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  • What Iranian women want: rights, jobs and a seat at the table
    • Iran illustrates that education alone will not eradicate sexism. With a population that is one of the most highly educated in the Middle East, the culture is still stuck in a medieval view of the place of women. I have not seen any attempts to analyze why this is so.

  • Trump on Islam: Neo-Orientalism and anti-Shi'ism
    • What Trump and his minions do not know about the Middle East would fill the Library of Alexandria. What they do know barely fits on a match book cover. But ignorance about the rest of the world has always been a source of pride for most Americans, who take it for evidence of patriotism.

  • Why Watergate is not the Right Analogy for the Trump Constitutional Crisis
    • A Trump weakened and hamstrung by accusations of treason and criminality, under investigation by the Congress and the FBI, is probably the best gift to the Dems that the Republicans can make. A despised and dishonored Trump may be the secret for a 2018 Democratic takeover of both houses, and a Dem President in 2020.

  • GOP not the party of 'Security' as Intel Allies Flee Trump
    • In what way is Mr. Cole "shilling" for Israeli intelligence? He is only pointing to them as an example of a close ally that might be reconsidering the extent to which they share intelligence given what a egotistical blabbermouth our President is.

    • What a bizarre world view you have. We aren't living in a Captain America comic. The power of this country is highly dependent on it alliances. Without them we are blind, deaf and lame. As for our imagined invulnerability, we just had Russian cyber-meddling decide our Presidential election, remember?

    • Rubbish. This Crazy Clown President is just as likely to tweet out confidential info as not. Then who will you blame? Twitter, for not reviewing and censoring the tweets of our nutzo Prez? Stop trying to place the blame for all Trump's failings everywhere else but where it belongs, squarely on the demented man himself.

  • Even Conservative SCOTUS can't Stomach N Carolina Voter Suppression
    • Excellent comment! Very clearly states the hypocrisy behind the conservative support for voter suppression, which they purposely conflate with protection against voter fraud.

  • Clapper Lied & Spied, now charges Trump w/ assault on Gov't Institutions
    • We should not be "idolizing" anyone. Men (and women) are only human, and subject to making mistakes of hypocrisy and mendacity because they are human. We need to focus on logic and facts, regardless of the messenger. What we are seeking is truth, not heroes.

  • Are we Monsters?
    • Cruelty, hatefulness, selfishness, none of these are characteristics of any one group or any particular ideology. They are, unfortunately, found throughout the species. In fact, they are more common in man than their opposites, empathy, compassion, and generosity. These last qualities must be cultivated by society. The former seem embedded in our natures.

  • The Sadism of creeping Dictatorship
    • The key to getting rid of this would be dictator is to convince the Republicans in Congress that not only their jobs are on the line, but the future of their party. This means getting folks out to town halls, and getting them to write call email and personally visit their Republican congresspeople. This also means SENDING MONEY to the Dems who will be running against these Republicans.

  • John Oliver: Equal access to Internet once More Threatened
    • The internet is a public utility that was developed by the US government, not by private enterprise, and is now necessary for citizens to function in the world. Net neutrality insures that no content is favored over other content, and thus protects free speech.

  • Coultergate and the Truth About Campus Speech
  • On Day of Climate March, Remember advance of Solar globally
    • The pace of technological advancement is accelerating constantly. The first coal fired power plant was built 135 years ago; and my bet is that solar powered plants will overtake coal in the next 10 years. As governments begin to confront the costs of ignoring climate change, and scientists scramble to make renewables more and more cost effective, the world will collectively rush to embrace clean energy, leaving fossil fuel to histor.

  • What if Marine Le Pen won the French election? Graphic Novels imagine Fascist Dystopia
    • This will be how democracy in the west will fall - the racial majorities, feeling their power threatened, will resort to totalitarian rule brought about incrementally in order to entrench their rule. We see it happening before our eyes.

  • Trump Puts WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in the Crosshairs
    • Assange lost all claims to whistle blower status when he allowed his organization to become a tool of Russia's disinformation campaign, and coordinated the release of DNC emails with the Putin/Trump operation in order to help swing the US election to Trump. He is nothing more than an agent of Russian intelligence.

  • Trump White House Taking "Marching Orders" from Hundreds of CEOs: Report
    • Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Trump's domestic policy is to use his office to enrich himself and his friends. This is the most corrupt administration in US history, and the corruption will not end with one or two insider deals, it will be a pervasive re-orientation of our government to serve the interests of the rich.

  • As Trump Breaks it, Top Ten Things we need to do to Fix America
    • Clinton was the most qualified candidate ever to run for President. She did run a weak campaign, but what doomed her chances was the Republicans' a 20 year smear campaign - which the author obviously fell victim to - and the unprecedented attack on an American election by the Russian government, aided by a cabal of pro-Russian political operatives in this country. The final straw was the nefarious intervention by a Republican FBI Chief with an obvious partisan purpose. The bulk of this article was composed of hoary quotes and threadbare platitudes which was less a call to action than a civics sermon.

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