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  • Now that SecDef thinks Israeli Occupation is Apartheid, will the Lobby Blackballing Fail?
    • "....[t]here has been no proof that Hezbollah was behind any of the bombings in South America or Europe, only Israel's allegations..."

      In fact, ample proof does exist.

      The March of 1992 Israeli Embassy bombing in Argentina occurred one month following the Israeli assassination of the Hezbollah secretary-general. Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO) claimed responsibility. IJO has been described by experts as a front for Hezbollah. Former CIA official Robert Baer has indicated that IJO is operated jointly by a committee of Hezbollah and Iranian intelligence. IJO afterward released film footage of the explosion to confirm their claim of responsibility.

      The Argentine government issued an arrest warrant against Hezbollah intelligence chief Imad Mugineyeh in 1999 over his alleged complicity in the 1992 Israeli Embassy bombing - as well as the 1994 AMIA (Jewish center) bombing.

      The Argentine prosecutor in the AMIA case was killed, but that case was re-opened in 2015; the focus of the investigation is Iranian complicity in that bombing. NSA intercepts purportedly reveal that Iran had foreknowledge of the attack, however the Argentine government has been, to a certain extent, reluctant to pursue the angle of Iranian involvement, for the reason that Iran and Argentina have been seeking closer diplomatic and economic ties.

      Here are some links:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      "And what is wrong if Iran supplies weapons and training to Hezbollah?"

      As part of the cease-fire agreement that ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Hezbollah agreed not to import arms via Syria as it had been doing. This provision has obviously been breached by Hezbollah and Israel has bombed, via air, the Syrian supply routes where missile shipments have been occurring to intercept and destroy such war materiel.

    • "....strong denunciation of the groups such as Hezbollah.."

      Hezbollah, although fighting ISIS to some extent, is inimical to U.S. interests.

      The Israeli government has correctly pointed out that Hezbollah benefits from the international opium trade due to its territory on the Mediterranean Sea, by extension also benefitting the Taliban as 87% of all opium is cultivated in Afghanistan, with the Taliban raking in a percentage of profits from farmers occupying land under that militia's control. A significant share of this opium passing through Lebanon finds its way to America - thus IDF officials have stressed to the U.S. government that it should join Israel in eradicating Hezbollah.

      Hezbollah has long been designated by the U.S. State Department as a foreign terror organization and has been responsible in the past for deadly attacks in Europe and Latin America.

      Hezbollah went into the Second Lebanon War with 12,000 unguided rockets and shot 4,000 into Israel, killing a total of 165 Israelis during that conflict and shutting down northern Israel for a month -causing 2 million Israelis to hide in bomb shelters. Today, Hezbollah's arsenal has, according to some estimates, as many as 180,000 missiles - including some with guidance capabilities. The IDF has estimated that a war against Hezbollah would today result in a projected daily death toll of tens, if not hundreds of Israelis.

      That said, Hezbollah has brought stability to south Lebanon since that devastating 2006 war by being a credible deterrent to IDF aggression. It has availed itself of the electoral processes and has seats in the Lebanese parliament and cabinet. It has formed an alliance with Michel Aoun, a Christian politician, and has helped in maintaining south Lebanon stable politically while being perceived by Lebanese Shia as an effective advocate of their interests.

      Members of the U.S. intelligence community have perceived Hezbollah as a western bastion of Iran's imperialistic ambitions and a serious threat to Israel's security. In fact, Iran does supply weapons and training to Hezbollah and has done so over the years; Iran's Revolutionary Guard helped direct Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War and manned missile batteries that took advantage of deficiencies in IDF air defenses.

      The U.S. has correctly perceived Hezbollah as a threat in its region - while ignoring Hezbollah's positive contributions to the internal stability and territorial integrity of Lebanon.

    • He sat on the board of directors of General Dynamics, a defense contractor.

    • Mattis' most important task will be to allay the Israel Lobby that he is aligned with their interests.

      Recall Admiral Bobby Inman, the distinguished former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and deputy director of the CIA who had expressed his view did not trust Israel.

      After his nomination by President Clinton as defense secretary, Inman received blistering criticism by pro-Israeli interests, led by columnist William Safire, and his nomination was doomed. The Inman nomination set a precedent that cheerfully expressing pro-Israel sentiments is crucial to a nominee to that seat in the Cabinet.

