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  • No, It Wasn't Iran: Top 7 Reasons Baghdad took Kirkuk
    • Second chances are historically unlikely for collapsed empires. The British, French and Dutch only got bailed out because the Marshall Plan shielded them. Nobody's going to go that far for our sorry asses.

      But there are degrees of collapse.

  • France's Macron slams Trump 'Bad Policy' by Mulling Iran Visit, Seeking Trade
    • Remember, Macron is a neoliberal, and radicals keep telling us all neoliberals are exactly the same. So Macron is exactly like Hillary Clinton, right?

  • Legal weed: An accidental solution to the opioid crisis?
    • I have theorized that a new Mason-Dixon line will spring up over legalization; it will be made to appear to be about "values", but it will be more true to say that it is a line between the states that still aspire to democracy and the states that are run by a rising prison-labor oligarchy that indeed needs to keep the "Negro" drug illegal as part of its racist narrative. Note that Prohibition was foisted by Protestants on America under fearmongering that alcohol was the Catholic/immigrant drug, that to criminalize the drug was to pressure "those people" into assimilation. When those Protestants drove America into the ditch in 1929 and opened the way for FDR's heavily Catholic & immigrant coalition to storm into power, Prohibition was immediately repealed... yet only three years later, the Federal government outlawed marijuana. It's as if we can't function without an ethnically-coded drug threat to tie different forms of oppression into a single narrative.

  • In Absence of US Leadership, War Breaks out between Kurds and Baghdad
    • The problem with saying that we're better off with a hegemon to hold bad situations together and hold off the outbreak of war is that everyone can use that argument at different scales. Assad can use that excuse for holding together the bad situation that he inherited in Syria.

      The reason Roosevelt pushed for the UN when America seemed to have the greatest hegemonic advantage the world had ever seen is that he knew it would lead to something bad. He told his son Elliott that one day American boys would die fighting a war to keep one of the European colonial empires together.

      But now we have no effective UN and no effective hegemon, and worst of all, no one deserving to be the hegemon. There are possible major multistate wars brewing in Korea, the island disputes of East Asia, India-Pakistan, Saudi Arabia-Iran, and Kurdistan. Nuclear weapons may be involved. No one prepared for all the possible wars that could break out if American hegemony stopped holding them back because most of us found it unimaginable, and a few of us found it wonderful.

    • My God, who hasn't betrayed them in the last 40 years?

  • Yes, White Supremacists, some Vikings were Muslims & Thor was Brown
    • Don't check your DNA too closely. You might find some nasty surprises.

    • The British, certainly, conquered much of the world in Victorian times while believing in all sorts of falsehoods. Ditto the Spaniards before them. All the Master Races are eventually discredited, but only after they exercised their ability to destroy anyone who got in their way, leaving the hunger for revenge that gets built into the next conquering behemoth.

      Apparently, the evolutionary rewards for understanding the truth are swamped by the evolutionary rewards for coming up with a lie that unites people into an unstoppable army. A significant faction of White Americans understand that, and they want it back by any means necessary.

    • It's had to prove whether Bannon or any intelligent schemer believes the dogma or merely finds it useful for supposedly justifiable ends. But then the same can be said for Cecil Rhodes or Albert Speer.

      Which is why our understanding of the word "racist" lacks subtlety. We need to make it clear that anyone who helps actual White Supremacists come to power because they think they can profit deserve a term of opprobium whether they actually believe in White Supremacy or not.

      Years ago, right-wing columnist Cal Thomas inadvertently spilled the truth while writing about why we must tolerate our systemic injustices. He said that we have a successful social order, that it's too disruptive to replace our old prejudices with political correctness, that the benefits of tolerating intolerance were a net utilitarian plus over ending White dominance, implicitly even if it's based on false premises.

  • Elbaradei: Trump Propaganda on Iran Nuclear Deal like Run-up to Iraq War
    • I think that Putin's best gambit in case of a US war on Iran is not to send troops to help the latter. Ironically, Russia's interests are best served by doing exactly the same to Iran that Iran did to Iraq during the US invasion and occupation. It did as little as possible. It was able to sit back and pick and choose factions to aid. And it was able to profit from a runup in oil prices due to the unrest.

