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  • The Inauguration of White Supremacy
    • I'm hoping this white supremacy thing, is like a light bulb which gets brighter before it burns out, and then America replaces it with multicolored lights which will burn even brighter and ever longer than before.

  • Preparing for the Normalization of a Neofascist White House
  • Top 5 Reasons Senate Dems should block all Trump Supreme Court Nominees, Forever
  • No, America, it wasn't Russia: You did it to Yourself
    • The reason it isn't good, is because we are not only exceptional we are fragile.

    • If it was Russia who did the hacking then this saying applies....What goes around comes around.

      Read this;

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    • It was somewhere back in February of 2016 when a reporter shoved a microphone in front of Donald Trump's face where Trump said he was going to win by capturing the Electoral College vote in the Rust Belt States. After I had time to process his strategy I remember thinking, how efficient. If Hillary had not conspired against Bernie the way her and the DNC did, Hillary may have kept the Sander supporter votes. If Hillary had campaigned hard in these same Rust Belt States that Trump went after then this would have also made a huge difference towards her winning the White House. It also didn't help Hillary much having endorsements from every darn neocon that Washington has to offer. Now that Hillary is being deprived entering the Oval Office we Americans may lose our first amendment rights...only in Hillary's eyes is this fair. So much for democracy.

  • How can Progressives get through the Next 4 Years? Organize!
    • For those who hated having the Clintons in charge, now could be an exciting time to take back the Democratic Party back for the common citizen. Don't look upon Trump's win as a tradegy, but look upon it as being an opportunity, and take back what was once yours. This isn't the end of the world, as much as it is the end of the Clintons, so help mold and create a better democratic society, if your up to it.

  • 10 Things Weiner did Worse than Storing H. Clinton Emails on his computer
    • Why are we even talking about Anthony Weiner? I would imagine that a lot of high ranking Hillary people's computer might be worth an FBI investigation. Remember Weiner is just a spouse (or was) of a Clinton Aid. What Anthony does bring to the table is tabloid sexual content, to a story that so far lacks that PR appeal. While Trump's tick tack grabbing sexual private parts was front and center in the news, it provided Hillary some really great coverage to cover the out coming Podesta email discoveries. So now that Anthony provides the sexual component to Hillary's email scandal America will finally listen. Hey, it's American politics after all, and that makes this story that much more exceptional and indispensable, and with that so goes the news.

  • ISIL's loss of Dabiq: It was never about Armageddon, but Weak States
    • Every state as it's own propaganda, so be it. Here in the U.S. our propaganda is spreading Liberty, and freedom, while we install chaos or dictatorships as we then occupy their once sovereign land. Been while in the land of freedom we install more Homeland Security measures to eat away at our once proud independence. The U.S. and it's allies brought this terrorist war to the Middle East, and not a civil war. Professor as much as I value your educated essay, you and I will need to agree to disagree. This is a war for a clean break, otherwise know as the Yinon Plan, and we are all recruited into Israel's army.

  • Whose Fault is Trump? Top 7 Culprits
    • Here is story that to my knowledge was never reported where the Inspector General of the Depart of Defense in June produced a report that stated that the DOD is missing 6.5 trillion dollars. Although this wasn't reported, or didn't get much aire time if any, but instead we were treated to a 'Trump Fest' to keep us all better informed.

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  • Is Turkey's Pivot to Russia about Erdogan's Survival?
    • While everyone in America try's to determine who are the good guys and the bad guys, our own country is going down the tubes. There is so much American tax dollars being spend, and while we Americans are so consumed with everything Trump, no major media outlet is reporting how the Inspector General for the DOD in June announced how the DOD can't locate 6.5 trillion dollars. So while we Americans pay over 11 million dollars a day to fight whom ever it is we are supposed to be fighting, our own country loses big time to implement the Israeli Yinon Plan. Also, whether it be barrel bombs, or Russian and or American bombs, the poor Syrian children suffer greatly. It's time to shut this insane war down. We can do better than this.

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  • Trump and Extreme Vetting of Muslims
    • Why is there no reporting in the American press about the over 30,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic Movement who met at Oakland Farm on Hampshire, England for a 3 day convention to reject radical Islam? If this has been reported by an American major news outlet, then so be it, but this event will never come close to equaling the scale of news coverage that Donald Trump has received with his promise to truly vet all Muslims entering on to U.S. soil. If America were to fight the radical Takfiri, and gather the average normal thinking Muslim to it's side, then together they could defeat this perverse version of what calls itself Islamic, and be done with it. What will result from Trump's rhetoric will be a calling card for only more recruitment to add to the radical side of this religious culture. Incidentally, what Hillary advocates with her 'no fly zones' will be another calling card as well. Until the U.S. decides to focus solely on extinguishing these radicals, and deal with Assasd on a diplomatic level nothing much will change for the good.

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  • Top 5 Ways Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad is a Better American than Trump
    • What keeps Trump competitive is the public's distrust of Hillary Clinton. True, the bigots will always be attracted to other bigots, as Trump is their magnet of hate. If the Donald were to have run against someone like Tulsi Gabbard, well then it would be game over. In fact I'm not so sure Trump is even that serious to winning this election. No, Donald Trump's biggest strength is Hillary Clinton, and America's manufactured fear of all things Islamic. What should be questioned, is why Hillary is allowed to kill so many Muslims while they struggle to stay alive in their respective homelands. While Trump makes promises to ban the Muslim from their entering America, Hillary just wants to bomb then while they sleep in their beds.

  • 8,124 Murders by Firearm in US vs. 29 (144 equiv.) in UK
    • To enact any kind of legislation, we Americans will require a body of representatives who will work in the American people's interest. Where are you going to find that body of devoted individuals? Maybe, pass a law to improve campaign finance reform, and then see if a reasonable gun control law may follow. Either do away with the kind of lobbying they do in DC, or get the American people their own huge lobby who will fight for their interest.

  • How ISIL's attacks on Saudi Arabia aimed at Undermining the Monarchy's Legitimacy
    • When you go to war with the idea, that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, then be prepared for the worst. I mean if you play with snakes, don't be surprised if you get bite. This is advice not only that the Saudi's should have paid attention to, but this advice would go also to the U.S..

  • US-Backed Kurds begin Campaign against ISIL in Northern Syria
  • ISIL Endgame: Obama to send 250 more US Troops into Syria
    • Do you think, that by Obama's upsetting the Saudi's, that his actions may increase Hillary's campaign contributions? If that is what you are suggesting, then I would say to you, how that does make political sense. I guess that ex-presidents need to, why not!

