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  • "Joe the Plumber": "Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights."
    • p.s. Every time there is another MASS MURDER and politicians start talking gun control, the public rushes to buy handguns until the talk dies down in a few weeks after President Obama has returned from the scene of the latest mass murder.

      It's almost like a ritual..

    • "What if he'd had a lot more shots at his disposal?"

      Like the ones at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech or in Arizona? Congress needs to make it totally ILLEGAL to possess high volume weapons that can kill and maim so many people in just a few seconds.

      Jail time--no exceptions.

      There is no reason for anyone in the public to own these kind of killing machines.

      Elliot Rodger could have gain access to many handguns and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he could have been stopped. Handguns are a dime a dozen, people do NOT need a background check to get one. Rodger was a total nut. I'm surprised he didn't kill more than a few people by running them over with his car.

      Rodger could not have been stopped, but all the deaths at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech and in Arizona would not have happened without the killers having large capacity magazines and high volume guns. The killers would have been overwhelmed without such awesome firepower.

      BTW, I looked up the handgun fatalities and casualties over Memorial weekend in CHICAGO---6 killed, 16 wounded.

      In Chicago, so many people get killed by handguns it usually doesn't make the national news unless the number is more than ten. In any big city, I'll bet anyone could buy a handgun in 20 minutes or less without a background check. I live in Las Vegas. A friend of mine owns one of these deluxe car washes. He told me that out of every ten cars that they do a deluxe inside cleaning job, eight of the cars have a handgun inside.

      8 out of 10.


    • This deranged kid killed three people with a knife, three other people with a gun, then struck several people with his car before shooting himself to death. How many other people were shot and wounded? This tragedy isn't really comparable to Aurora, Virginia Tech, Arizona or the children's deaths in Connecticut. Blaming the NRA for those mass murders is justifiable since those madmen had real firepower and were able to kill scores of people in just a few seconds. Rodger didn't use near the firepower of the other killers.

      Blaming the NRA and Congress is pretty much a cop out in this case. Ordinary Americans own about 250 million handguns. We live in a society where violence is not only permissible but is seen as a solution to many problems. The occasional MASS MURDER is the price many Americans tolerate and are willing to pay.

      In a couple of weeks, this will blow over like all the others.

  • Top 5 Signs that it is Rove who is Brain Dead, not Hillary
    • Clinton's blood clot was caused by a combination of factors---dehydration, the flu and a concussion caused by a fall. She was 65 years old at the time.

      Developing a blood clot on the brain from what looks like three minor medical problems is a serious issue, especially for any politician who wants to be president AND will be nearly 70 if she gets elected.

      Tens of thousands of U.S. troops suffered traumatic brain injuries from IEDs, but very few develop blood clots of the brain. Their injuries were much more severe than Hillary's.

      Karl Rove comments about Hillary's overall health is like a blind squirrel finding an acorn. How many people develop blood clots of the brain from dehydration, the flu and a fall?

  • Top 10 Reasons GOP Benghazi Witch Hunt is just a Campaign Fundraising Ploy
    • Rep. Trey Gowdy was on the Charlie Rose Show Monday night, May 7th. 7 minute interview on YOUTUBE. Gowdy isn't a maniac like McCain or Lindsey Graham.

  • Condoleezza Rice, Charged with War Crimes at Rutgers, withdraws as Commencement Speaker
    • Three of Alberto's grandparents were illegal immigrants, but his father was born and raised in Texas. Becoming Attorney General, meant Gonzalez is the highest Mexican-American office holder in U.S. history.

      George also had not one, but two, black Secretaries of State. Both became WAR CRIMINALS.

      Bush Jr. wasn't your typical good-old-boy from Texas. He had one of the most multicultural administrations in presidential history.

  • In Deep South where GOP Rejected Obamacare, tens of 1000s die Unnecessarily every Year
    • Rick Perry came out in favor of in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants. That was a BIG reason why the racist Republican party rejected him. Texas is not part of the deep south. Many of the cities have majority Mexican-American residents.

      El Paso--75%
      Corpus Christi--80%
      San Antonio--63%

      The Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Democratic convention was the Mayor of San Antonio, a Mexican-American like Alberto Gonzalez. Both are Texans.

      Southern Louisiana is Cajun country--Catholics, not Southern Baptists. Deep in the bayous, many of the people speak French, not English.

  • The Sterling Racism Scandal: What about Associating with Muslim People?
    • Not counting Peter King, what percentage of Republicans would like to see all Muslims locked up until they can be deported?

      What do the CNN polls say?

  • Top 5 Signs Cliven Bundy is Wrong about African-Americans
    • New York City's stop and search anti-marijuana laws resulted in the NYC police stopping over 5 million people in just ten years. Over 90% of them were young Black and Latino males. Five million in ten years averages to 500,000/year. That breaks down to over 1,300 a day, every day for over 3,600 days. It was the most effective method for getting young non-white males into the legal system.

      Richard Nixon and the federal govt. used the barbaric marijuana laws the same way during the last illegal war.

      Even though Obama was a BIG POT HEAD back in his yut, as president he supported these anti-pot laws until the people in two states, Colorado and Washington, voted them down.
      Their votes broke the dam. If Obama and Holder could have stuck their fingers in the dike, these pot smokers would have been indefinitely detained as a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY.


      PEACE, MAN. :)

  • Is Obama right that America's Future is in Asia, not the Middle East?
    • In his latest column, China Matters took the opposite point of view. "Maybe the End of the American Century Starts Here."

      President Obama is set to visit Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea, but not China. All four of those countries, especially the Philippines and Japan, are having BIG territorial disputes with China.

      China Matters sees Obama's trip as "dedicated to the containment of the People's Republic of China."

  • Triumph of the Immigrant American Spirit: Meb Keflezighi and the Boston Marathon
    • The "big lung" theory of children in northeast Africa running back and forth to school still doesn't explain why so many elite long distance runners come from that small part of Africa.

      Their diets have even been studied. Researchers found that Kenyan runners eat a diet rich in short chained carbohydrates as opposed to the long chain carbo meals of long distance runners in other parts of the world.

      This is one of the greatest mystery in athletics. Kenyan and Ethiopian women are even more dominant than the men.
      However, Keflezighi left Eritrea when he was very young, so diet and big lungs from the altitude don't play a part with him.

    • In 2009, after Keflezighi won the New York City marathon, I got into a lively discussion with several people who claimed being a naturalized citizen was all that was needed for him to be considered an elite American long distance runner.

