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  • Sec. Hagel threatens to cut $1.6 bn Pakistan aid b/c Drone Protests Blocking NATO Convoys
    • right, "aid" is a funny word for a bribe to the powers that be in Pakistan. just more proof about how the inncents die due to greed and war of the Rich Elites.

      maybe if they "bought" the average Pakistani with some of that "aid" they could leave the battle zone.

      blessed are the meek for they are the "collateral" damage no one talks about.

  • Has a European Boycott of Israeli Colonies in the Palestinian West Bank Begun?
    • well, it's good to see something done about the theft of the West Bank. Hopefully the rest of Europe will also join the boycott. i don't think America ever will join. this is such a hopeful sign.

  • The Middle East warmly welcomes Iran Deal, sees it as Step toward Denuclearizing Israel
    • what will Israel do without Iran to rail against. or the idea of having nuclear bombs? gosh, i can't imagine Israel going quietly into the night, so to speak.

      is this just a trap with a trip wire for Israel to use. sounds too good for peace to happen in the Middle East. with all the hatred and mistrust the Israelis have created about Iran, can the Israelis dare let this go to the bitter end/peace in the Middle East.

      and how can Iran not fail? the path is so circumspect with fine details. this sounds like a perfect excuse for Israel to bomb Iran at any missed minute detail.

      color me skeptical of Israel's ability to stand buy and not attack.

  • US seeks Broad Powers, Immunity for post-2014 Troops in Afghanistan (Lazare)
    • lol , money buying fellow thieves, is what this is about. Iraq said no to the American immunity and the civil war has continued since we started the war there. Afghanistan. another colony may not survive either without the Empire maintaining troops there.

      question is how much money will it take to buy out the Loya Jirga. i wonder if they (LJ) are as cheap as American Congressmen. or do the Aghans love their country enough to want self determination. Money from the Empire or a return to their own "form" of corruption. lol choices, choices, choices.

      i heard it costs a million dollars to keep an American soldier stationed there. too bad they don't spend money on us, too. you know, ordinary Ameicans, our roads,schools, bridges, infrastructure need replacing too.

  • US tries to Censor British Report on Secret Bush-Blair Push for Iraq War (Lazare)
  • Elites Stick together against Us: Feinstein Slams NSA Merkel Tap
    • lol. Feinstein and the rest of Congress are open to blackmail by teh very monster they helped create, or so we can hope. it is ironic to see Merkel's sense of outrage, when no such outrage exist for the average German or American. power is all that matter to these people. and the wealth and status that this power brings.

      that one commenter suggest Americans would care about the rest of the world shows how ignorant this person is about Americans. We are exceptional. our weather maps stop at our borders, unless you live near the border that is. America is a self absorbed pearl in our own oyster/world.

      care about the rest of the World. oh please. outside of Israel, The World is just a place to secure oil and raw materials to feed the Consumerist Society our Corporatocracy has created. we are self absorbed and need look only within. America Military might, Economic might, aka the American Empire has for many years imposed Our WAY on the World.

      the Ugly American was written many years ago about the blindness and smugness of what America Society and America power exuded. this is beginning to crack, the self smugness, due to various factors, but America still refuse to acknowledge there are other peoples who lives matter. just watch the UN for the last 40 years, and especially the way the Israelis have aparthieded the Palestinians in their own land.

      Americans really are special, they just don't know how, and the Elites like to keep them that way. for so many years it has worked so well, so long.

      to think American care about the rest of the world, is well, ignorance. at least from a practical view. where's the money in caring about the rest of the world, when we are willing to throw our own poor out in the streets, take away food stamps from the poor, cut Social Security, empty mental hospitals, outsources jobs for profit and create a Walmat type society which taxpayers subsidize working people so Business won't have to pay them living wages.

      yes Americans are truly exceptional, and it shows. the NSA is just one small part of what America has become. and it ain't pretty, but then again America never cared what others thought about America did. The American Way. well that's just who we are.

  • The American Genocide Against Iraq: 4% of Population Dead as result of US sanctions, wars
    • right, bicker over the term "genocide" while the results are practically the same. and the guerilla war between the Shiites and Sunnis, which we fueled, will result in a similar effect.

      gosh, what particulars/such a finesse. American exceptionalism in its' finest hour.

      reading the foreign news i read about the tit for tat between the Shiites and Sunnis and now and then it includes the Kurds. plus as said, above, the use of depleted uranium. The American Gift to the Middle East, whatever the motive.

      while their leaders did horrendous thing to the native Iraqis, does that excuse us with ours doing the same. evil is evil, two wrongs, you know, no matter who does what. Oh that's right we had "excuses". Saddam was a "bad" man, you mean, just like Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Rice, Rumsfeldt, Odierno, Meese? gosh i could list the whole Republican cabinet from many Presidents, with their adoring derrier kissers. but our American version is excepted from any punishment, since we OWN the world, Empire that we are.

      That line from Madeline Albright, wow, she alone deserves a special footnote in history for such a "comment." such a base hatred and a special despicable evil, of a nature usually found in hard hatefilled excuses of a less than human. Pol Pot, Pinochet, what a special group she would fit in perfectly with. Such a "speechless" retort. Takes my breath away every time i hear it repeated! and yet she probably lives in luxury and breathes freely without any sense of "self consciousness". like the rest of the Bush "family and friends." there are just no words for that kind of breath of an evil spawning creature, definity beyond description, for such a capacity in twisted evil.

      but whomever dares to, do go ahead, and absolve the US and the Military of these "crimes". as we all now the US is above the Law, as George Bush, Yoo and Cheney, and that whole Kabal. we have sown the wind, and the innocents in Iraq and Americans soldiers whom are reaping the Whirlwind.

      not like we will ever own up to such crimes there, when we let thieves run and ruin the country. we are truly Exceptional Americans.

  • Dear Tea Party: The Gov't Shutdown is Hurting White People, Too
    • my mother fought integration, protested in the streets of New Orleans to keep the schools white. the judge Skelly Wright, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, who helped uphold this integration was nicknamed Smelly Wright. i didn't know who he was, but i knew what they were talking about. New Orleans is now more segregated than before "integration". talk about irony!!!

