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  • Russia’s Neo-Feudal Capitalism
  • Turkish Democracy in Trouble, but not Because of Presidential System
    • I keep wondering about all the Turks arrested and/or fired since the half-baked coup attempt.

      Where are the 45,000 jailed since the coup?

  • What is Trump trying to Hide by disappearing WH Visitor Logs?
    • We need a law requiring disclosure of visitors to a public, taxpayer funded office, the West Wing, plus all of Trump's public housing, the White House.

  • Washington's Supreme Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons and Civilian Deaths
    • Thanks for pointing out that the difference between dying from sarin and dying from bombing or shelling is probably irrelevant to the dead.

      Before the US acts, it should ask the people of Syria if they want us in their country? I doubt it, given the Iraqi experience. Of course, there is no way to ask in Syria.
      We could ask the refugees. Why didn't any of the news reports that I saw ask Syrian refugees for an opinion? (Rhetorical question)
      Let's survey enlisted soldiers who have been deployed in the Middle East and Afghanistan in the last 7 years. Let's ask them if they believe a massive Syrian deployment would bring peace or help the people of Syria.

  • Can the Global Mining Industry go Green?
    • Even with renewable power, mines will continue to generate horrendous pollution. The Mt. Polley disaster in Canada, the Samarco catastrophe in Brazil - link to - mountain top removal mining in Appalachia that has filled in and poisoned 100s of miles of streams, according to the EPA, & also damaged public health...

      Renewable energy is a start. It should help the mining companies' bottom lines, as renewable energy costs are cheaper than fossil fuels.

  • Has Trump deferred to Russia in Syria?
    • The simplest explanation for deferring to Russia, is, I believe, that the situation is complicated, even more than US health care, plus, any choice results in a loss. No action leads to a win for anyone.

      There is no way to manufacture a tweetable trump triumph.

      So, to simplify & avoid thinking, plus to avoid losing... the solution? Let Putin do it.

  • Was Michael Flynn Russia's “primary channel of communication with the Trump team”?
  • The simple Number that will Defeat Trump's attempt to Roll back Obama Energy Policies
    • Thanks for the article-let us hope the "magic of the marketplace" wipes out high-priced carbon fuels soon.
      Although soon may be too late for the drought-afflicted regions of Africa where 16 million are facing death by starvation.

      One clarification about the spitefulness of the British burning D.C. in 1814. In the war of 1812 several cities were put to the torch before Washington. For example, when American troops invaded Canada in 1813, they burned down government buildings in capital of the province of Upper Canada, York (present-day Toronto). Many think the burning of Washington was revenge for this.

      Perhaps someone who is a scholar of that place in time can recommend a book or an article.

  • It's Class Warfare, Stupid. The GOP crusade against Health Care
    • Thanks for bringing up the class issue.
      Funny but not funny- Marx wrote that "religion is the opium of the people" back in the 19th century.
      Today, many go straight to the opiates.

  • Kellyanne "Inspector Gadget" alleges Obama Microwave-Camera Surveillance
    • Does Ms. Conway mean that Trump does something in the kitchen?
      Somehow, my imagination is too small to imagine Trump re-heating leftovers in the microwave while he chats with the Kremlin.
      Scenario for 45: "Donald Trump threw out that cold disaster you call food. Get me some real food, now."

  • As Trump Bans Somalis, 100s dying from Hunger in Severe Drought
  • Trump covers Rockwell: Sometimes it Feels like, Obama's Watching You
    • 45, when he feels attacked, follows Roy Cohn's teaching and attacks back, harder.

      Nobody much cared about Schumer having doughnuts with Kislyak.

      Therefore he had to blitzkrieg by dropping a big bomb of a claim. It is apparent that he doesn't care where the claim originates, who said it, or whether there is any evidence.

      Evidence is irrelevant to Trump. Somebody said it, he believes it, and that's all the evidence he needs. Say it loud, say it often, and propaganda and delusion are REAL.

      I pray that the his football of nuclear codes are all fake.

  • Pundits, stop Swooning: Trump still covering for Radical White Nationalist Extremists
    • Thanks for the article.
      I wonder what sedative created the veneer of a semi-civilized style. The crackpot malevolent substance was contradicted by nothing that he said.

  • Photo of the Day: Gaza (the Old Town), 1862
    • Lovely-exquisite details.
      From that photo, the Palestinians did well making the desert bloom. Nice plantings in the foreground.

