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  • Iraq: Are Senior ISIL Commanders already Defecting in Mosul & Tikrit?
    • American bombs convinced 'em to defect ASAP. ISIS is destabilizing large parts of the Middle East and become too big of a problem. We'll keep bombing ISIS until they no longer have so much muscle or revenue.

  • The end of National Sovereignty in the Middle East? Iraqi Kurdistan sends troops into Syria
    • JTMcPhee, your post detailing Serena Shim's reports of ISIS fighters using WTO trucks from Turkey as well as her subsequent fatal car accident were key factors.

      Shim worked for Iran's Press TV.

      Today, there are reports of ISIS using chemical weapons in Kobani. The Guardian posted some pics of the victims. Politicos and the media might have a field day with this.


    • I'll give it a shot...

      Last weekend, Press TV's Serena Shim reported ISIS fighters were using World Trade Organization trucks to travel from Turkey into Syria. Press TV is Iran's English news broadcaster. Later on Sunday, Shim was killed in a traffic accident under murky circumstances. Some time later, Erdogan said Turkey would allow Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to cross from Turkey into Kabane so they could fight ISIS.

      Iran suspects Turkey's odd moves are really aimed at taking down Assad, not defeating ISIS. So, Iran countered Turkey's moves by proposing an alliance with Lebanon and SYRIA to fight ISIS. That way, Iran protects Assad while claiming to fight ISIS.

      The Persians did invent chess. Iran ALWAYS has one more move.

  • Iran Proposes Axis against ISIL to Iraqi PM Abadi as alternative to US Coalition
    • On October 10th, Iran warned Turkey not to intervene in Syria. Over the weekend, Erdogan flip-flopped and joined Obama's coalition against ISIS but taking down Assad's regime is still their main goal.Today, Iran's proposed an axis against ISIS that also includes Syria.

      Tomorrow, Rouhani and Ergodan will get together and sing "WE ARE FAMILY" in Farsi and Arabic.


  • Defying Turkey, US airdrops arms to Kobane Kurds
    • Several hundred million at least. I'll go with "stupidly and incompetently." Because of all those heavy weapons and their different sources of revenue, ISIS has become a much bigger problem in Syria, Iraq and now in northern Lebanon.

      No one really knows what will happen, but it looks like the U.S. will keep bombing the shiite out of ISIS for the next year or so. But if we continue to lose several hundred millions worth of weapons, our bombing campaign might be known as "Operation Revolving Door."

      We can just keep bombing those BAD GUYS from now on.

    • "Not exactly the same game, but the same result"--exactly. Silkwood was brave almost beyond belief. Serena Shim had only been in Turkey for ten days and other reporters declined to make the same accusations about ISIS fighters in Turkey using WTO trucks. It had to be well known.I think Shim should have been much more cautious.

    • Familiar with Karen Silkwood? She played the same kind of VERY dangerous game Serena Shim was playing in Turkey. Meryl Streep played Silkwood in the movie. When Roger Ebert asked Streep if she had reached any conclusions about Silkwood's fatal car accident, Streep said...

      "I SURE HAVE."

    • Do you think the United States deliberately lost millions of dollars worth of U.S. weapons in northern Iraq to ISIS?

    • One month ago, ISIS released forty two Turkish diplomats and their families held in Mosul since June. Turkey said it wasn't a military operation, no ransom was paid and there were no concessions, but up until yesterday Erdogan refuse to aid Kobane or allow any Kurds in to help the city. However, after talking with Obama on Sunday, Erdogan did his version of the John Kerry "flip-flop" right after the call.

  • Why is this Man Smiling? Iranian Officials say Confidant of US Deal on Nuclear
    • If a nuclear deal does happen, it will be interesting to see if Assad's regime comes into play. A couple of weeks ago, Peter Lee (China Hand) predicted an Iranian nuke deal would be reached only if Iran also gave up their support of Assad. If that were the case, Saudi Arabia might be part of a much larger peace plan. After all, the U.S. doesn't need Iran to defeat ISIS, but they do need Iran to stop aiding Assad. The Saudis also want that to happen.

