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  • Is Donald Trump at War with the Republican Party?
    • Rabbit Marshall 05/14/2016 at 2:12 pm

      A couple of rambling thoughts from an old lefty who could never vote for a war monger.
      Does anyone want a repeat of the Clinton administration? Why do Democrats continuously dredge up the worst nominees?
      Independents are the largest political group at 41% Both parties have ignored the reasons behind this and the consequences.
      Don't expect "rational" thinking and splaining to have too much effect. It's easy to sit back in Bethesda and think the world is gravy but in the heartlands everything is dying,
      It took Democrats to fulfill the Republican wet dream ambition of killing off the middle class. War is embraced for profit by both.
      Democrats put themselves in this position by voting for the worst. They threw away the votes of people who not only now loath but fear them because policies fostered by Dems have ruined their lives.
      All of this reminds me of the film "I Claudius" where Claudius (played by the great actor Sir Derek Jacobi) said "Let all the poisons come out." He did and that was the end of the Republic. Great story. Don't let it happen here.

  • The Pundits suddenly saying Trump could win in Nov.? No. Just, No
    • Rabbit Marshall 05/05/2016 at 7:27 pm

      Trump is gonna make her look like the most corrupt , evil person that ever lived. It's not going to be too hard of a sell for a lot of folks.

  • Could Hillary Clinton's promise of a gender-equal cabinet change US Politics forever?
    • Her ideas of equality isn't that wars for oil stop, her idea is that women should be able to commit war crimes, banker fraud, murder, theft, mayhem, vampirism on equal footing with male super criminals. It's not any humanist motive. The motive is simply that women should be able to steal and kill with the best of them.

  • Bravest man in Politics: Bernie Sanders harshly criticizes Israeli Occupation: 'Absurd' Settlements, 44% Unemployment
  • As Coasts Flood, why isn't the Corporate Press asking Candidates about Climate Change?
    • The Federal Triangle in DC will be 40 feet under at high tide. That should make the sharks happy.

  • Out of Gas in Iranian Waters
    • Rabbit Marshall 01/19/2016 at 6:55 pm

      That could be what happened. When I take my jon boat out I always have two GPS units. The one I like the best is the cheapest one which was about a buck and a half.
      A buck fifty GPS has resolution of a few yards and it's "waterproof."
      Complete lack of imagination in fabricating an excuse. Personally I'd feel better knowing they ran out of fuel than a failure in a trillion dollar system.
      One could ask why the expensive system broke and needle them about it but the Navy would say it broke because it didn't cost enough and that wouldn't help anybody.
      Anyway I know where to get GPS units cheap enough for every sailor to have one. If the Navy's interested.

  • Triumph of Diplomacy: Iran, on cusp of Sanctions relief, releases 5 Iranian-American Detainees
    • Rabbit Marshall 01/18/2016 at 1:23 pm

      I think the possibility of attacks on nuclear facilities and the consequences was a bridge too far.
      I remember a study of the possibilities if one of the Iranian reactors was bombed. The fallout could take out way more than Iran.
      Then there was the possibility that Iran, with it's back against the wall would cobble up a dirty nuke.
      That's not counting all the other things that would go wrong.
      It was too much. The gamblers cut their losses and pulled the plug.

  • Noam Chomsky slams Turkish Pres. Erdogan for Arresting Academics, supporting Extremism
    • Rabbit Marshall 01/18/2016 at 12:38 pm

      Oh, I laughed at the sight of the swaggering dictator staggered by a professor of linguistics. Noam has done himself proud.
      One doesn't ordinarily think of a professor as bad to the bone but that Noam is one of the most macho dudes around. No doubt about it.