  • Israel Plots Largest Settlement Expansion in Occupied Syrian Golan since 1980
    • Approximately one-third of Israel's fresh water supply emanates from the occupied Golan Heights.

  • Is Jimmy Carter right that Obama should Recognize Palestine?
    • One of the key criticisms of the Camp David Accords was that the Palestinian question was not resolved - but deferred to a status that exists to this day.

      There is no question that both Sadat and Begin - as well as Jimmy Carter - were courageous in making the concessions to attempt peace:

      (A) Sadat, who had enjoyed praise in the Arab world for his handling of the Yom Kippur War, would be labeled a traitor for recognizing Israel and be killed by extremists in 1981;

      (B) Begin, who had been riding a wave of popularity as a right-wing leader, had his limousine egged by fellow Likud Party members upon his return from Camp David;

      (C) Carter, on behalf of the U.S., would extend billions of dollars in foreign aid guarantees to Egypt at a time when the U.S. economy was tanking and he was already grossly unpopular even among Democrats in America.

      However, Anwar Sadat's and Jimmy Carter's failure to achieve a final status agreement on the Palestinian question at Camp David or any time thereafter did not endear either of then to the Arab community at that time. I can recall Arab-Americans in Dearborn being interviewed by newsmen for their reactions to Sadat's death immediately after his October 6, 1981 assassination and their general response was unsympathetic.

  • Conspiracy Theorist in Chief: Trump's falsehood about 2 mn. illegal votes only tip of Melting Iceberg
    • " Trump got the standard 61 mn votes like McCain & Romney..."

      This is not an accurate analysis since Gary Johnson collected an unheard of Libertarian Party presidential electoral total of 4.4 million nationally - compared to his 2012 presidential total of 1.27 million votes. The overall Johnson percentage of the total presidential popular vote shot up from .99% to 3.25 %. Only in 1980 did the Libertarian Party nominee (Ed Clark) ever break one per cent (1.07%)

      Johnson's candidacy and limited government platform likely siphoned off at least two million votes that would otherwise gone to Trump.

    • The spirit of the Great Compromise was for states to retain their individuality and power as opposed to granting each citizen in every corner of America equal weight - that's why the State of Wyoming and State of California each have two U.S. Senate seats and the District of Columbia has none.

      The winner-take-all nature of state elections and the procedure upon which the Electoral College operates is transparent and part of the U.S. Constitution for centuries.

      I was involved in the process of choosing a Presidential Elector in two prior presidential elections as a state convention delegate. A congressional district party committee caucus at a state party convention has the chairperson accept nominations and have a vote of state convention delegates on the nominees. The winner becomes that party's Presidential Elector from that U.S. Congressional District and votes in the state capital for the party's nominee on a date in December of that election cycle.

      Presidential Electors are usually party insiders who get elected by the district committee delegation due recognition of many years of party service; its is more of an honor than an influential position.

      I see nothing inherently unfair about the Electoral College - which has been a constitutionally-imposed tradition of the presidential electoral process since this nation was founded.

    • Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's office compared voter registration rolls against federal records and discovered 600 registered voters in the state who were not U.S. citizens and estimated there were likely 4000 such non-citizens registered to vote in the state.

      In Detroit, more registered voters exist than residents over the age of 18 years.

      An Ann Arbor City Council candidate was alleged to have previously run for public offices in two separate counties simultaneously.

      Adam Easlick, an Ypsilanti resident, filed as a registered voter and voted in several jurisdictions in Michigan and continued trying to procure phony addresses for voter registration even after receiving notice from the Secretary of State; he was arrested and later convicted of felony election fraud after being prosecuted by the Michigan Attorney General.

      There has been fraud alleged in the Michigan GOP delegate selection process by a Macomb Republican Party leader.

      An absentee voter scam in Armada, Michigan in Macomb County was alleged that was similar to the Hamtramck charges.

      Here are some to Metro Detroit election fraud cases and allegations:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to surfaces-that-ward-1-council-candidate-committed-election-fraud-in-2010/

    • Thanks for the heads up.