  • Ebola & Immigrants and Muslims, Oh My! Operating the Fear Machine
    • Some Republicans are already claiming ISIS is coming across our southern border. Throw in Ebola and it's the prefect storm---ISIS, Ebola, illegal immigration leading to the APOCALYPSE will be the Republican mantra in 2016.

  • Turkey bargaining with base for US, wants no-fly zone in Syria
    • Google this "ISIS uses mafia tactics in Mosul." After ISIS took over in Mosul, there were lots of articles comparing their tactics to similar ones used by the mafia to get money. Without a steady revenue stream ISIS goes out of business.

    • ISIS is incredibly well organized. They have different revenue sources and use good military strategy. The Kurdish town of Kobani isn't connected to the Kurdish part of Syria. It's isolated. Only the Kurds in Turkey live that far to the west. ISIS realized they could lay siege to the town and attack it from three sides.

      In Kobani and western Iraq, ONLY military men with strategic training could design such a campaign. Sunnis from Saddam Hussein's old army must be running part of ISIS. How else could Mosul have been overrun so quickly?

      And Saddam Hussein had the same type of gangster regime. ISIS is like Al Capone in Chicago.

  • Is Baghdad next? ISIL takes Hit Base in Iraq, loots it for Weapons
    • I listened to a Joshua Landis 30 minute video describing his "Great Sorting Out" which is what he calls ethnic cleansing in Syria. That's what Landis thinks will happen and it will be very, very bloody. Basically a four way civil war---Alawite Shiites vs. Free Syrian Army vs. ISIS vs. Kurds until all the different regions have been ethnically cleansed of the other groups. Very brutal and nasty. ISIS is about to take the first step in Kobani.

      Check out the video. Landis gives examples of previous sorting outs in the Middle East. Israel and Palestine are one of his examples. He's Dr. DOOM.

      Toppling Assad after rolling back ISIS may not produce stability in the Middle East, but it's probably better than perpetual war and ethnic cleansing.

      JTMcPhee, doesn't it concern you that ISIS is just rolling along gathering momentum, arms and recruits in Anbar? What do you think will stop them?

      Sunni Saudi Arabia and Turkey are like the Romans compared to the Carthaginian like Shia, especially Assad. They won't give up until Assad is out of power--NO WAY.

      Comparing Assad to Carthage is VERY clever play on words.

    • ISIS suicide car bombers were used to blast the outer walls at this military base and overrun it. ISIS is trying to clear routes in Anbar province so they will be able to advance troops and supplies without meeting resistance. Then, they can set up for the next target.

      It's good strategy.

    • How would you like to be a Kurd trapped in Kobani with ISIS threatening to overrun the town and slaughter everyone including women and children?

      Just don't kid yourself, that's what they do.


      Complaining about Iraq and/or Obama ain't gonna save the people in Kobani from getting their heads cut off when the town falls. ISIS is throwing in more resources trying to overrun the town. Yesterday, military reports claimed increased bombing attacks killed several hundred ISIS attackers. Without increased American bombing ISIS would have taken the town and SLAUGHTERED EVERYONE IN IT!!!


    • Landis might be right, but he only sees a long term "grinding" civil war in Syria's future without a solution. Landis thinks Syria will break apart.

    • Just rolling back ISIS without ending the civil war in Syria would be going back to the status quo so that another ISIS like group could gain a foothold.

    • Ok, destroying the credibility was not a good choice of words and you're probably right about what gave rise to ISIS. The neocon plan to regime change Saddam Hussein was not only stupid, but risk starting a much larger conflict as we now see happening. ISIS is obviously using extreme violence to expand and escalate the conflict. Like John Kerry said, Obama's dilemma is inescapable. If/when ISIS continues on this course of action they will have to be confronted, stopped and their military capability degraded.

      There won't be a choice.

      Twelve teams of U.S. military advisors are already in Baghdad.

      Then, the Civil War in Syria must be ended and Assad can not stay in power. ASSAD IS A MASS MURDERER WHO DROPS BARREL BOMBS ON CIVILIANS. The key is not defeating ISIS. It's ending the civil war in Syria. Larger state actors, the U.S.. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even Russia, must come to a political agreement on the best way to end the war in Syria and make Assad depart. . But in order for that to happen, containing and degrading ISIS MUST be the first step.

