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  • French Court lifts Municipal Burkini Ban; & Why should you care what other people wear?
  • Trump and Extreme Vetting of Muslims
    • Dieter Heymann 08/18/2016 at 6:34 am

      If a Trump administration will make the issuance of visa to foreign scientists to come here and participate in research more difficult that might have a devastating effect on biological and medical research at our universities.

  • No, Obama did not found ISIL, Mr. Trump: That was the GOP
    • Dieter Heymann 08/13/2016 at 8:01 am

      Wrong too. It was Arabs who founded Al Qaeda and ISIL. Why is it that you must always insist that "we" are so omnipotent that we cause every fart in Asia to happen and its people have nothing to do with it?
      In that context I will blame the cause for the existence of ISIL only on the invasion on Egypt by GB and France which President Eisenhower condemned and stopped. Bingo. Bush and Obama off the hook.
      You are writing puerile history if you do not mention that invasion among the major contributing causes for the existence of ISIL.

    • Dieter Heymann 08/12/2016 at 1:35 pm

      In 2011 it was the leadership of the armed forces which said an emphatic no to the demand by the Government of Iraq that the renegotiated SOFA should allow the arrest and trial by Iraqi law enforcement of US soldiers which committed crimes off base and not on duty. For the Government of Iraq that was non-negotiable. President Obama was therefore between a wall and a hard rock. Either ignore the Pentagon and restart a war with Iraq or accept the Pentagon and take all forces except the Marines at the embassy out of Iraq. He chose the Pentagon. That's all folks. No ISIL founding.

    • This is yet another example of historic myopia by both Trump and Cole. Attempts to unify a large region of the Levant albeit under much more modern laws predate ISIL by many years. Example: Nasser's attempt of the Unified Arab republic. All of these attempts had Arab nationalism in common. Although Arab nationalism is overwhelmed by religion in ISIL it is there. The potential for ISIL existed long before the Bush invasion of Iraq. Our wars triggered but did not "found" ISIL. Enough of the nonsense of diminishing the role of the Arabic people themselves. Of course WE, the omnipotent WE, had to create ISIL. It could not have been these people in funny dresses. No Sir!

  • Top 7 firsts in Women in US Politics
    • Dieter Heymann 07/29/2016 at 5:08 pm

      It is good to remember that in 1776 women and men were not considered to be created equally.

  • Mike Pence on the “American Heartland” and the Holy Land
    • All one has to know is that when Christ is supposed to come back to Earth for the last reckoning it will be in Jerusalem. Some rich people are already buried at or near that projected site in the hope that they will be the first to be resurrected and sent to heaven.

  • Syrian Troops foil al-Qaeda riposte in Aleppo as France warns al-Qaeda could replace ISIL
    • It is interesting that the article mentions al-Raqqa because that is where the ultimate battle between the Caliphate and "Rome" (read the West) is supposed to happen according to the belief of the Caliph and his followers.
      Controlling al-Raqqa is fundamental for the Caliphate. If it is lost there can be no final battle there.
      It is not clear whether al-Qaeda has the same belief.

  • Clintonites in Democratic Party Back Settler Colonialism (Not a 1905 Headline)
    • Dieter Heymann 07/10/2016 at 1:21 pm

      As long as a large majority of our nation believes that Jesus will return in Jerusalem this will not resonate among voters.

  • On the Fourth of July: None of us has Inalienable Rights if American Muslims don't
    • Washington and his cohorts were faced with a potential threat for the new nation. Although the Bay Area Colony of Massachusetts had become more lenient towards allowing Catholics and other religious "riff-raff" to live in that state one could never be sure that there would not arise some day a fanatic in the State of Massachusetts who, with a large voting support in the State House, would again forbid Catholics to settle in that State. The amendment on government and religion throttled that threat.