      I maintained that Keflezighi was originally from East Africa and runners from that small part of Africa have completely dominated long distance running for over three decades. Keflezighi is from Eritrea, but most come from either Kenya or Ethiopia. As a distance runner, I still considered him to be an East African.

      No knows why these runners are the best in the world--men and women. Scientists can not find the reason even though everything from their diet to the topography has been studied. However, Kezlefighi is somewhat different since he came to this country when he was still a child of 12-13.

  • Obama and David Brooks's Manhood Problem
    • Republican WWIII mantra....

      "If not now, when?"
      "If not Ukraine, where?"

    • Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) was on Meet the Press earlier basically saying the same thing. Before that, Ukrainian P.M. "Yats" said Putin's dream was to restore the Soviet Union. David Brooks saying"all bets are off" and making comments about Obama's manhood is aimed at starting a bigger conflict with Putin over Ukraine and sending a warning to China just before Obama goes to Asia.

      Starting WWIII didn't pan out in Iraq and Iran's nuke thing fizzled out. So, these CRACKPOTS see Ukraine as a stepping stone to a much bigger war.


  • 9 Maps that Show How The GOP is Destroying Southern States
    • Southern Louisiana is in the South, but not of the South. Cajuns are French Catholics, not Southern Baptists.

      Jesus doesn't run Texas, Big Oil does. Big Oil has ALWAYS bought off the politicians and run Texas the same way they are running the good 'ol U.S. of A today. When Obama gives the OK for the Keystone Pipeline, Big Oil will be doing the talking.

      Eating too much fried chicken makes people get fat in the rest of the South, but great Tex-Mex food is the main cause of obesity in Texas.

  • 5 Ways Nevada Rancher Militia Resembles Pakistan's Taliban
    • It'll get more interesting if Obama sends in a couple of drones to keep a close watch on these dangerous, gun-toting right-wing kooks. Bringing the drones home will allow Obama to send 'em to Nebraska after he gives the go ahead for the Keystone pipeline. They can keep a close watch on all the envirowackos, old hippies from the 60s, and other radical types. It'll be like Woodstock without the bands. All they need is a Nebraska farmer to play Max Yasgur....


      Obama will go to Nebraska and give his own "Mission Accomplished" speech.

      "We all know this pipeline is very dirty and oh-so-STINKY. I can smell it from here, but the real issue is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for all Americans."

      A couple of drones will be circling overhead.

      No guns means all the protestors get locked up until the pipeline is finished.

  • US Press once again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism
    • The killer in Kansas City, Frazier Glenn Cross, is well known. He's run for Congress and even been on the Howard Stern show.

      Cross is a racist like Page, but much more of an anti-Semite.

    • The victims define an act of "white terrorism" more than the killer, IMO. Wade Michael Page was a white terrorist because he murdered non-white Sikhs. He saw them as brown skinned foreigners and murdered them for that reason.

      The killer in Kansas City murdered a white Jewish grandfather, grandson and a woman in the parking lot of a Jewish retirement home because he was anti-Semitic. If the killer was a white terrorist why did he murder three white people? Unlike Page, he didn't kill because of the victims skin color.

      Why isn't Adolf Hitler labeled a white terrorist and the Holocaust an act of white terrorism in the extreme?

  • Tutu: Climate Crisis Demands we Boycott Big Oil just as we Boycotted Apartheid
    • Archbishop Tutu should make the same argument on "Meet the Press" the next time politicians and media figures talk up the economic rewards of the Keystone pipeline like they did last Sunday.

      There wasn't a naysayer in the bunch.

      A hundred dollars to a half eaten apple says Obama gives Keystone his thumbs up right after the midterms. John Kerry will say it was a tough decision but we had to do it for NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS. Then, he'll mention 9/11 and "VLAD THE BAD."

      "Archbishop Tutu doesn't have to wake up at 3am and worry about Putin sending thousands of Russia troops into Ukraine." Building the Keystone pipeline will mean energy for all our friends in Europe and Ukraine." John Kerry

  • 2 GOP Latino Strategies Clash: Sen. Ted Cruz disses Jeb Bush's 'Immigration for Love' Meme
    • Cubans in South Florida (Dade and Broward counties) voted 4-1 for Bush over Gore in 2000. Their votes meant George won Florida and the White House. Most Cubans in South Florida are right wing Republicans like Cruz. They LOVED Ronald Reagan and all his wars in Central America against the commies.

      It's my understanding Obama won Florida because of the Puerto Rican votes in 2012.

      Cubans in Texas are few and far between.

      Jeb's son, George P. Bush, is a Mexican-American. Take a look at his pic and you'll know why Grandma Bush calls Jeb's kids ..."My little brown ones." George P. was just elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner. If he ever runs for president and wins, he'll be our first Mexican-American POTUS.

      If Jeb wins the GOP nomination, more than a few Republicans will faint when he brings the family up on stage. They'll feel like Charlton Heston did in the "Planet of the Apes."

      It's something they won't be able to grasp.

    • Jeb Bush's wife was born and raised in Mexico.

      "An act of love" is similar to Rick Perry saying people "have no heart" if they deny amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants. In 2008, Perry was cooked when he said that.

      If Jeb says amnesty would also be "an act of love," ya can stick a fork in him too.

  • Is Rand Paul right that Cheney invaded Iraq for Halliburton Profits?
    • That's how I feel about Hillary. If Paul wins the Republican nomination, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Darth Cheney will cross over and vote for her.

      They'll be waiting for Hillary's 3am wake up call.

    • I think Cheney wanted to invade Iraq to flood the market with oil, collapse the price and break up OPEC. Controlling the oil market meant more than a price spike. To me, crude prices doubling was evidence that the plan wasn't working.

    • Does Rand Paul agree with Nancy Pelosi and think Cheney was responsible for the CIA's torture program?

      Senator Paul also objects to the NSA spying on U.S. citizens because it violates their fourth amendment rights. Senator Feinstein doesn't think the Senate should be monitored but doesn't have a problem when regular Americans have their constitutional rights violated. Objecting to NSA surveillance puts Rand Paul against most Republicans in Congress.

      Paul has also come out against Obama's drone attacks.. Generally, the Republicans support our president on this one. I imagine Darth Cheney wishes Obama would do more in this area.

  • Pelosi: "Cheney Proud of ordering CIA Torture"; Sen A. King: 'Waterboard Cheney!'
    • Dianne Feinstein wants to show Michael Hayden what "emotional" really means by making him wear a blonde wig and doing a reenactment of Custer at The Little Bighorn. This time with real tomahawks.

