Mitt needs in office for additional power. Heskstra was Chairman of the Intelligence Committee and Mike Rogers, Brighton current head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee.

      Seeing a pattern here?

    • Romney is playing to the voter. Romney more than likely has made a great deal of money in China.

      Expect more color coded "terrorist alerts" on the television as a scare tactic to keep control by fear. China threat was a large issue with Cleon Skousen, Joel Skousen his nephew and played often. But it is in Mormon Idaho where free trade zones are going in for China.

    • Hoekstra is a Romney backer and is another key man Mitt needs in office for additional power. Heskstra was Chairmanship of the Intelligence Committee and Mike Rogers, Brighton current head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee.

      Seeing a pattern here?

  • How an Israeli Strike on Iran could radically weaken Israel
    • Insanity, but then when looking at what is going on inside America with our own people - it also is insanity.

  • The Generals try to stop an Iran War
    • Israel has sold missiles and our airborne early warning radar system System to China. Attacked us in 1968 and has been friendly to regimes hostile to the U.S.

    • Israel is pushing hard - and appearing to whip up support in the U.S.

      link to

    • "Anyone who advocates such a thing is a sort of monster"

      You have no idea what some are capable of. I doubt even some every day average people in Israel understand, and more than likely would be shaken to learn.

    • Frightening. The generals who are speaking out will have no chance with Romney. The public,and yes even wise professors, have little understanding of the storm that began to develop
      decades ago in our country.

  • Romney: "I'm not concerned about the very poor."
  • Marsh on Obama: The Party's Over
    • The Romney's have gloated they have as many liberal friends as conservative.

    • [please post this version for easier read, sorry made several errors on the earlier post]

      There are other people in power outside of Obama. If you recall the first months of the Obama administration he could get nothing done. Everything was quickly quashed. Then a photograph appeared in the Washington Times with a story of children who had been harmed – the photograph was of the two Obama girls. The Washington Times said the printing of the Obama girls photograph was an error. I remember someone telling me Obama was going to learn who was in real power (in Washington). Maybe he did.

      Until the people behind the curtain are removed, the other people who are entrenched, and well entrenched in Washington D.C., I am not sure any one person can change it. One thing for sure, people are in place in Washington D.C. that will give Mitt Romney more power than any previous president. That is scary.

      Romney is for torture – the more enhanced the better. Romney is for increasing Guantanamo Bay, wiretapping Mosques, the patriot act, illegal wiretapping, TSA pat downs, attacking Iran. Romney the savior of Salt Lake City corruption during the Olympics – hardly, Romney was instrumental in covering up and making sure no one was held accountable in Federal court the massive corruption that took place.

      George W. Bush may have been only a stepping stone for Romney to be moved into place.

    • You do not want to experience the answer to your question to Aaron.

  • Can Obama Prevail against a Romney-Netanyahu Ticket? - Robertson
    • Just handcuff and tie Harry Reid up and things would go better in D.C.

    • I know enough to take Romney completely down and expose a great deal, but people will not think this is the case.

      Sometimes people are foolish.

  • Béji: "We are all Tunisian Jews"
    • Sidney, it is not only men who have made the ‘mess’ women have also contributed. There is no pure gender; good and bad are found in both.

      It is not a positive message to our son's when full blame is placed on the male. People who have been abused, or provoked, need to keep in mind to act out may be want some may want in order to discredit. We have run across aligned people intentionally doing highly abusive acts in hopes causing a forceful response - so it would be used against as a method to say "see we told you 'they' were violent". It is best not to fall into an all ready dug pit.

  • GOP Candidates Harm Israeli Security by Pushing for Impractical "Greater Israel"
    • The Evangelical and Christian community has been heavily manipulated by Karl Rove for decades. Romney is not 'pandering' to the Christian Community, how little some understand the background that is and has been going on in this area.

  • South Carolina & Gingrich, Egypt & the Muslim Brotherhood
    • “and the ‘influences’ Romney would bring into the Oval office many would rather have stay in a foreign nation and not in Washington D.C.”

      You can ask, but I will wait to answer. :-)

      I chucked at the rest of your post.

    • One week ago Romney had a ten point lead in South Carolina. Within a week Mitt dropped in per centages giving Romney a resounding defeat.

      During the past week I spoke with many pastors and ministers in South Carolina explaining there were other serious issues involving Romney that need to be considered before casting a vote. The issues are far beyond abortion and other wedge topics. People may want fault the south for many things, but the rank and file southern does love their country and the 'influences' Romney would bring into the Oval office many would rather have stay in a foreign nation and not in Washington D.C.

      Social Conservatives also have formed a group and make robo calls into South Carolina warning of Romney. Evangelicals have had long concerns regarding the Mormon faith. The concerns are often justified.

      Just as a thought, on the radio yesterday I hear George W. Bush was an Evangelical - if this is so, it didn't help Romney with the overall Evangelical community. Romney did have well entrenched religious leaders in South Carolina behind him, but again with the rank and file did not go along and their backing did not help Romney.

      James Carville came the closest in stating the disaster the GOP has with Mitt on their hands. Carville specifically mentions Karl Rove and Bennett in his post.

      "Let me break it to you gently -- you've got a first-class disaster on your hands. I know you boys thought this thing would work out and you would be able to whip the Republicans in line to fall in behind Mitt (I assume you are all males but if there is a female in the establishment, I apologize.) Not going too good, is it fellows?"

      ..... "And how about my friends over at American Bridge (the Democrat-leaning political action committee)? Clearly Mitt is merely in the beginning of this tax-return, financial-disclosure, Cayman Island (and God only knows what else) fiasco."

      link to

      "God only knows what else" --- God knows and so do I.