  • Top 5 Hypocrisies of Trump Friday
    • The BBC was on the verboten press list, too.
      And the BBC is owned by the British government.
      Will the British have to "postpone" his visit now?

      And homeland security is definitely at war with Muslims.
      Read about the interrogation of the son of the late Muhammad Ali when he returned from Jamaica with his mom.
      link to

  • Did David Brooks & the NeoCons pave the Way for Trump?
    • I'm thinking that American greatness has become double-speak for American narcissism, which is true for Trump and Brooks. I don't think that Brooks caused Trump; but both come from a current/torrent of thought that refuses to admit America's screw-ups. Case in point from the article above is when Brooks is cited as writing of the humiliations of Iraq as an American humiliation, missing the humiliation and horrors Iraqis live with.
      We made a mess of Iraqi society, plus killing and torturing Iraqis-see Abu Ghraib. And it's because of politicians like Cheney and Bush who insisted on dictating "alternate facts" to the intelligence services.

      Until America goes through some kind of truth and reconciliation process, we'll have the thoughtful Brooks buying into an idea of American greatness much like Trump's.

  • Trump endangering rest of Us to hunt down the Law-Abiding Undocumented
    • Question: What evidence is there for the 97% figure?

      Look at the US: It's a tricky question to figure out in the US; but 12% of US residents move in a year, looking at a variety of Census and other figures from an internet search. For demographics from 2010-2015, this Bloomberg article was interesting: link to
      The article concludes, "There's also been a long decline in the percentage of U.S. residents who move each year. "Overall, it appears, not nearly enough Americans are moving to opportunity."

      I agree, we should do whatever we can to help other countries to be as free and prosperous as possible. For example, don't take their oil.

      Yet many of the best, brightest and most creative want to move, not stay where they were born. For example, take the Paris art world of the late 19th century. Pissaro, from a Danish W. Indies colony, Mary Cassatt from the US, Alfred Sisley, and later Van Gogh, etc. defined homeland as other than soil. Homeland was a community, in a place, where they can do the best in their calling in life.
      Similarly, the best and brightest in the cyber world are in Silicon Valley, or other such communities on the West Coast. Home is not earth and soil, except, perhaps, for farmers and peoples who daily work and care for land and waters.

      The United States has been peoples in motion from the start; else only the 13 colonies would have been populated.

      Also, many Christians would say that heaven is their true home.

      The English language is fortunate that it distinguishes between house and home, because that helps the understanding that a place and a home aren't always the same.

      To say that moving within the US is to stay in our "homeland" isn't so. Moving from Chicago to eastern Iowa, as I did once, was a big cultural change.

      Finally, the only peoples that can call North America homeland are Indians and Inuit. The rest of us are hyphenated Americans.

  • Farewell to doublespeak: Israel’s vision for the future is terrifying
    • Has this malevolent right Israeli government spoken of its need for "lebensraum"?
      They're ghettoizing and malnourishing the population of Gaza and stealing the West Bank. Walls make ghettos.
      Sometimes I think this is a microcosm of a world where right-wing fascists have run amok, with their eyes on a ghastly prize. The new, global gulag archipelago is growing with outposts from Gaza, Nauru, Myanmar, Syria, ICE prisons in the US, and the list burgeons.

  • Questions about Judgment: Trump appointed Flynn in the First Place
    • There is a lot of evidence and small doubts of Russian hacking and spying. The question is, where it happened, besides the DNC, and how much interference was there?

      For example, December 29, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a joint report on “Russian malicious cyber activity.”

      In the Senate, Armed Services cyber subcommittee is investigating that evidence and other issues of cyber defense.

      You may choose to linger among the doubts.
      To resolve the doubts, let us all join together, calling for an investigation like the 9/11 commission, in order to gather more data & information. That is necessary for a fact-based assessment of what was going on in the election and what is happening in the present, here and around the globe.

  • Image of the Day: Persian Lady in Green, 1600
    • Gorgeous. I also hope you'll continue showing art, and historic photographs, another art form.

  • Immigrant Cali Sikhs open Temples to Oroville Dam Refugees
    • Where's Homeland Security?
      Perhaps, like Brownie, they're doing a heckuva job on issues like infrastructure and flooding.

  • After Miller's Mega-Lies, time to rev back up the Reality Based Community
    • Interesting to compare Marbury vs. Madison (1803 case, decent summary on Wikipedia) with the claims trumpeting Presidential power that come from Miller and the ever-changing White House cast of characters.

