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  • Trump's Behavior like Male Chimp Dominance Ritual: Jane Goodall
    • He surely wants to be top chimp that poor narcissistic, ego maniac man.......sadly he will make millions with the corrupted media next year after he loses for POTUS

  • "This Parrot is no More": The 2016 Presidential Election did not Take Place
    • In Chile we say "and I'm the Pope" when something is so unreal that does not seem to be. I'll just add: Its the culture stupid plus the non existing political culture.

  • America's Syria SNAFU: Pentagon's Militias fight Turkey & CIA's Militias
    • I guess the letter in the drawer of the Oval Office from Bush to Obama just said: follow my international policies everywhere.

  • Top 6 Reasons Turkey is Finally attacking ISIL in Syria's Jarabulus
    • No mention of the failed Coup or the decimation and/or incarceration of the military and many other institutions' personnel???

  • Saudis bomb Sanaa during "Million-Person march"
    • KSA is committing war crimes; Assad is committing war crimes; BUT the USA wants regime change only in Syria and condemns Assad. AND KSA, USA and Russia have bombarded hospitals and the world is SILENT. And you Juan are soft rock with KSA and the USA but hard rock with ASSAD when the USA is the one who STARTED ALL THIS WITH THE INVASIONS OF AFGHANISTAN/IRAQ

    • For what purpose Andrew? Be specific....write what you mean or what you want KSA to do?

  • Near-War: US Planes almost tangle with Syrian MiGs, which bombed area of US troop Embeds
  • Trump threatens Sec. Clinton with Gun Nuts, imitates Tinpot 3rd World Regimes
    • Really Juan he can claim "Persecution and martyrdom" if the Justice Dept. intervenes. I don't think he thought this, he is not that smart, he is a loose cannon. He is a Sociopath narcissist and will get worse. That part of society, the media (money) and the GOP accepts him is a reflection of those members. Only tyrants behave like this. Tyrants like Idi Amin among many others.

  • Obama to Send 4000 US Troops to Bolster NATO Force Against Russia 'Aggression'
    • Sergio Lira Sr.
      1 hr · Los Angeles ·

      I'm really getting sick of this country, my adoptive country and its governing olygarchy......there is NOBODY up there in government that I trust to lead US out of this quagmire ( I trust Sanders, but what chance does he have with a Congress dominated by mostly white extreme conservative men?). We have been bombarding and killing around the world and guess what? We here in the "land of the free" are affraid of our own, hence we kill. We kill each other in larger quantities than any so called "terrorist attacks". We even stop to look at the killings to define them: Is it a hate crime? Is it a terrorist attack? Is it both? Is it a racial hate crime? Is it an LGBT murder of hate? Was he/she armed or not? Did the victim have a previous criminal record, as if that is so bloody important? A change of lanes? DIE. A broken car light? DIE. Anything and everything is more important than a bleeding human being in front of your eyes. On this day when 52 years ago my father died of a stroke I mourn for him and for all the victims on the killing fields this country has become. I cry and I worry for my grandchildren and grandnieces and I realize profoundly how other racial and ethnic groups worry about their children's safety no matter how old they are.

    • Lillian you are a bit soft.......Don Juan please call this what it is crazy.....Obama in my opinion has followed the same policies as Bush adding this "war" with Russia. Why? Because of Crimea? Ukraine? Actually half of it which in my books is "Russian". The USA can invade any country it wishes answering to no one; make a mess of the Middle East and North Africa; Coup in Honduras; Undermine Venezuela who use to give free gas or was it petrol to N.Y. Amazing.....and the world is silent with good reasons: MONEY from the USA.....

  • Putin's Winning Hand in Syria, as Turkey Apologizes and Obama Deals
    • All along many pundits and I have been saying that Putin was right on Syria. Ok Assad is a criminal but so are the Saudis and so many other countries (the USA with its killing list also). Putin is a statesman, Obama does not even reach rookie status. And that Samantha Power interview on PBS was really amateurish to an extreme. Very sad indeed

  • Did Trump-Style Islamophobia break up the European Union?
    • I agree with Curt and many other writers. Islamophobia? Maybe in part but the reasons are bigger than that I believe. Economic of course and also the idea that Curt mentioned a distrust of the EU. I remember DE Gaulle stating words to the effect that the UK was NOT Europe. Besides also lets not forget that the UK is ruled by the Pound and not the Euro. I think Scotland will probably leave the UK and N. Ireland might also or unite with The Republic of Ireland to stay in the EU.

