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  • Disgust as Corporate Media and DC Politicians Gush Over Trump's New War
    • Brings back images of that infamous 'shock and awe' some fourteen years ago. The media still beats the drums of war! Not even an acknowledgement that this might be a violation of international law! It's like no other nation exists! I feel almost ashamed to be an American at times like this. This is why we desperately need an alternative to the two major corporate, war-mongering party. There's some differences around the edges in domestic matters, but in the subservience to their corporate masters, including war profiteers, there's not a dime's worth of difference!

  • Poll: Majority of Jewish Israelis oppose ending 50-year military occupation
  • The Russian Job: The Plot Thickens
    • I'm still waiting for the there there. We tried to influence Russian elections in the Yeltsin era - and we stuck our tongue out at Russia after the Cold War, and commenced to encircle them, after promising not to. Look, countries hire lobbyists to influence on their behalf. What's the problem?! Until I see a smoking gun, I wish this country would move on discuss serious issues like truly universal health care and climate change. These truly matter in our everyday life. Raising the tensions with Russia over this 'fake' news is not worthy of great democracy coping with serious problems!

  • Questions about Judgment: Trump appointed Flynn in the First Place
    • This story just feeds the hysteria about Russia. I don't see its great significance. No one came close tom be prosecuted under the Logan Act. Obama met with foreign leaders before he was President. I know he was a Senator, but still...

      This plus the dossier nonsense plus the election hacking, of which we don't hear much anymore is all a bunch of garbage - to distract from more serious issues.

      I hate Trump, but come on!! Let's talk about. the Labor appointment, climate change , pipelines, etc.. We need to keep things in perspective!

  • The Inauguration of White Supremacy
    • I was hoping this 'carnage has got to stop' referred to America's war crimes, but, of course, it was his usual loose talk. I guess it alluded to the imagined raging wars in our streets and the supposed diminution of America's esteem in the world. Both of those things will only increase under Trump's leadership. I'll sure miss Obama's careful use of the English language, even though his policies left a lot to be desired!

  • Trump feuds with Merkel, EU, BMW, NATO, China, CIA but not with Putin
    • As much as I dislike Trump, I don't see why we need vilify Russia. We've interfered openly in their elections in the '90s in support of Yeltsin. We promised to restrict the eastward expansion, and now we're at Russia's door. So understandably they're not happy with us. Not until I see compelling proof will I believe in this hacking our elections business. To me it's a cover for the failure of the Democrats as well as fuel for the bellicosity of McCain and Graham and their ilk. I'm not saying Russia didn't hack, but I need proof. I don't trust our intelligence leaders. Clapper lied before Congress. One of their job descriptions is to be deceitful!

  • Trump adviser reiterates pledge to move US embassy to Jerusalem
    • So what have the Palestinians got from playing nice with the Americans (and Israelis) and cooperating with the security apparatus. They got money, which probably supported keeping the Palestinians in their place. Did they get any closer to statehood or independence, or proper absorption into the state of Israel? I think it's time to break with the fiction! To coin a phrase of that bigot Trump, what do they got to lose!? Just their shackles!

  • Is Jimmy Carter right that Obama should Recognize Palestine?
    • I don't think Obama has the courage to do this, as it will fly in the face of the majority in his party. Yes, Adelson and the like will turn to Trump. Netanyahu likes him already - and Trump's actually thinking of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Hopefully he might be realistic enough to refrain from inflaming the Arab (and Muslim) world even more. Unless other allies, like the EU, UK, perhaps the Saudi's and Egypt, make waves, I unfortunately don't see progress on this front. I do appreciate Carter's advice; he's our best ex-president by far!

  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • You're 100% right about the hard work between elections, though I do believe there's more going on then we realize. I mean the mainstream media won't show it. They pushed Johnson 'cause he's not much of a threat to the elite, especially after that Aleppo moment, but there was no way Jill was going to get exposure with her strong stances on climate change and Palestinian rights.

      What I really meant here, and especially considering the results of the election, what an opportunity to build a party that might have got thirty or forty percent. It's true it would have almost guaranteed a Trump presidency, but given what happened anyway ....One can dream!

    • More likely slick Willy's in the 90s, eliminating Glass-Steagall, deregulations of Telecomm industry, commodity trading. 'W' continued it with the greatest of ease, it started in the 80s and reached a peak under Bill Clinton. It's devastating as it's enriched the one percent at the expense of the 99%. The Dems talk a good game, but they only deliver on social issues, which don't impact big business. On populist economic issues you get clap trap about just wages and fairness, but it's nothing more than trickle down economics in essence. This extends internationally too with our imperialist wars, enriching the arms industries, and even domestically to prisons., Now we'll see if Trump takes it a step farther to allow unrestricted drilling on federal lands, as he's promised. Can the National Parks be far behind?! Both parties are as guilty as sin of neo-liberalism!

    • One quote: " Why have nuclear weapons if we won't use them!". That says what we're up against. Another ignoramus, like 'W', manipulated by a new set of neocons. At least hopefully the vilification of Russia will cease. The Dems are better only on social issues. Both parties believe in American exceptionalism and dominance. Both are in bed with the Corporate elite. The worst part of Trump, of course, is the unpredictability of his actions! Makes me wistful for what Bernie would have given us! Also, Juan, you were pushing for Clinton. This shows you were wrong. The American people instinctively know authenticity, or lack thereof. Sanders getting aboard after all the bashing in the primaries just plain stunk! You may call it realism, but lost call it raw (and unpalatable) politics. He could and should have allied with Jill Stein and we would finally have a powerful third party!!

