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  • Why is Obama bombing Iraq, Really?
    • Israel gets the biggest chunk of aid & support from the US.

      Brazilian president Dilma Roussef has recalled its ambassador from Israel, telling the world, "Israel is a Terrorist Country".

      Some other countries have done the same following the lead from Brazil.

  • Gaza War Devastates Israeli Tourism Revenue, Points to Fragile Apartheid Future
    • “Gaza War Devastates Israeli Tourism Revenue” Juan Cole.

      It may appear so for few days & Israel will beat every drum for its propaganda that will be repeated by American news media that Israel has lost so much money due to closure of Ben Gurion Airport, arms & ammunition in the war with terrorist Hamas therefore badly needs American help.

      Congress will allocate billions to Israel, with a promise from Israel that congressman will not lose their seat in next elections. The money going to Israel will never be reported by American news media to American public while Americans hard-earned money will go in Israel’s pocket & its hand in Americans pockets.

  • Obama Prepares for Drone War in Iraq
    • If drones are so effective, why they were not deployed in “Crimea” or any other parts of Ukraine?

      Is Crimea not important? Why you let it join Russia? Or you are afraid of Russia?

      One day Qubec & Scotland will be independent countries. Will the drones strike there? Or, in Basque country of Spain or Barcelona, a Catalan country?

  • Ft. Hood & the True Cost of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars: Nearly 1 mn traumatized: PTSD by the Numbers
    • USA & Europeans fought two bloodiest wars mainly in Europe & in North Africa in the last century, known as World War 1 & 2. Millions of civilians were killed, cities were leveled, hundreds & thousands of soldiers were killed.

      GI’s returned in millions in terrible shape. Many did not find their wives on return since they got married to other men. Many veterans saw much worse conditions in the battlefields & trenches of Europe in comparison to what was in two Gulf wars & in Afghanistan. Those wars were not slam-dunks or cake walks.

      Many veterans ended up in mental institutions or mental & many other kinds of medicines.

      I have yet to read about those veterans, any of them due to PTSD, gone on killing rampage of their own fellow veterans or massacred civilians having lunch in a restaurant, like what happened just outside Fort Hood army base in Lube’s restaurant in 1991 in Klein, Texas.

      Those were real veterans, they fought the war bravely, and they faced the world bravely after the war. They did not start airplane high jacking either. They were simply brave in all respects, with or without PTSD.

    • Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
      Everyone talks about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that happens after the fact i.e. after the war.
      How many solders go happily to see death & destruction, killing & being killed and bombs exploding around them? The fear of being killed is always there & hence it creates anxiety & disgust, fatigue & loss of sleep, especially for the wars of choice by warmongers & war profiteers.
      This creates another condition of PTSD that no one talks about. It is Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. How many suffer with this disorder?
      Those have pre conditions; will most likely suffer much more severely with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder.

  • Crimea Vote provokes fear of Domino Effect in Eurasia: Turkish FM
    • Vietnam War was fought to stop Domino effect.

      Will Crimea start a Domino effect? I doubt it.

      USA recognized Israel even before it became a country!

      Now its Putin’s turn. He recognized Crimea as a nation.

    • In few years, there will be referendum in Scotland to break away from UK & become an independent country.

      In the next election in Canada, Qubeck will try again to break away from Canada to become an independent country.

      What community of nations will do? On whom USA will impose sanctions & Travel restrictions?

      When Regan invaded Grenada in the Caribbean to safe guard American students, that was OK. When South Sudan became independent, the community of nations (USA & EU) had no objections. The breakup of Czechoslovakia was admired by the so-called Community of nations.

      Invading Iraq on falls & cooked-up intelligence reports was OK too.

      Israel can break any international laws; world community keeps its mouth shut. No sanctions, no word against Israel.

      Always, Pick & Choose.

  • Bill O'Reilly says Muslims will Diss Hillary; but 8 Muslim Countries Chose Female Leaders
    • Mrs. Joyce Banda, President of Malawi. No female head of state of Mali as yet.

      Malawi is in Southern Africa. Mali is a sub-Sahara country in West Africa, west of Senegal

    • It shows how little knowledge Bill O’Reilly has. He by either prejudice or ignorance or simply misinforming the American audience.

      Some time back I have read if you want to remain ignorant, watch FOX News.

      Few days back I heard Lindsey Graham on Greta’s show on the Fox news saying that what is happening in Ukraine it all started with Benghazi. He referred Benghazi about at least 8 times in 10 minutes.

      Now I have a question for Lindsay Graham, if some how he knew that Benghazi would start what is happening in Ukraine now, why he kept his mouth shut all this time. Why he did not do anything to prevent all the riots & bloodshed that happened in Ukraine. We are at the start of a new cold war or could be real HOT war. It will be fare to say that Lindsay Gram should be investigated what he knew, what more he is hiding & what were his sources that he is linking Benghazi with Ukraine.

  • Don't Let the Global 1% off the Hook: Obama should Press Saudi State on Human Rights when he Visits Riyadh
    • Who thought one-day slavery will be gone from Americas.
      Who thought one-day apartheid will be gone from South Africa.
      Who thought one day women will have right to vote in America.
      Who thought one-day women will be considered human beings in Canada. (British courts granted this right to Canadian women).
      Who thought one-day mighty British Empire would be gone. (Sun that never used to set, will hardly rise on shrunken empire)
      Who thought one day a Black Person would be in the Oval Office.
      One day a woman will be president in THE USA.
      One day WOMEN will have full rights in Saudi Arabia.

  • The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria & Iran be the Winners?
    • Greeks were not born Christians?

      They were also converted to different sects of Christianity. (They were not Christians before Christ)

  • Another non-terrorist non-Muslim Plane Hijacker: The Sochi Plot
    • I am glad to see you have written about non-Muslim, non-Islamic terrorist. I am noticing it since long.

      American & Western news media never mentions religion if a Muslim is not involved. When a small plane was smashed in an IRS building in Texas or in so many school shootings, the person is never identified by his religion or his color if he is white, unless he is a Muslim.

