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  • 71% of Americans think Iran already has the Bomb (Also we used to have pet triceratops)
    • Maybe they are just pissed at not being fairly represented and have decided that they are only going to be pushed further for every inch they give so they just drew a line.

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
    • Answer: yes, Iran has repeatedly pointed out the insane position of the u.s. regarding Israel, its nukes etc. but he may as well have said it in his backyard to his gardener for all the scrutiny it received in the MSM.
      Obama will never call out Israel or speak truthfully about its grip on American politics because a) it would be political ( and possibly literal) suicide and b) he doesn't really care (inho).

  • Active Nuclear Arsenals and Iran's Absence
    • Also because those powers are the ones that get to define terrorism. If logical people are able to define terrorism, those powers are very clearly terrorists.

  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • Does Christianity forbid polygamy? I've never come across anything to support that.

  • Hoekstra Blames Everyone but Himself for the Deficits He Voted for
    • That "accent" was a parody and not a very good one. I think the intent was to stereotype Asians. Ergo, racist

  • The Generals try to stop an Iran War
    • Many many many times. Abbas was willing to practically sell out all of Palestine for next to (or less than) nothing, and that's just one example (of many).what have you been reading that leads you to believe the shite you say?

  • Marsh on Obama: The Party's Over
    • America, and by extension, the world is f***ed!! Either vote for a right winger, a right wing extremist or stay home and let the extremist cake walk to the WH.

  • SOPA goes Down: Moulitsas on Olbermann
    • The question now is; are Americans going to continue electing people who can't or won't work in their (average American) interests?

  • To avoid War, Obama Should Offer Iran Renewable Energy Aid: Buonomo
    • The author states
      " The question remains whether Iranian leaders would exploit this capability to pursue their own expansionist foreign policy agenda."
      Is the author saying that iran's foreign policy is expansionist or just that their enemies are claiming they are?

  • Majid: Why America Matters to Muslims
    • Well joe, some people think that the struggle for justice is more important than the individual. It seems that you are advocating that if an entity (such as Israel) can elude punishment for long enough, those crimes become irrelevant, perhaps even quaint.
      I for one am thankful that there are people in this world who see through that crap and continue the fight for justice.

    • Wonderful sentiments. The problem is, where would a Sunni sheik publish or broadcast his condemnations, Fox News?
      The masjid I attend has 2 sheiks who share the responsibility of Jummah prayers. Both routinely speak out against crimes committed by Muslims! Another masjid in my community actually has a media program but they have to fight tooth and nail to get anything published or broadcast and when it is it is either buried ir edited to a point of meaninglessness. I have also heard many lectures on the Internet by scholars who point out that Allah is definitely not pleased with those who murder innocents and non-combatants.
      What are we missing in Sunni Islam? Is there a secret code we can use to get our voices out there or is it as I suspect, that peace loving and peace promoting Muslims who are observant are not newsworthy.

  • Why the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Victory at the Polls May not be Decisive
    • Jordan is hostile to Israel?!? In what dimension?

    • What about the rights of people to live in a moral society? Why can't people be allowed to build a society that does not include lewdness and vice? What about allowing us to protect our religion? Are you against this Professor Cole?

  • 2011: End of US Hyperpower & its War with Islamdom
    • Juan; what about the reports that the Taliban leaders were willing to hand over OBL if they were supplied substantial evidence of his involvement in the attacks of 9/11/01? If those reports are true, does that not make the war on Afghanistan illegitimate?

  • Israeli Hardliners attack Police over Women's Segregation
    • Can't really say I have a lot of sympathy for a "Zionist school".
      I believe "conservatives" have a right to live in a conservative society but, as a Muslim I deplore the use of violence especially against children.
      That being said, the more these groups fight amongst themselves the less time and energy they have to oppress their Palestinian neighbors.

  • Christians in a Changing Arab World are Making their own Destinies
  • Christian Hate Group Targets Peaceful Muslim-Americans
    • Bill, I have read the English translation of the qur'an from al Fatiha (first chapter) to an nas (last chapter) haven't seen those terms. I have also read many hadeeth. Still haven't come across these terms. Could you please cite your source so I may check this out. Apparently you know a lot, so it won't surprise you that my attitude is that if you can show me that your deen is better than mine, I will follow yours. Convince away.

    • Isn't the issue here really about American law allowing hate groups to flourish rather than a business making a decision in its own self interest?

    • Bill, it is not the qur'an that makes it difficult! It is articles like this that ignore the major meaning of the word and focus on the "popular" meaning. Without having to deal with the MSM propaganda about jihad (which Prof. Cole unintentionally enhances by omission), I could easily explain to the uninitiated that jihad simply means struggle and that struggle can be anything from the struggle to not sin to the struggle to defeat oppression. But my point was that because of the false impression that "holy war" and jihad is a simple and direct translation, I need to go into a long preamble before answering q's about it. Articles from scholars who know the true meaning of jihad but neglect to explain it don't help. By the way, Muslims cannot fight people who are not actively oppressing others and call it jihad, or rather, they can call it what they like but it's not jihad.

