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  • With 75% fall in flying Insects, Call for pesticide ban
    • Flying Insect demise is key indicator of Earth Extinction advance, and as monetary world forces Earth to bits, life is over unless root core of monetary world is made harmonic with Earth Strong-ad placed for Habitable Zone, Type M Planet

  • The Fifth Anniversary of Arab Uprisings: A Turning point in Modern History?
    • The events described, none of them mention- Earth Extinction event heat rise. The Arab Spring isn't in isolation of food price rise.
      Primary ecosystem function of sunlight to sugar is going away unless the world aligns to help Earth recover strength.

  • Kochs slammed by GOPer for plan to cripple wind power in Kansas
    • The illusion of choice while Earth is forced into Extinction Heat.
      Here is copy of comment of immediate relevance to situation. :
      Ocean pH is increasing in acidity and so is the acidity of present corporate world. If I were a physicist, I'd say my thesis clearly -better than this.
      "There is a time to create Framework Change to world economy to disable forced entropy rise of Closed System dictated by system in isolation;" link to
      So when monetary security is propped up by construct lacking accountability or exposure to Nature I'm saying entropy will rise irreversibly as long as this lasts. Thing is the whole experiment is off cliff..
      That's because of hysteresis in the system and vast numbers of feedbacks kicking in and methane gun firing is like a ringing in my ears..
      I know sulphate aerosol is shielding full expression of greenhouse today and it affects East Coast Gulf Stream off the US. I know the latent heat imparted to sky from condensation of water from vapor.
      But I don't know what to say to make people understand how important it is to make brave change.
      Comment is to Dr Light's paper at Arctic News: link to
      Dr Light has new paper up showing volume pressure horizon anomaly at tectonic plate extinction location in High Arctic: link to End quote

  • No Sense of Urgency: Obama's New Solar Energy Commitments are still Just Baby Steps
    • The situation is not good to the nth. link to The trace of CH4 and CO2 along with temp shows definitively an Extincton level temperature rise is set up.
      The scale of change needed to reverse is align money to Earth.
      This I've attempted to describe in terms of Thermodynamic Law where a system held in isolation is forced to see entropy rising..
      As long as we are enslaved by monetary not beholding to Earth the efforts of even the best intentioned won't have capability..

  • What today's GOP gets Wrong about Leadership: Obama & Eisenhower, Russian & Israeli Recklessness
    • That's true, it's an excellent point but it's from an out of date view.
      Because Earth is now in grip of unstoppable entropy rise runaway.
      The Earth, her open systems of nature were exploited -undercut to the point where the natural systems of earth ecosystem failed and now heat pulse is getting at methane hydrate in Arctic and deep sourced methane is also getting out to sky.
      (When I was a boy Eisenhower was President and then Kennedy.)
      Latest information on Methane force increase going exponential as described by Dr Malcolm Light at Arctic News.:
      link to Today the field of politics to war is corporate -US Corporate Politics merged with gov is quid essential definition of fascist. Italian style.. WW2 style..
      This is no fault absolutely lethal to any chance for Earth to keep HZ. -Eisenhower and Kennedy would act to reverse the nose dive to Extinction that's on now..

  • 4 Darknesses: Internet being Manipulated, Deceived by Western Intel Trolls
    • The pathology of gov hiring psychopathic types to troll US et al is absolutely lethal to chances of restoring open system for Earth.
      So judging types of error rise opposing good gov & business practices and the actual fact of break over of Entropy rise of closed system police state and surveillance and Global runaway link to

  • Palestinian Children Arrested by Israeli Troops Face Abusive Violence
  • Obama as Unreliable Narrator on Climate Action: from SOTU to NSA spying at Copenhagen
  • NAS: From Ice Sheet Collapse to Mass Extinctions, You're not Ready for Climate Change
    • Juan, intelligence has it that Earth is very likely, almost certainly in clutches of Abrupt Climate Change aka Runaway Global Warming
      -Perhaps you believe gradual change to stop this is the only way..
      I'm telling you without sudden change designed to reverse the world mindset that gradual change using current monetary - fail, Fail in the utmost meaning of the word occurs precipitously. This needs equal and opposite ACT.
      Act of God writ of Law can be utilized worldwide in an effort to alter the entirety of the direction of human endeavor Precipitously in an attempt to create OPEN condition
      One Where Entropy is Not forced to rise Perpetually..

  • Another Reason to Divest: Global outrage at dirty Coal threatens Investors' Profits
    • Something is going to become generally recognized all right and it is that Earth is in grip of Runaway methane release. The cumulative effect of fossil fuel burning and ecosystem destruction on the most massive of scales.
      The pulse of heat increase getting forced, increasingly self forced is now digging into naturally sequestered carbon of Nature in progression of feedback and with lag time till expression making stopping this like about as difficult as pulling a sword from stone using words while a corporate foe to life is busy making epoxy to better anchor Runaway firm.
      -Now a few things have become slightly too obvious to hide.
      link to I make reference to the laws of Thermodynamics -
      People can read more updated information at the site above.
      Gentle notice was given in comments to invest in industries of the future but it was not heeded in time to stop runaway-
      Still the powers-that-be fight progress as if time isn't up.

  • State of Emergency in Libyan Capital as More Militia Clashes Break Out
    • State of emergency in Libya's capital- Well here is Emergency
      link to The vile violence in Libya and the world -it short circuits ability to see big picture of what is happening to Earth and her open systems Large. Earth is in early stage full blown Runaway temp rise.
      -I want to say that, what's on my mind before reading article because once focused on War I can't think straight -It hurts.
      - Vietnam. I spoke before crowd on University of Delaware campus at just North of Student Center. The crowd had gathered as vidule while school met with DuPont officials who were threatening to up and pull funding because of War Protests going on there. -Well the outside influences came and set up stage with a mike and they gave it to me likely because they thought I was in ROTC. War disables me.
      Here is what Arctic is doing link to
      I breathed some tear gas.
      War disables a lot of things and the big one is saving Earth.
      War hurts. I know what it feels like and can visualize badly.
      I'm asking my friends in Libya who I tried to help, for Peace

  • "Off the Charts": Deadliest Storm in History Kills 1200, Displaces Millions in Philippines
    • Speed of change caused by man is scale of magnitude larger than any in Earth's history.
      Right now the Arctic is engulfed in Dipole Hurricane with counter rotation of storm North of Alaska and the whole thing is forcing 2 meter sea ice out into Atlantic to melt.
      The forecast for Nov 13th is in this Arctic News article:
      link to Earth may be switching to single overall flow of Heat rise and sink, equator to pole instead of present 3 way.
      This can give rise to huge increase of erratic storm formation and the increase in water vapor in sky along with the force of temperature rise and what that means to entropy

  • Is the Arab World turning back to Russia? Egyptian Delegation heads for Moscow
    • Intelligence has it Earth is dying. Now if some hold out to position themselves strategically the fact is Earth is dying.
      Seems to me that needs fixing not dominance of one faction of religion over another or the wants of a dictator or a mob.
      Egypt Brotherhood understand Earth's condition and peace. I'm not sure Iran's leader or that of Egypt's military get it that Temperature is going to Extinct Earth very quickly. Situation is such that all stops need to be pulled for real.. Peace is an absolute prerequisite. That is if we do our duty.

  • No, NSA snooping didn't foil 50 Terrorist Attacks (Elliot & Meyer)
    • Focus is on the wrong type of security if Earth is to live..
      Speed of change happening is faster than people can imagine.
      Earth will snap to Runaway line outside HZ for liquid water.
      IMF warned last year 5C is possible and likely rise by 2100.
      Rise of 6 will snap another 5C on top of what's already Hell and accountability will be non-standing because it is upon us now..
      I'd imagine the conversation in Universe now Heaven to Hell.
      I see an opportunity for NSA to tap a line that is fruitful.
      Fruitful inevitably.. Because 'all we need to do' is wait now..
      A trap is set to ultimately lure NSA into wiretapping God and the devil conspiring to bring harm on the corporations' gov..
      No chance of anything going wrong with this plan is there?
      Definite def of Fascism is correct and offshoring insured. -Derivatives. Bundled risk removed from source and offshored.

  • Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News
    • Television News nearly completely ignores Arctic Methane levels as the real driver of Extinction rising. Max Methane anomalies soaring are rising exponentially from the looks of it and the stuff is rising into upper Stratosphere from the Arctic to increase a veil of extremely strong heat capture which will increasingly radiate heat down. This is ignored by TV and Big Media..

      Television News fails to identify bogus disproven claims that there is still room for more emissions when reverse is true..
      Television News fails to tell people how hard it is to remove greenhouse gas once released into sky or of hydroxyl decline..
      Cost of food rising is threat of war and is linked to fossil coal and oil use politically, and financially with a near complete separation of money from Real. Arable Land, Real estate, Earth, Living Earth.. It is possible still connect Real value to money.
      This would align human enterprise symbiotically to what keeps Earth systems whole and Earth in HZ. It would create framework; Symbiotic Relationship between mankind and earth. AOG may be capable of restoring stability to the HZ forward.

      Act of God is both writ of Law and Religious term. It may...
      The first is our duty to perform and to act Braver. The 2nd is what would be wished well.
      Control may be gained if we try with heart to restore Earth.

  • Top 10 Ways Ted Cruz & the Tea Party Weakened America with Shutdown
    • First off, US power is under on whole mob corporate control, through the influence of Big Media or the propaganda arm of world corporate Chamber of Commerce, which is basically what gives arm to International Corporate Conglomerate now on whole to influence the thinking of man.. And thus giving corp power of vote. This was given strength of law through Citizens United ruling by right wing, poisonous, real crime syndicate High Bench; control basically of the flow of tender to unleash Media bias in the big corporate grab for power. Runaway of Earth heat -It gave fascist dream the $ juice it needed, a Juice forcer- right at the time EARTH is going over into runaway temp rise.
      Putting things right is seen as Evil to those in power- Yike

  • Celebrating Dirty Gas & Oil is Our Planet's Funeral (Klare)
    • link to
      Earth is experiencing the demise of earth biome; -the loss of her open systems, large which had held HZ or Habitable Zone.. Earth is likely to go into moist runaway in short order. Altering money that is driver of the fossil fuel insanity- You can read about plan to undo this at Arctic News and also comments there. Peak food is passed and Earth is dying.
      Given the driving power of Corporate oil and number of wells- who in their right mind thinks Earth will survive its Evil $.
      Methane CH4 is accelerating in its release along with CO2 and the whole Earth Lithosphere is accelerating in heat increase.

      The rest is moot

  • The Great Solar Car Race begins in Australia: Can it save Humankind?
    • I'm tired of riding in traffic with my electric bike and not having bike trails fixed after flood here in front range Colorado.. It's not so much myself but the others who would get run over if they try to lessen their carbon footprint.
      There are people who can drive well and there are those who can't. And there is pecuniary which is out of control and doesn't give a hoot about the planet or the fact CH$4 is up.
      The value of money needs a systemic alteration to win a race.
      A race against all odds to save Earth's open systems to live.
      This is a game called 2C in showdown with the corporatocracy.
      This is what has my attention and is my wish to help outback.
      Visualizing something and actually getting it done is - well it needs a framework change to create conditions for a win..
      Considering everything Act of God alteration to enable win so the Earth can remain alive and so fun can be had is a challenge.

  • Oceans turning Acid, Lifeless faster than any time in 300 million Years from Human CO2 Emissions (Queally)
    • Judging by rate of increase, non linear increase of Methane anomalies in Arctic and forced increase of temperature there And that Methane accumulates in upper Stratosphere forcing temp rise on top of all other factors.. Judging by that and rate at which Methane from Methane Clathrate in continental shelf is decaying and capable of reaching the sky. Even CH4 from deep can reach sky.. Judging by this Earth is a gonner.
      The Oceans will become lifeless and the Earth will lose HZ..
      Earth and Sun grew up together with relative solar radiance.
      Sun 4.6 billion years old as Earth is but sun got hotter by approx 1%/100 million years or about 46% hotter while Earth distance from sun remained about the same. So when life began to assemble and create O2 rich atmosphere Earth was in rage of relative solar radiance for liquid water to exist.
      And the oceans filled with life to make the Sea and life spread to land as well and became open systems large which held even when actual solar radiance force moved Earth out of HZ on the hot side. Earth's biome essentially held HZ.
      Now the magical #pH 8.23 for Aragonite saturation level for shell of Earth to Exist with balance of carbon runoff from land = Sea sediment.
      That exchange, the balance of life which held open system Nature is in accelerating collapse of open systems which kept Entropy rise at bay..
      Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics applies as 3rd body, the $ price on all will cause snap to Extinction line same as line Runaway heat increase will go to after a new settled order having triggered the scraping of life from Earth.. -Then the two will again balance but without life scrap left. Not a bit of it; and moist runaway will occur and great die will be but a tree with none to hear.. None to record and none to see..

  • PRISM: The US Government is mad at Bradley Manning for doing to it what it is Doing to All of us
    • National Security is a joke because first International corporate power is in charge along with conjoined bank system worldwide in a race to the bottom and to prop up the 1% top..
      Second because Earth is past point of emission reductions to slow rate of temperature increase and feedback of methane release. The Money grubbers have been at it for a while now.
      The economic system presently on Earth externalizes harms to the biologic capacity of Earth's systems that keep temp down.
      The whole thing is set up for profit and the lie is tumbling down, cast down by the very going after of truth tellers now. It is my estimation some at head of intelligence have joined.
      Joined in an effort to expose the corruption of world enterprise.. To do what they can to keep peace and change the world for the better and perhaps undo a race to extinction.. For heavens sake I hope so at least..

  • Defiant Erdogan Risks Turkish Economy, as Unions enter the Fray
    • People aren't facing the dragon and trying to get him going as the perfect storm approaches all around us. Come on Puff..
      When the Turkish gov put out statement that it wasn't an Arab Spring type uprising -it guaranteed in my mind that it was.
      There is today in atmosphere massing a great heat casting veil of a cloak that is enshrouding us like a lid on a pot.
      'Come on Puff' refers to a song I liked when I was a little boy. And could ask my father about questions of rain coming..
      Now a perfect storm seem is growing all around us capable o no mercy an no forgiveness and out of control. So Puff hear me.. Wake up and get going and kick some butt.

  • Media Ignores Climate Change Background of Increased Flooding (Media Matters Short)
    • Every degree C increase in temp forces sky to uptake 7% vapor of water into troposphere where weather occurs. This can be confirmed by Paul prior to Sandy at Arctic News. The increase in moisture is going to expand into moist runaway.
      Read on below the fold for more rant//
      link to

  • Taliban Attack UN Agency in Kabul, Wounding 7
    • Fighting is not the way to get the change we need so Earth can live. That goes for everybody practically with little exemption for self defense of literally what amounts to life.
      Everyone has their checklist that grows longer of who is enemy or just about anyway.. The situation grows tense as food gets scarcer and prices rise and this is not going to stop rising. It is forced by a planet not able to sustain us.
      We have gotten at and exploited practically everything not nailed down and then some an deliberately put a price on it..
      It's time to lay the stones aside and to work to save Earth..

  • Has the Obama administration Given into Russia on Syria?
    • It won't matter basically because Earth is dying and fast.
      Kerry is in a bubble floating around being fed propaganda.

  • Saudi Arabian hunter stalks desert Gazelle with pet Cheetah
    • And think of the coffee overflowing from coffee machine onto acrylic counter in a kitchen. A place that will likely become obsolete as food price keeps rising as Earth's systems die.
      And Earth shifted to line outside of habitable zone where life had held it with her open systems of Nature. And think what a person who wants to change this could say to make it so. Because I can't. I an about a zillion others if they knew what they were facing. But I can't . I need to talk physics now and thermodynamics but to an audience the likes of which is not listening who are largely emotionally driven right now. -What can I say. except that I feel sorry for the little guys and the situation so unbearable to watch really.