  • Israel’s Blockade of Gaza is Inherently Violent
    • I think the context here is clear. The U.S. runs interference for Israel. The EU and the UN are pretty much in the pocket of the US. They're afraid to say 'Boo'. Only if Russia and China can act here to force the issue, as they're both battling the US on other fronts.

      Short of that I don't know what's left for the Gazans (or Palestinians in general). Legally I don't know if they can declare independence unilaterally and force the issue that way. Even most of the Arab states are against them, with Egypt and the PA serving as enforcers for Israel. We can just hope that France's initiative for an international conference, or the BRIC nations will hold out some hope for the long-suffering Palestinians. Politics here in the states is just not there yet and won't be for the foreseeable future.

  • Trump says Clinton will Start WW III with Russia, but Moscow Disagrees
    • You took my words, George. She is unhinged sometime, like her elation at the gruesome death of Qaddafi. Yes, she knows how to compromise, but I wouldn't bet on it. I know Zhirinovski isn't speaking for Putin, but he thinks we're talking WWlll with HRC. As we speak we're tightening the grip on Russia with an increase in NATO forces on its border. Putin won't flinch, so it'll be up to Hillary! She'll escalate somewhere, Whether it's in Syria or somewhere else is anyone's guess. The US won't accept a back seat to anyone. The empire can't brook such a humiliating defeat! And right now we're like a counter puncher who's run out of steam.

  • Khizr Khan campaign ad for Hillary Clinton finishes off Trump
    • I must differ with you on when a country is allowed under international law to go to war. Only when it's attacked or when the UN Security Council votes a Chapter 7 threat to peace. In this case the UNSC voted explicitly against the war. Other than those circumstances the war would be deemed illegal. You can't just attack a country because you don't like the leader or you THINK he may have some bad weapons! Equally important the worst war crime of all is conducting an illegal war, more so than battlefield atrocities.

      I mean our hearts go out to the Khan and the thousands of other American families as well as the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families, but that's quite separate from the prosecution of the war itself.

    • The big problem with both criminal ventures - Vietnam and Iraq - was that there was no accountability. We talk about them as mistakes, and not crimes. Black African leaders get carted off to the Hague, while Bush (and LBJ before him) get to enjoy their retirements.

      True one needs to be sensitive to the great losses suffered by our Gold Star parents, but let's not lose sight of the bigger picture.

      Oh yes, Trump is a buffoon and worse, and deserves to be rejected, but let's not let off both criminal parties. In Trump's own stupid rating system, Clinton is a three and Trump is a one. Pretty pathetic!

  • Will Turkey, Iran & Iraq make the Mosul Campaign a Land Grab?
    • Syria has already said they would attack Turkish forces if the latter attack the Kurds, so Turkey really has limited options there. I agree there are better pickings in Iraq, but I don't think their relations with the Peshmerga is good.

      I do take issue with your characterization of the 'infamous' Sadr. Why? Because he was fervently anti-American after the start of that criminal war in '03. He did try to unite with the Sunni in their opposition to the Americans. If he had his way we might not have had all the sectarian bloodshed that followed.

  • Trump Campaign: The Donald's 5-Point Plan to Defeat Islam
    • I do think the corporate media and our government are quite happy with a populace that believes that Saddam was involved with 9/11 and that climate change is a hoax, perpetrated by the Chinese or 'tree huggers' or whomever .r ....

  • The Mosul Campaign and the 3rd Presidential Debate
    • How come you didn't mention, Professor, Hillary's statement where she would go to Raqqa when ISIL was defeated in Mosul? Does she mean the no-fly zone, or something more ominous? Also I'm no lover of Assad, but why doesn't the West mention the indiscriminate bombing of west Aleppo by the terrorists, including these so-called moderates? Assad may be a terrorists, but I believe more Syrians would prefer him to Al Nusra, ISIL and the others.

      As a sidebar this vilification of Russia is insane. I'm with Trump on this. We've seen the politicization of our federal agencies from Nixon to 'W' to Obama, so pardon me for my skepticism towards our 17 intelligence agencies!

  • ISIL Boasts: America will go down to defeat in the Streets of Mosul
    • This is a amalgam of groups with different agenda. It's far from the organized front that's displayed in the mainstream. The Kurds want to shore up its minority population in the city. The Sunnis want to protect their own, Shia militia and Iraqi army got its goals. Even Turkey got a force not too far from Mosul. The US' air-power will probably be the decisive factor, which means the city could end up in shambles like Ramadi! This will be a real complex operation, that will probably lead to further disintegration of the country, more than the end to this barbaric, nihilist group. I haven't even mentioned the humanitarian crisis of the one million plus civilians in the city!

  • US Goes to War with Houthis in Yemen (Openly)
    • Also under international law the U.S. is subject to war crimes prosecution if it provides material support for war crimes, as evidenced by Saudi's continual bombing of civilian targets! I mean, on the one hand they want the Syrians and Russians charged for their bombing of civilians, yet they're quiet about the Saudis!

  • Russia and Turkey Make up: What implications for Syria, Kurds?
    • So true. Even with the disastrous wars of the last 15 years, where we spent trillions and got an Iraq and Libya in turmoil and a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, the US wants to double down in Syria as well as put new bases all over Africa. I just wonder when the American people will stop being hoodwinked. Of course, it'll happen when it hits their pocket book and their standard of living.