    • Just a little addition prof. Cole. As a Muslim we ARE required to "practice jihad". The confusion comes from the definition of jihad. When I try to read qur'an in Arabic, that's jihad. When I travel from my home to seek religious knowledge, that's jihad. When I want to do something sinful but resist because of my love for Allah and his prophet(s), that is jihad. So when some non Muslim asks me if I agree with jihad I have to think about how to answer them, and articles like this which seem to be from the Muslim perspective but ignore the greatest jihad, don't make my task any easier.

  • Iran has US Surrounded, All Right
    • Ahhh, Seth. I'm not sure if your being straight forward or sarcastic. A couple of years ago I would have taken that statement as blatant sarcasm, but I look even in the MSM today and I see America using violence against its citizens to prevent reform, which I guess would qualify as massive oppression against its citizenry.
      Point being, neither regime seems to have any moral high ground, so...what's your point?

  • Theocratic Dominance of the New Egypt may be Exaggerated
    • Hat if their elected in free and fair elections? Will we be saying they "seized power" as the MSM characterizes the Hamas victory in gaza?

  • Senate Bill Allows Arrest of Americans by Military Anywhere
    • I think I would rather be "arrested" than "held". Arrested implies some sort of trial at some future date while held implies "incommunicado" or "indefinitely" or simply "held without charges". This kind of law is scary but predictable. I remember not so long ago, when people said America (including my home and native land) was heading for a police state, they were considered loonies. Now a well respected university professor implies the same thing on a widely read blog. I guess that's progress of some sort.

  • Democratic Developments in the Arab Upheavals
    • Arnold, you said-" But neither of even those two has a political system that can create policy that reflects, without distortion, the views and sensibilities of its people."
      That could also be said about the USA, as well as Canada and many other western "democracies" so is there a democracy out there somewhere that lives up to your standards?

  • Did the Muslim Brotherhood Threaten to Kill "All Jews"?
    • Not only rediculous, but an insult to a large segment of the Jewish diaspora. What percentage is arguable but it would be interesting, though improbable, to see those poll results.

    • Like the outpouring of support the palestinians receive from world jewery?? I'll have you know rabbi, there are many Muslims speaking out against hatred, intolerance and injustice IT'S OUR RELIGIOUS RESPONSIBILITY!! But, for some reason, Fox, NBC or the WSJ never seem to be able or willing to feature a story about an observant Sunni (about 80% of Muslims) talking about justice. The only explanation I've heard as to why that is is poo pooed as a conspiracy theory, but I know from experience that you can find such a thing on any given Friday. Perhaps, Rabi, you could explain this to me.

  • Egyptian Revolution 2.0?
    • Good points I like Ike, but none of those countries are in the neighborhood of Israel.

  • Arab League Suspends Syria as Israeli Warns of "Islamic Empire"
    • Oh! Ok Arnold, why don't you put that on a "thinking of you" card and send it to Bashar. I'm sure he'll see your logic and start preparing for elections right away. He'll probably have the opposition over for tea too.

      The United States is clearly working to force Assad out. The Obama administration publicly said the opposition should not put down its arms. If you’re claiming Obama is doing this against Israel’s wishes, that is impossible to believe.
      OK, well then, nothing to worry about. The good ol' USofA would never appear to do one thing while secretly doing another. I can state that with confidence because I've watched their impartial mediation of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I guess corporate "democracy" really does work and I can just go back to bed.

    • How about extrajudicial assassination? There legal aren't they?

    • it's no surprise to me that Israel preferrs Assad over the MB and I think the only satisfactory replacement for him in their eyes would be a Republican or Democratic party (in the US sense of the words). Assad had Israel to complain about, but what exactly did he do towards repaitriating the Golan? Just talk.

  • Netanyahu a "Liar": Sarkozy
    • Hamas has agreed to accept a 2 state solution which implys accepting Israel.

  • Iran Looks to China, Russia to Break out of US Sanctions
    • ...– due to potential retaliatory acts from Iran, and start to pack up and relocate to the USA, leaving Israel with alot of empty houses?...
      That works.

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  • Newt's new Crusade against the Arab Spring
    • Nd yet, Oliver, Norway (or any other democratic country) is just an election away from becoming a bad example of democracy rather then a good example. The fundamental flaw with democracy is that the ones who decide have virtually no knowledge about how to solve the issues. As you are well aware, running a nation is complicated and being a good speaker or being able to run a convincing campaign does not nessisairily qualify one to be a good president or PM

    • Democracy doesn't really work very well at all. I find it ironic that Americans blindly support a system that has let "99%"of them down (if you trust the OWS figures, personally I would say probably 80-90% but I won't quibble). Democraticly elected governments have passed laws allowing corporations to have equality to human beings, allowing special interest groups to steer foreign and/or domestic policy as well as many other laws that do nothing positive for the masses.
      Some people argue that democracy has created a lot of wealth for a lot of people. True, but so did the Islamic sharia system of the late 7th and early 8th century. I doubt the average citizen was worse off, including Christians and Jews, in that peroid then the average joe in America today.

  • Godzilla Carbon Emissions in 2010 Unprecedented
    • Andrew, photosynthesis only works if plants will use the carbon dioxide. The problem is that the carbon dioxide released by the burning of modern refined petro-chemicals has atoms of certain heavy metals attached to it so plants will not use it. Whether the same is true with coal I couldn't say but for oil it's useless for plants

  • Berube on Libya and the Left
  • Likud Government takes Revenge on Palestinians for UNESCO Membership
    • Interesting stats. Maybe they could call this new Arab/Jewish entity "Palistine"

    • That's true pabelmount. Actually Canada, I'm saddened to admit my home and native land, is more pro Zionist than even the Unlimited Supply of A**£%les.