      I clearly remember there were 3 planes high-jacked same day in the 70's. The news man said a plane high jacked in Europe, 2nd one high jacked in Latin America & a 3rd one high jacked by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

  • Israel Tries to Bully Europe over Criticism of Planned 1800 Squatter Units on Palestinian Land
    • It is the usual tactics of Israeli government. Whenever USA tries to restart the peace talks, the intensity to build more illegal housing on illegal land increases.

      As Israel knows that it has tied America’s hands behind its back, America cannot do anything against Israel, like cutting the financial aid to Israel.

      While USA cannot cut financial Aid to Israel, it appears that while USA is trying to restart the peace talks (may be 50th time); at the same time USA financial Aid is being used to built the Illegal houses on the illegal stolen land of the Palestinians.

      So, in this light of affairs Israel is free to say anything against USA or EU countries. Why it should listen to anyone, while no one can do anything against Israel

  • Last Chance - Annual Informed Comment Fundraiser
    • I thought some one has defaced the sight. I was waiting to read that you are working to bring it back to its original format.

      I am surprised to read that you have changed the previous beautiful format!!!

      Please Prof: Cole, go back to the previous format. All the comments up-till asking you the same.

  • Dr. Strangelove in Afghanistan: an Advice Column for the Praetorian Surveillance State
    • No world power has ever conquered Afghanistan & ruled it.

      Foreign powers always have the choice to pack-up & leave.

      All the rebuilding money goes to American & foreign contractors. What rebuilding has been done in Afghanistan?

      America invaded Haiti twice the poorest country in this hemisphere, & once over threw the democratically elected government of Bertrand Ariestied of Haiti during Bush administration in 2004. Rebuilding Haiti? Zilch. It is still the poorest country in the world. Afghanistan is very big to rebuild.

  • Greenwald to BBC: Journalists must investigate the Powerful in Gov't since they Lie to the People (BBC Surprised)
    • It is so nice to hear how Mr. Greenwald sealed the mouth of host Stephen Sackur. Many times, he is so arrogant it is unbelievable. He was acting so ignorance as if he did not know how much lies were told by Bush & Blair administration to go to war against Sadam Husain, in which so many innocent Iraqi men, women & children were killed besides their own soldiers.

      Bush administration spends millions of dollars to create falls news by its news department to create falls stories to improve administrations public opinion ratings. Even some mainstream news media like Judith Miller & other on CIA or government payroll to create stories favourable to Bush administration’s image.

      More or less same thing was done in UK. How Stephen Sackur has the gall to try to shut up his guest Mr. Greenwald?

  • NSA monitored visits of "Radicalizers" to Chat Rooms, Skin Sites to Discredit Them
    • Bush said, "We are Nation of Laws"

      Obama said two days ago "We are Nation of Laws".

      Then our own administration breaks all the laws, as it is convenient.

      Do you want to bring USA at the same level as Russia?

  • Does the Road to Mideast Peace Run through Tehran?
    • Every news channel I watched says Saudi Arabia & Israel did not like this Iran USA nuke deal.

      Then these same channels show Netanyahu saying it is the worst deal but no one showing any Saudi official showing their displeasure against this historic deal in Geneva.

      It reminds me before the start of first Gulf war during Bush Sr, administration, after third trip to Saudi Arabia, then secretary of state James Baker, news broke on every TV channel “Saudi Arabia invited us”. At that time, also I never saw any Saudi official saying we invited US & coalition forces to invade Sadam Hussain or restore Monarchy in Kuwait.

      Is news media again putting words in Saudi Arabia’s mouth?

  • US-Iran War Averted by Agreement to Negotiate on Nuclear Enrichment
    • Sam writes:
      "The Iranians regularly trained and equipped Shia militias in Iraq to attack us troops. This effort included weapons that killed many troops".

      Sam, looks like you did not read Dr. Cole’s column in full before complaining Iran.

      Here is the answer in Dr. Cole’s excellent column of today.
      “Really? The GOP backed the Mujahidin and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the Contras in Nicaragua, the MEK in Iraq and Iran, and are backing the extremist Sunni rebels in Syria. They aren’t even skittish about allying with al-Qaeda affiliates, even today!”

      Besides that US has overthrown democratically elected governments around the globe including Dr Musaddiq in Iran in 1953. Because of it, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed in Iran, Guatemala & many other countries.

  • Tony Blair let the American NSA Spy on Millions of Britons and Store their Private Data
  • CIA Drone Kills Pakistan Taliban Leader on Eve of Peace talks with Islamabad
    • I believe in few years time small remote control drones will be the weapon of choice for small criminals.

      Small Drones will replace the guns. They do not need a range of 7000 miles to operate or that sophistication. Small criminals will modify them for their needs to terrorize & kill people

    • USA Drone killed the peace talks.

      Peace in general is not good for the western economies those depend so much on Arm Sales.

  • Iran's President Rouhani and the New Hopes for Diplomacy (Sternfeld)
    • It is very easy to label any other country with anything like labeling Iran as “Axis of evil”, & that is when US presidency was awarded by the Supreme Court of the US to one like Bush, who has difficulty to say even two sentences with a straight face without stumbling & looking for words.

      US have to weed out its own “Axis of Evil” like David Frum. There are too many “Axis of Evils” in the US. Unless they are not thrown out, it is very for American Policy to change anywhere in the world not just with Iran.

      Like when President Arafat was alive, it was said that we need some moderate in his place to move forward. Now, there is a moderate Abu Mazan, has anything changed. Are Palestinians better off? No.

      No matter how much President Ruhani is a moderate, things will not change, until America takes care its own “Axis of evils”.

  • Kenya turns to Geothermal Green Energy (Video)
    • It is great news. Finally, the time has come that Africans will use their resources for their benefits, not their resources being exploited & looted by the colonizers.

      I always feel happy to see African countries make progress, especially Kenya, a country I love.

      Kenya, a fascinating country.

  • Bye, Bye Florida: Scientists find the last time it was this hot, Seas rose 65 feet
    • If Rush has to move from his Florida home, only then it will be understood by him & his followers & others that there is a climate change due to our activities on the planet earth.