  • Are ISIL's attacks the desperation of a Cornered Rat? The Kerry-McCaul Debate
    • To combat ISIL effectively the nations that fight ISIL must come up with an answer for "what after ISIL is defeated"? I have not heard or read any coherent answer. I am not even sure that we will get one because the interests of those nations are too diverse.
      "Freedom and democracy" alone will no longer do.
      Separation of state and religion which is really what is absolutely needed first will not happen soon. Can you imagine what King Philip II of Spain would have done with a citizen of Spain who would have demanded that? That person would have been burned alive during auto-da-fe. The Catholic ISIL of that time.
      The other side was not any better as shown what happened when the "Watergeuzen" (Water Beggars) captured the town of Den Briel and promptly murdered every Catholic priest there. The Protestant ISIL of that time.
      The current world of the ISIL is historically where Europe was at the time of Philip II and the "Watergeuzen"which is why I am pessimistic.
      Perhaps that is also a compelling reason to let that region wrestle itself out of that period without external intervention.
      The only state or group which deserves any support must fight for 'separation of church and state'.
      The governments of Iraq and Libya are thereby disqualified. Syria is a mess but I believe that Assad was a secular ruler. Even so his constitution demanded that the President must be a Muslim.

  • Is the Mideast disintegrating or just being Auctioned Off?
    • Dieter Heymann 06/29/2016 at 2:14 pm

      Around the year 1800 there lived in England a cleric named Malthus who wrote a treatise named “Essay on the Principle of Populations” in which he argued that populations grow exponentially but food production grows linearly. Hence he predicted that a terrible hunger catastrophe would ensue soon. Malthus is essentially a forgotten figure today because his catastrophe has not (yet?) happened. Was Malthus wrong? Not necessarily. The 19th Century saw an exponential growth of death in warfare which was helpful. However, the principal reason may have been the complete breakthrough in “the West” of a new economic order known as capitalism. I would need several pages to argue how capitalism helped avert the Malthusian catastrophe. Just one hint: the birth of modern agricultural science.
      I hold that major economic revolutions have always been spawned by Malthus-like situations where population growth overwhelmed existing means of food production and distribution. That is probably why our ancestors stopped hunting-gathering and began agriculture.
      I hold that the entire world and not merely “the West” might be at the threshold of a looming Malthusian catastrophe today and that it is this looming disaster which feeds into the observations of the article of Patrick Cockburn.
      The power of our genes is infinitely greater than that of all Gods combined but there is no guarantee that another economic revolution will be the “Deus ex Machina” this time around.
      It has been written that “Third World” people hate us because of our “freedom”. My hunch is that they hate us because of a fear that we will let them die first when the hunger crunch comes. After all, “we” have far more of the powerful weapons than they.

  • ISIL Terrorism Strikes at Turkish Economy; & Someone tell Trump the Victims are Muslim
    • If I had been asked yesterday: "which country or countries do you think these murderers came from" I would not have answered Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. That is slightly puzzling because I can hardly believe that Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have any desire to join the Calipahte.

  • Fallujah Falls: The Slow Death of ISIL and the Future of Iraq
    • Losing territory is deadly for the Caliph because his authority is substantially based on the size of his Caliphate.
      Predicting the future of Iraq is voodoo history.

  • The end of the Beginning: The Fall of ISIL in Fallujah
    • El Alamein was not "the end of the beginning of WW2". That was the check of the Wehrmacht at Moscow in 1941. And the check at Stalingrad preceded El Alamein too.
      The loss of territory is lethal for the new Caliph because his authority is largely based on the territory he controls. Moreover the Caliph is expected to enlarge that territory every spring. That has not been greatly successful either this year.
      A Caliphate is and will remain attractive as it reminds young people of the region of the glory days of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (not a real Caliph though; wrong family) who scared the bejabbers out of Christendom until he was checked at Vienna.
      Our kids are rarely if ever taught who that Sultan was. I am absolutely sure that the great majority of the kids in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc know who he was and there is the problem for the future no matter how many Fallujahs will fall.

  • Did the FBI Tell Orlando Shooter's ex-Wife Not to reveal He Was Gay to Media?
  • British Trumpism? Anti-Immigrant "Britain First" White Terrorist kills Member of Parliament
    • If Brexit succeeds you must do the following to make Britain Great Again. Dump the metric system. No liters. No kilometers. No kilograms. God forbid, no such Napoleontic crap. Go back to pounds, shillings, and pence with their impossible to remember numerical relationships (for visitors, if any will come). Start driving on the left side of the roads again and make cars with the driver seat on the right side. Close the tunnel between you and France. Rule the waves again. Continue to serve awful food at Lyons. Right?