  • Media calls Election for Hillary before California: Superdelegate System under Fire
    • I'll write it again. This is not the way to select a nominee. It only makes money for those that already have it and in many instances "selects" the nominee before hand. HRC was selected by the DNC super delegates as the nominee way before she even declared as this article states. Now I would propose that ALL candidates declare themselves on the same date, run for 3 months and have an Election Day on a Saturday on ALL the states opened to anybody that wants to vote for any of the candidates of BOTH parties and any other party that want to present candidate(s). The winner is the nominee. Done

  • Sufi Boxer Muhammad Ali's last fight was against Extremism & Politicians' Islamophobia
    • Right on Karen and Jeff Hay. You are so right. This was the reason, the killing list that I didn't vote for Obama in 2012 and for the Green Party instead.

  • Fruits of Perseverence: Dem Platform Committee to Feel the Bern
    • Really......6 for Bernie, 5 for HRC and 4 for Debbie....err 4 more for Clinton.....who are you DNC trying to fool? Not me....Unite....hell no, never BERNIE4POTUS OR BUST...let them voters elect bloody, racist, crazy manic-depressive Trumposo .hahahahaha....

  • Chomsky: Sanders Mobilizes Force That Could Change the Country
    • Wait a minute. The media wants us to believe that when in reality very few people have voted in the primaries and as Mr Chomsky states and I agree most people are for FDR's progressive issues. Will this political revolution be maintained? I'm afraid not as Sanders will stay an Independent Democrat. I then will feel betrayed, especially at his age he should continue till November as an independent. And don't tell me the GOP then will win because who cares, Trump HRC are the same to me.

  • What GOP New Yorkers just voted for: Torture, Syria Intervention, murder of innocents
    • Right on edding. RIGHT ON!

    • How long the wait for moderation JUAN!!!!

    • Everything u mention can apply to Bush and to Obama, right?

    • Oh well here we go again. Sanders proposals will never happen says the media but Trump's will. What gives hum? True Trump will be nominated unless a political earthquake happens but the reality is that the low % of voters in the corrupted primaries means he will never win the general election. 125K voters just in Brooklin removed from the voting lists? We really have a corrupted system of electing politicians and others. It's not one person one vote at all with the % to decide delegates for each running candidate.

  • The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity
  • Bernie Sanders' remarks on winning 8 of last 9 States, b/c it's not like you'll see it on Corporate TV
  • Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians
    • Just one question Don Juan: did u approve boycotting Apartheid South Africa? If yes or no sorry but you are wrong here. We all should boycott the Apartheid Occupier Torturing Genocidal Israel

  • Russia open to "Federal" Syria, but opposition worries about Partition
  • Syrian Ceasefire: A Signal that Russia is winning the War?
  • How the US went Fascist: Mass media Makes excuses for Trump Voters
    • $$$$$ is supreme for FOX, MSNBC Fear is here. White supremacists anger is here. Racism has been here for a long time as most USA counties voted agains Obama (see the map where portions of the East and West coast were blue; I remember it). Will this be another Goldwater debacle for Trump? Who knows! But believe me, if HRC is nominated I and millions who support Sanders will not vote for her!!! Never as I didn't vote for Obama in 2012 because? Killing lists and drone killings to begin with. No need for more reasons!!

  • Syria: 500 Turkey-backed Sunni Arab Fighters Cross to defend Azaz from Kurds
  • Donald Trump attacks Pope Francis as puppet of Mexico on Immigrants' Rights
    • He is an elected monarch that rules a city-state of about 600 people, most of them living in other countries. U can apply to become a citizen and get a passport. Don't know if you will get it.

