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  • Israel Confiscates 202 Acres of Palestinian land for Squatter Settlement Garbage Dump
    • Why shouldn't Israel grab what they can? They got the green light from America, most of the Israeli people want settlement expansion (see recent election), and there is nothing to stop them.

  • US Kneejerk support for Israeli Nukes Torpedoes UN Disarmament Talks
    • So somebody tell me why the U.S. and Israel keeps these nukes ready to fire on a second's notice? Why is anybody in favor of these things? I don't understand it.

    • Is that the only damage (electrical blackout) that an H bomb would cause? Radioactive fallout?

    • Such a shame. Not even a Nobel Peace prize winner is adult enough to realize that real peace demands that EVERYBODY put their nuclear toys away. Of course, it is true, for all of you monotheistic maniacs, that keeping Israel well-armed with nuclear arms will hasten that Holy day for the grand and glorious apocalypse. Oh Holy Israel!
      [I know that the nutball philosophies driven by prophecies of ancient madmen will continue for the rest of my life. I just hope that homo sapiens are able to evolve to greater intelligence than exists today]

  • ISIL beheaded Dozens in Palmyra, but how Strategic is the City?
    • I have an extremely difficult time understanding how Daesh keeps in business. Evidently new boys and girls keep joining up along the way. Obviously, the game plan for Daesh is working, or they would have been vanquished a long time ago. A city of 140,000 would likely have some assets. Vacant residences from the fleeing refuges would have value for the new, excited boys and girls who want to join up for the campaign. Food in the pantries would be valuable. Stores can provide goods. A city that size must be good for obtaining capital that can be taxed, gouged, extorted or looted.
      A city this size can also help to conceal logistical operations.
      Last and not least, the whole world will be shown the destruction of the ancient iconic ruins. As much as it is appalling for us to see these ruins destroyed, it is intoxicating for others to take in the iconoclastic power of Dasesh.

  • Who does Jerusalem belong To?
    • Who does Jerusalem belong to?
      A short, certain answer is that much more blood will be shed in the course of pursuing this question. A pox on all of those who believe that humans need to be sacrificed for oh holy Jerusalalem!

    • Don't tell that to the political animals in D.C. All it would take is a bill on the floor of congress to change the locale of the American Embassy. How many of our congressmen and senators would oppose Jerusalem? I should say how *few* would oppose it?

    • This was an excellent, informative recitation of the history of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the most important factor is that America says that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. See Democratic convention of 2012; and of course the Republicans regard (revere?) Netanyahu as a demigod.
      Netanyahu is the leader of Israel for the time being, but don't forget that America rules until the American empire finally crumbles. The answer is that Jerusalem belongs to Israel by American fiat!

  • Cole: Iraq's Ramadi falls to ISIL as Shiite Gov't refuses to Arm Sunni Tribes
    • @ Jack, you said about Daesh: "You were wondering how they [make their logistical moves]—UNDERGROUND SUPERHIGHWAYS is my best guess."
      This is a good guess. However, I don't think they need anything that elaborate. I heard somewhere that it was a force of hundreds of Daesh fighters that took Ramadi. So an underground wagon trail would suffice very nicely.
      Also, a little known fact is that Daesh "suicide vehicles" (reportedly an important weapon of Daesh) are capable of making multiple forays.

    • Jack, this is a great question. This is an organization of only tens of thousands of people. Their mythology is extreme. Surely, these people deserve the award for being the most tenacious warriors in the history of mankind. A helicopter gunship nor anything known to mankind is a match for a Toyota truck "gunship." Nor for a kamikaze "gunship." The greatest strength is that they can vaporize themselves in thin air, and instantaneously reappear wherever the Big Baghdadi directs. Moreover, they are the first military in history that has learned how to proceed with no need for supply lines---no need to replenish or replace arms, war materiel, food, water, etc.
      Much needs to be written about these miracles of human endeavor.

    • I still don't get how ISIS moves in and captures provincial capitals. Were ISIS militants just hanging around, pretending that they had nothing to do? Perhaps they were cruising up and down highways in their Toyota trucks, disguised as tourists? Do these whackos ever appear to be out of place? Has anybody yet figured out the headquarters of ISIS?

  • Did Jeb Bush just commit a War Crime in Justifying the Iraq War?
    • Every candidate needs to be upbeat about war. The vast majority of Americans are very proud of America's war history. Being against war is like being against God in this country.