  • Turkey's Erdogan exports Press crackdown to US as his guards manhandle Journalists in DC
    • As the saying goes, with friends like these who needs enemies, may title this piece correctly. What really concerns me, is what is Erdogan doing at the Brookings Institute? I'm hoping another saying describes his visit, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer, applies. I don't like this guy. A visit from him can't be anything good, so what next should we expect from this Syrian experience?

  • What would effective Counter-Terrorism look like after Brussels?
  • Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians
    • Americans need to learn about the Yinon Plan, and the Clean Break Strategy, that has been in play for at least the last 15 years, if not longer. I blame this lack of knowledge on the news media. Hillary is more war. America needs to work on domestic infrastructure projects. The Middle East needs less Zionist inspired military action by the U.S..

  • Which Protest-busting Dictator is Trump most Like?
    • As much as I detest any confrontational violence, it makes for good TV. Oh how good to be a TV advertising exec....must be nice.

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  • Top 6 Signs Trump is wrong & Islam doesn't 'Hate us'
    • Trumps view is seen through the eyes of a racist, and that is 'they all look alike to me'. Reading this article would be an education for these racists, but hey they also hate the Department of Education. Trump is certainly entertaining, but I'm afraid that his presidency would further destroy America's Civil Rights laws to the point of extinction. Great article Professor Cole, more people need to read it.

  • Don't be fooled: Lindsey Graham & GOP Establishment just as Crazy as Trump
    • Keith, allow me to add to not only Nixon's Southern Strategy but Lee Atwater's talking in code. These are the things the Republican Party is now made of. Yes, there was a time when the Republicans were known to hang out at country clubs, and how they used big words, but those days are now over. Also, let us not forget that Hillary is mostly obsessed, and that is a scary thing as well. The U.S. politicians are owned not by the American people, but by Israel's Likud, and for that reason 9 trillion is nothing to concern ourselves with. To think how these crazies represent the American people to the world is a crying shame. My hope is that Sanders really will inspire America's youth, so that they may someday take over, and set America on a better course.

  • Rubio's 7 Fallacies on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    • Rubio's comments would not play well, if America's news media were on the ball. Say what you will, it appears Trump is speaking to the American people, while Rubio is mouthing words for the House of Sheldon. Maybe every American should vote in the Israeli elections. Vote Likud out, and watch the Neocon/Christian Right go away. The Yinon Plan's biggest victory, was taking over the U.S. Government...we the American people want it back. Who among all of our presidential candidates will bring it home?

  • How the US went Fascist: Mass media Makes excuses for Trump Voters
    • Hillary if she wins the Democrates nomination, will have a low voter turn out. This may enable the Republican reality TV star to gain entry into the Oval Office. All this due to a nation starved of receiving honest and objective news coverage. Instead a nation fed and bred on senseless reality TV shows suddenly starts believing in this scripted made for TV reality. The mix of a out of control Atwater/Rovian GOP along with a Reality TV star is all we need, to finally declare this nation as crazy.

  • Exasperated by Netanyahu, France Prepares to Recognize Palestinian State
    • Does this mean we Americans, out of our support for Israel, will be ordering 'Freedom Fries' off the menu, again? If eventually America would quit defending Israel at the U.N. then the Palestinians stand a chance for something to change their plight. As an American taxpayer I find our country's support of Netanyahu's Israel a disgrace, but then who in our U.S. Government cares about what I think?

  • Is Clinton right that Trump is Helping ISIL?
    • I'll admit Trump is not helping things, but talking about videos, what about Secretary of State HR Clinton giggling over Gaddafi's death? "We came, we saw, he died"! (Chuckle, chuckle) I thought at one point, that O'Malley was going to bring that up, but he stopped his rant, and let it go. Let's face it gang, Clinton is going to be the one and only presidential candidate coming out of the Democrates campaigning. Her inauguration will reinforce the neocon influence, at a time we should be ousting the chicken hawk warmongers, who are destroying our world. And don't believe for one minute, that this so called Democrate computer compromise by the Sanders campaign committee just happened...this was a deliberate attempt to sabotage, and degrade the Sanders campaign. There is no stopping Hillary this time.

  • Is Corporate Media a danger to Society? Coverage of Trump v. Sanders
    • Whether it was 1913, 1947, or 1963, the U.S. has been taken over mightily by the corporations. Everything is about making money, but yet there isn't enough to go around. Our elections are rigged by gerrymandering, and our news media is anything but independent. Donald Trump gets attention because he is outrageous, and as Professor Cole stated this sells commercials. We would all do well, too sit at home one day, and just do nothing. No shopping, no traveling on airplanes, no buying gasoline, no nothing. Maybe, my idea isn't that great, but my point is we the people need to put our foot down, and correct our course as a nation. First we need a leader, and then we need campaign reform to the extreme. Think about this, if we the people do vote for the wrong candidate, then our Supreme Court will do our voting for us. Wow! Talk about fascism.

  • Against Trump: 9/11 Muslim Candlelight vigils Sympathizing with US
    • Very thoughtful of you Dr Cole to print this article. Over this last fifteen years, more Muslims have died than Westerners. This madness must end, Donald, Ben, do you hear me?

  • Netanyahu taps Squatter who called Obama Muslim hate sympathizer, as he demands $5 bn./yr. from U.S.
    • If the U.S. gives Israel the 50 billion dollars Israel demands over the next ten years, this would make the U.S. all the more of an ally to Israel's destruction of the Palestinian people. Can the American public live with the knowledge, that they aided in supporting this Israeli conspired genocide against the indigenous Arab who, has long occupied this 'chosen' land? Will it make any sense to an American taxpayer, why Israel needs a F16 fighter plane, or any Hell Fire Missile, to combat an enemy, who at nothing best might be identified, as a rock throwing street fighter? Any respect to the proportionally of weaponries, in my mine is totally loss, when one side fights with rocks and knifes, against a military armed with fighter jets, nuclear submarines, and the best body armor one can buy. We Americans should this weekend quit worrying about what Ben Carson may have done, when he was fourteen years old. Stop, rattling your brain, to if Donald Trump should appear on SNL. (I'm with you migrant worker, but this SNL thing isn't where to stage the battle). BTW, I'm not supporting either Republican candidate, and by leaving out the Democrates candidate love fest on display, is not any act of support, as much as my comment here, is already longer than I meant it to be. What should be most observed, is this American Israeli weapons transfer, and the question should be, is this really necessary.

