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  • The New Arab League Cold War
    • While some may not know of when to quit with all of their destruction, others would do well to be accepting of the world’s invitation to join it. These two mindsets are where all roads collide. So the question is, which is the right path to take going forward?

  • The Saudi-US war on Yemen is killing 130 Children a Day & Other Bleak Statistics
  • World, horrified at Trump, sends US Ranking Plummeting
  • Protests as Trump promotes Coal at Climate Summit in Berlin
    • This is a perfect example of America’s falling from power. With Trump’s conquest to trash everything and all things Obama, and in Trump’s terms ‘Obama’s leading from behind’, with Trump in charge this is where America will lead in it’s decline. The future of dealing with climate change is the biggest prize of them all, but Trump’s narrow minded base doesn’t get it that way. Trump and his followers feel that climate change is a hoax, but the last laugh will be on them. The Paris Climate Accords is the right place to perform a country’s leadership abilities, but don’t tell Trump that, because then you are ‘fake news’.

  • Trump only president not invited to Paris Climate Summit
    • Here, here, on making some noise on the ecosystem.

      Also, since back in the seventies with America finally accepting Mao’s China with the introduction of Ping Pong Diplomacy, I scoff at nothing too trite when it comes to improving international dialog. The Paris Climate Accord has more meaning than President Orange understands, as his main goal is to accept nothing of Obama’s doing, and his second goal is to go the way of John Bolton where America does whatever it is America wants to do, and down with any outside interference to America’s hegemony. Hoorah!

    • Funny, but in many ways I think that future historians will peg this U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, as the beginning of the end of the U.S. Global Empire. The only other question is, will the U.S. step down from its reign as the world’s sole superpower gracefully, and without incident?

  • Rick Perry has it Backwards: Oil causes Mass Rape
    • What a ridiculous age we are living in. We currently have a Orange Tv Reality Star President tweeting out insults to his opposition from the White House, and now we are quoting the words of Rick Perry (whoops) as if Perry were intelligent enough to quote. If this is making America great again, then what’s our IQ?

  • Iran's Khamenei to Putin: Isolate US by dumping the Dollar
    • We should do stand up.

    • To be surprised by this Iranian attitude is to deny ever knowing to where all of this U.S. sanction business was taking the U.S. in regard to it’s relationships abroad. I mean come on now, when you have the kind of majority the U.S. has on it’s sanction list, why you should then come to realize that with more, and more countries being added to this list, that it was only a matter of time until the U.S. would be standing all alone.

  • Dear John Kelly: Yes, Slavery was wrong in 1860s & Muslims helped Convince Americans to end It
  • Fading ISIL in Syria lashes out, kills 128 in reprisals as Gov't takes back Town
    • While reading this about ISIL I could not but help recall that 2010 DOD assessment to how the U.S. should allow the enemy of our enemy enough destruction room, so as to soften or defeat Baha’i al-Assad. While this strategy is nothing new to warfare, it’s biggest drawback is that, you only put off until tomorrow what you should have accomplished today. Let’s face it, if the only goal of the mission were for the U.S. to defeat Daesh or ISIL then the U.S. would have been done and out of there faster than you could find Syria on a map. Well maybe not that fast, but faster than this war has gone for what all has been done.

      In the end the U.S. will need to go to the top of the mountain, and do some deep reassessment to if this Middle East adventure of destruction was worth it, in order to obey and dutifully implement the Oded Yinon Plan. With this Israeli Plan in mind, it has always bothered me to how important this massive undertaking really is, when held up to respecting a nation’s sovereignty. In time these sins of influence will be hard to wash away, without a complete realignment of America’s mission, and it’s adherence to it’s allies wishes.

      I’m not talking of how isolationism is the remedy for America, or should it be considered the only solution to America’s involvement in the Middle East. No I’m talking about an America which respects the international rule of law, and a America who does the right thing.

  • Tillerson tells Iraqi Shiite Militias to "go home." Sad.
    • I learn a lot from your essays Professor Cole, but with this article you are making the assumption that Tillerson and Trump’s State Department should be as smart as you are. There is where you may have made a critical flaw in your thinking.

      So far from everything we have seen in regard to Trump’s White House, smartness does not rule the course of mapping out world events, as much as Twitter determines our nation’s so cunning strategies. Think of it Professor Cole of how brilliant our President Orange really is. I mean, so like the Prez sends Rex out to be his useful idiot, all the while Commander and Mouth sits on his special throne typing out tweets that will change the world. There’s the ‘Making America Great Again’ strategy in real time action, and forgive any third grade spelling errors. Oh, and please stand for the National Anthem.

      I never would have thought that world peace could have been achieved by unnerving a Florida Congresswoman, and driving a widow of a fallen hero into a deeper despair, was the magic bullet to bring down all of the evil the world has to offer. Just brilliant.

      So you see Professor Cole, there is a ‘most beautiful’ method to President Twitter Fingers method after please stand, out of respect for our most magnificent Emperor Orange.

  • No, Trump, British Crime isn't going up because of Muslims
    • Thank you Nicholas, you answered my question, and seriously dude you taught me something new today. I also like reading your comments, and as of now I can’t think of when I didn’t agree with much of what you comment on. Thank you again Nicholas. Joe

    • Trump should mind his own business. This man wasn’t elected by the Electoral College Vote to run the UK. Also I might add that Trump’s criticism of the UK crime events is dis ingenious at best, due to he’s obstructing the view of his own performance by pointing to the few flaws he can conjure up about other countries. When they do bad, Trump thinks he does good by tweeting his disapproval, and of course he thinks his comments make him look superior.

      I also think it’s a low blow dig at the real power, ‘the City of London’. Trump apparently, is one of those who likes sticking it to the boss. And, someone please tell me, is the Queen avoiding President Orange, by her not extending her invitation to receive Trump’s presence? Better said, if you were the Queen would you which to receive him?

      Just plain bazaar, is what this all is. Save yourself, because no one else will. Have a nice Sunday people. Joe

  • George W. Bush & GOP lack standing to bash Trump for Racism
    • Well done, and very well put, super390.

      I’m still reeling from the 1972 presidential election. I was living in the South when Nixon won that year, but I was thoroughly dumbfounded by the many in the North who at that time had bought into Nixon’s distasteful philosophy, if you want to call it that.

      Ever since then, we have watched one politician after another play to this crowd of racist, and that in my mind goes against everything America should stand for, as we go bomb the world to ashes in the name of establishing ‘liberty and freedom for all’.

      Great comment super390. Joe

    • Page: 2
    • I’m very pleased to see that Professor Cole acknowledges that Trump is the logical conclusion of the Republican Party’s Southern Strategy. It is worth mentioning, not only because it is true, but also because people tend to either forget this Republican strategy, or they may have never thought, or known of it before.