      Hayden should have said Dianne Feinstein didn't get emotional about NSA surveillance until she realized they were spying on her and all those other Democrats in the Senate.

      That's the truth.

    • Pelosi is the House version of Senator Diane Feinstein defending NSA surveillance until the moment it included the Senate. Pelosi was fine with "enhanced interrogation" as long as the public didn't object to the TORTURE of Muslims because they were the BAD GUYS. Now that midterm elections are approaching, Pelosi points the finger of blame at Cheney like he did it by himself.

      Nancy was fine with torture the same way Dianne supported the NSA.

      Darth Cheney is proud of being a NAZI, not just the torture. That's what they do.

      What would Pelosi and Feinstein say about Obama's drone attacks, pardoning Bradley Manning, ditto Edward Snowden etc. etc. etc.? Nancy and Dianne would immediately start talking about national security needed to keep Americans "SAFE."

      Those are horses of a different color.

      Did Nancy Pelosi object to Bradley Manning being subjected to long term "enhanced interrogation?"

  • US National Security hijacked, flown into Bermuda Triangle of Mysteries
    • America's growing shadow government and the increasing "militarized world of Washington" go hand in hand with the spreading chaos in the Middle East, the horn of Africa and now, Ukraine.

      What Englehardt thinks is a failure is in reality, a BIG success for the neoconservatives. Like he says, "the growth of a police state and a planet run riot turn out to be TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN."

      Neoconservative Victoria Nuland claimed the United States had spent five billion dollars in Ukraine promoting revolution since the early 90s. Revolution in Ukraine led to Putin taking control of the Crimea. As a result of that, the United States and NATO intend to counter Putin's "threat" by increasing military expenditures in countries bordering Russia.

      Neoconservatives thrive on chaos and conflict, so al-Qeada's resurgence in the Middle East ain't a bad thing to them.

      Two sides of the same coin.

  • Ft. Hood & the True Cost of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars: Nearly 1 mn traumatized: PTSD by the Numbers
    • In 1980 , I had a traumatic brain injury in a car wreck. For the next year, I was under the care of a neurosurgeon in the Houston Medial Center. Basically, there are two different stages to long term recovery. The first stage, lasting 7-8 years, involves the brain reconnecting and using less efficient neural pathways to take the place of the ones that were injured and died. During this time, the victim will suffer from several bouts of long term depression. That depression will also cause many to use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism.

      Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol are the biggest long term dangers, IMO. A good percentage of people with brain injuries will wind up being homeless and die at a fairly young age (before 50) because they had a traumatic brain injury.

      I think my own experience and recovery over the last 33+ years gives me some understanding of the problems these poor soldiers will have to endured for the rest of their lives.

  • Why Romney is Wrong that Obama's Syria Policy Emboldened Putin
    • Obama put himself in a box when he drew a"red line" in Syria. The Russians cleverly took advantage of his mistake which also blocked the neoconservatives from making "A CLEAN BREAK" in Syria. Plan B was neocon Victoria Nuland promoting revolution in Ukraine.It's like watching a game of ping-pong between the neocons and Putin. Invading Crimea gave a 2-1 advantage to "Vlad the Bad."

      Obama and Kerry are the PING-PONG BALL.

  • ABC: Bush's Neocon Spokesman for Illegal US Occupation of Iraq Slams Russia for Crimea
    • Great post. The enthusiasm of 70% of the American public for the war in Iraq mirrored that of the civilian populations of Europe in WWI. Over eleven years after the invasion of Iraq, their enthusiasm for payback against Muslims has been forgotten and replaced by a blame Bush mentality. It's easier for the public to put the blame on someone like George rather than admit they were fooled into supporting war by the neoconservatives.

    • Nobody hammers on the neocons like Pat Buchanan. His latest "Marching as to War" is all about the next war, with RUSSIA.

  • On Iranian New Year, Russia hints it May Swing Support to Tehran over Crimea Sanctions
    • If wars with Iran and Russia broke out simultaneously, William Kristol and the neoconservatives would be living in their perfect world.

      Kristol's eyeballs and ears would start glowing in the dark.

  • Can the Neoconservatives make a comeback via the Ukraine Crisis?
    • China Matters thinks Obama might be trying to turn this around by acting decisively against Putin. Today's column--- "Is President Obama Trying to Break Vladimir Putin's Political Back in Ukraine?"

      According to the White House read out of the convo with China's Xi Jinping, Obama stated his overriding objective is "preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Ukraine."

      Interesting read. If what China Matters says about Obama trying to break Putin is true, this whole thing could get very hairy.

      The whole phone convo about the snipers is also on his site.

      A very interesting conversation.

  • US Hypocrisy on Crimean secession move: Washington Supported Break-up of Sudan, Yugoslavia, Iraq
    • "The U.S. position on secessions depends on whether Washington likes the country affected." In 1861, the southern half of the country seceding sure didn't make Washington happy.

      I'm not so sure Washington sees the threat of Crimean secession in the same light since it will probably result in sanctions being placed on Russia. Claiming Putin invading Crimea is no different than what Hitler did in the late 30s as Hillary Clinton did last week, gives Washington another BAD GUY to take the place of Ahmadinejad.

      The new POTUS of Iran tweeting "Have a nice day" is NOT what the war hawks in D.C. want to hear.

      They need "BAD GUYS."

      Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed Iran wants another HOLOCAUST, so the next U.S. POTUS saying Putin moves like Hitler fits right in since he also supports Iran.

      If nuclear negotiations with Iran fail, I can see a perfect shitstorm forming on the horizon.

  • What today's GOP gets Wrong about Leadership: Obama & Eisenhower, Russian & Israeli Recklessness
    • p.s. Another thing I noticed is Putin's counterattacked in Georgia was on opening night of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. That day, our State Dept. had been in repeated contact with the President of Georgia (Misha) warning him not to attack South Ossetia because it was a Putin trap. Misha ignored the warnings and Putin sent 1,200 Russian tanks through the Roki tunnel into Georgia.

      The government in Kiev, Ukraine fell on closing weekend of the Sochi, Russia Olympics. I do not think that was just a coincidence--No way.

      There's a method to Obama's madness.

    • Here's another cynical viewpoint, also beyond partisan politics. In foreign policy, the Republicans and Democrats are two peas in a pod.

