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  • Did a Karzai No-Show Spoil Obama's announcement of end of Afghanistan War?
    • What does "legal protection of US troops" mean? My hunch is: no trial in an Afghan court for crimes committed off-duty. That was the issue which caused the failure of the continuation of "SOFA Iraq 2008" in 2012.

  • Pope Francis Calls for Palestinian State, Prays at Apartheid Wall
    • The right for a Palestinian State to exist within the territory of the former Mandate of the League of Nations was established by the UN in 1947. To the best of my knowledge that right has not been revoked. Hence there is no need for asking recognition of that right again.

  • Egypt's Class Conflict
    • Dieter Heymann 02/01/2011 at 1:40 pm

      It is interesting to notice that the issue of "cotton or food (corn)" contributed to the downfall of the Confederate States of America.

    • Dieter Heymann 02/01/2011 at 1:35 pm

      One of the commonly made errors is that Mr. Suleiman is legally the first in line to become Egypt's President if Mr. Mubarak resigns. If that happens the President of the People's Assembly becomes a temporary President. If the People's Assembly has been dismissed the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court becomes temporary President. Neither can run in the upcoming elections for President. The Vice President cannot become President when the President becomes incapacitated or resigns.

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