  • After 2008 Wall Street Crash, did US White Working Class Drink itself to Death?
    • Rabbit Marshall 12/06/2015 at 7:42 pm

      You hit the nail on the head when you said that a guy could come out of high school and get a decent job.
      By the 70's black folks were also participating so factories and work sites became integrating forces.
      Liberals and Conservatives have cooperated to undercut working people at every turn. They belittle them and blame shift.
      We don't make anything in this country anymore. Steel mills, shoe factories, textile mills, gone. The economy hollowed out by self serving, lawless politicians of both parties.
      The political decisions that killed the middle class can be added to the growing list of crimes by our illustrious leaders.
      All that money workers would have contributed to the economy added to the money spent in endless wars could have been used for a bright future.
      Seems like we're paying a heavy price for a national suicide.

  • US-Russia wrangle over Iraqi Sphere of influence: Parliament to Weigh In
    • Rabbit Marshall 10/22/2015 at 4:03 pm

      I think Al-Abadi will blow with the wind pending the results of Russia in Syria. Once Russia rolls up ISIS then we'll see if he jumps ship.
      Is it in the interests if Iraq to be used as a bloody chessboard for US hegemony? They've seen the pitiful results of the US war. They see the results of the Russian Syrian campaign.
      The US is loosing credibility on a daily basis as it's hubris and machinations become more transparent. Ineptitude and corruption rule US foreign policy. There's really no good future for Iraq in allowing the situation to continue. Can it have security with an Inept US, an insane Israel and a Saudi royal dictatorship calling the shots? I think not. Really, the US sacrificed it's own citizens in the quest for neoliberalism so what chance does Iraq have for a fair remedy from the nihilistic delusions of Washington?
      I'll add that right now Putin is more popular than Obama in the US so it's reached a point where nobody trusts Washington except neocons and their neolib brothers in arms.
      We'll see what happens when Russia reaches the border.

  • The Aleppo Strategy against Daesh/ ISIL: Can it Work?
    • Brian St Paul has it right. Those black lines are transportation corridors. Russia will cut off supply and retreat in order to wipe out ISIS.
      The areas circled on the map are choke points.
      ISIS receives supply through Iraq as well as Turkey. That will soon stop.

  • American Hypocrisy: Against Muslim Sharia law at home, Calls it "Moderate" in Syria
    • It's OK when we do it but wrong when anyone else does it. Because we're better. You know how it goes: Dems whined at Bush but now Obama drones even more and it's good.
      About barrel bombs: A barrel bomb is a more or less home made bomb. Not nearly as effective as say the US bomb the Saudis used on that wedding that killed or wounded over 300 people.

  • Is the Syrian Crisis Nearing the point where Diplomacy Can make a Difference?
    • Rabbit Marshall 10/20/2015 at 7:38 pm

      Given the results of US "diplomacy" one might think it's a waste of time.
      Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia are places we've seriously screwed. They've shown that they aren't taking it anymore.
      If the US doesn't restrain itself any talks will be useless.
      I don't think Russia will agree to anything unless the concerns of all it's allies are taken into account.
      I think Russia will roll up the rebels and ISIS all the way to Baghdad. It will consolidate its bloc of allies. It's already cut off resupply from Turkey and US airdrops are viewed as aggression by the rest of the world.
      The US is in a position of weakness brought on by it's hubris.

  • Debate: Clinton slams Iran, Putin & supports Syrian Rebels; Sanders rejects Intervention
    • If Sanders came out for peace he could win the election. If Hillary wins the primary I think Trump will probably be our next president. I read a lot of comments on the web and people don't trust or like Hillary.
      Seems to me that people on both sides are tired of war mongers and Sanders might even pull some Republicans if he makes the right noises about wars, spies, jobs and banksters.

  • What is Russia's Strategy in Syria & Why does Egypt Approve?
    • Al-Qaeda is the perfect example of how divorced from reality they are in Washington. You know they thought Assad would be beaten by 2013.
      Yea Assad is a butcher but compared with butchers closer to home he's second rate because he isn't worldwide.
      Maybe I should be grateful that the government is focusing at least some of it's disastrous policies on foreigners this time instead of it's own citizens but obviously I'm not.