    • Could not kill an ant but just put a log that would be his home into a wood stove, just made coffee that came from place where forest, natural forest once grew. Talk of cars being bad for the world but have a car and a pick up and fly places too. Talk of riding electric bicycle but ride on asphalt roads and trails that were once forest and grassland. -So with a grain of salt I say: But with this as a reality check really:
      Hunt the last antelope on the edge of the desert while the Arctic is melting and methane release is starting in earnest.
      Check out the geography of the Arctic Sea basin and extent of methane starting to self release and the heat up going on. There is no denying what is going to happen and quick; and the sands of the desert and the winds. They won't care. Picture what God would think of using pick ups and Cheetah to hunt the last gazelle on the expanding desert. And think of time.

  • If you Love the Earth on Earth Day, Close a Coal Plant
    • Things have accelerated concerning global warming since 2010 when the documentary was made, specifically here are Arctic methane levels for period 2009 to 2013 in side by side pictures from Jan 24 approximately.
      link to This article also has picture of methane increase over entire Barents Sea area.
      Also in time lapse by elevation increase shows hint - methane over Antarctic at altitude also. Which subsequently became strong. The situation is methane is freeing as warm water melts it from ice form that holds it in sea floor increasingly.
      Time is of the essence to try and stop this but no one seems to care- They are off showing movies about closing coal plants down on Earth Day in the year no action was taken to shield the Arctic from incoming radiation while there was time to do so. Here is plan not done. link to But as can be seen plainly January 2013 started off with a bang of methane release in Barents Sea..
      There are Trillions of tonnes of Methane held in methane ice
      and unless we can stop it somehow from release Earth is over

  • Ontario First Major Industrial Region to Abolish Dirty Coal Plants (Coal should be Illegal)
    • Juan, The reason I'm reluctant to reply by commenting here is that it is untrue there is time left where simply reducing emissions can avoid runaway global warming from going full tilt, barring Act of God intervention, and full buy in, and heavy duty action by all. All on Earth. And Peace too.. Laying aside arms for trust. -and I don't think mankind has it in it, that ability..
      But it is duty to try now to make change happen world wide today. I commented at the Yale 360 link with Methane force information and size of release happening and info on flow.

  • Egypt: New Left and Coptic Christians Demand Toppling of Muslim Brotherhood Regime
    • Democracy, really Earth has a problem. Here is plan not done.
      link to It details the facts of what's happening with food.
      By implication it's failure to be taken seriously here in US along with subsequent warning signs of instability in Arctic means Earth is likely going to have full extinction of life..
      Now I could get into the reason for Occupy and Arab Spring but the situation with so many people all wanting more is plain spoken by what's happening in the world today. Brother v Brother, religion upon religion we must stop fighting to live. Full force of world effort should be toward keeping Earth.

  • Denmark 25% Wind-Powered, Going for 50% in 8 Years
    • Times have changed since COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit.
      Earth is now past point where emissions reductions do it.
      Arctic is beyond point of no return of methane emissions.
      Telling it like it is isn't fashionable or fun but it is necessary in order to have any chance to rally the world.
      In order to have a chance to get change to sort this out.
      An army needs to be forward of the advance of Earth heat.
      Entropy rise of closed system needs change to open a lid.
      That change to be realized needs alteration to fiduciary.
      Full honesty is needed and to get ahead of perfect storm.
      link to

  • The Real Reason for Climate Change Denial: Oil Cos. Would lose 60% of their Value
    • Earth is past point where emission reductions can stop slide to full blown runaway global warming. This is on time scale of a snap of the fingers geologically speaking now..
      Calculating cost comparison is impossible if you value life.
      Speed of this Extinction event is extreme with Earth temperature in Arctic leading the advance and Earth's overall land temps getting really increasing fast once runaway catches up to Arctic anomaly well within this century..
      There won't be any hiding from this. And people will ask what were people who lived then thinking not to act to save Earth..

  • Bradley Manning Explains his Leaks in his own Voice in new Tape (Goodman)
    • The murder from sky video of the killing of the Reuters reporter in Iraq and those with him and subsequent cold blooded killing of the people in the van, the good Samaritans that stopped to help the wounded, shocked the world and made the warmongers in the US shut up to large degree. It moved the goal posts definitely, keeping Iraq from agreeing to US demands about staying on there, because the US wanted immunity from prosecution for military contractors and others in Iraq as a condition of staying..
      Documents release showed how out of control and insane the 'war on terror' really was amongst other stuff.. -Among the other stuff were diplomatic correspondence about the government of Burma that showed the split in opinion among military leaders governing Burma (Myanmar)that surrounded the keeping of aid ships from unloading in wake of storm there.. This raised the bar for diplomatic and military behavior and led to gain in accountability.. It helped Burma move ahead for peace and prosperity. Bradley Manning by acting to release documents helped the United States.. He helped other nations and checked rogue behavior around the world. In my opinion if those who can don't act, we all lose our freedom..
      But it's even more spectacularly important than even that. Because Earth is fast losing her reflectivity and ability to shed heat to sky. She is at this very moment having CH4, Methane release in Arctic faster and faster on its own. Because of oil and coal use that set it in motion and out of control.. Earth is the only place in the Universe known to have life.. We are callously killing the home of all creatures large and small.. -and for what?

  • On How Americans are being Gouged and Made more Unequal by the Internet Monopolies (Moyers Video Interview)
    • Thing is the Earth is dying and internet access is the only way to rally a response to perhaps be able to muster force to stop Runaway CH4 release from extincting all life from Earth.

  • Stop the Great Coal Export Conspiracy! (Greenpeace)
    • The State of the Earth is such that emissions reductions won't stop progression of temperatures to Runaway CH4 release.
      Not on their own at least. We need to pull existing gasses of greenhouse at large out of the Atmosphere and shield North Pole. Otherwise CH$4 will unleash in such proportion as to annihilate the living organisms that make up the living Earth.
      The Aluminum in making just one coal car for the coal removal is vast stretch of forest in tropic removed and gas emissions.
      The value of money is the shadow of fallen forests and SEA.
      The value we have for the future of life including kids today.
      Please consider this and address climate change in Politics.

  • Russia slams Israeli bombing of Syria as Violation of UN Charter
    • Sovereignty of nations along with hard headed thinking is flat lethal to trying to stop Earth from terminal CH4 led Runaway.
      That Mr Putin should recognize because he is smart politician.
      War and politics are on the same field playing and game is on.
      The only thing is it is easier to destroy than to build and people are emotion driven for the large part and easily led.
      There is a showdown most evident on line; a crash of opinions.
      But the physical properties of heat trapping gasses don't lie.
      Earth's climatic stability and atmospheric content of gasses is in dire danger of crossing a final tipping point if it hasn't already done so. Cumulatively speaking Earth is sunk..

  • How Lance Armstrong's Lies & Doping are Just like Climate Change Denial & CO2
    • Earth is going over the top with Abrupt Climate Change set on course to cement hard core CH4 Runaway global warming lock in.
      That needs human input in extremely large and directed manner to undo at this late date.
      Ref: Entire Page at Arctic News including: link to

  • Congress: The Broken Engine of our Stalled Economy (Jamiol cartoon)
    • Just happening by, an like it's of course not going anywhere..
      It's an internal combustion engine based on 'Fossil' fuel use.
      (Barack turns and looks at me like I'm a nutcase)
      -It really is cool to have an electric bike like the one here.
      I call it my stallion cause it is has a frame too big for me.
      but it's a kit on a bike and the company making is US as much as I could find.. Used it more than my pick up last year, make that two years.. It uses electricity and is very fun to travel the paths, and trails and roads and alleys and stuff..
      So I'd say perhaps it's time to ditch the internal combustion.
      And think outside the box because that is when Earth can live.
      We have taken her to the brink and that needs fixing with fun.