      Quotation from Justice Marshall on the case:
      "The Government of the United States has been emphatically termed a government of laws, and not of men. It will certainly cease to deserve this high appellation if the laws furnish no remedy for the violation of a vested legal right."

    • Summary of Stevie's interview: "Bow to your new overlords! There is 1 president, the huge one, and only his words are the True Constitution."

  • Could NSA Flynn face Criminal Charges over Russia Ties?
    • So, is he just a cynic who thinks himself above the law, and/or a malevolent supremacist seeking some sort of "racial holy war" while profiting from a Russian connection?

      Conspiracy theories seem essential to apocalyptic lunacy.

  • Yemen withdraws blanket approval for US action after Trump's botched Raid
    • Reread the article, and see that it says "If it is true that Obama was reluctant..." The statement is about decision-making for 1 raid. Therefore, the leap to a generalization that is not in the article, "Obama is a good killer and Trump is a bad killer", is not grounded in this article. One specific is less than a straw upon which to make a sweeping and unfounded generalization. And the generalization comes from the commentator, not the text of the article.

      The article is an analysis of the implications of 1 failed raid, with uncertainties duly noted. It is informed commentary, not a news report, fake or otherwise.

  • Trump's Alt-Reality: White Terrorism against Mosque justifies Muslim Ban
    • Trump is so far gone that no one could tell the "real" president from the president tripping on LSD.

  • This time Dr. Strangelove is President: On the Political Psychology of Donald Trump
    • Cognitive dementia sounds on-target. His father did have Alzheimer's disease, plus he's 70, so genetics and age put him at risk. And he said the sun came out at his inauguration!? Funny everybody out there got wet from the rain. link to
      And Steve Bannon looks like an alcoholic-puffy face, facial reddening, probably from broken capillaries, & bloodshot eyes visible in many photos.

      An alcoholic with anger management advising a narcissist too deluded to know the difference between rain and sunshine.
      Time for the 25th Amendment-except we need a real cabinet for that.

  • Iraqi Leaders Denounce Trump over Oil, Jerusalem; US Troops in Political Crossfire
  • Protesters Face Increasing Criminalization in Trump Era
    • Jailtime in the face of demagoguery is to be expected.
      Consider contemporary twists: how to pay the obscene fines and the lawyers' fees? With these laws, it's a "rite of passage" that leads to debt, at best, poverty, and an indefinite stay in a private, for-profit jail. I foresee new American concentration camps for impoverished protesters.

  • Translating Trump's inaugural Speech from the original German
    • Excellent article.
      I'd change only one thing- my title would be "...translated from the original Russian."

  • Top 3 Ways to rig an Election
    • Get over it? I'll get over it as fast as Trump got over his birther fantasy, 2011-Sept. 2016. Also, gerrymandering and laws that cheat legitimate American voters and their elections are fact, according to the American law system. I agree with you, that the Dems and progressives need to get together, and take an honest look in the mirror. I'll get over it when the lies stop.

  • 5 Images that refute Trump's attack on Hero John Lewis
    • Don't worry so, this criticism is freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
      If you want to see nasty, check out Glenn Beck and Fox re President Obama.
      And Russia is not mentioned in Professor Cole's essay. Again, don't worry, Russia is a big country that can take care of itself.

  • Trump does Poor imitation of Tin-Pot Dictator at "Press Conference"
    • Political rallies and press conferences are 2 different things.
      The difference should be obvious to anyone familiar with democratic government.
      To criticize Trump for being unable to survive an hour by himself with reporters is an affirmation of the freedom of the press.
      And what's with the RT example? Do you mean the Russian government financed agency, Russia Today?

  • How We Can fight back against Trump's Anti-EPA
    • If you google "solar power calculator" there are a number of online tools that calculate your savings. Google itself has one. To verify the calculators, I suggest using 3 or 4 and comparing results.

  • Urgent: Soil carbon release under global warming to equal U.S. emissions
    • Yes, thanks for bringing this issue forward. I'm wondering-what is the relationship between high latitude soil microbes creating CO2 discharge, and permafrost melt that results in CO2 and methane release? link to

  • Trump's Pentagon Hunger Games: The Generals "haven't done the job."
    • 1 suggestion for military leadership: Take physical fitness out of the generals' merit evaluations. Too many mediocrities game the military by becoming fitness buffs to game the ratings.
      Better to be led by a cigar-smoking U.S. Grant than an average leader who exercises every day.
      That is, unless the generals' job descriptions include the duties of enlisted combat infantry.

