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  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan uninvites Trump as opposed to Humane British Values
    • Trump is taking credit for isolating Qatar, while Qatar has the biggest US base there to bomb Syria & Iraq.

      Only an ignorant & fool will take credit for isolating Qatar.

  • Washington's demonization of Foes jumps Shark with Sean Spicer on Hitler
    • It really does not matter much what Sean Spicer has sad, he has made himself fool & buffoon many times.

  • Trump covers Rockwell: Sometimes it Feels like, Obama's Watching You
    • O Yah, Trump knows every thing.

      Obama is not American. He was born in Kenya. Trump's guys discovered treasure trove on Obama in Hawaii.

  • Spurned Reporters should dump Trump Briefings, turn to Investigative Journalism
    • Investigative reporting, good idea. Trump will label it "FAKE NEWS". But, ultimately it will prove who is the King of Fake or Falls news.

  • Should Bannon Resign? He and Milo Fake-Newsed Hillary as Pedophile
    • Just to add a little bit more, Bill:

      Even after hearing the conversation of “Pussy grabbing” & other revelations, women decided (Men too) to vote & put him in the White House, It clearly shows the:
      “… the low moral and ethical standards of the American people…”.

      Even if the people like Bannon resign. Milo & others like him are eliminated: they will still be handsomely rewarded like J Gordon Liddy & Col. Oliver North, to become TV talk show hosts & analysts.

      Empty slogans to make America Great again is no more than a slogan, America is already GREAT.

  • Spicer: Trump can Criticize Iraq War but no one can Slam Trump's Yemen Raid
    • Mr. Spicer, could not produce more spicy news. Every day adding more ingredients to make people dance.

  • Yemen withdraws blanket approval for US action after Trump's botched Raid
  • German Ambassador 1933: "Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at 'Immigrants'"
    • If president has 2 term limit, why Senators & Congressmen do not? There should be. Moreover, they should be ban for next 10 years to be lobbyists after leaving office.

  • All the terrible things Trump plans to do to Women (besides that one)
    • “…and who has boasted he gropes and attacks them”.

      Even after hearing this statement & knowing his action & habits, the women those still voted for him show the general moral character of them. They did not felt any insult or degradation not to vote for him.

      The big crowds of lady marchers those came out after the Trump inauguration would not do any good now. They should have come out on the streets, after it was came into light what he thinks about ladies in general. It may have made the difference then.

  • Islam Ban sought by Far Right Austrian Party founded by ex-Nazis
    • “Nazi Party Origins. In 1919, army veteran Adolf Hitler, frustrated by Germany's defeat in World War, which had left the nation economically depressed and politically unstable, joined a fledgling political organization called the German Workers' Party.”

      Islam is not like a Nazi party, it is a religion more than 1,400 years old. The followers of Islam are about 1.6 Billions around the globe.

      “Heinz Christian Strache told a crowd in the city of Salzburg that there should be a ban on Muslim symbols in the country, just as there are Austrian laws banning Nazi symbols.”

      Nazi Party is not even 100 years old. Mr. Strache, Hitler was your countryman, born in Austria. People belonging to Nazi party had religion, They had same religion as your middle name Christian, “Heinz Christian Strache”. It was your countryman who slaughtered 6 million Jews. At present Nazi Party may have few thousand members, all Christians. Due to their murderous acts, all the Christians are not labeled terrorists. Last century was the bloodiest in Europe. How many Christians were killed by Christians.

      Adolf Hitler
      Born: 20-Apr-1889
      Birthplace: Braunau-am-Inn, Austria
      Died: 30-Apr-1945
      Location of death: Fuehrerbunker, Berlin, Germany
      Cause of death: Suicide
      Remains: Cremated (some remains reside in a state museum, Moscow, Russia)
      Gender: Male
      Religion: Roman Catholic [1] (A sect of Christianity)
      Race or Ethnicity: White
      Sexual orientation: Straight
      Occupation: Head of State
      Nationality: Germany
      Executive summary: Chancellor of Germany, 1933-45
      Military service: Bavarian Army (1914-20)

  • For Russian hold on Trump, follow the Money, not the Sex tapes
  • Circus of Liars: How Trump & GOP are Twisted into Pretzels over Putin Hack
    • USA has invaded many more countries in the last 50 years than anyone else. USA has killed Al Jazeera journalists. Is polonium worse than killing by dropping a bomb? Killing is Killing.

    • This news item of Russia hacked US computers and interfered in our election is in the news 24/7 for the last more than a month. It is still not showing any sign of abating.