    • The US is in a world of hurt. The Philippines (with it's crazy leader) is bailing. Turkey is moving over to the enemy. All that's left is the butcher Saudi Arabia, which the UN is accusing of war crimes and outcast Israel. The EU is fractured over support for the US sanctions. Germany wants out. The US is quickly becoming a wounded giant, flush with cash, but with dwindling influence. It'll need to use its cash more and more to solidify its alliances. This means the US people will take it on the chin again, with the needs of the people, like investments in infrastructure, on the back burner. We need to wake up and say no to Empire and the military-industrial complex!

  • Syria Quagmire: Has Russia Accomplished anything in a year of Bombing?
    • RT, Russia's version of CNN, pretty much says that Assad is the champion of the people and the rightful, internationally recognized leader of Syria. The Gulf states, Turkey and US surrogates are propping up the opposition. Sounds like the US and its cronies are backing the losers. When they lose eastern Aleppo, the opposition will have the eastern desert, while Assad's forces control the population centers. Can someone explain to me what the US is after other than supporting Israel's opposition to Iran and its allies? The UN as the forum for the nations of the world should not act as the US' puppet, but support the Assad government. What legal claim does Al-Nusra or ISIS or the so-called moderates have?! Yes, there needs to be reform, but not this tectonic nightmare. The US stirring up the pot is just plain stupid and it pretty easily could get us close to WWIII!

  • Vote For Hillary Clinton Or Die in a Fiery Apocalypse: A Letter To Young Progressives
    • Ok, I'm NOT a Millennial. I'm at the other end of the spectrum - a baby boomer. I've seen the greatest threat to the peace of the world from Vietnam-to Central America to Iraq and Libya. What worse can America do to the world? Oh, yes, start a war (nuclear at that) with Russia. And our wonderful mainstream media is starting the drumbeat like in 2002 and 2003. For American who believe we are the shining light on the hill and other fantasies, then yes, the status quo will do just fine, but us who seek justice in a world where our country tries to get along with the rest of the world rather than dominate, I think we need a new paradigm! Vote Jill and give our kids a chance!

  • Obama: End terrorism like that in New York by Destroying ISIL in Mosul, Iraq
    • ISIL is as much an idea of justice for the Sunni as a nihilist ideology, so I doubt its 'destruction' in Mosul will have a big impact on terrorism over here. Justice and stability in the ME would prove much more helpful Since the US is a major purveyor of death and instability over there, I think the future over here is kind of bleak.

  • "Pigs! Crusaders!": US-Backed Fundamentalist Militias drive US Commandos out of al-Ray, Syria
    • I didn't think America's ME misadventure could get any crazier, but now I see it can and it had. I mean we're allied with the Turks, the YPG and the FSA, who are fighting one another. We've even toyed with the idea of fighting Daesh with the Russians. I'm closer to the conclusion that the U.S.' penchant for war is pathological or just that it's serving its corporate masters. Is ther any rhyme or reason to this madness?!

  • What did we buy with the $5 Trillion that the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have cost us?
    • Eisenhower's warning about the military-industrial complex has never looked more accurate. I have a feeling these relationships with business and , more and more, with universities will drive this perennial war. What bothers me so much is that the American people don't seem to care. Hillary's war-mongering is hardly discussed. It's like a discussion of foreign policy is off the table. No matter how important domestic policy and Supreme Court appointments are, to me they pale in comparison to our penchant for global domination and our devotion to fossil fuels, two subjects not discussed here. Whys is the European public so much more mature in facing up to these issues. I mean they're almost at the point of skewering Blair for his Iraq adventures. At least 50 percent of all the American people belong in that 'basket of deplorables'.

  • Iran and Hizbullah Welcome Kerry-Lavrov Syria Ceasefire
    • I'm not sure how this will work when some of the strongest rebels are excluded. I mean the groups allied with Al Nusra. There are dozens of groups. It sounds like a good idea to end the carnage, but Assad will stay in power; the Russians got their objective and the Americans can save face (sort of). And they might even be 'allies'. Now that's really scary!

  • Clinton: No US ground troops in Iraq, Syria; Trump: Steal Iraqi Oil
    • If US enters a civil war on one side or another, it deserves to be attacked. Hezbollah and Hamas are freedom-fighters, NOT terrorists.

  • The most Left Wing Supreme Court in a Generation? Sec. Clinton's most important Progressive Prospect
    • For me it's Clinton's horrible foreign policy with the penchant for military intervention versus her tolerable domestic policy, including the SCOTUS issue. All this against the neo-fascism of the Republicans. I keep asking myself why can't we have an alternative to the two. I'm tired of the old line that a vote for a third party is a vote for that that horrible Republican or that horrible Democrat. Bernie has lost and his ideas will be buried by the machine. Like you said, platforms are almost meaningless. I feel it's time to end this attempt at dominating the world. I feel it's time to take the environment seriously and adopt a carbon tax and ban fracking. Hillary supporters are just worshiping at the cult of personality.

  • Israel-First McCarthyism: Cuomo's vow to spy on, punish BDS Activists in long Tradition
    • I am curious, Professor Cole, why you object to sanctioning Israel proper? It's the real cause of the statelessness of the Palestinians and the usurpation of their lands and resources. Worse than the blacks in South Africa! Is your position based on morality, legality or just practicality?