      The difference this time is that the US simply lacks the means to actually occupy Iran, which clearly would not be in Russia's interest. The problem is, what if Trump orders a nuclear strike instead?

    • The sad lesson I have found is that declining empires are incapable of reform before disaster in war. Usually they are incapable even after. Sweden seems to be the exception, after its catastrophic invasion of Russia in the Great Northern War.

      But it pretty much isn't reform unless you surrender your position as a hegemonic empire and demote yourself to a mere Great Power. I've been jumping up and down and screaming for years that the USA has to make that move before it's pushed under unfavorable circumstances. But too big a gap opened up between the American public and the American antiwar movement; the former believing that hegemony was necessary and inevitable, and the latter believing that the world would become a paradise once American power was utterly extinguished. Now we're really tumbling into Hell, a multipolarity of fascists and racists, all nuclear-capable.

  • More civilian Airstrike Deaths under Trump than in 8 years of Obama
    • Wow, you must still believe that the South Vietnamese Air Force was a sovereign operation wholly autonomous from the Pentagon... even though they literally took American warplanes and painted the white bars yellow, loaded up with American bombs, carried out American target lists, and then collected paychecks composed of US tax dollars.

      Every civilian killed by the Saigon air force was killed by the United States of America, because the very existence of the country of South Vietnam was a CIA concoction and a violation of the Geneva Accords. We own it. We killed over a million Vietnamese.

  • Baghdadified: The Militarization of US Cities and Police
    • Since I cannot reply to your response to my comment, I will post it here.

      Stop slinging that Trumpian "Republicans are your friends" crap on me. You STILL haven't addressed my comments about the Redcoats, or the author's experiences with hostile occupying armies. The Redcoats were legally the "brothers" of the colonists too, but that doesn't make the Revolutionary War invalid.

      And your claim that anti-police rhetoric scares the police into "withholding" protection from Blacks is bullshit because you refuse to accept the role of the police in carrying out violence against Blacks since the Civil War. Many Klansmen WERE policemen. The great destruction of Black Tulsa carried out by White citizens was done with the authorities by their side, not watching innocently.

      The police were integral to one of the greatest racist acts of the Jim Crow era; the use of vagrancy laws against innocent people as a matter of policy to produce temporary slave labor, which local governments then rented to favored private interests. This is now recognized by historians as an essential part of the Southern economy for decades. Why didn't the population rebel against such a grotesque miscarriage of justice? Because Whites understood that the law was overwhelmingly enforced against Blacks. I don't see how that would have been efficient unless the police forces acted as the first filter.

      You're not addressing the article or my arguments because you want the Blacks to be broken to "goodness" under a society that just proved its evil foundation by letting a White Supremacist get in the White House. You're using arguments to smear White liberals, obviously, thus providing cover for the monsters who think there are good White Supremacists.

      And over and over again, you refuse to admit that millions of Black people perceive harassment by cops in every area of their lives. You evade it relentlessly, and conspicuously, just as the apologists for our crimes in Iraq refused to address the petty cruelties of our Occupation forces. I will not post further replies until you explain that.

    • GOD is an abbreviation for "Good Ol' Donald."

    • Ally with the police, like they're already an autonomous foreign power - or occupier? One that we as taxpayers already shower with military aid?

      You are discounting the broad knowledge of African Americans of everyday police harassment as a sign that the police consider them to be the enemy. You can say they're lying, but they believe it and they are Americans.

      In fact, you ignored the entire premise of the above article; that none of this abuse happens by accident, but by ideology. And that ideology is a far greater threat to democracy than all the criminals put together - at least the ones outside of Wall Street and the pollution industries.

      And the explanation for all this is very simple. We have low-turnout elections where hateful trolls can dominate. You can find elected mayors, district attorneys, police chiefs, sheriffs and judges in various combinations. All they do when pimping for votes is talk about being tough on crime, using exactly the kill-the-enemy rhetoric that I and Mr. Sjursen talk about - he from first-hand experience.

      And God help us, that's the only kind of voter who shows up for those elections. People who in their crude bigotry are a thousand times more honest than you ever will be.

      If that changed, you would be the first to attack the people who got elected for being "soft" on the "enemy." As if our side could run up enough of a body count to make them go away, the NRA fantasy that always ends in another kind of body count.