  • Israel: Friedman of the NY Times surrenders to One-State Solution, sees ME Apocalypse
    • Do I care what Friedman thinks....not at all....why do you Juan Cole?...Just like his pal Brooks at NY Times they are so far away from the reality of the world. Their dream is a domination by the USA everywhere and a big check in their pockets.

    • You are dreaming Sufi...........

    • Sorry but unrealistic just because it happened in S. Africa not necessarily will happen here. The envoy that got N. Ireland peace treaty again thought that this would be piece of cake. No....different cultures must be treated differently. Reconciliation in Argentina and Chile after years of dictatorship quite different also as it continues to happen more directly in Chile than in the other. Now we all know that a 2 state solution will not happen after years of trying......Israel will NEVER allow a majority Palestinian population within "its borders" and will never go back to UN decision of 1967 borders. Lastly, S. Africa and N. Ireland are both one country. The situation here is TWO countries.

  • Did Bashar al-Assad win New Hampshire? Trump & Sanders Mideast Policies
    • I know HRC will win some primaries but by that March Tuesday she'll be history

    • Agree with writer's your description of a creepy relationship with Putin by Trump. Yes I agree with another writer how could you not bring up warmongering HRC to this foreign policy statement. But u brought up FDR, why not HRC? She is the danger here condoning apartheid in Israel and expansion of the right wing population there just for votes. She is responsible for the Lybia and Syria debacles when in the cabinet. She insists to punish Iran even after the nuclear agreement signed by 6/7 countries? For me this is a domestic campaign more than intl' and the surprise here is that Sanders dominated in all demographic levels but the older Medicare people. I'm a Medicare person and I'm for Sanders. This is a Political Revolution that I believe you will realize next November Juan

  • Turkey-Russia Tensions Spike as Russia moves into Northern Syria
    • Juan: can you prove your statement: "It was to protect the anti-regime Turkmen fighters of Turkmen mountain that last fall the Turkish air force shot a Russian fighter jet out of the air." I have read that they, Turkey had prepared this attack for weeks. How can then one plane down make a difference? I just don't get it

  • Noam Chomsky slams Turkish Pres. Erdogan for Arresting Academics, supporting Extremism
    • Your quote Juan: "They (PKK) are post-Marxists with an anarchist bent– i.e. their ideology is close to Chomsky’s own. Those Syrian Kurds have been the most effective fighters against Daesh (ISIS, ISIL). So for Turkey to attempt to weaken the Syrian Kurds inevitably helps Daesh." Quite an accusation that Chomsky is a "post Marxist with an anarchist bend." Have you written to him for a response? I mean really, Allende in Chile stated that he was a Marxist as Stalin professed to be but what a difference between those two. Pinochet was closer to Stalin as he killed thousands during his dictatorship that was helped by the USA government.

  • Obama: Islamophobia harms US Interests; Daesh/ISIL a dangerous Fringe
    • I was writing his use of "we are respected because of our arsenal" is quite wrong. Especially when included in his anti-Muslim portion of the speech. Again, did not vote for him last time because he has been worse than Bush respect to immigration and the killing list for drone's executions. Never will vote for H.C. Go BERNIE SANDERS ALL THE WAY

    • US Boat in Iran's territorial waters

  • How We Learned to Stop Worrying About People and Love the Bombing
    • Don't think so.....very different bombings. KSA doing it for the USA in Yemen and for them of course. Russia doing it for Assad and for themselves with a big difference if I'm not mistaken as troops on the ground are making progress for Assad (his own and Kurds) Nothing to do with our habits as we did in Vietnam/Cambodia

  • In Retrospect: A Year of Sharpening Contradictions
    • Very little here Juan about the "sharpening contradictions" of the USA government in the Middle East. It started when Bush after 9/11 allowed ALL Saudis in the USA to leave without being interviewed by the FBI Now allied with KSA, Qatar, Turkey and "moderate" opposition in Syria against Assad's regime while ISIL/Daesh joined in creating their caliphate. US and its allies have killed millions already via bombings and drone killings plus being directly responsible for the over 2 million refugees. In the meantime Israel bombs Syria and massacres Palestinians at will. ALL this is also part of 2015.