  • Iran's Pres. Rouhani may have parliamentary backing, but can he remake Iran?
    • I think we're pretty much undercutting Rouhani, by hostile acts like not implementing sanction relief as promised and by suing Iran for its involvement in 'terrorism'. The U.S. is involved in so-called terrorism at least as much as Iran.

  • Winning in Losing: How Sanders pushed Clinton to the Left
    • He may not have been a warmonger, but the US back then gloated in it 'victory' in the Cold War and proceeded to contain Russia by moving the forces of NATO eastward, contrary to promises at the time. That led to the current resurgence of Russia and will pose real problems for the next presidency. I fear Clinton's reaction here even more so than Trump.

    • I don't believe a word she says. Nothing about her smacks of authenticity. From her shrill tones to her u-turns on apologies issues. With her we're likely to get into a HOT war with Russia as well as more nightmares in the ME. I'm going GREEN!

  • Majority of Palestinian Youth support Violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation, despair of state of their own
    • First, Israel is not shy about saying the Palestinians aren't getting a homeland any time soon, and equally important, no country is acting as an honest arbiter in compelling Israel to fulfill its international obligations. This is a sure recipe for a real disaster. It's only a matter of WHEN!

  • What GOP New Yorkers just voted for: Torture, Syria Intervention, murder of innocents
    • At the risk of appearing to let this blustery windbag off the hook, this is all a consequence of the ideology of American Exceptionalism, where the U.S. can play by different rules than the rest of the world. Don't let Hillary (or Obama) off the hook for their support for our extrajudicial executions by Drone warfare or their support for the terrorist acts by the Saudis in Yemen or the Israelis in the occupied territories of Palestine. I doubt a Trump presidency will be that much worse than a Clinton one. A dose of realism will temper his rhetoric, once in office.

  • Negotiations, "Elections," and al-Qaeda's assault on Syrian Ceasefire
    • I must be missing something, but how can there be a viable ceasefire when some parties (like Al Qaeda and ISIS) are not invited. I'm not a fan of either, but still something is missing in this equation. Since the West is orchestrating this, it'll turn to s*** like everything else in the ME it gets involved in. Al Nusra (and probably ISIS too) have a pretty large contingent and needed to be somehow included, even if the other parties end up uniting against them. They just can't be ignored!

  • Int'l Criticism mounts over massive Israeli 'land grab' in Palestinian West Bank
    • "Words, words, words all I hear is words" to paraphrase a great American musical! Nothing new hear! When I see action like against Apartheid in South Africa, then I'll take this international community seriously, Like Professor Cole said himself, this is worst than Apartheid. The Blacks had more protections than the Palestinians!

  • Rubio's 7 Fallacies on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    • Bravo for debunking myths about Israel's relations with the Palestinians! They've become a priori truisms in this country, unchallenged by our craven, cowardly media!

      One thing I will say is that you go a little overboard against Trump. He is a braggart and bully, but he's refreshingly candid. So unfiltered that he often speaks the next day almost forgetting what he said before. This being said, I would prefer him to any of the doctrinaire Republican candidates. And since i don't trust Hillary at all, I am in a quandary there ...

  • Foreign Policy Winners and Losers in Iowa
    • Can anyone explain why Blacks and Latinos have a 'thing' for the Clintons? Is it that 'Sick Willy' played the sax?!

      I mean how many have suffered when he kicked them off of welfare in the mid-90s! How about the mass incarerations from the insane drug wars! The repeal of Glass-Steagall screwed everyone equally -except the1%!

      Bernie would be so much better for all the disenfranchised, including Blacks and Latinos! Somehow myths have a life of their own!!!

  • ISIL/ Daesh Threatens to attack Saudi Arabia after Executions
    • I'm with Daesh on this one! Hopefully in the end they destroy each other, but not only is Saudi Arabia a brutal and arbitrary dictatorship, whos is on it last legs as its economy heads south, but it's a de facto ally of Israel!

  • Top 7 Middle East Foreign Policy Challenges in 2016
    • Wise policies indeed, professor Cole! As for #3 internal politics will not permit this, especially in an election year. AIPAC is like the NRA, beyond confrontation. I think the American people would be ready for some tough talk to our Israeli friends, but not our Congress (or our media). Just look at the attack in Tel Aviv. Our MSM treated it look like it happened in one of our 50 states. Israel can be considered our 51st.

      Obama would be afraid of putting the Democrats in jeopardy, even supposing his ME opinions are more balanced.

      Bravo for pointing out the contrast between King and Obama! King was so brilliant in pointing out our racist and militaristic policies, ans showing the connections between them. After all, Obama is just another politician when all is said and done. Not in Dr King's league!

  • Did Obama Really “Surrender the Middle East to Putin?”
    • Who the H___ is this cheerleader for Obama!? For one the drone campaign has turned more Muslims into the arms of ISIS than the so-called terrorists it killed. One estimate is that out of 216 kills, only 35 were intended targets. That's not a good statistic. No, the U.S. isn't winning in the big picture. Even after ISIS is long gone there'll be successors who don't want Big Brother making the rules!

  • 6 US Troops killed by Taliban Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan
    • This venture is a complete failure, where the Taliban is as stong as ever and ISIS has a foothold. It's amazing how the West rewrites history. The MSM shows how our 'alliance' with the Iraqi army is a vindication of our invasion of Iraq. Likewise the establishment of Afghan elections and some marginal gains for women show how the US is a kind and benevolent power. Where's any word on the devastation and mass murder As long as US crimes escape justice that long will ISIS (or its successor) retaliate!