  • As Russia Strikes, Arab Twitter Wars over call for Jihad against "occupation" of Syria
    • If Twitter is going after war mongers things must be serious. It's nuts: Israel aligned with the Saudi and the US supporting al-Qaeda. Unbelievable. We're going down the tubes here at home while the government is spending money on the same groups that did 9/11. It's like living in a parallel universe. One of those really messed up ones.
      A friend of mine suggested that our leaders are aliens brought here to destroy humanity before the invasion from planet Xixx Xaxx. I'm starting to believe him.

  • Facing ISIL Propaganda, Russia Denies its Syria Campaign is a "Holy War"
    • I was starting to think Assad was done for but the Russians rode in like the U.S. Cavalry in the nick of time to save him. If god isn't on his side, the Russians are and that'll do for now.
      If you're the average Syrian, one one hand you have Assad who among dictators really wasn't that bad if you compare him to the regional norm. He didn't persecute religious minorities but was ruthless with political dissenters.
      Then on the other hand you have ISIS who will blow up your cultural icons and torture or find sick ways to kill those who get in the way. They will persecute for any reason and are totally unpredictable. Didn't they spit roast someone the other day? Looting Palmyra and blowing up what's left. They seem determined to invent new, horrific crimes.
      If you're the average Syrian, Assad is looking better all the time.
      The Saudis might have taken on ISIS, maybe even won but that situation seems to have changed. Putin's hackles are up and he will crush ISIS and Al Nusra to the great consternation of the US and the Saudi.
      Maybe Putin can do something with it but the thing to keep in mind is that Syria, like California is being devastated by climate change. That's the Joker in the deck.

  • As Russia supports Iran in Syria, Netanyahu Loses Again
  • Top 5 Reasons Obama defeated GOP, AIPAC effort to vote Down Iran Deal
    • Bibi is a madman. He would take down the whole world to pursue his fantasies. His threat to bomb Iranian nuclear plants was way over the top. After Chernobyl and Fukushima many folks now know what the consequences of a war on Iran would have been.
      I would hope that the specter of burning spent fuel rods had something to do with Obama's decision.
      Only a lunatic would think about unleashing that kind of destruction. Bibi belongs in a straight jacket.

  • Obama 1, Netanyahu 0, as Dems & Public rally to Iran Deal
    • Bibi's dreams of empire fade into the backdrops of Palmyra and dead babies on the beach.
      More images of victims, sooner might have done some good. There's been an endless stream to choose from.
      Now the consequences of the Long War are intruding on the self perceived civility of the West. Baby bodies don't go well with morning coffee.
      Politicians will demand "Who lost the Long War?"
      That's the same thing they asked after Vietnam.

  • Top 5 Green Energy Breakthroughs Today
    • I suspect that gimbals and controls for small heliostats are getting much cheaper to buy. If you could use Mylar on recycled plastic for structural forms for the mirror? You could mold in different focal points.
      The cost of mirror, controls and gimbal could get as low as two hundred bucks per 2 sq/m unit. Right now you can buy a cheaper 2 axis small camera gimbal for 15 bucks without control circuits (for R/C.) You should be able to buy a decent one to hold the heliostat mirror for $150 if they get mass produced. Track the sun is simple. Probably a $10 circuit.
      If you used a lithium battery and small solar panel on each Heliostat you could make them run independently by themselves without wiring. Maybe radio control programming. Add another 100 bucks.
      Small units might be bolted to concrete blocks or timbers simply resting on the ground. Setup of the gimbal or software would compensate for slight tilting. As long as it resists the wind.
      Just thinking out loud.

  • Coal Industry Collapsing in Appalachia, leaving behind Blighted Landscape
    • WV can't even afford to treat 100 year old mines spewing Acid Mine Drainage. I notice that somehow the Potomac River mine drainage is effectively treated.
      Every carpetbagger, huckster politician and charlatan has dumped on the place and they still do.
      WV mine cleanup is financed by a puny tax on coal, It's something like 5 cents a ton. No coal, no cleanup. The tax is due to end in 9 years anyway.

