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  • Reality Show violence in the Age of Trump: Striking Syria
    • I’m more convinced than ever that we’re on a collision course with Russia. Haley gave one of her reasons for our staying on Syria to keep a ‘vantage on Iran’. Sounds permanent to me. Israel has got to our administration. Surprise! So Russia either has to capitulate and suffer a humiliating defeat or fight back. I think they’ve been humiliated enough with NATO up against their border. I’m just hoping China steps up to the plate and allies themselves with Russia more forcefully. We do need a new MAD like in the Cold War. Unfortunately a balance of terror is the only thing that might provide a modicum of peace. Otherwise we’ll have this insane trio of self-appointed policemen dictating a new world order.

  • Why Trump can't reverse Syrian regime dirty win in Ghouta & why Iran is Gloating
    • So, Juan, what would the new, smart missiles accomplish? More pain to the Syrian people - and possibly WW3. I don’t like Assad, but there’s nothing but terrible actors on this war. IF Assad he needs to be hunted and prosecuted as a war criminal, but I’m not convinced yet. Meanwhile why is GWB still walking the streets!? And the Obamas both make nice to him! This country has no right to lecture to the world!’

  • Did an Emirates-Israel alliance Help elect Trump more than Russia?
    • It’s funny how American can dish it out, but they can’t take it! I still have images of them spiriting a wildly popular Aristide out of Haiti after his electoral victory!

  • US Cuts Aid to Pakistan As Trump Ramps Up Blackmail Tactic
    • Russia cut off their route, so the US better stop pissing them off. I mean, Pakistan was only pursuing its regional battle with India in supporting opposing factions in Affhanistan as well as helping the American war effort. Playing 'many sides' to paraphrase our fearless leader. Cutting off aid will only drive them further towards China and hamper our already futile war effort! Great move, Mr Stable Genius!!

  • The Map: Costs of 76 ongoing American Wars
    • ...and this Russia-gate and Trump farce drown out all other issues! What will make the American people wake up to the squandering of their human and monetary resources!

  • Was Democratic Nomination rigged for Clinton against Sanders?
    • The American people need to abandon the corrupt two major parties and start looking for alternatives. Otherwise America will continue down this destructive path where corporate and militarist interests 'trump' all Yes, pun intended!) Bernie didn't have a chance and any similar independent candidate will suffer a similar fate!

  • Was Ayatollah Khamenei right about Washington? Trump Reneges
    • The US is quickly becoming a rogue nation, a one-nation axis of evil. Even Angela Merkel said she wouldn't automatically support the US against North Korea. Too bad our mainstream media is in this bubble, where the rest of the world is irrelevant.

  • Trump as Stephen King's 'It': Lashing out at Clinton, N. Korea
    • Loved this piece, though I have to quarrel with that nuclear blackmail of Kim statement. As much as I detest his regime he needs his nukes to protect against the designs of the US for regime change. He only has to look towards Saddam and Ghadafy. It's a laugh when our media and politicians talk how diplomacy is not working! Not if diplomacy is preconditioned upon giving up the nukes. As long as South Korea is a tool of the US this standoff will just get worse. Moon needs to follow up on his campaign promise and negotiate directly with Kim and stop deploying theTHAADs.

  • 'Locked & Loaded' Trump's 1960s Cowboyism re: N. Korea & Venezuela
  • Can the Sadr Movement in Iraq overcome Sectarianism with new Shiite-Sunni-Kurdish Party?
    • Even during the war Al Sadr was a voice of reason, trying to unite the Sunni and Shia against the Americans. That's of course why the latter demonized him so.

  • Bernie Sanders Talks Dems, Trump, Palestine, Syria (AJ+)
    • Disappointing. Maybe he went as far as an American politician can go in supporting the Palestinians, but it's not far enough. Israel won't change without being sanctioned!

  • Trumpcare is the best Advertisement for Nationalizing Insurance
    • Yes, of course, it's a business, but we need to take the profit motive. The books have to be balanced, but insurers shouldn't be upping it's profit margins and satisfying shareholders at the expense of our health.

      The elephant in the room in discussing affordability of healthcare, is the priority of items in the budget. If we cut back our nonsensical defense budget, including the three trillion for recent wars, we quickly find the money for healthcare.

  • Is Trump Taking Us to War Everywhere?
    • All this war nonsense is to distract from his failures in the domestic arena. The 'rally 'round the flag' effect is tempting. Luckily he didn't get the bump in the polls with his mindless policies, only 37 to 48%. Other presidents like Bush I and II were up in the 70s and 80s. But Trump is still real dangerous enough that if things get real hairy either with the Russian investigation or ACA repeal II, no telling what foreign adventure he might enter into.

  • Russia's not Leaving: Syria is about old-Fashioned Sphere of Influence, not Oil
    • I personally think Russia's (and Putin's) feelings are hurt, having been sidelined by the Western allies in the '90s, with the West actually gloating at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Iran is fed up by the West not living up to the terms of the nuclear agreement, without any removal of the sanctions. So Trump needs to prove domestically his independence from Russia, while Russia and its allies fed up with this 'sole Super Power' throwing its weight around, we've got the recipe for real fireworks over there. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and work hard to get ALL the parties to get together for talks, but right now I'm not optimistic. And considering the tensions around the DPRK, Trump may get his wish 'why have nuclear weapons if you can't use them'

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