    • Our ancestors claimed the right to armed revolution against King George partly on the depredations of his Redcoats. There's no way the total number of unarmed American colonists killed by Redcoats before that rebellion in 1775 approaches the number of unarmed African-Americans and Latino Americans and other Americans of Color killed by the police in the last generation.

      At what point does the Declaration of Independence finally apply to Americans who aren't Founding Father-colored? Did Crispus Attucks die in vain?

  • Trump wants 10-fold increase in Atom Bombs but is after Iran, which has none
    • Consider the view of a small-minded small property owner, who gets off on his power to bully his underlings and threaten them with economic ruin. Or the clergyman who uses the despair of his congregation to keep their eyes on the next world instead of reforming this world. Or all the cops and all the prison guards.

      There are many, many people whose identity is founded upon the nation NOT being a paradise. Economically, America was well on its way to solving its greatest problems just when it threw away its budget surplus to go into Vietnam. The better things objectively got, the more the traditionally oppressed came out of the shadows with the hope that their grievances would be recognized. The oligarchs were angered and scared by this, and some decided that the solution was to turn back the clock and restore hierarchical terror under the cover of "free enterprise" and "traditional values".

      link to

      There are those who would rather reign in Hell than share power in a republic.

    • Multiplied by ten?

  • As Trump & Pruitt unleash Climate Demons, Scientists dream of Atlantic Wind Farm
    • Well, you might recall how we ended up dealing with the owners of slaves. Investors will commit monstrous crimes to force society to do their bidding, and they might reap the whirlwind.

    • Florida is already doomed by CO2. The ocean will rise, the porous rock under Florida will let salt contaminate the fresh water supply, the Everglades will die off, and the value of real estate will collapse as the cost of water and insurance rises.

      The folks in charge there are just trying to make as much money as possible before they flee to a new host body. They really don't care if it looks like Puerto Rico when they split.

  • Can Coffee survive Climate Change?
    • I wonder if our ancestors could have endured the unnatural deformation of their lives by industrialization if not for access to nicotine and caffeine.

  • Trump and the Faustian Bargain of Corker and the GOP
    • Trump will become the face of their American fascism for a generation, whether they are in power or finally overthrown.

    • My suspicion for some years has been that the "moderate" oligarchs will simply flee the US ahead of the reckoning to reunite with all that capital they've already sent overseas. They will transfer to a new host body and continue to talk as reasonably as they do now. The ones I'm scared of are the modern-day plantation owners, the far-right family fortunes who funded the rise of extremism and are disproportionately involved in natural resource extraction industries (except for the Amway-owning DeVoses, who extract the resource of stupidity). They have to stick it out, because their fortunes are tied to this land. They wanted to turn the clock back to restore the power of the landowners of past centuries. They intend to dominate local government and religion in a similar fashion, with perhaps Klansmen and lynch mobs as fallbacks. Education and intellect are their enemies. They do not care if 90% of the value of the country is destroyed as long as they own the remaining 10%.

    • And yet the markets keep rewarding Trump.

      Of course, they kept rewarding Bush Junior -- until things started collapsing.

  • Former US Allies peeling off under Trump: Turkey halts US Visas
    • What you say about lesser military powers being stuck with the US is just part of the problem. Lesser financial powers seem to be propping it up too. Saudi Arabia was sucked into that role by using its OPEC votes to create the petrodollar; Japan came following with its boom money; now China is getting in far too deep. Why do they invest in a dollar that has been losing value since 1971?

      Between the countries that tolerate American power for military hegemony and ones that tolerate it for financial hegemony, we Americans can get away with infinite stupidity. No one can form a coalition to teach us a really deep lesson. Losing wars is not enough, it seems. Breaking the global financial markets in 2008 was not enough.

      It's as if we're holding the world hostage, and we've just now realized that we can thus indulge our worst delusions by electing a Caligula. Neither people within or outside America can put a stop to this madness unless they're willing to bite the bullet and make real sacrifices for the struggle.

  • VP Pence pulls NFL Political Stunt at Taxpayer Expense
    • However, the nature of modern warfare (and costs) have delivered most of America's combat action to the Special Forces. Their demographics are just slightly less White than the Confederate Army, and their veterans are heavily recruited by monsters like Erik Prince for the private mercenary armies that lurk on our soil, already past the Rubicon.