      Additional, working, links to the Hamtramck voter fraud cases:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

    • The concept of extensive conspiratorial voter fraud is a very real phenomenon in Detroit and Hamtramck.

      The Michigan Attorney General convicted three Bangladeshi-Americans from Hamtramck for mishandling absentee ballots.

      Here are some links:

      link to

      link to

      link to

  • In Trump's Shadow, is East Aleppo on Verge of falling to Regime, Russia?
  • Fidel Castro's Top Moments in the Middle East
    • "Cuba gave serious help to the Palestine Liberation Organization, including training of guerillas and offering scholarship to Palestinian students to study in Havana."

      In fact, Fidel Castro was likely one of the most vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause, last year giving vigorous public condemnation of Israel for their conduct during their incursion in Gaza.

      Palestinian leaders, especially those of Marxist orientation, have heaped praise on Castro today.

      Earlier, young U.S. House member Justin Amash from Michigan, the only Palestinian-American serving in Congress, had broken ranks with fellow Republicans by supporting Obama's decsion to initiate diplomatic relations with the Castro regime.

      Castro once had a notable meeting with Malcom X, who was one of the first public figures in America to speak out in favor of the Palestinians.

      Here are some links:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

  • Is Trump "Pro-Russian?" How will Russia Fare? Russians want to Know
    • Giuliani was a paid lobbyist for the MEK, an Iranian cult formerly designated by the U.S. State Department as a foreign terror organization; he spoke in France for MEK alongside its leader, Maryam Rojavi:

      link to terror-organization/

  • World Bank: Only 10 percent of Gazans have access to safe drinking water
    • The water crisis in Gaza is man-made and created by the policies of the Israeli government to intentionally create a situation in Gaza so that the enclave will be uninhabitable and cause Gazans to emigrate. This is violates the Geneva Conventions and is being committed in the following manner:

      (A) Israel has breached its obligations under the 1993 Oslo Accords to supply Gaza with potable water;

      (B) in military reprisal operations, the IDF has targeted wells, water reservoirs, and other water supply facilities in Gaza as "soft targets" along with other civilian utility infrastructure;

      (C) Israel, via its illegal blockade, has prevented supply materials to repair damaged water supply facilities and, further, prevented the entry of materials to re-construct electrical generators that could supply the needed energy to power desalination facilities capable of producing safe drinking water for Gazans.

      Brian Baird and Keith Ellison, then both members of the U.S. House, visited Gaza in the immediate aftermath of the Operation Cast Lead incursion - over the objections of the Obama administration - and were highly critical of the conduct of the Israeli government toward Gaza for intentionally targeting civilian infrastructure.

      Here are links to the causes of the water crisis in Gaza:

      link to

      link to

  • Will Trump bolster the Military-Industrial Complex?
    • Lockheed Martin's former VP-General Counsel was none other than James Comey - who made large personal donations to GOP candidates, including John McCain and Mitt Romney, according to Federal Election Commission records downloadable on their public website - Comey assumed the directorship of the FBI with a history of many thousands of dollars of campaign contributions to Republican candidates.

      One could argue that Comey's background would lend itself to be predisposed to skew the FBI's investigative activity to promote the political interests of Donald Trump, and by extension, his former employer, defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

      Federal employees are barred from engaging in campaign activity by virtue of the Hatch Act, however it has been no secret that most federal law enforcement officials were vastly more sympathetic to the potentiality of a Trump presidency rather than a Hillary Clinton administration in Washington.

      Back in the days of the JFK administration, the TFX fighter contracts were a political football that represented "pork barrel" politics at its finest. This was on the heels of the farewell address of President Eisenhower's warning of the reach of the military-industrial complex in America.

      During the 1990s the Clinton administration advocated for the creation of a commission to study prospective U.S. military base closings. That commission caused a furor as many areas in the U.S. were economically dependent on the U.S. Department of Defense operation of these military installation locations.