  • 237 Dead in Syria day of Horrors, 87 killed at Aleppo U
    • This was a statement warning of scale of killing coming. Rate of death brought down by Assad outstripped population growth and someone who did timed attack knew of Agent15 somewhere..
      Assad and Russia have agents much stronger and know killing.
      Yet this is not happening in a vacuum of external events big.
      I mean really big, like the certain end of the world shortly.
      We, and I mean by that like all people in the world need hope.
      Unless we put an end to vicious cycles of lethal gas release the children face a heat increase now which digs in seriously to CH4 stores up North to the tune of approximately #3X coal, oil and natural gas in the entire world. Stable at 30to40km up. A gas some 105X greenhouse gas potential of CO2 20years from escape but potency will up
      Will up chances for peace if people see we who live today need to work together and try to head off the end of the world.. Literally. Potential for zoom to economy could go sky high and stay that way forever or the Earth can in short order be lifeless. Pretty simple choice but hard to get the idea across in a world full of corruption, hurt and all sorts of inequity and injustice. That needs switching..

  • Climate Change is turning Australia Purple with Blazing Heat
    • The change happening to Earth is big and going to take out all nations in short order unless the process can be reversed.
      Here is post showing speed of Earth methane increase and heat link to Australia sits affected by a region 30to47km in altitude to which Arctic Methane is migrating.. There won't be any hiding from what is coming and Merlin Lidar or 'radar sounding' satellite technology to measure accurately what's happening isn't up there yet. But infrared sounding satellite did measure CH4 at large areas over water in North spiked high at about 4km high subsequently in am of 27th, December 2012.
      Methane migrating to a veil around Earth isn't kidding us..

    • Here are two internet sites to find information on heat rise.
      link to and link to
      The migration pathways of CH4, Methane gas from sea floor to sky and then up into a heat trapping veil around Earth can be found in articles at the latter. Along with a whole bunch of pertinent information about the near intractable situation Earth currently is in. But most importantly there is a plan to counter heat rise along with indisputable evidence to act.
      To act before it is too late but it may be that situations are now past, way past easy fixes that don't necessitate change to foundation of business and contract law transactions.

  • "The world is melting even Faster than we Thought" (Young Turks Video)
    • Tycho, The Guardian article to which you refer and UN Framework Committee on Climate Change belittle situation.
      The Guardian article mentions the 1700 Billion metric tonnes of carbon held in permafrost but speaks like that is the end of it. It isn't -It isn't even close. -Of that land based permafrost holding 1.7 trillion tonnes carbon it's approximated that perhaps only 2.7% will be released as methane emissions and that mostly from biological decay processes involved mostly from breakdown of frozen peat and organic dusts in pond bottom type environment. On the other hand the article fails to mention the fact permafrost extends to vast shallow Sea floor and lays under pressure and temp conditions decaying, melting..
      Some additional 1700 Billion metric Tonnes of pure Methane with global warming potential 105X that of CO2 (by mass at 20years from release) are presently releasing from sea floor from East Siberian Arctic Shelf and km wide plumes are hitting surface as ocean temps have risen above what keeps sea floor stable and methane ice from melting along with the permafrost layer there which has acted as a lid on things..
      Here is description of situation in video produced by scientists who know what they are talking about. link to
      Pay particular attention to the words -We DO NOT Like What We See.. "-Absolutely Do Not Like What We See.." From the Russian scientist who has been going on expeditions year after year since the 90s to study Methane release from Arctic sea floor..
      Pay particular note of size of potential release happening..

    • Permafrost is melting in Arctic, that people can visualize as temp goes up, the sea ice is melting and stuff like that but what few recognize is that permafrost extends under large shallow edges of Arctic Ocean and holds like a lid extremely large quantities of enough Methane to drive Earth Extinction.
      Water is truly amazing in its capacity to hold heat, latent heat and has amazing capacity to hold Earth climate for life.
      But the system is broken and it turns out water ice crystal has capacity to trap global warming gas Methane within matrix.
      A Matrix of sediment on shallow Arctic Sea floor is in decay..
      link to

  • Obama's Lawless Drones have caused Yemen al-Qaeda to Triple (Young Turks)
    • I'd like to sidestep as well but for main different reason #1.
      Earth is dying and where people focus is what they think about
      Essentially weather, oops whether we say we are against drone strikes and targeted killing or not, by speaking up we fail #1
      issue discussion and focus on war, on armament and hard power.
      I'd like all drone and other ops involving violence to stop..
      But with a purpose to speak by our actions that focus says #1.
      It's now evident Earth is in Abrupt Climate Change aka Runaway
      Arctic Methane Emergency Group says emissions reduction won't stop Earth from continuing to heat up. It will take much more.
      As agent of change mankind must focus on stopping runaway now.

  • Morsi Emerges as Key Power Broker in Gaza Conflict
    • There is a new factor in town and it is security related to all. In fact the Earth is dying. link to
      It is the fact earth's human population and exploitation of resources of Nature have hit peak levels at same time heat up from release of gasses from human causation due to oil and coal exploitation and land use changes is beginning famine up.
      The Muslim Brotherhood has smart people and intelligence is that Earth is on course to not stop heating up unless amongst other things peace worldwide takes hold and is sustained with heart.. The heart of those who care for others and for Earth..

  • Real Petraeus Issue was Evaluation of Afghanistan
    • Yea, but if it's true the President has now stood up for and recognized danger to all presented by global heat, or rather warm of oil based financial pyramid scheme gone nuts with derivatives which recently had sway''
      One plan that should have definitely been provided certainly should have entailed linking #1 threat of global warming, by US military's own definition to seek or summon common purpose of all.. Peace.. -Death of Earth is not a thing anyone in right mind would want or wish on another.
      -That and the fact Earth is considered God's good Earth apply..
      We can wish for a happy afterlife all we want but if we fail to our children to leave them a home could God give us shelter.. So to now see if Peace sign on Main has weight..

  • America's Coming Space Wars (McCoy)
    • Earth is losing reflectivity and ability to shed heat to sky..
      2025 won't have industrial ability to maintain food on table..
      Projected by volume loss, snow and ice on land, and sea ice is expected to be zero starting June 2014 and Sept 2015 for them.
      Loss of 1% light reflectivity will set off cascading Runaway because the Arctic sea ice covers vast shallow deposit of CH4.
      CH4, Methane in Arctic will go up to mid high sky 30-90km Stratosphere/Mesosphere where a heat inversion exists, to then spread around the world and cast heat downward from sky to surface on top of sun's energy.
      This puts projections of heat increase by 2025 beyond an undo.
      Our President has indicated he understands the threat upon us.

  • Romney Ridiculed 'Rising of Seas,' Pledged Deep cuts to FEMA (Videos)
    • The speed of change is catastrophic. What's underway is a sudden increase of Earth's temp as described on Arctic News
      link to
      There is such a rapid change happening that references to hundred year events is total blather.. In one hundred years the way things are going Earth could well be losing all life..

  • Severe Weather, Climate Change and Corporate Greed (Solnit)
    • Sandy is speaking loudly for change that is coming.. Without full out effort worldwide to stop runaway heat from advance there won't be life on the planet likely by century's end let alone time to prepare for much of anything. A cascading event is triggered and need of intervention, active intervention is upon us. If we do nothing -the planet will die. If we simply stop emissions -the planet will expire in short order also. What is needed is declaration of emergency and something done to keep ice on Arctic Sea or there won't be chance of success.
      We need leaders who at least try to show some spunk to keep hope alive and to protect Earth for future generations of life to be able to live also. There is no room for cowards.