  • UNESCO Palestine Vote Isolates US Further
    • Do you really think they are "behind the curve"? Or is it simply a matter of pragmatics, i.e. one who criticizes Israel does not get elected, and may have some mud slung at them as well.

  • Is Syria in Civil War?
    • Isn't it semantics? People are struggling for change in huge numbers and the overwhelming power of the government seems not to phase them. Maybe the Syrian uprising does not fit the criteria (x% of people under arms etc.) but in many ways it is exactly the same as a war. Call it a pajama party if you want.
      IMHO we need to find a way to support the Syrian people without co-opting their struggle and leave it to them to decide what to do.

  • Islamic Law not a problem in Bush's Afghanistan & Iraq, but a Problem in Libya?
    • Sorry bill, but what you think you know about Islam is either outright wrong or 1/2 expressed (the female inheritance issue being 1/2 expressed), the 1/2 a mans testimony refers to issues of business and can be superseded and you are completely wrong on the divorce issue. Shariah is similar to western law in that it is evolving and is made up primarily of opinions.

    • Sorry, clumsy thumbs.
      As I was saying moamar was a contradiction in many ways and promoting aspects of real shariah over Arab culture while otherwise working to suppress Islam was just one example of this contradiction. This is what I meant when I said many people would embrace shariah if they were unaware of its religious roots (meaning verdicts and opinions not directly related to "religion").

    • The only quibble I have with this post is that you confuse Arab (and other) culture with Islam. The points you made about Gazaffi allowing things, well, actually, it is Islam that promotes these things. Momar

    • Hahaaa, yer so right JT, a good many people would agree to shariah if it was put to them in a way that hid its Islamic roots. I'm thinking about the OWS people in particular but just the average American too

    • It seems that this bogeyman is a favorite tool of western leaders.
      Personally, I hope Libya embraces shariah so I can emmigrate there.
      Something needs to happen here in the west. Our PM, Mr. Harper recently stated that the biggest threat to Canada is "Islamization" a word I've never heard but interestingly, my phone's spelling predictor program knows very well. Ignorance about Islam is widespread and understandable when you concider the homogeneity of the MSM but I wonder if non Muslims ever think "isn't that racism?" when they read or hear some of these rediculous statements.
      For a look at how SOME Muslims reacted to Harpers racism you can visit

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
    • Sorry to see the Obama administration is so anxious to push this kind of neocon smear. I expected it from Netanyahu’s moll Hillary Clinton, but Obama and Biden surprise me.
      Have you been paying attention lately???

  • Ballen: Terrorism Can't be Taken out and Shot
    • " it is for Muslims to grasp notions of RENAISSANCE..."
      Anyone else see the irony here?

  • Palin was Right About those Government Death Panels
    • How about some evidence Bill.

    • Bill, you are also in a "war on drugs" do you support the kiling without trial of proponents of legalization? Or suspected drug dealers? Why not just have death squads roaming around America "disappearing" users and dealers. Al Awlakie was killed because of what he said not what he did, or at least that's what I believe. You may think differently but we will never know now will we? That's the point! If you allow your government to act outside the law, you don't deserve liberty, and killing a citizen, under the circumstances Al Awlakie was killed, was outside the law.

  • Steve Jobs: Arab-American, Buddhist, Psychedelic Drug User, and Capitalist World-Changer
    • Or small pills, as in purple micro- dot. (Just a flash back from my youth)

  • China and Iran, Green Together
    • The ayatollah's came to power as a result of the shahs ruthlessness, not from a vacuum. It was AMERICA that installed the shah. They did this because they had (democratically elected) mossadegh assassinated.
      What does the DR in your name stand for

    • We just had a isotope deficiency scare here a year or so ago. Are you saying Iran has a more stable source than Canada? Really, what does the DR in your name stand for anyway?

  • Iran Business Partners: Cheney & Reagan, not Just the Koch Brothers
    • Dear doctor Cole. I think the negative tone of this piece is a psychological trick to spur your American readers on to some form of action. I fear it's too late. The vast majority of Americans will sit and cheer on the occupy wall street crowd from their living rooms and do nothing while the malignancy that is the USA sinks. And well they should

  • Al-`Awlaqi Should have been Tried in Absentia
    • The Der Speigel article points to a lot of allegations. What has been proven? Do Americans really trust their government that much? I surely would not!! What would be wrong with trying to arrest the man, no matter how long it took. Imagine the PR coup if the US supreme court could convict one of these high level terrorists in a fair trial. Makes me think they don't really want to. The Taliban offered to hand over OBL on at least one occasion and the US declined to accept the offer. Why? Fair trials, where evidence can be presented by both sides are the only way to deal with these people.

  • Why we Need a Palestinian State: (Cole at Truthdig Podcast)
    • What pisses me of is this insistence by the USG that this is about peace. It's not really, it's about justice. If there was a little more justice for the Palistinians there would be a greater chance for peace.
      I really hope America's problems multiply and cause them to lose what international sway they still have because it seems apparent to me that the militarist and corporatists have won in the US and there is no repairing the damage done from the inside short of a real revolution. A revolution which would lead to another civil war due to the polarization of the American people.