  • Woman demeans Christian Assyrian-American as 'Terrorist' for Speaking Jesus' Language
    • @Juan Cole: There were virtually no Iraqi Shi'ites in Metro Detroit until after the Persian Gulf War. The influx of refugees led to a greater number - many of whom supported the government-in-exile Iraqi National Congress - and were prepared to return to Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

      Iraqi Chaldeans were in Detroit in substantial numbers dating back to the 1930s - opening up grocery stores in increasing numbers and assimilating well into Michigan society as professionals and public office holders and intermarrying with other Catholics. The Iraqi Shia Muslim population in Metro Detroit is largely an insular community that is substantial in Dearborn and to some degree in Hamtramck.

      The vast majority of Iraqi-Americans in Metro Detroit are Christian, however there have clearly been an increasing percentage of Iraqi Shia - many of whom have emigrated from southern Iraq to the U.S. and settling in Michigan since 1990.

    • Roughly 3% of Iraq is Christian - but the religious affiliation Iraqi-Americans in Metro Detroit probably is 90% Christian or greater. The reason many have left Iraq over the previous decades was due to religious persecution - which exists to this day.

      Nevertheless, incidents of violence and discrimination against Iraqi-Americans in Metro Detroit during the Persian Gulf War in 1990-1991 fell heavily on Christian Iraqi-Americans - many of whom had relatives serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    • ".....[s]ometimes its called Syriac or Chaldean."

      "So after Trump's electoral victory, an Assyrian woman....."

      Let me point out that Metro Detroit's Iraqi-American Catholic (Chaldean) community numbers approximately 100,000 and overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in the last election - they had their own group with a Facebook presence "Chaldeans for Trump". I know this as I was a GOP precinct delegate last summer and received numerous requests from Chaldean-Americans for Donald Trump lawn signs and bumper stickers for their homes and businesses. I had to contact a Trump regional campaign manager who had to limit distribution of supplies due to the high regional demand for Trump campaign materials.

      The Chaldean-American support for Trump emanates due to the persecution in Iraq against the Christian minority by Muslims - and the hard line Trump is taking against Muslims.

      Donald Trump won the State of Michigan by only 13,000 votes - so it is conceivable that Chaldean-Americans via their votes, campaign donations, and electioneering swung the state to a Trump victory.

  • Why Internment of Japanese Americans is an outrageous Model for registering Muslim-Americans
    • Name a single elected leader......who has ever spewed the paranoia, racist myths, and conspiracy theories seen from (Trump).

      ANSWER: Israel's recent Likud Party prime ministers have been elected and survived by creating a "siege mentality" to unify their electorate against Palestinian Arabs whom they demonize and see as bent on destroying them and the State of Israel.

      Marine Le Pen in France may be elected president there and has welcomed Trump's election as U.S. president. She is supportive of "Frexit" and instituting tough anti-immigration measures. She has joined Israel in her concerns over the need to implement successful counter-measures to radical Islam, which she perceives as a serious terror threat.

      PM Netanyahu and Ms. Le Pen could, in the future, join Trump in creating a tripartite political axis in promoting an international ultrarightist agenda using an anti-terror, anti immigrant, and trade protectionist mantra.

    • In reality, the federal courts struck down much of the Bush administration's conduct - especially regarding Guantanamo Bay.

      The federal courts upheld the prisoners' rights to habeas corpus review and reversed many convictions while also declaring the Act of Congress that created the military tribunals for Guantanamo Bay to be unconstitutional.

      Although many of the atrocities of Guantanamo Bay have not been remedied, the defense attorneys appointed to represent the inmates and the federal courts have issued many setbacks to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    • ".....the Federal civil rights suits would be presided over by the very judges Trump will be appointing and the Republican Congress will be rubber-stamping....."

      Federal judges are appointed for life and in Detroit, for example, we have U.S. District Judges that were appointed by Carter or Reagan still in office hearing cases; even though Barack Obama has completed almost two presidential terms - only a small percentage of the local federal judiciary in Detroit are Obama appointees - only 7 of the 29 active members of the bench.

      If right-wing extremist judges are nominated, the minority Democrats in Congress can delay the process almost indefinitely. Further, Democrats could conceivably control the U.S. House following the 2018 elections.

    • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids discrimination based upon religion - and was not in effect when the Japanese-Americans were assigned to relocation centers during WWII.

      Title VI of that U.S. act forbids federal funding of any governmental agency that engages in such offensive discrimination. All federal agencies must adhere to the officially-enacted legislative policy of the U.S. Congress that prohibits that invidious discrimination.