  • WikiLeaks Yemen Files Unmask Washington's Bloody Role
  • Neofascist Trump Appointee Bannon: "Anger is a Good thing" "if you're Fighting to Take this Country Back"
    • Bannon should simplify his statement to "Anger is a good thing if you're the right White."

  • Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East
    • Sad to say, none of this surprises me.
      One phrase that I wish was clearer, "...the post-2011 threat to present-day Western states and their con­stituent corporations..," Does this mean that corporations are constituents of government, as I, a voter, am a constituent of a legislator? Or is the meaning more that the corporations constitute, make up the government?

  • Starstruck & Party-Fanatic: The Moral Paradox of Trump Support
    • I keep wondering, what would DT have to do in order to have his faithful leave him? Lying is not enough. Racism hasn't chased away true believers.
      Even if he was proved to be a rapist, probably no effect on DT supporters-the proof would be evidence of conspiracy.
      Suppose that he was videotaped murdering someone? Would that be enough? Or would this hypothetical murder be called self-defense?

      Sigh. I can't figure out what the moral standards of DT supporters are. He's Dirty Harry and can do no wrong.

  • White College Students Angry they originated in Africa
    • This event probably has its roots in Texas public school biology textbooks & curricula. Creationism is taught as "scientific creationism." Darwin and evolution are being erased from schools.
      See the National Council for Science Education's web page,
      link to
      Maybe the students believe that Africans have the mark of Cain, or are descended from Noah's bad son Ham. Those were very popular justifications of slavery.

  • 7 Things to Know about Mosul
    • I want to know in what shape the dam is. Would Daesh blow it up when they conclude Mosul is a lost cause?

      Also, the Ottoman Turks of the 19th and early 20th century had fallen far from the far more tolerant glory days of Suleiman. The late Ottoman empire was no model of tolerance.
      They commited genocide on the Armenians.
      Yes, I'm well aware of Erdogan's and the Turkish state's denial of genocide. I'd trust Orhan Pamuk's historical perspective and not the pan-Turkic "Red Apple."

  • Return of Virulent Nationalism: how language is being used to mark national borders
    • "English" is a misnomer for a language of this green and pleasant land, it comes from the Angles, a refugee Germanic tribe, who then uprooted a language full of immigrant words from the Romans. Why use words of Latin origin, a bloodthirsty bunch of warriors who had to borrow most of their culture from the Greeks?
      So, I say, we must recover the language of Boudica. Let the Scots return to pure Pict language, the Welsh speak Welsh, each to their own true root, and get rid of all these immigrant influences.
      And fie on Beowulf! He came from the south of Sweden, and the story takes place in Europe, a place called the land of the Danes, which many think is modern Frisia, now partly German and partly Dutch lands. Beowulf is an epic from alien invaders. Give that legend of blood and monsters back.

      [This being the internet, I suppose that I must write that the above is satire.]

  • Whose Fault is Trump? Top 7 Culprits
  • The Presidential Debate that did not really Happen
    • Trump is like an evil Homer Simpson tripping on acid.
      He's riveting and repulsive, a horror movie in real life, Watching him is like watching a bloody car crash.

  • Trump: Disarm Sec. Clinton's bodyguards: & "let's see what happens to her."
    • If he was consistent, Trump would allow law-abiding people carrying guns to come to his rallies.
      If you follow his principles, his rallies ought to be places where his supporters with guns get to "empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves." (Phrase quoted from DT's campaign website)
      The media can do reporting with drones, or wear Kevlar and bring their own law-abiding gun carrying guards.
      It's surprising that he isn't packing heat as he speaks.

  • French Court lifts Municipal Burkini Ban; & Why should you care what other people wear?
    • At first, I thought this almost humorous-the French police enforcing a fashion law. Fashionista fascists, anyone?
      One stereotype of the French is reinforced: The French are fashion-obsessed.

      Laws against the Burkini also bring another French stereotype to life, the stereotype that French men are sex-obsessed. That is the conclusion I draw from a law that women have to be almost unclothed at the beach.

      It's reminiscent of the US silliness that led to "Freedom Fries." Which reinforced an American stereotype, that we obsess on fast food.

  • The Republicans who fear that Trump isn't Belligerent Enough
    • The world according to the Donald:
      Islam is the new axis of evil, and the Mexicans are their allies.
      And the Chinese...he doesn't know.

