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  • Trump fires Bannon: Who are the Winners & Losers Globally?
    • Reading this piece makes me wonder if America has a proper government at all as it seems to be being run by a few buffoons, louts, gangsters and a secret state who's place of operations isn't known!! This is a bit like our European union over the pond which has hundreds of elected EU members of parliament of which know one in any country can name or even tell how many there are or what they do. The whole outfit is run by a thing called the 'commission' who are unelected and unaccountable to anyone. I suppose its our version the American so called 'deep state' As far as I can see the only thing of any note the American government has done lately is to vote for ever more sanctions against Russia, which is going to do the American people about as much good as a hole in the head.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie
    • Unemployment, poor wages, exploitation, poor housing and insecurity are the breeding grounds for fascism and bit by bit this is now starting to occur in the USA. The never ending onward march of automation relieving workers of their jobs and lively hoods adds daily to the plight of the men and women who were once workers in society. people in this situation are easy prey for the merchants of fascism and who know just how to arouse race hatred among those without hope. Over here in Europe one might have thought that after Germany and world war two, that fascism had been stamped out for good, but I can assure you, fascism is alive and well and the breeding grounds for its revival are now just about everywhere. Although in the USA Trump and his side kicks can share some of the blame for the recent right wing disturbances, they are not the cause or the symptom as they inherited both. One has to ask why is it that Obama and others before him did little or nothing about the growing tide of depression and misery of the 'working class' ? Scapegoating Trump in the US or scapegoating the mass of immigrants?refugees etc in Europe is just passing the buck. Had previous administrations in the US not gone on a massively expensive war spree on a campaign of 'regime change' and spent that money instead on US infrastructure, things might be much better there today. Further, the nightmare now unfolding in Europe with a mass exodus of people from war torn countries would not have occurred either.

  • 'Locked & Loaded' Trump's 1960s Cowboyism re: N. Korea & Venezuela
    • I don't know what films the US entertainment industry is showing on TV these days, but over here in the UK one can view a John Wayne film on most days of the week on TV. He is very well known and most young people can tell you who he is yet they couldn't give you the name of say, the Australian prime minister. Obviously, Trump's "lock and load" comment was a metaphor to indicate that the USA is ready to attack at a moments' notice should North Korea make any preemptive moves to attack US interests. I don't think the problem is Trump so much as the war machine industry. With the prospect of the war dollars from Syria now drying up and not much war expenditure going on elsewhere, Trump may well be goaded by the war lobby to actually attack North Korea on some pretext or other. Only people who are supremely delusional could think that the West's war enterprises have even the slightest connotations with any humanitarian purpose, because its always about war dollars.

  • If an Iranian president talked like Trump we'd think them all nut cases
    • election results of some of the countries you mention Professor are often of dubious validity, but a recent presidential election in the USA was hardly a paragon of virtue. Clinton won more votes than Trump, but Trump became president. Had this happened in any other country there would have been cries foul and fraud etc. Libya was a highly successful country before the West decided on regime change and had Saddam Hussein not been toppled and sanctioned half to death, Iraq would now be a highly successful country and a leader in middle East affairs. As it is they are both basket cases with no sign of anything changing any time soon.

  • "Fire & Fury" or "Shock and Awe": it is always the start of a Quagmire
    • I seem to remember that the snake oil salesman, Tony Blair, was selling we British a similar story about Saddam Hussein being able to each us in 45 minutes with chemical weapons. Of course, it was a pack of lies just as the rubbish about North Korea being able nuke America is. However, North Korea may well be able to do some serious damage to South Korea, the capitol of which is only a few miles away. If the maniacs in the American military do blow up the nuclear weapons and reactors in the North, the radiation could smother the South if the wind is in the right direction. Much better to have talks, lift all sanctions and stop threatening North Korea. Countries without Nukes get beaten up and destroyed by the Americans, so who can blame the North Koreans for having nukes themselves.

  • Scientists Leak Study on Global Heating Impact b4 Trump can Suppress it
    • If Trump and the gangster Neocons have their way and start a nuclear war with Russia which they seem hell bent on doing, global warming will be the least of our children's grand children's problems. There is also a report out there which suggests that a global rise in temperature may set off volcanic eruption (yellow stone) which will bring about sudden global cooling as happened many years ago in Krakatoa ? The future is indeed uncertain so console yourself professor, knowing that death and taxes will go on for ever!

