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  • Egypt's Controversial Fundamentalist Constitution Meets Low Turnout
  • Top Ten Threats to the Legitimacy of Egypt's new Constitution
    • "The US Bill of Rights permits peaceable assembly for protest precisely because the inventors of modern democracy in the 18th century recognized that it is in fact part of the democratic process."

      Burning 28 offices of the MB has nothing to do with peaceable protest. And killing 10 Members of the MB Youth either. And storming the presidential palace either. The killings were not reported by the Al Ahram Newspaper. Unlike the Nasserist Reporter that is killed while covering a pro Mursi demonstration.

    • "Although Morsi got his constitution, he won’t very likely have gotten the stability Egypt desperately needs for its economy to progress"

      but the opposition which is a pure marriage of convenience can?.

      I saw a Youtube-Clip in which a Moderator of ONTVEG(which is owned by the Copt and former best friend of Mubarak) ordering the President to step down. I never saw someone in the western Media in my entire life doing the same. Not even John Stewart ordered Bush to step down after 8 Years and a horrible record. Has the american Opposition or Occupy Wall-street ever burned down the Headquarters of the Republicans or Democrats?. And if it would had, then at least it would be reported in the Media. The entire Media in egypt is owned by corrupt Ex Mubarak cronies. Media outlets have become parties. They invite Opposition figures as if they have democratic legitimacy. Is Democracy meant do be the rule of the mob?. If it`s the case then say good buy to egypt. I can still remember how Sharef Abdel Kouddous argued after the parliamentary election argued that somehow election are just a part of democracy. And that the street is somehow just as important. What bullshit is that. If the artificial opposition win the next election then brace yourself for another round of violence and mayhem. Storming of the presidential palace. dissolving of Parliament and Street-fights all over egypt. I want to add that al Ahram is not a national newspaper but a political body and think tank.

      This is my personal opinion

  • Egypt's Morsi Backs down Slightly, but Opposition to Campaign against his Referendum
    • The only thing that the "secularist" have achieved so far is that elections have no meaning whatsoever. If the secularist which are a combination of Muslim hating Copts, Mubarak supporters, Bourgeois liberals, Nasser nostalgics and gulf money would have won the election then there never would have been a single Islamist being invited to write the egyptian constitution in the first place. An Al Azhar Clown at best would be present. If they win the next election which I doubt then the Islamist have the "democratic" right to stop "normal life" in egypt. They have the right to dissolve the elected parliament. They have the right to storm the Presidential Palace and they have the right to burn the headquarters of all secular Parties. And I don`t want to hear a single condemnation of those "Islamo-fashist" ok. No double standards.

  • Egypt: 100,000 Demonstrators Deliver "Final Warning," chase President Morsi from Palace
    • on the other hand there were hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in favor of Mursi in the Nahda Square. This demonstration whatever did not get any coverage. All these Newspaper never went to protest in the Mubarak Era. The Judges that were handpicked by Mubarak and have dissolved the elected Parliament and refused to punish the people that where responsible for the Killings of protesters two Years ago for lack of evidence. Not to mention there general Complicity with the former regime. This demonstration itself is made of:

      a) people that are truly concerned because of the weakness of some articles in the Constitution,

      b) disappointed opposition Politicians that have allied themselves with the elements of the Mubarak regime that is still more powerful than the MB in the state apparatus.

      c) The former Regime under the guidance of shafiq who got suitcases full of oil-money after his recent visit to the emirates. They want to overthrow the president by provoking a possible coup by the military establishment.

      d) Nostalgic Nasserist

      e) Hooligans who want to have some "fun".

      And to RT I want to say that fleeing the palace is better than declaring the Anti-Morsi protesters Terrorists and start to kill them like Russia`s ally Bashar Al Assad did. And like Russia itself practiced it on the Chechen Uprisings.

      This is just my opinion

  • Egypt Polarized as 200,000 Tahrir demonstrators and Crowds in other Cities protest Morsi's "Temporary Dictatorship"
    • " the Brotherhood was plotting to bring back the dissolved parliament of fall, 2011"

      The parliament was elected Mr. Cole. What I see is that the secular forces have allied themselves with the Mubarksis and gulf money. The media in egypt is dominated by the secularist and or Mubarksis. The whole judicial court and the Bureaucracy is filled with Mubarak supporters since he handpicked the Judges himself. They worked and work against Mursi from them beginning while the secularist on the other Hand hypocritically complaining about the lack of speed in achieving the goals of the revolution. This is there Tactic in a nutshell.