      In Syria, Putin did plays his cards well, but Obama set himself up with his "red line" comment. In the end though, Obama and Kerry got out of the trap they set for themselves.

      In Ukraine and the Crimea, Putin's seems to have done something similar and went even further by sending in troops after his man in Kiev was overthrown by western leaning forces. Putin might have drastically overplayed his hand. His comments at yesterday's news conference showed him to be "in his own world" as German P.M. Merkel put it. In poker terminology, Putin went all-in because he sensed Obama was holding a weak hand. He better hope Obama's hand isn't a full house including sanctions and E.U. support.

      Will the situation in Ukraine weaken Putin's support for Assad in Syria. If so, what look like a Putin-Assad victory might turn out just the opposite.

      If Assad goes down and a western leaning govt. is in place in Kiev, it's a win-win for Obama. Taking down Assad also breaks the supply line between Iran and Hezbollah.

  • Dick Cheney Broke US Military, now blames Obama for Cuts
    • General Shinseki warned Donald Rumsfeld that his invasion-lite force didn't have enough troops for long term occupation. But I doubt Rumsfeld was ever on board the neoconservative long range plan. He was focused on a fast moving attack force keeping the enemy so off balance they would not be able to regroup and mount a counterattack.

      It worked to perfection.

      The U.S. Army captured Baghdad in six weeks. .

  • Obama Plans for complete US Withdrawal from Afghanistan in December
    • Al Qaeda has "safe havens" in many different parts of the Middle East and in Africa. Yemen, Syria and Pakistan are three of them.They do not need one in Afghanistan.

      The Taliban did not attack us and has not been defeated. All they have to do is wait for the United States to leave. The Taliban never intended to fight the battle of Kandahar or in Helmund province. That is part of the reason why Gen. Petraeus's COIN strategy failed. That miscalculation proved fatal to his plans.

      Obama's war of necessity was a waste of young American lives and money. If Obama would have continued the Bush gang's withdrawal in Afghanistan, we would have been gone a long time ago. And we would also be out of Iraq which is EXACTLY what Obama should have done as soon as he took office.

      That would have been a "good job."

      I'll give him this: Obama is the only president in U.S. history to have lost a war but didn't come out of it looking like a loser.

    • What exactly was his policy? Obama announced his escalation and withdrawal plans at the same time, but to what end?

    • If Obama's heart was never in escalation in Afghanistan as Robert Gates has also said, , then he sent thousands of U.S. soldiers to be killed and maimed just for political reasons.

      Obama could and should have withdrawn from Afghanistan back in 2009. Instead, he duped the public into buying the "good war" in much the same manner as the Bush gang did in Iraq.

      Plus, NSA surveillance has increased dramatically since Obama became president.

      Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden did try to warn the public about Obama's "war of necessity" and NSA bullshit.

    • Many informed people, including Dr. Cole, warned that Obama's escalation in Afghanistan, his so-called "war of necessity," would not be a success.. But instead of listening to all the warnings, Obama decided that Gen. Petraeus COIN strategy was the best option. It failed, the general moved on and so has President Obama.

  • The Deep State is Vulnerable to People Power
    • Interlopers from Dallas and Houston weren't responsible for the war in Iraq. Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice as well as George Bush sold the war to a VERY ignorant American public who wanted PAYBACK against Muslims for 9/.11. Obama play his supporters much the same way with his "war of necessity.

      The Deep State runs deeper than most think.

  • The GOP, Race and Ted Nugent: If you won't Denounce Nazi Insults, What does that Say about You?
    • Ted Nugent loves guns and Texas Republicans love him. I can't help but wonder if Nugent would call Jeb's kid, George P. Bush, a "subhuman mongrel" because he's of mixed heritage. George P. is the latest of the Bush family to enter politics. He's campaigning to become the next Texas Land Commissioner.

      George P. don't look a Bush family member and he sure don't look like a typical white Texas Republican. Even if he wins, George P. ain't never gonna be in the good 'ol boy club deep in the heart of.

      George P. ought to invite "Ted" out for some Tex-Mex food and see if they'll make it HOT enough to melt his eyeballs. "Ted" is a yankee and they can't eat that kinda food.

  • The Iran Breakthrough TV News is Ignoring: Uranium Stockpile falls below amount Needed for Bomb
    • Has there ever been any evidence that Iran is trying to produce nuclear weapons? No, there hasn't. So what do articles about a hoped for Iranian "breakthrough" really mean?

      How can there be a "breakthrough" since the term is left undefined? "Breakthrough" to what exactly?

      Does no "breakthrough" mean war?

      If Obama won't play ball with those who want war with Iran, they'll just wait for POTUS Hillary. By then, Iran might have dropped it's uranium enrichment down to 4.25%, but I doubt that 'lil fact will make a difference.

      4.25% won't be a "breakthrough" either.

  • Kerry Blasts Climate Denialists, equates Climate Change with Terrorism, WMDs
    • In yesterday's Guardian, James Lovelock made some interesting comments about the fight against Global Warming. He thinks it's much too late and the game is already over.

      "Enjoy life while you can: In twenty years, global warming will hit the fan."

      Lovelock is 88 years young. Some people say his age is plays a big role in his game over GW views.

  • We're all Living in the World Dick Cheney Made
    • p.s. During the buildup to the illegal invasion of Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz also told the American public that Iraqi oil would pay for the war.

      Wolfie's 25,000 figure means he was much, much further out of touch than I had imagine. He was probably just laying the groundwork for a future insanity plea at his upcoming trial for TREASON.

      "Your honor, I was convinced that 25,000 troops would be all we needed just six months after we invaded."

      Liberal Judge..."YOU'RE NUTS, MAN!!! DISMISSED."

      Wolfie being led away..."I've always depended on the kindness of strangers."

    • Paul Wolfowitz wasn't the Secretary of Defense and did NOT determine troops levels needed for the invasion or how many would be needed for long term occupation.

      Donald Rumsfeld micromanaged all of that.

      Wolfie said a lot of things in the Spring, 2003.

      So did George, including his "Mission Accomplished" speech.

    • I think you might mean Donald Rumsfeld wanted all but 25,000 troops out of Iraq by October, 2003.

      On the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Andrew Bacevich wrote an open letter to Paul Wolfowitz calling him the "architect" of the war. Bacevich all but blamed him for the death of his son. Wolfowitz and the neocons tried to use 9/11 as a way to take control of Iraq and regime change many more countries in the Middle East including Syria and Iran. In 1996, Doug Feith's letter to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel detailed the neoconservative plan. If I'm not mistaken, Wolfowitz was already up to his eyeballs in Project for a New America's planned Middle Eastern takeover.