  • Romney's Major Flip-Flops in the Third Debate
    • Amy Goodman was kind enough and brilliant enough, brave enough to allow the Green and another party's candidate for US President to present their ideas on the questions posed by debate moderator. Democracy Now recognized the lack of mention of the environment and stuff within the two political party system. How it is under the thumb and influence of Big Media corporate control and broke free of the shackles.
      The Green party's candidate Jill Stein had been arrested for trying to enter the debate between Obama and Romney last time.
      She spoke up for our Earth which is in dire emergency of need for intervention by mankind to undo past harm to Sky..
      I hope Barack, when he gets back into second term recognizes the events that just happened and takes seriously efforts by little guys to try and keep Earth Alive
      because with out full effort now the Earth will die.. Flat out die and no not for a little while or in a fictional way.
      There is plan put forward at Arctic News blog and it needs application at highest level and the flexibility of good gov
      Because without immediate action Arctic will release CH4^9.

  • Gaza Aid Ship Estelle Commandeered by Israeli Navy; Israel kidnaps European Members of Parliament
    • Juan, and others. -There is stress, unimaginable stress heat is placing on politics to war and we who live today have duty to resist playing the game of war..
      link to
      Earth is dying of heat increase and politics to war is rising.
      Please do not play this game.. It is not the ring tone I hear.
      The ring tone of those who seek justice as in fiction is real.
      My phone went crazy and played back ring tone of novelist last night while I tried, called to try and get votes out for a friend citing his Navy experience.. My heart is for Earth..

  • Campaign Humor from the Candidates: Obama and Romney do Stand-Up
    • Our first duty as citizens, world citizens is to ensure Earth survives and children can have a future.. And that means Hope
      ;but that can only be realized for real if runaway heat is so beat Because Arctic is broken as Earth's temperature control..
      That will take change even to joke punchline laughter cause..-
      Because when Sea rise is laughed at as though it didn't exist.
      That means each and every citizen laughing is in fact out of sync with what will keep the Earth alive.. It is our duty to Protect.. To protect Nature and God's good Earth.
      Drone strikes must end, people harming each other harms Earth.
      Harms the hopes of the future for those who still may be born.

  • Romney and the Syrian Dilemma
    • Weapons proliferation and war is opposite to peace and the trust among peoples needed to keep Earth alive -specifically related to increase of heat and loss of Earth ecosystem.
      According to a Summary of what's happening in Middle East from yesterday in the Guardian, the attack on the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Agency HQ, which is known for ruthless behavior was done by two brothers in suicide bombings 20 minutes apart. Ambulance attacked those coming in response.. Syrian freedom fighters main group doesn't communicate with the group responsible and didn't know what was coming and it asks to end suicide attacks; war crime..

  • Romney as Mr. Rogers (Video Satire by Jimmy Fallon)
    • Children were treated with respect and kindness by Mr Rodgers.
      The illusion of the world was held within what they could grasp and a feeling of safety and of things being all right in the world. Of adults really caring about the kids and of big issues of the world..
      Not the Romney world of global warming punch line of sea rise.
      Mr Rodgers' house is on fire as the coat of arms of Romney is.
      The posts up at Arctic News blog right now have me walking in circles and wondering what to say, how to respond to this now.
      There are some pretty big things happening with Earth genocide
      A fire is burning and out of control and firemen are disabled.

  • Acting Like a Democracy, Libyan National Congress dismisses Prime Minister
    • As a suggestion to the General National Congress on choosing a PM who will likely best serve the nation there and the world too; someone open to the idea of protecting the Earth and her people from ravages of global warming going runaway would be best suited. -That is because that issue is only going to get bigger as urgency and awareness of the situation increases and by electing a candidate who has thought of Earth's future into government makes sense. It would give complacency the shake and rattle the trees for best path forward for Libya and the enterprises of the future. It would help get common goal among people; a Desertification antidote.

  • Lyon: CNN censored Ahmadinejad, engaged in War Propaganda
    • There does seem to be selective reporting going on and a picture Big Media in general wants to portray. But on the West's perspective lie multiple countries like in Europe who can get something up on line or things reported. -East is contrary power more center. But Arctic is melting and Earth is heating up in an acceleration indicating runaway straight up by mid century most likely. As things are and if justice is as is, Earth will die with all life going away. Only by what amounts to a quantum shift in thinking can enterprise be brought to bear. There is no room for East and West. Either all nations work together for common goal or the planet dies.

  • Obama Plays Hardball and Egypt's Morsi Folds
    • Barack spoke to the Arab world, the Muslim world from Africa's Cairo, the Nile Delta before Climate Summit 2009 that occurred in Copenhagen.. Before the Arab Spring, before Occupy. Tune of what was said was the need for living in peace;
      Since then the findings of science indicate Earth is near to or at runaway.
      People have intuition something is up but they don't which is a form of denial that they tend to take out on other things..
      I think that is what is happening with a large part of the public uprisings around the world and transitions of government.
      Al Qaeda may have learned to make movie trailers work for them and play on public sentiment to stir trouble up..
      I'm not for watching trailer of movies dubbed over to make trouble and neither should the people of the Arab world. There is need to take action worldwide so Earth can shed heat. Concentrations of methane are accumulating in mid atmosphere between space and where weather takes place. That traps heat like crazy and will terminate things unless somehow mankind can muster a way of stopping Arctic melt..

  • Top Green Energy Advances Mitt Romney doesn't Want to Hear About
    • The retooling of industry to take on global warming isn't likely winning compared to accelerated pace of Arctic melt and subsequent catastrophic methane release from sediments, in and near frost layer in sediment on continental shelf of Arctic Sea and continuing onto shallow North slope tundra..
      It is a race against time to contain rapid expansion of release of greenhouse gasses before it become impossible..
      To speed that race's dark hour dark horse from behind so life on Earth wins out over physical properties of heat trapping gasses and to spur success of what can give incentive of hope perhaps a goodly dose of application of Act of God alteration.

  • Your Election is being Bought by 47 Billionaires (and they are Buying War, Climate Change)
    • You would think US citizens would be smart enough to see through the buy out of elections by corporate power and rich individuals but they continue to get most of their news and opinion from TV, not the internet. The Arctic is losing ice cover fast and permafrost is melting due to fossil fuel use and resultant forcing of heat increase. The consequence of corporate buy out of elections won't be an Earth fit for life to survive in. Instead the guaranteed acceleration of a cascading event of unimaginable proportion affecting food production and stress on populations will proceed unbearable.
      It'll take an act of God and great bravery to undo this mess.

  • Two Ways Mitt Romney Really Will Kill lots of People
    • To touch a third rail and short out train rail like through my body: link to
      There won't be much help from a Romney admin to stop -machine gunning of innocent people be they US citizens or others too.

      But fear is lifted because without a Sea change in direction Earth is going to overheat in an extreme event shifting the planet to that of desert sand without a hint of remorse. Sort of like the lack of remorse or empathy of the mob in power..

  • On Martyrdom for Freedom of Expression (Thomas Jefferson Poster)
    • Just now the freedom movement, elements of Feb17 Libya is voicing the desire to keep the internet communications open to protect the peace and direction of good gov going in Libya..
      The UN considers internet access a human right but here in the US the Bush gang had the FCC make claim that internet was not communications but rather the property asset of corporate enterprise who would own it.. And the Obama has capitulated.
      The Corps have gone global and Earth sky is on track runs to unstoppable unimaginable horror of likely terminal heat rise.
      Corps are not people and money is not voice but tell that to a globalized net of corporate greed and corruption..
      Jefferson speaks wisely and internet is the communications of today.. Syrian regime shut down the internet, first a reduction then a hr long complete shut down. Axis exposed.
      Heat increase of the planet on which we live and its Ally.