  • Syrian Baath Escalates, Uses Jets to Bomb Aleppo
  • Syria Spirals down
  • Egypt: Fundamentalist President + Junta = ?
    • "Shafiq's campaign claims candidate is winning Egypt president runoff with 52%"

      This is one of today`s headline stories in the Mubarakism-Mouthpiece Al-Ahram online. So it`s not over yet. I think that at the end of the day Shafiq and with him Mubarakism will be back in a few weeks or Months. So much about democracy in the Arab World lol.

  • Did the Egyptian Generals make their Coup because of a Conspiracy Theory?
  • The Revenge of the Leftovers in Egypt
    • I`m not even a big fan of the MB. But I want the democratic process protected.

      The presidential election did not take place yet Mr. Cole. But the expatriate vote so far suggest that Mursi won with 75 % of the vote. You can check it on the guardian.

    • i forgot to mention saudi Arabia that loved Mubarak and the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia where the leftist opportunist worked closely with the former regime.

    • "The question is why do left knows that once the MB gains absolute power, which they will with their support, the first group to be eliminated and forever silenced will be the pro-democracy liberals followed by the left."

      This was only practiced by secular leftist under Nasser. The iranian regime that is still popular in big segment of the arab left like As`sad Abu Khalil. The secular Baath Party in Syria. The secular algerian regime and so on. So. Who are you kidding.

    • "Voters appear to have been trying to ensure that the Mubarak regime did not reestablish itself, so they put the fundamentalists in the parliament. But when the parliament predictably began making noises about banning alcohol and swimming suits, the public reaction was negative. While the fundamentalists will do well in any free and fair election, it is not clear that they can repeat their dominance of parliament so handily."

      This is a false argument Mr. Cole. The Brotherhood is very popular in egypt. Tell me why the public has not voted for the leftist or the Wafd-Party or the revolutionary youth in the first place. The brotherhood gained popularity with there charity work and there decade old opposition to the Mubarak-Regime. The leftist had there chance under Nasser. They screwed up. So the MB deserve a chance. It`s there turn to rule egypt for 4 Years at least. The criticism of the revolutionary youth with regards to the Brotherhood has nothing to do with Bikinis and ban on Alcohol since Alcohol was banned by the Mubarak-Regime long time ago and you hardly see any indigenous muslim woman wearing a Bikini in egypt. You can only drink Alcohol in the Tourist locations or big Hotels. They were criticized because the Mubarak-media started a Propaganda-War against the MB. They accused the MB of having a secret deal with the Military. And this accusation were repeated over and over again for months. Another propaganda trick was to speak of the weakness of the Parliament without mentioning that the Parliament don`t had even the Power to challenge the Ghanzoury government after the football riots. And this is were the MB decided to take part in the presidential elections since the parliament was powerless.

      "....the man they put forward, Khairat al-Shater, is an allegedly corrupt businessman whose corruption cases caused him to be ruled ineligible".

      If this man is corrupt he had rather had choose to be part of the mubarak mafia instead of going to jail and he was cleared by the court right after the revolution when it still was a revolution to speak of. According to whom Shater is corrupt btw. According to the same sources that gave "little Mubarak" Ahmed Shafiq green light for candidacy?. According to Al-Ahram that was and still is the Mouthpiece of the former regime?. According to the Billionaire Sawaris Media. Sawaris was a big buddy of Mubarak btw. I always wondered why he is not charged by the court. It is so because he is a copt?. His father was a buddy and Business-partner with gaddafi btw.

  • Syria and the Rise of the Death Squad
    • As I said on numerous websites a year ago. The Regime plays the games of the algerian regime in 1990`s. The partner is this time china and russia. In the algerian scenario it was the french that covered up the crimes of the algerian regime. I remember back than that the algerian regime refused to let UN observers in to algeria to analyze the massacres. The syrian regime want break the spirit of the syrian people at the end of the day.

  • Syria: Famine and Civil War
    • You have handed over Iraq to Iran. So you have a role to play. Or just bring Saddam back. And btw. the US is on it`s way to hand over Afghanistan to Iran too.

  • Will Houla be al-Assad's My Lai? Artillery Massacre of Children in Syria
    • the syrian regime play the games that the algerian regime played successfully in 1990`s.

  • Egypt's Presidential Election: Between Revolution and Counter-Revolution
    • I hope sabahi wins. Because Egypt need a counterweight to the MB. Generally speaking. I dare the next president since egypt is in a mess.