      Although it is kind of cool to see George W Bush get on board the Trump is a Moron car, like this article points out, we should recall who we are hearing this criticism of Trump from. I see W’s entrance into this ‘Trump’s a Moron Campaign’, as being his representing that certain faction in DC who despises this Moron, who really is a Moron, outsider Trump. Make no mistake about it people who voted for Trump because they saw him as an outsider who will drain the swamp, but Trump is nothing worth waiting for, as he only adds more slimy creatures to the already overflowing swamp excrement. Trump is all about what is good for Trump. On the other hand, even with all of that admitting that Trump is a Moron, I would adhere the caution sign tape to this fact with a warning label pointing to W’s own historical misgivings.

      I always thought W would be kind of fun to watch a College or NFL game with, and I would be his friend while watch the ex-President when he’s eating pretzels, but having W as a leader or as a mentor in this particular instances is hypocritical at best, and stupid for me having learned nothing about W’s warring past performance, go I.

      In the end we should take Trump’s insane presidency, and take the return of George W Bush and others like Bush, as even more proof that our system of governance is broken, and is in badly need of repair.

  • Iran's Khamenei: We'll observe Deal if Europe does, despite "Charlatan," Trump
  • No, It Wasn't Iran: Top 7 Reasons Baghdad took Kirkuk
    • Rebuilding can be generational, is it not? Generosity during a time of retribution is where real friends maybe found, if there ever were any to begin with. Also the simplicity of a solution isn’t always the first plan to be put to the test, as regimes come and go. I truly wish that the U.S. may somehow change from within. That is if the tools of good governance and the citizens will is still there to do this transformation, that this country so badly needs.

      Good hearing from you super390 Joe

  • Yes, White Supremacists, some Vikings were Muslims & Thor was Brown
    • Racism overlooks heritage. Take for instance you have four grandparents, then eight great grandparents, and as you go in reverse generational order you double your grandparents, until you reach into the thousandths to continue on into the millionths. See what I mean, your related to all kinds of bloodlines, and societal classes.

      The name Tedesky in America in most cases were changed at Ellison Island. Tedesky, Tedeski, are derived from the Italian speaking Tedeschi. Tedeschi, and Tedesco, both considered Italian names mean like the Italian name Tedesco translates to ‘One From Germany’. This makes sense since around1180 Frederick I Barbarossa conquered Parma Italy, and then fill in the blanks for the rest.

      The chi is pronounced Ski, just so you understand the reason for the change, it was due to the sound, and how you pronounced it. Yeah, we are all cut from the same cloth, whatever that is suppose to mean, but under an x-ray board we are all just simply human.

  • Elbaradei: Trump Propaganda on Iran Nuclear Deal like Run-up to Iraq War
    • Well said Nicholas, very well said. Joe

    • Correction using Trump’s Termanology ‘deal’

    • Having Trump put the screws to the JCPOA is only another reason for other nations to doubt the word of the U.S., if even on paper, to be discredited in the eyes of the negotiating world to who encounters the USA along the way. Talk about giving cause to N Korea’s Kim Jung un.

      I read about a young Israeli who is very, very, different from such Israeli leaders such as Netanyahu. This young man’s name is Miko Peled, and I suggest that he maybe worth watching, and possibly pulling for. Just thought I mention his name so we all start a conversation about him, as we can verify in mass to how honestly qualified Peled is. I’m tired of being let down over disappointing hope going down the drain with each coming of age new leader. Let’s hope Peled is the real deal.

      With Trump it is never a dull moment. I really do believe the man will do anything to make heads spin with the news. I also believe that Trump’s knowledge of the facts when it comes to everything, but especially Iran, is a disgrace to anyone who does understand the facts of this JCPOA using Trump’s dermatology ‘deal’’s all about the deal.

      I don’t know about the rest of you here, but as an American I am embarrassed by our Loudmouth Commander and Chief.

  • Germany: Immediate Danger of Mideast War if Trump dumps Iran Deal
    • This sounds like the contingency written about in the Brookings ‘Path to Persia’ Plan. This arrogance of stepping all over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has no short term, or long term, benefit for the U.S. National Security. This is where a poorly informed American is of no help. Apparently our German friends aren’t as stupid though, as we watch allies peal away from our American coalition.
      Trump is certainly doing his best to prove he hates everything about Obama. Only a small and ignorant business person would interject so much hate into a business deal. And oh have you noticed how with Trump nothing is policy it’s all now about a ‘deal’....what a deal, is all Trump knows, and he’s the best at it, just ask him.

  • Trump wants 10-fold increase in Atom Bombs but is after Iran, which has none
    • Trumps ordering ten fold increase in the U.S. nuclear inventory is typical Trump. In case no one has noticed yet, our narcissistic leader and Chief loud mouth is addicted to big, and that’s how it is with him.

      I wish instead our mega rich leader were to push arms reductions. I would also say that once we start reducing the nuclear weapons stock down to dirt, then we nations of the world should begin with eliminating conventional weapons to their being no more also. But that’s me, as a purist I dream big also, Mr President Divider Sir.

      I also am a bit nervous that our ‘making up the rules as we go along’ President seems to want and mess with our First Amendment Rights. Funny how in Trump’s world the Second Amendment is untouchable, but Trump feels perfectly fine threatening the upholding of the press having freedom of speech. I guess when your the most Bigly guy in the Oval Office you can do anything you want?

  • As Trump & Pruitt unleash Climate Demons, Scientists dream of Atlantic Wind Farm
    • You make my wife and I feel that our decision to sell our Florida condo isn’t such a bad idea after all. Our apartment is wonderful, but after ten years we found all of Florida’s flaws. I mean every square inch is filled in something, that replaced something of nature. The beaches are all lined with apartment and hotel high rises. Asphalt and concrete hide the once beautiful landscape that made Florida the beautiful place it once was, where ecology could thrive. As the song goes ‘the thrill is gone’, so it’s time to end our Florida dream escape. Thanks Professor Cole and super390 for your comments.

    • Of all of the dumb and cruel things Government is capable of I find it incredibly ignorant that tax breaks and incentives for wind and solar energy are being discouraged and denied.

      Our building in Florida where our condo is located is a perfect candidate for solar power, but if you go look up all of the deliberate obstacles that the Florida legislature has put in place to discourage these renewables, it will leave you dumbfounded for the ignorance that is displayed. Only could you imagine for a moment if Florida went the other way with their attitude towards renewables? Wow, the energy savings would be enormous, not to mention how fixed income retirees would save a boat load in the process. It’s a terribly fixed system, and a selfish and stupid one at that, when looked through the eyes of the next future generations. I guess people hate their great grandchildren. I mean what else can be taken away from all of this planet destruction?

  • Trump and the Faustian Bargain of Corker and the GOP
    • Thanks GrumpyWithoutCoffee for picking up where I left off, because of you I learned something new today. Joe

    • Before Caligula became Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus he was fondly called ‘Baby Boots’ for how cute he was as a little boy. It is also said that his early reign was rather good, and satisfactory, in many ways. I mean to many Caligula’s turn to darkness was a sudden shock. Seriously even Nero was a entertaining musician, so what happens to these guys?