  • A CIA Eyewitness blows the Whistle on Bushie Torturers still Justifying Crimes
    • Forward instead of backward? I don't see much "forward."
      Someone should ask Bernie if he'll prosecute torturers. A dollar to a doughnut says he'll deflect the question.

  • Global Warming: Humans made California drought 15-20% worse by Burning Coal, Gas, Oil
    • We're fast running out of time to deal with this. Shell says the oil will be gone by 2075 but we don't have till 2075.
      I saw the craters in Siberia now confirmed to be caused by methane popping off. There's also all the methane hydrate on the floor of cold oceans. Ocean bottoms are apparently warming faster than the surface. When that stuff goes off, we're toast.

  • Syria: Daesh/ ISIL Kills aged Archeologist who refused to reveal hidden Palmyra Antiquities
    • Archaeology is one of the most benign sciences. It never killed anyone, that I know of, unless you believe the Tut stories. Archaeologist are romantic folks dreaming of the past. A statue of him on the site would be most fitting.

  • If World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to 'Irreversible' Damage
    • If you want to see the future just look at what's happening in China. They use more coal than the US and are poised to quadruple coal use in the next 40 years or so? They're poisoning everything with manufacturing byproducts which makes the future of China rather sketchy. India is on the same path.
      This could have been somewhat ameliorated by tying environmental protections to imports which might have bought us a little more time.
      Rabbit theory says people, like bacteria will expand to the limits of their resources then die off in their poisoned environment. Malthus becomes only another factor or a catalyst in a world with plastic, irradiated oceans, that's 10 degrees hotter.
      Intelligent folk are now talking about human extinction in the next 100 years and have some facts to back that up. i"m still hopefully clinging to the 90% die off scenario, more out of hope than anything else.
      With endemic societal corruption clinging to our backs like a junky's monkey I don't see any way out. Sardonic laughter breaks out at any suggestion that our corrupt politicians (or China's, India's, ect.) will do anything to stop the disaster looming on the horizon.

  • Egypt's Draconian new anti-Terrorism Law threatens freedom of speech, Democracy
    • Threatens democracy? I'ts a military coup, there is no democracy. Freedom of speech there gets you executed. All Morsi had to do was offer to open the border with Palestine and that was it for him. Democracy in Egypt was a step too far for Israel and the US.

  • CNN Mistakes Dildo Banner For ISIS Flag
  • Muhammad Cartoon Ad Blocked From DC Metro
    • Obviously what's needed is a draw Jesus contest and then post offensive images on public transport. I can't even imagine the mayhem that would cause. You're not even supposed to mention the name of the god of the Jews so there's some mischief that could make them mad too. Get everyone riled up and have to walk to work.
      If these folks want to post their pictures they have the right to post them on their own property.

  • Tesla batteries: just the beginning of how technology will transform the electric grid
    • 2nd link should be this:
      link to

    • Lithium batteries will get bigger and cheaper. Hippies used to mess around with solar and wind. The batteries were a headache. Electronics weren't as good either. 12 volt mechanical regulators. This is a big milestone due to Elon Musk.

      About conversion:
      Obviously we can't have a washing machine mechanically connected to a windmill although that would be the most efficient transfer of power. A DC system will still need voltage regulation going into and out of the battery. A home could be run off DC but certain appliances like most motors would need inverters built into them to get AC. DC motors are very noisy. Many electronics require multiple voltages and have regulators built in. DC won't work in a transformer. The point being that we'll never get away from conversion loss or AC.