    • Dieter Heymann 06/19/2016 at 9:48 am

      Brexit is another falsehood to fool the British Labor class into believing that it can improve its living standard by leaving the EU.

  • Sufi Boxer Muhammad Ali's last fight was against Extremism & Politicians' Islamophobia
    • It must never be forgotten either that it was Howard Cosell among the very few who defended Ali when his title was stripped.

  • Baghdad advances on Fallujah but "slows down" for fear of Civilian Casualties
    • Dieter Heymann 06/03/2016 at 8:53 am

      When it is all over (if that will ever happen) much of Syria and some of Iraq will look like Germany in May of 1945. Will there be a new "Marshall Plan" ("Kerry Plan"? "Clinton Plan"? "Sanders Plan"? Trump Plan"?) to help rebuild Syria and Iraq? I doubt it.
      No candidate for our Presidency can afford to suggest that we ought to plan the spending hundreds of billions of dollars in a region filled with Muslims. The cowards.
      The most likely response will be: let the Saudi's pay for it. Or Saudi's plus Putin. Plus Iran?

  • Israel: Netanyahu replies to Officers' charges of Fascism, makes far Right Lieberman their boss
  • Aside from Super-Rich, All Americans are poorer this century
  • Is Hillary Clinton vulnerable to Trump over her 2002 vote for the Iraq War?
    • Dieter Heymann 04/13/2016 at 9:07 am

      Every discussion of the 2002 resolution on Iraq must consider its predecessor S.J.Res. 23 (2001). Although that resolution aimed at the perpetrators of 9/11 it has a not-so-hidden article which authorizes the President to go later after every other country or organization which threatens the security of the USA. Here is that article:
      Section 2 – Authorization For Use of United States Armed Forces
      (a) IN GENERAL- That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.
      The key word is FUTURE. It authorized Bush to attack Iraq in 2002 because he (falsely) accused Saddam Hussein to have weapons of mass destruction aimed at the US.
      It is therefore likely that the much debated 2002 resolution was not even necessary and that President Bush could have claimed the 2001 resolution as the justification for his attack on Iraq. A tempest in the teapot of Clinton-Trump-Sanders?

  • It Begins: Increased flooding, accelerated sea-level rise in Miami since 2006
    • The annual increase of the world's population today lies somewhere between 70 and 100 million. The question arises whether any changeover from carbon to non-carbon energy production can keep up with that increase.

  • After Palmyra, the last days of the phony Caliphate?
    • Dieter Heymann 03/30/2016 at 8:18 am

      DH. Control of territory is critical for the caliph because his authority is largely based on territory he controls and the number of Muslims who acknowledge his authority. The caliph is expected to increase the territory of the caliphate. That is why the Ottoman rulers (who were not considered to be caliphs) tried to enlarge their territory into Eastern Europe.

  • Momentum: Sanders Sweeps with Huge Wins in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska
    • Dieter Heymann 03/30/2016 at 8:26 am

      alec. Sanders a man of peace? Have you checked his Russia-Ukraine policy? Sending heavy US weapons to Ukraine? Making Ukraine a NATO member. Demanding the return of the Crimea to Russia. Brrrrr.

  • Day of the Demagogue: Trumpian Deportation Fantasies and American Realities
    • In a recent article the Houston Chronicle has condemned the Trumpian wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. That article points out that some of the strongest Texan opponents to such a wall through Texas actually live near the US border with Mexico. The article also asks "can you imagine that wall sneaking through the Big Bend National Park"?

  • Remember: Refugees are fleeing ISIL; they aren't ISIL
    • Dieter Heymann 03/27/2016 at 8:16 am

      The immense idiocy of Cruz's demand that "Muslim neighborhoods" of US cities must be patrolled by law enforcement to catch terrorists is demonstrated by Dearborn, Michigan whose Muslim community is Shia. That community is in much greater danger of ISIL terrorism than the Christians in Dearborn.

  • How not to talk about Muslims after a Fringe Terrorist Group attacks
    • Mr. Cole. I note that “The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria.” seems to be essential identical with the state promised to Arab fighters for the Allies during WW1. Is that correct?