  • Saudi Women's Vote: Does it Go Far Enough?
    • (cont.) are a result of real life capitalist facts. People can afford them, so they will be built. I wish there was a way to keep the accommodations equal, even free, but it is still possible for the average person to make hajj so...
      It would also be nice to save all the history, but we have our history in the sera of the prophet and the hadeeth. What is important is that people can make hajj!
      You must realize that Macca is in a small valley with very little room to grow.

    • I've been to all three sites mentioned in the linked article. I think the wahabbi's have a valid point.
      The trail to the cave on jabel Noor climbs steeply to the peak, where you can look down to the enterance to the cave. What you see there I'd very sad. Hundreds of people jostling to see the inside of the cave as if it was a religious obligation. The mountain itself is littered with what must be tens of thousands of plastic water bottles. From a historical perspective, it would be nice to see the area developed but from a religious standpoint I think it would be better to see the whole area (jabel Noor) leveled to prevent people from turning it into a place of worship.
      The 5 star hotels and condos surrounding the two masjids

  • Top Arab Spring Stories Today
    • @Debbie. I think that stems from the capitalist system. America was built on greed and every man for himself. I think that's why there's such an aversion to health care and other aspects of the social safety net. Strange that a "Christian" nation could be so cold. I began to lose respect for the "average American" back when that guy had the "talk show" with all the fist fights and cursing. People seemed not to care that they were airing their worst side on national television just to get on national television, AND, there was an audience for them. I think its the beginning of the end for a culture when that kind of thing is considered entertainment. A bit like "The O'Riley Factor"

  • Muslim Brotherhood Rebukes Erdogan for Advocacy of Secularism
    • " may have IDEAS that conflict..."

    • I dont find it disturbing at all. I think it's wise for a party in the position the MB finds itself in to concider that outsiders may have das that conflict with their own. What I have read does not seem to indicate that the MB rejects Erdogan's ideas, only that they will take an Egypt first approach rather than take an outside model and use it in it's entirety.

  • Helman: The Palestinians Seek UN Recognition
    • Phil, it is unfair of you to criticize palestines neighbors for not supporting them. It has only been a few months since Tunis threw off it's oppressive yolk and Libya and Egypt are still in the process. Give them time and you will, I'm sure, see a lot of support for the Palestinians.

  • Turkey, Egypt and Israel
    • @Ronald. You may have been shocked because you are a westerner and as such see things through Christian-centric eyes. As a Muslim, I believe ataturk's policies were anti religion and thus I see them (his policies) as a threat to my freedom of religion. Westerners seem to think that atheism, rampant consumerism and "democracy are the be all and end all and will never understand the ME mentality until they get over themselves and realize there are other valid world views

  • Sadrists to Demonstrate in Baghdad against US Troops Remaining
    • Warren, I would suggest to you that the shia Sunni devide is rooted more in the fundamentals of the religion i.e. Shia rejection of the legitimacy of the first 3 caliphs (abu bakr, Omar and Othman may Allah be pleased with them) as well as their rejection of a'isha may Allah be pleased with her.

  • China offered Qaddafi Armaments in midst of war
    • JOE FROM LOWELL. Are you kidding me?? Are you referring to the unidentifiable flash of colour that appears in the right top third of the screen just before the explosion?? I saw that video when it was released. Cockburn said eyewitnesses reported seeing passengers terrified faces through the windows, lol. If the powers that be want to prove us skeptics wrong, they need to offer more than microseconds flashes of UFO's (in the literal sence of the term). With all the video servelence of the pentagon, offering this video does nothing but harden a skeptics skepticism. But, I think you were being sarcastic, no?

    • Mostly old Russian stuff. If he had AK47s he must have gotten them in Gaza though. I say this because the IDF's evidence that the south Israel bus attackers were from gaza is that they used AK47's (apparently only available in Gaza lol)

    • Cockburn's 9/11 piece was full of holes. In it he alleged that there was photographic evidence of an airplane hitting the pentagon, but did not produce the picture. I for one have been looking for 10 years (or almost) and have not found this c kind ov evidence. He also cites one or two anonymous "witnesses" to support his theory. If he is a credible journalist he needs to apologize for that opinion piece and offer something that resembles real investigative work, otherwise I will judge him on that piece and concider him a hack.

  • NATO Refuses Ground Troops for Libya as "Friends" Conference Opens
    • Thanks JTMCPHEE, I wanted to respond to that ignorance but now, thanks to your,ore polite version, I don't have to. Cheers

    • It appears some in Washington also supported Ghazaffi as recently as august 20th (according to aje's recent report) would that not be considered an act of treason in the good ol' US of A?