      History is filled with the likes of people such as Trump, and to those who were always suspicious of him, well good on you. Trump is so crazy, that I would not put it pass him for his starting a third party. I also would not doubt that by Trump starting another political party, that he wouldn’t do fairly well with it. Maybe for old time 2016 election sake he would call it the ‘Deplorable Party’.

      Lastly, I’ll just say this, it is a sad state of affairs that America has a face like Trump’s to compliment all of the dark side that America has accrued to it’s worldly persona.

  • Top 5 signs Donald Trump might be an effing moron
    • Trump just gave an American President’s face to the decline of the U.S. as a world leader. In the future, and maybe even now, Trump will represent the end of the American Empire, and there is nothing that this bluster trap of a man can do about it. Historians won’t have a hard time of picking up on Trump’s disappointing non accomplishments , because it will all be part of the public record. Trump whether he likes it or not, will wear the face of the emperor who brought it all to an end. Instead of ‘Making America Great Again’ he will be thought of as the president who, ‘Brought America to It’s Knees’, and we will all reminisce to how we were all told to stand.

  • Trump's Billionaire Cronies feed at Public Trough as he disses Puerto Rico
    • Maybe someone here could confirm this, but I read where Trump due to a business venture gone sour in Puerto Rico still owes the Puerto Rican’s 32 million in back taxes. I haven’t been able to confirm this, so be careful with my information here, but has any of you heard of this? If this turns out to be true, then hypocrisy for Trump has hit a new all time low.

      Regardless Trump is a poor leader, and a huge disgrace to our government. Yeah, I know others before Trump were not much better, but sorry it’s now Trump’s turn to be in the barrel.

  • If Trump were really President, he'd Forgive Puerto Rico's Debts and Rescue it
    • Bless you Professor Cole for writing this article, because our racist in chief, is too busy mocking professional athletes over their concern for out of control cops who kill unarmed minority youth. I mean Trump's priorities prefer to put NFL players who take a knee during the National Anthem against the needs of any suffering American citizens. Trump's whole presidency is a nightmare.

  • "Those People:" Trump plays to White nat'lism from N. Korea to NFL
    • Good observation, and by the way super390 your comment post prior to this one is right on the money.

    • You are right Professor Cole, this weekends conversation should have been all about Puerto Rico. Let's see how fast our racist leader Trump flys down there to San Juan to spread the relief. My guest Trump won't show up for he doesn't need a Puerto Rican vote which doesn't in his mind count anyway. Or better said, the Puerto Rican vote isn't White enough. The one thing for sure, Trump is no Uniter.

  • What will Iran do if Trump tears up the Nuclear Agreement?
  • Germany's Merkel: A Selfish & Isolationist America isn't "Great Again"
    • Germany doesn't realize how much power it has. For if it did, it would be amazed at how pivotal Germany could be.

  • Trump flip-flops on Afghanistan, opts for Years-long Quagmire
  • Fascism in Charlottesville: Why it had a monopoly on violence & Intimidation
    • How is intimidating, and threatening people, a First Amendment right? Heather Heyer wasn't a part of any alt-left group, but listening to President Trump you would never know it. Only now we have a president who seems to equate 'protest permits' with the right to march in unison as a group of thugs. Tell me Mr President, just what rights do come with a protest permit?

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie
  • Shell, terrified of EVs, expects 'low forever' Gasoline Prices; it is too Optimistic
  • With CNN Reporter Attack Video, Trump apes Seedy Dictators
    • Trumps wrestling CNN video is to be expected as a PR gimmick to be used by a ratings whore tv reality show host.

  • Russo-US dog fights over Syria?
    • What precedent is the U.S. setting when it invades sovereign nations, and shoots down that sovereign nations aircraft? If we are a country who values the rule of law, shouldn't the U.S. then follow and obey international law? If Israel were Syria would the U.S. be okay with Russia shooting down an Israeli plane? There are so many questions in regard to the U.S. wars around the war, it becomes mind numbing to try and answer them. Call me confused and disappointed at what the U.S. has appeared to become...a vastly hubristic and arrogant hegemonic bully! So sad.

  • How Trump should have responded to London Attacks if he were Normal
    • Yeah, in your dreams. Trump will never bring himself to sound so concerned and impassioned. Trump doesn't know when not to promote the biggly beautiful plans of 'Donald Trump'. In Trump's mind, he is what we all waited for.

      I see instead Trump disbanding through his conceded efforts all alliances made toward America's gathering of it's coalition to fight the 'War on Terror'. In fact, if we get lucky, maybe we will see that Trump's rude actions, were his 'secret weapon' he talked about so much, as his way of ending this terribly long war.

  • Did Trump's Climate Disavowal just kill Capitalism?
    • Most people know that if you wish to keep something in your possession for a long time, and wish for it to perform well, you must maintain and take care of it. Like a car, you should do preventative maintenance. Not only would you do as the owners manual instructs you to do, you would be careful while driving it, like missing pot holes and the like. In other words you respect the idea, that for you to continue to enjoy and rely on this vehicle for it's longevity you must maintain your vehicle in order to continue to keep it running well. Okay then why not take care of Mother Earth?

      It doesn't require a whole lot of education to understand how to continue to enjoy what this planet produces, that you can't continue to abuse the air, land, and oceans, as we now do.

      Consider how many of us purchase and drink bottled water. Doesn't this seem odd? Will we soon be wearing oxygen tanks, and will designers strive to come with stylish tanks at that? What will replace soil? If the Koch Brothers develop a replacement for soil, then how much money that we don't have will it cost us?

      Like anything you highly value you take care of it, so why are we so careless with our earth? It's not like we can just go out and buy another earth. In short, we humans are so use to having a green earth we take it all for granted. So now is the time we all wake up to this fact, and quit claiming every warning to save our planet, is just another left wing hoax.

      For now we ignore the warnings, but in the future good earth maintenance will become the law of the land. Sorry Libertarians.

  • Top 5 Climate Catastrophes to which Trump just Doomed his own Supporters
    • Trump represents an old America. That is probably why he is going to, 'Make America Great Again' emphasis on the 'Again'.

      I live in Pittsburgh, and thank goodness Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted, and then he later appeared on CNN. Peduto told Anderson Cooper how Pittsburgh would continue to follow the Paris Climate Agreement. The Mayor also updated the world on how Pittsburgh has evolved away from it's one time title of being 'Smokey Town USA'. We Pittsburghers can once again see the blue sky, and go boating on our three wonderful rivers.

      Trump is living in the past, and his business brain sees everything as it being a 'deal'. Trump stands up for the 'no science crowd', and in their minds all this climate stuff is a left wing hoax which benefits only the Chinese. So the Paris Climate Agreement is a 'bad deal'. Unbelievable!

  • Clapper Lied & Spied, now charges Trump w/ assault on Gov't Institutions
    • What is spoken too in this article concerning James Clapper's credibility could be said of many of our nations leaders. Clapper is among the fortunate many in our nations capital whereas there is no one being held accountable for anything, at any time.