      The rest of the Army is that part that has most spectacularly failed to make its hypercomplex machinery work in foreign wars once they bogged down into insurgency. If soldiers of color remain loyal to democracy after some sort of Franco-style putsch, they will bring only bits and pieces of a functional military with them to our defense.

    • Meanwhile, must I be the first to point out the incredibly sinister implication of Pence and every other right-winger on this matter who morphs a protest against police into a protest against soldiers?

      Is there a difference anymore? Are the police the special military used to wage war on Blacks and Latinos? Like the special army the British used to wage war against the Irish, the Black and Tans, named for combining Police and Army uniforms?

    • Apparently Trump thinks Black people must honor the flags of both the United States and Confederate States. And White people who wave the Confederate flag don't dishonor the flag it was meant to expunge from Norfolk to El Paso.


  • What’s Stopping Media From Calling Las Vegas Killer a “Terrorist”? His Whiteness
    • I slightly disagree in this case, though I absolutely agree about other cases where the Whites who committed violence clearly were attempting to coerce society thereby in a certain ideological direction, which is my definition of terrorism. The sheer blankness of Paddock, as opposed to the Oregon terrorists or Dylann Roof, is an interesting development. They were stochastic terrorists, who could figure out their marching orders without a chain of command. But Paddock just had a compulsion to slaughter a bunch of people, and apparently stalked concerts around the country to consider it before he finally went ahead and did it. That's not an ideology, or a form of coercion; there's nothing you could concede to him that would make him stop committing such acts.

      However, the growth of these pathologies may be related to political issues, because of the loss of connection to a shared humanity. And the politics that choose to sever those connections in order to proclaim a Master Race must be seen as a road to many more misanthropic horrors. When regimes founded on such principles come to power, they need people who have the mental makeup to do their dirty work, regardless of their prior politics. We don't want to believe such a force of blank henchmen could exist among us, causing us to downgrade the threat of extremist rule. We should know better.

  • Plummeting in Polls, will Trump 'Wag the Dog' with Iran, N. Korea?
    • We know this scam will work, for a while. It always works. The Presidents who end wars get punished.

      Nixon used the war both to get into power by promising to end it (while secretly promising Thieu the opposite), and by keeping it going so that he would get the boost in power and loyalty received by every war president. Is it a coincidence that when he finally settled the war in 1973, his routine criminality in the White House suddenly began to be viewed by the media and the public in a completely different light? As though doing it in wartime was for the national good, but doing it without a war was now suddenly about personal gain?

      Under those circumstances, it's hard to deny that if George H. W. Bush had kept the war against Iraq going in 2004, he would have avoided his electoral fate. It's actually amazing that every president hasn't begun Vietnam-sized wars and kept them going until re-election time.

  • Buzzfeed Exposes Breitbart's Neo-Nazi Roots (TYT Video)
    • White Supremacy is itself a cover story, but one so ancient that its followers have long since made it into a hallowed tradition whose intent can't be disputed - even as it cynically makes tactical shifts to "religious freedom" or "White separatism". We're stuck with it because it was the basis under which the inherent poverty of Southern resource-extraction economics was made viable for capitalist profits without collapsing into rebellion. That in turn makes the South a low-wage anomaly that capitalists from sea to shining sea can use to distort labor markets by threatening to move there.

      And the essence of it is: we underpay everybody, but half of them get a special bonus of getting to beat and abuse and scapegoat the other half and the latter aren't allowed to fight back. It is institutionalized sadism.

      For the Far Right, the restoration of that order nationwide means an financial incentive they can use to lure the capitalists into a fascist alliance. But it also connects these mostly-Northern, anti-immigrant racists with the existing pool of anti-Black and anti-Latino racists as their natural leaders.

      So where do you break the chains tying this alliance together, or is it too late? One of the oldest cover stories White Supremacists have used is fealty to localized government, which has served them well when they needed to lie low, but not when they tried to create a country reaching from Norfolk to El Paso. I think you can make them choke on this secessionist contradiction. Start movements not to secede from America, but to secede from the particular Red State that oppresses its cities and minorities. The "alt-Right" leaders and corporations will try to fight that because they can do the Congressional math. But you go for their base - tell them that if their racist propaganda is true, then their states (which impose substantial tax burdens too) will be better off without the contaminated cities. Those cities create jobs from which suburban bigots cart away their paychecks to evade responsibilities in the sticks. Make them fight each other over where the borders are to be redrawn.