  • Is Russia's offer of Parliamentary Elections in Syria Serious?
    • I understand the knowledgeable skepticism over what Russia is suggesting, but at least by calling for elections, this would be respective of the rule of law. All, of this after barely a month of decisive military maneuvers by the Russian coalition. I can respect the opinion of Professor Cole, but on the other hand, I can only hope that this Russian influenced political move helps to eliminate Syria's problems. Too many people have suffered in the Middle East, and now should be a time to support any effort to somehow reintroduce peace back into their peace deprived lives. There are many stories floating around out there in the news world, accusing the American government, and their GCC allies, of rearming the Anti-Assad rebels with even more deadly weapons. How can this be good. America, doesn't need to furnish more weapons, into this miserable quagmire, as much as America needs a PR person, such as the one advising Putin, to win the hearts and mines of the world. America may spend the most on military hardware and projects, but Putin is beating America on the field. People in the U.S. Administration should read 'David & Goliath', or go see a 'Star Wars' movie, but truly learn that bigger isn't always better, and the bigger they are the harder they fall....there is some truth to that, so quit with the war, and arm up with some humanity.

  • Top Five Things Congress Should investigate instead of Benghazi
    • The more important issues of our day, will need to wait, until Hillary gets herself into the White House. Besides all of that, when has Washington ever done what is best for the citizens of the world, not too mention it's country. That D.C. made for TV Hillary Benghazi hearing thing, although entertaining for some, was a slap in the face to the real victims. Along with the families of the heroic deceased who died in Benghazi, I would also like to include the American people, as being the recipients of this governmental insult.

      I also want to urge the public to insist on an investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty. It is never too late, to square such a travesty, and wake up to who our friends really are. Plus, we owe it to the crew of the USS Liberty. I'll bet for many of that ships crew, they never even were, thanked for their service. It's way over due, now is the time.

  • Does Obama have a Syria Strategy? Putin Does.
    • After reading all 28 comments, I just have to say, 'Great Discussion'. When would be a good time for when the Western Nations sits down with the BRICS, and they divid up all of the earth's natural resources,etc? Scale back on military investments, revert money into positive worldwide infrastructure projects. The U.S. for sixty five years may have out spend all other nations combined, when it comes to defense spending, but did we spend it wisely? We always subvert to buying all other friends, when we do come to invade. I won't go on, your all that wise to that, but sometime soon, it be would fantastic to get down to business. I think the rest of the world wants us to do that. You can tell I was just at the Bill & Melinda Gates, and I know they have their critics, but projects like with the vision of theirs would be better well money spend. Tanks, can be pounded into Farm Equip.,etc. maybe Doctors Without Borders, but we could do a lot if we were to change the mindset of our leadership and society. Plus, we really don't have any friends.

  • Deal with Saudis? Why does the US care if Russia bombs al-Qaeda and its Allies in Syria?
    • Could all those 'moderate rebel' defections, and stolen weapons being lost to the bad guys, have been a clever U.S. ploy? If so, who would come up with such a plan? Wasn't it David Petraeus who recently said, the U.S. would do better to back al-Queda? Would any of this resemble Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard strategies? Didn't the WSJ and John McCain just this week claim that Russia was bombing our CIA assets?

  • Things like Ted Cruz's threat to Murder Iran's Ayatollah are why Iranians don't Trust US
    • I didn't say he was Roman Catholic. Also, I didn't know the Golden Rule was reserved for Catholics. Peace.

    • Wasn't Cruz listening when Pope Francis instructed us to live by the Golden Rule, 'do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'? Apparently, the good and righteous senator missed that part. More Americans would do right by reading this fine article by Dr. Cole, and become better informed.

  • What if Kim Davis Refused to License Marriages of Inter-Racial Couples?
    • Would Kim Davis and her supporters be upset with the Muslim grocery store cashier who would not ring up her ham. The Kim Davis of America lose sleep at night worrying that Muslims will have observance of Sharia law amended to our constitution. If adding Sharia law were to be included into our American legal governance, would Kim Davis realize how she and her congregation greased the skits to allow this to happen. As the old saying goes, watch what you wish for. The judge who threw her in jail should know by now how he created a martyr and a celebrity all at one time. This judge gave Kim Davis the biggest thrill of her confused biblical existence, by giving her jail time. This whole thing is dangerous to the American way of life. If anything the gays, and minorities, strengthen individuals rights, while Kim Davis marginalized those very same rights. Like Dr Cole stated there is a clear division between church and state, and we would all be wise to keep it that way.

  • Obama 1, Netanyahu 0, as Dems & Public rally to Iran Deal
    • With Casey deciding to vote for the Iran P5+1 agreement I suddenly feel complete. I feel this way due to the fact I called Senator Casey's office last Friday, and left a message for him to vote for the agreement. Now, I need to spread the word that the 150 billion dollars that Iran is receiving, is Iran's money that was withheld by the sanctions. I say this, because I heard Donald Trump tell his followers that WE the U.S.A. are even giving Iran 150 billion dollars. Trump's statement is completely wrong. I'm not sure if the candidates are that ill informed, or they are just lying. Americans are in desperate need of the truth on many issues. I am thankful for sites such as Doctor Cole's, for he is a truthful person.

  • Ghoul's Glossary: "Migrants" or "Refugees" or "Anchor Babies"?
  • Barak-- Netanyahu was on verge of Attacking Iran 3 Times 2010-12 (Why Listening to him on Iran Diplomacy is Daft)
    • After reading this article, one may come to the conclusion, that if there ever was a good time for the U.S. to not block a U.N. veto, that now is the time. I would suspect that a U.S. veto would support the more moderate/left leaning Israeli politicians who oppose the Likud. Of course This type of action by the U.S. would turn Israel into a hornets nest of discontent, but this would leave Israel to petition amongst themselves, and hopefully Israel's Left would prevail. For the U.S. anything would better than it's continuation of supporting Israel's brutal suppression of the indigenous Palestinians. Furthermore, the U.S. would do well to join with other responsibly minded countries, and aid towards disarming all nations of nuclear weaponry, and do this now. Israel needs a huge configuration, so why not start that process now. The people of the world just want fairness, and to have a chance to experience some real democracy. So why not now? Here the U.S. could be at the front leading the way. Instead, so far this new century the U.S. has backed almost any government who is by design anything but fair and democratic. The final blowback to ignoring the people's wants will only create more chaos, and that no one needs. If all that reasoning seems to far self serving, then think of the more important reason, is to save all of humanity. At the bottom of all these stories we read there are human beings, mothers, sisters and brothers, babies, who are seriously injured or worst off dead. This insanity must end, and end now!