      Solid state devices are the most efficient way to convert electricity. Small inverters are cheap and one of the technological advances that makes small scale generation viable. If you want to go big Hitachi makes a 2,800MW inverter. link to

      Then there's this link to


  • Clean Disruption: Why Conventional Energy and Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030
    • That was an excellent lecture. I hadn't been aware of the multiplier/synergy effects before.
      A couple of things I'd point out are:
      The need for standard batteries that can be swapped out at recharging stations. These will also be needed for larger vehicles like semi trucks. Elon Musk is probably thinking about this already.
      There's a loss in converting DC to AC current. I think that's around 20% or more. The grid will have to remain AC because DC won't work in transformers and transmission loss is far greater with DC. A large power plant will need some heavy duty conversion capacity and it's unclear to me how this will be done.
      If it rains for a couple of days and my car hooked to the grid has had its batteries drained, how happy will I be when I go to use it?
      Oil, coal and natural gas will still be with us because they're useful for many other things. Natural gas for instance supplies ammonia fertilizer for crops. The list of products that come from hydrocarbons is almost endless. You can get 120 gallons of crude oil from a ton of coal. Coal may be due for a nap but I wouldn't count it out of the game yet.
      Even with EVs and green power Malthus will still be with us. Copper, silver and lead will be mined out in 40 years or so. There isn't enough left to build out a totally green energy system worldwide.
      Unless we get a grip on population green energy will only slightly extend the life of civilization.
      Anyway, Mr. Serba's lecture has given me a bit of extra hope for the immediate future however a lot more needs to be done for the long term. Number one on the list should be population control and good luck with that.

  • Floating wind turbine in the sky Can Power whole Villages
    • Kind of complicated. High wind could surely tear it to shreds, especially if scaled up. Complicated ground equipment. Would need monitored to avoid damage by wind and lowered during storms. Inflatable bag is expensive. Helium is also expensive. I wonder how much the ground equipment costs? 600 meters of copper cable?
      Essentially you're trading an expensive, high maintenance, fragile system for a mast. If it gets hit by lightning, you loose everything. A Ferrari when all you need is a couple Tata Nanos. I think you could build a really nice village generator for the price of their ropes alone.
      Helium atoms are so small that they eventually permeate the envelope so a supply would be kept at hand and pressure in the bag would have to be monitored.
      Weight of the cables/ropes would become a problem. More height, more output but heavier cables/ropes and bigger bag. There's a limit on how big the bag can be, about the size of a blimp.
      This system isn't simple or cheap. Is it suitable for a permanent installation? If it comes down where does it land?
      It might be good for military applications but not for villages. Villages need cheap and simple (don't we all.)

  • Today's Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL
    • I don't think it's too late for ISIS if they can consolidate where they're strong and keep from overextending themselves they'll have what they can hold. If they're weak someone more ruthless will take the ground.

    • ISIS seems more like a franchise. Anyone can open a branch. Except in a few places they're spread pretty thin.
      If we did break them up some other group would take their place.
      We killed the top dogs and the pecking order won't be established until we stop killing their leaders. Saddam managed to keep some kind of order but now he's gone. Assad kept Syria one of the safest places for Westerners to visit for years. Now that's over.
      Now that these strong leaders are dead or compromised, lesser figures/groups will fight it out until new top dogs come to the fore. It's as simple as that. A genuine leader won't want to risk their position by messing with the West or so logic would dictate.
      Our looser leaders are just pandering to greed because they can sit back, far removed from the carnage.
      It's just human nature. Fighting against that is stupid.

  • Elon Musk's Battery for Solar Homes may Change Electric Utilities forever
    • Lead acid batteries will soon be obsolete. Lead is being rapidly mined out with perhaps a 40 year supply still in the ground. Lithium is abundant.
      I'd like to see cheaper lithium battery cars. If they remain expensive they'll have a minimum impact. They'll be competing with cars like the Tata Nano which one might drive for life (fuel included) for less than the price of a Tesla.
      Affordability is the key to making it work.