  • US arms Sales to Bahrain Undercut Criticism of Russia, Iran on Syria
    • hey daryoush "the great"

      the syrian uprising was peaceful for 7 months. The regime nevertheless killed the people even in that period. So. Who do you want to fool here. Syria will never become part of "great persia". And therefor no access to the Mediterranean for Iran. I love how Iran helped the US in the Invasion of Afghanistan too while it now funds anti-occupation afghan TV-Channels. The same trick Iran used in Iraq. Let the US do the dirty work and than we can take over. Forget about it.

      P.s: The regime imprisoned even school children and tortured because they wrote anti-regime slogans on walls.

  • Why India blew Hillary Clinton off about Iran
    • "Iran is a peaceful country but the America are trying to paint Iran as evil Country why they are the one."

      Are you kidding me. They helped the US in Afghanistan back then and now they fund anti-imperialist channels in Afghanistan. So, foreign Intervention is Ok for iran when it plays in Iran`s Hands. They played that game before in Iraq where they promoted "Democracy" after the "Intervention" while hypocritically dismiss it when it comes to syria. They want to create a great Persia from Afghanistan to Syria.

  • Syrian Civil War Kills 160, Spills over onto Lebanon, Turkey; Will US Intervene?
  • Iraq Slams Saudis, Qataris for Plans to Arm Syrian Rebels
    • And now sunnis get killed for there names and suffer because Maliki wants to feel save. Why has maliki and Iran insisted on the debaathification of Iraq. What is this double standard.

    • Are you traing here to change the facts. Sunnis are mor than 80% of the country.

    • I would say sinister. Since not a single Iranian will die in the syrian conflict regardless of the outcome. Like in Iraq. Arabs fighting Arabs at the end of the day. Even if Assad loose the battle it would be not that bad for Iran. the big arab prize is iraq with it`s oil wealth and it`s historic are capital Baghdad.

      Iran convinced iraqi shia`s that they have more in common with Iranians than with there neighboring sunni or christian countryman which is quite tragic if you inform yourself about the fate of the iranian Arabs or the Ahwazy in former Arabistan in Iran where 80% of "Iran`s" Oil wealth is located btw. Iran annexed it under the shah in 1935 with the help of the british. Until than it`s one of the poorest areas in Iran. Plus iran enforced and still enforce persian language on them.

      link to

      And I`m still against the bombing of Iran

    • The difference is that the sunnis are the majority. And Assad is a puppet of Iran. So you can say that the iranian Regime found their saddams with the Assad Clan. A sectarian secular minority rule over a majority. like saddam ruled over the shia majority.

    • more than 80% of Palestinians are in favor of the syrian revolution and not a single Iranian died so far for Palestine. Even Hezbollah`s Nasrallh began to disenfranchise himself shortly before the arab spring began. Not to mention Iraq`s Moqtader Sadrs war on Palestinians in Iraq itself.More than 50000 Egyptians died for palestine and tens of thousands of other Arabs from jordan to iraq to Syria. Who are you kidding. Assad tortured Al Qaida suspects for the CIA and his father embraced the peace plan in 1990`s.

    • The Blueprint for the so called shia crescent a.k.a "great Persia" from Afghanistan to the mediterranean Syria was build by Iran about 5 Years after beginning of the West`s "War on Terror" a.k.a "War on Sunnis" a.k.a" War on Arabs". Iran "conquered" Iraq without shooting a single Bullet. This was always the wet dream of Iranians regardless of Ideology for historical reasons since iranians still blame Arabs for the Collapse of Persia. Even exile Pro-Shah Persians are very proud of the recent iranian foreign policy achievements. Iran was in 2003 more than willing to accept Israel in the 67`Borders btw. since it was in "Panic Mode" to get attacked by the Neocons. However. This has changed in 2007 and 2008 with a) the arab iraqi (sunna and shia) attacks on the Americans increased "successfully" and b) the economic Meltdown of the US. Double- Jackpot for Iran. Iran got than full excess over Iraq and began to work with -I`m a shia first, Iraqi second, Arab third and Dawa Party Member fourth- Iraq`s so called President Al Maliki a.k.a the Poodle of Iran more closely. Maliki jailed then the former sunni secular ex-Army and Baath Members that drove successfully most of Al Qaida out of Iraq and promised the sunnis right after the partly withdrawal of the US a see of Blood. Another Win for Iran without losing a single Iranian.