  • As Trump leaves Paris Accord, Wind jobs are fastest growing in US next Decade
    • Whilst I agree that renewable energy sources is the way to go, its worth bearing in mind that once the wind and solar panels are installed they require very little maintenance. Obviously the jobs created in building them are gone, whereas coal has to be produced and delivered on a daily basis, so people working in this industry are not going cheer on the green lobby. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas!!

  • Trump's Worst Nightmare: Mueller's Grand Jury Subpoenas Russia Documents
    • It would seem that the 'deep state' are completely in control of America and the president is just an empty vassal. Trump is like our queen over here in the UK, a figure head without portfolio. At least the queen has the good grace to deport herself with dignity and gravitas, unlike Trump who just crashes around the white house like a hippo on steroids. Obama before him was also an empty vassal (remember how he was going to close Guantanamo bay?), but at least he looked and behaved like a president. The Americans seem to be willing on the demise of Trump, but they should be careful what they wish for. A country that is run by shadowy unelected people is not a democracy. America's democratic credentials don't look so robust from over here in the UK as they once did.

  • The Dragon Arrives: 1st Chinese overseas Military Base in Djibouti
    • No wonder the CEO of Alibaba expressed amazement at the crass waste of money the Americans have spend on war and continue to spend. Had the Americans spent all this money, time and effort helping the economies of other less fortunate countries they would probably be the most liked country in the world instead of the most hated.

  • Mideast's 'Only Democracy' joins push to Silence Al Jazeera: Netanyahu
    • Banning alternative news and comment is nothing new. Over here in the UK there are voices in high places who want to ban RT (Russian TV) and of course as we all know, the clamour to edit out 'fake news' and alternative comment with special algorithms is rampant. I believe legislation has already been passed to fine ISP's if they don't filter out 'undesirable content'. One way or another the MSM and their government handlers will silence alternative sources of information, you can bet on it!!

  • Trump: Aid to Syrian Rebels was 'Massive,' 'Dangerous;' slams Post
    • The notion that the rebels took over huge swathes of territory against heavily armed government forces with just 13 bullets a month per man, is fanciful to say the least. There are numerous pictures of the rebels with heavy machine guns mounted on pickup trucks and this is to say nothing of RPG's shoulder mounted missile launchers, transport etc. The only time I ever heard of a shortage of ammunition was when defense minister Fallon mentioned it in a select committee in parliament.

  • Top 4 Lessons Trump can Learn from Napoleon in Russia
    • As far as I can see Trump seems to going around the world trying to be friendly with everyone, including the Russians The only country his is hostile towards, is Iran and this for no good reason that I can see. I would suggest its the Neocons who are itching to start some kind of military conflict with Russia and bad weather isn't likely to stop them. Trump does indeed have lots of connections with the Russians which may well be his downfall, but it won't be for any military ambitions. Maybe Trump has an hotel on the Isle of Elba he can go to if he loses out to Russia gate! LOL

  • Unpopular: Trump's low Polls one reason for Healthcare Defeat
    • What this is really about is the wealthy not wanting to part with a single cent to help provide health care funds for the poor. As you know, professor, over here in the UK we have a free health care service at the point of need for everyone. However, we still have rich and very rich people over here and universal health care does not appeared to have dented the millions of pounds they have stashed away in the bank. Perhaps the super rich, the rich and the almost rich people in the USA should take a look at our system, because what they fear most is losing some of their money to a good cause. Clearly, universal health care doesn't mean the impoverishment of the rich and bizarrely, they get free health care as well !

  • 25% of Australian Homes have gone Solar and other Green Triumphs this Week
    • You are indeed fortunate to have a monthly bill electricity bill for just $15 a month. Over here in the UK we pay that much for a 'standing charge' as they call it and this has to be paid even if you don't use any electricity at all !! For those of us who live in apartments in the cities, solar panels are not an option so when we get our extortionate bills we just have to grin and pay up.

  • Now they hate Universities: Trumpie anti-Intellectualism infects GOP
    • This finding is rather odd to say the least. You don't say who conducted this poll and why. Further, you don't tell us what the question was that the pollsters asked. More importantly, who did the pollsters ask? Was this poll aimed just at party members or was it a random poll asked of the public in general. If so, one has to assume part of the question was asking about the political persuasion of the individual who might not have been frank about their own politics. I simply ask these questions because I would have thought the Republicans would have been most anxious for their off spring to go to university, so why would they denigrate this much sought after right of passage for their own children?