  • Saudi's Suffragists: Women vote for first time, are elected to City Councils
    • Really an advance for women in KSA? But when Bahrain has quiet not violent marches for some reform KSA invades Bahrain. Your article can't ignore the whole country's human rights record. Stop western propaganda

  • Poll: Bernie Sanders would beat 'Embarrassment' Trump by a Landslide
    • Go Bernie Sanders all the way

    • Please Tim. A Rhodes Scholar, or anybody that knows Trump like Bill does can see how ridiculous this Trump man is (and I'm being nice to Trump).

  • Surprise! Male Chauvinist Pig Trump gets vulgar with Hillary Clinton
    • Is this really worth mentioning Young Turks.....Please ignore. I mean with children you ignore bad behavior and you reward good behavior. All media should ignore Trump but greed as usual wins and capitalists "America" allows it.

  • Should an al-Qaeda Ally have a seat at the Syrian Table? Al-Assad rejects talks w/ any armed Group
    • Why would not Assad be taken seriously, Juan Cole? Stalin was....Mao was....Nixon went to China much worse than Al-Assad. Al-Assad a torturer murderer of 10,000 people, do you have proof? How many has the USA tortured since 9/11? Or since the WWII in Latin America? Please stop being "American" and be impartial, a man of the world and call the truth on all. Again, Putin is right in saying he does not want in Syria the same that the US invasion directly produced in Iraq/Afghanistan.

  • Russo-Turkish Conflict over Syria & Iraq Boils: "Manifestations of impotent Rage"
    • Dahn: I didn't read what you writes "150 Turkish military"......Agreed Jerry, helping Kurdish Peshmerga does not seem possible.......klywilen: I don't believe Turkey will be part of the EU anytime soon, maybe never. Juan help here..........I have a feeling that there are very secret agreements between USA and Turkey and USA and Russia. And, why is it that nobody is proposing Biden policy of dividing Iraq into a federation of Sunni, Chia and Kurds to share the oil income and live in contentment SEPARATELY???

  • Obama: "Who will rid me of this Troublesome 'caliph'? Someone? Anyone?
    • Spyguy: I think that you shut up Van Buren because he has not answered your suggestions I completely agree with. Divide the bloody place like Biden suggested long time ago, Sunni, Chia and Kurdistan as a Federation sharing oil revenues, period.

  • Dear Saudi Arabia: Executing People for Atheism is in fact ISIL-Like; #Sosuemesaudi
    • Are you kidding me? When ISIL beheaded 2 journalists last August Saudi Arabia (KSA) beheaded 19 people as routine. They are the most extreme Muslim government on earth and the USA Gov. loves them, but say nothing. Do you remember 9/11 when all those Saudis were allowed to leave the US before the FBI that wanted to could interview them. KSA, Qatar, Turkey and Gulf states support ISIL/Daesh (Daesh is Arabic for IS) with money and arms. We spent millions to "save" Kuwait an ex-province of Iraq from Saddam Hussein, and they support Daesh also. The UN condemns such behavior. against the death penalty as against, Geneva Convention torture....BUT we pay, taxes for torture, drone killings of innocent people including hospitals and weddings......please such innocence is astonishing, quite remarkable in a country with the best universities....unfortunately tennis can be a unit at them...not a joke......ran out of breath.......lastly: HOW SCARED MUST THE MEDIA BE OF A TELEVISING THESE LAST 14 YEARS WARS....THEY REMEBER VIETNAM IS MY ANSWER

  • A New Yalta? Can France Craft an alliance of Putin & Obama against Daesh/ISIL?
    • YALTA??? Well they divided Europe with the very well known consequences of the Cold War and who knows how many times a possible nuclear exchange!! NO thank you very much. And really Putin started this policy way before the French or the UK OR the USA. THE 3 latter never agreed until PERHAPS now.