  • "Whoever Speaks of 1967 borders speaks of Auschwitz": Israel Cabinet not Serious about talks on a Palestinian State
    • Bush: We have a road map
      Blair: We have road map
      Colin Powel: We have a road map
      Clinton, Rabin & Barak Hand shake like so many other hand shakes.
      Camp David talks
      Now Kerry: Israel & Palestinians direct talks, like so many other talks.

      These talks will fail again with another blame on Palestinians. They do not want peace & a dagger in the back of Uncle Sam

      Another falls hope, another BS.

  • How Fast can a Camel Run?
    • How the time has changed. No car racing. No Fox hunting.

      But, The Ship of the desert is taking off.

  • Murderers where the Victim was White are Far more Likely to be Punished in US (Graph)
    • So called, the oldest democracy in the world, established by slave owners.

      Where blacks & women have to fight for their rights, right to vote, equal pay & so many other things.

      I remember in the 70s, a black girl in Carolina was sentenced more than 20 years for shop lifting merchandise worth two dollars.

      Dr. Cole, your chart shows minorities still have to fight for equal justice.

  • Step on it! Impala leaps into truck to escape cheetahs (Video)
    • It is incredible. Fantastic.

      I hope no one in the SUV was heart.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for 'Uprising' as Plan for Elections is Announced
    • As many comments acknoledged how much mone America Pays to Egyptian Army.

      May be something similar happened in the white house as was famously said by LBJ.

      “F..k your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked good ...We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last long... “

      “Comment to the Greek ambassador to Washington, Alexander Matsas, over the Cyprus issue in June 1964. Quoted in I Should Have Died (1977) by Philip Deane, pp. 113-114”

  • And you Want to transport More Oil across America by rail, pipelines? Canadian Town destroyed by Railroad Oil Cars
    • For thirty-five years, I live two blocks to the train tracks & a mile away from the train station.

      I thought many times that it should have been other way round.

      Being so near to the train tracks, it is always on my mind that someday an accident may happen similar to what happened in Canada.

      Few years back I was visiting Pakistan, I found many cars run on CNG. It has reduced so much smoke emission & pollution from the air, which is unbelievable.

      Last year I rode a bullet train in Uzbekistan, much poor country than Pakistan.

      Both beat USA & many other countries what technology they are using.

  • How Unreasonable Searches of Private Documents Caused the American Revolution
    • Every day guns in the USA kill 80 to 85 people according to MSBNC. It is mostly intentional killing, homicide. That is around 2,500 people are killed by guns every month.

      In traffic accident, people do not kill intentionally, that is why they are called accident.
      Accidents do happen, one cannot eliminate them.

      However, with guns, there are few accidents; most of the killings are intentional. Even the presidents of the United States have been gunned down. Where is the outrage against guns?

      About 30,000 people are killed by guns very year. Many times more than 9/11
      Where is the war on Guns?

  • Fourth of July Comes a Day Early to Cairo after Fundamentalist President is Removed (video)
    • I was flipping American news channels like CNN, FOX MSNBC & BBC also, as events unfolded in Egypt. Everyone was saying aloud & in a surprised way that a democratically elected government was over thrown, it is a military coup.

      Every time I heard that from American channels & BBC, I really burst into laugh, as if it has happened for the first time.

      So many other countries images were going through my mind where democratically elected governments were over thrown by American & British government. Replaced by dictators, supported by USA & UK for years. Those dictators killed hundreds of thousands of people. So called the free media of USA & UK never pointed their finger, what our government is doing in our name.

      Pinochet is quite frequently in American news media regarding his atrocities in Chile, but free news media never says a word who brought him in power in the 1st place.

      But, today’s events in Egypt are so surprising for the free news media of USA & UK, the way it being covered that as if it is happening for the first time, how an elected president is ousted by the military of the country.

  • Biggest Demonstrations in Egyptian History: Millions Demand President Morsi Step Down
  • Dubai's Underwater Hotel
    • Not just the investment money rather disposable money liberates the mind to think much further extravagantly to spend money in new ways.

      European cities swelled beyond belief, erected towers & tall buildings that the world has never seen before, after they got all the loot & plundered money from the colonies. Created readymade markets for their finished goods. Like India, was the biggest market for English products & jewel in the crown to plunder that made Manchester & Liverpool shining cities in England?

      Forty years ago when I used to live close to the area those are building ivory towers & under water hotels, Palm Islands & world maps on the water, at that time hardly anyone knew Doha, Dubai & other places.

      It is all the carbon disposable money that is liberating minds & means to do more what the west did once. What will come next, it is anyone’s guess.

  • Goree, Senegal's Notorious Slave Island (Video) (President Obama's Itinerary)
    • I have been to two slave trading castles in Ghana, Cape Coast Castle & El-Mina castle, with Doors of no Return of their own. Very depressing places. People still cry at these places.

      One expects to see the dungeons where slave masters used to keep slaves & very small rooms for disobeying slaves to lock in to die.

      I saw something very unusual in the courtyard of Elmina Castle, that still I cannot take out of my mind.

      What a shocking & unusual thing I saw was a Church inside the courtyard, hardly ten steps from a dungeon where they used to lock a slave to die. On the top of the church door, still written in big capital letters “DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH”.

      I am still puzzled what slave masters used to pray in this church. I have asked some clergy friends, but still have not heard a satisfactory answer to this day.

      I wonder what first lady Michele Obama was thinking at Goree Island Castle.

  • Snowden: Top Ten Signs that Putin might not be on Washington's Side
    • Guantanamo prison is not on American soil, so USA can keep anyone there without charge or recourse as long as it wants to incarcerate any one.

      Moscow airport transit lounge in not under Russian jurisdiction, it is a space for anyone to come & go. It is a no man’s land

      Edward Snowdon can stay there as long as he wishes to remain there. Moreover, USA does not have extradition treaty with Russia.

  • Why Correa might give Snowden Asylum: All the Horrible things the US has done to Ecuador
    • Why the west does not like if any third world leader wants to do good for its people. West shouts democracy, democracy but does not like democracy in 3rd world countries either.

