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  • If Jesus had a wife, would it change the GOP War on Women?
    • Jesus....I'm home.
      Wife...You're home early. Tough day?
      Jesus...Yeah, I think I twisted my ankle clearing the Temple of the money changers.
      Wife...You know what you always say...Physician heal thyself
      Jesus...Very funny.
      I could do with a glass of wine
      Wife..Sorry we're out would you mind changing that jar of water into wine?
      Jesus...Yeah, I guess.
      Wife...How about a nice Chardonnay

  • CBS Taps Colbert To Replace Letterman, Limbaugh Bursts Into Flames
    • Colbert is very good at interviewing guest. It will take some adjustment but he will do well.

  • The Shame of American Politics: GOP Presidential Hopefuls now Trek to Las Vegas seeking Adelson Blessing
    • The tough guy who loves to intimidate with his boisterous behavior acts like a lamb in front of Adelson. Despicable.

  • On Iranian New Year, Russia hints it May Swing Support to Tehran over Crimea Sanctions
    • "Haaretz"- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have ordered the army to continue preparing for a possible military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities at a cost of at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year, despite the talks between Iran and the West, according to recent statements by senior military officers.

      Is this saber rattling or more evidence showing Netanyahu to be a world class deranged warmonger? This could have dire consequences now that the US has committed itself to join in the chaos should Israel start a war with Iran. Once again we find ourselves on the doorsteps of another PNAC inspired disaster.
      An interesting question would be....What if Russian/ Irani entered into a similar pact? We could find ourselves in a hell of a mess thanks once again to our neocon friends and Israel should Netanyahu carry through with his threat.

      As a side note....The man who has the distinction of never being right, Bill Kristol, was on ABC's This Week chastising the American public for being war weary. Kristol's very appearance on a national political program shows the neocon influence. In a perfect world he would be only welcomed on AIPAC's website.

  • Israelis slam Kerry over "Jewish State" Remarks as Abbas Rejects Demand
    • Here is a chilling article about Zionist in this country insisting that anyone who protest Israeli policies or speakers be put through a indoctrination program designed by a Israeli support group. Students are threatened with expulsion and pro Palestinian groups are ordered to disband. This is a serious challenge to freedom of speech as we know it.

      link to

  • A Russo-Iranian Bloc against the United States?
    • I emailed the White House encouraging the President to not be swayed by the same neocons who lied us into invading Iraq when it comes to dealing with Iran. You can read the neocon friendly response here.

      The White House, Washington

      Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans about our diplomatic discussions with Iran, and I am glad you took the time to share your thoughts.

      Since I took office, I have made clear my determination to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. My strong preference is to resolve this issue peacefully—which is why we have extended the hand of diplomacy. Yet for many years, Iran has been unwilling to meet its obligations to the international community. So my Administration worked with Congress, the United Nations Security Council, and countries around the world to impose unprecedented sanctions on the Iranian government.

      These sanctions have had a substantial impact on the Iranian economy. Coupled with the election of a new Iranian president last year, they helped create an opening for diplomacy.

      In November 2013, we reached an arrangement with Iran that halted the progress of its nuclear program—and rolled it back in key respects—for the first time in a decade. With this first step, there are now limitations in place that cut off Iran’s most likely paths to a nuclear weapon in the near term. Ongoing inspections are helping the world verify, every day, that Iran is not building one. And with our allies and partners, we are engaged in negotiations on a long-term, comprehensive solution to peacefully prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

      These negotiations will be difficult. They may not succeed. But for the sake of our national security, we must give diplomacy a chance. If Iran’s leaders do not seize this opportunity, then I will be the first to call for more sanctions, and stand ready to exercise all options to make sure Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. But if Iran’s leaders do seize this chance, then Iran could take an important step to rejoin the community of nations, and we will have resolved one of the leading security challenges of our time without the risks of war.