  • Was Ayatollah Khamenei right about Washington? Trump Reneges
    • The way things are rapidly going, "unsavoury regimes" would include the United States of America. Including the North Korean path.

  • Top 5 signs Donald Trump might be an effing moron
    • Oh, I believe he read that book of Hitler speeches that was sitting by his bed. I definitely believe that.

    • Voters chose the moron who most closely sounded like their own prejudices, but the clincher was that, unlike all the other Reagan-spawn Republican leaders who have used myths and codewords to imply that they have been persecuted by tens of millions of Americans who now deserve to be punished and degraded, this moron looked to be sadistic enough and reckless enough to actually risk our future carrying out the punishment. They wanted a destroyer, and they got one.

  • How dangerous people get their weapons in America
    • We're all dangerous. That's what the NRA/GOP ideology wants to hide by putting a racial line between "good" and "bad" Americans. That puts us on the road to endless escalation of violence to civil war, which strengthens their hold on their followers.

  • The Gasoline Car will be History before you Know it
    • You can do the math on the limitations of solar powered vehicles yourself. Find out the mean insolation (average solar energy that falls on the ground) in your part of the world, then divide by 5, because solar cells are at most 20% efficient. Then figure out the surface area of your roof, hood and trunk lid, because cells mounted on the side of your car won't be worth the trouble.

      What you will find is that it is hard to generate more than maybe 800-1000 watts this way when it's parked. If you collect 8 kw/hours in a day, that can get you around in normal daily driving, but not very far on a highway. And you have to park in the sun, which is hard on the car. Now there are circumstances where that is useful. If you're getting that much sunlight, you need power to run the car's air conditioner to be able to live with the car.

  • Six things to know about mass shootings in America
    • The NRA has found its calling in the last generation by marketing the myth that there is a "criminal" race (which is implied to be overwhelmingly Black and leftist) and a "real American" race (which is overwhelmingly White and conservative). Thus the NRA can sell the idea of ever escalating arms purchases by the White "victims" because, gee whillikers, the criminal race will always get guns one way or another and the only alternative would be... I don't know... ethnic cleansing? Extermination? And of course we White people are too righteous to do such a thing although we'd be WITHIN OUR RIGHTS if we did...

      So the NRA drives us up right to the cliff-edge of Rwanda, Indonesia, and the USA's annihilation of its native peoples, collects its fees from the gunmakers, and then leaves the car there with the keys in the ignition and walks away from its crazed passengers.

      We have to destroy the idea that there is a criminal race. We have to accept that we Americans are not so exceptional; that any one of us can go over the edge for one of a million reasons, that we are all capable of turning off our inhibitions under the right combination of circumstances, and commit unthinkable acts amplified by technology. That is how America's ordinary, everyday, undeterrable carnage happens in countless typical neighborhoods.

  • Fake News: Fascist Media try to blame Las Vegas Shooting on Left
    • Except, ironically, that he seems to have been less of an ideological maniac than the modern NRA. He was a sociopath without dogma; maybe the organized sociopaths only turned to dogma because they knew they needed it to pose as an oppressed minority. Once they became a faction, they rapidly adopted all the evils of factionalism. treating their demands as a zero-sum game whose victims in every area of American life (everyone hurt by the President the NRA demanded, etc.) were as disregarded as the people Paddock slaughtered.

  • Trump's Billionaire Cronies feed at Public Trough as he disses Puerto Rico
    • I already referred Bush Junior as Caligula long before Katrina. What's left to call Trump worse than that?

    • They might get a more productive response phoning Beijing. Rebuilding a small island with only 3.5 million people is not a big deal for modern China... as long as China has uses for the result, like a beachhead in the Caribbean.

    • Wait'll he hands Puerto Rico over to those billionaires to "fix".

      But the Puerto Ricans still have the right to vote for statehood or independence. It's hardly likely they will support the status quo after this treatment. Here's the trap: Republicans have been indoctrinated to so hate Latinos as a Democratic threat that they can't allow statehood, but their pride as the Master Race makes it hard for them to accept losing the territory to independence.

