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  • Why Partitioning Iraq is a Terrible Idea
    • I second the 2 other comments Juan. What happened to self determination? The Kurds have also, ARE fighting ISIL/IS. AND THEY SE TO BE DOING VERY WELL NO THX TO BAGHDAD

  • Petition Calling For Israeli PM Netanyahu's Arrest Goes Viral
  • Don’t Sit Tight: Congress Can Still Tank the Iran Deal
    • Juan: how is it possible for Congress to remove the signature of the USA ad one of 5+1 signatories? Why can the deal go ahead without the USA? Thank you

  • Game of Groans: How focus on Trump Taunts hides GOP war on Middle Class, Workers
  • Iran Deal: Why doesn't US Media interview Real Allies on American Policy?
    • My god Juan sound so innocent wandering all these issues when you know the reasons of the bias news. It's Israel's the Corporations/Arms dealers/the Military/the corporate media/the rich/Wall Street/the 1% who benefits from news that are brainwashing (Chomsky's words) the USA public towards untouchable Israel and permanent WAR....ANY WAR mind you, ANY. It's all they care as the Military has the Media and the rest just mentioned in their pocket. It's disgusting, shameful, illegal and immoral....but the USA has been doing this for a long time since WWII, before and in the future. I'm sick of it.....From a CHILENO/USA Citizen

  • What South Carolina needs to do for Racial equality (taking down the flag is just symbolic)
  • Hillary Clinton kicks off Campaign in NYC: Says Heir to FDR pro-Middle Class Policies (Full video)
    • Incredible!!!!! She has no shame and those who will vote for her have not studied history......she is the 1% which does not care at all about the rest of us, nor about Peace in the world. FDR was a STATEMAN, this woman nor her husband are any close to that. There is so much to say about Democrats and Republicans leaders only concern with Wall Street as almost all of them get richer and richer. My vote Bernie Sanders in CA primary and him if he runs later as an Independent!

  • Has ISIL/ Daesh killed 50,000 in one Year? Iraq's Horrors by the Numbers
    • If this is true it also fits the USA Empire? We love in different times where adaptation is primordial. Daesh directed by ex Sadam Army can rule for a long time. How long? Who knows. S. Arabia an extreme expression of Islam keeps on going. Its support: oil. When oil ends, who knows. According to some experts who ever dominates Eurasia will have the upper hand. China-Russia's Confederation and EU might do it. The USA KEEPS ON TRYING BUT IS MISSING THE ECONOMIC BOAT that China is getting into. From S America to Africa China dominates Econ wise

    • Reading book Amsterdam of Russell Shorto between pages 72 and 74: the Duke of Alba was called by Spain's King to subdue the Dutch. "They fought (the Dutch) on, only to surrender later. Alva hanged everyone of them". "In the grand place, the central square of Brussels in an enormous public spectacle...the Dutch nobles were beheaded". "By its end (Alba's) the Council of Troubles put eighteen thousand Dutch men and women to death". "But killing via the formal proceedings of the council were only a fraction of the total". Printed sheets referring to Alba stated "Our Devil, who arts in Brussels, cursed be thy name". All this because of the Dutch reformation from Calvin to a new religion. My point being that today the killings in the Middle East are nothing new from the history of other forming states inclouding many in Europe and the new world of the Americas. People write and verbalize how can they do all this killing. Well we also did it, including Chile the country of my birth. I'm not condoning nor excusing but the West has continued to exploit the Middle East and other continents non stop and at the same time making huge mistakes resulting in unknown consequences. We, Homo sapiens should be more advanced and stop the killings but no we will not because of reasons to long to write about here. You know greed, oil, resources from others for the rich countries. You name it. As an anecdote from the book The Sixth Extinction we the smart species will not prevail, will we? Others least intelligent will, will they?

  • Modest Increase in Iraq Training Mission shows Obama still Uninterested & Maybe he's Right
    • It's fait accomple if my French is remembered well. Who will defeat Daesh? On the USA could with thousands of troops, thousands of USA troops dead, millions of covilians either dead or refugees, again another IRAQ consequence of Bush that now includes Syria. Would the USA INVADE Syria? Don't think so. The Sunnis could become good "friends" with Shia but a majority can't because they are "allied" with Daesh and killed, controlled by the same. It's done as the pope is Argentinian!!

