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  • Response to Bush/CIA Spying Allegations by the University of Michigan
    • Dear Mr. Cole, I believe that you should be content with being disturbed by the CIA in that way.
      Stuff happens : remember Jean Seberg or David Kelly, the British scientist who both committed suicide.
      Long live to informed comment !

  • Afghan Protests against Qur'an-Burning cause Deaths
    • Who will say that the Mainstream Media are to be held responsible in no small part for this disaster ? Why did they allocate so much time and attention to this even-not-useful idiot ? Father Jones (unrelated to Mother Jones, I hope) lead a cohort of about twenty-five people a year ago. I am afraid his affiliates' number is growing.
      If you cannot silence him (freedom of speech), silence yourselves, and let him "die" from coverage attrition.

  • Palin: "We must support our North Korean Allies"
    • What about Sarah Palin being right ? North Koreans might be accointed to the neo-cons, to the military industrial complex, usw, as they happen to take pleasure in spoiling any chance to have peace in the "Pacific" (forgive the pun) area ? Then, Mrs. Palin would have disclosed a national security secret.

  • Blog Migration
    • Juste un petit mot pour vous dire combien votre blog nous est utile à tous, bien au-delà des frontières des USA. Bravo pour cet effort permanent d'information raisonnée.

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