  • Trump threatens Sec. Clinton with Gun Nuts, imitates Tinpot 3rd World Regimes
    • Trump speaks in incomplete sentences, and uses vague language. Often there is no way to definitively say what he meant because he throws together a salad of phrases and innuendo.

      And that makes it difficult, at best, to say what he means. So the listener creates meaning that fits his/her worldview. No one can prove that he meant either gun violence or on the other hand, political force from "2nd amendment people."

      The man is too incoherent. Go back to the virtue of a traditional education and try and parse his sentences!

      Therefore, I disagree with anyone who says that it's outrageous to claim otherwise. In this case, he ended the infamous 2nd amendment bit by saying "I don't know."

      "I don't know", he says, and we can't pin down what he means. Is "I don't know" true, a rhetorical device, or a bunch of weasel words to wiggle out of responsibility?
      He has repeatedly had to backtrack, and, worse, sometimes not backtracking by sticking to vicious words- e.g. mocking a Gold Star mother and mocking a disabled reporter.

      I've met 2 violent criminals that used the same tactics.

      Just because you can't prove something is threatening does not mean that it's okay.
      He is threatening. That is the effect of his words.
      Parallel example: A stalker can say, "You better watch out", and then claim it's because Santa Claus is coming to town.

      You can argue semantics. You can say he didn't mean it.
      Or it was sarcasm.
      The Secret Service doesn't mess around with that.
      They know a threat.
      They have lots of practice.

  • A Sucker is born Every Minute: Our Election From Hell
    • Thanks for this thoughtful piece on our horrorshow circus-election, and, most of all, for keeping the biggest horror, global heating.
      in antiquity, the Romans,, at least had bread with their circuses.
      Right now, I think it defies understanding. I wish Hunter Thompson was here to chronicle what is happening, this circus playing while the planet burns. Fear and loathing-how better to describe this election circus? Plus, I feel as though I'm hallucinating when I read the news.

  • Iowa could go 100% Green with Wind in only 14 years, w/ Few Birds Killed, Mr. Trump
    • There was wind enough for turbines in Iowa. For example, check July 21, an oppressively hot day in Iowa during the heat wave. Wunderground weather history shows wind speeds suitable for turbines in Des Moines and Mason City.
      The same for the above cities on July 20th.
      Check the data-it does not support your assertion for Iowa, subject of this article.

  • 6 Signs the Big Global Switch to Solar has already Begun
    • For those interested in molten solar, I suggest the article from IEEE, link to (Please wiki IEEE if you are unfamiliar with this standard-setting group of engineers.)
      There are other informative articles to be found with a search engine, using the terms "Solar + molten salt."

      The Tesla model 3 will sell for about ~$35,000. Fiat electrics, before rebates, are around $30,000.
      Their main problem for electrics is charging infrastructure in urban areas. The Tesla superchargers take less than an hour.
      Regarding the Tesla 3 & infrastructure for electrics, I suggest an article from MIT's "Technology Review ", link to

  • Putin's Winning Hand in Syria, as Turkey Apologizes and Obama Deals
    • Something I thought I'd never see: Netanyahu as deal-broker for anybody.
      Did Russia and Turkey make a sub rosa alliance against the Kurds?
      Russia won-except, how can anyone "win" in the desolation that afflicts Syria?

  • New York Times Edits Pro-Bernie Article Into Hit Piece
    • The Gray Lady is taking Fox lessons.

      Is it better to twist and slant Sanders' news, or to censor him? Tough call.

  • Erdogan Threatened Europe with Refugees, now Demanding US abandon Syrian Kurds
    • Will Erdogan bring back the law against the "Kurdish" letters of the alphabet, that is X, W, and Q?
      X, W, & Q were finally legal to use in Oct. 2013.

      Looks like Erdogan has gone round the twist, and it's a scary twist when, last month, he used Hitler as an example of a powerful presidency.

      And if Erdogan slips into megalomania, no telling what he will want to do. He is frightening.
      Ethnic repression can lead to "ethnic cleansing", which equals genocide bowdlerized & spun.