      Johnson was right. the Right, through Reagan in particular, brilliantly played upon the fears of the White Middle Class in the South. I'm from New Orleans, and white Flight was just the visible sign of the effect of this fear of the OTHER in this city and others. the damage done to our Society is incalculable. we have a long road to go to undo this "fear and scaremongering" one group (R's) used to "scam" the White Middle Class.

      Destroying Society, dumbing down education, ruining unions/workers' income by destroying Patco, Reagan's first step to ripping out the social cohesion of the working class, and the various steps the Right used to "divide and conquer" worked so effectively and so efficiently through the years. and the fight has never stopped since.

      we are now at a point where the Right has long owned Congress and we will see how much they "demand" in their "vision" of America. These Old White People are still living in the 60's. or in the Reagan Republican's Version of what America was to sold to the Middle Class, aka Southern Strategy, thanks to Lee Atwater. As those of us who choose to see, reality is quite different, America is far different from America of yesterday. Change is unstoppable.

      Fear works wonders, as the ascendency of the Right Republican Wing has proven. When the Blacks sang the song "We Shall Overcome", little did they know the White Right wing Republicans would adopt this as theirs as payback for the Civil Rights Acts. irony is way deep here.

      the Republicans figured how to game the American Democracy and here we are today. to expect the Right to stop or accept less if naivete. will we return to the open violence of yesterday or will this war on the American Middle Class succeed in the quiet it has festered in since Kennedy was killed. Load the Court system with nutcases, deny alternatives and demand fealty to the Republican "WAY." the 11th Commandment of never disagreeing with the Republican Party. Communism Party Republican style.

      we have to own up to our history or as someone said, we will be condemned to repeat it. the Past is also not past either. the Past is here and now today. the Civil War was never ended as the Right wing Republicans have shown us today and since the Civil Right Acts were passed. the Threat of Equality is not to be doubted. to think we shed all that blood just to have this fester interminably. now, however, i think we can see this "bubble up" all over the place.

      My mother never thought she was wrong, only doing what she "thought" was right. the far reaching lessons on the use of fear are never to be underestimated. She was wrong about integration, though she was raised to fear the other. the fear of the Black man in the South is our "heritage" and it worked wonders for those who used "this fear" as a tool. Are we going to face our fears or are we going to let "fear" become the mindkiller and use us?

      Still can hardly believe you would dare cite this for your post, Mr. Cole. taboos fall hard. at least in Southern society.

  • Top Ten Things Ted Cruz did to the NSA and other Security Agencies that Edward Snowden Couldn't
    • the fear and ignorance of Conservatives are what give the Tea Party and Republicans such power in this hostage taking we are part of now.

      Cruz and the Tea Party idolators are perfect examples of evil and stupidity.
      Good to hear something good coming from the bigoted hatemongers.

      we already pay for the poor to go to ERs, those who have jobs pay. the poor don't have money to pay, so the rest of us do. what is needed is Single Payer/Medicare for All. otherwise we will bankrupt the country.
      and cut the Military. about 1billion every single year to fight the "enemy" that is otherwise known as Fear, Ignorance and Corporate Military Congressional Complex

  • Brazilian President Snubs Obama: How US Cyber Espionage will Destroy the Internet
    • what will Israel do about Iran, is what i meant to write.

    • the naivete about the CIA and Chile is most astounding. but that is what disinformation is about and shows how effectively it works.

      the thing with Iran will be most interesting. War is Peace and all that. what will Israel do now about Israel? the Middle East is blowing up and here we have an "opportunity" to not go to war with the evil nation of Iran? chances are War will be found to be the reliable choice for those who want it.

      Peace is a choice, but not really an option. the Empire doesn't know how to do "peace."

  • Arguing with President Putin
    • yes whatever you say don't mention Israel and the Palestinians and the UN. that's not pertinent to the argument here from those who care more for Israel than the Palestinians right to live. Israelis are obviously worth more than the Palestinians, at least if the US vetoes at the UN are to be compared to the latest issue of killing Syrians.

      we can see some people are more valuable than others, i.e., like Israelis seem to be first and foremost the only people the US bothers to defend at the UN. watching the fancy footwork of those just itching to kill more "Brown Muslims" who are sitting on our oil, actions speak louder than any Chemical Weapons by this or that bad guy the US opposes.

      but no one said the world was a fair and just place. power goes to those who use it. and the US uses it on a regular basis to defend "Our Oil" in the Middle East and our proxy Israel, which gets all our NSA info unfettered! the next action is Iran, which has the audacity to exist in the same neighborhood as Israel. will America attack Iran next? now that Syria is getting too "complicated" to attack?

      the vargaries of power! while us little people watch our "elites' send ud/the poor for their own amusement and profit.

  • Where is our Amsterdam? Lavabits, Snowden & Wikileaks Censorship recall age of Absolutism
    • goverment employees can't access those materials at work. there is a difference there, however subtle. like the military's blocking of website. what an interesting position to be in.

  • Top Ten Things that don't Make Sense about NSA Surveillance, Drones and al-Qaeda
    • the Government agencies have the power and right to do whatever they want since 9-11. and blackmail and money are the 2 most important tools involved here. the latest "threat" from Al Qaeda is just like those from the Bush days with our color coded threat levels.

      anyone who believes the Government/NSA etc, will ever lower the threat level, and or allow Americans to return to a pre 9-11 America is living in fantasy land. we are bought, sold and delivered to the NSA military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.

      those who think it won't take a revolution are willfull denying the new reality we live in . we are on the other side of the looking glass now.
      all those wonderful questions/possibilities of having a "sensible" respect for individual rights and respect for our Constitution are part of the problem. while Bush played us for fools, Obama continues to escalate. and who can stop him or the next President. No one can. it's way too late for a return to safety from the "security" state. this is East Germany on steroids.

      we voted for our own confinement and now we reap the results.

  • Congress betrays vow to Uphold Constitution, abrogates 4th Amendment; Snowden is Better
    • how dare Snowden do this to the NSA? has he no integrity? gosh, laws are made to stop such nonsense!!! Rights, and Safety and. and... Off with his head! the Red Queen said.

  • Whites and African-Americans in America by the numbers
    • i'd be curious to see that done by age. people over or under certain ages, i think, would show different answers. just to see how younger or older people perceive this.

      when you consider the War on Drugs is also a War on Black Men, it seems so easy to grasp the differences in status in American Society. Keeping Blacks from voting mainly and keeping Black women in single parent households.