    • "With the extremists on the march, Obama faces a fundamental question of how to carry out his pledge to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS. It's a terrible dilemma for the president but an INESCAPABLE one." John Kerry

      From the video..."There are now twelve teams of U.S. military advisors on the ground with Iraqi defense forces of Baghdad."

      Obama drew a red line in Syria and backed away from it. But Obama didn't claim the United States would go to war against Assad when he drew it. That isn't the case with ISIS. The President of the United States made a pledge to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS. Obama can't back away from his pledge without destroying the credibility of his office and the country.

  • Listening to Nobelist Malala Yousafzai instead of just Honoring Her
    • Snowden isn't seen in the same light as Malala. He's not a feel good or a safe choice. Neither is Glenn Greenwald who has continued to tell the truth about Obama's wars. His piece about the evildoing "Khorasan Group" is one of his best. The Obama ad. cooked up these BAD GUYS and the media sold it to the public so they could start bombing Syria ASAP.

      Obama listened and then just blew off Malala's criticism of his drone wars. She'll get to visit Hillary if/when she gets elected. Hillary, Malala and Bill in the Oval Office is perfect.


  • The Last Days of Kobani Loom as ISIL Closes in on Syrian Kurds with Murder on its Mind
    • Greenwald has also written about the "KHORASAN GROUP" and how the administration cooked up a fake terror plot to justify bombing Syria.

      Why did they do this?

      Why did the media make the Khorasan Group such a big story instead of questioning a terror threat from a group no one had heard about?

    • I'm just trying to read the tea leaves. I think the end game is regime changing Assad, not defeating ISIS. To me, Obama NEVER would have started the air war against ISIS in Syria without also having a plan to end their civil war. That means Assad has to go which probably means American troops in Syria. All the Republicans are in favor.

      Have you read Glenn Greenwald's latest article?

      "Key Democrats, Led By Hillary Clinton, Leave NO DOUBT that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine."

      "The last thing the Washington political class and the economic elites who control it want is for this war to end." Glenn Greenwald

      G.G. is pretty good at reading the tea leaves.

      p.s. Don't miss Greenwald's WAR STOCKS updates. Like Greenwald says, all the fat cats in D.C. plan on making lots of money.

    • A frog and scorpion scenario might be worth it to Turkey if they get a no-fly zone in northern Syria. That would allow increased military action against ISIS but also limit Assad. Kobani falling is also a defeat to the PKK. Turkey could be looking at ISIS and Kobani as part of the long game.

      What happens if there is another Kobani and Obama is pressured into sending the marines to save the day? American troops in Syria is VERY bad news for Assad.

      Turkey stands much more to gain than lose when Kobani falls to ISIS.

  • The Alamo of the Kurds: Kobane Near Falling to ISIL
    • "For us, ISIL and the (Kurdish) PKK are the same." Erdogan on Sunday.

      I wonder if ISIS's release of the Turkish hostages has anything to do with their army just watching events unfold?

      Why does Turkey have few options? If they wanted to save Kobane from falling, all they have to do is roll across the border.

  • $22 Billion to Fight ISIL in same Year Congress cut $8.7 bn in Food Stamps
    • p.s. The vote in the Turkish parliament today makes me think crippling ISIS is just the first part of the overall strategy in Syria. How else is it possible for Obama's coalition to come together so quickly?

    • The civil war in Syria is at a stalemate. It won't work itself out. I suspect that's the reason Obama went from not having a strategy to against ISIL to fighting an all out air war against them so quickly. The administration has given hints of an ISIL first, then a regime change Assad strategy. I wouldn't be surprised if Saudi Arabia and Turkey are already on board with that.

      Why else would Obama makes comments about fighting for years?

    • What to do about ISIL is not an easy question to answer. In Iraq, the Peshmerga and other ground forces contain and might even roll back ISIL but in Syria, their HQ, no ground forces makes an air campaign much more difficult.