      Pat Buchanan wrote a great article about the neocons blaming Donald Rumsfeld for the failure in Iraq. "Scapegoating Rumsfeld" at December, 2004. Rummy's heart was never in long term occupation. William Kristol went ballistic of Rummy when he finally realized what had happened and why.

      He put all the blame on Rumsfeld.

      "Scapegoating Rumsfeld"...

    • But in 2003, the end game didn't include going home. Paul Wolfowitz even said Iraqi oil would be used pay for the invasion. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Shenseki said long term occupation would take "several hundred thousand troops." Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz immediately disputed that number and said it was "far too high."

      The occupation force was much too small and Donald Rumsfeld must get most of the blame. With another quarter of a million troops, we would still be there slugging it out for God only knows how long and for no real reason except for 112 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL and military bases set up to regime changing Iran.

      There's a silver lining in every dark cloud.

    • The public feels far more comfortable blaming Bush for the war in Iraq rather than Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney because they see George as an idiot. But the difference between successfully invading Iraq in the early 90s and in the 2003 failure isn't hard to see. In the Gulf War, Bush sr. used half a million troops. In 2003, Donald Rumsfeld was convinced ONLY 150,000 would be enough. Rummy made the mistake, not George.They have difficulty admitting their intellectual superiors, Rumsfeld and Cheney, got over on 'em.

  • Top 10 Reasons Rand Paul's Lewinsky Gambit Can't Obscure GOP War on Women
    • "She would make a tremendous president." Gen. David Petraeus. How 'bout The Petraeus as Hillary's Sec. of Defense or her vice-president? The war-mongering Republicans wouldn't stand a chance in 2016.

      The Iranians would think twice before they sent their "fleet" into the Atlantic.

      Petraeus could switch back to the Republican party when he runs for president in 2024.

  • A $9 Trillion War? Top 10 Reasons Americans will Regret it if GOP Derails Iran Negotiations
    • The hawks will definitely profit from war with Iran. Today, the Pentagon announce it wants $4.5 billion more for extra defense missile funding including over $1 billion for new Homeland defense radar in Alaska. The $4.5 billion also includes Raytheon's "kill vehicle" which is used to hit and destroy enemy missiles on impact. I would assume those enemy missiles will be Iranian.

      So, if Iran launches an all out missile attack over Poland and/or Alaska, we will be safe right here in America. The billion spent on Homeland radar in Alaska will also warns us if North Korea or China shoots missiles across the Pacific.

      However, Hawaii is still vulnerable. :(

  • Another non-terrorist non-Muslim Plane Hijacker: The Sochi Plot
    • p.s. The Liberty City Seven "terror" bust was by far the best example of the federal govt. and media working together to spread propaganda and put fear of terror attacks in the public's mind.

      GONZO even went on the tube to announce the bust of these poor Haitians before they could do some VOODOO JIHAD in Chicago.

      They were gonna walk from South Florida to Chicago. Their version of the LONG MARCH. :)

  • Broken Democracy: Republicans poised to take Senate, Americans Reject their Platform
    • Obama is Republican-lite. His "war of necessity" in Afghanistan was a failure. That's the real reason we are withdrawing. Obama's drone wars continue as does his expansion of the NSA surveillance state started under POTUS Bush. Obama has done more to weaken the rights of the average citizen than George Bush ever did.

      Obama's Republican-lite presidency continues with climate change-lite. He'll delay giving a thumbs up to the Keystone pipeline until after the midterm elections. Can't wait to hear his artsy-fartsy speech making Keystone sound like the right thing for America to do.

      "We grieve for the planet, but I feel this pipeline is the right thing to do because it will help the economy and create JOBS, JOBS, JOBS right in the heartland of America."

      Obama dramatically softened his position on Gay rights and recreational marijuana use after it was OBVIOUS the public favored both--VOTES, VOTES, VOTES.

      Actions speak louder than words and never was that more the case than with Obama.

  • Did Ariel Sharon get a pass on War Crimes because he was White?
    • Mr. Cole, are you serious? Would our fist black POTUS be sending his vice-president to the funeral of any other "white" war criminal if he wasn't also the former leader of Israel?

      Sharon's attack on the Palestinian camps in Lebanon was not a racial crime. If you accuse someone of being a "white" war criminal then they must have committed crimes based on the race of the victims?



      Did Ronald Reagan back Saddam Hussein because he thought Saddam was "whiter" than the Ayatollah? After all, how many non-white governments use chemical weapons?

      Did The Raygun invite Michael Jackson to the White House because he tried to "whiten" his skin?

  • The Middle East warmly welcomes Iran Deal, sees it as Step toward Denuclearizing Israel
    • In a speech Sunday night, Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said sanctions must be continued and a nuclear capable Iran is a threat to Israel existence. It's on youtube and

      This deal won't go down easy. It's not just Netanyahu and AIPAC.

  • Top Reasons Israel's Likud Really Opposes an Iran Nuclear Deal
    • 3. "A remaining Iranian nuclear program would ALWAYS imply a "break-out" capacity for Tehran. Being known to be able to make a nuclear weapon has some of the same deterrent effect as actually having one."

      The Likud and Netanyahu will go with #3---"ALWAYS." If Iran is allowed to keep spinning even one centrifuge, that is one too many.

  • White Terrorist is "Gunman," "Alleged Shooter," no Mention of Wingnut 'New World Order' Beef
    • P.S. Compare these two nutters with Wade Michael Page, the Sikh temple killer in Wisconsin. Page did have ties to neo-Nazzs and played in one of their hate bands. Without a doubt, Page was a white terrorist.

      Don't confuse his kind of violent hatred with a couple mental cases like Loughner and Ciancia who were probably set off by some kinda tin foil delusions like the Navy Yard shooter, another nutjob.

    • Labeling Ciancia and Loughner "white terrorists" because they had read some right-wing NWO propaganda is a stretch, IMO. Loughner ran off the rails several years ago. Ciancia hasn't been connected to any far right group and is probably a nutjob too.

      However, the federal government and the lackey media does not call lone white gunman "terrorists," especially if they are Americans. More than one attacker might be a different story. Would it have "legs?"