  • With CNN Reporter Attack Video, Trump apes Seedy Dictators
    • In Germany the government has passed a law forcing all internet search engines to take down what they call "fake news" Presumably this affair of Trump's video would qualify as fake news? I can't imagine how loud the screams and howls of censorship from the white house would be if they took down his video. Over here in the UK there are plans for forcing Google and others to take down "fake news". However, as yet fake news hasn't actually be defined. I wonder would the stuff CNN puts out qualify as fake news? They have after all, just sacked three of their staff for just this offence, as well as being caught on camera actually saying they put out all the Russia gate stuff for ratings.

  • UN: Saudi Bloc attempt to close Al Jazeera is attack on Freedom of Expression
    • The American government has just passed legislation seriously curtailing, if not actually shutting down, the Russian news channels, RT and Sputnic for the very same reasons as the Saudi government wants to close Al Jazeera. That is, they are putting out news and opinion that contradicts the state narrative and therefore has to be silenced. Free speech is only tolerated when it doesn't challenge the state. Curiously, Turkey's Erdogan supports Qatar yet he has silenced most of his critics at home by putting them in prison. Its a mad world.

  • Why it Matters that the World thinks US under Trump is Laughingstock
    • As far as respect for the president is concerned, the American people treat stupidity as though it were a virtue! When Trump goes off on a bombing spree to Syria he is lauded by the media, congress, the republicans, the democrats and everyone else in the deep state as a hero. Yet when the novelty of the wizz bangs of missiles wears off, its back to mocking the president again. It looks like there is another chemical weapons attack brewing in Syria so Trump will probably bomb the hell out of the Syrian government this time and once again become everyone's darling.

  • 4 Nations twist Qatar's arm, to close down Aljazeera
    • This is just another example of the state wanting to shut down any form of alternative narrative, especially one that contradicts or exposes the state for lies and corruption. There are plenty of people out there who would like to shut down the RT (Russia today) TV station both in the US and over here in England. As for the internet and blogs like yours professor, the deep state and the main stream media are working over time to close down all this "fake news" as they call it and so stifle any alternative voice or opinion. Whilst TV station like Aljazeera and RT etc are a thorn in the side of middle East states and the West, its the net that poses the most dangerous threat to the power of the state, that's why its banned or under state control in many countries.

  • Putin offers Comey Asylum, likens him to Snowden
    • Comey admitted quite openly that he gave information to a friend so that the friend could get it out to the media. I would call this a leak if ever there was one. His excuse that he was then a private citizen just doesn't wash. If it does then Assange, who is not even a US citizen has no case to answer in an American court, because he too is a private citizen. The Russia gate thing is a complete farce and the notion it in any way influenced the voting American public is fanciful in the extreme. If anything influenced the voters, I would have thought it would have been the re-opening of the case against Hillary by comey just before the election.

  • Mattis overrules Trump on Qatari "terrorism," sells it $12 bn in F-15s
    • There appear to be several captains running the good ship of the USA. Anyway, I would think Qatar might well be needing these planes as the countries around them are being hostile and belligerent .

  • Why Saudi Extremism, Instability is an Argument for EVs, Wind and Solar Energy
    • Professor, in fact there was only one day over here in the UK when we actually produced as much electricity by solar and wind as by fossil fuels. It was a very rare day indeed when the sun actually appeared and stayed with us throughout the whole day and it was also very warm. Long day light hours means little electricity used for lighting and very warm weather means little electricity used in heating systems. As far as we Brits are concerned that was what we call 'freak' weather. Its usually cloudy, overcast or raining. Because of this, few people over here have air cooling conditioning systems so we wouldn't be using much electricity on this as you do in the states. Hence, the unique day when renewable energy came out on top. I don't know why countries in equatorial region with massive desert wastelands don't cover them with solar panels. They could even become exporters of electricity with this limitless natural energy source.

  • Tillerson-Trump Rumble over Qatar shows White House Divisions
    • If Tillerson did say that the blockade of Qatar is hindering the ability of the USA to do business in region and causes difficulties for the American military stationed in the middle East, then perhaps the American air force should stop re-fueling Saudi planes on their way to unleash ever more bombs of death on the people of Qatar. Tillerson's statement suggests that the White House has no idea what the American military is up to?

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