  • How the Israel Lobbies hurt U of Illinois-UC & 1st Amendment (Salaita Case)
    • This story has so many critical issues to deal with, it leaves my head spinning. Between AIPAC hidden influence against Salaita's free speech, to ALEC beating up of our state run educational system, this just shows how corrupt our donor system really is. Is it a coincidence that AIPAC is picking on a professor of Native-American history who is disgusted with the Zionist treatment of the Palestinians? Throw in a black person, and a rape victim, and then they would have it all. There is to much here to go on. When some say, 'they want their country back', well start with this case. It is way overdue to take the money out of politics.

  • Memo to Jeb Bush: It was W's Surge that created ISIL, not Hillary
    • Thanks You Professor Cole for the walk down memory lane. That Rovian word "Surge" was a very successful public relations product, and it has served the Republican Party well. Do you remember how that was a trick question posed to candidate Obama back in 2008. Even then I felt that more Americans should read up on what the surge was really about. America didn't win a thing with the surge. The surge was nothing more than a smoke and mirror game aimed to satisfy the war weary American electorate, and nothing more. Keep up the honest reporting about the 'Surge' professor, and continue your attempt to educate the readers who frequent your site here.

  • If it's going to push us to War, is it time for AIPAC to register as foreign Agent?
    • Good on you Professor Cole, this Zionist influence needs to be discussed in America, and the discussion needs to begin right now. The world also needs to hear the views of the many Jewish people who stand opposed to the likes of Netanyahu, and the News Media must aire their views immediately. In a perfect world Israel/Palestine would be a true democracy. A democracy representative of all it's people. Until the Palestinians are resettled back into their native land, then nothing will advance towards a peaceful solution.

  • Top Cringe Worthy Foreign Policy Moments in GOP Debate
    • Mark, Walker thinks the Koch Brothers like him. He didn't catch on yet that they only want him to do their dirty work. Good you paid attention...poor you.

    • Remember Karl Rove made the statement, 'we create our own reality', well this is what you get. These candidates don't have a clue, and that's the way their donors like them. They don't need a brain. All these presidential hopefuls need is to answer their phones, and do what their masters say. We should have up on the stage, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, John Hagee, and Netanyahu! Trump may tell us he represents himself, but I'm sure he would serve someone for some dough. Actually, invite who ever is behind the curtain, because these are the entities these candidates represent.

  • How Likely are the GOP Presidential Candidates Top 10 to drag us into War?
    • It is good for them, that America doesn't have a draft! If there were a draft, and all citizens were required to served, it would be a different story. As, in the sixties people would be protesting and refusing to honor a draft. If the news media were not obeying orders, and started printing graphic photos of all these wars devastating destruction it would be a different story. If that day should ever come, there will be a repeat of sorrow much like there was of the German people after WWII.

  • Syria's al-Qaeda captures US-Linked Free Syrian Army Commander, troops
    • I will admit how I am throughly confused to whom is fighting whom in this Syrian Iraqi war. Between all of the acronyms, and who maybe a moderate, and who isn't, I am having a difficult time deciding who to root for. I though about placing little toy soldiers on a spread out map of Syria and Iraq, and maybe spray painting my little army guys each a different color to match their allegiance to who they represent. Nice idea, but what color would I paint each group, and would there be enough colors to choose from? Seriously, is it me, or what? I know this, that inside Syria and Iraq there are innocent people suffering.

  • That Time Ronald Reagan opened Iran and Illegally sold Khomeini Weapons
    • What a glorious (sarcasm) history we have to reflect upon. Yet, most average Americans are hardly aware of any of this history. Mr. Cole, you and others like you, are to be commended for the information you bring us. Thanks!

  • Palestinians welcome Pope's Recognition of their State
  • Did Jeb Bush just commit a War Crime in Justifying the Iraq War?
    • Yes Juan everything you mention here is true, but the difference between the U.S. now and Germany then is that the U.S. Is exceptional and Germany was only superior.

  • "Killing Me Softly" in Palestine: Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Concert under BDS Pressure
    • Someone read this story to Pam Geller. I'm all for 'free speech', but when does it become instigation? Ms Hill apparently knows the difference, and is taking the road of caution. Although, I wish Ms Hill would do her performance, I applaud her decision not to further add fuel to an already out of control 12 alarm fire. Blessed are the peace makers!

  • US Airstrike in Syria kills 53 Civilians, 6 Children
    • So let me see, one U.S. missile takes money away from an American entitlement (the government's word, not mine), and this single missile also ensures another Middle Eastern youth will grow up hating America. That is some kind of twofer! This kind of methodology will only make the missile manufacturers rich. I guess if the missile maker pays a capital gains tax that could help support the entitlement, but then I am sure the bomb was either subsidized, or possibly paid no taxes at all. I swear the U.S. is trying to work against the American citizens interest. Seriously, why vote, why live with regret, why even try to understand.

  • Iran calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World
    • What Mr. Zarif is suggesting is a no brainier, but then we must consider the world we are living in. All the countries of the world possessing nukes should escalate down to zero. After that, how about these same countries help the refugees gain food and shelter? People should take precedence over corporations.

  • Bush blames Obama for lack of Wars ('Follow-Through' on 'Threats')
  • Iraq: Why it doesn't Matter if Ezzat al-Douri was Killed
  • Iran: Putin Explains to Israel's Netanyahu: Air Defense System is, like, Defensive
    • Recently, Dov Zakheim made a statement that even if Iran were to have a bomb that Iran would have a one percent chance of using it effectively against Israel. He stated however Israel had a one hundred percent chance of destroying Iran. So, now that Iran will have the Russian made S300 will this decrease Iran's protection to less that one hundredth of a percent? Also, Israel has U.S. made Patriot missiles to defend them from any attack.

  • Iran: What did Khamenei really say about the Lausanne Agreement, and Why?
    • Khamenei may have just recently spoke to a Native-American, or maybe an African-American. Better yet, he may have just got off the phone after talking to a Russian. Remember, the US promised that NATO would not place missiles any further than Germany. Whether we are talking about the 'Trail of Tears', or 'Forty Acres & a Mule', America has a bad record at keeping it's word.

  • How GOP threats against Iran have Guaranteed end of European Sanctions
    • It is hard to believe that no one in Washington could not have seen this coming. The US government with all its sanctions has created a whole new market. A new market where the US has deleted itself from. Way to go! Now, I am reading headlines where the GOP presidential candidates are proclaiming how they will undo whatever Obama does with Iran. I guess in the very near future it will be Israel and the US only. That should be fun!