      Back in 2001 when our nation went to Afghanistan for revenge of 911, we all thought we would capture Osama bin Laden and then be home by Christmas. There were no WMD's in Iraq, and yet no one was held accountable.

      I won't go on, but think to yourself when was anyone in DC ever held accountable. James Clapper is just one more example of what is wrong in our country's mechanism.

  • Trumpcare is the best Advertisement for Nationalizing Insurance
    • Healthcare should not be a business. In fact just like separation of church and state, we shouldn't have business running the country. I'm not against supporting a right to have freedom of religion, just like I feel a country must support it's business entities, but work towards what's good for the commons. Our corporations have all gotten to big, and this behemoth of business is America's downfall.

  • Planet Ravagers: How Trump & GOP are like Aliens in "Independence Day"
    • To a capitalist polluting the water only means better bottled water sales. Who cares about ocean water when beach front development is a boom. Drilling for natural resources on National Land is necessary, I mean how else you going to drive that car to the game? When it comes to clean air, why worry about something you can't see. Plus, those tree hungers are just shaggy haired liberals with an axe to grind since their grandpa lost the farm...who cares this is America where when the time comes to get real worried there will be a new invention to improve what needs improved. Gee, just writing this sarcasm is making me ill.

  • Can we survive simultaneous Trump, Ahmadinejad Presidencies?
    • If Ahmadinejad becomes president of Iran, and the U.S. having a Donald Trump in the Oval Office, then if by some stroke of nationalist luck should the Russians someday replace Vladimir Putin with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, then the world will be on a crazy ride for sure. The irony for the U.S. Globalist is that by having Trump in the White House nationalism will have come of age, and all this took place because the globalist bit off more than they could chew.

  • Sharpening Contradictions: ISIL Strikes Egyptian Christians on Palm Sunday
    • I'm not sure how since I recommended the article to read I am selling it short, but you no doubt meant it in a way of agreeing with me.

      I do agree with every word you wrote here though, and yes Americans are being led down a perilous path.

    • Read this, this article explains the mindset in America concerning the Muslims very well. Read the comments as well.

      link to

  • It is Comey who should be Investigated
    • If you are looking for a hero, or any good guy or gal inside of our Beltway look no more, because your not going to find one. The American citizen has been reduced to their becoming an audience. Everything you see is a performance where we are to be entertained to no end, by the in house fighters. McCartney & Lennon had it right, "Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about."

  • Why the UN branded Israel an Apartheid state
    • While Netanyahu comes to America to spread the myth of the 4,000 year old Jewish claim to the Palestintian land is a God given right to only the Jew, we Americans chase the indigenous Native American off of his land we call ours to make way for oil pipelines by instituting a priority of crude oil over life depending water. When in a country where by it's own Constitution which leans heavily towards our respecting property rights to being superior to almost everything, one can only wonder how this can happen.

      How can Americans help the displaced Palestintian when many of our own encourage a self made tv reality show celebrity president to ban all Muslims from entering our well guarded fortress America?

      Will we advocate for fair treatment of the unwanted Middle East refugee who now over burden our European allies by their wanting a safe place to live in? I would venture to say Americans will be tight lipped due to our hiding our own guilt for why these refugees exist.

      How many Americans know the name Rachel Corrie. Rachel Aliene Corrie from Olympia, Washington gave her life defending the Palestintian's right to remain in their homes. Rachel died at the hands of an Israeli bulldozer while the Israeli's were knocking down a Palestintian home to make way for Jewish settlers.

      This planet has shrunk to such a small level that prejudice must be abandoned, or we will all simply by our own bigotry end up killing each other.

      In the end the Balfour Declaration will be deemed as worthless a piece of paper, as was the right of the occupier who wrote it to govern over the land Lord Balfour felt so privy to rule over. It will be exhibit A to a crime against humanity.

  • Is Russia trying to take back over Libya from NATO, Radicals?
    • America while looked upon as a troubling evil instigator is counterbalanced by a Russia which appears to be a problem solver. I'm biting at the bit to not go into a bad Hillary rant, but I can't go without reminding any of you of how our crushing Libya was her idea. In the end America has no one other to blame than itself, if things continue not to work out our way.

      Here's a thought, try some good old fashioned diplomacy to iron out the world's problems. Cut the military budget by no less than 60%, and up the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure renewal plan to the 3 trillion dollars we will need to just come up to par with what's needed to be done, and quit with this constant warring exercise that has drained our once financially superior nation down to dirt.

  • Syria: As 400 more Troops go in, What's Trump's Mission?
    • I would like to know if us Americans even understand the purpose of all this war being waged by our government in the Middle East. Seriously these wars starting with Afghanistan seem endless, and to be more of a money drain than they do feel necessary to keep us safe. Sadly these wars in the Middle East have become a way of life, and pointless to why we're fighting them. I know there are those who think we are fighting them over there to keep us from fighting them over here, but with all of the terrorist attacks being accomplished by homegrown terrorist, then how does that meme of fighting then over there gain any credibility. Talk about leaderless, and now we have a tough guy with a secret plan to start winning again in the White House, and with his presidency it is official...America is an empire in decline. God help the innocents of this planet who never had a say in any of this mass destruction.

  • Is the Public turning on Trump over Russia Ties, Sessions' Perjury?
    • Please don't misread me. I couldn't think of anyone I would find more revolting being our 45th president, except for Hillary Clinton.

      I also regret in my comment I said Trump was being treated's just that our media blows my mind with their constant 24/7 coverage of Trump, when all other news is being ignored.

      Read this...
      link to

      Paul Street says more of how I feel. I'm more on the same page as you super390.

    • I am of the belief that Wikileaks received their Hillary data from a leaker, and not a hacker. Although with the 24/7 news coverage bearing down on us, even I stop from time to time to reconsider my opinions. Incidentally I would like to know more about the circumstances over the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich, and if Rich was one of the leakers who met with Ambassador Craig Murray.

      It is clear to see that Trump is a great target for the media to keep a constant bead on. I don't like Trump myself, but come on now does he really deserve the treatment he is getting from our media? I'll leave you all to answer that, because your opinion is the only opinion that qualifies when analyzing Trump's being in office. It's personal and I respect that.

      Funny thing that's not so funny, is if we do end up going to war with Russia it will have started by Wikileaks exposing Hillary's sabotaging the Sanders campaign. With that I will ask you to ask yourself will it have been worth it to support Hillary to such a degree as this...once again there's no right answer, because the answer is yours and yours alone.

  • Dirty, Hot, Deadly: The Real Trump Scandal is What He's done to the Environment
    • For those who worried about Obama's legacy, well worry no longer, because Trump has arrived.

  • Is Trump right to doubt that Islam is a Religion?
    • More people should hear what Professor Cole is teaching, and then America would be a little better off when it comes to our passing judgement on the downtrodden Muslim community.