  • How America Became Orwellian: A Short History of Big Brother Sam (ProPublica)
    • yes the irony is large. to think Bin Laden for half a million, i heard that was the cost of 9-11 for Bin Laden, helped overthrow the supposed appearances of "democracy" of the US. last count the numbers for Homeland Security was almost $900 billion.and that's just DHS and not he 16 spying agencies we hear as working to "protect us." leaves out Defense Dept costs too. lol

      for a mere $500 thousand, Bin Laden and his group of a few Saudis/aka 9-11, were the reason for the passage of the Patriot Act, FISA, et al,, ( Obama voted for FISA before being elected President,) and numerous other Spying measure on Americans. weird irony, having a terrorist be the cause of the demise of our Freedom and Security, instead of ending up protecting our freedoms and securities. the Global War on Terror has come home to America!

      Bin Laden is supposedly dead, but the Spying on America is just beginning in it's long life, long after 9-11. the Americans who say i am doing nothing wrong and have nothing to fear from such a Big Brother Government are just next in line to those the Government chooses to "get." Wait till you say anything. no second chances, here, folks. so, lay low and suck up the Spying or be the next in line for Gitmo. We do have choices!!!

      to have such a terrorist be the impetus/excuse for a Totalitarian US state is such an irony and speaks volumes. and to watch our Congressvarmints use 9-11 as an excuse to say they "can't" tell us. Well, that is so "nice" of them. to hear all the drumbeats for more silence and ignorance lest we "help" the terrorists or "enemies" of the US, well, gosh, i suppose the saying, "Ignorance is Bliss" is something we are going to have to really "get used to." we spied-on-Americans had better enjoy our "security" from now on. obviously, we aren't smart enough to be told how "bad" a world is out there or if the spying has an "end" date. cause, you know, loose lips sink ships, et al.

      our "Daddy" Government will protect us and we "should" be content to know "the Government" is taking care of us and providing "security" for us. too bad about that "Freedom" thing. Times change, you know. "They" know what's best us, for sure!!!!. Just like East German, Soviet Russia, Communist China, Myanmar. Dissent is evil and unAmerican. Spying on Americans is the only way to keep us safe and "free" from Terrorism.

      war is peace, and you know, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

      or Don't Ask, Don't Tell, in another version. lol.

  • NSA-Verizon Surveillance: Welcome to the United States of Total Information Awareness
    • we may not know what fascism is now, i do believe we are on our way to find out. lol technology the Nazis could only dream of will help us, for sure.

  • Top Ten Ways President Obama has Expanded our Rights, in Rev. King's Footsteps
    • Torture! the treatment of Bradley Manning is torture, by all descriptions of what is being leaked/told about his confinement. with the death of Swartz, such hyperbole is inexcusable.

      So, if you believe Obama has ended the use of torture, i have some wetlands in West Texas for sale.

      Dream on about Obama and the US Gov. Obama is just another member of the "Faith Based" Fantasy Religion we usually call Republicanism.

  • Candidate for CIA Chief Jane Harman Advocated Ethnic Breakup of Iran
    • and there is surprise in this? this is just the way it is. the war machine runs America with their Agents/Congress. i'd bet there is more people in power like Ms. Harmon, but we just don't know or hear about.

      this will not change until Israel gets its war with Iran. Israel wants what they want. Nobody can criticize Israel without being called anti-semitic.

      and it is not like anyone can challenge these powerful people. We tax payers can whine all we wont. we are just backdoor agents of death. any wonder why "they" hate us. so sad, and true.
      religion and politics. just proof these don't mix.

  • Romney Ridiculed 'Rising of Seas,' Pledged Deep cuts to FEMA (Videos)
    • as if the Red states care what happens to the Blue states. the Blue States pay most of the taxes for the Red state governors to pander to the Right wing base. the Blue States pay for this, to have their own throats cut. Blue states need to stop paying for their own hanging.

      cause some pigs are more equal, said Napoleon Pig.

      if you didn't read Atlas Shrugged, you better. that is where a lof of the hatred for the Blue States comes from, among others.
      Red State looters vs Blue State producers

      stupidity isn't just found in the Red States, the Blue states better wake up. and go Galt and refuse to pay for all the Welfare States/Red States moochers. our own Mao like Jindal/La. is proofof stupidity and his earthquake funding right before the earthquake incident.

      sometimes i laugh to think that there is a Human God especially when his anger at Red States' stupidity shows up in things like Hurrican Sandy, Good Job Brownie, and Jindal's Earthquake comments, buteven then the Right goes into full attack mode a la The Ch ristian Taliban, who never pass up an opportunity to blame Gays,a Kenyan Muslim Usurper, Uppity Women and Latinoes for any Natural Disaster.

      to have such a vengeful God speaks volumnse of lack of Christianity in the man who describe God that way.

      like a Naughty Santa Claus. but only the Right can blame the Left. never the other way around, using a Christian/Taliban God at that.

  • Medley of Grey-Faced Republican Men on Duty of Raped Women to Bear the Child (Video)
    • wonderful collection of those who know better. and American men and women will continue to vote those "kind" into power.

      ask and ye shall receive. more bread and circuses.

      bringing religion into politics/state has such "wonderful" consequences. i wonder if women really believe these men. enough to vote for them. or their religion to follow such "beliefs." if so, we deserve to go back in time to the Dark Ages. looks like we have made great strides this way since the Republicans and their St. Reagan brought the Christian Right into American Government. Yet i always hear about how "bad" Government is from the Right. Really confusing when i hear what they say and follow what they do.

      willfull ignorance is such an amazing "reality."

  • Egypt President condemns Israeli Air Raids on Gaza
    • Morsi can't do much without upsetting Big Brother and Little Brother. the stupids in Gaza deserve Israeli blowback. Morsi is stuck between defending fellow Arabs against the Apartheid the israelis have created and the establishment in Israel and Egypt's Military, who live off our American Money that both are dependent upon.