  • Rebels Consolidate Control over Tripoli as Qaddafi's Mass Killings Discovered
    • Eid Mubarak to all Libyans, and to you prof. Cole. You have been the voice of sanity through all this and continue to be so. I live amongst a small community of Libyans and have been following this story closely since last Feb. Reports on this blog have been in almost total agreement with the ideas, attitudes and knowledge of those Libyans I have spoken to. I was offered a job in Libya and hesitated to accept and then all this mayhem happened. I was really disappointed because by a large majority, the Libyans I have met were all warm, generous and positive people and I very much wanted to experience the land that produced these amazing loving and lovable people. It seems mow that I may soon get my chance. Inshallah

  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • Jon, just off the top of my head here is an example of your ignorance. A man dies leaving one son, one unmarried daughter. The son receives twice the inheritance of the daughter. The son is then required to provide a place for his sister to live, to feed her, pay for her education and maintain her lifestyle as close as possible to what it was when her father was living. The daughter can keep her money or spend it or give it away or any combination thereof. She is not required to spend one penny on her upkeep. THAT sir is shariah and you are welcome to look it up. I fail to see how that is an injustice to women. If you want to see how women can be treated in the west, read a book called "life with billy" or simply read the statistics on violent crime against women in the US or Canada. Your other points are equally misinformed.

    • Mazlum, I don't know how much you know about sharia but there's not much in that document that conflicts with Islamic legal principals. There are a few minor changes such as the right to publicly criticize could be interpreted to allow blasphemy which serves no purpose and causes problems, so it could be tweaked a bit, and the fact that you cannot separate Islam the religion from Islam the ideology because they are one and the same. I personally have no problem with that. If non muslems

    • Mazlum, here is an example of how an Islamic state would discriminate against other religions. When Jerusalem first fell to the Muslims the bishop of Jerusalem invited the Muslim leader (I think it was Omar or Othman) to pray at the church of the holy sepelcur (sp?). He refused because he was afraid it would signal to future hot heads that Xian houses of worship were fair game for Muslims. They are not!

    • So what if an Islamic republic emerges, are you Libyan? If not, frankly it's none of your business what the Libyan people decide they want for a government. No one in there right mind can say "democracy" is faultless, or communism or any other ism that's been tried. I say if the Libyan people want an Islamic republic, good fo them and good fir the rest of the world too

    • Just want to add another voice to Ann's comment. Hats off to you professor Cole.

  • Qaddafi Rule Collapsing as Rebels Take Brega, Zlitan
    • Hahaa, his speech tonight (Saturday) reminded me of a drunk in a bar. I think he's a few bricks short of a full load for sure. The Libyan guys were getting a great kick out of it.

  • Top Ten Reasons Radical Jihadis shouldn't have Threatened David Letterman
    • Good observation Ron. I hadn't considered the similarities, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Rebels Advance, Surround Tripoli, as Qaddafi Totters
    • I sat for Iftar with 15 or so Libyan brothers on Saturday, and the mood was decidedly more upbeat than it has been in the past. I am so happy for them. One brother showed me google earth images of his home town and video of a nearby airbase being bombed by NATO. The optimism was palpable. They are now talking hopefully about returning home and I pray they can, although this community will miss them greatly.

  • Toothless UNSC Condemnation of Syria shows Russian, Chinese Clout
    • I seriously doubt if prof. Cole is simply perusing MSM reports and deciding on what is true and what is not, and I tip my hat to him for allowing such an insult to be published on his own blog. Your willingness to defend the Al Assad regime, wether by omission or commission is only proof of the effectiveness of the regimes media black-out. HOWEVER, there are reports getting out, and I have personally seen footage of what is going on and have personally heard eye witness reports. There is no question that the Syrian government is murdering peaceful, unarmed protesters FULL STOP!!! I am as anti violence as the next guy, but there comes a time when even a x'ian runs out of cheeks to turn

  • Dear Foreigner-Haters: Immigration is Good for You
    • Sorry to hijack this thread but I feel compelled to comment on your O'Riley post and comments are closed so I'm hoping you'll let me make this comment.

      Some Christians ard denying the violent side of the new testament and I would like to point out that in Luke, I think 19:27 Jesus (AS) is reported to have said words to the effect of " bring me those who reject my message and slay them at my feet".

      If this is metaphorical and the sword quote is metaphorical, why would he (AS) use such violent imagery considering the argument that he (AS) was strictly non-violent

  • Is the Arab Spring Coming to Palestine?
    • Ahhh, I get it now. The Palestinians have no right to their ancestral homeland because they didn't have the foresight to see that one day outsiders would come and violently kick them off their land and use a foreign version of law to deny them their so called human rights. I guess those Palistinians are really stupid eh?

  • Clinton: al-Asad has lost Legitimacy after Mobs Storm US, French Embassies
    • It is a good laugh that here the US is supporting the same Sunni fundamentalists that they are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Do you have some evidence of such a coalition?

  • 10 Ways Arab Democracies Can Avoid American Mistakes
    • I think a system where a head of state chosen by the people has unlimited power to do what has to be done within the confines of the constitution would be a good one. Kind of like a benevolent dictatorship. One restriction I would put on it though is that if a person campaigns for the post in any way he/she should be disqualified.

    • OMG what claptrap!! Unions created by corporations??
      As far as this post being seen in the Arab world, I intend to show it to as many brothers in the Libyan/Egyptian community as I can. Maybe that's as far as it will go, but maybe not.
      BTW weekends in the parts of the ME that I visited were Thursday's and Fridays, FYI.
      Your comment about not compelling people to vote also makes some assumptions, (as do most of your other points). I think it is perfectly legitimate to require people to vote if they can be informed and have the option of voting "none of the above"
      I do agree on one point though, you cannot separate religion and politics, not in the ME and not in the USA. FWIW, I don't see that as a problem.