  • "Get out of my Country!" White Terrorist Shoots Asian-American Engineers in Wake of Trump Visa Ban
    • It's all about a boss who talks like a thug, and how the lower echelon interrupts the bosses rhetoric....and there in lies the problem.

  • Buyers' Remorse: Americans think Trump is bad at almost Everything
    • 40% of registered voters didn't vote. Of the 60% of registered voters who did vote Trump got a little better than 28% of the vote. Trumps 62million votes is 18% of America's 340million people. Clearly Trump has no mandate.

      I feel for Professor Cole and in many ways connect with his frustration. This past presidential election season was destined to leave voters with buyers remorse no matter who won the election. Trump is doing it now on a host of things, and where some like me who bought hope (I didn't vote for Trump) that Trump would improve relations with Russia that hope is now fading away as each day goes by. Hillary with a Republican Congress would have been doomed to forever investigations, Benghazi, email servers, who knows even pizza parlors....but Hillary would have possibly even by now have us on our way to war with Russia, Iran, etc.,. Who will ever know? Buyers remorse is becoming common place with our recent modern day presidential picks.

      Trump, Hillary, and no Bernie is a symptom of a country governed by the few who control a media narrative which obscures the many lies which policies are formed around. The people are helpless without the truth.

      What I am amazed at is how much the Deep State has revealed of itself in their zeal to either control, or delete Trump. I also don't see Donald Trump prevailing over this crowd of no faces.

      Probably studying and getting familiar with VP Mike Pence wouldn't be a bad idea, if you like studying future presidents.

  • Should Bannon Resign? He and Milo Fake-Newsed Hillary as Pedophile
    • Bill you have a point. After watching and hearing the reactions over Milo, and then listening to sound bites of Milo, I could not help but think of how Milo will now have a solid cult following. You ain't heard the last from St. Milo he is now part of the twenty teens of this new century. The bad news is how will the world respond to what Milo is preaching?

    • Travis I hear ya, but I think that's why they invented ESPN and all those Desperate Housewives shows.

      Oh and don't forget to stock up on duct tape!

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime
    • Until the truth is to be known about what's really going on with our U.S. tragedies and war the lies will continue to breed fear. Fear overrides rational thinking.

      My Italian grandma sometimes would recall how in her early days in America no one wanted the Italians. She would say, how some Italian gangster in Chicago kills another gangster, and then theses Americans say how all we Italians are bad...that's how America thinks of us, we all gangsters. This stereotyping wasn't confined to only the Italians.

      More than likely if your ancestors immigrated here to America, they weren't very much wanted here when they first arrived.

      JFK's 6/10/63 American University speech spoke to this in some regard.....

      "So, let us not be blind to our differences--but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal."

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque
  • Tomorrow, they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.”
    • Has anyone found the thousands of Arabs dancing in the streets? While gradually lifting the sanctions on Iran why does Trump always refer to this money we are allowing Iran to receive as the money being 'our' money, when technically this is Iran's money?

      Although Trump over embellishes almost everything he says, is he not guilty of what almost everyone in the media is also guilty of....and that's where the truth is stuffed down deep inside of an agenda?

      The New York Times will go to great lengths to hide any American involvement with Nazi inspired rioters in Ukraine. The Washington Post will literally create 'fake news' while they attempt to slander quality Internet news sites as their being untrustworthy, and of all things they are reporters of fake news. CNN might as well just put a CIA agent in the anchor seat for never reporting to how conveniently our American weapons where supplied to the Saudi's always end up in short order being used by such groups as ISIS. MSNBC while in a continual search to blame the Wikileaks exposure of Hillary's emails on the Russians never ever mention such notable players as Craig Murray, and especially they never bring up the strange murder of young Seth Rich communications director for the DNC campaign committee.

      It's agendas people. Much like our politicians should wear NASCAR logo emblazed uniforms allowing us to clearly see who supports them, our news agencies should do the same.

      I don't think we need another law to be ignored and only enforced when it suits someone's agenda, but what we should do is refine our methods on how each of us as individuals comprehends the news we read and hear.

      I come here to hear the opinion of Professor Cole as he centers his thoughts around reported events. These events he speaks to I can evaluate in truth by my lining up his facts amongst other articles and reporting I also read. The good professors opinion may not always be the opinion of other news/opinion sites, but his facts will line up to the others who have based their writings on real facts. Even with that a reader of the news may have to take a giant leap to accept any news they read as fact, and that's a fact...everything you hear no matter where you hear it comes down to your own brain taking on the responsibility to believe it.

      I can't sit here and write a self help guide to how one should gather their news, but I can offer the advice to be careful to what you believe.

      Recently I have read some good things about what the Trump Adminstration is doing with China...but it's not in the MSM news.

      Read this...

      link to

      If you read that, and if Meyssan is reporting the news honestly then why isn't this kind of reporting being brought up in our American news outlets? Could it be Meyssan is off the reservation, and his reporting doesn't fit the agenda.

      Trump is guilty of what his opponents are guilty of, and it's not always simply a lie, as much as it's always 'the spin'. We are so screwed up that even though, and I don't hate Bill O'Reilly, but he always starts out his program by saying, 'and the spin stops here' and then he goes on to spin for the next hour...really?

      If it's true that the truth will set you free, then we might as well all be locked the good Sgt. Friday always said, 'just the facts sir, just the facts'.

      With all of that I didn't even bring up 'infotainment' once.

  • Questions about Judgment: Trump appointed Flynn in the First Place
    • Embarrassed VP Pence comes out of this Flynn affair looking pretty darn good, while people debate to how much Trump knew about Flynn's 'solo Russian deal making'. With Flynn transcripts in hand could we at least say, score one for the CIA. Seriously, this is some intriguingly great reality TV. Kind of makes a viewer anxious to see what happens on the next episode of Trump in the White House.

  • Yemen withdraws blanket approval for US action after Trump's botched Raid
    • I think an article written about the 25th Amendment Article 4 is now required reading.

  • Trump's Wrong on non-Coverage; But, Top 6 things actually Wrong with Terrorism Reporting
    • Eli, not everything is bad, and I as an older fellow need to come to grips with myself and understand how the new generations interest in entertainment is driving creative programmers into a frenzy of programming delight. It's not a bad thing that SNL or the Comedy Network do a slant comedy bit on a given issue or event, but when News cable networks go to spinning this is not the news. Humor and Cable News are becoming a blur, for a sells!

      Even just to have one, or two, networks free of corporate interest ownership, coupled with programming not aimed at purely getting high ratings, but is the type of news outlet which is chartered to just report the actual news as it happens kind of network. Equal op-Ed, and counter punch debates....I don't care, but get us something that is thorough, and reliable, and then let's debate, and vote.

      Incidentally after listening to Rachel Maddow the other night, and her take on how Putin is Donald's puppeteer I came to the opinion that by this coming Friday that MSNBC will have rolled up onto the steps of the Kremlin, and demanded Vladimir's head...and oh, his shirtless body, MSNBC just loves using those shirtless Vlad pic's.