      Chili’s democratically elected government was over thrown in 1973.
      Guatemala’s democratically elected government was over thrown in 1953 so was Iran saw same fate same year.

      Patrice Lumumba’s plane was mysteriously shot down. Mubutu was supported for next 30 years. All the dictators were supported by the US, around the globe in the last 60 years, including Sadam Husain at one time.

      Late Chaves of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia & Rafael Correa of Ecuador are not in good books of USA since all three trying to do good for the poor of their countries.

    • Ecuador may have played a central role in drug trade, but in history the biggest drug warlord, was the British Raj that even gone to war with china to make every Chinese a drug addict, & made India biggest opium producing country at the time.

      British even asked China to compensate for the opium that China has confiscated & destroyed.

  • Dubai: Solar-Powered Teardrop Building to Suck Water from Air
    • 21st century is an Asian century, as many western newscasters are saying for the last many years.

      Sometime back Economist reported that west is spending 300 hundred billion on R&D, while Asia is spending 400 billion. This parity will increase over time.

      New inventions, new gadgets, new concepts, new ideas will be coming, more & more from Asia.

      The world is changing fast.

  • Obama Isolated at G8 on Arms for Syrian Rebels
    • For the last more than a quarter century, UK has no foreign policy of its own.

      During bush administration, Tony Blair followed Washington like a Puppy Dog & now David Cameron will do the same.

      France, Germany & even Jamaica may say no to Washington wishes but UK will always follow like a poodle.

      Washington is upset on Russian support to Syria, has Whitehouse ever refused its support to Israel. Washington has used veto on the assumptions that language is too harsh to criticize Israel.

      Washington should look its own deeds before objecting China & Russia on their policy on Syria. However, I feel sorry for all the innocent people being killed in Syria by whomever.

  • Dear US Government: Your 'Terror' map of the Muslim World is from the Time of Shakespeare (Kurzman))
  • Syria needs a dozen S-300 batteries to protect itself - Russian general; Kerry Denounces Plan
    • Russian S-300 missile shield will create no-fly zone for Israel over Syria & may be Lebanon that is shifting the balance of power against Israel, which is not acceptable to either Washington or Israel, & that is troubling to both.

      Russia has to accept American Missile Shield anywhere USA want to install, but Russian defense Missile shield is not acceptable. Why? It is also purely for defensive purpose.

  • Dubai Promotional Video
    • Go you know that White House was built by Black African Slaves.


    • Doha is already there.

      Next, will be Sharja, Masqat & may be Port of Gawadar on much less scale.

  • Who's the Threat? Western Powers have invaded and Killed Millions of Muslims
    • Professor Cole:

      Famine of 1940 in Bengal was not due to British mismanagement but Churchill deliberately created it.

      He has put all food staple off shore on the ships in anticipation that he may need it in Britain & Europe. Indian Viceroy asked him to release some wheat & other food staple after he saw people dying of hunger on the streets in Bengal, but Churchill ignored his requests.

      That is why it was manmade. Churchill was the main architect of this famine that killed more than a million people in India.

      Since he was with the victorious allies so everything that he did was ignored, otherwise he should stand alongside Hitler & Mussolini that he still deserves.

    • By some accounts, King Leopold killed more than twice the number of blacks in Congo then Hitler killed Jews in Europe. Around 10 to 15 million black Africans.

      You are telling the world that it is a well-documented fact by referring just one book & few others after Mr. Hoschild's book.

      How many books do you find on Holocaust in the libraries? You will find ful shelves after shelves, on holocaust & how many movies & documentaries have you watched on Holocaust? Can you name a single movie or a documentary film on what Leopold did in Congo. Is there any museum on his brutality in Washington, DC?

      Just pointing out one book & saying it is well documented? How long were you in the company of NEWT? There is very little written account on what King Leopold did, very few people know it & it is not well documented by any stretch of imagination.

    • David Cameron cut short his visit to France & rushed back to England & declared it was a terrorist act. (I fully denounce it was bad, it should not have happened, culprits should be brought to justice).

      About two months ago, David Cameron was in India. Indian government took him to Amritsar to lay wreath at the site where British soldiers shot dead around 400 unarmed protesters & injured about 1200. First apology by British since 1919 incident. In addition, what barbaric acts & killing British had done after the uprising of 1857, in Delhi & other places in India? Just in Delhi British left dead bodies for dogs & vultures to eat.

      David Cameron had no words, what kind of massacre or terrorist act was it.

  • My Visit to the Iraqi National Museum (Photo Gallery)
    • “while the US plowed financial resources into training curators, fixing the museum (which, according to news reports, still is only half-open), ...” Larry Rothfield.

      As you are saying about financial resources plowed by us, I have heard many times on the news that how many millions & billions were allocated to rebuild Iraq & Afghanistan. How much money really reached for that particular purpose?

      On this subject, I read a story in a book “The Great Convergence” that I just finished reading.

      150 million dollars were allocated to rebuild a small area in Afghanistan. People waited for months, but nothing happened. Finally, one person visited a ministry in Kabul to find out what happened to the money, when any work will start.

      He found out that money was send to a company in Switzerland, they took 20 percent their share out of it & remaining was send to a company in Washington DC, they took 20 percent their share, after wards the remaining money was passed through some other hands & everyone took their share out of it. Finally, after many months few trucks arrived with very heavy beams of wood to build the houses. The mud walls could not bear the weight of the beams. The villagers chopped down the beams & used the wood as firewood in during winter.

      During Paul Bremer’s ambassadorship of Iraq 10 billion Dollars were disappeared in thin air. No one knows what happened to that money.

      On paper yes, billions of dollars were allocated for different things, but actually how much money was really spent for a particular project, is any body’s guess, as it is evident that only half museum is open after about ten years..

    • We all heard so many times that Buddha Statue of Bamiyan was destroyed. On the other hand, I read only once somewhere that American base needed some space near ancient city of Babylon, Americans flattened the ancient historical wall or monument to make space for Helipad.