  • The Arabs' Fourth of July
    • Didn't get that report but I cheer it as well. One of my biggest fears for Egypt was that the IMF/WB would getting their hooks deeper into them and it is heartening to hear of this rejection :-)

  • Senate Committee Backs Obama on Libya as Rebels capture major Arms Depot
    • As do I Joe. This stems, IMO, from an inherent racism that says that Arabs are incapable of acting civilized (ironic coming from a Eurocentric group given that it was the Arabs that pulled we whities from the dung heap of the dark ages). Sadly, many of my Arab friends have also bought into this malarky

  • Notar: Syria and the Palestine Card
    • Joe, remember that America only came to the "assistance" of Tunis and Egypt when it became clear that the youth movements were gaining the upperhand or actually winning. When I read about the Egyptian military council dragging it's feet, arresting protesters etc, it's then that I see the American hand. Egypt has not had regime change yet, only a shake up at the top.

  • Libya not a War for Oil
    • Why?? Are Libyans somehow incapable of creating a society based on equality?
      I for one hope my brothers and sisters in Libya reject western style "democracy" and create a truly fair and just society. They certainly have the potential.

  • Qaddafi Accused of Systematic Rape, War Crimes by ICC, UN
    • Dr. Cole; I wonder if you could comment on A. Cockburn's piece on this topic which I read on "The First Post". link to
      I would also appreciate your thoughts on weather or not the TNC will serve the Libyans or the IMF/ World Bank and their Ilk.

  • Our News and their News
    • Sheeple is an apt description of the western masses. Where I work there are about 850 other employees and at least 90% of them have no idea what is going on in the ME or, probably worse, they repeat the drivel fed to them by the MSM. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard " those people" have been fighting for centuries, like Europe was a haven for peace nics and butterflies for the past 2000 years.
      A very sad, but I think engeneered situation.

  • Egypt Lets Palestinians of Gaza Circulate
    • I think, judging from Obama's speech last week, the US plan is to try set another neo-liberal system where the government is beholden to the multinationals. If the military maintains power, that could happen, but I think you'd then see tahrir square full again. Best case scenario is that Libya gets its house in order so it can be a source of financial aid to the ME, similar to what Venezuela has been for SA

  • G8 'Marshall Plan' for Arab Spring Nations Falls Short
    • Ted. What do you know about shariah law? I would venture to guess that the answer is next to zero except that it's a good boogyman to bring up when talking about Muslim majority areas empowering themselves.
      Is it the non-predatory banking system you oppose? Or maybe the concept of greater good trumping personal aspirations? Or will you just fox news us with stories of amputated limbs and spousal abuse ( which, of course, never happens in "civilized" countries)

  • Obama right not to Release Usama Photo
    • So, do you mean by this that you would have buried the Abu Graib photos if it had been your decision?

  • Top Ten Myths about Bin Laden's Death
    • I agree with most of this, but not #8. Especially the point about it being in the best interest of America that OBL be tried. America being the average citizen, yes but America the political entity, maybe not so much. CNN was talking Monday night about the govt. trying to avoid "conspiracy theories" but the at sea burial is one of a few points that could have been predicted to cause alternate theories.
      It's true that Muslims should be buried as soon after their death as possible, but in a case where an autopsy is required, many scholars have said it is permissible to delay the burial. As for the "not wanting to create a shrine" arguement, poppycock!
      Sadly, the truth about OBL may never be known, but to trust sources in the US govt. for information is to accept doublespeak as truth.

  • Libyan Opposition: 'Extremely Happy' at Bin Laden's Death, Combatting al-Qaeda
    • I think it's poor thinking to base a question on a flawed premise. Communities can be extremely happy about events that do not directly affect them, I've seen it.

  • Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda
  • Misrata Reprieved
    • There is absolutely no basis for the claim that "islamists" ( I despise that term) have now or will have any sway in the future of Libya. Qazaffi is ideologically opposed to "radical Islam" and the Libyan population is, by and large Muslim in the true sense of the word and thus will have nothing to do with any group that will attempt to use Islamic scripture to do un-Islamic things (like killing innocents, oppressing people etc)

  • The Tyrants Strike Back
    • Umm.....really? They ask Ali (R.A.) to intercede on their behalf much like Christians asking Jesus (PBUH). Sounds like deification to me.

  • Free Libyan fighters exult in small Victories, as US begins Drone Strikes
    • Thanks Joe from Lowell, and may I add that Ghazaffi has announced a ceasefire on at least one occasion while he continued to slaughter civilians. The only way to protect civilians from Ghazaffi is to neutralize him, and I for one am pretty O.K with that.

  • Egypt's Ruling Party Dissolved
  • Sea Water for Honolulu Air Conditioning
    • As far as I know there is only 1 Sunni monarchy with Shia majority i.e. Bahrain. Do you know of others?

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Arabs Protest their Governments
    • I think the problem I America is twofold. 1) Americans are, by and large either apathetic or preoccupied with day to day survival and 2) there is only a bad option and a worse option at the ballot box, which contributes, in large part to #1. America needs a revolution but I don't think the Americans have the stomach for it.