      Thank you, again, for writing. To stay up to date on America’s negotiations with Iran, visit link to


      Barack Obama

      My next letter will ask the president to impose sanctions on Israel should Netanyahu continue to impose apartheid like conditions on the Palestinians. I'll post that response. It should be a keeper.

  • Will Russell Crowe as Noah help Egypt Separate Religion and State?
    • This article raised my curiosity about al-Azhar which dates back to the tenth century. and seems not to have moved forward in all this time Imagine Bob Jones University interpreting the laws here in the US.

      The description of Noah tells of Crowe breaking a floodgate killing "ungodly" men, women and children clamoring to get aboard the arc. This is the same message the authors of the Left Behind series shared with an audience. They gleefully told of how someday they will watch non believers being thrown into a burning pit. No thanks I think I'll pass on this kind of believe or die kind of movie.

      On the other end of the spectrum here is Ricky Gervais hilariously recounting the Noah story. It's worth the 15 minutes but does contain the F word.

      link to

  • The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria & Iran be the Winners?
    • Thanks to Bush/Cheney and their warmongering neocon advisers we have lost our moral authority to criticize Russia. How can this country, who has invaded two sovereign countries on dubious grounds which has resulted in the deaths of over 1.5 million Iraqi citizens and an undetermined amount of Afghans criticize Russia.

      I don't see a military solution in America's list of options, although I'm sure Lindsey Graham, would disagree.. If recent history is any indicator, we only go to war against third world military forces who have no nuclear weapons or powerful standing army, air force and navy.

      Call me an isolationist, but I say let Europe deal with Putin.

  • Dick Cheney Broke US Military, now blames Obama for Cuts
    • It's being reported that a Major General just told Cheney to STFU. The General said, "Anyone responsible for two disastrous wars does not have the right to criticize.". He then got a jab in by saying..."At least Bush had the sense to withdraw from public life."

  • Bill Nye Science Guy to Debate GOP Rep Gohmert on Gravity
    • Gregory shrugged...."Next you'll say Greenwald is a journalist.:"
      That hit the target.
      Here is Gohmert explaining "Terrorist babies."

      "And it appeared they would have young women who became pregnant, would get them into the United States to have a baby. They wouldn't even have to pay anything for the baby. And then they would return back where they could be raised and coddled as future terrorists.

      And then, one day, 20, 30 years down the road, they could be sent in to help destroy our way of life, because they figured out how stupid we are being in this country."

  • Dear GOP: Top 5 Biblical Marriage Moments far worse than Gay Marriage
    • Biblical law and Mormon law prohibits a woman from speaking in the place of worship, because that's a man's job don't chknow.
      If a man wants to divorce his wife all he has to do is write her a simple letter stating....Don't let the door hit you on your way out...and he is officially cleared, in God's sight , to take another wife.

      Really, Mitt is right, , there is so much to be learned about traditional marriages, endorsed by heaven and the male leadership making up the laws here on planet earth., usually to the detriment of women.

  • More Solar Workers in US than Coal Miners, and Solar doesn't Poison Drinking Water
  • A $9 Trillion War? Top 10 Reasons Americans will Regret it if GOP Derails Iran Negotiations
    • Anyone who thinks landing 150,000 US troops among 75,000,000 Iranians is a good idea raise your hand. Bill Kristol put your hand down, we know where you stand!

      The only slight disagreement I have with the good professor is that the "economic meltdown" would extend far beyond the borders of the US. Blocking the Strait of Hormuz, as the Iranians have threatened to do should they be attacked, would send prices for a barrel of oil into the stratosphere, creating a world wide meltdown, or should we say, depression.

      When the misery hit it's peak, post invasion, you can bet the Israelis would then shrug their shoulders and say, "This war was started by the Americans, not the Israelis. Don't blame us!."

  • Camel Bones and Jerusalem: Archeology Shows Bible written Late, Full of Errors
    • OK, now I am officially crestfallen.. I just can't believe the bible is not accurate. Next they'll claim there was no star that led the wise men to the stable where Jesus was born.