      It is not first time US computers were hacked. Here is video link when a Jewish 18 year old hacked Pentagon computer from Tel Aviv & Netanyahu is praising. Same people like Graham, McCain & others had their mouths shut & so was the news media was not making it a big deal for months on. Watch the Utube:

      link to

      From AP archives:
      An Israeli master hacker accused of having launched the most organised attack ever on the Pentagon's computer system has earned praise from an unlikely source.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "damn good" when asked what he thought of the hacker, who has been put under house arrest and had his computer taken away.

      However, Netanyahu was quick to add that 18-year-old Ehud Tenebaum has been playing a dangerous game.

      The suspect, who calls himself the Analyser, was identified by U-S Justice Department officials as 18-year-old Ehud Tenebaum.

      He was questioned at this police station by a special police anti-hacker unit.

      A police spokesman said the suspect was questioned for several hours at the station in Bat Yam, a southern suburb of Tel Aviv, then put under house arrest.

      US took no action. This time sanctions on Russia & God know what else.

  • Top Five ways Jesus was not White
    • Muslims conquered Iberian Peninsula in the year 711. Some of them were from Syria & Iraq and others from North Africa. From neither place, people are dark color or have Negroid features.

      But, the historians like to call them Moors or Saracens. Moors from present day Moroccans or North Africans with black color & try to avoid that they were Muslims. Most of the historians agree that they were blacks.

      On the other hand, Jesus, who was born in the same area of the Middle East as the Moors, same historians bent over backwards to prove that he was white with blond hair.

  • Why the UN Resolution on Israeli Squatting didn't Go Far Enough
    • World is changing. UN resolution leadership is coming from small countries like New Zealand & Senegal. US have gone to war with Iraq to implement UN’s resolutions & other trumped up charges of WMD against Iraq. At least US should show Israel that it still has its backbone.

      BB reminded Senegal that Israel gives it AID, but totally forgetting that Israel survives on US AID; money & military both.

      British, is no more an empire. Its old marriage with Scotland may end soon in a divorce after 307 years. To end the Middle East refugee crises in Europe, UN should draw like a Durand Line or pass like a Balfour Declaration against the wishes of England & settle the refugees there. England & UN had created Palestinian Refugees in 1948. How long more they have to remain as refugees?

  • No, America, it wasn't Russia: You did it to Yourself
    • I do not understand, why so much fuss even if Russia has interfered in US elections. A fact that everyone knows that America interferes in other countries elections & you are writing, “So does the United States of America”.

      USA has not only interferes, but has overthrown democratically elected governments, has brought dictators in power & supported them for decades, no matter how brutal & repressive they were, how many people they killed.

      So, if there was interference in US elections by Russia, why all of a sudden it has become so bad. How dare Russia to interfere, as if it is only USA’s job to interfere.

  • The Vanity of the Billionaires: Circuses and no Bread
  • Muslim Americans eager to take revenge on Trump... at Ballot Box
  • US Goes to War with Houthis in Yemen (Openly)
    • This pattern will continue, unless some one brought to justice in the Hague.

  • America's New Reality: Mad Bombers, Merchants of Death, & Lawmaking Harlots
    • It will be U.S.A. again to use nukes on a country that does not have means to retaliate on the notion we saved so many American lives.

  • What did we buy with the $5 Trillion that the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have cost us?
    • What did we buy with the $5 Trillion that the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have cost us?

      After killing so many innocent Iraqi’s & Afghans in hundreds of thousands and losing some 7000 US soldiers & 52,000 wounded, we did not buy anything, but created Taliban, ISIS & others those are fighting now with US forces.

      After so much death & destruction, one does not sit on the table to buy things, rather one dictates terms favorable to the invaders or just loot & plunder the resources of the defeated party. At the same time, install someone who is obeying the demands of the invader.

      Few years ago, there was a study published indicating that Afghanistan has trillions of dollars worth of minerals at the height of war in Afghanistan. While the war is still raging, why the minerals study worth trillions of dollars came out? Either to plunder the resources or have very favorable terms & conditions to loot the poor country. Just few companies like Halliburton & others will make billions of dollars.

      I happened to take a walk yesterday on the magnificent mile of the Michigan Ave, the heart of down town Chicago. Lovely shops buildings. Among all this frivolous luxurious shops, I observed homeless people sitting on every corner. I bet quite a few must be veterans of these wars on which US has spent trillions of dollars. Millions of refugees arriving in Europe created by these wars.

      No matter who wins the coming elections, the wars will not end. Why, because war criminals from U.S & UK are not brought to justice. Bush once said that,”Neither international law nor U.S law applied to him or his administration”.

  • The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity
  • What's at Stake for Israel in al-Sharif Killing: Japanese Officers were Executed for Killing POWs
    • Lt. William Calley killed 22 people in My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. After trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was gone into house arrest, not jail. Nixon pardoned him after 3 years.