      It would take an Act of Congress to make an exception for proposed "Muslim registration" - which will never happen. If Mr. Trump attempted such action by executive order, it would expose those officials responsible for its implementation subject to federal civil rights suits.

      The ACLU would have a proverbial field day with such proposed registration - including 14th Amendment Due Process Clause challenges on a "void for vagueness" theory as to the issue as what constitutes a "Muslim" and "shocking the conscience" standard substantive Due Process Clause arguments.

      I do not believe any Trump administration lawyer could - with a straight face - argue the legality of such a registration requirement.

  • ADL Director Pledges to Sign Up For Muslim Registry
    • Jonathan Greenblatt has also recently denounced Steve Bannon's appointment to the Trump administration's inner circle.

      These seems part of an ADL initiative to distance itself from the Trump administration at a time when the Democratic National Committee may appoint an Israel critic, Keith Ellison, to the DNC chair post.

      Pro-Israel U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is now backing appointment of Ellison to the DNC chairmanship.

      Substantial numbers of Jewish-American leaders are softening their position on Muslims and the Palestinian question in order to ensure solidarity with the Democratic Party. Others are embracing the GOP with its Christian Zionists and those espousing an anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim rhetoric.

  • Syria's al-Assad: Trump "a natural ally"
    • The Free Syrian Army (FSA) remnants who are defending Aleppo are Obama's equivalent of the Cuban anti-Castro Brigade 2506 fighters abandoned at the Bay of Pigs by the JFK administration in 1961.

      The U.S.--backed rebels were on the verge of severing the Baathists' Latakia-to-Damascus supply corridor in 2013 and toppling Assad when the U.S. Department of State abruptly cut off aid to the rebels. The cessation of aid also led to FSA brigades defecting to the Islamic Front and other Salafist rebel groups.

      Obama's own appointed ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford - considered a friend to the Syrian-American exile community - resigned his ambassadorship and eventually became the chief critic of the Obama administration's Syria policy.

      The U.S. Congress should investigate what when wrong in Syria - and why hundreds of thousands of Syrians are casualties as a result.

      We should all be reminded of the iconic photo of the body of toddler Alan Kurdi washed up on the beach.

  • A Jerusalem Litmus Test
    • If Obama diplomatically recognizes the State of Palestine (as some have speculated), and opens the American Embassy to Palestine in Jerusalem, then the "thunder" of this proposed action by Trump will be largely abated.

  • Neofascist Trump Appointee Bannon: "Anger is a Good thing" "if you're Fighting to Take this Country Back"
    • @super390:

      The Asian-American and Jewish-American communities have traditionally been opposed to affirmative action as it has tended to victimize their children during the admissions process to professional schools of U.S. universities.

      These admissions processes are a zero-sum game by excluding more-qualified applicants in competition with
      blacks and other selected minorities given preference points due to their respective racial or ethnic identities.

      I attended a private law school where the admissions process was completely based on individual merit without regard to any racial preferences; the five members of my graduating class who went on to hold judiciary seats were minorities - two Hispanics, two black females, and an Arab-American naturalized citizen - who had been admitted to law school solely on merit.

      James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi, later worked in the office of Sen. Jesse Helms and was an ardent Republican opposed to affirmative action; he felt the concept of affirmative action implied that blacks were inferior to whites - and said his proudest moment was seeing his son earning his PhD without the benefit of any racial preference during his education.

    • Was it not FDR that authorized internment camps for Japanese-Americans that were approved by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Korematsu decision?

      It was only Pres. Harry Truman in 1948 that integrated the U.S. Armed Forces by executive order.

      FDR was no champion of the rights of minorities.

    • In 1972, cross-district busing of public school students in Metro Detroit was ordered by U.S. District Judge Robert DeMascio as a remedy of forced racial integration to address de facto segregation of white and blacks in that area.

      That year the Democratic nominee for President, George McGovern endorsed the remedy of cross-district busing as a cure for segregated school districts.

      The decision of Judge DeMascio was overturned by higher courts and McGovern was defeated by Richard Nixon. The political and judicial attitudes, via the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court in Bakke vs USC Board of Regents decision banning racial quotas in the college admissions process, signaled a gradual erosion, of affirmative action in public education.