    • So if President Trump is lying, and our wonderful MSM is lying, then where's that leave us poor lied too peons?

      It's all a lie, it's always been a lie, and it will continue to be a lie, until we break up our conglomerate MSM into a thousand pieces. While downsizing our news media into smaller run agencies of truth tellers, we would do one better by finishing the job on our CIA which JFK had barely started to do, and scatter these instigating spooks to the wind.

      Think of it all in the terms of life, and tax dollars, and then all these lies do add up to something awful, and that's putting it mildly.

  • "This Land:" The pro-Immigrant Radicalism of Lady Gaga and Guthrie at Half-Time
  • Yes, Trump, Some Americans also murder: Some are Your White Supremacists
    • Professor Cole, what Bill Bodden stated I don't think should be replied to with a tit for tat reply. No one is necessarily defending Vladimir Putin, nor are we sticking up for Russia. What Bill Bodden is stating is the exceptional hypocrisy our nation shows when speaking with the self righteous tone of our accusations, which we do when that nation isn't playing in our opinion by our rules. Let's leave Russia be Russia, and worry about our own sins which we continue to deny. Also when was the last time you can recall where the U.S. wasn't willing to team up with another nations dictator when it suited our nation's financial or military interest?

    • Eli, now don't attack me, for I am no Trump supporter, but to be fair about American business interest in Russia, for one of our business elite doing business with Russia is nothing new. Although, I don't have a clue to Trump's motives for wanting to cuddle up closely to the Russians, we must remember that when it comes to making money our American capitalist have no allegiance to anything but to reward themselves with profit.

      Under David Rockefeller's term, in 1973, Chase established the first branch of an American bank in Moscow near the Kremlin, in the then Soviet Union. That year Rockefeller traveled to China, resulting in his bank becoming the National Bank of China’s first correspondent bank in the United States.

      I was tickled pink with joy back in 1972 when Nixon by traveling to China (ping pong diplomacy) and then as he went on to Russia, and by doing so Nixon turned back the minute hand on the doomsday clock by a well appreciated substantial margin. Smart move on Nixon's part at that moment in history, due to his putting the U.S. squarely in the middle of these two EuroAsian foes, and thusly placing the U.S. in a neutral position between these two threatening nations of ours then, like now, where anything other than a true peace, would bring about a devastation to the world like none ever before it has ever had.

      We can only hope that whatever it is that Trump is up to, is that his version of diplomacy will peacefully benefit all of the people who inhabit this planet, and not just the wealthy few.

      In the meantime give Trump hell, do what you must, and be yourself. Hopefully everything will work out fine, and our Egotist and Chief will not wreck the world too much, while serving his first term in the Oval Office.

    • Is it a healthy society, who while sitting on top of the world passes down judgement, as if it's instigating self were free of sin? Can a country accuse other nations to be the aggressors, while that same prosecuting country racks up countless coups, and self righteously invades other people's lands like none the world has ever seen before since the end of WWII?

      I happen to like the idea that Trump wishes to have a relationship of détente with Putin. I would like to point to exhibit A of America for having a relationship with questionable characters whereas exhibit A being Netanyahu, and his country's consistent brutality being used against the evicted Palestintian for over these last seventy years. My point being, although one may argue how wrong Vladimir Putin maybe, then one should argue how some of our now current allies are not much better, and could be without a doubt arguably considered to be worst.

      America should quite with our almighty judgment of others, and start putting our own house in order, and then lead by humble example. There again, America just put a man in the White House who while campaigning not to long ago, stood behind the podium encouraging his supporters to punch his rally crashing protesters lights out, and to throw these disruptive unwanted bums off the rally's premises. If this kind of leadership is what sells in America, then I ask you once again...who are we too judge other leaders and nations when we ourselves are guilty of such equal sins, or possibly worst crimes against humanity?

      Lastly, for a country who constantly proclaims itself to be a Christian nation, who by it's own Constitution honors freedom for all religions, could we some day look Jesus in the face and say 'we have lived by your word' o Son of God, and now Your most blessed One You may now judge us'?

      I'm not even all that religious, but I will tell you this, actions speak louder than words, and hypocrites only father deceit, which always leads to a false reality for the masses to live within.

  • Trumpworld Fake News: Iran attacks US Navy, Iraqis Massacre Bowling Green
    • I think Glenn Beck started a right wing trend.

    • Nicholas I see the resemblance of Trump to Vito Corleone, but I also see Henry VIII somewhere with in his empty narrow soul. I saw a picture of Trump flying up the steps of the White House to be greeted by the Obamas, and down at the bottom of the steps was Melania with gift in hand walking around the rear of the big limo while President Husband went twenty feet in front of her...with this I'm sure he will be a big hit with Saudi's.

      My mother always told me how one lie always leads to another lie...boy was my mother so right.

    • Economist, you are so right. We Americans have been lied to for a very long time, Nixon sending in military into Cambodia, Kuwaiti babies being thrown out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers, WMD in Iraq, and these are but a few lies we Americans were told leading up to battle. Even the FBI never charged Osama bin Laden for 911 due to the lack of evidence. Now that we have Trump and Spicer along with Kellyann, we Americans have now officially become Conspiracy Nuts....welcome to the club.

  • Here we go Again: Trump Admin Threatens Iran
    • Your argument for no draft makes sense, plus I don't think the Pentagon wants to deal with the civilian recruitment...but would now be a good time to invest in duct tape, and yellow ribbon?

    • Bill remember Trump thinks it a good idea to move our U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

    • I've had the same feeling getoffmedz. Somehow I can picture a Trump presidency putting a national drafte (boys & girls this time) to issue a lesson in life to the Bernie youth (who the right likes to refer to as 'snowflakes) and have these young waiters and hairdressers march in unison lock step, while passing the grand masters podium on their way to die for their country. This executive action will be applauded by those who insist on making 'America Great Again'.

    • Apparently our U.S.foreign policy is going to be a ball of confusion. Kiss up to Russia while at the same time give the finger to Russia's valued friends. Is this not well thought out thinking, or is it a trick of somekind? Who knows, but I'm sure Sheldon loved Flynn's Roman Empire like dictate, and that's all that counts in their world.

      Trump should seriously start reading Putin's speeches, where he will discover how much the Russian President values a nation's sovereignty. Trump must reject any plan where Russia is to be played the dupe, in a sqeeze play maneuver that is designed to use Russia as a wedge to jam between China, and the Middle East Shia countries, which he may think is a beautiful idea, and a huge opportunity...hey Donald they are on to us.

  • Trump's Alt-Reality: White Terrorism against Mosque justifies Muslim Ban
    • When you come to think about it Bill we have all known Donald Trump for a very long time. Trump's personality will shine in his 'you want very rich' really great Adminstration to where you will need the darkest toned sunglasses to get a safe glimpse at will be beautiful, to look at it like the Taj Mahal, which my kids have a bid in on that wonderful piece of history. When can you remember the Donald ever humbling his self, and not that I want a wimp president, but more so a person who looks at people and life in a fair way, and a president who will abide by the U.S. Constitution to the best of his ability.