      Israeli soldier killed one Palestinian; Netanyahu will pardon him even before court decides any sentence.

      It may not happen this way, but these days Muslim blood is cheap & Europe & America is full partner in this bloody massacre. Without the unconditional support of EU & USA, it cannot possible.

      Rules are made for the weak.

  • Why ISIL/ Daesh attracts Convicts and Felons, not the Pious
    • "Why ISIL/ Daesh attracts Convicts and Felons, not the Pious".

      Same reason, Pious did not join KKK.

  • Why Trump's tiff with the Pope endangers his Political Future
    • Pope is a religious authority. His job is to challenge other people’s religions. Why Trump is so irritated when his religion was questioned, while he has trashed other religions so often.

      Trump likes to talk. He talks, talks & talks, but never gives any substantive answer for any policy matters. He is no more than a good entertainer for the long and boring primaries.

  • Obama vs. Daesh/ISIL: Freedom is more powerful than Fear & We Refuse to take the Bait
    • Since USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979, how many Mujahidden organizations were created by the USA? How many terrorist organizations created and supported by the US & UK? For the last 50 years, America is bombing one or the other country somewhere in the world. America is constantly at war. Is it destroying or creating more enemies?

      Looks like America is becoming more unsafe & paranoid.

  • Abortion Clinics, White Christian Terrorism and GOP Candidates
    • This white Christian terrorist is the product of which Islamic Madrasa? as western news media portrays the origins of terrorism are madrasas.

  • A New Yalta? Can France Craft an alliance of Putin & Obama against Daesh/ISIL?
    • Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine. Why the Russian plane much more important than Malaysian?

  • Thousands Protest in Baghdad against Lack of Electricity, Services & demand end of Corruption
    • Thanks to Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, people of Baghdad still do not have electric after more than 12 years of war in Iraq. What a Democracy!!!.

      Saddam has all the lights of Baghdad ON even during the time when Bush & Blair were bombing Iraq. What an irony.

      War criminals made millions of dollars & still making by plundering Iraqi resources & keeping Iraqi's in misery.

  • Obama in Kenya: Why the Horn of Africa Matters to Geopolitics
    • I agree most of the things you are saying except Lamu. From Mombasa to Malindi & Watamu, area is safe, so are all the beaches south of Mombasa down to Tanzania Border. All Safari Parks are safe.

      I jokingly advise clients those ask me if they can get out of the vehicle in a Safari Park. “Just do not get out of your vehicle. In Safari Parks, predators recognize all other animal those walk on four legs except two-legged one. For change of taste they will prefer 2 legged one”.

    • That is correct, Ethiopia is land locked since the independence of Eritrea.

  • Iran's Khamenei Praises Nuclear Deal, but slams US Foreign Policy
  • Iran Deal: Why doesn't US Media interview Real Allies on American Policy?
  • As 700 Die in Pakistan from Extreme Heat, Pakistanis Deny Climate Change
    • During the 60's no one had fans or air conditioners in Quetta. It was a perfect hill station. Such a nice weather.

      During the 80's, I was surprised to see fans & air conditioners running in Quetta.

      What happened to Quetta of my childhood? Besides many other things, even weather has gone in the memory books.

  • The Middle East Policy of President John Ellis "Jeb" Bush: Iraq, Iran Wars?
  • Can Leftist Kurdish Militia cut ISIL/ Daesh off from Turkish Supply Routes and Kill the Caliphate?
  • Who does Jerusalem belong To?
    • Prof: Cole: Netanyahu will not learn even a bit from your excellent history lesson.

  • "Killing Me Softly" in Palestine: Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Concert under BDS Pressure
  • Bush blames Obama for lack of Wars ('Follow-Through' on 'Threats')
    • Bush should be given a conducted tour of Iraq with full commentary to show him what death & destruction he brought on innocent people of Iraq. He should be given full account how many Americans & Iraqis were killed.

      How big craters he has created there by dropping 20,000 pound & more bigger & destructive bombs.

      He should be accompanied with his puppy dog also, Tony Blair, who is equally guilty in crimes. .

  • US admits it has no Idea who it is Assassinating by Drone
    • If innocent Afghans, Iraqi or Pakistani civilians are killed, it is simply called "Collateral Damage".

      Why this incident of innocents killing is not Collateral Damage? Or, more appropriately as west calls it “friendly Fire”. Similarly during World War II had some British Collateral Damage when London was bombed.