      Currently, factors in the admissions process are legally allowable at public U.S. colleges, per recent Supreme Court decision, however a new Trump appointee could shift the balance on the high court.

      We need to go back to an era where no special treatment is accorded students due to race. Such considerations are repugnant to our values as Americans.

    • Steve Bannon received his MBA from Harvard Business School with honors and was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.

      He brings a needed anti-establishment balance to the future Trump administration to complement the "establishment" Reince Priebus. His appointment has signaled to the Israel Lobby that the future Trump administration will not be a pro-Israel rubber stamp for the Likud Party.

      Trump argued the Obama "birther" issue and many right-wing extremist theories the last few years. The Bannon selection cannot be a surprise to many seasoned political observers.

  • As Der Donald-inspired Hate Crimes grow, US Universities at Risk
    • ".......Michigan students are not being disadvantaged."

      I would disagree.

      They are disadvantaged in several ways.

      The vast majority of students paying higher tuition at University of Michigan is due to the fact they are from the U.S. - but reside out of state.

      The large number of both out-of-state applicants and international student applicants create an applicant pool that is more competitive and deprives Michigan residents from a fair percentage of admissions openings.

      Ron Weiser, former Michigan Republican Party chairman and an Ann Arbor resident, was recently elected to the U-M Board of Regents. This issue was a major campaign topic.

      As a practical matter, it is so extremely competitive to be admitted to University of Michigan that the only way for a typical college-bound student to qualify for admission academically is to seek admission to the U-M campus at either Dearborn or Flint - the Ann Arbor campus is as difficult to be admitted to as an Ivy League school.

  • How can Progressives get through the Next 4 Years? Organize!
    • On the positive note in Tuesday's election for those interested in news of political victories in the U.S. for adherents of Islam, the Hamtramck School Board in the Detroit enclave is now Muslim-majority for the first time in its history - as Hamtramck City Council became last year.

      Here is the article:

      link to

  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • Cheer up!

      Look at the Muslim-majority Hamtramck City Council in Michigan and similar changes occurring politically in Dearborn, Michigan.

    • As a longtime GOP activist, I am happy that the anti-establishment Bernie Sanders was not nominated to oppose the anti-establishment Donald Trump.

      The Democratic National Committee insiders, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, are the "best friends" of Republicans and are inimical to the best interests of the Democratic Party grassroots.

    • Sarah Palin did not run this election cycle.

    • The President George H.W. Bush administration colluded with Boris Yeltsin to take power in 1991 and dissolve the Soviet Union on December 25th of that year.

      Is sauce for the goose not sauce for the gander?

    • The Democratic National Committee political machine that sabotaged the Bernie Sanders campaign were the same folk that tried to stop Obama in 2008.

      Will the Democratic Party clean house to avoid another national electoral debacle in 2018 and 2020?

    • In blue-collar Macomb County, Michigan, where Trump was preceded on stage by rock star Ted Nugent last Sunday night, 70% of the registered electorate voted - with Trump beating Clinton by approximately 10%.

      Macomb County has a population of over one million and is nationally considered a bellweather political subdivision by political analysts.

    • ".......the rebellion of a class of people who are tired of being put down by a smug segment of American society who makes no bones about the fact that they think the cultural mores and beliefs of the white working class are unworthy............"

      Trump will emerge from the hatred by the American Left that surrounds him now as one of the most significant public figures who has ever held office in America.

      He has a charisma about him in the way the the disenfranchised white electorate perceives him and in the manner of his communications that will expand as he assumes and performs the duties as our Chief Executive.

      Mr. Trump is a populist in the mold of Huey Long and Robert LaFollette and has the stuff of which legends are made.

  • W. Bank Palestinian farmers: Israeli squatters stole harvest of 400 olive trees
  • Top 5 Times the FBI intervened to Help the US Right Wing
    • Viola Liuzzo was from Detroit and her husband was a Teamsters union official. An attorney who bonded her out jail when she was arrested during a civil rights demonstration was Jimmy Hoffa's personal attorney, William Bufalino.