      Eleven days in and between Trump, and Sean Spicer, it sounds like a 3rd world despot suddenly took over the American government. Carried away? to soon to criticize? I don't know you tell me, but don't forget how Trump has been in our lives for a very longtime now, so dig deep down into your brain, for as long as your memory can recall, for we have known this Trump Royal Creature for far to long.

      Let's all hope he let's the protesters go, because if he gets advice from guys like Rudy, those protesters are in trouble.

    • Something is seriously wrong when we retaliate against those who didn't attack us, yet we ally with those who did. Questioning any of this strategy gets you deemed a conspiracy crazed nut, or you are accused of having a lack of patriotism. Carl Rove once made a statement where he claimed how 'we make our own reality'. He wasn't talking about you and I little people creating a reality, no he was referring to the power elite forming the narrative we must live by. With this narrative we little people support the power elite by purchasing rolls of duct tape, suspecting anyone who doesn't look like us to be illegal terrorist, as we willingly allow our civil rights to be lessened down to dirt, and this happens all because we bought into 'Their' reality. You have heard the saying how the truth will set you free, well not only will the truth set us free, but the truth will bring 'Them' down.

      "You can't handle the truth" Colonel Nathan R. Jessup USMC
      Jack Nicholson 'A Few Good Men'

      All I can say to our keepers if they use the words of Colonel Jessup to me is, 'try me'!

  • German Ambassador 1933: "Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at 'Immigrants'"
    • Please travis take it easy. Observer's comment is just what more Americans need to hear, and dwell on while contemplating just exactly what Oberver is attempting to tell us. In Obsevers case the last will be first, with the attitude that Observer displayed post Obsever's comment, make your friends and family read it, and don't be quick to say anything, just let Obsever's words float around a little in your head, and then go fight the Trump world which we are all now being forced to live in. Funny how 46% just now became a it travis, but remember what Obsever had to say this day in January, and then go forward.

    • Observer, I am a third generation American who by reading your words am appreciative for your warning, and inspired by your encouragement for me to read the U.S. Constitution and other important American valued documents which created the America I grew up in.

      By your words this great land of America became a whole lot greater by having you work so hard to gain your American citizenship. One country's loss, is our country's gain....welcome aboard, you are a great American.

    • Well, I wouldn't advice to continue praising a guy like Trump, and yet I'd warn you not to upset him. When a guy leans on the podium and compliments himself on being in real life a really nice guy, and goes on to say, 'just ask anyone who knows me', it makes me stop and think of why didn't he just say, let me prove it by my actions & yet no....but ask anyone who knows me is almost like if he had said how he has lots of black friends, ask any of them they all know me. In fact he may have said that stuff. If someone has to stop and tell you how nice they are, then I would advice to be on your guard, because they probably aren't nice...I think my mother told me that, but Trump's demeanor along with his apparent management skills isn't something to get your hopes up about, or nothing.

      This country by my estimation needs not just a president, but a media, who wants to quit stoking the fires of discontent, and to start trying to pull this country together....that's what we need, and the harder I squint I just don't see this quality in President Trump.

    • Professor Cole thank you for the history lesson. This history telling is appropriate to what we Americans are dealing with today in our divided country, so good of you to tell this story of the 1933 German discrimination of the Jews.

      Between Trump's vain insistence about his huge crowd who attended his inauguration, and the Mexician paid for wall, and now this Muslim ban, I think of how he is determined to make his self look good, while attempting to make President Obama look bad. Even though I have been very critical of some of what Obama did while in office, I find Trump's approach to rivaling his predecessor, childish, immature, conceded, and utterly disgusting. Trump is petty, and it shows. He comes to DC with a vengeance to settle some scores. Not political scores which may help the American people, but scores to settle with those who have questioned his qualities along the way to be president, and much more.

      I will applaud him on what I think is good, but so far his first ten days are proving out to show that a vain and petty man now sits in the Oval Office, and with that I shrug my shoulders and pray our country will survive his rein.

  • The Sadism of Racist Exclusion: Courts Temporarily Block Trump
    • Nicholas Wibberley, you bring up a good point, as you always do. I guess I'm thinking of the foreigner who may have been sitting on the fence. Worst would be the embarrassed foreign person who tries to defend American values, when debating his fellow country people. Although, you are right America has kind of made it's bed, and now America has a hard time sleeping in it...oh if only our media told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As there I digress...thanks for your input.

    • Admitting only Christian will only cause a spike in application faith conversion.

      If forbid there is a next terrorist attack on American soil, and if the terrorist (who will die on discovery) turns out to be our first 'foreign born' terrorist...then you will know how we have been played.

      Words have outcomes. Trump's words and showy executive signings do have a multiple interpretation on the final outcome when applied. Today immigration, tomorrow a cop on black in a city such as St Louis Ferguson, and we will then have an escalation into chaos. Even now, one has to wonder what plans are, or have been drawn up for execution in Chicago.

      I suddenly feel the hysteria volume is being turned up in America, and the world is watching, and that is where the empire, and all of the dollar hegemony may end. If we Americans once believed how we lead by example, well what kind of example are we giving the world now?

  • Trump Visa Denials target same countries Bush vowed to Overthrow
    • Molly more people need to know of how your church members feel. BTW thanks for your kindness to humanity.

    • If another attack is done in America by a Muslim from one of these listed countries, then you will know something is up. The Trump supporters will be able to say, 'well here ya go, see....'. I'm hoping I'm wrong, and that all of this banned immigration is just hype, and nothing more.

  • Torture works . . . to produce Fake News (and that's how we Got into Iraq)
    • One more thing I forgot to add, but where many compare Trump to Hitler or Mussolini, I find him to be much more like Henry VIII.....what ya think, maybe?

    • There is a reason to employ the Peter Principal isn't there Bill

    • Thanks for the reply regarding your fathers experiences. More people should hear what you have to say about what people such as your dad had learned, and not so much their listening to the scoundrels that give us our news. We all could use a lesson in humanitarianism, as well as a modem of humility to carry us forward. This jingoistic attitude is losing more wars, than winning them. Take care Grumpywithoutcoffee - Joe

    • To learn how to interrogate a prisoner of war, Google the name Hanns Schirff who worked for the Germans during WWII, and then google and read about an American who was stationed in the Pacific theater during the same war, who name is Sherwood Ford Moran. If you believe in catching bees with honey, these two men are your bee keepers to read about.

  • The Inauguration of White Supremacy
    • I'm hoping this white supremacy thing, is like a light bulb which gets brighter before it burns out, and then America replaces it with multicolored lights which will burn even brighter and ever longer than before.

  • Preparing for the Normalization of a Neofascist White House
  • Top 5 Reasons Senate Dems should block all Trump Supreme Court Nominees, Forever
  • No, America, it wasn't Russia: You did it to Yourself
    • The reason it isn't good, is because we are not only exceptional we are fragile.

    • If it was Russia who did the hacking then this saying applies....What goes around comes around.