    • Yes, Jack, 'tis a good thing we invaded Iraq. Factoring in health care and disability pay, it was a $3 trillion dollar bargain. Truly a great bang for the buck. America would have simply squandered the money on some frivolity if it were not for our opportunity to invade Iraq. Iran would be another great, sensible expenditure for America. Viva American conquests!

    • Indeed, the bottom line is that International law is for the rest of the world. It is not for America, which has the right to militarily invade any country it chooses, just as America can torture whomever America sees fit.
      Might makes right for the chosen exceptionalism of America.

  • Is Sen. Tom Cotton right that ISIL is Winning?
    • Tom Cotton is clearly winning. You go Tom, keep telling us how you understand the demonic scary world, and how you will protect us. You da man we are all wanting as our saviour!

  • Israel's Government Ratchets even Further Right: Great Moments in Colonialism
  • Tom Cotton's 'Chickenhawk' Taunt at Iran FM Demeans Jeb Bush, GOP Field
    • If I did the math correctly (getting the decimal point in the right place can be tricky for me), those above the 99.999 % profile are 10 in a million. With, let us say, 300 million Americans, this would place someone at the top 3000 in America. So, this number may be a little over the top. Of course Harvard accepts people from outside of America too. I of 3000 is indeed way up there. Of course, not all of the brightest go to Harvard (or the Ivies) either. Some brilliant people don't go to college at all.
      In any case, for the sake of assumption, if Cotton is in the top 3000 of the brightest in America, this still leaves 2,999 who are as smart as or smarter than he is---in America. There would be people in Iran as smart or smarter than him. Not to mention the rest of the world! Of course, a person can be smart and not know much as well. I don't know much about quarks, but that means either I am too dimwitted to learn, and/or I have never studied them.
      Cotton apparently views his knowledge of Iran as brilliant. I don't think so.

    • Tom Cotton, being all Harvard, is obviously smarter than 99.999 % of Americans. But that does not make him the smartest person in the world. More importantly, it does not endow him as omniscient.
      Cotton obviously approves of the regimen of torture used by America, which disgusts me. I would like to hear Cotton debate why he believes it was a grand thing for America to invade Iraq (which I assume is his belief). I think it would also be interesting to hear him match his knowledge and understanding of Iran with an Iranian intellectual.
      Did Cotton pledge in his campaign that he would advocate for America to expand its wars?

  • Iran calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World
    • The idea is if you are a country with a few nuclear weapons, then the U.S. will not dare to do a "shock 'n' awe," on somebody lest the country might retaliate with a nuke. The theory of nukes is that they are deterrents. The notion is that "mutual assured destruction" will prevent an attack, because a counterattack would be mutual destruction. So far it has seemingly worked for N. Korea.

  • The Battle Plans of ISIL: Can they Succeed in Mideast Conquest?
    • I consider them ghosts. They are like demons, goblins and evil spirits. The mass media publicizes their beheadings and their wickedness. So does the American government, and other governments who are constantly trying to justify wanting more bombs, bombers and proof of superiority.
      Batman needs the Joker and other demons to be Batman. Superman would be nothing without wicked enemies. America and our sensational media needs ISIS.

  • Rand Paul: GOP Hawks are Obama's "Lapdogs;" McCain: Paul 'Worst Candidate'
    • Does America really need to be involved in African and Asian power struggles?
      America should lend a meeting room and a table for all factions to sit down and talk it out. But the American method of offering arms, military advisers, strategic bombing, boots on the ground, and all out conquest---these interventions seldom if ever work. In the meantime, America wastes its treasure and blood, where it could be researching the causes of disease, natural disasters, and how to make the world a better place. Is bombing and conquest the best way to make friends and to be an influential example for the world?

  • Iraq: ISIL surrounds 300 Sunni families, Closes in on Ramadi
    • I experience continuous confusion with this ISIS bunch. How do they manage to sweep into Ramadi? Are they ghosts? We have all seen the videos/photographs of ISIS in a convoy of Toyota pickup trucks. (Toyota the official vehicle of the 2015 ISIS military!) If they are still motoring about in fleets of Toyotas, one would expect them to be an easy target. Do they sneak into these villages?
      I really, really don't get how ISIS is so good.
      One more thing, ISIS is some kind of band of Sunni marauders. It seems less than strategically sound for ISIS to terrorize other Sunnis. What's with that?