  • Torpey: Support the Libyans but Don't Arm Them!
    • Aaron, libya is almost completely Sunni, while Iran in mostly Shia. The possibility that they would be in the same "orbit" is just about impossible at this time

    • While i agree with some og yhe content of this post, a couple of things in it are odd. For example your use of "quotation marks" around the term foreign invasion. When a foreign country invades another country that is, by definition a foreign invasion. Putting the term in quotation marks implies that you think the term was incorrectly used. Don't you think that people have a right to fight against injustice in whatever way they can? The same points can be said for Iraq or are you of the opinion that the US had a legitimate right to invade and occupy these countries?
      Arming the rebels may or may not be a good idea, but to say that it is wrong because some or many Libyans offered their lives to combat imperialism and injustice is, well, I'm sorry I can't come up with a better word than stupid!

  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • Concider this my written version of a standing ovation. I agree with absolutely everything in this piece absolutely. I particularly like the metaphor of the Berlesconi (sp?) uprising. Bravo professor Cole, bravo indeed.

  • It's the Popular Sovereignty, Stupid
  • The War for Libya's West: More Qaddafi Massacres
    • Are you kidding?? Disarming the rebels would mean Gazaffi would simply reduce his population by...what number do you think is acceptable bin safwat? A couple hundred thousand? A million or two? Maybe then Gazaffi will sit around a campfire with the people and sing koombya while sharing his billions with them.
      We are talking about a man who sent armed soldiers into a football stadium during a game to spray the crowds with bullets because they were singing something not to his liking. I think the death toll that time was 50 some. A pretty good start I guess.
      Arming the rebels is the only solution. Not a pretty solution, or "politically correct" maybe, but pragmatic and just.

  • Qaddafi threatens to Join al-Qaeda as his Forces advance on Rebel Strongholds
    • Well, I suppose I would have to agree that the governments, and some influential groups in those countries are acting on racist ideology.
      The qur'an speaks very eloquently on this issue, but sadly many Muslims choose to ignore it. I guess that means that Muslims are the same as anybody else, i.e. They pick and choose their scripture. To be honest, I think Judaism is the only major religion that preaches that it's followers are superior in this world as well as the next.
      Your question is worded strangely though. To answer it as it is worded, I would say that ALL Saudi's, Packistani's, Americans, Peruvian's etc who discriminate on the basis of religion are acting in a racist way. But, if you mean that these people represent a majority, I have no way of knowing that.

    • @William H Barkell. It's not my logic, it's my dictionary.

    • Uninformed comment, with all due respect, I think you ARE a bit naive to think that the rebels would face anything but an agonizing death if they gave up now. Gazaffi has a history of reaching beyond his borders to kill those he perceives as enemies, and he at least appears to be operating in some other form of reality. I know that people are being disappeared in Tripoli (one informed friend put the number at over 1000 people). The same friend, who is living in North America just recently received a death threat from one of Gazaffi's goons. The solution to this conflict is to arm the rebels so they can deal with Gazaffi in a homegrown, Libyan way, and set up whatever type of government THEY want.

    • William, my dictionary includes bias on the basis of religion as an indicator of racism.

  • Anzalone: Building an Insurgent State in Somalia?
    • From the list of books cited, the shebab movement will probably produce some decent scholars. This is not the picture we get of the movement from MSM. If this report is true, I hope these people can continue so we can all benefit from these islamicly educated youth.

  • Qaddafi's Scorched Earth Policy, at Home and Abroad
    • Sha'b refers to all the people, Muslims Christians athiests etc. within a particular frame of reference i.e. inside Libya. Ummah refers to, as you quoted, the community of believers, no matter where they are

  • Ras Lanuf Falls to Rebels
  • Egypt Protests Spark Confrontations in Yemen, Algeria
    • Lol, Hillary in a tent!! What a marvelous fantasy. Thank you for the positive mental picture.
      Seriously though, I agree with the majority who feel that Mubarak stepping down was only a small victory, not the end of the struggle. Already the MSM is spinning stories about the MB bogeyman, and poor Israel's vulnerability. You gotta give it to those zionists though, nobody has perfected the art of victimhood like they have.

  • Christians, Muslims "One Hand" in Egypt's Youth Revolution
    • Garrison, shariah law guarantees religious freedom! Shariah law is based on the qur'an and the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him. It may have been co-opted by certain groups and those groups may have used weak or poorly researched decisions but the source of shariah law is far more socially advanced then any other system. Show me an abuse of shariah law and I can point to at least as many abuses under western legal tradition. For example, if you believe say American law is superior you would have to agree that African Americans are far less law abiding than white folks, given the higher proportion of them in the penal system.
      People in the west need to realize that their "instinctual" abhorence of shariah law, the Muslim brotherhood, the (true) concept of jihad and all things Islamic
      Are a result of mass media hype and have very little to do with reality.
      Are there criminals, or angry and misguided people in the world who are bent on creating fitnah in the world to achieve their aims? Absolutely! Are the issues that anger them legitimate? Undoutedly! Are there methods legitimate under shariah? Not at all!!! Do they represent the Muslim ummah?
      No! The only thing I have in common with those people is a desire for justice, but agreeing on one point should not make me or my co-religionists guilty for those peoples actions.

  • Million-Person March Planned as Elbaradei made Opposition Leader
  • Anzalone: Hezbollah’s Double Standards: Tunisia and Iran
  • Rightwingers feeling Unfairly Blamed
    • Lol. Shortest, funniest news report ever.
      The only thing funnier is mainstream America fails to see the irony.