      Morsi is stuck between a rock and hard place. Stuck between Palestinian idiots/Hamas who attack their Israeli Masters, who encourage Hamas' rage and pitiful "military" outbursts, and Morsi is wary of the Owners/ the Military of both Egypt's and Israel/American Elites. just how long will Morsi be able to stay in power is the real question here.

      that fine line, a long walk on a short pier.

  • Mourdock, Rape as a Gift of God, and Islamic Sharia
    • the issue is that fundies want to impose their view of LIFE on others. whether they be Christians or Muslims or whatever belief system, the forcing of religious beliefs on others is what these Taliban following Fundies have in common.

      the idea that some people can think and come to differing opinions is what is not allowed here. the Christian Taliban and Muslim Taliban, etc, all agree their views must be followed by everyone. no exceptions, no ifs ands or buts.

      that is what is so ironic about the Hatred towards the Muslim Talibans by lots of so called Christian Americans. it is this casting of judgment on others by our own "self-approved and self-ordained" Christian Taliban. our own Christian Taliban loves doing this to fellow Americans. that is the real problem of violating the separation of church and state. "holier than thou" attitudes lead to no good.

      Judge lest ye be judged only applies to the Fundie Muslims, apparently. not so for the pompous, so called "Christian Fundies" here in America. such rapacious glee at imposing their religious views on everyone. so very "Christ like." not!

  • Walsh (Republican): No Pregnancy Ever threatens a Mother's Life (Young Turks Video)
    • "an increasing tendency in the Republican Party to substitute a fantasy world for the real one, and to prefer ideology over reality."

      lol, this has always been the Republican party's operating system. it is called Faith Based Reality. I can hardly think of a time when the Republicans ever used a "real" world line of propaganda, period. Starting with "Trickle Down" for most of us here. Fantasy is the ony way to keep the base "energized". lol nothing has changed on the Republican side for many, many years.

      to say now it is "an increasing tendency" is to be quite "liberal" about years of Republican "lies."

  • US Drone Strikes on Pakistan: Counting the Bodies (Ross)
    • lol, what a wonderful use of the internet. we really are there, aren't we. interesting comments for interesting times.

      enjoy the show folks. bread and circuses.

    • i suppose these apologists have no clue as to what blowback is. so i won't even go there. why waste my energy.

      just wait till they do come back with a response, like 9-11, for instance.

      but that is just a fantasy line of thinking. these people are terrorists first and foremost. and we will kill every one of these "kind" just to prove we are 'better and humane" and all the rest of the "argument".

      what i can't understand is, "why do these "infidels" hate us so much? try as i do, that question just remains unanswered. if i only had a brain, or a heart! can someone explain that to me? i'm just too dumb to "get" it.

      three cheers for the American Way. and down with Terrorists, you know those muslim jihadist kind.

  • Was the Rachel Corrie Verdict the end of Israel's Judicial Credibility? (Marlowe)
    • a losing argument doesn't need to kill protesters and make martyrs out of them. Israel will lose a lot more by denying the rights of foreigners in the world court of opinion. not that Israel cares for any opinion other than their own. Carte blance for the killing of Israel's enemies can only be used for the eradication of the Palestinians in the West Bank/Lebanon, as we have all seen over the years. but foreigners are not Palestinians, foreigner had rights at one time. now the court has ruled otherwise.

      And there is no way the Palestinians could ever defeat the IDF, ever. such is a simple fact that the rest of the world has accepted and everyone can plainly see. the wanton killing of "peace" protesters and the sham verdicts like this merely diminish any pretense Israel would like to raise in its' defense. not that Israel will care one way or the other what others think, anyway. and this just proves it.

      Israel will fall from such blind hubris, as all nations eventually do. history will be judge, however. and those of us who are not in the Middle East, but pay taxes for the existence of Israel can tell when a line is crossed. this is one.

  • Ayatollah Cameron Threatens to invade Ecuador Embassy re: Assange (or, Whitewashing Iran for the US National Security State)
    • Assange will be visiting Bradley Manning for sure. it is just a matter of time. whether in the Ecuadorean Embassy or elsewhere, it a fait accompli.

      watching the Swedes and the English do the Americans' dirty work is an awesome and sad display of the rule of men over law. power corrupts. in this case Assange stepped on the toes of the angry Giant/Superpower.

      sad a folk hero like Assange would be sold off by a country like Sweden, which gladly will sell him to the Empire, and England, the poodle, dutifully obeys its masters' bidding. all along i thought Sweden was a moral country. sounds like Somalia. seems the "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" story about Sweden wasn't just a fiction about the corruption of Swedish Society. it obviously was an honest glimpse of the corrupt society that the Assange affair illustrates.

      Assange will "disappear" into the American gulag, sooner or later. Sad.

  • Romney Hood and his Merry Band (Cartoon)
    • Obama offered Social Security cuts during the Budget Hostage Fiasco. a Democrats in name only. lol so much for the Obama will save Social Security and Medicare retort.

      Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Evil and lesser Evil. Choices, Choices,Choices

      don't we have fun!!

  • Happy Palestine Land Day: Israel Earmarks 10% of West Bank for Settlements: White
    • the Palestinians still exist from what i read, though i can't imagine for how long they can last in this apartheid state, and eventual ethnic cleasing of Judea and Samaria. notice it is called by the Jewish judea and samaria. not the west bank.

      it is such a fait accompli, i wonder why the Palestinians can continue to battle the US and Isreal in this endless battle for land.

      it is US weaponry that is used to kill and maim Palestinians and defend the Israelis. how can these stateless Palestinians expect to survive for long. this is not your second rate military powers war they are engaged in.

      50 plus years of this/encroaching settlement of "Palestine/Judea/Samria meme does get quite old when the same story line is told year after year. the Jewish immunity will never be questioned or ceded, that much time has shown. i frankly can't see how the Palestinians will ever stop the theft of what is left of their occupied lands, with the generous and unqualified support by the American Government. so where are the Palestinians supposed to go, to Jordan and start a new Palestine there.

      how much of fortress Israel must remain with such a ceaseless hatred for the Palestinians, even if Jordan becomes the new Palestine. i can see why they want to focus on Iran, but after they get rid of Iran, what will be Israel's next step in their control of the Middle East. will Israel be satisfied with Just Judea and Samaria? Israel seems to be adept at creating more enemies instead of finding some way of existing in the land of their picking. Too bad the State of Israel can't be created in Germany as a payback for the Nazi holocaust instead of repeating this holocaust upon the Palestinians. Power is not eternal, as the American Empire we live in today shows.