  • The Cheapening of American Politics: Why did Obama reward O'Reilly with an Interview?
    • Dick Cheney proposed that we send an aircraft carrier into Iranian waters in hopes of it being attacked and starting another US instigated war. Roger Ailes told a US official if you want to start a war with Iran, Fox News will back you. Both men are traitors to this country and to world peace.

  • Now Peace Talks, John Kerry, are "Anti-Semitic" in Eyes of Israeli Far Right
  • Dovish SOTU: Obama will Veto AIPAC Iran Sanctions, Pledges Afghanistan Wind-Down
    • I am against the US being a war machine and have contacted the White House to let them know I support Obama standing up to AIPAC. Here is the White House website you can go to in order to leave a message of support. We must stand up to these warmongers.

      link to

  • "60 Minutes" does Infomercial for NSA with Security Official posing as Journalist
    • 60 Minutes has always been the propaganda tool of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby, both of whom support NSA because all of the information gathered on American citizens is forwarded on to Mossad.

      This program, 60 Minutes, is a slap in the face to journalist like Seymour Hersh and Glenn Greenwald.

      60 Minutes is the CBS version of Fox News..

  • Photo of the Day: Was St. Nicholas "White"?
  • The Middle East warmly welcomes Iran Deal, sees it as Step toward Denuclearizing Israel
    • Our national televised media is so frustrating I find myself in Archie Bunker fashion yelling at the television.

      Yesterday morning on Good Morning America reporter Terry Moran reported on the brokered deal with Iran. Moran made two comments that stood out as Netanyahu talking points.The first AIPAC approved comment was "Iran is world's chief exporter of terrorism" which was followed by "Iran has threatened Israel's very existence." No wonder most Americans think of Iran as a threat to civilization.

  • Does the Road to Mideast Peace Run through Tehran?
    • I took time this morning to email the White House to let them know I supported their efforts to avoid war and for standing up to Netanyahu and the Saudis and the Israeli lobby. I thanked the president for standing up to those who wanted our military to instigate another trillion dollar war that would lead to oil prices spiking over $200 a barrel, creating a depression world wide.

      Here is the web address if you would care to make your feelings known.

      link to

  • Top 10 Ways to Really Honor our Veterans
    • An interesting discussion took place on NPR this a.m. concerning our military. One of this nation's first female pilots was a guest and expressed my long held belief that our soldiers should not be referred to as "Warriors."

      The warmongering like title is a concoction of the Frank Lutz like con men who would have young men think of themselves as fictional comic book characters whose fantasies are fueled by video games. Later these young men will be disillusioned with the number of sexual assaults and the lack of mission they encounter in the real world.

  • Top Six Things Congress would do if they Cared if we are Healthy
  • 100 Dead in Fresh Syrian Massacre
    • We are witnessing genocide taking place on a weekly basis ...and China and Russia talk impending "Catastrophe" should there be an intervention? At what level does killing babies meet the criteria for catastrophe?

  • Israeli Squatters fire with Impunity at Palestinian civilians as Israeli Army watches
    • The settlers can use the "Stand your ground" defense and say they felt they were being threatened, which forced them to fire their weapons on unarmed young men. Works here.

  • Egypt between the Left, Muslim Fundamentalism, and the Old Regime
    • I thought it was a postive sign when the corrupt gas deal, brokered with Israel by the previous Egyptian band of criminals, was canceled. Maybe the Palestinians will get a better shake if Egyptian leaders are not receiving kickbacks from Israel.

  • Time Magazine Cover asks if Bibi Netanyahu will Make Peace... 1996
  • Romneynejad: We didn't have gays in the 1960s
    • I like this announcement put out by Romney in cowboy boots. "Gov. Perry’s unwavering commitment to defending the sanctity of marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman.”

      Republican Catholic Newt Gingrich responded, "One're kidding, right? I've had three wives and Rush has had four."