  • President Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same
    • As to all of this negativity about Hillary, please recognize that we must take what we have. Our choices are limited to two parties. Hillary, like any Democratic candidate, is flawed. But the Republicans are extreme. They will promise more military, less equality, less health care, less social security, more pollution, more God, less science---and they will keep their promises!

    • Indeed, it will be business as usual. America will patrol the seven seas, and use force to preserve her "interests" around the globe.
      Vote for the Democrat in order to get moderate federal judges appointed---and to reduce the numbers of radical, extremist judges from the federal bench.
      All other differences are pretty much illusory.

  • Netanyahu slips, Reveals reason for Opposition to Iran Deal
    • ...and why can't we have an agreement by all countries of the world to eliminate nuclear weapons? Oh, because not all countries would agree will apparently be the answer. America will never dump America's stockpile. Nor will Israel. I am surprised that Iran does not make a non-negotiable offer that it will never go for nukes, so long as America, Israel, et al quit their nukes, combined with open inspections by an international organization.

    • Professor, I disagree with your assertion that Bibi has received too much media access. In America, this man is revered. Who is more admired than Bibi? Prince Charles? Prince William? I don't think so, although these are valid comparisons. Tom Brady? Nah. Bush family members, or the Clintons? The Kardashian family? None would get dozens of standing ovations before Congress, like Bibi. He would be president if he could run. Bibi is Royalty! Bibi is the King. The King of America, and If it were America's will, he would be King of the world.

  • Do GOP Frontrunners have an Iran policy besides Sanctions and Bombs?
  • War with Iran, by the Numbers
    • Good point. War isn't the only thing that is obscenely expensive. The lust for war is obscenely expensive too. Even where we don't go to war, it costs a lot for materiel, etc. as we salivate for war. The classic macroeconomics model of guns vs butter (more guns means less butter and vice versa) is derided by today's religious and political leaders.

    • If somebody were talking about violently going after their neighbor, or some neighborhood, or another town, or...? If the violent talk was ongoing or at least on a frequent basis, wouldn't many of us think that person was pathologically certifiable, unfit as a human, etc?
      It turns out that such a person should be carefully viewed for potential as a future statesman or leader.
      I just can't wrap my mind around the Bibis, the McCains, the Cheneys---and check out that John Bolton feller! There are just so many to name.
      Sorry. I am just babbling here. I feel totally lost. I have nothing meaningful to contribute.

  • A Game-Changer in Syrian War? al-Qaeda-led Factions take Idlib
    • I still believe that all factions should be allowed to gut it out until someone emerges as the winner. For a long time we have been told that Assad was evil, and had to go. When will we learn that, *exceptional* as we Americans conceive of ourselves, we can't always get what we want in our world empire?
      Worst case scenario: ISIS or somebody else grabs Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. I say let it go. ISIS will not last an eternity.
      Oh, I forgot. We worry about our oil, and we want to cover Israel's back. So that means we are condemned to dance with ISIS and such...

  • Obama-Netanyahu Tiff worsens: US won't rule out using UN to create Palestine
    • I don't get Obama at all. Of course, Netanyahu (and any other leader of Israel) wants to keep every worthy part of the west bank---and wants an undivided Jerusalem. So Obama says he (and Kerry) won't even try any more settlement talks. This is totally music to Bibi's ears! What a month Bibi is having! He wins America's heart (see congressional appearance), he wins the election, and America throws in the towel on the Palestinians !
      What's next: America bombs Iran for Bibi?
      You go Bibi!!! You are on a roll. America will be there to kiss your tushie! As for Obama, he wears a sign on his back: Kick Me!

  • Mideast Apocalypse 2030: Why Obama wants the Palestine Issue Solved. Now.
    • Maybe I read this doomsday scenario too quickly. Was there any mention of American forces (including missiles and bombers) in the battle? Before it reached the point painted by Dr. Cole, (and even after it reached the painted point) America would surely be there, right in the thick of the war---at least $50 Billion a day!

  • All the Wars and Coups of President Ted Cruz
    • I would love to see Cruz chosen by the republicans for their candidate. I don't see the American people electing this extremist joker. Because George W got to be president, everyone from Texas believes they can also be president. I want to think that the W presidency was a freak accident in American history, aided and abetted by the Supreme Court.