      But it`s getting better and better for Iran with the Victory of Obama. Obama`s shift from Iraq to Afghanistan was the best thing that could have happened to project "Great Persia". Since it would eliminate Iran`s other Enemy after arab nationalistic Saddam Hussain. Namely the Taliban and give simultaneously the Iranians more space in Iraq. Just imagine persian speaking Afghanistan without US Presence, without the Taliban and a weak President Karzai who would be absolutley dependent on outside financial and military support. Guess who would fill the gap?. Iran of course since Iran already possess a "natural" Base in Afghanistan in form of a Border with Afghanistan and pockets full of Oil Money from Iran and Iraq. Another bonus for Iran would be the Connection to China via the Afghanistan-China Border . So after Iran cooperated with the US Invasion in Afghanistan to show some good will after 9/11 and of course to gain some secret legitimacy as reasonable potential Middle-East Power from the West after it got it already from China and Russia.

      China is very interested in Afghanistan too because of a) Market for it`s goods(Chinese contrary to Westerners have no problems selling Burqas or Sex-toys to Afghans as long as it brings profits) b) cut off any interference of "pan-Islamism" to chinese Uigurs and c) Chinese Interest in Afghan`s Minerals from Copper to Lithium. China already signed contracts with the Karzai Government about the Minerals in Afghanistan.

      And then came the arab Spring

    • I have a question. Syria is overwhelmingly sunni that is rules by an allawi secret service. Why is syria part of Vali Nasr`s shia crescent. I`m sure that most syrians are not even aware of Iran`s intentions.

  • Top 5 Dangers that the Syria Conflict could Destabilize its Neighbors
    • Wait a minute. Civil War. I tout you god Assad said that there were only armed gangs. But Bahrain`s Uprising is real, right?

    • Was the overthrow of Ben Ali and Mubarak a CIA coup too? Keep delusion yourself. Iran got Iraq. It will never get syria.

  • Divided Arab League Won't Call for al-Assad to Step Down
    • "The problems of minorities are not irrelevant to the Syria crisis, since the religious minorities there are fearful of the secular Baath government being overturned by one dominated by Sunni Muslim fundamentalists"

      As the secular Iraqi Baath Party was overturned by the shiite fundamentalist majority. It`s the same situation in syria like it was in Iraq.

    • "It is also being rumored that the al-Maliki government is attempting to deflect a harder line on Syria by threatening to bring up as an agenda item the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in the Arab world. (For North Africa the discussion would concern Berbers, for Egypt Coptic Christians, for Saudi Arabia Shiite Muslims, etc.)."

      can someone ask Mr. Maliki -who is a puppet of Iran- where the iraqi Christians are? What about the 8 to 10 million arabs living in Iran or in Arabistan-Iran?. I mean they are shias like Maliki. It`s kind of funny that a guy that has said in front of australian diplomats that he is first a shia, second an iraqi, third an arab and fourth a member of the dawa party. Such a guy want to speak about the rights of minorities?????

  • Syria Revolt Enters Second Year as World Stands Feckless
  • Bahrain Demonstrations Echoed in Iraq on Eve of Arab League Meeting
    • you have forget to mention that iraq`s Maliki and Moqtader Sadr hypocritically back the Assad Regime in Syria.

  • McCain: Bomb Syria; But Iraq and Russia oppose Intervention
    • who?
      You mean Muslim Fundamentalist. But wait a Minute isn`t Bashar not backed by Fundamentalist from Iran and Iraq?.

  • Santorum Can't Run Away from Limbaugh, who is just taking Santorum's ideas to their logical conclusion
    • - Syria is not S.A. The first Prime Minister of Syria was a Christian.

      -The shiite sect is a minority in S.A and the Qatif Demonstrations were a sectarian warning from Iran to S.A only. Like the Bombing in Turkey was a warning from Bashar al Assad to the Turks. The Qatif demonstrations had nothing to do with Bread, Dignity and Freedom.

      "Do you have any doubt that the Saudis would do the same to their shiite saudis of eastern saudi arabia should they take up arms against the saudi monarchy?"

      Iran is doing the same btw with regard to the sunni Baluchis in Iran itself.

      The sunnis are the majority in Syria. So you can`t compare it to S.A. You can compare it to Bahrain. But the best comparison would be Iraq where the anti-imperialist secularist sunni elite where crushed by the shiite majority with full support from Iran. So Iran. And now Iraq`s Maliki backs the secular shia Minority in Syria while at the same time hails the uprising in Bahrain. What a hypocrite. Iran helped NATO in Afghanistan too but refuse NATO Intervention in Syria since it did not serve Iran`s Interest.