  • Israel: No Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program; Barak: Any decision to Strike Iran "Far off."
    • "we just don’t have the inside story, and don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes".

      This is most true, and part of my frustration with people sometimes.

  • Scotland to the Rescue: Seeks 100% Renewable Energy by 2020
    • Ahhh, those independent Scottish folk, first wanting independence from England now with energy! It is a wise move, and for other reasons than the one given. It will make Scotland less dependent politically. One has to love those brave-hearted Scott's! :-)

      Given the rush to corner, or to tie up the world's natural gas which would put Europe under the thumbs of Russian pressure.

      "Gazprom News - The New York Times › Business › CompaniesThe line between state-owned Gazprom and the Russian state is often blurry, and became more ... The monopoly's primary activity is selling natural gas in Europe at market rates to ... became an instrument for centralizing authority, buying up opposition television stations .... Russian Investors Seek to Block BP-Rosneft Deal ..."

      It is a heavy mantel put on mom's sometimes and a stony difficult path given to walk, "when men contrive with deceit in mind". Americans? They are the people one is losing faith in, faith is lost. Americans seem more intend in the silvery tongue selling the Brooklyn Bridge to every passer by, and finding ways to restrict people by laws that bind our people in chains. Exploit and bind has become the American psyche.

  • Perry talks Crazy about Turkey, but is Par for GOP Course
    • Exactly the reason people are asking for Mitt's income tax returns. Last years, not this years.

      Romney formed "Restore our Future" with heavy hitters from Utah, many linked to pyramid scheme companies and companies that have had numerous ethical complaints lodged against them.

      The Romney families personal investment firm Solamare, headed by Mitt's eldest son Tagg with G. Scott Romney on the board of directors, is also funding Mitt's campaign. There is a sub company under Solamere, I believe called Solamere
      Advisers that has people from Sanford a company from Texas that ran the second larges Ponzi scheme next to Bernie Madoff.

      One manager who soured on Bain By JOSH GERSTEIN
      has a good article on Bain Capital.

      link to

      The gentlemen quoted in the article pretty much says it like they are - (they are most temperamental, yell and scream (a whole bunch)

    • If Perry stays in the S.C. votes remains excessively split, giving Mitt the opportunity to walk away with the election. Romney knows there is a backlash to his running, but the backlash votes are split. If they were not split Romney would not win S.C. Mitt has stayed at no more than 25% approval within the GOP - and that per centage is GOP establishment.

      IMHO, some of the other candidates also stayed in to give Romney a chance to win in Iowa and by larger per centage in N.H.

    • According to Fits News in South Carolina -
      “Some have speculated that Perry – a left-leaning crony capitalist who ran as a right-wing reformer – is remaining in the race in an effort to help former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the choice of the Republican establishment.”
      “Perry and Romney have formed an alliance for Perry to stay in – (I’m) 100 percent sure of it,” one SCGOP source tells FITS.”

      Romney plays political hard ball - the Romney’s always have. 2012, to the GOP establishment it to be Mitt’s year. Karl Rove a strong backer of Mitt, as well as Dick Cheney, manipulation of the GOP selection process to accomplish this will be done.

  • Petition against the Murder of Iranian Scientists
    • “without due consideration for human rights” - this is not a concern for the individuals

      “psychological scar” --- this is the intent

      “prompting it to ask for revenge in kind” --- this is a secondary intent

      “human rights and due process” - this also is not a concern for the individuals.

      The purpose is always the same, whether it is a physical assassination, or a psychological murder. Do you feel this has only happened to people in the world of academicians, writers, human rights activists, and intellectuals? It has happened to far more people than this.

  • Obama warns Israel against Iran Strike, Cancels Joint Military Exercises
  • Israeli Mossad Agents allegedly Impersonated CIA in fostering Baluch Terrorism against Iran
  • A Murder in Tehran
    • 'Palestinian leader in Dubai' the method used was similar to the Sean Connery movie "The Other Man".

      Guess, they also watch movies to get their inspiration.

    • MEK doesn't mirror terrorist actions they have engaged in terrorism.

      There are also 'specific' presidential candidates attempting to "liberate this group" and take them off the terrorist list.

  • Dear Republican Candidates, You Have us all Wrong
    • Koch brothers are backing the Tea Party. Koch has held many fund raiser for Mittens. The tea party movement was high-jacked a long time ago.

      It is going to take people from many walks of life and political opinions to stop what is being put in motion with Mitt Romney.

  • Three Republican Bears and none Just Right
    • Romney is on track for another war, it is why he has staffed himself with the people he has.

    • You mentioned the John Birch Society. Cleon Skousen was deeply involved in the John Birch Society. The link below gives Cleon’s own FBI record, which Erie has kindly shared with the world. Cleon had his own motives in his actions and did not tell the truth. FBI head Hoover was not happy with Cleon or his activity in the John Birch Society.

      link to

      As far as gun control, disarming a nation means they cannot resist aggression, should world or country events turns in that direction. The problem has come in with Americans is as a nation we have become dishonest as a people, aggressive as a people. As I have been told in Switzerland citizens openly carry guns without the problems that are faced in the United States.

      Restore the Confederacy? American history is complex and not as simple as vitreous North or evil South. There were slaves in the North and indentured servants. Northern factories were not know for their kindness to workers. One needs to keep in context the cultural norms of the times.

  • Bombings Roil Iraq as Sunni Arabs Re-arm
    • It was a given this was going to happen. Very Sad. Very sad, indeed.

      They will finish off the Bush invasion among themselves. Do people ever learn, do they ever see? I don't think so.

  • 60 Dead in Baghdad Bombings; Iran and Al-Maliki
    • I fear, as someone having experience with the Romney family, I do know what Romney will be doing.

      Sadly, I do all ready know what he would be doing.

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