  • Scalia and the Uninsured Children (Cartoon)
    • to think Obama has done anything other than cave to the Insurance, PHarma and Wall St. Elites is whistling Dixie. lol. the Manchurian Republican Obama is the best Republican candidate running who always caves and offered up Social Security and Medicare to the other Republicans during the last Debt Ceiling/Budget fiasco. Only a Democrat can attack Social Security and Medicare. see the Payroll tax, for a first attack.

      it will be interesting to see what Obama does. after the Republicans haved proved that nothing Obama does will survive an organized Republican onslaught, i often wonder why Obama doesn't stand up to the Republican attack. but maybe being the "victim" is part of the Obama script to do the Republican dirty work. under the guise of "bipartisanship."

      Could this result in Single Payer, like the rest of the "Humane" enlightened 1st world countries have? who knows. but if Obama suggests it, you know the Republicans won't let it stand, unless you call it Romneycare, lol.

      Politics, American style.

  • Poll: Majority of Republicans Expect War with Iran in 2012 (Infographic)
    • War is America's past time. and has been since i was born.1956. lots of lulls, but mostly war, for the few, aka, the rich and the politically connected to the Military Industrical Congressional Complex.

      and of course, if Israel, our 51st state, wants another "enemy" taken out, America must do Israel's bidding. as it always has been, so shall it always be. at least it has been during my life time.

      i wonder why anyone would bother to ask such dumb questions about the Empire known as America and Israel. just look at the history of these two war mongering countries/empires. past is prelude to another war.

      John McCain and George Bush and all the rest of the GOP Military Industrial Complex gets quite rich off of the wars. notice how many poor and "Unconnected" Americans fight these wars, as well.

      We Americans take it for granted that Israel will get its' wish to bomb Iran.
      that is just what Americans and Israelis do. Bomb the hell out of anyone who dares question anything these Empires have always wanted.

      Funny how God willing, the next war will be on another Islamic Country.
      "God Willing" even corrupting the power of God for the blood thirsty Empire. that's just the way it is. People need to get "over" it.

      the average Iranians need to leave Iran before it gets worse, as it will, before we and Israel "finish" off the populace like we did in Iraq with the sanctions Clinton et al put on the poor in order to get "Saddam."

      such stupidity/hatred is just the American "Way." always has been and always will be. and this poll just goes to prove how stupid the Democrats come across. Americans don't need to be led to war, they push for it under the guise of our "leaders."

      with Government like this who needs enemies.

  • Iran the Beautiful
  • The Generals try to stop an Iran War
    • oh boy another war. more dead children and young men whose parents will rally round their Leader to demand vengeance and kill the "Other."

      just what we need.

      to listen to those who "minimize" and "strategize" the options Israel and the US have against Iran is a basic step sanctifying the WAR on Iran.

      call it what you want using fancy phrases and words. this is the basic line/truth involved.

      War for Israel on Iran and America will pay with soldiers, money and blood, once again. America is seen as the real force behind Israel, they use America weapons, bullets, armaments, jets, and so on.

      my only question is when will Netanyahu start it. it really is only a matter of time. since he hates Obama, what better way to get Obama out of the White House. Obama is so useful to his Masters. that Obama will go down in history as the "Kenyan Muslim Usurper" says it all.

      just like Iraq, Iran is next. Remember the Axis of Evil, Iran,Iraq and N.Korea.

      well Iran makes number 2 out of the 3. does anyone wonder why N. Korea pushed for Nuclear Weapons. Iran started too late, that's all.

  • God's Way of Teaching Americans Geography
    • it was very difficult to listen to what that young girl said or what was coming from her lips. my, my. hard to tolerate such mental and verbal abuse.

  • Why the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Victory at the Polls May not be Decisive
    • subservience to and obedience to Israel is the only thing that matters to the American State, as far as Egypt is concerned. it's been that way for 50 years now. i doubt this will change any time soon. just reading about how Sesame Street, Palestinian style, is in trouble due to Palestinians standing up for their rights at the UN.

      imagine what the blowback would be if Egypt were to ever question Israel's occupation of Palestine or change some of the things Mubarak sold Egypt out for in exchange of American money. that is a real danger exposed by the Arab Spring.

      Saudi Arabia funds the terrorists, like Pakistan, and is ruled by the fundamenatlist Wahabbist, just like America is ruled by the Evangelical Christians/aka the Republican party. No one in America dares say anything about the Saudis due to OIL. focus on Iran and change the conversation should anyone dare criticize the Saudis. just the way it is.

      the fear of the Muslim Brotherhood is the "hope" of the Right wingers have here in American and i gather in Israel. The hope that Egypt will "contain" the evil fundamentalists/MB is what American Politicians are counting on the Egyptian military to do. Control the MB or you'll pay, just like the Palestinians are now, through the blackmailing over Sesame Street.

      We don't have freedom here in America anymore, so i wouldn't be too surprised to see the Arab Spring "wilt" if the Elite in America has any say. Power works to keep itself in power, whether here in Israel, America or Egypt.

      Hope springs eternal despite the efforts of the Elites to hold people down.
      Best of luck to the Egyptians, you have quite a fight on your hands.

  • Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011
    • Americans are so clueless about Iraq and the whole affair. Much less the rest of the MIddle East. Americans, i bet don't even know much about Canada, their great "white" neighbor to the north.

      nothing would surprise me about what Politicians can do or say about the Middle East. Americans are only upset that Bush's failure in Iraq has cost America "face." i don't see much lamenting the lives lost in Iraq, both American and/or Iraqi. too much PR/propaganda telling us how successful, like Obama saying the "war is over," with no comment about how many private defense contractors we have still in Iraq or the size of the American Embassy. and how many bases were there to begin with.

      Americans are and have been quite content to be ignorant and have been for a long time. only the price of OIL matters to Americans. to think otherwise, is to buy the "message" the media sells.