      When Bush Sr & Bush Jr Bombed Baghdad, it flashed into my mind, aren't these two doing the same what the Genghis Khan did?

      Is there any difference between these three barbarians?

  • Is it Racism? Why did we Ignore New Orleans but obsess about Boston?
    • Steve Stein.
      "Guns vs bombs. Shootings happen all the time in the US."

      If shootings are the norm in the US, then why after every school shooting so much news coverage for days?

      With your logic, if there would have been shooing by guns in Boston instead of bombing, do you think the news coverage would have been like Mothers day shooting in New Orleans?

      I don't think so. Western news media's bias is seen so often in their coverage. Their choice of words, description of events is as evident as black & white color.

  • Will New Pakistani Government Ban US Drone Strikes in Light of Court Ruling? (Ross)
    • Will New Pakistani Government Ban US Drone Strikes in Light of Court Ruling? (Ross)

      I hope the new Pakistani Government brings an end to Drone Strikes those have killed so many innocent Pakistanis. (Mr. Panetta says with a smiling face, there is always collateral damage).

      What will happen if a Cuban Drone kills Lois Posada, who bombed Air Cubana jet killing 73 people? Suppose along Posada some innocent Americans also get killed, could America just simply be quite & will not do anything against Cuba.

      Can Cuba get away by just saying we killed the terrorist & few others were killed as collateral damage?

  • Republican Scandal-Mongering on Benghazi and the Bush Embassy Attacks (plus Daily Show video)
    • Where was the CIA, State Department & other security agencies when Marine Barracks were bombed in Beirut that killed around 248 marines under Regan administration.

      How come Regan did not know? There were Naval ships near Lebanon coast, how come they could not do anything to save Americans!!!

      Why no one impeached Regan?

  • Russia Warns Israel: Hands off Syria, as PFLP threatens Guerrilla Strike
  • Bad Camel
    • The parents were gone overboard.

      The laughs may have ended in tears.

      Luckily, it did not end that way.

  • Our Terror: US Drone Strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, April 2013:
    • Drones are GOOD while only American is using and killing others.

      When others will start using & drones kill few Americans, the technology & the proliferation of drones will be considered bad.

      American used the A-Bombs, killed thousands of innocents & celebrated the end of the War.

      If any other country had ended the war by destroying, say few American cities, the end of war would have been considered dreadful, bloody & cowardly act.

  • Karzai admits taking CIA money; Galbraith: We're not getting what we pay for
    • Jake Tapper:

      Hi JAKE, YOU REALLY GOT THE JACKPOT THIS TIME. I am reading you have a tape also.

      Karzai is the only culprit in 10 - 12 year long war.

      Wow! Congratulations Jake.

  • Terrorism and the other Religions
    • Leopold killed more than double the number of people killed during holocaust. Since they were blacks & had no sacred religion, it is not called a holocaust & king Leopold is generally ignored of what he has done.

      He is a much bigger killer than Hitler is.

    • Very well said GaryA.

      I could not say any better.

    • Roger:

      Dr. Cole is a Scholar, not an Idiot.

  • 8,775 Firearm Murders a Year in US, Equiv. of 290 in UK
    • MSNBC reported on Martin Basher's program that on average GUNS in the USA kill 87 people every day.

      With this average statistics of 87 per day, it comes to 87X365= 31,755 each year.

      Martin Bashir further said that in 2 years GUNS in the USA kill more people than total number of Americans killed during 10-year long war in Vietnam.

  • Why HSBC "money-laundering" is Mostly about US Bullying Foreign Policy
    • Wasn’t Iran whole Contra affair was money laundering scheme to buy weapons?

      Since white house was involved, so Regan pardoned everyone.

  • Palestinian Legal strategy against Israel: The Real Prize is Europe
    • World has finally taken a big step in the right direction that was overdue since long.

      Naysayers are far behind the realities of the time.

      Congratulations’ to all those voted "Yes" in favor of Palestine.

  • RT's Abby Martin Accuses Israel of War Crimes for Targetting Journalists
    • US is as guilty as Israel. Check out these two news links:

      1. Why the US bombed al-Jazeera's TV station in Kabul?

      2. US Bombs Al-Jazeera Baghdad Office - Kills Cameraman

      Looks like Israel is just following its master’s footsteps.

    • When I do not want to know what is happening in the world, I listen to Fox, CNN & MSNBC.

      When I want to know what is happening in the world I tune to RT, BBC & Al Jazeera

      Well done Abby Martin.

  • Could a Gaza Land War lose the Middle East for America?
    • The US has gone to a lot of trouble… Joey89924

      Like lying to the world about Sadam's WMD, Killing hundres of thousands of innocent Iraqi's, creating about 5 million Iraqi refugees, about whom American Free News Media never talks.

      Condi Rice & Collen Powel Lying to the world in the UNO; gone to a lot of trouble for whom...

      US or Israeli war criminal never punished, so they have more free hand to kill.

      Its time for the US to wake up to the realities of the changing world.

  • Poll: Obama better Represents America!
  • Why they Hate us: Romney Secretly Plots to Screw Palestinians over Again
    • Romney is proving over & over that who is feed by a Golden Spoon does not know what hunger is.

      He stands next to the queen of France who said, “If you do not have bread, let them eat cake”.

      At the moment Bush Jr, looks much better than Romney.

  • Romney Poses, as Militants Burn Benghazi Consulate, killing Ambassador, 3 staffers, & Demonstrate in Cairo, over Islamophobic Film
    • “What we have is the Christian-Judeo philosophy that we are blessed to be a blessing”, writes Mara. Or, many times, I hear Judeo-Christian values.

      This phenomenon of Judeo Christian values is fairly new. It started in the late 1950’s.

      If you look at the history of Christians & Jews in Europe, Jews were always persecuted & slaughtered by the Christians, even when Jews did not do anything wrong. The reason was simply that they were Jews.

      I will give just few examples what happened in the long history of Jews. While the Christian were coming to invade Jerusalem, wherever they found Jewish villages, the Jewish population was slaughtered.