  • Saudi Arabia in Unprecedented Withdrawal from UN Security Council over Syria, Palestine
    • Republicans and bible thumpers in Texas are a lot like the Saudis.In Riyadh they give ya 40 lashes for toking on a bong, but Austin, Texas has the highest per capita marijuana consumption of any city in the United States and it runs a close second to Amsterdam in major metropolitan areas on planet Earth.

      Peace, man.

  • Iran's Leader "Optimistic" about Rowhani's US Diplomacy, but Skeptical of Washington, Israel
    • There are several dimensions at work---great article.

      The MEK and Israel don't want to see Iran and the U.S. playing nice and might take extreme measures to see that it doesn't happen, but I can also understand why radicals in the Revolutionary Guard would like to slow things down.

      It's like a multi-level chess game.

  • Would Israel's Netanyahu really Drag US into war with Iran?
    • "Given their character, however, I wouldn't put anything past them."

      That's the point I've been trying to make. Netanyahu is much more dangerous when he's desperate.

    • Uri Avnery is mistaken about Netanyahu and Iran.

      Netanyahu was on The Charlie Rose Show last night. He told Rose that Iran controls Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza. Bibi thinks the settlements in the West Bank are important because they keep Iranian agents out.

      Netanyahu's own words last night.

      People who take Netanyahu and Barak lightly don't realize how precarious this situation has become. They don't just talk and they've proven it time and time again. In the last few years, Israel has gone to war with Hezbollah and Hamas. Plus, they've bombed Syria twice.

    • Before I heard Barak, I thought Iran's nuclear enrichment was strictly for civilian purposes. However, Barak, a trained engineer, gave examples of some Iranian nuclear tests which aren't needed for civilian nuclear power. Or so he said.

      I suggest you watch the interview and judge for yourself.

      9/9/2013...The Charlie Rose Show.

      P.S. I'm no fan of nutty Netanyahu, the neocons, the Lobby or Israel's war mongering, but listening to Barak convinced me this wasn't just tough talk. That's the point I've been trying to make.

    • Sept. 9, 2013 The Charlie Rose Show--Ehud Barak was much more subtle but made many of the same points as Netanyahu.

      According to Barak, behind closed doors, the Israeli govt. has warned the Iranian govt. that if they don't halt their nuclear weapons testing there will be military consequences.

      Barak was completely up front about it.

  • Why Israel's Plan to Bomb Iran is more Dangerous to Israel than Obama-Rouhani Diplomacy
    • I was left with the impression Barak was being very honest with Rose when he made comments about stopping Iran's nuclear program.

      You can watch it on the net. Charlie Rose Show 9/19/2013. Barak makes those comments in the first few minutes. I watched it again this morning just to make sure I heard it all correctly.

      Very interesting interview.

      We will see what Bibi says in the next couple of days. Netanyahu is chomping at the bit to get war with Iran started ASAP.


    • September 19, 2013...Ehud Barak was on the Charlie Rose Show.

      Barak thinks Obama weakened the U.S. position on stopping Iran's nuclear program when he backed away from his "red line" in Syria. Barak also said Israel acted behind closed doors to let the Iranian government know that continuing to advance their nuclear enrichment program would forced them to act.

      According to Barak, Iran will only be allowed to proceed so far with their nuclear enrichment program. Netanyahu's speech at the UN on October 1st (?) will be very interesting.

      You can watch the program online. I just watched the first part of it. Barak is a very intelligent and educated individual. He has a degree in engineering, so his comments about Iran performing certain nuclear tests not needed for non-military use struck home with me.

  • Is Iran out of the US War Queue? The Twilight of the Hawks
    • Obama was complicit but his "red line" stumble in Syria gave Russia the rope to pull him out of his ever deepening quicksand. Then, Khamenei allowed Rouhani to take baby steps toward a nuclear enrichment compromise which made Obama and Kerry look like statesmen. That set back the Neocons, AIPAC and Netanyahu time table for the next war.

      We shall see what happens from here on out.

      I'm kinda optimistic because all of the pro-war factions will attack Obama and he'll have to defend his peace offerings towards Iran which means the split will only get bigger and that's good.

  • Is Iran Ready to do a Deal with Obama over its Nuclear Program?
    • The U.S. could have made the same deal years ago when Ahmadinejad was president, but he was portrayed as the BAD GUY by politicians and the media trying to start a war with Iran.

      Just a few weeks ago, Obama and Kerry were on the verge of attacking Syria. Now, they're playing the peace card with Iran.

      They turned on a dime.

      Iran should remain VERY suspicious.

  • Americans Drawing the Line on Day of Action against Keystone XL (Lazare)
    • Many antiwar supporters congratulated themselves on their victory in 2008 and accepted Obama's escalation in Afghanistan as a war of necessity without realizing they had also been tricked.

  • I lived to See the Day when the Pope and the President of Iran are more doctrinally Flexible than the GOP
    • Early American history is lacking in detail because slavery in the north has been effectively covered up. However, in the last few years, in New York City HUGE slavery burial grounds have been uncovered. In 1741, in the same city, after a slave revolt twelve slaves were actually burned at the stake.

      Cotton plantations weren't big business before the cotton gin was invented in 1793.

    • In the 18th century, Rhode Island was the state most connected to slavery.Brown University's connection to the slave trade is a fascinating tale.

      Until the cotton gin was invented in 1793, slavery wasn't big business in the lower south.

  • Iran's Rouhani: Not Seeking the Bomb, Willing to show Flexibility
    • SPYGUY, everything you said might turn out to be true, however listening to Ehud Barak on the Charlie Rose Show convinced me that Israel is serious when they say all options are on the table.

      It was the look on his face as well as his words.

      A nuclear program is one thing. Iran with nuclear weapons is an altogether different story. Iran should heed Barak's words especially with Netanyahu in charge. Bibi is a couple of cans short of a six pack, IMO.

    • Obama is walking on a very thin line, mainly because he doesn't know how the loose cannon Netanyahu will react.

      Last night, Ehud Barak was on the Charlie Rose Show. His comments about some of Iran's nuclear tests were eye openers for me. According to Barak, Iran has conducted specific tests that can not be used for any peaceful nuclear activities.

      Again, according to Barak, there are definite red lines Iran should not cross and behind closed doors the Israeli government has made that very clear to the Iranian government.

      I'm sure the Iranians took note of his comments.

      Unlike the messianic nutjob Netanyahu, Ehud Barak makes clear concise points about Iran's nuclear program. He was impressive.

      If ya get the opportunity please watch it. The Charlie Rose Show 9/19/13.

    • "The real issue is the regime, and the real goal is regime change." Bingo, and I really doubt anything will keep that from happening.