  • Pakistan as Hong Kong West: China's New Silk Road & US Failure
    • Gavin Menzies writes in his book “1421 The Year China Discovered America”, that not only America but also China has discovered all the continents by that time. China was the maritime power unrivalled by anyone. China had the biggest navel armada that world has never seen before.
      China could have colonized the world but it did not. China has already drawn the maps of the world, later used by the Europeans to rediscover the world.
      Instead of grabbing the world resources by colonizing as the Europeans did later on, China established trade routes, The Silk Route & sea routes.
      Even now, China has the same philosophy. China is going to infuse $46 billion in Pakistan for its infrastructure, Railways, Super Highways, bridges & energy that Pakistan badly needs.
      China is not bribing the Pakistan army with $$$’s and supplying the old unused arms & ammunition.
      When all regions of Pakistan will reap the economic benefits, the local separatist insurgencies and fueled by foreign elements like California congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, from 46th district who has a bill in the congress for Baluchistan to defect & be a separate country, will disappear by uplifting the standard of living of these & other people.
      China is adding new names to the old silk route like Gawadar, Pasni, Khuzdr, Quetta & others up to Urumchi in Sinkinag.
      It is not the guns & Bombs but the commerce, industry & prosperity that brings the peace that is what China is doing with its soft power by infusing $46 billion in Pakistan infrastructure.
      Love to see whole Pakistan becomes another Hong Kong of the west as Professor Cole has envisioned.

  • Iraq: Why it doesn't Matter if Ezzat al-Douri was Killed
    • According to NNDB Tracking the entire World web site, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Died: 12-Nov-2005.

      Since then I never heard, that he was ever resurrected to die again.

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
  • Netanyahu slips, Reveals reason for Opposition to Iran Deal
    • Some time back western news media used to drum beat "Islamic Atomic Bomb' Islamic atomic Bomb". No other bomb has religion.

      Afterwards mantra changed to "Terrorist will got hold of it, Terrorist will get hold of it".

      Nothing happened there either.

      Now, the emphasis is on Iran's non-existing bomb that it is "existential threat to Israel". Just as non existing threat of Saddam's WMD's, were a threat to the world".

      After making sure that Iran does not have a Bomb, I hope Israel may not attempt to Bomb Iran, as was done to Iraq.

      I hope what president Obama is trying to achieve with this Nuclear deal with Iran, May bring peace in the ME & once again Netanyahu & media proven wrong about the existential threat. .

  • Could a Netanyahu loss in Israeli Elections change Everything?
    • Change everything, NO.

      A little bit, May be.

      These are just campaign promises.

  • 5 Things Benjamin Netanyahu Won't Tell Congress
  • Frmr Israeli Intel Head: Netanyahu's Clash w/ Obama 'Intolerable', Risks end of US UN Veto
    • "keeping his job in Israel."

      He was born in New York. He can run for US Presidency.

      An IDF soldier, was an adviser to Obama in the White House, Now presently he is Chicago's mayor.

  • 5 Surprising Ways Iran is better than Israel
    • Jane: England plundered the resources of their colonies, now Israeli empire is on the same path to loot everything from its colony & prison, west bank & Gaza strip. No constitution, no restrain on looting.

      I may add, the countries those spread democracy by the barrel of guns & Bombs, keeping their mouth shut on Israeli crimes.

    • To get Iran Visa is not difficult, just the process is very lengthy.

      You have to have a ground tour operator in Iran & here in the US also. They have to make an itinerary of the places that you will be visiting in Iran. He will initiate visa process in Tehran at the ministry of foreign affairs. Ministry takes about six to eight weeks. The ministry issues visa number for you with your American passport number, the one you will be using for travel.

      Once the Visa number is issued, I got the Visa for my clients same day the Iranian interest section received passports, (with urgent fee) at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC.

      (In Tehran Swiss Embassy has US interest section for Iranians to get visa)

      Once you are in Iran, you cannot deviate from your itinerary. Your guide has to be with you all the time.

      Iranians love Americans to show their hospitality. They welcome Americans with open arms, smiles & heart. (Do not listen to the negative propaganda) Once you have visited Iran many falls myths disappear.

  • Yemen: Saudi backs Sunni revolution against Shiite Houthi Rebels linked to Iran
    • Doesn’t Israel have its hegemony in the Middle East?

      Doesn’t UK & USA want their hegemony not only in the Middle East, but also around the globe?

      So, what is wrong with Saudi Arabia’s hegemony around its neighborhood?

      Oh! Then, “House of Saud is the root of most problems in the Middle East”. As you, see it.

      Why Israel & Other powers, from half way around the world are not root of most problems in the Middle East”?

  • Iran Nuclear Talks: They said it Couldn't be Done
    • President Obama should do something that Netanyahu had never thought off. He should out smart Netanyahu,

  • al-Qaeda's Feud with Denmark

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