  • Death of Pakistani Secularism Much Exaggerated
    • Could you clarify the second to last sentence in the second paragraph. I reject the idea of saints (other than the 10 who were promised jennah), the erection of shrines to dead people, and most forms of "spiritual music". Does that make me a "fundamentalist"?
      I also reject the term "fundamentalist" to describe people who do not adhere to the fundamentals, and contradictory
      terms like "islamofascist" or" Islamic terrorist"

  • Today in Apartheid
    • Hahaaa. I was just trying to formulate a responce to PHUD1's comment, now it's been done, thanks RASKOLNIKOV.
      I was thinking weight just collectively ignore him, but on reflection, that would allow him to spread his or her or their injurious falsehoods so maybe the answer is to collectively pounce on his idiocy and call him out as the propagandist he, she, they is/ are.

  • Wainwright: Taseer's Assassination Lays Bare Contradictions in Pakistani Islam
    • Done. On my wife's account, as I don't have one.

    • Aadil, I would like to send you my contact info, but would prefer not to publish it for all to see. Some articles on some blogs have a link to the author included, but this one does not. Any suggestions?

    • I am in agreement with most of this article. I could only add that a) under Islamic law, it is the responsibility of the state, not the individual, to carry out punishment of criminals and b) the responsibility of the individual to spread Islam, for the most part by having exemplary character. Unfortunately this sad episode shows that too many Muslims do not know their own faith.
      It is my understanding that those people who were executed after the opening of Makka were fervent and unrepentant slanderers, not the run of the mill hatred who made up a significant portion of the Makkan citizenry at the time i. e. this is significant evidence that ordinary running off at the mouth is not sufficient to warrant capital punishment or else there would have been a blood bath which, all reports indicate, there was not.

  • Women enlist as Fighters in Gaza
    • Yeah, negotiating for pie the isrelis continue to eat. I'm sure when Abbas et al have nothing left, bibi et al will give them safe passage to... Somewhere :-/

  • Palestinians Reject Piecemeal Talks offered by Israel
    • So, Juan, what are these fundamentals of Islam that the fundamentalists are adhering to?

  • Abu Dhabi Hotel Does not Regret $11 Mn. Christmas Tree
    • Juan. You should research the origins of the term "salafi". You may find that there is nothing narrow minded about Islam. BTW, I am quite uninterested in Muslim "traditions" that serve to separate Muslims from Islam. Your comment is condescending and atypical of your usually balanced approach. I am aware of what the term salifi (and wahabi and fundamentalist and islamowhatever) has come to mean but as a person who loves language, I prefer to think and speak as though words had at least some lasting meaning. In a world where "Islamic terrorism" is not seen as an oxymoron it would be nice to have someone not use that kind of non-language. (I forget the term from "1984")

    • Yeah, super390, I agree, but To comment on every aspect of this that disappoints me would likely fill a small booklet.
      One thing though, this graphically illustrates why the Muslim world is in such a mess.

    • Sorry, meaty fingers :-/. I was saying we don't even celebrate the birth of Muhammad, peace be upon him (and Issa too) so why celebrate any other prophets birth.
      For the non-Muslim, I think it's difficult to understand my distaste for this, but it is a)putting Islam aside to grovel to unbelievers and b) done by our supposed leaders who should be chosen on the basis of their knowledge rather than fluke of birth, and these "sheikhs" apparently are more concerned with bowing to shirk than fulfilling their true responsibility which is caring for their people and showing that Islam is the correct path.

    • As a Muslim, this saddens me. On one level, the gross display of wealth is crude and "over the top" on a second level, the fact that this display is done to honor, not the prophet Issa, but a christian version of Issa as a third of a three head god.On a third level, Muslims (or at least practicing Sunnis) do not celebrate the birth of anyone as an annual event, including ourselves or Muhammad (sulallah whu Of course, my options, as a pr

  • On Reading the Qur'an: Hazleton
    • I wish everyone could see this. I also wish we Muslims could be as eloquent, but on further reflection, many Muslims are (such as Gary Miller) but for some odd reason ;-/ these people don't seem to get air time. I would love to watch Jamal Badawi's weekly broadcast on CNN, but alas... Perhaps those scholars' agents are not doing their jobs (haha)

  • Israelis Jettison Peace Talks in Favor of Massive Land Theft; Brazil, Argentina Recognize Palestinian State
    • David, are you serious? The Palestinian representatives have bent over backwards time and time again selling out their own people, conceding land and rights, bowing to illegitimate Israeli demands. I'm happy to see Abbass show a spine, but realistically, he may as well go back further in history to define the borders.
      The Israeli's will give nothing and expect everything as long as they have the US backing them. Without backing they would, to a man run for home

  • Redd: What About Jerusalem?
    • It's quite a streach to say that the Nazi's massacred Jews because they had no country. Actually it's more than a stretch, it's simplistic, self serving ( if you're a Zionist) misleading and probably a lot of other things to boot. Lot's of groups lack a country of their own and are still surviving. I am very happy that this Zionist use of the holocaust to promote their agenda is beginning to be seen for what it really is, disgusting. If zionists really believe the holocaust was such a horrible thing, why do they copy so many of it's strategies in Palestine?

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