    • Dieter Heymann 03/27/2016 at 8:30 am

      Daesh considers the House of Saud to be apostate because of its exorbitant life style. I understand that this attracts young Muslims to their caus

  • Obama: Islamophobia harms US Interests; Daesh/ISIL a dangerous Fringe
    • Dieter Heymann 01/16/2016 at 9:42 am

      Dangerous fringe have popped up from time to time in all religions. The new Khalif avers that the leaders of all Islamic states are godless. In that he is correct but not in much else.

  • The Oil Pricequake: From Russia to Saudi Arabia & Iran, a suddenly Perilous World
  • Jeb Bush Wants A Time Machine To murder a Baby -- Hitler
    • Dieter Heymann 11/12/2015 at 6:04 pm

      One fact of Hitler's life is that several German officers, retired and active, demanded that he be executed for treason after his failed putsch in Munich.

  • Did Jeb Bush's brother "Create ISIL" in Iraq?
    • ISIL is a caliphate. It was founded/created by the caliph and his cronies. To have authority the caliph needs followers and territory to rule. The acquisition of followers and territory was made easier by policies and actions of Presidents Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Obama.

  • Iran Deal: Michele Bachmann Psyched For Judgment Day
    • For a long time now I look at a politician's eyes to evaluate them. That has turned out a fairly good guideline.

  • How GOP threats against Iran have Guaranteed end of European Sanctions
  • Why Obama is Right to avoid double standard about Modern Christian Atrocities
    • Dieter Heymann 02/08/2015 at 9:23 am

      I hope that everybody understands that the slaves transported to the American colonies included numerous kidnapped English children and numerous inmates from British prisons.

  • The Boehner-Obama Struggle over Iran Nuclear Talks has gone International
    • Dieter heymann 01/29/2015 at 9:47 am

      Nuclear reactors which use uranium enriched in U235 can be smaller hence safer than reactors which use non-enriched U235.

  • Climate-Denial Buffoon Inhofe takes Big $$ from Big Oil, Says Scientists Corrupt
    • Dieter Heymann 01/29/2015 at 9:34 am

      I am puzzled why the oil industry is so adamantly opposed to renewable energy. Crude oil will continue to be used for the production of plastics and pharmaceuticals. The reduction of the use of oil for other purposes means that it can remai n a source for the former much longer.

  • Dutch Lawyer who saved Jewish Boy in WWII returns Medal to Israel over Bombing of his Family in Gaza
    • As I have stated below, the honor is not bestowed by the State of Israel but by "Le people juif reconaissant". Hence Mr. Zanoli is not returning his honor to that state but to the thankful Jewish people.

    • On the plaque which all honorees receive is written "Le people juif reconnaissant". This implies that the honor is not from the government of Israel, is not from the State of Israel, but is from "Le people juif reconnaissant" among which there must be persons who agree with Mr. Zanoli.

  • Did a Karzai No-Show Spoil Obama's announcement of end of Afghanistan War?
    • What does "legal protection of US troops" mean? My hunch is: no trial in an Afghan court for crimes committed off-duty. That was the issue which caused the failure of the continuation of "SOFA Iraq 2008" in 2012.

  • Pope Francis Calls for Palestinian State, Prays at Apartheid Wall
    • The right for a Palestinian State to exist within the territory of the former Mandate of the League of Nations was established by the UN in 1947. To the best of my knowledge that right has not been revoked. Hence there is no need for asking recognition of that right again.

  • Egypt's Class Conflict
    • Dieter Heymann 02/01/2011 at 1:40 pm

      It is interesting to notice that the issue of "cotton or food (corn)" contributed to the downfall of the Confederate States of America.

    • Dieter Heymann 02/01/2011 at 1:35 pm

      One of the commonly made errors is that Mr. Suleiman is legally the first in line to become Egypt's President if Mr. Mubarak resigns. If that happens the President of the People's Assembly becomes a temporary President. If the People's Assembly has been dismissed the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court becomes temporary President. Neither can run in the upcoming elections for President. The Vice President cannot become President when the President becomes incapacitated or resigns.

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