      Mormon Republican Mitt Romney said, "I'm not sure we should limit it to 'One' woman or that the 'woman' has to be fourteen years old..that goes against my religous beliefs.But I am definately against gays getting married."

  • New Israeli government likely won't launch Iran attack
    • Of course Israel will not attack Iran. The Israeli Defense Force only attacks populations or countries who only have minimal to no way of retaliating against their vicious attacks.

      Prime example, last year IDF thugs/terrorist boarded a ship carrying aid to Gaza. In the slaughter that followed, terrorfied innoncent aid workers, who had no weapons, were fired upon and taken captive by these macho henchmen, a clear violation of international law.

      Palestinians see their homes bulldozed and land stolen on a regular basis, while the IDF hovers ready to kill any Palestinian willing to stand up to Israel's unrestrained tyranny.

      No sir, Israeli leaders have already let it be known that it would be best to get the Americans to fight another proxy war, rather than see young Jewish men coming home in body bags.

  • Why India blew Hillary Clinton off about Iran
    • Hillary must be getting tired of stamping her foot and demanding...

      Mr. Karzai you must end corruption and give women equal rights!

      Mr. Assad you must step down!

      India...You cannot trade with Iran!

      And their collective response...Yawn!

  • No, Virginia, Iran isn't in Bed with Al-Qaeda (Abbotabad Trove)
    • "And say, finally, whether peace is best preserved by giving energy to the government or information to the people. This last is the most legitimate engine of government. Educate and inform the whole mass of people. Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them. And it requires no very high degree of education to convince them of this. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

      It seems Mr. Jefferson never encountered Mr. May and his band or bloodthirsty neocons who would pervert this notion of educating the people, by printing lies (Torture is a good thing and Iraq and Iran are part of the Axis of Evil) and false statements (LIES) to promote continued hatred for all Muslims, while Israel gets a free pass for operating an open air prison in Gaza and killing innocent aid workers.

  • Romney wants to Fight Whole Muslim World, not Concentrate on Bin Laden
    • Our nation is $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and counting and Romney is focusing in on tax cuts for the 1% and waging unwinnable proxy wars for Israel that only serves to fan the flames of hatred for this country.

      Sen. Coburn was on Morning Joe pushing his new book entitled The Debt Bomb. He thinks a twenty trillion deficit is about the point when the world starts backing off on funding our debt. His take is that politicians don't give a damn about this country or it's military.He point blank said that career politicans only care about getting re-elected and collecting their pensions. We're doomed.

  • Israeli Security Elite Slams Netanyahu, sidetracks War on Iran
    • I saw where Netanyahu's father died. After reading the elder Netanyau's bio it's easy to see where the son got his all war-all the time ideas from.

      Speaking of war...fifteen US soldiers died this week in Afghanistan. All of these men had mothers, fathers left behind to mourn their death. Some of these dead soldiers had brothers, sisters, wives and children who will never speak to them again because of a senseless, stupid war that no one the neocons and war profiteers.

      Which brings us back to the fat little man with the bad comb over and his quest to involve us into another needless war that will kill more soldiers and innocent civilians. Netanyahu should be declared insane!

  • Rubio Calls for War on Iran, Syria-- as Israeli Army Rejects Strike
    • It angers and depresses me that no one is allowed on national television to utter the remarks made in this post. Only the hawks are allowed on the Sunday morning talk shows or programs like Morning Joe. Although Sunday's 60 Minutes should be interesting.

      I was interested in one comment Prof. Cole made, that being "Iran is often a bad character in the middle east." I must admit that since the demonazation of Iran by neocons began I have sound myself defending their right to have a nuclear program.

      To my knowledge Iran hasn't, in the last several hundred years, invaded two soverign countries as in the case of our own country. Iran certainly hasn't rained down death and destruction upon millions of civilians in the middle east killing innocent men, women and children. Iran has not unleash deadly drones on unsuspecting populations with the samll percentage hope of killing someone they think might be a terrorist. Iran doesn't steal land or starve Palestinians in order to force the native population to leave their homeland. At least by those standards,Iran seems to be rather passive.