  • Angered that EU labels Squatter W. Bank Products, Israel suspends EU from "Peace Process"
    • It's great to see a little daylight between the U.S. and its European allies. Hopefully this trend will continue!
      I am a little alarmed at Israel opening an embassy in the UAE. That's a step in the wrong direction in isolating Israel.

  • Turkey reels as Putin imposes Stiff Economic Sanctions
    • Is Turkey that POed over Russia's support for Assad? The war against ISIS is not as big in the East as it is in the West.

  • 'Very Soon' US forces will Arrive in Syria; Russia bombs near Turkey
    • So are these YPG fighters the new Syrian 'moderates' to take control of the future Syria. These countries in Vienna have been 'resolving' the civil war without an acceptable (and VIABLE) force on the gound.

      Sure ISIS needs to be confronted militarily, but the short-sighted 'coalition' is clobbering them in Syria, while they're enhancing recruitment by its drone warfare. Statistics came out that out of 216 killed, only 35 were the intended targets. Yet nothing about this in our MSM!

  • Palestinians need hope, not calm
    • Great article. Only Aljazeera (and probably RT) among the media in the US talks about 'Occupied Palestinian territory'. The MSM talks, at best, about two sides competing for the same land, presumably with equal justice based on different histories. No mention of the international determination that the West Bank and Gaza are OCCUPIED, and that the occupiers are not allowed to move its citizens into occupied territory according to the Geneva Conventions.

      So frustrating being Jewish in the US with most of my friends believing that Israel is the aggrieved party. 'Thosa Arab savages need to accept Israel's primacy in whatever land they want!' The debate is still one-sedied here, though it's slowly changing. I didn't think Apartheid be uprooted in South Africa, but the march of history towards freedom worked its way to correct an injustice and will likewise do its job in Palestine.

  • Why Obama and Putin are Both Wrong on Syria
    • The US is doing anything it can to stay relevant, kind of flailing about like a drunken, powerful bully. That means pretty much supporting its Saudi and Israeli allies, and to a lesser extent Egypt.

      They're clueless in Syria, and almost that bad in Iraq,except there's a better delineation of 'bad' guys and 'good' guys there. What really gets me about Iraq is that Obama talks about it just happening and not we were the culpits nor that there needs to be some accountability. Every time I hear him talk about violations of international law, like in Ukraine, I have to laugh and wonder if he really believes it himself. As Putin alluded to in 60 Minutes this exceptionalism is a crock and needs to be countered at every turn.

  • Aqsa Crisis: PM Netanyahu wants Israeli Forces to use Live Fire against Rock Throwing Demonstrators
    • It's incredible how our MSM ignores this story completely. It only reports on Israel's response to 'terrorist' attasks, like the rockets from Gaza. It'll only change when the U.S. (and Israel) get more and more isolated. A good start would be Corbyn becoming PM In the UK!

  • Sanders surges in Iowa as Clinton faces Enthusiasm Gap
    • The Bern is great, except on foreign policy. I wish he was a little more like Corbyn. Of course criticism of Israel is the real third rail of American politics.

  • Israeli Policies could make Gaza uninhabitable in 5 years: UN
    • Israel has said they won't give up any land and that they want to put the Gazans on a diet and mow them like grass. So keep on blaming Hamas! One day maybe the world will wake up and confront the biggest terrorist nation of all!

  • Obama: We don't have a "complete strategy" against ISIL
    • Obama, true to being a wishy-washy politician, needed to say, that when Abadi reconciles with the Sunni majority in Anbar and recruits them into the armed forces, then, and only then, should we aid them. Plain and simple!

  • Yemen conflict fans food insecurity
    • A shameful example of how the U.S. pretty much runs the UN. It and its cronies in Saudi Arabia pushed its agenda of Shia aggression in Yemen, even in the face of its marginalization by Hadi. Once again we took sides in a civil war. Just like in Iraq and Syria! Will our rapacious military-industrial complex ever be curbed! Whatever we touch turns to s***! Just witness Libya and iraq for prime examples!

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
    • Does it really matter who is POTUS? As long as the myth of American Exceptionalism and the 'shining light on the hill' prevails we're all doomed to living in a society where militarism prevaails both at home and abroad. And with the MSM a willing accomplice this will be perpetuated until there are 'bottom-up' revolutionary activity. 'Black Lives Matter' is a movement that shows promise to make real change. Hopefully we'll see something in the international arena soon, but as there's very little, if any, debate in the MSM on our Iran policy, or our declaring Venezuela 'a national security threat', not to mention even the slightest objective disussion on Israel occupation of Palestinian lands, I'm not very helpful. Americans live in a cocoon, apart from the rest of the world. As a recent example, was there a word in our MSM how Latin America rose up in arms on our blatant attempt to interfere in Venezuela, until Obama backed down. The attitiude is that we'll do what we want and the rest of the world be damned!

      I think HRC will be a slight improvement on the Repubs in the domestic arena, but overseas the Empire will march forward - till its doom!

  • Netanyahu slips, Reveals reason for Opposition to Iran Deal
    • To get the REAL news, contrary to our state-sponsored broadcast media, we need to watch RT and Aljazeera America. The latter sometimes tries too hard to please the host country, still it's far more objective than CNN, ABC and the other MSM.

  • Washington's 2 Air Wars: alongside Iran in Iraq, Saudis in Yemen
    • Hadi was the only candidate, so not much democracy there. So in Iraq the Shia persecuted the Sunni and in Yemen it's the opposite. All we need is one more match to light the flame and we got a regular conflagration over there. (It might even happen without that match.) All this is the legacy of the U.S. intervention over there, both the invasions and supporting corrupt and dictatorial regimes!) Something for the jingoists over here to be proud of!