  • Paris at Midnight: Attempt to push France out of anti ISIL coalition in Syria?
    • Sorry John but Russia will veto an invasion of Syria. And from where would you invade? Not another Normandie please. This the direct result of Bush/Chenney invasions and destructions of Iraq/Afghanistan

  • With Ahmad Chalabi's Death, Passing of an Age of Lies
    • Oh do I agree with Kathleen!! And please Juan when will you really write something similar about those still alive from Bush down to the lowest of his cohorts planning and lying to us about Iraq. Chalabi just took the money and ran to the bank. POTUS Bush to all his ignorant conservatives are the War Criminals as was Nixon, Kissinger and his ignorant subordinates when using Pinochet for the Chilean killing fields. The powerful, the USA government is more guilty than the others in the countries the USA invades. P.S. I agree with Kathleen: you continue to excuse the real killers: the USA government in your and my name. P.S. Turkey and S. Arabia attacked by ISIL and self defense! Really, by attacking Yemen while their rich people support ISIL? WHO buys ISIL's oil, please? I believe Kathleen wants an answer! THX

  • Debate: Clinton slams Iran, Putin & supports Syrian Rebels; Sanders rejects Intervention
    • Allies with Al Quaeda? CRAZY Juan. Political suicide that will elect a Trump. So Juan what are your "policy options" regarding Syria that you didn't mention. And is Russia doing the right thing bombing but then with troops on the ground Kurds and the Syrian Army?

  • Syria: Will US arming of Kurdish-led Northeast Rebels Provoke Turkey?
    • So Mark Koroi, what's your argument? That those Kurds groups then should be enemies of the USA because Assad is their friend? Did we not during US independence wars against England use children? So what if they are Marxists or Socialists? USSR was not Marxist, was Totaliarism, Exterminating Dictatorship. Pinochet, your right wing Dictator was utterly worse than an Elected Marxist Socialist (as called by the CIA). And we are about ready to elect a SOCIALIST here in the USA. I SAY GO BERNIE!

    • And it is time to divide or make a federation of Iraq between Kurds, Sunny and Shia. Kurds will eventually become Kurdistan perhaps before Palestine becomes a Nation. Am I wrong?

  • In final Failure for Bush/Cheney, many in Iraq seek Russian Alliance
    • It's time for the US to show its guts a ally with Russia to end this situation politically. Daesh, Hashed, Taliban to name a few are here to stay. In 1948 Indians and Muslims were there to stay. These extremists, need a "country", "State" to live, period. They will not vanish, will they? Do we control extremists here in the US? Does Israel control their extremists there?

  • No, Donald Trump, Mideast wouldn't be more Stable under Saddam & other Dictators
    • Juan: I think that you both are wrong. Trump, never mind, but you write about the different dictators and what they did. The USA is the culprit here. Supported Iraq against Iran. Then "allowed" Iraq to invade Kuwait. And after being rejected by West forces the Kurds were left alone for another massacre by Hussein. The USA deposed via Coup the elected man in Iran and put the Sha there. I mean you mentioned history but history is moved and written by the powerful and the victors.......granted these dictators were murderers, as was Pinochet but the USA had a lot to do on all those in the Middle East and in Latin America.

  • Clinton Calls For Tougher Response To Russia On Syria, Ukraine
    • Amazing Ms. substitute the word Russia for USA and that would be my speech if I was Mr. Putin......NOW Ms. Clinton IT'S THE REFUGEES STUPID caused in part by you when you were State Secretary pushing Ukraine against Russia, undermining E. Ukraine's move towards Russia, and performing a Coup D'Etat there. The WEST is pushing Russia, NATO is pushing Russia

  • Why Partitioning Iraq is a Terrible Idea
    • I second the 2 other comments Juan. What happened to self determination? The Kurds have also, ARE fighting ISIL/IS. AND THEY SE TO BE DOING VERY WELL NO THX TO BAGHDAD

  • Petition Calling For Israeli PM Netanyahu's Arrest Goes Viral
  • Don’t Sit Tight: Congress Can Still Tank the Iran Deal
    • Juan: how is it possible for Congress to remove the signature of the USA ad one of 5+1 signatories? Why can the deal go ahead without the USA? Thank you