  • Top Ten Reasons Israel tried to Censor Bob Simon's Report on Palestinian Christians
    • I'm shocked this is coming from what is normally AIPAC's mouthpiece..60 Minutes.

  • David Frum on Gasoline Prices and Iran (bzzzt Wrong)
    • Frum, who would never stoop to wearing a military uniform, except maybe for the IDF, is one cog in the Israeli lobby wheel bent on pushing the US into waging another unnecessary proxy war for Israel.

      I pray that one day the US public will realize that neocons such as Mr. Frum, Joe Lieberman, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cohen, Bill Kristol, Chuck Schumer, to name a few, do not have this country's best interest at heart.

  • Danish Ambassador Asks Israel for Explanation of Assault on Peace Activist (Video)
    • The IDF has a history of going ballistic against unarmed civilians. Remember when the aid ships were boarded by IDF resulting in the deaths of several people? The IDF had the balls to claim the aid workers were terrorist...and the US stood silent or actually supported Israel's vicious acts of brutality. Look for the response from Israel to be that the Danes were carrying semi-automatic weapons.

  • It's Springtime in Kabul for the Taliban
    • 10 years of war, thousands of troops killed and maimed, billions of dollars pumped into a drug infested third world country and we have this to show for our efforts. The Taliban is creating a new front in order to keep the US dollars flowing. That's just great.

      My senator Lindsey Graham is still saying, "If we just stay the course, we can win this thing." Translated into neocon speak...When Iran is bombed this year we will have 100,000 troops next door.

  • China hopeful Iran will compromise with the UNSC
    • I would love to see this happen. A settlement would mean that oil would settle down leaving neocons who bought oil futures, thinking they would make billions after an attack on Iran, with a heafty loss.

      One problem, Israel will not allow Obama to talk with Iran and may not accept a UN deal. Seems our BFF in the middle east only wants to push us into another war.

      Interesting read yesterday about Russia sending troops to the Georgian border. The article suggest, should the US or Israel attack Iran, Russia is set to attack Georgia in order to protect supply lines in the region. Yet another reason to fear the Israeli push to bomb Iran will rival the fiasco they fostered in Iraq. What an ally!

  • Syrian Civil War Kills 160, Spills over onto Lebanon, Turkey; Will US Intervene?
    • Let's take a moment and reflect on our interventions during the past ten years....OK now imagine our troops being the guy who breaks up a fight between a husband and wife, only to have them both turn on him.

      Just for starters, who are we going to support. Who will replace Assad? What kind of military intervention would it be and how long...especially if the Kagans do the pre and post war planning.

  • What We Lost in Iraq and Washington (Van Buren)
    • This reminds me of the book I am currently reading...Michael Hastings "The Operators" which details McCrystal's disfunctinal administration of the war in Afghanistan.

      Three quotes stood out while reading the book yesterday...

      1...The fabricated enemy known as the Taliban is not a unified military force that would wage war against the US, but more of a disjointed group of warlords protecting their own tribal areas.

      2...The admission by senior military officials who confess the war in Afghanistan CANNOT be won militarily.

      3...Senior military officials admit if they had sons old enough to join the army they would not want them serving in Afghanistan. In other words, they wouldn't want their sons to die for corrupted drug lords who pose no threat to this country.

      Nine soldiers died last week in Afghanistan, and for what?

  • Rafsanjani: Iran does not Want Nukes, Should improve relations with US, Saudi
    • We can do for Iran what we did for Iraq. Latest report...

      At least 14 Iraqis were killed and 33 more were wounded in a string of attacks.

      A car bomb targeting the police chief killed six civilians and wounded at least 14 more in Duluiya.

      Four people were killed and three more were wounded during a blast in Hamdaniya.