  • Obama with Drama: Translating his comments on Israel's Netanyahu from the Vulcan
    • They still can still be prosecuted for violations of interational law. They may not have to 'cooperate' with the court when their soldiers commit massacres, but they're still accountable as nations for their crimes!

  • Apartheid Forever: Israel's Netanyahu rules out Palestinian Citizenship Rights
    • Unfortunately the politics isn't yet in the U.S. to condemn Bibi's government. The politicians are bought and controlled; likewise the mass media. I hear nary a contraruy word about Israel, though the NY Times is getting better.

      The only hope is that the U.S gets isolated on the World stage and feel embarrassed at supporting a criminal regime. That's what sort of happened with Cuba, where the US was thoroughly condemned and now is happening at its attempts to bully Venezuela. Latin America will have no more of that any more, and hopefully Europe will act similarly soon.

  • Snowden will return to US if fair trial guaranteed – NSA whistleblower’s lawyer
    • The only guarantee is that he won't be executed. The solitary confinement will make him wish for death! I can't imagine anyone believing the U.S. anyway. Just like they told Russia they wouldn't advance beyond West Germany in the early '90s, so now they're having military exercises in Estonia!

  • 'American Terrorist': Middle East reacts to Murder of 3 Muslim-American Students in N Carolina
    • I'm appalled by the US media on this act of terrorism. CNN goes out of the way to indicate why it's not a hate crime. If they were shot in the parking lot in a fit of passion over a spot, that would be one thing, but this was an execution in their room.

      I hope Bill Maher and others reflect on their role in villifying over a billion people with one stroke of the brush. The vast majority are peaceful, even after provocations like this crime, as well as the illegal wars and drone attacks waged against them.

      Imagine the reaction if this was an attack on Jews or synagogues. Anti-semites, terrorists! Now it's a lone, angry man!

  • When you've Lost Bernie Sanders: How Netanyahu destroyed the Israel Lobby
    • I sure hope you're right, Professor Cole. One of my biggest disappointments was when Senators Sanders and Warren jumped on the pro-Israeli bandwagon over the Gaza massacre. Israel is the true third-rail of American politics. The American people, while still supporting Israel but with a smaller majority, is way ahead of Congress, where the support is almost unanimous. Hopefully the American people will come to realize that Israel is much more a liability than an asset.

  • GOP's Scott Walker: Pitches possible Syria War to make us Like Him
    • Most of the American people believed that Saddam was responsible for 9/11. They have the memory and attention span of a gnat. Mix this with the bloodthirstiness of ISIS (and radical Muslims in general) and you have the makings of endless wars - all to the delight of military-industrial complex, whic Ike warned as about. We can only hope that somewhere along the way the impoverishment of our society will wake them up!

  • Israel destroys water lines feeding Palestinian areas in Jordan Valley
    • Is there no end to Israeli crimes? How long will the international community allow the US to run interference for Israel?! There's not much question that Israel just wants to make life so miserable for the Palestinians that they leave. I firmly believe that this issue is a major contribution to the escalation of tensions in the world. Solve it and a lot of support for ISIS and Al-Qaeda will dry up.

  • Journalist Greste Freed by Egyptian Junta, but Press Freedom still Hostage
    • A wonderful piece, Professor Cole. I just hope the Egyptians ealize how they through away their revolution. I know they're tired and they want security, but the adage is that if you give up your liberty for security, you'll eventually get neither.

      Also it's unfortunate that the U.S. is short-sighted in supporting al-Sisi, just cause he's allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel in cracking down on legitimate Muslim aspirations. Sooner or later that dike will burst and we'll be embroiled in yet another hotspot in the ME.

  • Netanyahu Imported by GOP to ensure Iran War
    • Great article as usual, Professor! I just hope eventually that the MSM and the American people realize the price we're paying for our blind support for Israel. Our interests don't always coincide. Fairness in support of the peoples of the ME is a much better goal than support for this bellicose, land-grabbing 'ally'.

  • Israel's Syria Strike: Is it trying to Help al-Qaeda vs. Hizbullah & Iran?
    • Israel feels besieged in the court of public opinion (other than in the U.S.), so it's a full court press to deflect attention from its crimes and internal problems and to ensure their alliances with the U.S. and its cronies in Europe remain strong. They believe everyone will forget the crimes in Gaza. Now Bibi's going to Congress to ratchet up the pressure over here. They're also hoping there's enough chaos in their vicinity so they have that 'national security' excuse to ignore any investigations. Also the election in Israel ... There's lots of reasons to enter the fray in Syria. After all, Israel is America-lite!

  • Yes, they're Condemning the Paris Attacks: The Muslims' War on Terror
    • Were all Jews asked to condemn the slaughter of some 30 Muslims in Hebron by Baruch Goldstein, a fanatical Zionist in 1994? Should all Americans be asked to condemn the murderous wars of George Bush? We need to ask why the Muslim world is held to a higher standard! First the West humiliates them by killing them and supporting their dictators, then we wonder why a miniscule number of them commit such heinous acts!?

  • Why Europe must stop blocking Palestinian membership of the Int'l Criminal Court
    • What we need are other states to step up to the plate to support financially the Palestinians when the aid is removed by the US and others. Unfortunately Saudi Arabia and other so-called supporters of a Palestinian state are afraid of the mighty US.