      American Exceptionalism is The American Way. so to expect Americans to "care" about the rest of the world is hogwash.

      i sincerely hope we don't go to all out war with Iran. all the ultimatums given Iran about their Nuclear program must mean something, i would presume. otherwise, why are the Americans and Israelis/Europeans/western World giving them to the Iranis?
      the stuxnet virus and the killing of Iranian scientists, and suspicious bombings throughout Iran seem to indicate a undercover war, though.

      Israel is painted as having given Iran an ultimatum not to go nuclear.
      Iran doesn't seem, on the surface, to pay heed to the Israelis, and nobody but nobody disses Israel. America does whatever Israel wants. that is a given.

      so i hope you are right about the whole Iran war thing. this push for war with Iran has been going on for so long now. i would have hoped the fiasco that is Iraq would temper the reality of the lunatics involved. but what is reality to "lunatics' anyway. we shall see. shan't we.

  • Iraq, Iran and the Nuclear Phantasm: We've Seen this Picture
    • Such insanity from power crazed people. especially those in America and Israel. throw the whole world into another war, destroy every nation economically and claim "territorial" dominance, beating their chest with a "Planet of the Apes" mentality. and make a fortune killing innocents, have our men and women in the military die for their "desire" to one up the other guy.

      As usual. tell lies and call it patriotism.

      these are not leaders, but destroyers of our economies, our ecosystem and our lives. As if things haven't been made extremely bad for the rest of us, the 99%, these "leaders of destruction" are going to help make it worse. Not Better.

  • A Story More Important than Debt Limit Kabuki
    • those who differ with your point of view, with regards to Obama and extending the Bush tax cuts, are obviously wrong according to you. and biased and pushing propaganda and so forth...

      if only life were so simple.

  • The Audacity of the Gaza Flotilla
    • as if keeping the Gazans hungry and poor will ever help solve the problems. all this occupation will do is create more martyrs, like the Warsaw Ghetto.

      i guess until enough people die, nothing will change.

  • Ellsberg: All Nixon's Crimes Against me now Legal
    • yes Nixon would be proud. to boldy go where no president had before. to be the first in the destruction of the American Constitution and American Republic. to show the way to use power and prove the ends justifies the means.

      and Obama is showing how power corrupts so completely. in the name of liberty destroying all concepts of liberty.

      amazing how living through that era of "i am not a crook!" and unindicted co conspirators led to this display of hubris.

      i have heard the american indians always said "the white man speaks with a forked tongue,"or so the movies i saw said. Guess that was too much truth to tolerate their presence with.
      funny how we wiped them out so they could no longer say that.

      American Exceptionalism is truly a light burning down the world.

  • Leonard Nimoy to Palestinians and Israelis: Live Long and Prosper in Two States
    • we are not dealing with intelligent life forms in the place around Jerusalem.

      if there were intelligent life forms there, we would've known by now.

      my entire life i have witnessed constant hatred from one to the other, each blaming the other for starting this or that.

      these are children fighting each other making the wounds worse. the finest example of doing unto the other, Golden Rule. and until they act like adults this will not stop.

      as i said my entire life, over 50 years, i have watched the tit for tat continue on, year after year. Have they learned anything other than to hate each other more? i doubt it. at least i haven't seen any sign otherwise.

      each has a right to live there, but i doubt there will be any change in my lifetime, or even after i am gone.

      hate is all consuming vessel, kills the possessor and its' object, together.

  • Amnesty Int'l: United Nations Must Reject Israeli Campaign to Avoid Accountability for Gaza War Crimes
    • obvious you can't blame Israel for anything. amazing to watch. somethings never change. oh well. same old same old.

  • Afghan Protests against Qur'an-Burning cause Deaths
    • ah the joys of Conservative Religious Nuts, whether Muslim or Christian!!!

      i often wonder who has the most theocratic state, the Afghanis, Iranians or the Americans.

      This American Pastor nut needs to be held accountable for this "crime" against the UN victims. But this sells in the media, and that is what America is all about.

      Profit, Profit, Profit. Why would anyone be surprised?

  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • well, when does America impose a no fly zone over Gaza or defend Bahrain?

      Oil, Oil, Oil. and Israel.

      walking and chewing gum at the same time!!!

  • The UN to the Rescue in Libya: Is it too Late?
    • Oil is why the West decided to get involved and is only because of the oil. otherwise, Bahrain would have not been allowed to kill the Shiite Demonstrators.

      Like others have said, The Oil Companies want their oil back.

      follow the money as always

  • Palin Borrows 'Blood Libel' from Israeli Far Right
    • thanks for explaining what the history of this "blood libel" Palin alludes to. Puts Palin's motives in better context after hearing this.

      Palin always seems to make things more messed up every time she opens her mouth. will be interesting to see where this leads.

  • Cole in Truthdig: Iran is Winning, Israel Losing
    • Israel is as isolated as both Iran and North Korea. Iran has neighbors who work with it, for various reasons. Same goes for North Korea, and can count on China, period.

      Israel has the US and Europe. Amazing to see the similarity between these three nations.

      quite a group to belong to and in.

  • Wikileaks and the New McCarthyism: Maybe we Just Need a More Open Government
    • yes some of us are more equal than others, especially when it comes to knowing what our Government does in our name. with endless wars on the "others" and a Corporate Government owned by the Rich, i do understand why "they" don't want us to know what goes on.

      keeping us in the dark and continually fed on BS really does work. Look at America today for all the proof. Only a few bother anyway, so what does the Government have to fear from us knowing anyway?

      and if i wanted to really be perverse, i would say it sure looks like Osama was just part of the plan. But what does truth matter now, anyway. Unless our Government approves, i mean.

  • Jahanpour: US following Israeli 5-Point Plan on Iran: Wikileaks
    • the idea of attacking Iran and the resulting devastation will be more than enough to destroy America's economy. I am just amazed the Israelis seem to think they can keep pushing and not expect some blowback at some point. they have been on a roll for so long. Palestine is theirs to do as they will.

      keeping the status quo for Israel seems a better choice than a war on Iran. Iran would never attack Israel and invite total devastation. As Iraq proved, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

      to see America hostage to Israel's aims is also a time honored American tradition. I do wonder if the Arab public is as "controlled" as the American public is. to have Wikileaks expose the "truth" of our leaders is a sad commentary and why Assange's days are numbered.