      A bomb killed one person and wounded another in Shurta.

      Gunmen in Khalis killed a civilian.

      In Kirkuk, teenager’s beaten and strangled body was found.

      A sticky bomb killed a police office in Tikrit.

      In Mosul, a college student threw a grenade at the dean, but wounded two fellow students instead; four guards and a professor were also injured.

      Three females were wounded during a blast in Buhriz.

      In Baquba, a sticky bomb planted on a Sahwa member’s car wounded three people.

      A guard was wounded in Najaf during an attack on Mohammed Baqir al-Hakeem’s shrine. A civilian was wounded in a similar attack at the Shaheed al-Mihrab Shrine.

  • Iraq Slams Saudis, Qataris for Plans to Arm Syrian Rebels
    • This morning ABC lead off by reporting "Hillary Clinton is demanding that Assad step down." It just cracks me up when Hillary does that "Did you hear what I said...You have to leave...NOW!!!" routine.

      Madame Secreatary, how about demanding that Palestinians be able to keep their land,farm,build homes, import medicine and live without fear of oppression.

  • Medvedev slams Romney for "Number one Enemy" Slur
    • Don't these religious people ever practice what they preach, like blessed are the peacemakers, turn the other cheeck, love your enemies? They are always scaring everyone with their talk of war while demonizing everyone from Russia to Iran, which I suppose is necessary to justify trillions of dollar spent on defense.

  • Basic Facts on Clothing and Murder for American Bigots
    • Check this out. Mr.Fish nails it.

      link to

    • In the eyes of crack Fox News analyst Geraldo, it's OK for an idiot like Zimmerman to be patroling the neighborhood with a firearm, but not for a young black kid to wear a hooded jacket.

      Geraldo's blame the victim comment sounds very similar to "Well if she wasn't wearing that short skirt she would never have been raped!"

  • Geraldo wears the Hoodies he Blames for Shooting
    • Geraldo..."I feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their children safe."

      Wow! Now I understand that your statement blaming the murder victim for his own murder is really helping be better parents.

      Sounds about right for a Fox News analyst.

  • SBC's Land: Romney's Mormonism "Like Islam" (Here we go Again)
    • I'll bet this dick in knocking down a couple of million a year(blessed are the poor was not meant for clergy)and supports bombing Iran (Blessed are the peacemakers does not apply to the US)all the while wearing thousand dollar suits and having his swept back hair style attended to by a personal barber. The sad part is that it's all paid for by "The sheep" in his congregation.

  • India Trade Delegation Bucks US Sanctions on Iran
  • Despite Negative Hype, Green Energy Revenues Rapidly Expanding
    • Growing pains indeed. In South Carolina a company from Conn.told churches and schools that their company would give them the solar panels if they paid for the labor to install. Churches and schools have been looking for a way to reduce their, sometimes, staggering energy bills.

      In steps utility company South Carolina Electric and Gas, who said to the solar panel comapany."hold're creating energy and you have to be licensed to do that." A stop order was placed on all of their projects and the company left the state.

  • US Public to Israel's Likud: On Iran, Negotiate or you are on Your Own
    • Last Sunday my rage erputed while watching Chuck Schumer and my own senator Lindsey Graham on ABC's This Week. Shumer said in a very smug fashion, "If sanctions don't work...we'll have to use force." I began shouting at the TV, in typical Archie Bunker fashion..."No we don't! There is no evidence that Iran, unlike Israel, is developing a nuclear arsenal."

      Schumer made it sound so nonchalant, as if there would be no adverse consequences resulting in bombing a soverign country. He was not the least bit concerned that oil would skyrocket over two hundred dollars a barrel, and lapdog George Stephanopolous didn't bother to press him.

      When the subject turned to Afghanistan, Lindsey Graham continued his rhetoric, "We can win this thing in Afghanistan." Ten years and he still thinks there is still a "victory" to be had in that mud hut, goat farm known as Afghanistan.