  • Also-Ran Trump urges Thugs to Knock 'the Crap' out of Protesters, will cover Legal Fees
  • Media Blackout on Bernie Sanders Continues even though he leads Trump in Polls
    • Censoring Sanders, is what this is.
      Maybe this will give Sanders an edge-because by the end of the winter voters will be sick of seeing and hearing the other candidates who are all over the media. Overexposure might hurt them, and they'll jump the shark.
      He's doing well without the corporate media. The lack of coverage makes him a breath of fresh air to a public sick of hype and re-hype ad nauseam.

  • 41% of Trump Supporters want to bomb Aladdin and Jasmine
    • Bombing civilians is terrorism. Doesn't matter whether it's a car bomb or an airplane bomb.

  • Why did Turkey dare shoot down a Russian Plane? The Proxy War in Syria
    • As all here agree, Erdogan certainly gave the command to shoot down Russian planes.

      I wonder why he wanted that pipeline after seeing Russia's constrictor behavior with the Ukraine.
      Money, probably, given an uncertain election; but after a resounding election victory, then he does not need Russian money to retain power. Or so he calculates.
      And the West? They may fume, even threaten sanctions, but they can't do much, because of Incirlik.
      Don't forget-Incirlik has tactical nuclear weapons.

      The Turks remember Gallipoli, and they and the Russians have the Crimean War still vivid in their memories, too.

  • As Russia Strikes, Arab Twitter Wars over call for Jihad against "occupation" of Syria
    • The Russians aren't confused.
      Anybody opposed to Assad is their enemy.
      Everyone opposed to Assad is ISIL or an ally of ISIL. Ally of ISIL=ISIL/Daesh
      Definition of enemy in Syria: ISIL/Daesh.

  • Actually, Davis was jailed because she forbade other Clerks to marry Gay Couples
    • A lot of fundamentalist Christians push Romans 13, which, in a nutshell, says Christians should obey the governing authorities because they are established by God.
      So I hope she's busy reading Romans 13 in her cell.

      Naturally, these folks want to establish a "Christian" sharia type government,.

  • GOP jumps Shark *again*: Call For Canadian Border Wall
    • Walker dropped out of Marquette University, not a junior college, He "decided" to leave, when he was a senior, after he lost the election to be student body president, which was a bitter campaign with allegations of dirty tricks.

      It was alleged that he was booted for cheating in a class, but the professor who blogged about the cheating withdrew the post, so there is no evidence of Walker cheating in his classes, too.
      Walker denies that Marquette U. forced him to leave.

    • Next, let's defend the US from birds flying in from Central America.
      None of them have a wildlife import permit.
      And stop the Monarch butterflies coming from Mexico!

  • Turkey: As Violence hits Istanbul, southeast, Can Pres. Erdogan turn it to Political Advantage?
    • In April, Turkey adopted a new national anthem, praising Erdogan as "Our Leader." In addition, the anthem contains references to the "red apple", a symbol of the mythical pan-Turkic homeland. This occasion, with Erdogan and a military band, was celebrated 2015 April 10, and there are videos in the dailyhurriyet.
      I think Erdogan, the Leader, wants ethnic cleansing of the Kurds as a step towards the pan-Turkic empire.

      "Our Leader" is a scary title, way too close to the title "der Fuhrer."

  • Turkey's new "war on terror" mainly targeting Kurds
    • I agree with PP, though there is so much I do not know.
      I would add that Turkey has, for more than century, pursued "ethnic cleansing" under the guise of Turkish nationalism. Ugh-this phrase makes genocide sound like doing the laundry.
      So conservative nationalism can join with fanatic religiosity and Likud political tactics.
      (Note: My definition of religious fanatic begins with someone who is willing to kill in the name of God.)
      In addition:
      The Alevi Muslim/Zaza-speaking Kurds are together with the Sunni Kurds. The PKK did a lot, beginning in 1974, to bring the 2 groups of Kurds together, which alarmed the Turkish government.
      As Turkey has had a hostile relationship with the Syria ruled by the Alawite Muslim Assads, there has always been the fear that Alevi Kurds would ally themselves with the Alawite minority in Syria, even though Alawis beliefs and practices are different from Alevis. And Iran claims that both are branches of Shi'a-Ayatollah Khomeini claimed that the Alevis of Turkey were Shi'a.

      So, we have Sunni semi-secular Turkey doing a token bombing of Daesh, and many bombings of the Kurds.
      They, the Turks, are terrified of a Kurdistan on their border, more terrified of that than they are of Daesh. I suspect the bombing of Daesh was the Turkish idea of proportionate punishment for taking the war to the Turkish homeland. By bombing the Kurds, I suspect the message is, Turks have the same enemies as Daesh, and will be covertly on the side of Daesh, as long as Daesh does not cross the Turkish line.