  • Will Palestine now take Israel's Netanyahu to Int'l Criminal Court for War Crimes?
    • The question:
      “We are going to see this thing move into the international domain and the big question is what will the US do?”
      The answer:
      It does not take a sage or a soothsayer to know the answer to this. America got Israel's back no matter what.

  • Mideast Reacts with Horror: "Israel has elected Extremism and Racism"
    • Why be surprised here? Bibi's an honest man. He wants Israel cleansed of all but Jews. He wants "Samaria and Judea" for Israel. Bibi will not give up any land. Bibi is right for Israel, which wants to keep the occupied territories. Moreover, America has got Bibi's back.
      The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same...and the beat goes on.

  • Apartheid Forever: Israel's Netanyahu rules out Palestinian Citizenship Rights
    • Indeed Bibi is the most popular man in Israel. He represents Israel. Period. Many critics point out that Bibi & Israel have everything to gain by keeping the occupied territories. Bibi has congress strongly on his side. Bibi can tell Obama to kiss off. Obama is a very weak leader. Bibi is just flat brilliant, shrewd, and endowed with leadership skills and political instincts that are virtually impeccable. Those of us who hope for something better need to give up. Our noggins are no match for thick brick walls.

    • Mark (and Bill Bodden) you are correct. We need to call a spade a spade. America supports Israel's settlement plans. Moreover, America supports Israel's "mowing the lawn" in Gaza every few years. What I want to know is how did Resolution 242 get past the U.S.'s watchful, protective eye?

    • But America also agrees with Israel's expansion of settlements. See the Democratic convention of 2012, whereby the party declared that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel. Jerusalem includes East Jerusalem. Republicans totally agree. This makes it unanimous.
      Moreover, America blocks U.N. resolutions directed at Israel---everytime.
      There will be no more peace efforts in Palestine during the remainder of Obama's presidency. With his 3-17-15 victory, Bibi can now tell Kerry and Obama to go bugger themsleves. Furthermore, it won't matter whether Hillary or Jeb wins in 2016. They will both back Bibi and the Likud party.

    • "Netanyahu should be banned from entering the US."

      Are you kidding me? Name me someone---anyone---more popular in America than Bibi?

  • Top 5 ways Netanyahu sabotaged US and Israel Interests
    • Bibi has harmed America in my opinion; but you have to admit that he has played his cards brilliantly. The ultimate goal for an emperor is to keep his empire.
      He still has to assemble a coalition government. But this brilliant politician will get that done too.
      His heavy hand against the Palestinians (and tough talk about Iran), his virtual trashing of any settlement with the Palestinians, and his remarkable play to the American Congress---all proved to be winners for Bibi. Now Israel can continue to expand empire, with the knowledge that America is strongly behind Israel.
      I hate saying any of this. But I don't see how anyone can deny it.

    • Why can't non-Republicans ask Americans how much more war can we afford, and how much more do we want?
      Why can't non-Republicans demand that the warmongers explain (using facts, not opinions) the supposed strong evidence that Iran is: seeking to destroy Israel (as if that is America's primary responsibility); seeking to destroy America, and seeking to rule the world?

    • "This blatant interference in US foreign policy is not unusual for other countries..."
      Was this supposed to say something else?

  • Iran's Khamenei: GOP Letter Disgusting, shows Decline of American System
    • This is the wrong question, IMHO. The 47 republican senators attempted to poison the well. The legalities should not matter. If the Democrats had any sense, they would continuously point out that these Republicans yearn to return to the Bush era (and JEB is in their bullpen, ready to continue the republican dream). What is the dream? Remember the attack of 9-11? Remember the costly unsuccessful invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan? Remember the worst depression since the 30s? Remember the disrespect for the climate, for health care reform, and so much more? These points, and more, should be drummed into the American psyche.

  • Just How dangerous is Sen. Tom Cotton, Iran Letter Crackpot? You'd be Surprised
    • In red state America---and I am sorry to say that Arkansas is now an official Red State---a good politician appeals to his constituents as if speaking to 11 year old boys:
      Cotton likes God.
      Cotton does not like homosexuals.
      Cotton likes guns.
      Cotton does not want to take your money from you.
      Cotton hates bad, evil people.

  • Israeli Army Incursion into Central Gaza to Bulldoze Farmland
    • This is Israel, "mowing the grass." This is part of the "price tag," for Palestinians' existence. Obama and Kerry will say that Israel has a right to defend itself. American congressmen, of course, are "Israel-sexuals."
      And the beat goes on.