  • Chinese telecoms giants are taking over the world. Should we be scared? (McClenaghan)
    • Rules of globalized 'free' trade agreements giving rights to companies, international companies to either demand the selling of their product or for lowest common denominator on things like environmental impact rules, like with coal extraction or pollution from something like cement kilns and low wage effects -or nations simply have to essentially withdraw from the globalized world of commerce. This is already China's wedge or choke hold to push the back door. But it isn't only one nation pushing the wedge to gain control. International Corporate an big finance in power now largely without checks on its power since derivative globalization or isolation of risk. - since the sanctity of property rights was given the green light -gave contract law essentially power to require countries to essentially withdraw from the 'free' market, now globalized, or to submit. What this means is that until it's too late or essentially game over with one company taking all by the sudden realizing of embedded tendrils o firm control on the control; that it is illegal to interfere with 'free' commerce and trade..
      However this is not happening in an immortal world, a world in simple terms where resources are plentiful and ecosystem can't be destroyed. That has been driven to the wall or point of breaking in no uncertain terms as evidenced by fact heat is rising fast planet wide along with indications of an inescapable perfect storm.. Now is time to call out the gangsters who think they have taken control. There is movement afoot for the betterment of government worldwide and for fairness and respect for the little guys.. -If the internet can be kept open and used to make change happen so runaway heat and ecosystem Earth can maintain life fostered by tapping writ of law known as Act of God to alter current contract law. It may be possible -To set the framework in which good business naturally prospers and zeros in on stopping rise of entropy or disorder/heat and loss of Earth, our home. So Peace is not sound of silent sand, shifting sand without an ear to hear.. Says the silent sand to the lad at hand as if someone speaking.. Shifting sand..

  • The Collapse of the Climate Change Contrarians and the End of Coal
    • Details count in countering runaway global warming because only by swift action directed in a concerted way worldwide immediately can a massive spiking of deadly heat rise and totally fatal environmental loss be avoided. The Koch funded plan to check the 'hockey stick' temp rise was intended to belittle the findings of science not to back them up. It was too little too late and got discussion going like I'm going to have to point out that it wasn't 1% temp rise but 1 degree F temp rise to around 1850 and then another 1.5F on top of that.
      Perhaps you should change that because it's obviously a typo.
      They, the Koch types wanted to inject doubt and confusion.
      They wanted to create appearance of unreliable information.
      They want to push the biggest misconception. Which is the speed of the runaway.. To blur the evidence it is happening.
      They want us taking great pains and pride in cutting each other down about details of things like how Ocean pH has been swamped by Carbon emissions, lagging emissions already emitted, which has literally largely destroyed buffer the Ocean provided.. Previous to man's use of coal Ocean pH was approx 8.23 and has now dropped to 8.14 representing a 30X increase in free radical hydrogen or acidity. That number 8.23 had held mostly steady since microbes created the atmosphere we Oxygen loving life enjoy since maybe 3billion years ago and we have managed in a few short years to have swamped it from existence, likely permanently because of lag time in surface of Sea's ability to take up the CO2 loading of sky and because carbonate shell formation and thus deposition of excess carbon in system sequestration into bottom deposits is now a broken system.. There are many reasons and compounding factors affecting transition to a lifeless world not held in check by the open Natural biological systems once able to respond and correct for sudden change but the biggest kicker that will and is in my opinion already starting to happen that will extinguish things in short order is CH4 release from the Arctic Sea's shelves and melting permafrost deposits on land as well. Arctic Methane Emergency Group want Earth shielding but new finding indicates Sulphate injection to stratosphere in an effort to reflect incoming solar radiation would hurt ozone layer. So perhaps what's needed is to stop carbon black release and the like and to increase ice albedo by cleaning surface. But I'm disrupted in my effort to get discussion going because Internet is in hands of corporate and not considered communications as should be in the United States.
      Heat from below, incoming radiation from above and an increasingly opaque sky to heat loss to allow lithosphere to stay cool going runaway in short order, like perhaps a few years max. Before it's irreversible; what's happening right now. -talk it up.. There is game on to keep Earth below 2C, the nominal amount of heat rise before likelihood of runaway greenhouse effect taking hold. That was COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit conclusion in Dec 2009 and is likely a high estimate considering findings since of Earth science has indicated there is an acceleration of heat rise.

  • Dear Mr. Romney: Palestinians are Poor Because You Stole from them and Kept them Stateless
    • Displaced peoples as Earth heats up will become systemic. The Romney bunch moving Capital, Capitol assets to assist 1% elite.
      But the movement afoot, the exposure given by and because of the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring for raising the bar on us having justice in the world won't be stopped.. Literally refugees will be the lot of us all on this planet as the Earth's ecosystem collapses. That is unless the melt of the North Polar region can be stopped and ocean acidity checked.. CH$4, methane as greenhouse gas or seen as approx 85% constituent in fuel gas.
      How things are seen makes all the difference if mankind is to stop a runaway greenhouse extinction event of real consequence. The Romney of the world,, there time is over..

  • On Dogmatism (Ambrose Bierce Poster)
    • Dogmatic opinion held by some 10%, even 1% of population holds up action on altering Earth's course to runaway heat up.
      The agility of the domineering, patriarchal, non-religious yang holds the yin in chains.. The corporation made person.
      So what say the 99% get their act together and take back our part in shaping the future.. By turning world enterprise to try and keep runaway global warming from reaching unstoppable proportion the prosperity and hopes for the future of all but the damned go sky high.. And it is sustainable.. but there needs to be check on the 1% who would destroy all cruelly and the 10% who callously follow their lead.. Big Media's prey..

  • In Race against Carbon Catastrophe, Solar Power is Making Strides
    • Shannon you are assuming the US political system is not broken and that there is time to make gradual change.. I assure you there is absolutely no time to waste stopping runaway global warming because the Arctic is starting to release methane from ice crystal encasement in hydrates in offshore areas like the East Siberian Arctic Shelf where some 1700 billion tons are vulnerable to heat increase. Kilometer wide plumes of methane are reaching surface of the Sea and this is something not described before. On land on the tundra lays also 1.7 trillion tons of carbon in peat and organic dusts again vulnerable to heat increase. It's game on.

  • Egypt's Presidential Election: Between Revolution and Counter-Revolution
    • Thanks for the insight into the candidates running and the sort of inside scoop on what's going on politically in Egypt.
      The environment is getting harder to make a living in and things like the delta of the Nile are vulnerable to global warming while the big players like the EU and those meeting in Bonn on the Climate aren't getting serious about really stopping it;
      Our US here is totally wrapped up in economic matters oil..
      I'm hoping the Arab Spring isn't undone but rather leads to change which starts and evolves into an environmental unity.
      One that connects the health of Earth to that of all world peoples.
      Otherwise no people will be able to vote and make change too because runaway global warming will become unstoppable.

  • Climate Change Disaster looms despite Durban Agreement
    • Sea level rise and reduced ability to grow food are direct costs that are not counted in the present monetary system. Respiration of land plants decreases with increased CO2 concentration of the atmosphere and their ability to remain cool through sweating is lessened as well.. Higher temps at 100% humidity becomes a real potent danger beyond body temperature of living things.. Oxygen in atmosphere, half of it is produced by phytoplankton living in the Sea.. The Sea is acidifying and although only .1 pH change from about 8.24 to 8.13 has occurred it represents a 30% increase in acidity of the Sea.. That is a direct result of release of fossil fuel emissions containing carbon into the sky which then has a lot of CO2 taken up by the oceans some of which adds to carbonic acid content of seawater. pH may increase by a total of .4 by 2100. Rate of change is very high and there is lag time between cause and effect from fossil fuel emissions. Change is happening faster than anytime known in the past.
      At some point very soon temperature increase will trip a staggering release of methane and carbon dioxide from frozen peat and offshore methane hydrates.. CH4 or methane at release is over 100 times the greenhouse gas potential of CO2.. Capping this soda bottle Earth once release gets self sustaining at grand proportions is not possible.. If we wait to vote on the adequate response everyone agrees to it's too late..
      There needs to be direction given by science on what is allowable and what needs to be done.. Shielding tech may be needed to block radiation from hitting Earth but it won't stop ocean acidification.. Yikes

  • OWS under Pressure: Banks Bailed out, People Sold Out
    • The Occupy movement of the 99% is worldwide and is in my opinion part of the Arab Spring. Two days ago I was proud to carry one end of a soldier's flag while marching to protest at the FED while he held my peace sign. Police stopped traffic as the unannounced procession proceeded. There is another rally today starting in Denver in a little while and people are bound and determined that the movement remains ongoing.
      Costs shifted to the poor to enable even more power for the elite are more than monetary and the whole system is broken.
      In fact the Earth is set to overheat with loss of ecosystem services in an uncontrolled manner. Order and wealth will perish unless the world can rally and put resources including the full power of industry and world finance to the common good.. Presently I don't see that happening and even the COP 17 Climate Summit in S Africa in only 2 weeks gets overlooked.
      Protesters need friends in high places who will right the wrongs and help make it possible that a peaceful transition takes place which will enable the talents of the world to be put to good use.. The system is currently overheating and there is no way to marginally change things unless what is known as 'an act of God' is applied to contract law worldwide allowing a shift in business principles and world finance which ties value not exclusively to money but to what the Earth provides and which provides in an ongoing way as perhaps viewed 7 generations in the future.