      The Civil War in Syria is stalemated with 300,000 deaths in just three years. Comparing it to our Civil War, the overall population was 30 million with 620,000 deaths in four years. The population in Syria was about 17 million in 2011. Our Civil War ended, but in Syria no end is in sight. It's a VERY nasty conflict and ending it is the real problem. Clearly, this stalemated conflict will cause much bigger problems if it continues. That's already happening in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. It won't get better by itself.

      What should the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran even Israel and Russia do to solve the ever growing CATASTROPHE in Syria?

  • Why Obama underestimated ISIL in Syria and Iraq
    • p.s. I failed to mention the biggest problem of all in the Middle East--Israel and the Palestinians , especially with Bibi Netanyahu running the show.

    • The Middle East has no chance of becoming stable until the Civil War in Syria ends. That won't happen until Assad is no longer in power.With ISIS controlling such a large area in Syria and Iraq and Assad in power, Middle East instability will continue to grow. ISIS must be defeated first.

      What happens if Lebanon and Jordan blow up? Where does it end? At some point, larger states (United States, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey) have to take steps that promote stability.


    • Glenn Greenwald's article on the Khorasan fake terror plot is quite a read. Greenwald explains in detail how and why this terrorist group became the media's newest star BAD GUY group and why they disappeared just as quickly.

      Like Greenwald says in the article, "THE KHORASAN GROUP" even sounds like a SCARY name.

    • Obama believes ISIL is a political problem but one with a military solution, U.S. bombs and the buildup of moderate Syrian forces. Obama's national security advisor, Tony Blinken was on Fox News this weekend claiming that moderate rebel forces would be used against ISIS first AND then used to "transition" Assad out of power.

      In other words, regime changing Assad is next on the agenda.

      ISIL will be relentlessly bomb until they are either destroyed or more likely, no longer have the military power to be a real player in Syria or Iraq.

  • US strikes ISIL oil fields in Quest to Defund it: But will it Replace oil with Fracking?
    • Peter Lee (China Hand) has an interesting theory: Saudi Arabia's plan A was using jihadists to overthrow Assad. That didn't work, so now they moving to plan B. Peaceful coexistence with Iran if they dump Assad and allow the Sunnis to take control in Syria. In addition, the good 'ol USA backs the Saudi plan AND throws in a nuke deal with Iran if they let Assad get regime changed. If China Hand is right about Saudi Arabia's plan B, Iran would have to think long and hard about turning it down.

      Lots of countries are piling on the war against ISIS as fast as they can. Today, Britain, Belgium and Denmark joined up. Why have so many countries jumped on the anti-ISIS bandwagon?

      Something BIG must be happening behind the scenes.

  • Syrian Media Hail America as Damascus Ally, Support UN Ban on Foreign Fighters
    • "Obviously there are forces in Damascus who feel that the American intervention is a positive for Assad."

      When Damascus plays up Obama as an ally in the war against terrorists, Assad kills two birds with one stone--ISIS and Netanyahu.

      And Iran gets happy.

  • Shiite Militias of Iraq Reject US Return, Threaten to Attack US Forces
    • Today, on the Senate floor, Rand Paul came out against arming the Syrian rebels. He's already getting ready for 2016 and Hillary the Hawk is the anticipated target not to mention all the GOP presidential candidates who are also hawks.


  • Should US policy toward ISIL be Containment?
    • Another interesting Peter Lee comment: "The caliphate is a big deal, in my opinion, a big bad transnational deal with significant consequences throughout Asia, and something should be done."

  • Top 5 Contradictions in Obama's Emerging ISIL Strategy
    • Interesting article. "China Matters" calls Obama's Syria policy "Let 'er drift" and blames his administration for allowing Saudi Arabia and Turkey to support an IS jihad to solve Obama's dump-Assad problem.

      Now, they have a Frankenstein problem on their hands.

  • Middle East "Allies" decline to Commit Forces, Resources against ISIL
    • Because Bibi Netanyahu wants the "Shia Crescent" broken up. In May 2013,on the outskirts of Damascus, Israel heavily bombed weapons and munitions being transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon.A YOUTUBE video showed Syrian rebels praising Allah when they saw what was happening.

      The better question would be why would Netanyahu be against ISIS? As far as I know, Netanyahu hasn't made any negative comments about ISIS.