      With so many strands here, Alevi & Sunni Kurds, Shi'a Iran, Alawis in Syria, refugee-flooded Turkey getting hostile to the unwanted Syrians, the PKK, brutal Turkish practices past and present, and all the rest, there is no definitive clear understanding.

      I, too, welcome information and analysis, from more-informed people. There is so much that is so dark.
      The Turkish paper, the Hurriyet, is on-line in English, by the way.

  • We're all Iraqis now: How Bush's Wars Militarized Baltimore & Ferguson Police
    • Stasi would have been drooling for these tools.

      Are Ferguson and Detroit the cities of a new apartheid nation?

  • Tesla batteries: just the beginning of how technology will transform the electric grid
    • True, right now DC takes many voltages.
      If a US resident travels to Europe or other countries with different voltages, there are already inexpensive AC voltage converters.
      Inside a computer, the wiring comes with 3.3 volts, 5 volts & 12 volts in the harness-all DC.
      Standardization of voltage will cause some market chaos and design mess.
      I have read of a few cloud centers converting to DC-all those servers devour electricity.
      I have a USB charger with a different voltages-yes, I have to be careful. I assume some kind of sensor/controller of voltage would be necessary for mass use.

      It is a possibility for the near future. And consider the jobs
      that can be generated manufacturing a conversion technology-expensive up front, but look at wind power now.

      And I already need a micro-amplifier for my '80s Technic turntable to connect to the sound system.

      It can be done. A hybrid AC/DC delivery system is possible-wind power will require AC for delivery, still.

      I'd sure love to use the DC power from our solar panels without the conversion.

      And the NSA ought to embrace DC, for decentralization will make our power system safer from blackouts caused by terrorists or latter-day Enron trader schemes.

    • If we achieve the goal of decentralized power generation, then it would make sense to switch from AC to DC power. NYC was originally run on DC. Thomas Edison was intransigent on the subject.
      Power losses over long distance transmission made AC cheaper for creating the Great Electric Grid.

      Imagine-no more converters for our electronic devices & computers.
      DC could be stored straight to battery, unlike alternating current.
      Not needing so many converters could create an eventual decrease of resource gluttony.
      I wonder what the savings would be

  • Keystone XL Opponents Interrogated by FBI
    • Opposing a strategy that the President of the nation opposes, too, is called freedom of speech.
      Opposing strategies are the reason we have debates and elections.
      What if the FBI investigated you for opposing the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights? What if they investigated you, asked questions of your employer in order to find out whether you were loyal to the Constitution?

  • Fearing NSA, Writers in USA and Worldwide Avoiding controversy, keyword Searches
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham pledges allegiance to Israel's Netanyahu vs. Obama
  • What would Happen if the Int'l Criminal Court Indicted Israel's Netanyahu?
    • I wish they'd indict Cheney, and everyone, beginning with the top of the command chain, who are responsible for torture.
      Add the responsible people from countries that have CIA black sites.
      And while I'm dreaming, let's have an airlift of food, medicine and building materials with USAF escorts to Gaza.

  • Pundits Blame Eric Garner For His Own Death (TYT Medley of Shame)
  • Israeli Squatters chop down 50 Olive Trees in Palestinian Village (800,000 since 1967)
    • This is robbery, not vandalism.
      I remember Israelis proclaiming, "Let the desert bloom."
      Israelis destroyed 800,000 trees, de facto saying, "Let the desert grow. And the winds of drought are worse, because the trees are gone. The drought and growing desert can't tell Israeli trees from Palestinian trees. No wall will help.
      The desert will grow.

  • SCOTUS: Corporate "Persons" have Religions, can Deny You Birth Control Coverage
    • Funny-I must go to the wrong church.
      I never saw a corporation in the pews.
      And none of them put any money in the offering.

      Does Wal-mart have a soul?

  • Top 5 Reasons US Aid to "Moderate" Syrian Fighters is Quixotic
    • All sides in the US, Tea Party-ites and moderates,like the President are living in a legendary universe.By legendary, I mean constructing a world view in which belief trumps facts and evidence. For example, the US is fighting an"axis of evil."
      And now Washington wants to help the group it identifies as the good guys,ignoring strong evidence that their weapons will help the bad guys.
      Belief has trumped the convoluted truths on the ground.

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