  • Mideast Reacts with Horror: "Israel has elected Extremism and Racism"
    • Great article Bill.

    • After our US legislaturers gave Netanyahu one standing ovation after another, we should all be fearful of what is yet to come. Our beloved country is more than compleced we are joined at the hip with Israel. Considering how the rest of the world hasn't the love of Israel as the US does, this means we are all pretty much alone on this one. I suspect that any violence between the Palestinians and the Israeli's will be all Netanyahu will need for him to make his one state solution workable. My question is; how many in the US will buy his one state product?

  • Apartheid Forever: Israel's Netanyahu rules out Palestinian Citizenship Rights
    • Netanyahu, by showing his true colors, could be as dangerous out of office as he is when in office. I cannot imagine he will quietly fade off into the sunset. After watching how he barn stormed the U.S. Congress, it's hard to picture Bibi in retirement. Would now be a good time for him to use every trick in the book? I would be willing to bet he has something on everybody. In fact, Netanyahu may prove more devastating now more than ever.

  • Renewable Energy skyrocketing, From Solar Mosques to Wave-Powered Naval Bases
    • Every time I read an article such as this, I can't help but wonder what mankind could do by diverting the money spent on wars. If only we invested in clean energy, wow we could change everything. Then after that create a socialized world wide health system.

  • Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy: Peddling old Iraq Myths Again
    • Poor Jeb, he just can't help him self, it's in his genes! If any of you believe in prayer, now would be a good time to start praying. Another Bush in the White, doesn't the 21st century really suck, so far?

  • French Pres. Hollande: Anti-Muslimism is as bad as Antisemitism: Muslims Must be Protected
    • Hollande speaks like a real leader. This should be a moment to bring people together.

  • Why Kim Jong-Un was Really afraid of "The Interview:" A Humiliation Romp, not an Assassination Flick
    • Mack Sennett brought to the silent screen in 1919 a comic film by the title of "Yankee Doodle in Berlin'. This movie depicted the Kaiser and the Germany army as being a bunch of buffoons. The film is about an American soldier disguising himself as a beautiful woman. Bothwell Browne who was a woman impersonator of his day played the lead. Yes, all the higher German command fell for this stunning woman impersonator. The movie makes no mistake at it's propaganda value for it's time.

      link to

  • Top 5 Planks of 2016 GOP Platform? Torture, War, Bank Corruption, Paid-For Elections
    • I'm not a fortune teller, but 2015 already looks like a terrible year. Americans maybe to broke, also sick and tired of torture and war to vote in 2016.

  • The Trial of Richard Bruce Cheney
    • Very good humor. It would serve the world well if justice were carried out against America's war crimes, but I don't see this happening. More probably this story will disappear once the new congress convenes in January. In fact, this maybe away of controlling the story out of sight. A little truth mixed with some contraversary, add in a lot of confusion, and there Ya go a nice farewell cake to torture is ready for American consummation. Screw the UN. We ignore them quite regularly. If anyone pays a price it will not be above the rank of a lieutenant. Sorry, this is what reading the news for fifty years in my beloved country has brought me to become, a cynical voter who accepts the official narrative. Now, what about that Jonathan Gruber, or how about that liberal rapetard Lena Dunham? Is Bill Cosby a Democrate?

  • GOP Squirms at Release of CIA Torture Report, warns of "Violence" (So why did they Torture?)
    • Some might say, this investigation may bring us back to our observing the Constitution. If this becomes our new reality, then so be it. I have come to believe that our governments officials actually deep down inside hate the Constitution.

      The American public through fear has developed many supporters of torture. I find this to be truly sad. Rogers, and others who are predicting violence over this investigation raise a whole new fear. That is the chance of having a 'false flag' occur. I'm not accusing anyone, but there are a lot of shoes that could drop on this one. My hope is everything will evolve without incident, and American will act like the 'shinning city on the hill'.

  • Top 5 ways US treatment of African-Americans resembles Apartheid South Africa
    • People need to learn how to talk to each other. Positive interaction is needed in our American society badly. Diversity amongst our police, and local officials must become the norm. Reworking our neighborhoods by encouraging racial mixtures would to me, be a goal worth the effort. Instead of spending money on military equipment for the police to use, spend this money on improving our communities infrastructure. Scrap these one sided trade agreements, and provide people with life time career jobs, and watch our nation grow healthy. I say this, because I don't see this happening in our American cities.

  • A Day Late & a Dollar Short: Obama & China agree on Languid Climate Goals
    • It is utterly amazing how the status quo is dragging their feet on solving the earths climate change problem. T Boone Pickens a few years ago stated, that the world was past the mid point of extracting crude oil. If that is correct, then shouldn't someone be working on a plan for alternative resources?

  • Internet Liberty at Stake in Obama World Wide Web Policy
    • When you mention how it could take as long as 60 seconds for a download, I immediately thought of my friends and family who are addicted to Face Book. Seriously, such a long time for a download would ruin their evening Face Book time dramatically. Besides all that it would be nice if there were at least one place left where everyone was treated equally.

  • Why McCain & GOP are Slamming Obama for Writing Iran re: ISIL
    • Google, "Afghanistan US missing weapons', and there is everything a US taxpayer will need to know. The proliferation of weapons along with Afghan police not being paid for months, has created a perfect storm. Due to this pay shortage there has been reported a missing 450 million dollars worth of weapons. The unpaid Afghan police have resorted to corruption, and are now selling these weapons to the Taliban. So, McCain's wanting to always arm up these troubled areas, has it's down side. When your only tool is a hammer, then everything turns out to be a nail. Being a diplomat doesn't make as much money, as being a hawk advocating war. With a guy like McCain around God help us all...God help the world.

  • Ben Affleck on Bill Maher's Muslim Problem
    • Great piece here, Professor Cole. You nailed it in this very fine article. Good on you, Sir!

  • Top 5 Contradictions in Obama's Emerging ISIL Strategy
  • Solar could make your Electricity Bill Zero: But Pols, Utilities are Conspiring Against You
    • This is a great reason to take the corporate money influence out of our American political system.

  • Sean Hannity Pwned by Patricia Bynes when he tries to "Educate" Her
    • Don't forget Sean gave George Zimmerman a very sympathetic platform to make his case of why he shot Trayvon Martin.

      Sean also defends Israel's slaughter of Palestinians.