  • EV Game-Changer: China dumping Gasoline Cars even Sooner
    • . . . What we're looking for is a proper EV platform as it's begun to emerge in the West: a large Li-ion battery pack that forms the vehicle's floor, use of lightweight materials, and advanced aerodynamics. No Chinese maker has put all of these together into a competitive package yet. But the government is using this quota to pressure Western firms to share their technology with their Chinese partners. There's already a Chinese-built Chevy Volt, sold as the Buick Velite, and I expect a Bolt clone will follow.

      After that, I'm looking for the Chinese electric Model T, the breakthrough cheap car that will exploit increasing government requirements that apartment buildings have charging capability. This will be the one that pours off the freighters into Southeast Asia and Europe and Latin America. I hope this will also become the default vehicle of Chinese car-sharing enterprises, which will begin to replace personal ownership and thus alleviate my aforementioned fears of sprawl.

  • Trump's national anthem outrage ignores decades of Supreme Court rulings
    • In the eyes of ordinary White people, it's an "affront" for a Black man to remind us that he's not equal under the law - or at least under the boot of the lawman - but it's okay for a bunch of White Nationalist militiamen to commit an armed invasion of a Federal facility and then hold out under siege. I mean, that's what an Oregon jury found last year.

      But there's a clever hypocrisy going on here about the flag. When these same Master Racers wave the Confederate flag, they're deliberately dishonoring the US flag as a symbol of the hated Federal government that defeated the Confederacy. Yet the instant that Black people protest against the US flag, it magically becomes a symbol not of government but of White society, whom they are threatening with their insubordination. Blacks are getting to the truth: the Confederate flag is the demand for the restoration of absolute tribal injustice by White Supremacist militias, while the US flag is the present reality of convenient bourgeois injustice defended by the police.

      "Freedom" is now nothing but the license of the Master Race to disobey the government for not being racist enough, while forbidding the victims of racism to protest against the White society whose evils the government is Constitutionally bound to resist.

  • Iraqi Kurdistan defiant in face of Baghdad sanctions, threats
    • So, from looking at the comments here from around the world praising tribalism and bashing government, I guess we can now say that all that's left of (big-government socialist egalitarian) Martin Luther King is his holiday.

    • The worst control freaks are those who demand purity (as opposed to recognition) of identity, because they're never satisfied. You secede today, only to find "contamination" seeping across your borders tomorrow. The ultimate solutions are always enslavement, ethnic cleansing and extermination.

    • How does tribalism work out for Afghanistan, with or without a functioning government?

      Tribalism in America is a construct created by modern interests - the English corporate investors who paid to create the colonial plantation economy only to find their motley indentured crew of English convicts and defeated Scots and Irish and even some African captives were plotting against them. Race was invented to divide them against each other in a way that chillingly resembled the Stanford Prison Experiment. The White race was manufactured for the purposes of capitalist conquest, enslavement and genocide of North America. Thus its "tribal identity" by definition cannot recognize the human rights or autonomy of other tribes, which is why it falls back into the same evils century after century without liberal nation-state ideology to keep it from backsliding.

      I argue that tribalism is now so contaminated by such artificiality via modern class interests that no one is safe, or honest. Wasn't fascism a cartoon version of tribalism that proved wildly popular? It gave "low-information" bigots the chance to throw off the shackles of civilization when it came to dealing with neighbors while preserving the military-bureaucratic state needed to organize modern armies.

      Explain to me how tribalism works without an organized, enforceable recognition of universal human rights. You Europeans will be butchering each other again within a generation, because in a tribalist anarchy, the one tribe most organized for conquest becomes the model for all the others and no international organization exists to counter it.

      So to get ready, watch us Americans as we start to kill each other in the streets again over the idea of a Master Race infinitely coded in crosses and American and Confederate flags. That's what the Patriarchy means by freedom.

  • UK: Is Corbyn's call to Nationalize Utilities the end of Neoliberalism?
    • The fascists always arise when the threat of socialism forces the ordinary bullies of the class system to unite around a right-wing critique of capitalism - one that basically says, "you're living badly because capitalism isn't brutal and unjust enough to your inferiors." The capitalists can then dig in and make it clear with its overt and covert support for the fascists that the public will never be allowed to get the choice of its heart... so it predictably turns in frustration to the choice of its rage.