  • Congressional "Study" Attacking Climate Change Found to be Plagiarized, Error-Ridden
    • America has always been a business. Even the dreams are sold. Making a quick buck is all that has ever mattered.

      this short term outlook, next quarter profits, this immediate focus is the "American Way."

  • Why Obama gave in on Israeli Settlements in Jerusalem: Eric Cantor, Ros-Lehtinen Channel Israeli Right on Usurpation of Holy City, Displacement of Palestinians
    • what if anything will the Arabs do. Nothing, if the past is any clue. Israel is counting on that with the settling of the West Band and destruction of Jerusalem into a Jews Only city. Watching America go hand in hand with the Israelis is what "bipartisanship" means to Obama, apparently.

      Assuming the Israelis keep on "believing" the way they do, they will eventualy find some set of "intransigents" who refuse to obey the Israeli dictates. In the excuse of Jewish exceptionalism, and history of genocide, the Israelis are proving Ben Franklin's adage of " those who sacrifice liberty for security deserved neither and lose both."

      watching the Arabs let Israel do unto the Palestinians whatever they want, shows how the Israelis have gradually taken over of Palestine and Palestinians. No contest from the Arabs. just complete submission to Israeli domination, with US help of course.

      a New World Order, indeed.

  • Shimkus Pwned on 2 Percent Climate Claims
    • people like Shimkus show us what the Republicans are, what they will dump on America and a clue of the small price the world will pay for buying the Christian right's fealty.

      i don't think they care one iota. they all believe they have "Get out of Jail" card: their religion promises no matter what they do they will be saved and so will their world

      a prime example of willful ignorance/my way or the highway thinking. they represent total insularity to the rest of the world and all the creatures in it. Humans will reap their "selfishness" as we are starting to see now with the loss of viable ecosystems, ours as well.

      being all part of the Earth doesn't seem to get through their "religion."
      too bad for the rest of us.

  • Cole in Tomdispatch: Asia Rising, American Hessians
    • quite an outline of America's present and future decline. Greed and Hubris of Rich and Powerful Older men that young men and women are sent to die for. History does repeat itself. over and over.

      How many times must this story be re-written?

  • Energy Committee Chairman Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah
    • none but the best to run the American Government. vote Republican and get this farce-by the Right over with. otherwise i hear, "Keep Sharia law out of our Government." oh sorry, Sharia law Christian style is okay however.

  • MSNBC's Phil Griffith the Worst Person in the World, as Olbermann Joins Donahue, Banfield
  • 1942 Midterms: Republicans win Popular Vote, Pick up 47 Seats in House; Roosevelt on Ropes; Pacific War Uncertain, Economy Slowly Improving
    • there is only one party with two sides, the Fascists(R) and the Not so Fascist Moderates(D). god how i hate the concept of moderates, like "bipartisanship," both words imply acceding to the "Republican" way! Stand for something, please, just stand up for anything to let me know you have a spine!!!! i already know the Republicans stand for graft corruption and greed.

      if the Democrats stood for something other than grabbing a piece of the Republican Corporate trough, maybe there might be some Democrats worth voting for. right now, the Democrats and Republicans are Kabuki actors diverting attention from the real thievery going on now by the "Haves and the Have Mores."

      the Democrats and the Republicans are responsible for the Looting of America, as i remember Ayn Rand described it in "Atlas Shrugged." Both parties are helping their Masters, the Banksters, finish off America. Just read Matt Taibbi's stories in the "Rolling Stones" magazine.

      Watching Obama lose this election cycle was music to my ears. to await the subpoena power of Darryl Issa, R-Ca. is to await the payback Obama deserves for throwing us, the "Expendables," under the bus.

      and no, i don't fear Palin anymore than i fear the DCC, Ms. Bazile, James Carville, Dick Durbin, Hillary and the rest of the "corporate owned" Democratic elite. The Democratic Elite is part and parcel of the Corporate World. As for Palin, Palin and her ilk will be crushed by the Republicans once Palin and her grifter cronies get too close for the GOP Elite's comfort.

      Obama is such a traitor to hope and change in America that i bet Obama's "bipartisanship"/"code word for adopting Republican party beliefs/, will blossom into a total conversion to the Republican party ideals, all but in name only. as he has done in the last two years, the "D" after his name is for Dirty Tricks. As in, "I am not a Crook!"

      But no, I'm not angry at Obama at all. that is just who he is.

  • Renewed Conflict Looms as Israel-Palestine Talks still in Limbo
    • America will never force Israel to withdraw or give back the West Bank. After 50 years, what has changed? only the continued settlement of the West Bank by the Israelis and the prison like nature of Gaza.

      No way on this Earth would America force Israel to give an inch of the "Promised Land.'
      the Christian Right wing needs the settlements to certify the approaching "End Times."

      I will make anyone a bet on this outcome, this is one of life's "sure" things.

  • End Federal Tax Subsidies to Fox!
    • NPR is nothing but Nice Polite Republican ever since the Invasion of Iraq. the embedding of journalists was the end of NPR's so-called "independence". i remember the attack on NPR by the Chairman appointed by a Republican, a Mr. Thompson, if i have his name right. the Board at NPR became a mouthpiece for the Republicans then. it even made the news on NPR. i stopped daily listening after hearing how "partisan" NPR was scripted to be after Mr. Thompson gave orders for such.

      the word "torture" was/is taboo on NPR since the Republicans took over. Now, NPR is just a hollow shell, and a blank partisan news media that follows a party line. If it loses funding, maybe that will be fine. it has no integrity now anyway. NPR is such a waste of what used to be information before the culture wars.

      oh well, this is America today. the Right owns the conversation/media, anyway. why bother to say much about the "control" of any message. Political correctness is how the Right took over. smart effective and in charge of the media, which can't be trusted anymore.

      educating people requires those people who are willing to think, not those willing to be led and blindly follow what they are told.

      Reminds me of the "Father Knows Best" series. Listen to the "Father," he know what is good for you!

      a sign of the decline of America and the rise of anti-intellectualism.

  • On Juan Williams' Firing for Islamophobia and how Most European Terrorism is by European Separatists
    • Ethics 101 is a good idea, as it would "remind" us all of the duty to respect each other as basic human beings. the idea of respect for all by all, is not diminished by the acts of the crazy few.

      that's what isn't taught in schools anymore. Civics and respect for Civil Society have been discarded as bad things. Right now, it's "My Way or the Highway." the rot of disconnect is pervasive today.

  • Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Walk out on O'Reilly's Muslim-Baiting
    • trying to hold Israel accountable is not very realistic. America has protected Israeli actions through the years, especially at the UN. to read the Palestinians will protest the continuing settlement expansion to the UN was good for a laugh.

      security for Israel seems to override any other consideration of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Nothing has changed over the last 40 years in the West Bank except for the encroaching of Israelis on what is left of the West Bank.

      i won't hold my breath waiting for the Arabs to defend the Palestinians, nor the Americans to hold Israelis accountable. lol. im getting too much older to believe otherwise

  • Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job
    • there is no way to divorce Christianity from Palin, Bush and the rest of the American agenda. the way these people scream exudes the lunacy of America's religious heritage. not our spirituality, but the loony right's version of Religion.
      These people know how to use Christ for their "goals." after all the "Christian" bs how these people parse their words. see Frank Luntz (sp).

      our Christian "indoctrination" is just like underwear. just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. some Americans don't shove their Christianity down others throats, unlike the Right. One of the greatest unspoken rants from the Right is the "correct" version of Christianity/thought control. Mormonism, for example, isn't accepted as Christian, nor are those outside of the the mainstream Religious thought.

      American society is a Christian one from the get-go. local laws rely on Christian thought. Christianity pervades and permeates American Society. American closes down on Christmas Day! the Right even tried to make the Founding Fathers Christians, instead of being the Deists they were.

      We don't take off for Jewish or Islamic Holy days. so i understand how the Jews/others feel being a spiritual minority in the land of the Christ followers.

      like most everything in America, the Christian "way" is the American way. those that believe differently are "un-American". Hence the focus by McCain, Palin and the Right to claim they are "Real Americans." just refer to the unspoken American "way."

      This propaganda is so old and so thoroughly interwoven into the American psyche, and has been for many many decades. Mainly because repetition works. the truth is another matter, but when have Americans ever heard much "truth?" Truthiness! all the time! Truth, well, truth is not Republican friendly, so we get the "approved" version: Truthiness.

  • Dems Reluctant to Allow Taxes on Rich to Rise
    • it is always interesting to read Right wing economic theory. it is even more instructive to watch that policy in action. Before i knew much about economics i couldn't say squat about the lies the Republicans are and always parade like this guy "George". it is so amazing to realize how these Republican have no one holding their feet to the fire.

      their Economic "ideas" are pure BS. after watching George Bush and St. Ronnie give Business "American on a silver platter," i see the truth about Voodoo Economics.
      Business made out like the Bandits/Banksters they are. and the Middle Class paid for it. ALL the Middle Class and Poor made the Rich rich. not the otherway around.

      it is so amazing, too, to see all the ignorant people willfully "buying" into their lies, deception and thievery. None so blind as those that "will" not see.

      Privatize the Profits and Socialize the Costs, the Slogan for the Republican bankrupting of America. and what a good job the Republican did with the help of the "willfully ignorant."

      Congratulations, Republican/Business you did your job WELL!!!

  • Obama hands Iraq to Iraqis, Sort of;
    al-Maliki Declares Independence
    • the gist of the speech more or less carries forward the Bush theme intact. the whole notion that we could be again a "united" America was glibly intoned in the speech. the crimes of the Bush regime are not going to fade away, no matter how nicely Bush 3 orates or pretends Iraq is "finished."

      the segue from Bush To Obama/Bush lite is what is implicitly highlighted by Obama. the vacuousness of the whole speech. Orwellian. Repeat a lie, lather, repeat a lie, lather.

      and all along I thought Bush couldn't serve a 3rd term. how ignorant of me.

      sad case, all around. the farcical nature of the whole Presidency is what Bush stood for and now Obama appears to revel and burnish such inanites. what will be remembered are things like "preventive war, torture and Real Americans". also, the 50,000 troops left in Iraq just don't exist obviously. more Word games from these "Masters of the Universe."

      just wait till November when Bipartisanship rears its' ugly head for Obama. then we'll see "justice," bipartisan-style.

  • Mosque Building and Gay Marriage vs. Mob Rule by the Right
    • it's amazing that the Christian right wants to force their "religious beliefs" into and down the throats of non Christians. they have been doing this for so long they no longer see they are forcing their values down other peoples' lives.

      the problem here is simply one of others forcing the minority to "do as i do."
      they have the emotional ties to the idea of marriage belonging only to Christians. what if you're not a Christian? how come marriage is only for straight Christians? that is tyranny, plain and simple.

      i just wish the Christians would stop forcing their beliefs on society as a whole. seems the "good Christian" morals would stand of their own worth. Obviously, not here though, the fear of the "other" and wanting to keep control, to keep those "others" out of "their way."

      it's just not reasonable to accept such heinous bigotry of thought as rational or reasonable.
      people are people, but these people are definitely not "Christian" as far as Jesus is concerned. their hatred is counter to Jesus' teaching.

  • Was Amiri a Double Agent who Hyped Iran's Nukes?
    • watch what happens to Amiri. that will be most interesting. Iraq was a total lie. most people knew Bush et al made up it all after the IAEA couldn't continue to fact check the "reality" in Iraq. that Bush refused to allow the IAEA to back to Iraq was proof enough no further delay would be tolerate. this is what it looked like to those of us watching the "charade."

      so. Iran is next. with Israeli pushing for the OK, i doubt only the time table involved. that is the only thing left unspoken.

  • Tel Aviv Rally Against Gaza Blockade;
    Wave of Protests, Gov't Condemnation
    • the right has never missed an opportunity to make good on the oppositions' errors.
      they are too smart to change and miss a chance to "prove" their point. and proving their point is all that matters.

      it will take strong counter measures to stop the "right" in Israel and the US. that i don't see as happening. Both countries are owned and operated by the "right."
      to expect humanity from these amoral leaders is fantasy.

      the feedback loop with the right is not going to be broken by wishful thinking.

      it will take vast amounts of destruction, more than we have seen yet.
      the crescendo may be the war in Iran, coming to a neighborhood near you.

      and of course, America will be on the Israeli side. humanity be damned!
      only Israelis have moral outrage.

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