      Before the advent of Islam in Andalusia, Visigoths treated Jews worse than slaves. After Islamic rule in Andalusia, everyone knows how Catholic Queen Isabella & her husband Ferdinand treated Jews. They were again slaughtered along with Muslims for about 350 years.

      Nazi Christian party in Germany did the last slaughter of Jews. Jews were almost wiped out of Europe by Christians.

      So to say that, “What we have is the Christian-Judeo philosophy that we are blessed to be a blessing”. You must be kidding yourself. Out of the guilt & shame what happened in Germany the Judeo Christian phenomenon started.

  • White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief'
  • Syria and the New Great Divide in the Greater Middle East
    • House of Saud is used by the great White House policies & intrigues according to the need of the time.

      Peace is impossible in The Levant until America looks its interest first & not the interest of ADL, AIPAC or Israel no matter who is in the white house a protestant, Catholic or a Mormon. First, they have stop proving who is more Jewish.

      Regan & others were asked, “What you will do for Israel”, they did not ask what you would do for New York or America where they live.

      An American has to be an American first to serve America first.

  • Your Election is being Bought by 47 Billionaires (and they are Buying War, Climate Change)
    • If the donation amount is over a million dollars, does it become Tax Deductable also due to some loophole?

  • In Switch, Egypt's Civilian President Makes Coup against Generals
    • “This is BIG.” “What in the world is going on?” Writes Prof: Juan Cole.

      No one knows what will be the end result? It’s any body’s guess.

      It was the general belief during Vietnam War, called domino effect; if Vietnam goes communist, everyone else will go along it. America fought a lengthy unpopular war in Vietnam, killing over a million Vietnamese & taking casualties over 65 thousand of its own. However, it did not happen.

      What Arab spring has brought in the middle East, the dominos cultivated & erected by the west in the last thirty years or so, are falling one after the other.

      Ghaddafi, yah, he was a crazy guy, he was our friend he was our foe, he was a thorn in our throat. See warm hand shakes of Blair & Berluscone with Ghadafi. Same goes with two Assads of Syria. See Bush Sr sitting with Assad Sr. West’s good friends in Tunisia, Egypt & Yemen are all have fallen like domino chips.

      It was easy for USA to label Hamas a terrorist organization after it won the elections because it is a tiny place & foe to our dear friend next door, but we cannot apply same formula to the now powerful & maybe the oldest movement in the Middle East, The Muslim Brotherhood, in the most populace country in the ME, after Mr. Mursi’s elections.

      The effect of Arab Spring is not only felt in Israel, in a way it has arrived in Israel, while you see Jewish young people doused themselves with gasoline and burned to death against the policies of their government. Something un-imaginable in Israel.

      How the ME has changed in the last half a century, the sleepy little towns which the world did not know like Riyadh, Doha, Dubai & Abu Dhabi have became megalopolis cities. Mega universities of the world now have their satellite branches there, besides the countries have their own universities of higher learning & of high standard.

      Fall of Dominos in the ME is certainly shaking 10, Downing Street & the Oval office.

      And, if the predictions of Michael Hamilton Morgan come true, “That another Golden age of Islam has started, though press says otherwise...”.

      This will really shake the world. And, “What in the world is going on?” Writes Prof: Juan Cole.

      President Mursi getting rid of our another powerful ally in Egypt after Mubarak.

      It is really puzzling.

  • America's New Proxy Wars (Turse)
    • 1. “,,,once again employ proxies to secure its interests there.”
      2. “…defending U.S. and allied interests as the American-led international force draws down.”
      3. “India’s neighbor Bangladesh offers a further window into U.S. efforts to build proxy forces to serve American interests.”
      4. “Whether today’s proxies end up working for or against Washington’s interests or even become tomorrow’s enemies remains to be seen.”

      I have copied above 4 sentences from the article, each one of them says “its interest, U.S and allied interest, American interest, & Washington’s interest” from Bangladesh to Benin to Burundi and many places in between.

      Republican congress cannot go along with Obama care or good education in the U.S; but has no objection in spending million to Billions of dollars on foreign wars & train armies around the globe to protect its interests.

      Africa is said to be the richest continent in natural resources. Could someone write in detail by spending millions of dollars on training foreign troops, one obvious benefit is Americans will not be killed, Africans can kill each other, but how much American & allied countries multinational companies will plunder and loot the resources of the poor countries.

      What is the ratio of the benefit against the cost, making other armies ready to protect American & allied countries interest in their own countries?

      In these poor countries few people will make money, majority of the population will stay hand to mouth.

      I can imagine, many countries will be transformed into the fold of friendship to the west just as Zaire was under Mobotu Sesiseko. For more than 30 years, no one raised the question of “Democracy” during the brutal reign of Mobutu or Shah of Iran for that matter.

  • Parliament takes over in Modern Libya's First Peaceful Transfer of Power
    • Prof: Cole writes:

      ‘...including with regard to the quality of the infrastructure, is a sad commentary on how Muammar Qaddafi pissed trillions of its income away down the toilet of African wars and other boondoggles, reducing the population to a third world existence when they could have had an advanced country).

      Would you say the same for Bush Sr & Bush Jr? Both lied to the American people and destroyed Iraq much more than Afghanistan. Iraqi’s still do not have electric, sewer and running water after spending trillions of dollars.

  • Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
    • White terrorist is never identified by his religion or nationality.

      Non-white is always identified by his religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

  • Romney: You know things aren't going well when...
    • At the moment it appears Democracy is for Sale.

      If Romeny wins, the Democracy should be named "$ $ $ $ Domocracy".

  • The Three Lies Michele Bachmann Tells about American Muslims (Saunders)
    • Thilo Sarrazin: “In his views Muslims are stupid, dumb underdogs with no intelligence”, writes Jakobiner.

      If it is true what Sarazin is saying, he is proving himself ignorant & stupid.

      How intelligent was it to slaughter 6 million people by a fellow Catholic Nazi German?

      The only shining place in Europe was Al Andalus under Muslim Islamic rule, while whole Europe was in the Dark Ages.