  • Panetta Slams Israeli Isolation; Is Israeli Policy Destabilizing US Allies?
    • In the scale of things what Israel does now about the settlements, Gaza and the issue of Palestinian statehood before the UN can either enhance the efforts of Arab Spring around the world or greatly try to short it out.
      The world isn't the same as last year and vast danger from climate change and global overheat threaten everything unless nations and people can work together in peace..
      I'm trying to grasp the different aspects of knowledge of neighboring countries brought to light in events surrounding the Arab Spring that continues to shake the world and don't have a plan unless others grasp need for common purpose..
      I would think sharing resources and the right of safety for all should take priority but there are a lot of people with differing ideas. I know some people can be really, really mean to each other and hurt others and I can't really say to let guard down but on the other hand I know what happens if people don't so they start to trust each other very fast.

  • Palestine UN Vote and American Decline (Cole at Truthdig)
    • The rise of the Arab Spring has changed the dynamics in world politics today. But one thing that's undeniable is that increasing resource scarcity and that it's harder to grow food is a factor that helped force the issue of people wanting their voice and a vote on their country's affairs.
      The Earth is heating up and the Sea is rising due to CO2 rise.
      Wealth concentration is rampant and there are multiple places where the same land is claimed by two or more groups so when Palestine being recognized by the UN is mentioned it floods the mind with ideas but I know there are island nations in the Pacific that are already experiencing the Sea coming in.

  • Toothless UNSC Condemnation of Syria shows Russian, Chinese Clout
    • The present course of world history will lead to the temperature rise and resource scarcity of cataclysmic proportions. Russia and China I think understand this. Trust must be restored that others will not use military means to interfere among nations.
      Libya isn't Syria and neither is Egypt or anywhere else in countries enveloped in change surrounding the Arab Spring.
      That change is happening and is worldwide in scope is apparent but there are locations tied essentially in knots like in Syria where repression allows those in power to keep things tied in knots..
      Either the world pulls a rabbit out of a hat or something and finds a way to break the impasses or there won't be enough time for peace and good government worldwide to let industry build peaceful infrastructures and technological advances to restore environmental systems and secure the common good. Environmental systems so necessary simply are likely to stop working that keep the atmosphere and the Sea within tolerances suitable for life.

  • Israeli Troops kill 20, wound Hundreds at Golan
    • Let's hope the fighting stops and Palestinians can have the homeland they need to live properly.. Still, fact remains under current conditions pressure for resources will only increase and use of force as a solution will become harder and harder to stop. Things are going to get mean, real mean unless people can learn to work together from the heart to stop overheat.. Gaza highest elevation is not much more than expected sea level rise with all land ice melting off and seas heating up. Who will know Palestine or nation's border when atmosphere heat build up gets really going next century.. Assad shudders at the thought of doing no harm.
      Not much more time from now since Israel became a nation.

  • Russia & China Block Condemnation of Syria as 200 Baathists Resign
    • To block even a statement by the UN seems like the act of a cartel or underworld that's up to something not the actions of people and nations actually interested in keeping people safe. People need to speak up if they want better government and the use of weapons of war on citizens is outrageous. Perhaps this is a China and Russia thing to do but I sure hope it never becomes a tactic used in the West. With the rise of private corporate armies the distinctions are blurred.

  • French Jets Defend Benghazi
    • The popular uprising in Libya taking back the country is something the world will have to wait and see because it's something only Libyan people can decide to do or not.. The source of knowledge about what was giving fits to people about Libya was the use of weapons of war against unarmed civilians which happened over and over again before a real armed resistance started to grow. That the uprising became know as rebel gave legit status to the existing government which had crushed its people in so many ways for so long. The revolutionaries or freedom fighters tried and tried to keep the world posted of cities that had not fallen and of heroic actions of the people to defend the homes and the lives of their families and friends. News of defecting army units unwilling to fire on the population and of what became known as Free Libya air force counterattacks overridden by press reports in main news going to the West.. This wasn't about oil it was about justice and a people wanting to be free. And it still is. Freedom is real.

  • Yemeni Troops Massacre 46, Wound Hundreds
    • There is a time for an idea and a way of saying things that has more power than all the standing armies or almost anything else.. That time is now and what's at stake is the ability for the life on the planet to keep the Earth alive.. Earth's natural systems need protections from overheating and so does civilization because the actions of people and what they do now can turn the course of history essentially for the full extent of the future of the Earth. God's good Earth.
      People need to understand. It's not simply the north of Yemen that experiences the shortage of water; it's the planet at large and the water is needed to keep the planet alive..
      There needs to be a change of direction and a new understanding that those in charge who are really at the helm of decisions in the world today have agreed protecting the common good is priority one in the world today.. That efforts are needed by all for the world to remain alive. Peace is essential to that goal but so is the need for change.. If cool heads prevail the industry presently dedicated to war and weapons of war can be diverted to peaceful use and to build the infrastructure needed to keep the planet alive. It means jobs and great changes but it's boiling right now in the minds of people focused for now on ideas of instant gain or change of circumstance or blinded by anger or thoughts of revenge or something. There won't be jets flying in everywhere people face oppression and abuse in the world or a UN resolution or something else.. If the change that needs to happen is going to in any meaningful way it's going to happen in the hearts of all.

  • Japan Nuclear Threat, Libya Oil Crisis, Highlight Need for Renewable Energy
    • It's not time to jump Japan's case for peaceful use of nuclear power. It's time for the world to unite in an effort to keep the Earth alive with systems intact and for nations to help each other in every way possible.. Right here in the US there were changes made in the way house finance can be carried forward to distribute the cost of installing solar array by denying that right to be passed on in property value that can be spread out in payments over time once the property is sold.. That was in my opinion a deliberate effort by big business that now essentially owns the US government and many brainwashed souls who have experienced corporate mismanagement of TV.

  • It's Official: Tunisia Now Freer than the U.S.
    • The fascist court decision to give corporations power to influence voting using unlimited money, direct payments possibly excepted leads to the real legitimization of corporate armies like Xe being used against flesh and blood type residents of the country. Contributions of even sovereign funds or conglomerate monies from foreign controlled arms manufacturing firms can buy air time on highly consolidated corporate media in turn key operations that control multiple markets and radio, TV and newspaper ownership across the board. Those corporate security firms hire only the best and like Killing with the best tools.

  • The Great Arab Revolt: Cole in the Nation
    • I hope you are safe.. It's now five days after you posted and happenings in Libya are on the world radar that's for sure but not exactly as people would want. The twitter feeds you listed are currently posting news of a terrible night going on in Tripoli.. The world powers want peaceful transition to democracy but the last I heard oil production was still up despite all the violence against the people.. It's like a nightmare going on and I can't help but think that the world in general is more interested in free enterprise zones to promote commerce than giving protection to people threatened from repeated use of heavy weapons and mercenary forces. Hopefully armed forces will stop abuses.