  • Russia denounces Obama Plan for Syria Air Strikes as Violation of Int'l Law
    • I don't know how effective Hezbollah anti-aircraft attacks were since Israel bombed Lebanon at will. The reason Israel hasn't invaded Lebanon again is because Hezbollah's ground defenses, especially their anti-tank weapons, stopped Israel COLD.

      Bombing cities like Damascus would be difficult to stop. Plus, Netanyahu is BAT SHIT CRAZY.

    • Not only did Putin save face, he cleverly trumped the neocon moves in Ukraine. Of course, taking Crimea and invading eastern Ukraine was illegal, but Putin will not let NATO just move in and cut Russia off from having a port on the Black Sea. Putin knows if he didn't have a force in eastern Ukraine, then Crimea would be the next target.

      Putin is a thug, but so are the neocons. They both use force to get what they want. International law is just for the 'lil countries and other weak sisters.

    • Assad didn't fire on Israeli planes when they dropped bombs on the outskirts of Damascus just a few months ago. Assad isn't foolish enough to give Bibi a reason to cut loose on Syria the way Israel did on southern Lebanon in 2006.

      The leaders in every Muslim country know Bibi wouldn't hesitate to give them the Gaza treatment if he thought Israel was threatened.

  • 3 Years War? Obama to Bomb Syria in fight against ISIL
    • Perhaps, videos of ISIS beheading two Americans were made to lure the U.S. into bombing Syria with the hope that residential buildings full of Sunni Arab families will get hit. That would also make a very bad image in the Sunni world.

      OTOH, using an ISIS member with a British accent may have been a warning about what could easily happen in Britain. After all, the London bombings were carried out by four young adults without a terrorist organization backing them.

      Obama is in a awkward position, to say the least. If he does nothing and ISIS attacks, the hawks will pounce. But escalating a war against ISIS could also result in BLOWBACK.

  • Do Latinos in US have to Change their Names to Get a Job?
    • A coworker from Jordan did a subtle name change when he was doing political surveys in Los Angeles. He added an "o" to the end of his name and went from "Anwar" to "Anwaro." One vowel changed him from an Arab into a Latino.

      Anwar needed another "r."

  • 5 Things to Know Today about the Fight Against ISIL
    • I see Darth Cheney just added his $0.02 talking to all those war-luvin' House Republicans. After the pep talk, John Boehner declined to comment about the possibility of sending ground troops back to Iraq.

      This could work out so perfect for Cheney, the Republicans, the defense industry AND everything else military. Troops are sent back to Iraq and in order to Degrade, Decimate and Destroy ISIS, we also invade Syria Then, after ISIS is no more, we don't leave so we can keep a close watch on Hezbollah, Iran and Assad---the Shia BAD GUYS.

      The defense budget goes up to a trillion dollars and stays there.

      It's the Cheney ISIS now--Iran later plan.

    • Will the Kurds, Iraqi Shiites and the U.S. be able to defeat ISIS in northern and western Iraq without help from Sunni tribes? Why would those Sunnis ally themselves with the Shiite dominated Iraq government and fight against fellow Sunnis? Without their help, ISIS can not be defeated.

      In Syria, the Obama administration will not work with Assad, but everything they do to defeat ISIS makes him stronger, not to mention helping Hezbollah as well as Iran. U.S. bombs alone won't defeat ISIS in Syria.

      Obama is about to enter a very tricky situation. Not only will we be at war in northern Iraq, but Syria too with only a vague endgame years in the future.


  • Obama & Cameron find little Enthusiasm at NATO for new Iraq War
    • "Ladies and Gentlemen, WE GOT HIM!" Paul Bremer.

      The 21st century Archduke Ferdinand moment happened the day we invaded Iraq. ISIS and Ukraine are the aftermath of the neocon strategy.

      WWI blew up five weeks after Ferdinand was assassinated. Today's conflicts are unfolding much more slowly because different countries and peoples are gradually being drawn into them. Plus, fourth generation warfare doesn't produce a clear cut winner. Putin is fighting a sophisticated version of 4th generation warfare. Taking Kiev in two weeks would surely be a losing move because that would bring in the west.