    • Juan: political reform in Iraq is the only way to defeat ISIL?? It's done Juan. Another state similar to S. Arabia in the Middle East is the result. Biden was right: divide them in federations, Shia, Sunny and Kurdistan or Independent States INCLUDING Pakestine at the same time I would have added!

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
  • 7 Surprising Reasons Turkey is entering war on ISIL
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 10/03/2014 at 7:34 pm

      1) Ayayayayay Juan: you are getting to the conservative side; al-Assad will not leave unless the "West" invades and defeats him....NOT likely at all right?
      Please explain to me what does it mean "pressure" top Turkey? Verbal? Money offers?? Entrance to the EU? (quite unlikely)....and Erdogan is another fundamentalist, right?
      2) Really? What the hell is the "moderate" resistance against al-Assad? I don't think they exist anymore, do they? Again al-Assad is not going anywhere!
      No comments on the others..... I mean no fly zone? Really!
      I hope the Kurds become a State and then Turkey can feel comfortable. I'm not a Kurd nor a Muslim nor an Arab but I'm sick of the killings of children and inno0cents. GET OUT OF THERE and let them solve their "caca" that the invasion of Iraq by the USA created!! and please don't ask me to "your comment is awaiting moderation" Tank you!

  • 'You killed a million people in Iraq' George Galloway tells Blair Cabinet Member
    • Refreshing? My butt Juan Cole....he is right! How can the Sunnis trust the Baghdad Government of Shia? And they were proven right! The Shia Army run away and left artillery, arms and ammunition for ISIL to collect. ISIL took millions from banks and are selling oil, to whom may I ask? He is also right: Iraq is more than 3 countries when it could have been3 countries if the USA government had followed our present Vice Biden advice: Shia, Sunny and Kurd countries. We mess it up and we continue to do so. VOTE GREEN!! (never voted Republican; never will vote Democrat)

  • Hamas, Shmamas: It’s about Israeli National Ambitions
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 09/10/2014 at 5:14 pm

      Mr. Barber: your question at the end of your essay has been answered long time ago: Israel will never allow a 2 state solution until the USA says YES, do it!! When Indonesia was doing its genocide on East Timor, Clinton eventually put a stop to it quite late I might add. So, you can write and bla, bla, bla uselessly add infinitum without the result being Israel conceding anything!!

  • Russian Annexation of Crimea, Israeli Annexation of Palestine
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 03/19/2014 at 5:52 pm

      Oh well! Coup De Etat by the USA in Haiti, twice and in Honduras once don't count? How about the Grenada invasion? Stay in the present Juan: Iraq and Afghanistan illegal invasions and occupations! And Israel even helped S. Africa during Apartheid...enough said. Oh I forgot, NATO=USA pushing and pushing against Russia's borders should count in the strategic maneuvers for world domination by the USA!!

  • The other Face of Putin's Olympics: Pussy Riot Whipped, Beaten for Protest Song at Sochi
  • Putinism in Cairo? The Rise of the Russian Model
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 02/14/2014 at 6:31 pm

      I agree with arizonabumblebee....further many nations besides Russia are taking control of its populations via the corporate media, business and the military: China, India, Indonesia, etc.etc. AND THE USA of course with all that I have written here plus so many different laws in so many different U.S. states taken parts of the little freedom we have away portion by portion.

  • Gatesgate: Why Obama was right to Distrust his Generals on Afghanistan
    • Sergio Lira Sr. 01/09/2014 at 5:09 pm

      Is there any truth to what I believe was being discussed during the Korean War: the Military to take over the USA Government during the MacArthur area?

  • Bradley Manning in a World of Cheneys, Hadithas, and NSA Domestic Surveillance
    • She could be paroled in 7 years or earlier if the sentence is reduced on appeal. Be well Chelsea E. Manning, hero par excellance!

  • Pentagon: Americans must give up Liberties to fight "enemies" but we won't say who they are (Currier)
    • The "enemies" are those this and all previous governments CREATE depending on the present and previous political climate. After WW II USA Empire began in FULL FORCE....before that period it was quite the Supreme Court, the Military Complex, the Corporate Media, the Congress of the USA (both Houses) agree the USA should become the 21st. Century Empire so it is EASIER !!

      The Wars continue ad infinitum and the money keeps o rolling but even though "the ship is leaking and the captain lies" FULL FORCE AHEAD !!

  • The Lotto Symbolizes the False Promises of Barracuda Capitalism, and it Won't make you Happy to Win

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