  • Netanyahu Imported by GOP to ensure Iran War
    • I think there are conservatives just as bothered by endless war (and other stuff) as liberals who didn't vote for Dems the last time. I'm thinking voter disaffection isn't a left or right thing or soon won't be. I hope so anyway.
      Let Bibi speak so it's all in the open that Republicans want war. Maybe it'll get the price of oil up. If oil spikes, someone takes him seriously.
      You know how it works though sometimes: When they do it it's bad. When your team does it it's good. That being said, I don't think the spectre of war with Iran will help Republicans much. Voters have bills to pay and kids to feed. They hear "War with Iran" and drop their lunch.
      Bibi made such a great impression last time. Wonderful entertainment with that bomb picture and all. Bring in the clowns. We could use a laugh.

  • The Obama Effect? Are Iran/ Saudi-and-GCC no longer on a war footing?
    • The last thing the Royal Family wants is reprisal raids. They have maintained their position only by using blunt force against domestic opposition. Any external threat against KSA could upset the apple cart.

  • The Impunity of American Torture: From Abu Ghraib to Sen. Feinstein's Brawl with the CIA
    • Dianne Feinstein a hero? Protecting her own self is more like it. Even if by neglecting her job she really didn't know about torture and murder, it's like the difference between first degree and manslaughter.
      She supported wars of aggression.
      You hardly ever hear Democrats standing up for the Constitution anymore. It's easy to understand why.
      They're equal opportunity torturers but then again so was Stalin.

  • Top 5 Signs Cliven Bundy is Wrong about African-Americans
    • Oh Cliven, what will we do with you? How many Black people do you know that you can speak of them that way?
      You need to get out more often. Variety is the spice of life.
      People were rooting for you and you just let them down.

  • 5 Ways Nevada Rancher Militia Resembles Pakistan's Taliban
    • Considering the history of land takings by government entities and the use of imminent domain by corporations for everything from urban renewal, power lines, parks, game refuges, pipelines, solar "parks," sports stadiums, any old reason. Heavy handed and corrupt.
      Forced relocation and cleansing. Check the Shenandoah or Monongahela. Many families lost their homes. Tens of thousands lost with urban renewal. That was a boon for real estate and gentry. Poor people got sweet tail.
      If we were talking about good g'ment that would be one thing but we're not.
      It's just the mindset of the US. We been running folks off land for so long we got to liking it.

  • US Press once again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism
    • We've been fighting wars on"terrorism" for too long. It's a tag used to whip up hate.
      And then there's this:
      link to
      Everyone knows what murder is. Terrorism could mean anything depending on who's saying it.

    • Hate crime, murder. That's enough to hang the bum.
      I gotta problem with the "terrorist" tag. It's been used on activists like watershed groups, political groups and even Quakers I think. Mandela was a terrorist if you believe the government.
      "Terrorist" has been so misused that's it's lost it's meaning.

  • Russian Sanctions-Busting?: Putin's bruited 500k b/d oil deal with Iran draws US Threats
    • Fear is a great motivator.
      Spy on Europe to use the information against it. Now they can't buy Iranian oil. Now they can't buy Russian gas. What's next? This is doing real harm to real people in Europe.
      Then there's the plethora of crimes like drones and aggressive wars, ect. Paid for with money fresh off the press, printed with abandon, without restraint.
      The US is acting like a wounded animal, lashing out at friends and enemies alike. Lashing out on the freedoms of it's very own citizens using phoney justifications. No one is safe.
      These are examples folks point to. They don't want to be victims. They know that a deranged nation might strike out at anyone. It could get worse.
      It's a growing fear of the US that ultimately could be the deciding factor.