  • Game of Groans: How focus on Trump Taunts hides GOP war on Middle Class, Workers
  • Iran Deal: Why doesn't US Media interview Real Allies on American Policy?
    • My god Juan sound so innocent wandering all these issues when you know the reasons of the bias news. It's Israel's the Corporations/Arms dealers/the Military/the corporate media/the rich/Wall Street/the 1% who benefits from news that are brainwashing (Chomsky's words) the USA public towards untouchable Israel and permanent WAR....ANY WAR mind you, ANY. It's all they care as the Military has the Media and the rest just mentioned in their pocket. It's disgusting, shameful, illegal and immoral....but the USA has been doing this for a long time since WWII, before and in the future. I'm sick of it.....From a CHILENO/USA Citizen

  • What South Carolina needs to do for Racial equality (taking down the flag is just symbolic)
  • Hillary Clinton kicks off Campaign in NYC: Says Heir to FDR pro-Middle Class Policies (Full video)
    • Incredible!!!!! She has no shame and those who will vote for her have not studied history......she is the 1% which does not care at all about the rest of us, nor about Peace in the world. FDR was a STATEMAN, this woman nor her husband are any close to that. There is so much to say about Democrats and Republicans leaders only concern with Wall Street as almost all of them get richer and richer. My vote Bernie Sanders in CA primary and him if he runs later as an Independent!

  • Has ISIL/ Daesh killed 50,000 in one Year? Iraq's Horrors by the Numbers
    • If this is true it also fits the USA Empire? We love in different times where adaptation is primordial. Daesh directed by ex Sadam Army can rule for a long time. How long? Who knows. S. Arabia an extreme expression of Islam keeps on going. Its support: oil. When oil ends, who knows. According to some experts who ever dominates Eurasia will have the upper hand. China-Russia's Confederation and EU might do it. The USA KEEPS ON TRYING BUT IS MISSING THE ECONOMIC BOAT that China is getting into. From S America to Africa China dominates Econ wise

    • Reading book Amsterdam of Russell Shorto between pages 72 and 74: the Duke of Alba was called by Spain's King to subdue the Dutch. "They fought (the Dutch) on, only to surrender later. Alva hanged everyone of them". "In the grand place, the central square of Brussels in an enormous public spectacle...the Dutch nobles were beheaded". "By its end (Alba's) the Council of Troubles put eighteen thousand Dutch men and women to death". "But killing via the formal proceedings of the council were only a fraction of the total". Printed sheets referring to Alba stated "Our Devil, who arts in Brussels, cursed be thy name". All this because of the Dutch reformation from Calvin to a new religion. My point being that today the killings in the Middle East are nothing new from the history of other forming states inclouding many in Europe and the new world of the Americas. People write and verbalize how can they do all this killing. Well we also did it, including Chile the country of my birth. I'm not condoning nor excusing but the West has continued to exploit the Middle East and other continents non stop and at the same time making huge mistakes resulting in unknown consequences. We, Homo sapiens should be more advanced and stop the killings but no we will not because of reasons to long to write about here. You know greed, oil, resources from others for the rich countries. You name it. As an anecdote from the book The Sixth Extinction we the smart species will not prevail, will we? Others least intelligent will, will they?

  • Modest Increase in Iraq Training Mission shows Obama still Uninterested & Maybe he's Right
    • It's fait accomple if my French is remembered well. Who will defeat Daesh? On the USA could with thousands of troops, thousands of USA troops dead, millions of covilians either dead or refugees, again another IRAQ consequence of Bush that now includes Syria. Would the USA INVADE Syria? Don't think so. The Sunnis could become good "friends" with Shia but a majority can't because they are "allied" with Daesh and killed, controlled by the same. It's done as the pope is Argentinian!!

    • Juan: political reform in Iraq is the only way to defeat ISIL?? It's done Juan. Another state similar to S. Arabia in the Middle East is the result. Biden was right: divide them in federations, Shia, Sunny and Kurdistan or Independent States INCLUDING Pakestine at the same time I would have added!