      The "undercover FBI agent" was federal informant Gary Thomas Rowe and the theory advanced in a federal civil rights suit against the government by the Liuzzo family was that they knew the Klansmen were out to endanger civil rights volunteers that and should have taken preventative measures before the Klansmen could hurt someone. That suit was thrown out by a federal judge in Detroit and the U.S. Justice Department actually sought at one point an award of $80,000.00 in costs and attorney fees against those who brought the suit on behalf of the Liuzzo estate, which was denounced by U.S. Senator Carl Levin.

      The FBI was targeting Teamsters union officials during the 1960s and 70s; that circumstance, along with the fact the Liuzzo family members were publicly criticizing the FBI, resulted in the "smear campaign" you allege.

  • The Hatred that Trump's Lies will Leave Behind
    • ".....and in my view there is not much chance he (Trump) can win....."

      As late as 10:00 p.m. last night, one media polling organization was saying Hillary Clinton had a 72% chance of winning the election - just before 11:00 that was amended to 55% in support of a Trump victory.

      At 9:00 p.m. last night, the Detroit Free Press, citing complex precinct extrapolation statistical methods they employed - called the State of Michigan for Hillary Clinton; the Michigan Secretary of State by next morning disclosed results that Trump had won the State of Michigan by 3/10ths of a percentage point.

      One polling expert last week indicated that Trump had a "1% chance" of winning the election.

      NBC, the largest presidential polling group, on Monday showed Clinton with a 7% lead nationally.

      The LA Times/USC Tracking Poll, who had consistently throughout the election cycle showed that Trump was leading Clinton nationally, was ridiculed yesterday by pundits that their "day of reckoning" was coming by the end of the night when final results were expected.

      The Rasmussen Poll that showed Trump leading Clinton most of the election cycle was likewise dismissed as having a pro-GOP bias. The Investors Business Daily - which predicted a Trump victory in a 4-way race and had been the most accurate presidential polling organization the last three elections of 2004, 2008 and 2012 - was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

      Maybe Trump has a point about liberal biases in the media and in polling.

    • Donald Trump enjoys substantial support from Israelis and pro-Israel Americans and a campaign office was established for Trump at a West Bank settlement:

      link to

      link to

  • FBI Faction Hostile to Clinton Possibly Behind Leaks
    • According to Federal Election Commission records downloadable on the FEC public website, FBI director James Comey, while general counsel of Lockheed Martin Corporation and later while an employee of Bridgewater, made large donations to the John McCain 2008 presidential election committee, and later to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign committee in 2012.

      $2.300.00 went to McCain's campaign in 2008 and a total of over $10,000.00 in campaign contributions under Comey's name have been recorded by the Federal Election Commission.

      The GOP needs to draft Jim Comey for president in 2020!

    • ".........Clinton's lead in Michigan has narrowed so much that the race is too close to call......"

      Michigan has not voted Republican in the Electoral College in any presidential election since 1988.

      Trump's family members are currently in a campaign blitz in the Wolverine State and Trump himself had been scheduled to visit this weekend.

      Despite the massive union support and the substantial black and Muslim communities in Metro Detroit rallying to Hillary Clinton in Michigan, her lead has dwindled to only 4-5% over Trump.

  • Are Arabs White?
    • The United States Supreme Court in St. Francis College vs. Al Khazraji, 481 US 604 (1987) held in a landmark decision that persons of Arabian ancestry are protected as non-Caucasians under certain federal civil rights legislation.

      That opinion was authored by Byron White - and Jewish organizations filed briefs in support of that claimant, an Iraqi-American professor, alleging race discrimination. The decision indirectly bolstered the argument that Jewish-Americans should receive similar civil rights protections.

      link to

  • 10 Things Weiner did Worse than Storing H. Clinton Emails on his computer
  • 60 Years later, Suez Crisis looks a lot like Iraq War
    • "Saddam Hussein had the same right as Israel to obtain nuclear arms for the defense of Iraq."

      This is incorrect.

      Iraq is a signatory to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and is bound to subject itself to the inspection regimen of the International Atomic Energy Agency and never to acquire nuclear weaponry.

      The government of the State of Israel in the 1960s , acting pursuant to the express recommendations of renowned U.S. physicist and"Father of the H-Bomb", Edward Teller, has never signed that nuclear nonproliferation treaty - and therefore there exists no enforcement mechanism to prevent Israel from acquiring an atomic arsenal.