    • Countries would be wise to concentrate on preparations to ward off famine and other stress increasing things like water shortage and climate change effects because those may be not far off.. The thinking that oil is a source of wealth needs to change because it's opposite of reality if the planet is going to stay a nice place to live. Not only that but the world doesn't seem to have reserves of strategic supplies to meet energy requirements to retool to keep global warming down and to meet people's basic needs unless fossil fuel is used which simply exacerbates the situation. Avoiding runaway global warming is essential and all nations need to cooperate.

  • Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman
    • To speak plainly - nothing tops lack of actions to stop runaway global overheat.. Some might say wasn't it a good thing for the Lieberman Kerry Energy Bill to have been put forward and to that I would direct readers to read an article dated May 13th of 2010 entitled The American Power Act Kerry's and Lieberman's Climate Junk Shot by Erich Pica. In that article he explains how the bill was launched after Lindsey Graham dropped support. How it was crafted in such a way as to gain support of nuclear, coal and oil companies. How it endorsed use of nuclear, coal and natural gas in its definition of clean energy.. So where are efforts today

  • Biden: US Could be in Afghanistan Past 2014; Bombing Shakes Capital
    • What about the soldiers who spelled out 350 in sand bags a couple of years ago before the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Realistic efforts to stop global warming and keep it below 2C of overall rise require peace and a radical shift of goals. The Earth is well above what is considered a safe level of greenhouse gasses.

  • Wikileaks: US Offered to Block anti-Whaling Protesters
    • Sea Shepherds crew are brave men and women who stand up to illegal whaling in sanctuary areas of the Southern Ocean. They fight the good fight to protect the life in the Sea.

      There are so many places around the world where the essence of Nature is being destroyed it's unbelievable. Now that the internet is available for information to be uploaded and spread around the world it's not so easy for things to remain hidden. That's a good thing because it will tend to keep people honest and if there is one thing the world needs right now it's a bit of honesty.. Particularly concerning the Earth

  • Seven Billion Human Beings: National Geographic
    • Concurrent with population rise is the increased footprint of our presence enhanced by release of energy stored as fossil fuel from biologically stored solar energy.. The effect can only be described as catastrophic.. There has been the creation of artificial forms of life as corporate entities now holding hands and extracting resources as if there is no tomorrow. Corporations of security firms, finance, law offices, media, you name it and the feedback loop to national government is coupled to an expansionist mentality of big is better and more is great. It's linked itself to religion and mineral extraction and it's so systemic it's impossible to see by simply looking without insight gained by education and access to the internet. Those too are under attack around the world by those looking for profit and to have control of others.. My goal is to wave a big red flag about the coming disaster and to end the disconnect between good business practices and a sustainable world by the time the climate meeting in S. Africa rolls around. Facing the totality of the problem before us in unison is the only chance mankind and the planet have to end corruptions of all things so the common good of God's creation can be protected and done so peacefully so little guys before unnoticed have a chance to go on living in a world full of the beauty and nature.. Tech, science, and a realignment to protect the common good.

  • Fox Management Ordered Reporters to Spin Global Warming
    • I address my case to the US Supreme Court, the President of the United States and also to the Chief Official of the FCC who is about call an ill vote on the future of the internet and the freedoms of the people.. I hope to gain the attention of journalists who are free enough to turn to protecting the common good and the need for nations to come together with a strong plan to stop global warming while there is perhaps still time to do so.. I need to make peace in my heart that I tried to reduce corruption and seek remedy of past harm because I see this as the single biggest block to actions that could reduce greenhouse gasses in atmosphere fast enough to do some good. I ask for rulings and remedial actions to counter harms that have been committed..
      Specifically to your argument that 'Unconstitutionality' is not 'obvious' when actions threaten the people and the nation they established..
      The US is not a corporation. In fact it largely began with the protest against Britain's tax on tea; a protest against arbitrary power of a corporate world that threatened mom and pop shops in the colonies and curtailed their ability to carry other brands than what the king's ships brought.. The Preamble to the Constitution begins "We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union"... It does not say 'corporations included' in brackets or anywhere else in founding documents of our nation.. But the biggest most clear expression of what our country stands for is expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
      "We Hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"... It does not say corporations. It makes no right of corporations to be among the men giving government their just powers.. The Supreme Court took it upon itself to give such powers to corporations. The head of it went out of his way to get the Supreme Court to give corporations the right to dump unlimited money into elections to affect their outcome (with the possible exception of direct contributions). Citizens United vs the Federal Elections Commission decision hugely favored Citizen United by the court having gone out of its way to enlarge the scope of the case. No exemptions for foreign sovereign funds or corporate entities was made.
      The Constitution makes provision in case of untenable situations arising that undo the nation and the people.. Peace sign on main street seems a better way to speak out. I protest what I see as a well advanced threat to our nation and the rights of the people of the United States to continue to enjoy freedom of speech and some of the other things we take for granted.. There is something more. Within definition of law is the term 'Act of God'. The world is faces the possibility of not being able to restore the atmosphere's heat shedding ability to what is needed for systems that support life.. That this crept up unexpectedly fits the definition but when corporate friendly legislators, courts, administrators conspire with a corporate press to brainwash it's something else entirely.

    • On 4/2/07 in Massachusetts vs EPA the Supreme Court ruled CO2 gas emissions from cars caused harm and unless it could be proved otherwise should be regulated under the Clean Air Act.. The FCC as part of its purpose is to protect people and property from harm. Fox News by ordering its newscasters to cast doubt on scientific evidence supporting the need to control emissions just as COP15 was starting in Copenhagen obviously was trying to disrupt attempts at regulating reductions in emissions.. This benefited its advertisers and by prior court finding likely caused public harm if it resulted in a lesser outcome of negotiations. Fox News is part of the larger News Corp outfit, the largest media empire in the world. I'm one person and the internet allows me to point this out in hope that the FCC will take its purpose seriously whether communications transmissions are done on cable or through the spectrum of the air waves.. This also speaks loud and clear for the FCC to rule to keep the internet open and free with net neutrality so people like myself in future can also speak out on issues that affect us all.

    • The FCC should take Fox News' license to broadcast away. They should do this in conjunction with a ruling reclassifying the internet as communications and as such enjoying the protections of net neutrality to ensure freedom of speech.. Fox News ordered their newscasters to perpetuate a lie undercutting the strength of scientific evidence backing the need to take decisive action to stop greenhouse gas releases into the atmosphere. They did this as COP15 was occurring in Copenhagen while the outcome there could still have been more powerful.. Carbon Dioxide as a greenhouse gas had previously been ruled harmful and as such subject to the Clean Air Act for purposes of regulation by the Supreme Court of the United States.. This means Fox News deliberately ordered their employees to subvert the letter and the intent of the law of the United States and by their timing to have shown intent to do the most harm possible by delaying or stopping actions which could have lessened emissions. Increase of corporate profit appears to be the motive.. The Earth, God's good Earth only has one life to live.. It is in even greater danger today due to delays in taking action on greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and deliberately by corporations such as Fox.. Thank you Professor Cole for your concern and for your article here that has links to these two most informative articles about the state of US media. Hopefully things are not too far gone to recover.

  • Enormous Truck Bomb Kills 6 US Troops in Afghanistan as Constitutional Crisis Looms
    • This is terrible news that so many more lost their lives and got hurt.. I had so hoped the US President would see the wisdom of removing US military involvement from Afghanistan and throwing the full weight of his office and the voice at his command toward the strategic interest of keeping the planet alive by retooling to stop global overheating but he visited to raise morale in a war instead. He must know by now the war should have ended a long time ago and never started in the first place.. I should make weekly reports on how many people in a row driving past respond with a peace sign on Main Street each Saturday.. Last Saturday there were 4 in a row and the week before 6 twice which is more than I've ever seen before.. The people want to be at peace as do the people of Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world..

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