  • 5 Things Official Washington won't Tell you about Netanyahu's Israel
    • The U.S. is a de facto supporter of Israel's displacement of native inhabitants on the West Bank. When you count the votes of the U.S. at the United Nations, the U.S. is a de jure supporter as well.
      Nobody mentions that the Democratic convention platform for 2012 was amended to make an explicit mention of Allah (er...I mean...God), and to explicitly recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was said to have been pushed by Obama. So both political parties (and the president) of the U.S. favor settlement by Israel of at least part of the occupied territories.

  • Bombing Iran: What would Happen if the Hawks got their Way?
    • Why oh why oh why is it that Israel and the United States have designated Iran as world public enemy 1? Iran has not attacked anybody in literally centuries.
      What does America and Israel have to gain by punking Iran? I honestly don't get the purpose of the strategy.

    • Iran could act like America, and make threats to nuke others...and actually nuke somebody. America is the only country to nuke anybody. That is why America is so afraid of Iran. America fears that Iran will act like America.

    • Ah yes, the Rapture---Armageddon.
      Moreover, its the fulfillment of the American Caliphate.
      And who says that ISIS is delusional?

  • Iraq: What is the meaning of the Assyrian capital ISIL just demolished?
    • What is the meaning of the trashing of the antiquities? They want to piss everybody off. They want enmity. It is a statement of "bring it on." I beg every religious zealot in the world to get their butts over there, and to give us a grand battle for God. This will please them. This should please everybody. It would be a win, win, win, win, win situation!

  • Iran and America's Memory Hole
    • This is indeed an interesting factoid, a sketchy amount of which I knew. I am old enough to know about all of this, but for one simple fact. Our main stream media failed to tell us about this, and to this day fails to tell about this. I remember when Iran took and held 52 Americans as "hostages" for over a year. Every night, ABC had a program called NIghtline, wherein the crisis was talked about. I was riveted to Nightline as often as I could watch. Yet, I never was told about America's involvement with SAVAK; nor about Israel's involvement either. I don't recall Bibi talking about SAVAK the other day---nor the pundits who analyzed Bibi's extravaganza before congrees and broadcast to the American body politic.

  • Israel to demolish homes of dozens of Bedouins in Abu Dis
    • Why does the U.S. idly sit by and let Israel continue to raze, bulldoze and construct settlements for Jews on Palestinian property? This is so criminal.
      Somebody please tell!

  • Frmr Israeli Intel Head: Netanyahu's Clash w/ Obama 'Intolerable', Risks end of US UN Veto
    • Now I see that Israel is conducting massive military exercises on the West Bank. Bibi will do anything to ratchet up the tensions as he gets closer to the elections. Say what you want about Bibi, but he is a genius at the politics of keeping his job in Israel.

  • Why Netanyahu's Congress Speech will Fail: Iran Can't be Stopped, only Monitored
    • Bibi's speech is going to accomplish exactly what it is meant to accomplish. I don't know if congress will give him 29 or more standing ovations, as they did in 2011. But congress will definitely give a loud, raucous stamp of approval to Bibi. Bibi knows how to give masterful speeches, and a good time will be had by all. The media will go wild too.
      Bibi will get reelected, which is what his whole show is really all about. Iran? Oh that is just a smoke screen. Did Bush care about Bin Laden? Bush cared that Bin Laden gave Bush another 4 years as president! Iran is good for Bibi too.

  • Giuliani & Obama: Immigrant Families and Really Loving America
    • I should have said that Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham was his mother's grandfather---and Obama's great-grandfather.

    • I never knew that Rudy's father was a convicted gangster either. It is laudable that Rudy rose above that. It is interesting that Rudy's American heritage starts with his Immigrant Italian Grandparents. Whereas, Obama's maternal heritage goes far back. His mother's father was the son of Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (named after an American poet!). All of Obama's maternal heritage goes back early into the 19th century---at least. Obama's background is clearly wayyyy more American than Rudy's.
      I agree with you that Republicans are very, very skilled at opposition research, and the Democrats are unskilled in many aspects of politics.

  • Israel earmarks vast area of Palestinian Hebron/ al-Khalil land for annexation
    • The U.S. will publicly say that it does not approve the annexation, while winking "you are cool" to Israel.
      Israel will say it is necessary for security purposes and/or that Jews have the right to live anywhere.
      As the old Sonny & Cher song says: "...and the beat goes on."

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