  • Starstruck & Party-Fanatic: The Moral Paradox of Trump Support
    • "........then race came into play....."

      In 1970, blacks amounted to about 43% of Detroit's population and today its about 83% - if one adds Hispanic, Asian and Arab minorities in Detroit the city's total minority population approaches 90% today.

      Blacks in union leadership has been almost non-existent in Detroit-based labor union locals of the Teamsters and construction trades - although the United Auto Workers has openly promoted racial diversity and inclusion and had Mark Stepp, an African -American, serve as an international vice-president during the 1970s and 1980s.

      "......[n]either Japan nor Mexico bulks large in his well-researched work......"

      The Economic Policy Institute estimates that 700,000 American jobs were lost since NAFTA went into effect with Michigan and Indiana being the hardest hit:

      link to

    • "A large contributing factor were the "sweetheart" deals...."


      Big Three management justified their own salary increases on the raises given to the UAW workers.

      Janitors who were UAW members earned as much as $74,000.00 per annum and earned the jealousy of young entry-level engineers were earned less than they did.

      U.S. Senator Carl Levin unsuccessfully sought heavy tariffs on Japanese imports to thwart the growing market share.

      The Subaru and other Japanese imports of the 1960s were considered deathtraps and a joke among the auto experts. By the 1980s however, Japanese imported cars had a reputation for quality and affordability among U.S. consumers.

      The 1980s were considered a glory decade for the auto industry in Detroit with record profits and Lee Iacocca being touted as a possible presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988. The generous collective bargaining agreements the UAW had with the Big Three led to long term pension and medical insurance trust obligations that came to destroy both GM and Chrysler during the G.W. Bush administration.

      Many auto suppliers from Detroit, such as Lear Corporation, Collins & Aikman, Delphi and others who supplied automotive components such as seating and car interiors filed for bankruptcy as Mexican automotive factories produced the same components for far less cost.

      Lear Corporation, a 10-billion per year revenue seating producer in the 1990s, saw all of its shareholder equity wiped out in a bankruptcy filing in the following decade.

    • Absolutely.

      The United Auto Workers and Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters unions were during the 1950s and 1960s clearly the most politically influential labor unions in America and were largely run out of Detroit. The UAW was one of the few national labor unions not based in Washington D.C. - but in Detroit, and the Teamsters, despite being nominally headquartered at a 9-million-dollar building in the District of Columbia, was heavily controlled by its Detroit-based Local 299, headed by Jimmy Hoffa. Local 299 had the highest membership of any Teamster local in the U.S. and that local membership consisted heavily of over-the-road truckers hauling new automobiles.

      Two events occurred which shattered the prominence of those two unions and Detroit's primacy as the center of industrial power in the Midwest:

      (A) a little-known young business entrepreneur named Malcom Bricklin entered into a distributorship agreement with Subaru in the mid-1960s to import compact cars made in Japan into the U.S. consumer market - which led by the 1970s to Japanese automakers controlling an ever-widening share of the American market;

      (B) the opening up of the Mexican labor force to U.S. automotive suppliers - aided by the North American Free Trade Agreement - led to the Big Three Detroit automakers outsourcing parts and components to Mexican factories - many owned by American businessmen - and causing the layoffs of UAW workers.

      Detroit has declined from a population of 2 million in 1950 to less than 700,000 today - with the median value of a Detroit home currently about $10,000. The UAW today has lost hundreds of thousands of members since the late 1970s as well as political influence; Local 299 of the Teamsters likewise has only fraction of its 1970s era membership and the international union has lost the vast political clout it enjoyed under Jimmy Hoffa and Frank Fitzsimmons.

      Detroit-based General Motors, once the largest company in the world, filed in 2008 (its 100th anniversary) for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with over 90 billion dollars in accrued debt; Chrysler, the nation's third-largest automaker, was purchased by foreign interests after its stock shares became worthless. Only Ford - through prudent family management and intensive cost-cutting measures - and without any federal loan bailout - survived along with its shareholders.

      Detroit is America's most stark example of very extreme deindustrialization - and the noxious effect upon the public interest.

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