  • The Wider Appeal of ISIL and Sunni Grievances
    • It's easy to condemn the excesses and barbarity of these radicals, but one misses the central impetus - the West' invasion of Muslim lands with their armies and their unprincipled support for Israel and brutal Arab dictators. If the West would DEMAND the end to the land grab on the West Bank and DEMAND the Shiite suppression of Sunni rights on Iraq and the Sunni suppression of Shoa rights in Bahrain, support for ISIL would wither away. Unfortunately the West has tunnel vision and hasn't a clue on how to win over tha 'Arab street'.

  • Must Muslim Americans Condemn ISIL? Must Turkish Jews Condemn Gaza War?
    • ... As Professor Cole implies you can politely ask one's opinion, but to expect or demand basically an apology is racist.and is a not too subtle attempt to assign collective guilt!

  • Middle East "Allies" decline to Commit Forces, Resources against ISIL
    • The consequences of that horrific war will reverberate for decades Iraq, Syria, soon Lebanon, then Jordan and Saudi Arabia! Remember that domino theory of the Vietnam era. It's coming to pass 50 years later. America, as well as ISIS, should be considered the scourge of mankind. Neither recognizes international borders. The only difference is the US uses 21st century methods, while ISIS uses medieval ones.

  • Russia denounces Obama Plan for Syria Air Strikes as Violation of Int'l Law
    • Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are in Russia's back yard, like when Russia 'invaded' Cuba in the early 60's (Remember it almost triggered a nuclear holocaust!). I mean. NATO squeezed Russia; we tweaked the Bear and it roared back. How is that the same as going 8,000 miles and causing death and destruction like the U.S.?!

      We have no moderate allies in Syria so that's a fiasco waiting to happen with any stupid, mindless, bombing campaign. In Iraq it'll be deja vu all over again (as Yogi would say), with he Kurds, Shia and us against the Sunni. Abadi is no different than Maliki and the Sunnis will be excluded again! Like Julie said this will be ideal for Israel, with the Arabs killing each other and it getting a pass for its brutal genocide of the Palestinians!

  • Israelis Alarmed as al-Qaeda Captures Golan, UN Peacekeepers
    • My hopes are that ISIS' pressure and the perseverance of the brave Gazans and Abbas' decision to circumvent the sham US-sponsored talks might finally bring the Palestinians some justice - and a state!

  • Need for Tough Love: Defending the Gaza Assault Hurts Israeli, American Interests
    • Just the power of being labeled anti-Semitic has cowered so many people. Hell, I hear our media use Israel's officials the same as U.S. officials, as the purveyors of the given truth. People are losing their jobs in universities, on radio stations, just for any criticism of Israel. It's as close to McCarthyism as we've come since the 1950's. More and more there's a siege mentality in Israel and here too. I think as more and more people come to realize the truth, the more the hardcore will circle the wagons. But in the end, just like in South Africa, the truth will prevail!

  • Top 5 Ways the US is Israel's Accomplice in War Crimes in Gaza
    • As long as the mainstream media depict Israel as a democracy besieged by terrorist Hamas, the American people will support Israel. Not many question CNN or ABC it's sad, but true. I mean, how many question the illegal and immoral war against Iraq - even to this day! Why does the rest of the world get it, but not the U.S?! My guess is this has to do with American exceptionalism, and as Israel is looked upon as our 51st state. ....

  • Gaza: Why a 'Cease-Fire' is Not enough
    • Granting the truth of #1, which I'm not sure of , the colonization is still a violation of Geneva convention. How about collective punishment?! You Israeli apologists are laughable!

  • U.N.: One Child Killed Every Hour in Gaza
    • This whole tragedy in Gaza is the logical outcome of the international community ignoring the creeping, brutal and ILLIGAL settlement of occupied lands. The US turned a blind eye and is as guilty as Israel of these crimes. As for the asymmetric warfare, what is a weak occupied people to do, succumb to a brutal siege or fight back - in any way possible. Hey, look Israel's airport was closed for two days! I hate any attempt at moral equivalency between the 'terrorist' Hamas and Israel. Is rael was doing the same and worse pre-1948 against the British!!

  • Gaza War Devastates Israeli Tourism Revenue, Points to Fragile Apartheid Future
    • While lots of these comments here about the effects of this war of liberation of the Palestinians cheer me up, i do get depressed when I hear our media as well as entities like the EU parlaiment condemning Hamas' rockets without a condemnation of Israelis' occupation and siege. The subtext here is you'll get your rights and your freedom if and when Israel decides to give them to you, not a moment before. It is such an abdication of the responsibilities of the UN and other international bodies. They all cower before the Almighty USA!

  • From Kerry to Selena Gomez & Rihanna, Israel's Claims of Precision, Compassion are Dissed
    • This is one 'baby boomer' who couldn't be more appalled by the savagery of Israel's onslaught. I'm also Jewish, and sometime feel ashamed for my co-religionists, though I know there are fair and sympathetic ones among them. What bothers me the most is that the MSM here and the politicians actually think this all started with Hamas' rockets, not with 'administrative' detentions (and killings), and a brutal siege of Gaza and the theft of Palestinian land and water, etc, etc ad nauseam. Even in Israel there's more balance in the media and in the body politic.