      Read this;

      link to

    • It was somewhere back in February of 2016 when a reporter shoved a microphone in front of Donald Trump's face where Trump said he was going to win by capturing the Electoral College vote in the Rust Belt States. After I had time to process his strategy I remember thinking, how efficient. If Hillary had not conspired against Bernie the way her and the DNC did, Hillary may have kept the Sander supporter votes. If Hillary had campaigned hard in these same Rust Belt States that Trump went after then this would have also made a huge difference towards her winning the White House. It also didn't help Hillary much having endorsements from every darn neocon that Washington has to offer. Now that Hillary is being deprived entering the Oval Office we Americans may lose our first amendment rights...only in Hillary's eyes is this fair. So much for democracy.

  • How can Progressives get through the Next 4 Years? Organize!
    • For those who hated having the Clintons in charge, now could be an exciting time to take back the Democratic Party back for the common citizen. Don't look upon Trump's win as a tradegy, but look upon it as being an opportunity, and take back what was once yours. This isn't the end of the world, as much as it is the end of the Clintons, so help mold and create a better democratic society, if your up to it.

  • 10 Things Weiner did Worse than Storing H. Clinton Emails on his computer
    • Why are we even talking about Anthony Weiner? I would imagine that a lot of high ranking Hillary people's computer might be worth an FBI investigation. Remember Weiner is just a spouse (or was) of a Clinton Aid. What Anthony does bring to the table is tabloid sexual content, to a story that so far lacks that PR appeal. While Trump's tick tack grabbing sexual private parts was front and center in the news, it provided Hillary some really great coverage to cover the out coming Podesta email discoveries. So now that Anthony provides the sexual component to Hillary's email scandal America will finally listen. Hey, it's American politics after all, and that makes this story that much more exceptional and indispensable, and with that so goes the news.

  • ISIL's loss of Dabiq: It was never about Armageddon, but Weak States
    • Every state as it's own propaganda, so be it. Here in the U.S. our propaganda is spreading Liberty, and freedom, while we install chaos or dictatorships as we then occupy their once sovereign land. Been while in the land of freedom we install more Homeland Security measures to eat away at our once proud independence. The U.S. and it's allies brought this terrorist war to the Middle East, and not a civil war. Professor as much as I value your educated essay, you and I will need to agree to disagree. This is a war for a clean break, otherwise know as the Yinon Plan, and we are all recruited into Israel's army.

  • Whose Fault is Trump? Top 7 Culprits
    • Here is story that to my knowledge was never reported where the Inspector General of the Depart of Defense in June produced a report that stated that the DOD is missing 6.5 trillion dollars. Although this wasn't reported, or didn't get much aire time if any, but instead we were treated to a 'Trump Fest' to keep us all better informed.

      link to

  • Is Turkey's Pivot to Russia about Erdogan's Survival?
    • While everyone in America try's to determine who are the good guys and the bad guys, our own country is going down the tubes. There is so much American tax dollars being spend, and while we Americans are so consumed with everything Trump, no major media outlet is reporting how the Inspector General for the DOD in June announced how the DOD can't locate 6.5 trillion dollars. So while we Americans pay over 11 million dollars a day to fight whom ever it is we are supposed to be fighting, our own country loses big time to implement the Israeli Yinon Plan. Also, whether it be barrel bombs, or Russian and or American bombs, the poor Syrian children suffer greatly. It's time to shut this insane war down. We can do better than this.

      link to

  • Trump and Extreme Vetting of Muslims
    • Why is there no reporting in the American press about the over 30,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic Movement who met at Oakland Farm on Hampshire, England for a 3 day convention to reject radical Islam? If this has been reported by an American major news outlet, then so be it, but this event will never come close to equaling the scale of news coverage that Donald Trump has received with his promise to truly vet all Muslims entering on to U.S. soil. If America were to fight the radical Takfiri, and gather the average normal thinking Muslim to it's side, then together they could defeat this perverse version of what calls itself Islamic, and be done with it. What will result from Trump's rhetoric will be a calling card for only more recruitment to add to the radical side of this religious culture. Incidentally, what Hillary advocates with her 'no fly zones' will be another calling card as well. Until the U.S. decides to focus solely on extinguishing these radicals, and deal with Assasd on a diplomatic level nothing much will change for the good.

      link to

  • Top 5 Ways Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad is a Better American than Trump
    • What keeps Trump competitive is the public's distrust of Hillary Clinton. True, the bigots will always be attracted to other bigots, as Trump is their magnet of hate. If the Donald were to have run against someone like Tulsi Gabbard, well then it would be game over. In fact I'm not so sure Trump is even that serious to winning this election. No, Donald Trump's biggest strength is Hillary Clinton, and America's manufactured fear of all things Islamic. What should be questioned, is why Hillary is allowed to kill so many Muslims while they struggle to stay alive in their respective homelands. While Trump makes promises to ban the Muslim from their entering America, Hillary just wants to bomb then while they sleep in their beds.

  • 8,124 Murders by Firearm in US vs. 29 (144 equiv.) in UK
    • To enact any kind of legislation, we Americans will require a body of representatives who will work in the American people's interest. Where are you going to find that body of devoted individuals? Maybe, pass a law to improve campaign finance reform, and then see if a reasonable gun control law may follow. Either do away with the kind of lobbying they do in DC, or get the American people their own huge lobby who will fight for their interest.

  • How ISIL's attacks on Saudi Arabia aimed at Undermining the Monarchy's Legitimacy
    • When you go to war with the idea, that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, then be prepared for the worst. I mean if you play with snakes, don't be surprised if you get bite. This is advice not only that the Saudi's should have paid attention to, but this advice would go also to the U.S..

  • US-Backed Kurds begin Campaign against ISIL in Northern Syria
  • ISIL Endgame: Obama to send 250 more US Troops into Syria
    • Do you think, that by Obama's upsetting the Saudi's, that his actions may increase Hillary's campaign contributions? If that is what you are suggesting, then I would say to you, how that does make political sense. I guess that ex-presidents need to, why not!

  • Turkey's Erdogan exports Press crackdown to US as his guards manhandle Journalists in DC
    • As the saying goes, with friends like these who needs enemies, may title this piece correctly. What really concerns me, is what is Erdogan doing at the Brookings Institute? I'm hoping another saying describes his visit, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer, applies. I don't like this guy. A visit from him can't be anything good, so what next should we expect from this Syrian experience?

  • What would effective Counter-Terrorism look like after Brussels?
  • Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians
    • Americans need to learn about the Yinon Plan, and the Clean Break Strategy, that has been in play for at least the last 15 years, if not longer. I blame this lack of knowledge on the news media. Hillary is more war. America needs to work on domestic infrastructure projects. The Middle East needs less Zionist inspired military action by the U.S..

  • Which Protest-busting Dictator is Trump most Like?
    • As much as I detest any confrontational violence, it makes for good TV. Oh how good to be a TV advertising exec....must be nice.

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