      I pray these polls reflect an awakening of the American public.

  • Cheney afraid to speak in "Dangerous" Canada
    • Jonah and Bill Kristol should be on the first bomber that enters Iran's air space. You can bet they would be screaming like little girls!

    • I put Cheney right up there with Joe and Avigdor Lieberman. I hope the day will come when Cheney will be convicted of war crimes, along with his little buddy W.

  • Afghans to US Military: Be at Least a Little Ashamed
    • For the last ten years when innocent Afghan or families in Pakistan have been killed, they are usually referred to as "Collateral damage," as if they were farm animals.

      This latest mass murder will not bode well for our forces, Which makes me want to lash out at Bush/Cheney and the neocons who got us into this mess and yell...Are you happy now! Is this the results of your Project for a New American Century?

  • Changing Iran's Nuclear Calculation with Green Energy: Buonomo
    • "The first two arguments can only be rebutted if the U.S. makes the offer, presenting Iran with generous terms demonstrating goodwill and respect for a proud and sovereign nation."

      That won't happen here in the land of all war...all the time.Senators Graham, McCain and Joe Liberman have introduce legislation that basically says, the president can make no concessions with Iran. In other words, "Get the hell out of our way with your peace talks. We want WAR!!"

  • Romney ads anger Latinos, Slam Santorum for Sotomayor Vote
    • Romney just doesn't miss a chance to shoot himself in the foot. You would think that Romney's Mexican heritage might give him an in with hispanics, but then bringing up his connections with Mexico might not sit well with Sheriff Joe Arpaio constituency.

  • Obama slams GOP for casual war talk re Iran, stresses Costs
    • I would like to see Obama mandate that Joe Lieberman, McCain,Cantor and Lindsey Graham be passengers in the first bombers entering Iranian airspace.

  • McCain: Bomb Syria; But Iraq and Russia oppose Intervention
  • Libya Seeking Qaddafi Assets Abroad: Mathiason & Serle
    • Any chance anyone will look for the billions missing in Iraq and Afghanistan? Probably not. After being sworn in Obama said "I'm not looking back", at which time GW Bush, Cheney, Doug Feith, the CIA and the entire Iraq War group breathed a collective sigh of relief.

  • Top Ten Dangers for Obama of Iran Sanctions on behalf of Israel
    • By your reasoning Germany, Italy and Japan should still allied owned territory.

    • Richard Haas was on Morning Joe spreading the fear of a nuclear Iran. What is so frustrating is that there is no Juan Cole or Glenn Greenwald to refute the pro-war talking points. Joe sat their like a stooge as Haas demonized a great American, Gen. Dempsey, for daring to say that Iran is a rational player who would not cut it's on throat by attacking Israel.

      Your comment... "Israeli agents of influence attempt to keep Americans talking about anything but Israel’s own ongoing crimes against humanity with regard to the Palestinians" hits the nail on the head. With Iran allowing inspectors in and asking for talks, once again, the neocons who control our foreign policy will not take yes for an answer. There must be continued chaos among arab and persian countries while Israel uses a stealth slight of hand trick and devours more Palestinian land.

  • Dear President Obama: On Iran, Listen to the Israelis, not the Likud
    • With the Republicans still in search of their dream candidate....May I offer a suggestion. I propose they take a long hard look at the man who is already in control of our foreign policy. A man who can make both republican and democrats quake in their Gucci loafters. A man who makes John McCain look like Ghandi. That man is Bibi Netanyahu. Yes, Bibi for president of the United States of America.(I'm sure that thing about being a natural citizen can be waived.)

      Adding to Netanyahu's foreign policy experience (She can see Russia from her home)should be the Grizzley mom...Sarah Palin. Their slogan...We have a military...why not use it!!! Instead of drill, dirll , drill...let's kill, kill, kill!

      What a dream ticket for the neocons.For the rest of us...not so good.

  • Dear MSM: Andrew Breitbart was not a Blogger

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