      Me advice; read your news, and don't take any thing on FOX to seriously. But , you already knew that!

  • 6 Robin Williams Movies That Teach Us Progressive Values
    • Mindy this is a great article. I won't say I tear up easy, but your writing did it for me. Thanks for the memories!

  • The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History: The Truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    • I guess all leadership is suspect in the 21st century. We Americans see our politicians swear an oath to the Constitution, and then what? Secret trade agreements, the Patriot Act, detaining people without due process, and killing American citizens with drones. It's time we all get back to the 'egg'.

  • Iraq Crisis: It's the Oil, Stupid!
    • Thanks Professor for setting the record straight. War due to greed makes much more sense than fighting for Iraqi Freedom. The sad part is, that all us little people of the free world seem helpless as to reining our corporations, and our leaders in.

      I know the technology is there, whereas we could be driving cars that get 100 mpg...but, no we would rather fight for the oil profiteers instead.

  • Cons of Going to War against Iraq (Cole, Jan. 2003)
    • Brings back memories of when I first discovered you Professor Cole. I seem to recall seeing you on C-Span among other networks back then.

      If you hold Bush's Iraq mirror to mirror against Obama's Benghazi the partisan politics could not be clearer. Accountability is certainly missing in American government.

  • Dear GOP: Captured Benghazi Suspect Says He Was Inspired By Video
  • Why were Wall Street & Banking not Reformed after 2008? Congress!
    • America the beautiful has been transformed into Amerika the ugly. Our productive society went from manufacturing product to making financial things up. We the people shake our heads when looking at all our debt, while Wall St. lifts their glasses with a hardy hooray!

      First reform our election more money, or at least sanction as little as possible to fund our elections. Elections without TV commercials. Elections with only C Span debates. These are just a couple of ideas I have, and I am not the smartest kid in the class. I know there are many, many more of you fellow Americans who have great ideas on how to reform our system. I only hope someday soon we all may see the great needed change take place.

      Until then save your money. Stay out of debt as much as you can. Don't feed the beast any longer!

  • Don't Trust the Bombers on Iraq: "Shock and Awe" Never Works
    • When all the chicken hawk draft dodger politicians are in one room yelling at the generals to do something this is what you get. Besides just think how much each bomb cost...hmmm lots of cash there boy!

      I'm with you professor. What we are doing is just flat out wrong. The only problem is, we don't seem to know any better.

  • Dear Sen. McCain: No, the Taliban Prisoners didn't Carry out 9/11; but you Supported Muslim Radicals
  • Scientists Develop Coal-Killing Solar Cell Made From Tin
    • Imagine if the USA had spent money on energy development instead of these 21st century wars where we could be!

  • John Kerry admits Israeli Apartheid; and 5 Ways he is Understating It
    • In a 1934 letter to the League of Nations, Edmond de Rothschild stated that "the struggle to put an end to the Wandering Jew, could not have as its result, the creation of the Wandering Arab."

  • 8 Plutocrats out-earned 3.6 mn Working Poor & 7 Other Headlines You won't see in MSM
  • Is Rand Paul right that Cheney invaded Iraq for Halliburton Profits?
    • When it comes to the Paul's (father & son) I always need to stop and wonder what would happen if they were to become president. I mean George W Bush ran as a compassionate conservative ...yeah right! Barrack Obama, well where should one start with him? What I am referring to, is how all these political candidates change there stands once they enter into the Oval Office. So, my question regarding Rand Paul is how much of his rhetoric would survive if he were elected president.

      There was a time that I was impressed with Dick Cheney. I mean, there was no one who could get things done so well, as Cheney. Then Dick went to the Dark Side, and never did he look back. Maybe Cheney was always dark, but then he went darker.

      I think history will not look kindly on the Cheney's of our America. This whole era of Neocon will be judged poorly, as time goes by.

  • US National Security hijacked, flown into Bermuda Triangle of Mysteries
    • It appears that everything in our news has some kind of conspiracy associated to it. What is more disturbing is often the conspiracy makes more sense than the real story the media is reporting.

      Whether it is a one magic bullet, or buildings falling in free fall, nothing seems to be straight forward. Sometimes the confusion leads one to believe that even the conspiracy theory's are part of the conspiracy. Go figure.

      What is sad is how the United States could win hearts and mines with soft diplomacy. All this warmongering cannot add up to anything good. What good is winning if all we get in return is a police state?

  • Saudi King channels John McCain, demands Obama Take Hard Line on Iran, Syria, Muslim Brotherhood
  • ABC: Bush's Neocon Spokesman for Illegal US Occupation of Iraq Slams Russia for Crimea
    • I want my country back!

      Neocon's, AIPAC, and war, this all we ever hear coming out of DC. It is time to rid these people out of our government. These warmongers are hurting people all over the world. The victims of their Neocon terror will be tomorrow's terrorist who will plot against the US. This must end now!

  • When it is Feinstein being Spied on, Suddenly she Squawks
    • So what will Senator Feinstein do, if the CIA is guilty of torture? Will she prosecute Hayden, Cheney, or Bush? That will be the day.

      My mother always warned me, how one lie just leads to another lie. My Mother didn't know John Yoo, and his twisted way of thinking.

      So just spend all the time and money it takes to investigate something that should have never have happened in the first place. Don't worry about the American people who will take the cuts as they come. Just protect the elites who are so much more deserving!

  • McCain's Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy on Crimea at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference
    • Tyahnybok is an anti-Semite who says “organized Jewry” controls the Ukraine’s media and government, and is planning “genocide” against Christians. He has turned Svoboda into the fourth largest party in the country, and, this past December, U.S. Senator John McCain shared a platform and an embrace with Tyahnybok at a rally in Kiev. So McCain after embracing Tyahnybok in December today addresses AIPAC condemning Obama’s weakness…. is this double speak?

  • The GOP, Race and Ted Nugent: If you won't Denounce Nazi Insults, What does that Say about You?
    • A long time ago I was a musician and although I didn't hate Nugent's music I thought he was too much in one grove. It appears that Ted is a one grove person. There is nothing smart about this man. His biggest thing is gun ownership, and he dislikes President Obama. This is it. That's all he's got.

    • I agree with you, but in this case the author is using their free speech to critise Nugents racist or what ever you call it insane rant. Our freedoms are working rather well. Yes, we should not make it unlawful for people to make asses out of them selves...just write articles condemning them when they do!