  • Palestine's Abbas finally says will Go to UN over Israeli Squatters
  • Israel Guilty of Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians: UN Rapporteur
    • My attitude has changed considerably since the days when I had a "Save Russian Jews" bumper sticker on my car.
      I realize now that I was wrong to promote that.
      "Not quite as bad as the Nazis" isn't a tag that inspires trust.
      Calling Israel a "Jewish" state is slanderous to Jews who worked for civil rights in the US. Didn't at least one Jew wind up murdered and buried in a dam in Mississippi for trying to register Blacks to vote?
      These good people who selflessly gave for the betterment of others, shudder as their fellows descend into barbarity.

  • Ukraine Crisis Shows Urgency of Green Energy: Russian Nat'l Gas Blackmail
    • Ukraine is highly dependent on Russian gas. They've been disputing over payments and such for years. Most of Ukraine's gas payments have been offset by allowing Russian gas transit through pipes that cross Ukraine into Europe.
      Russia has been slowly building pipes that don't go through Ukraine. If it happens that Ukraine soon has to pay retail for gas...

  • Kerry on Invading other Countries on a Trumped Up Pretext (Editorial Cartoon)
  • Obama to Netanyahu: Israel faces Int'l Sanctions over "Permanent Occupation of West Bank"
    • Obama said he was going to hold his hand before and I'm starting to believe him.
      Jimmy Carter, having watched the march of history, recently said a president could resolve the problem in 15 minutes (or something like that.)
      I think he's right. One Executive order and Israel flies right or sanctions.
      Shortcut the track Israel is on and prevent a lot of suffering to everyone concerned.

  • Manufactured Wars, Manufactured Military History
    • If they admit the story is a lie, what does that make them? More than just liars.
      No doubt they want to turn a crime of the century into a Cinderella story.
      All the turkeys are goebbeling.
      “Think of the press as a great keyboard
      on which the government can play.”
      ― Joseph Goebbels

  • 8 Unsustainable Delusions of the American Way of Life
    • One misconception is that we have time to fix it. We don't.
      In this increasingly barren world, when the petro based fertilizer is gone...we're toast.
      History will repeat while we all know things are going wrong. Ecological collapse is already here. If every frog and turtle dies from imported ranavirus, who cares? That's happening now.
      The collapse of civilization is a spectator sport.
      We'll never regain the wealth thrown away in wars. Wealth we desperately need, wasted. Pissd away.
      Fighting over the silverware on the Titanic.
      Bacteria will colonize a Petri dish, breed to fill the space, then die on it's own waste.
      I wish it weren't true but people are as dumb as bacteria.

  • Why Tunisia's Transition to Democracy is Succeeding while Egypt Falters
    • Can any popularly elected President serve in Egypt? Even if they could get along wouldn't a popular Egyptian g'ment want to end the embargo of the Palestinians? Can the military be brought to heel?

  • Massive War Crimes: Syrian Regime Tortured, Starved, Murdered 11,000 Prisoners
    • Just a couple of things:
      First, if I want the real skinny on what's happening in the ME, I come here.
      Assad ain't going to bargain away his position. I don't think his Stalinist tendencies have been accounted for. I think he's willing to die or stay in power. Assad and Kerry are natural enemies but maybe Kerry can tummy rub him in a back room?
      The rebellion wasn't supported by the majority of the people so it's either destined to fail or end with another dictator in charge. If Kerry wins, it's another dictator. A friendly dictator could obtain the tools required to keep the rabble in line.
      Interventionists bear responsibility also. "Out by Xmas" was bull. Anyone with half a brain knew Assad was no paper tiger. Probably tougher than his old man who was a really mean guy.

  • Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State
    • Is Jewish a religion or a race? Is there a gene specific to Jews and where did it originate? Do Ethiopian Jews have the gene? Palestinians? Are claims of a Jewish gene independently verifiable?
      This concern about racial purity is quite interesting. Even more interesting is how it plays out. Perhaps other markers can determine who is "more" Jewish.

  • Top US academic association decries Israel boycott
    • Slim to no chance that Israel would allow an academic conference in Palestine. A topic ripe for academic study: The destruction of whole cultures.
      The hypocrisy on display is amazing.

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