  • The Map: A Palestinian Nation Thwarted & Speaking Truth to Power
    • @jay I think Israel will eventually have to choose between a one-state and two-state solution. And as the world wouldn't tolerate an apartheid South Africa, likewise Israel. The US can run interference for only so long. Eventually Israel will come to its senses about the two-state solution. It will probably bring the Jews close to a civil war, but it will happen!

  • Bush Trifecta lands on Obama: Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan Imploding
    • Juan, great piece as usual. I would take exception with your 'no good deed' at the beginning. It may have been tongue in cheek, but the U.S. like other countries promote their own interests, not 'good' deeds. In the ME we're there primarily to keep relatively cheap oil flowing and, geopolitically, to promote the Zionist agenda. To those ends we promote peace and 'democracy'. We've supported murderous thugs throughout the world (think School of the Americas as an example), so our democratic credentials are murky at best!

  • Opportunities Abound in Iraq to Reset US Middle East Policy
    • I just love this extreme form of American Exceptionalism supported by out politicians and mainstream media. Kidnappings, bombing, any form of mayhem. These people should listen to Pete Seeger's 'Last Train to Nuremberg'. We're all guilty and there will be BLOWBACK!

  • Don't Trust the Bombers on Iraq: "Shock and Awe" Never Works
    • Right on, Professor.With their tail between their legs. Never a happier moment for me than seeing those scenes from Saigon in '75.

      As for ISIS there's so many other groups rebelling, please don't fall this simplistic terrorist crap!

  • Student Debt: Blame Law-Makers, Tax-Shirking Rich, War on Drugs, not Universities
    • Professor Cole, a wonderful, concise look at capitalism run amok, with its overly privatized prisons and education. Why should the French get free education AND health care! Man the barricades, Americans! How stupid are we to buy the Exceptionalism crap of the MSM!

      I do think the core domestic issues which feed this corruption and over-privatization are our bought politicians and the 'imbedded' MSM. Any solutions there, My good Professor?

  • US Drones hitting Civilian Homes, Killing non-Combatants
    • All this jabbering skirts the issue of extra-judicial killings and interference in countries we're not at war with. It sets the precedent that a country can follow its own dictates, the rest of the world be damned. It'll come back to bite us big time.

  • Assassination by Leak: US floats Trial Balloon of Droning an American to Death
  • Benghazi Consular attack was Local, not al-Qaeda: NYT Correspondent Demolishes GOP Talking Points
    • Al-Qaeda or not Al-Qaeda debate has significance mostly in the context of U.S. politics. More to the point is that a growing number of Middle East people are becoming radicalized in response to U.S. arrogance, which can most dramatically be seen in the drone killings and spiriting away of people off the streets in violation of local sovereignty. They don't need to swear allegiance to Zawahiri; they're still sworn enemies of the U.S and its puppet governments.

  • Top Five Differences between Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Miley Cyrus
    • ...And 'We Can't Stop' is a wonderful tribute to the differences between people and a rebuke to haters like you-know-who!

  • US, UK suspend Aid to Syrian "Moderates" as Fundamentalists Grab Western Supplies
  • Israel forces Gaza Children to Wade through Sewage as Creepy, Evil Blockade Continues
    • I get so outraged when I see our media interview Bibi, like he's a US politician. It's like we're bound at the hip. Not even a question about The Issue, only what should be done about Iran!

  • US Drone strikes Continue in Pakistan despite PM Nawaz Sharif's UN Protest (Serle)
    • The question remains as to who is a 'civilian' and who is a 'legitimate' target. Sorry, Joe, but I take Malala's word over yours on the impact of these assasinations.

    • Since the U.S. defines an enemy as any military-age male or even any group of people, should we be surprised that there are no civilians? The real question is how long will the Great Satan be able to buy the silence of so many of the world's leaders!

  • Iranian President Rouhani acknowledges Holocaust as Crime against Jewish People
    • This extra scrutiny and scepticism on Iran's attitude to Holocaust is driven by a fear of the Israeli lobby about cozying up to Iran. Netanyahu and AIPAC are besides themselves that Israel will become more isolated than it already is.

  • Obama's Limited Options: Bombing Syria unlikely to be Effective
  • Israeli, Hizbullah Proxy War in Syria
    • Since preemption is the order of the day, and the international bodies, ie U.S.dominated, won't respond, then I feel that asynchronous warfare is acceptable. ie anything goes!

  • Did the Boston Bombing Hurt the Syrian Revolution? Obama & Putin Confer as Rebels Allege Regime Massacre
    • A pox on both of their houses! All we want is to take out an ally of Iran. Anyone who believes in our morality or exceptionalism has already drunk the Kool-aid!

  • Top Ten Myths about Israeli Attack on Gaza
    • Thanks, Professor Cole. I'm so sick of CNN, Ajami and the rest of the MSM with their lies. For them not a word about blockade or illegal colonization, only so-called self-defense.

  • Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda
    • You left out two things the U.S. can also do to improve our image - get out of Afghanistan (and stop 'droning' the Pakistanis) and become an impartial broker between the Israelis and Palestinians. The killing of Bin Laden is small potatoes compared to these other issues on the Arab street.

  • Netanyahu Commits to Colonizing East Jerusalem; First Palestinian Expelled under new Policy
    • The U.S. has no one but itself to blame with it's nods and winks to Israeli expansionism for 20 to 30 years, with only occasional protests. They'll be responsible for a conflagration in the Mid-East that'll make these brush fires look like picnics. Hopefully the American people will realize the strategic disaster this blind support for Israel is and how it jeopardizes our national interests, and provide Obama the cover to balance our relationships there.

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