      Until the British parliament gave a thumbs down to Cameron, Obama definitely had planned to attack Syria. Then he went to Congress and basically flip-flopped. After that, Netanyahu said "Israel will defend itself, by itself, against all enemies." If Obama plays too nice with the Iranians, it could be VERY dangerous and if Israel does attack, the Republican war hawks will give Netanyahu their full support.

  • The World after the Kerry-Lavrov accord on Syria
    • Bush wasn't running the show in Iraq. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the neoconservatives had wanted to regime change Saddam for years. Google "PNAC letter to Clinton" and read the letter they sent to Clinton in 1998. Read the signatures at the bottom--1st column---"Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld."

      Regime Change was the neocons declared objective.

      And it's not surprising the War Party Republicans aren't acknowledging Obama's "triumph" since they want Assad regime changed in order to break up the Shiite link stretching from Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut. Damascus is the weak link. THEY WON'T STOP UNTIL ASSAD IS GONE.

      In a few months,with Assad still in power, this chemical weapons agreement won't mean much. Assad doesn't need chemical weapons to "win" and as long as he stays in power, he is winning.

    • It's hard to believe the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar will let Assad, Russia and Iran actually win in Syria. It's a stalemate right now, so "tilting the balance" means Assad will remain in power.

      I suspect, this is just a temporary setback for the Assad must go camps.

      Individually, John McCain and Bibi Netanyahu are the biggest losers. The conversation between John Kerry and Netanyahu would start with Bibi asking..."WHAT HAPPENED?"

  • How Putin Saved Obama, Congress and the European Union from Further Embarrassing themselves on Syria
    • Arn, your post had me laughing out loud. So did a Guardian poster who said "You simply couldn't make this shit up."

      At this point, Kerry's best move is to just quit talking.

  • Former Iranian President Slams Syria for Gassing own People: Sign of deep Divisions in Tehran
    • Google "BBC Four Today Program Gen. Jack Keane" to hear the whole "chilling" and scary interview.

      Yesterday, on PBS News, Keane laid out what we could do to Syria's military infrastructure, but he didn't say Obama intended to do it.

  • Rush to Western Strike on Syria slows, but does not Stall
    • Putin sensed Obama weakening so he sent two Russian warships to the Mediterranean. Putin is the real cowboy here. Ya gotta have some stones to play world politics and Putin's got 'em in spades.

      So, Assad and Putin make Obama and the U.S. back down. Rolling over for these thugs is sets a REAL BAD PRECEDENT. Assad used WMD and it looks like he'll away with it.


      Wonder when the next WMD attack will happen and where?

      I hope Putin doesn't get too happy and decide to NUKE AMERICA just 'cause he can. :(

  • Kerry signals US Intervention in Syria, but to What End?
    • The "strategy behind the poison gas attack WAS ITS VERY BRAZENESS" is quite a theory.

      How 'bout this one?

      As Professor Cole pointed out, Assad position in Damascus was deteriorating, so he might have felt that taking such a bold step was the best course of action.

      Desperation leading to brazenness.

      Why else would Assad make an all or nothing move like this?

      Obama's should respond forcefully and do some real damage.

      That would send the right message about using WMDs..

    • Pepe Escobar almost always hits the nail on the head, but in this article he doesn't say who he thinks used chemical weapons in Damascus. How can he compare this to Iraq?

      The use of chemical weapons can NEVER be tolerated.

      A few days ago, the false-flag scenario painted by some did have some credibility. However, as Professor Cole points out, many more facts have become known and the possibility of a rebel attack is REMOTE.

      Eugene Robinson in today's Washington Post has written a very good piece..."U.S. Must Act in Syria."

      Obama and allies should act to send a message to Assad and other tinhorn dictators: DON'T CROSS THIS LINE OR YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

      As I see it, Obama doesn't have much of a choice.

      The choice of how to respond will fall on Assad, Russia and Iran. It will be their move and they should think long and hard about it before they make it.

  • Obama's Limited Options: Bombing Syria unlikely to be Effective
    • The eastern end of the old Ottoman empire is as dangerous today as the western end was a century ago. 99 years after "The Guns of August" exploded, opposing sides seem to be lining up again.

      The Shias, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah plus Russia and China against the Sunni countries, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar plus the United States, England, France--the west.

      It's tough for me to see how either side gets away from this. Do nothing and Assad will correctly see that as weakness. He might even use chemical weapons again, but on a larger scale. What if he wipes out a whole town like the elder Assad did in Hama but he uses sarin gas instead?

      Act forcefully and the Syrians say it would be "no picnic." The Iranians have also warned Obama against crossing the "red line" in Syria.

      There are no easy answers.

    • Last Wednesday, within three hours of the attack, over 3,600 people showed up at three area hospitals all exhibiting obvious signs of a chemical weapons attack. 355 of them died.

      Yesterday, Obama and Cameron had a 40 minute phone call and agreed Assad is "almost certainly" to blame for the attack. John Kerry told the Syrian govt. to stop "delaying and destroying evidence." Today, the Syrian govt. guaranteed the UN inspectors safe passage to the various attack sites.

      I expect to see confirmation of Assad's using chemical weapons.

      I seriously doubt the west will allow Assad to get away with this chemical weapons attack, especially one on civilians. The United States and the UN would lose credibility if they do. How, not if, they respond is the real question. If they don't, what happens if Assad uses chemical weapons in another much bigger attack that kills thousands?

      What would he have to lose?

  • Syria: Will Killing of Hundreds with Sarin Gas force Obama's Hand?
    • Because of the timing, the multiple launches and the reluctance of Assad to allow previous inspections. She didn't think Assad would allow weapons inspectors to go to this attack site.

    • A chemical weapons expert on PBS said the same thing. Early in the morning when people are still asleep and the winds are calm is the best time to attack. There were also multiple launches---ten, I think. She had no doubt it was Assad.

    • What if the real goal is too weaken Iran and Russia by bringing down Assad? A false-flag attack right after UN inspectors arrived would be perfect.

      OTOH, perhaps Assad, Putin and the Supreme Leader know Obama is under stress (Snowden) and want to see how far they can push him.

      Will McCain and Graham push for intervention?

      What happens next will be very interesting.

  • Syria: Attack on Sayyida Zainab Provokes Sunni-Shiite Tensions in Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan
    • Thanks, al-Sadr's shifting positions are not easy for me to understand.