      Isn't Joe Biden's son still in Kiev helping the Ukrainian fracking business get off the ground? I saw a pic of him wearing a hardhat in Kiev not too long ago. But that might have been somewhere in Colorado.

      Putin is a big fish in a small pond.

    • "white English speaking nations"...LOL, we need those guys/girls in England and Australia. Danes, Swedes and Icelanders are white folks but they don't speak our lingo.

      Even though they have supported all of our wars, white people in Poland aren't as important as Aussies because of that language restriction.

      Still, remember what George Bush once said..."DON'T FORGET POLAND."

  • Can Iraqi forces take back Saddam's Birthplace from ISIL?
    • The London bombers where homegrown and unknown to the authorities. ISIS returnees could pose a much bigger problem and Cameron knows it. The UK govt. has to be sitting on pins and needles. ISIS is crazy but they are far from stupid. Like you say, it's a "serious security issue."

      Here in the U.S., we don't have the same problem.

    • David Cameron thinks the UK government should have the authority to confiscate the passports of British citizens who might travel to the Middle East and fight with ISIS. Should the UK government's authority trump the civil rights of British citizens?

  • Obama's budding Cambodia Policy in Syria
  • Failed US War on Terror resulted from bizarre search for Moderate Jihadis
    • Patrick Cockburn was just on The Scoot Horton Show talking about ISIS, Iraq and especially Syria. He doesn't think the moderates in Syria were never strong enough to support. Cockburn thinks we should have supported Assad, but the U.S. govt. will never admit it.

      ISIS is like Frankenstein. The Saudis and others helped create it, but ISIS is all grown up and no one can control it.

      Meanwhile, the Russians are moving into eastern Ukraine. I don't think that's a coincidence.


  • ISIS to US: We'll drown you in Blood; beheads US Journalist, Holds Tikrit
    • ISIS isn't just about Iraq or Syria. Now they are fighting in northern Lebanon as well. Robert Fisk wrote about ISIS in Lebanon a couple of weeks ago.

      ISIS reminds me of a giant blob in a 1950s horror flick. When they are stopped going one direction, the blob changes course and attacks along other fronts. From Syria to Mosul south towards Samarra and Baghdad. Then, they go east to Irbil with attacks in northern Lebanon.

      U.S. politicians will try and control the blob's damage until they find a way to defeat it.

    • It might be a psycho-ops, but ISIS is well financed, well organized and well armed. They have taken control of large parts of both Syria and Iraq. They've gone toe-to-toe with Maliki's army and the pesh merga. They did murder James Foley and made a five minute tape of the slaughter. More Americans might be killed in the same barbaric manner.

      When ISIS makes a video of them cutting the head off an American, they are sending a message. Having an ISIS member with an British accent in the video is also significant because at least 200 hundred Brits are fighting with ISIS in the Middle East.

      They could also return to England with little problem.

      ISIS uses well thought out sophisticated techniques.

      But the richest, best armed and best organized prize goes to the United States. What other country could fight multiple wars for over TEN YEARS and have a lot more left in the tank?

      Escalation seems to be the next step for both sides.

    • Making a video of James Foley's murder with a British citizen was meant to send a message to the west. Hundreds of British citizens are fighting with ISIS. They can come and go as they please.

  • The New Jim Crow: Has the Right finally Repealed the Civil Rights Act?
    • The white right Republicans will be overwhelmed by the brown Latino vote. The Republicans have already lost Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, 20 electoral votes greater than Ohio (18). They can't make that up.

      The Republicans will lose Florida for good in the next couple of elections.


  • 6 Things To Know If Police Stop You In The US
    • "No, you aren't. Just sit down and answer my questions."

      Your move, what are you going to do?

      If you choose to escalate the confrontation, you will NOT win.

      Make it easy on yourself. Don't challenge him. Do exactly what the police officer says and you won't get hurt.

    • An article on the front page of today's Washington Post written by a cop is perfectly clear....

      "I'm a Cop. Don't want to get hurt? Don't challenge me."

      "Here is the bottom line: if you don't want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground just do what I tell you. Don't argue with me."

      "Do what the officer tells you and it will end SAFELY for Both of you."


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