  • Broken Democracy: Republicans poised to take Senate, Americans Reject their Platform
    • It is amazing how our government can do what it wants. The voter comes in second almost always. Whether gerrymandered or out moneyed the majority of people are overwhelmed into a complacency that the average person finds impossible to overcome.

      The sixties I believe was a huge turning point, and not for the better. This was an era of assassinations which took away any hope of the US having meaningful leadership. Seriously, how could a politician feel safe after seeing what happens to those who do attempt to make needed change?

      When 85 people can have half the world's wealth that is saying a lot about what the common folk are up against. Money is the driver in American politics. We must deal with this going forward, but how?

      I believe that younger voters will make the difference. They weren't around when JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X were killed, and this lack of experience might help them press on towards reform. The younger voter right now is getting the worst end of this new world order. Younger people are faced with the same problems their ancestors were faced with 100 years ago. Now like then these up and coming citizens will have to make the difference. One can only hope for the best.

  • China Installed More Solar Power in 2013 than the US has in its Whole History
    • Let me put on my KEYNESIANISM hat...imagine a stimulus in the US that would propel this country into the 21st century. China is doing what we should be doing. We should mandate a 3rd of this product be made in the US.

      The boom to the HomeDepot, Sears, etc. would be huge.

      I applaud China for the effort. America should be installing the next generation of infrastructure.

      Keep it Light!

  • Israel's KKK: Violent Squatters increasingly Attacking Palestinians
    • In a 1934 letter to the League of Nations, Edmond de Rothschild stated that "the struggle to put an end to the Wandering Jew, could not have as its result, the creation of the Wandering Arab."

      Why isn't story covered by the 'Main Stream Media'?

      Israeli leaders are going to take this land!

      Israeli leaders want war with Syria & Iran, why?

  • Israel Tries to Bully Europe over Criticism of Planned 1800 Squatter Units on Palestinian Land
    • In a 1934 letter to the League of Nations, Edmond de Rothschild stated that "the struggle to put an end to the Wandering Jew, could not have as its result, the creation of the Wandering Arab."

  • America Black Ops Wars in 134 Countries
    • " If it is power we must have, the route to that is economic, not the sprinkling of tough guys and weapons and explosives all over the globe. It’s hard to imagine that we have CHOSEN to do it ever since 1945."

      Hunter I agree I like calling this the "Reverse Project for the New American Century"

  • Five Reasons Benghazi Wasn't Hillary Clinton's Fault
    • Let's face it Benghazi was an October Surprise gone bad. Talk about False Flag. I'm sorry, I just don't trust David Petraeus, nor do I trust the republicans. For crying out loud we are talking about the US Presidential election, not to mention a 9/11 anniversary. This idea had to sound good on paper considering Mitt Romney was the republicans candidate. I mean that was the best the Repubs could do. They were stuck with was his turn!

      FOX should be ashamed of it self for being so unpatriotic. Isn't FOX a good American network? They saw Benghazi as a 2-fear, Hillary & Barrack!!!

  • American Public Pushes back against AIPAC Senators seeking Iran Conflict
    • "Preventative war is like committing suicide out of fear of death" Bismarck.

    • Well, finally the American public is starting to be heard. Lately, I have been saying that Netanyahu should be aware of his hawkish ways. His, along with AIPAC, actions are not playing well. Just read the reader comments on almost any website, and you will come away realizing just how much Americans don't want any more wars. Besides being tired of war, we're broke!

      Israel's concerns may have gained some respect from Americans when Ahmadinejad was in office, but now he's gone. Rouhani is a smiling moderate. He even is pro western, isn't this the leader we have been waiting for. Yet, there is Netanyahu shaking his head in woo saying, "worst deal of the century".

      The United States for my whole life (63) had had a rival Russia who was also armed with nukes. The US just didn't go over to Russia and start bombing their nuclear facilities. Russia likewise stayed at arms length, as well. Suggesting we go to war with Iran is plain madness. If the US didn't do war when it came to our own situation then why would we go to war over this situation Israel finds itself in? By the way, inspectors IAEA plus our own intelligence all tell us Iran isn't building a bomb. When was the last time we went to war over an assumption...oh yeah, Iraq!

  • Messianic Israeli Minister obsessed with Palestinian Land accuses Kerry of Messianic Obsession
    • It would appear that Americans are waking up to the fact that the current leaders in Israel are just flat out wrong. Today there are head lines from all the major American news papers quoting their discuss with AIPAC backed US congress people. I like to read the reader comment section, and it seems there is overwhelming support by the US public to back the Obama administration's position with Iran, on the p5+1 agreement.

      I have stated before how Israel may encounter a back lash in public opinion, and I think that is finally happening. People are sick and tired of war. Plus, we cannot afford these wars.

      It is time for Israel's liberals to come forward, and start ruling more from a point of fairness. This madness must end!

  • Giant Rhubarb Battery may save the World (Really!)
    • Wow! Imagine the potential of combining green with energy consumption. That could change everything. No more wars over oil would be nice. Yes, I am a dreamer, but then there was a time you would have been crazy to believe man would ever fly!

  • NSA Bulk Surveillance has had no Impact on Fighting Terrorism
    • What I have wondered about is how Snowden got over on such a massive security agency. Snowden went up and down the pay scale, as he jumped from job to job. To say the least he should have appeared to have been either overtly career opportunistic or just plain dissatisfied with his job. He should have popped up on somebody's radar...hello, Hong Kong, next stop Russia!

      Let's face it since 9/11 we have gone goofy spending money all over the place. I believe there are those who are more concerned with lining their pockets as opposed to catching anybody, or stopping anything.

      History has proven when governments become more concerned with purchasing weapons than providing work for their people we all suffer.

  • "Fox was Romney's War Room"; GOP being run by Fox News: Zucker & Gabriel Sherman Agree
    • I know I am, but what are you.

      I certainly am not going to apologize for FOX. I think FOX is everything that's wrong about news reporting in America, but CNN...really?

      CNN especially when it comes to the MIC is over run with those corporate types. CNN also has a very large amount of special interest popping up on their programs. Special, like AIPAC, and or PNAC people. Well, I guess even those people need some representation, but they CNN should be careful when pointing fingers.

      MSNBC is liberal on light? I wish Nader, or Paul Craig Roberts were on, but no or not often enough. Thom Hartman would be someone I would like to see on the air, but I'm not betting on it!

      Oh well!

  • New Congressional Sanctions on Iran Will Backfire . . . on Congress
    • Mr Jahanpour, it is good to hear from someone like you. What your pointing out about Americas allies going it a lone is most interesting. I only wish you had, or may get, a much louder voice. These US senators get a lot of news coverage. I wish us all the luck if your voice gets even half the attention these senators will get.