      Cordoba was the Ornament of the World. It had paved lighted roads, running water, 900 public baths, and 70 public libraries, according to Maria Rosa Menocal. Just one Caliph’s library has more than 400,000 books while the biggest library in all of Europe could hardly had 400.

      As students come to USA for higher education these days, Europe used to come to Al Andalus. Even few popes got education in Islamic institutes of Higher learning in Al Andalus.

  • Could Michelle Bachmann cost Romney the Presidency?
  • Top Ten Ways the US Military can Avoid Teaching Hatred of Muslims
    • The people those compiled the manuals are the main culprits; they must know what kind of manuals they are preparing. They must know their motives. How Pentagon can say they do not know what is in the manuals? This ignorance is the strangest thing to believe. How such a vitriolic & in accurate manual can go out in the class as a teaching manual.

      Pentagon should carry out a thorough investigation, find out who are the people behind these manuals so damaging to the interest of the USA.

      These people should be court marshaled & brought to justice. They are the real culprits. They did it deliberately to damage US interest among 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe

  • Romney wants to Fight Whole Muslim World, not Concentrate on Bin Laden
    • Juan Cole for President, WOW. It will be great.

      I second the motion.

    • For “Mitt’s” information & many other ignorant people, since 911 with all the negative & bad publicity against Islam, many people became curious to find what Islam is.

      Many non-Muslims read Quran and other books about Islam to have firsthand knowledge about this religion that spans almost half the world from Morocco to Indonesia, about 1.5 Billion strong around the globe.

      Many non-Muslims have converted to Islam since 911 after reading & understanding in the last 10 years than 10 years before the 911, including the USA.

  • Israeli Security Elite Slams Netanyahu, sidetracks War on Iran
    • Mark Koroi, saying about Bibi “These events undoubtedly shaped his world view.”

      The first Muslim country in the Middle East that had elected democracy in the Middle East was Iran.

      However, Alas, west did not like it. UK & USA, the so-called lovers of democracy, over threw it. Brought Shah back, a monarch, a dictator a stooge of the west. West needed cheap OIL, the democracy thrown out the window.

      Israel secret service Mosad trained Shah’s secret service SAVAK that killed thousands of innocent Iranians during Shahs brutal reign of terror. Lovers of democracy kept their mouth, ears & eyes shut, because Shah was our SOB. In front of cheap oil, cries of innocent people do not mean anything.

      Islamic revolution of 79 in Iran was the direct result of the policies of the west. What Mark is saying about Bibi, may be what west did to the Iranians is undoubtedly shaped the Iranians view of the west.

  • Afghans to US Military: Be at Least a Little Ashamed
  • Top Ten Dangers for Obama of Iran Sanctions on behalf of Israel
    • It is generally believed that nukes work as a deterrent. This reasoning was put forward for USSR & USA not going to war for 50 years. Both knew the result of a nuclear war.

      This week India & Pakistan are lifting trade barriers to increase trade from 2 billion to
      10billion dollars.

      US administration is not threatening North Korea or Pakistan with all the options on the table since they both have nukes. (US is helping India in its nuclear research)

      The reason Slavery started is due to the fact that Africans were very poor & ill equipped to defend themselves against the European slave traders. They had no match against gunpowder with their bow & arrows while on the other hand, slavery was not started in India and other places in Asia. At the time Europeans landed on Indian shores with their few ships,India was more advanced at many places & culturally, morally more civilized than Europeans were. Most of all India had Gunpowder to land an equal & more powerful punch to invaders & traders.

      If Iran has few nukes today, the saber rattling & threat to nuke Iran will stop not tomorrow but today. As President Obama said Israel has full right to defend itself, does Iran has the same right or not.

      As USA is feeling threatened from China in South China Sea, Israel is feeling same way from other imaginary or rising powers in the Middle East

      If Iran has nukes, Netanyahu will send trade delegations to Tehran & other Arab capitals. Israel will benefit much more due to trade relations than all the time threatening its neighbors & standing on war footing. Even many Israelis are fed up with their present Likud party and Netanyahu.

      May be Israel should learn from the directions India & Pakistan are heading to a better, brighter & prosperous future.

  • Limbaugh and the best argument for Birth Control
    • Social Media helped in toppling down dictators like Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya & others, during the Islamic Spring of 2011.

      Social media should take down Rush who is spewing venom in the air everyday & has crossed boundaries of all social norms before.

      Social Media should go after this tyrant & bring him down.
      No one will miss him just like other tyrant Glen Beck.

      Your days of glory are over, Rush.

  • Afro-Asia, Global South Reject Boycott of Iran
    • American Backyard has shifted to Northern neighbor Canada, the European Union & Australia.

      America should know that the world is much bigger and has changed a lot in the last quarter century.

      You cannot fool the world second time by drumbeats of “Iran’s Nuclear Bombs” like Iraq’s “WMD’s”.

  • Logical Errors and Propaganda in Republican Debate on the Middle East
    • Gingrich then says that we should acquiesce in Netanyahu’s plans for bombing Iran because he is a “holocaust survivor.”

      Netanyahu was Born: 21-Oct-1949, his Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel.

      How could he be a Holocaust Survivor? He was not even born in a Concentration Camp!!!

      Why these warmongers do not want to start war with Russia or China? Those have atomic bombs to give them an equal punch, to bloody their nose. They do not know what war is. They have not learned anything from Vietnam War. It is very easy to gang-up on a week adversary. They are no more than the gangsters & liars, as they have shown their colors during the debates.

      With Gingrich’s own reasoning, he should agree that all the Japanese those born outside Japan, after the American nuclear bombs created holocaust in Japanese cities, Nagasaki & Hiroshima, are the survivors of American created Holocaust.

      To show strength against Iran, USA, UK & France has all kinds of naval ships in the Persian Gulf & several bases around it, against a weak adversary. But to show US commitment in the Pacific there will be a contingent of measly 2,500 troops based in Australia. Looks like everyone has abandoned Taiwan. To show your commitment USA, UK & France should have their naval armada based in Taiwan & should patrol the strategic straight of Taiwan.