      Eventually, all the capitalists will bend at the knee to the new Fuhrer to cement the new state-capitalist tyranny, and then each have their I. G. Farben moment when they are ordered to sacrifice their Jews or their Blacks to honor the deal. The NFL is having its I. G. Farben moment right now.

  • After Hurricane, Trump Reminds Puerto Rico of 'Massive Debt'
    • Logic says the majority will go to New York and Florida. Only one of those is relevant in 2018. Maybe New Jersey will be significant, if only because Democrats have a mess on their hands there and need reinforcements.

    • Well gee, if the Karl Rove plan for New Orleans was to drive Democrats out and break it up as an enemy stronghold, how does the Trump gang make that a win with Puerto Rico? The more of them leave, the more they tilt states that actually have a significant number of electoral votes unlike Puerto Rico. Unless we suddenly see Red States start passing bills to make it impossible for arrivals from other states to obtain residency. Which violates their entire White-Flight growth model.

  • If Trump were really President, he'd Forgive Puerto Rico's Debts and Rescue it
    • Ask the Republicans in Congress.

    • Trump's tweet was classic Shock Doctrine, as explained by Naomi Klein: use a disaster to claim that only a massive privatization can cover the costs of recovery. Look out.

  • Trump Casino and White House, Inc.
    • America is getting a terrible, terrible lesson on how its businessmen operate in advanced capitalism, with this spotlight on one man. What immorality we ignore in normal business activity is now empowered by the Executive Branch, so that we can't avoid the consequences.

      Now, this article's explanation of how these conflicts of interest work would be easier for us to understand if it were all defined using the terminology of a European monarchy of a thousand years ago. Clearly, the king was the chief aristocrat, all of them property owners, all of them mingling their private interest with their governance of the unfortunate peasantry. The king was the tycoon of tycoons. He hired other aristocrat-tycoons to run his government. He handed over public goods to his lesser brethren when he needed favors from them. If he were sufficiently awful, the other aristocrats might unite to topple him, but the common mortals could not.

      So not at all different from Game of Thrones or the government of Saudi Arabia. There we are.

  • "Those People:" Trump plays to White nat'lism from N. Korea to NFL
    • To criticize Trump is to attack his followers, who know that they are the only Real Americans. Therefore, that's treason.

      Maybe they are the only real Americans, given the foundations of our country. How far are we willing to go to overthrow that unjust foundation, finally? When do we get our Declaration of Independence?

    • We would better spend our energy trying to figure out why the complete encyclopedia of human failings was so attractive to "real Americans" afraid of losing their monopoly on power to demographic democracy.

      Can you say "The Samson Option"?

    • As they might say in rural Afghanistan, who needs sports when you have a country divided between warlords in permanent war against each other?

    • We have an order of succession in our Constitution. It's not hard to find online. First in line is theocratic schemer Mike Pence, who raised his position in GOP politics by signing an anti-gay bill only to get hit with a boycott threat from Indiana's favorite sport, college basketball. He also attempted to prosecute an organization registering minority voters on trumped-up charges, and his state recently sentenced a woman to over 40 years in prison for taking an abortion pill too late in her pregnancy. Many think Pence is more dangerous than Trump because he already is a total servant of the theocratic right but knows how to lie more convincingly.

      You wanna hear what the next guy in line is like? They're dicks all the way down.

    • Trump has disinvited the captain of the NBA champions, thus guaranteeing that they will not visit him, while the NHL champions are loudly tweeting their audience with him and NASCAR owners talk about what they'd do to protesting drivers (of course, none are Black so things work out neatly for them).

      This is the future we face. Everything that we think of as being part of America is being forced over to one side or the other of a Mason-Dixon Line across our national conscience. Hockey and stock cars are White, football and basketball are multi-racial. Soon every branch of the military, every hobby, every tv station will have to adopt a tribal identity and then fight the enemy tribe. The police? Well, you already know where they stand.

      Then these two Americas will have to fight it out (again) to see which one gets to say it's the real America that makes the laws for all Americans. I've known for 35 years that it was going to get there eventually, because a dying empire is at the point where its past begins to carry more weight than its future, and our past is irrevocably racist.

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