      -The syrian uprising was not a sectarian uprising until Bashar made it one. He warned the christians for example with the iraqi scenario for them even though he is backed in Iraq by the very same people like Moqtder a Sadr`s Mahdi Army that killed the Christians. I´s just comical.

  • At Oscars, Director of "A Separation" Slams War Talk
  • Syria: Crimes Against Humanity in Homs
    • oh wait a minute. So you argue like. If israel has the right to kill Palestinians. Than the Assad Regime have the right too.

      Shame on you

    • Yes they killed their own children and blamed it on the regime. And syrian Artist broke his own Hands as a smear campaign against the Assad Regime. And the Massacre in Hama was a Hoax too.

      Shame on you.

  • Syria's Crisis Deepens: Does Internationalization Loom?
    • How about the 47000 civilians killed in 1982 in Hama according to the former east german secret service Stasi that was an ally of the syrian regime?. This incident have paralyzed the whole syrian society until today.

      "How many times lower over a longer period of time is the total amount of people killed in Syria?"

      according to whom?

      Why have the Assad Regime expelled all foreign Journalist from Syria?. How about the tens of thousands of political prisoners before and the tens of thousands more after the uprising?. How dare you talking about foreign intervention. As if iranian, russian and chinese intervention is no foreign intervention.

  • Majid: Why America Matters to Muslims
    • the bigoted sunnis. Are you kidding me?. What about shia treatment of iranian sunnis in Iran?. You just hear about sunni mistreatment of shias because the sunni region falls into the western sphere of influence. Maliki promised sunnis recently a sea of Blood. What about the killing of 47000 sunni Moslem Brothers in Syria in1982 that were killed in Hama by the shia Hafez Al Assad and 10 of thousands murdered and tortured during his rule. Hafez al Assad was for sunnis what Saddam Hussain was for shia . What about his iranian backed son Bashar al Assad that ordered the Killings of 5000 mostly sunni Protesters?. He is also backed by shia leader maliki which want to refuse democracy to syria while he himself insist on it since shia are the majority in Iraq.

    • "Sunni Muslims must speak out against the wanton murders of Shiites and Christians in their midst"

      Thats true like the shias must stop hating sunnis as a core principle of faith. Al Azhar teaches the shia school of thought not as heresy. It`s a Minority Majority Problem. What happened to the sunnis after the iranian revolution took place?. What will happen to sunnis in Iraq?

      Nuri al Maliki Quote: First I`m a shia(Not Muslim or Arab). Second I´m Iraqi. Third I´m an Arab and fourth I´m a Dawa Party Member.

      Syrias first Prime Minister was a christian. Sadam Hussains foreign minister was a christian.

  • Iranian Navy Menaces Oil Exports from Hormuz
  • Top Developments in the Arab Spring Today
  • Newt's new Crusade against the Arab Spring
  • Islamic Law not a problem in Bush's Afghanistan & Iraq, but a Problem in Libya?
    • sharia law will not stand long in Libya. Even when Libya will still be a conservative country in the years to come. It is more a kind of identity for most people. I live in morocco and know what i`m talking about. It has to do too with the inferiority complex which is quite heavy in the gulf region. Sadly this region is do to it`s oil money extremely influential in the arab world. when on the other hand gulf states never represented islamic civilization. It´s like giving billions to gypsies.

  • Surprises of the Tunisian Election
    • That goes to Jay. I´m in morocco right now. I did not had internet access. So I could not reply your question on time. This is an example clip in youtube. Just tip in the search field : Libya is a country amazigh. and then you find a lot of other Anti-Arab clips in there. another more important sign that Berber Fascist want to take over the libyan revolution is that the world amazigh congress recently change the algerian head of the movement. A libyan is now the head. Even Berbers or Amazigh libyans are a absolute minority compared to Morocco. This Fascist want a piece of the cake to sponsor there pan-Berberism.

  • Qaddafi's People's Temple
    • I`m a Berber from Morocco and we have a growing number of secular Berber Fascist. They interpret all shortcomings in my country to Arabism or Pan-Arabism. Even when we are ruled by a francophone Elite with less or practically reference to Arabia.They get monetary funding from the French. Just look at several Youtube Clips which willfully portray the libyan revolution as an anti-arab revolution.

      Sorry for my bad english.

  • China and Iran, Green Together
    • as long as there are a nuclear power in the region. They have the obligation to build a nuclear arsenal. They can learn a lesson where submissiveness lead to from the palestinians.

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