      However, we are going to have our presence in Australia to project our power & show our commitment. Won’t it be better to have our base on the southern part of Tasmania, the farthest distance from China? Gingrich or any other candidate dares not to have a base in Taiwan, just eighty miles from mainland China, but gang up on Iran.

  • Top Ten Ways Iran is Defying US, EU Oil Sanctions and How You are Paying for It All
    • Junior partners are no more than Banana Republics at least in case of Middle East.

  • Ring of Iranian Bases Threatens US
    • Steve:

      Very well said. I could not have said any better.

      “We were lied to about Grenada and Panama (and by the way, we killed somewhere between 2000-4000 civilians on Bush Sr.’s little obscene adventure in Panama).”

      I vividly remember after the capture of Noriega in Panama. Forrest Sawyer was reporting on evening news about Panama, he said that he has not seen such destruction since Vietnam war…..His report was abruptly cut short in the middle. Never heard any more details either on his network ABC or any other channel. It was the end of Free News Media.

    • May be the reason USA does not have any bases in Iraq, because USA is leaving a Monstrous "Trojan Horse" in Bagdad, in the form of the Biggest & the most expensive embassy in the world.

      The monster embassy is too sacred and secret that even the American News Media is forbidden to come near it. One US TV channel was showing it from a distance of a mile away according to the TV reporter.

      Why all the warmongers & hawks were so upset when Nikita Khrushchev opened one missile base in Cuba. Why it became Cuban Missile crises? Was he going to attack USA? While USA had thousands of its own nukes? May be he wanted to have early warring missile shield.

      The lovers of democracy use democracy in so many ways that this word has become no more than a laughing stock. Whenever democracy does not suite the interests of the west, the democratically elected governments have been overthrown, dictators brought in, plunged the countries in civil wars that decimated the poor countries for years to come. Dictators were supplied with all the arms & ammunition to slaughter their own. Some times when those dictators became useless, they were overthrown in the name of democracy.

      Democracy is no more than a “Fig Leaf”. Wear it, change it or throw it; however, it suits the west’s interest.

      No matter how many bases USA has around Iran, no matter how much USA & Israel threatens Iran with all the options on the table on the daily bases, Iran is supposed to be silent spectator, but if USSR has built one base in Cuba, all the hell broke loose. How many warmongers lost their sleep?

  • General Assembly Condemns Syria as Regime Bombards Homs Again
    • Since USA has the biggest Military Industrial complex, it is the biggest supplier of Arms & ammunition to the different factions around the globe, & so is our poodle friend UK & do not forget sometime our Boss "Israel", too.

      During Iran Contra Affair, Israel used to supply arms to Iran. And, now Israel is trying to convince US congress & the president that, “Iran is the existential threat to Israel”. Regan used to supply arms to Iran, & his friend Sadam Hussain. If you remember the friendly handshake between Rumsfeld & Sadam Hussain with all the diplomatic smiles.

      Not just US government supports various factions, terrorist organizations & dictators like Jonas Sivimbe of Angola, Mobutu Sisi Seku of Zaire & Francisco Franco of Spain to name just a few. Even some congressmen also support terrorists organizations of their choice like Congressman Peter King used to supply money & arms to the terrorist Christian Organization of Northern Ireland namely IRA.

  • Santorum Hypes Iran 'Threat'
    • All this nuclear hype about Iran is no more than the “WMD’s” claim in Iraq.

      Israel does not want to see any one challenge her in the Middle East just as USA is feeling its authority threatened in the South China Sea.

      Especially during the election year in the USA, the rhetoric of “Iranophobic or Islamophobic”, reaches so high pitch that it raises the noise pollution quite a few decibels just to get the Jewish vote & from many other scary people those cannot even point out where Iran or Middle East is on the world map.

      Same phenomenon occurs in Florida during election years against Cuba for the Cuban votes.

  • Indian Investigators do not Suspect Iran in Israel Embassy Blast
    • Who used fake American, British, French, German & other passports to murder a Palestinian in a Dubai Hotel?

      Could Iran or some other country use the fake passports of the above countries to kill a person in a third country & get away with just a slap on the wrist?

      Bill, before you said, “let’s take a deep breath and let the Indian authorities complete their investigation”, you already pointed out all the usual suspects including religion.

      Bill, “The most likely conclusion is he did know”.

    • Bibi blamed Iran within hours before even the dust settled down or smoke evaporated. How Netanyahu new right away?

      It appears like the case of Gulf of Tonkin, when USA blamed Vietnam & attacked it.

      Was it hatched out by Mussad and Netanyahu new it all along?

  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • Is Catholicism a religion? Is Protestantism a religion? Aren’t both of them main sects of Christianity?

      If both of these are religions, then what happened to Christianity? Who is Christian? Who is the follower of Christianity? What religion Christianity is?

  • NASA's Dangerous new Blue Marble
    • Wow! It looks beautiful.
      Save it. Save it.
      But, modern men are trying to destroy it faster than ever. And, why it is always the Middle East? Keeping an eye on the OIL?
      Save it. That is the only Marble you have.

  • Egyptian Crowds in Tahrir Insist the Revolution will Continue
    • West supported Mubarak for thirty years.

      I wonder how much support the new General Tantawi has. How many billion Dollars carrot west has in front of him?

      In the Islamic world, especially in the Middle East democracy is just not in the best interest of the west.

  • South Carolina & Gingrich, Egypt & the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Israeli Mossad Agents allegedly Impersonated CIA in fostering Baluch Terrorism against Iran
    • Not too long ago, I read somewhere, “America has 400 billionaires, and 200 hundred of them are Jewish”.

      • As Cole observes the GOPher presidential wannabees seem eager to kiss the asses of these guys.

      I would like to add here that most of the senators & congressmen have sold their soul to AIPAC, the Israel lobby. They give standing ovation to Netanyahu, under the pressure of the lobby while ignore their own American president.

      • “How long Lord, how long?

      Current situation is pathetic. Only God knows better, how long. I hope it’s not too long.

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