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
  • 7 Surprising Reasons Turkey is entering war on ISIL
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 10/03/2014 at 7:34 pm

      1) Ayayayayay Juan: you are getting to the conservative side; al-Assad will not leave unless the "West" invades and defeats him....NOT likely at all right?
      Please explain to me what does it mean "pressure" top Turkey? Verbal? Money offers?? Entrance to the EU? (quite unlikely)....and Erdogan is another fundamentalist, right?
      2) Really? What the hell is the "moderate" resistance against al-Assad? I don't think they exist anymore, do they? Again al-Assad is not going anywhere!
      No comments on the others..... I mean no fly zone? Really!
      I hope the Kurds become a State and then Turkey can feel comfortable. I'm not a Kurd nor a Muslim nor an Arab but I'm sick of the killings of children and inno0cents. GET OUT OF THERE and let them solve their "caca" that the invasion of Iraq by the USA created!! and please don't ask me to "your comment is awaiting moderation" Tank you!

  • 'You killed a million people in Iraq' George Galloway tells Blair Cabinet Member
    • Refreshing? My butt Juan Cole....he is right! How can the Sunnis trust the Baghdad Government of Shia? And they were proven right! The Shia Army run away and left artillery, arms and ammunition for ISIL to collect. ISIL took millions from banks and are selling oil, to whom may I ask? He is also right: Iraq is more than 3 countries when it could have been3 countries if the USA government had followed our present Vice Biden advice: Shia, Sunny and Kurd countries. We mess it up and we continue to do so. VOTE GREEN!! (never voted Republican; never will vote Democrat)

  • Hamas, Shmamas: It’s about Israeli National Ambitions
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 09/10/2014 at 5:14 pm

      Mr. Barber: your question at the end of your essay has been answered long time ago: Israel will never allow a 2 state solution until the USA says YES, do it!! When Indonesia was doing its genocide on East Timor, Clinton eventually put a stop to it quite late I might add. So, you can write and bla, bla, bla uselessly add infinitum without the result being Israel conceding anything!!

  • Russian Annexation of Crimea, Israeli Annexation of Palestine
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 03/19/2014 at 5:52 pm

      Oh well! Coup De Etat by the USA in Haiti, twice and in Honduras once don't count? How about the Grenada invasion? Stay in the present Juan: Iraq and Afghanistan illegal invasions and occupations! And Israel even helped S. Africa during Apartheid...enough said. Oh I forgot, NATO=USA pushing and pushing against Russia's borders should count in the strategic maneuvers for world domination by the USA!!

  • The other Face of Putin's Olympics: Pussy Riot Whipped, Beaten for Protest Song at Sochi
  • Putinism in Cairo? The Rise of the Russian Model
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 02/14/2014 at 6:31 pm

      I agree with arizonabumblebee....further many nations besides Russia are taking control of its populations via the corporate media, business and the military: China, India, Indonesia, etc.etc. AND THE USA of course with all that I have written here plus so many different laws in so many different U.S. states taken parts of the little freedom we have away portion by portion.

  • Gatesgate: Why Obama was right to Distrust his Generals on Afghanistan
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 01/09/2014 at 5:09 pm

      Is there any truth to what I believe was being discussed during the Korean War: the Military to take over the USA Government during the MacArthur area?

  • Bradley Manning in a World of Cheneys, Hadithas, and NSA Domestic Surveillance
    • She could be paroled in 7 years or earlier if the sentence is reduced on appeal. Be well Chelsea E. Manning, hero par excellance!

  • Pentagon: Americans must give up Liberties to fight "enemies" but we won't say who they are (Currier)
    • The "enemies" are those this and all previous governments CREATE depending on the present and previous political climate. After WW II USA Empire began in FULL FORCE....before that period it was quite the Supreme Court, the Military Complex, the Corporate Media, the Congress of the USA (both Houses) agree the USA should become the 21st. Century Empire so it is EASIER !!

      The Wars continue ad infinitum and the money keeps o rolling but even though "the ship is leaking and the captain lies" FULL FORCE AHEAD !!

  • The Lotto Symbolizes the False Promises of Barracuda Capitalism, and it Won't make you Happy to Win

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