    • Great info, thanks. I've read Informed Comment for over ten years and you've made some jaw-dropping calls, but the one after the London bombing stands out. Taking apart that letter written in Arabic, sent from "Al-Qeada in Europe" and concluding it was really from and Arab nationalist, "probably an Egyptian, a Nasser type" was a masterpiece in linguistics. I have never forgotten that call.

      Muqdata al-Sadr supports the Sunni Syrian Free Army, but they are fighting on the same side as the radical Sunnis who have launch this bombing campaign in Iraq. One funded by the same sources in the Persian Gulf. It's two different countries, but they seem very similar. If Assad goes down, the well-funded radical Sunnis in Syria become more powerful which would seem to benefit the radical Sunnis in Iraq. I would think that would be the overriding factor, so it's difficult for me to understand al-Sadr's position. Unless I'm missing something, al-Sadr's stance on Syria doesn't add up. .

  • Protests and the Trayvon Martin Foundation: "Trayvon is Down but we're Rising Up"
    • Before Zimmerman was acquitted, I was very critical of comparing his trial to the Roman's using the circus and bread to distract their citizens. Now that the verdict has been reached it obviously wasn't just a public distraction, but not much else can be done, IMO. A few stand your ground laws will be overturned but Zimmerman himself is not really in jeopardy since the DOJ has to prove he killed Martin because he was black and not in self defense.

  • Breadcrumbs and Circus Reruns: How and why US News gave Egypt Short Shrift (Cunningham)
    • You're correct. Obama playing politics with this was exploitation. He's the perfect politician, always looking for an opportunity to gain an edge with the public. However, the facts in the case speak for themselves. Zimmerman killed an unarmed 17 year old black kid walking back from a convenience store. Zimmerman was much larger person, had a weapon, and followed Martin even after the 9/11 operator told him not to do that. His claim of Martin's surprise attack does not add up.

    • Obama's incompetent foreign policy started with his "war of necessity" escalation in Afghanistan. Many knowledgeable people, including Juan Cole, knew General Petraeus's COIN strategy was doomed to fail. Anyone who believed defeating the Taliban was a "war of necessity" was just ignorant but none of that has anything to do with the Zimmerman trial.

      Without social pressure on the net along with many demonstrations, this killer would have not even been charged. That didn't happen for several weeks after the murder. He shot to death an unarmed 17 year old black kid walking back to his parents condo from a 7-11. IT'S OUTRAGEOUS THAT A YOUNG PERSON CAN BE KILLED LIKE THAT. Zimmerman ONLY outweighed him by 80lbs.

      "SILLY JACK?" I must have hit a nerve. Are you one of the chem trail people. I live just south of Area 51. The aliens crash landed at Roswell 66 years ago, yesterday. Hillary Clinton was born a few months later. SHE MIGHT NOT BE FROM PLANET EARTH. :(


    • The media has turned he Zimmerman trial into a circus but the other factors are not trivial, especially given the history of criminal acts against black people. Zimmerman killed an unarmed 17 year old black kid and he would have gotten away with it without a strong social protest. Afterward, the state of Florida was left with no choice but to bring charges against Zimmerman.This is much, much different than the Simpson trial and freeway chase circus. If someone can murder a just turned 17 year old black kid walking back from a convenience store and get away with it, I expect to see more protests like we saw before Zimmerman was charged. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

  • Rockets in Beirut Target Hizbullah as Violence spreads from Syria to Lebanon
    • The civil war in Syria is developing into a regional war between Shia and Sunni. Israel's bombing attack seems to have brought in Hezbollah, officially. Bigger, non-Muslim countries (Russia, U.S. and NATO) are on the sidelines, for now.

      One hundred years ago, on the western end of the Ottoman empire, Serbia served was a catalyst for a much bigger war. Today, Syria on the eastern end of the old Ottoman empire is threatening to do the same.

  • Top Ten Problems in South Carolina Lindsey Graham should worry more about than Benghazi
    • Graham is a small fish in a very big neoconservative pond. If the neocons get war in Iran like they did in Iraq, it won't be because of some little Xtian in South Carolina.

  • Pot and Partying: Top Ten Signs the Tsarnaev Brothers Weren't Pious Muslims
    • The younger brother and most of his college friends smoked a lot of pot and probably bought and sold it. Obama did the same thing when he was in high school. Obama even came up with a new term for smokin' hooch---"ROOF HITS." Smoking pot ain't a big deal with young people.

      Tamerlan was much more high strung. I really doubt he did much doping of any kind. He was also a very good heavyweight boxer.That guy could fight. I can see Tamerlan going off but not the younger brother. He was far too laid back.

      The brothers didn't have much contact and the age difference (7 years) was HUGE. When Tamerlan was 19, 'lil brother was just 12--a child really. I don't understand what really drove Jokar .

    • "A Battered Dream, Then A Violent Path" New York Times article on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. I haven't seen any real connection between the two brothers or a reason the younger one went off. He wasn't a radical extremist and didn't seem to have a gung ho personality like Tamerlan. I don't understand how or why a seemingly well adjusted, college student would throw away his life like he did.

    • There's a very good article in today's Guardian about the Tsarnaev family. The mother and older brother had turned very religious in the last few years. The other members of the family--father, sisters and younger brother were not. The youngest brother seems like an ordinary 19 year old--pot smokin' included. Perhaps, if he would have smoked more, then he wouldn't have been so keen to blow up bombs. REAL POTHEADS DON'T BLOW UP THINGS. PEACE MAN.

  • Is LindJohn's notion of an Enemy Combatant Racist? How about attempted Assassination of the Commander in Chief?
    • Chechens are Caucasians. Any Republican LindJohn "enemy combatant" case would have been easier to make against the deceased older brother,Tamerlan.THOSE TWO NUTJOBS STILL MIGHT TRY. LindJohn should also ask the FBI how in the world they lost track of him despite the Russian government's contact, questions and warning about Tamerlan in 2011 as well as his six month trip to Dagestan in the first half of 2012. Not keeping watch on any individual like that was beyond SLOPPY.

  • What Would a Rand Paul Libertarian Foreign Policy Look Like? (Cole @ Truthdig)
    • Paul's filibuster shook the war party (GOP) down to its core. Not only did John McCain and Lindsey Graham attack him in the Senate, but William Kristol compared him to the"Code Pink faction of the Republican party." Rand Paul went after Obama and got blasted by many of the same people who were 110% behind the war in Iraq. Those war mongers going ballistic was a beautiful thing to see.They are the real "wackos."

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