      More should hear about who Rouhani is. It's my understanding Rouhani is a moderate. I agree we would not wish to make him look weak at a time like this. I wish him luck.

  • Iran: Israeli PM Netanyahu's Allies in US Senate Seek Vote to Scuttle President Obama's Talks
    • Jay L I am with you on the republican thing.
      Menendez is a democrat Kirk Is the republican extremist.

      What's driving this 'tough sanctions' craze is special interest, so they say. I think it's politicians talking out loud. I'm not sure how much is theatre or not. From everything I am trying to keep a breast of, Iran seems to be on schedule. Even looking forward to the next p5+1 which will be held in Vienna.
      Vienna nice.

      But you are right about that conservative thing and the extremist!

    • Yes Roger that's just what I meant. Really with all the nukes Israel has what's the worry. I grew up in a America that had a nuclear rival Russia, and yet somehow we lived with it. Maybe Israel should just settle down. My saying to hurry up was reference to the p5+1 talks. I want a peaceful solution.

    • Rouhani is a moderate so this would seem to be a good thing, right? If we drive this thing to a point where Rouhani would look weak to his right wingers then would this not weaken us as well? From everything I have read about concerning the p5+1 deal Iran received about 3% of their money, so far. Tell me, how far do we need to drive this nail.

      I just hope that for all this theatre that there is some kind of happy outcome. Like, maybe forcing the Iranians to hurry up, or something!

  • Fallujah Tribes broker extremist withdrawal deal to forestall Gov't invasion
    • Thanks for your reply, but if partitions won't work then what might?

      I value your opinion Prof. Cole

    • I think it was VP Joe Biden who suggested sectioning off parts of Iraq. By the sounds of it would this be a good idea.

      Whatever don't send in the US military. This never seems to solve anything. Our using military only brings death and destruction. If we cannot restrain ourselves for the humanity of it, then do restrain to prevent the blow back. Take your pick!

  • Gatesgate: Why Obama was right to Distrust his Generals on Afghanistan
    • Bill, I won't argue that Joe Biden is perfect. My comment was more aimed at Biden when held up against his peers. Any of our leader class will fade fast when held up to the sunlight. Thanks, for your reply and let's keep me in line there...this is what discussion should be. Take care!

    • Every president has had problems of one kind or another when it came down to their cabinet picks. What I hope, is that President Obama has learned something from his initial start to this present moment in time.

      Robert Gates is certainly a piece of work. Over this last twenty four hours I have learned more about Gates than I wanted to. Most all of what I am reading isn't good. Where were our heads back in 2009? We were all reading "A Team of Rivals" and getting all cuddly over the diversity of it all, when we should have been listening to those who were saying, "NO".

      I recall Ralph Nader warning the new President Obama to distance himself from the Bush/Cheney policies. Still rather than admit that Ralph Nader is often right, many of you criticize him for running for president in 2000... Let it go! If President Obama would have listened to people such as Mr Nader at that time Gates wouldn't have the Obama story to tell in his new book.

      By the way, instead of the media always making a story out of Joe Biden's gaffes, maybe someone ought to pay attention to how right he has often been on National Security. I thought Vice President Biden even when he was a senator had many a good thought when it came to foreign affairs.

      Lastly, there isn't enough time or room here for me to go off on Petraeus and McCrystal, but I long for the day of another Marshall and/or Eisenhower!

    • I remember not long after tearing up with Oprah in Grant Park to smiling my ass off watching our new First Couple dance at the Inauguration until all of a sudden hearing about the new Cabinet picks, and saying, " Oh No!" "Who, WTF!"

      I was watching Doris Kern Goodwin on all the Sunday Talk Shows promoting her stupid book, " Team of Rivals" and comparing Obama's new cabinet picks to Lincoln all the while knowing how something was going so terribly wrong!

      Did they throw Barrack into a room, and make him watch the "Zapruder Film" over and over, and over again? Between one new cabinet pick from another I was wondering where all the 'Hope and change' was going. What happen to the Barrack Obama we waited for? In a strange way Gates made sense. Why?

      Now here we are, and there's Gates with his book. I actually like Joe Biden better knowing Gates has a bad opinion of our beloved VP. I hope this Gates book event makes President Obama become more the Obama we all wished for. Watching Secretary Kerry lately gives me hope. I am also rooting for Secretary Hagel.

      In any case I hope our new generation of Americans may right my generations wrongs. Be cool!

  • About that Country you Destroyed: A Letter to George W. Bush
    • I think blaming Mr Nader for Bush becoming president is over looking that Gore would have won Florida if not for the Supreme Court. Certainly you cannot blame Ralph Nader for what happened in Ohio 2004. So let it go.

      What Mr Nader is pointing to now, about Iraq, is something worth repeating. God only knows how busy the Bush people are at this very moment rewriting history to their own benefit. So, the more we write as Mr Nader did here the more the record will bear for the true history of what happen in our time.

  • Top Ten Things Bob Gates was Wrong about, Some Criminal
    • I got worried for President Obama (& our country) when Doris Kerns Goodwin popped up on Sunday talk shows promoting her book 'A Team of Rivals'.

      Between Summers, Geithner, all the Ex-Clintonites, Gates I thought then ...Oh Boy!

      The book I am looking forward to reading will be Obama's book when he leaves office. Then maybe we will start seeing who's behind the curtain.

      There is an invisible hand at work here...sorry I just believe that.

  • Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal to Relinquish Control of Palestine-Jordan Border, Endangering Talks
    • In a Nov. 10, 1945 meeting with American diplomats brought in from their posts in the Middle East to urge Truman not to heed Zionist urgings, Truman had bluntly explained his motivation:

      "I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism: I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents."

      Immediately after the plan was adopted, however, extensive fighting broke out between Jews and Arabs, just as US diplomats had predicted. The Arab states categorically rejected the partition by outside parties of an overwhelmingly Arab land.

      link to

  • Benghazi Consular attack was Local, not al-Qaeda: NYT Correspondent Demolishes GOP Talking Points
    • Is it me? Why does the right never mention David Petraeus? Was, he not the CIA director? Was, the compound not a CIA safe house? Talk about picking and choosing, that's all this GOP/Fox story is. The sad part is, I'm afraid, is most Americans believe the GOP lie.

  • Thank You for Your Support
    • I feel better now. I don't mine supporting something I believe is doing good things. Best to you Mr Cole.

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