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  • Europe Must follow Through on votes in Favor of Palestine Recognition
    • Indeed the EU nations must now do the right thing and follow up with official recognition of a Palestinian state. Enough of the waffling and resolutions that don't bind. They should not be intimidated by Bibi's whining about the EU not learning a lesson from the holocaust, or his constant blame on everybody but himself, and help give the Palestinians their dignity and freedom back.

  • Even Other Terrorists Denounce Taliban School Attacks In Pakistan
    • This is a horrendous act of terrorism, and the criminals must pay for the murder of innocent children. If the Pakistani government is unable to control these criminals, they have to appeal to the international community to help. Are they afraid to confront the scumbags?

  • Desperate Pakistani Taliban, on the ropes, attack Army School in Peshawar: Large scale Casualties
    • Before people start criticizing Muslims and Islam, I hope they realize that it is the majority of moderate Muslims who have to put up with these lunatics, who give their religion a bad name, and are always paying the price for insane extremists. These despicable criminals are not smart enough to realize they are doing the work of those already running campaigns to denigrate Islam and Muslims around the world.

  • Why Europe must stop blocking Palestinian membership of the Int'l Criminal Court
    • Not only the EU but the entire world must now act fast to release the Palestinians from their bondage. This will not affect the prospect for peace - that was deliberately lost by the continuous negative actions by Israel. This will make the Palestinians finally feel liberated and able to level the playing field when it comes to those peace talks. Israel (and the US) want to keep the status quo, so that more lands can be stolen, and the Palestinians driven from their own lands. Recognition and liberation can stop that.

  • Israeli sqatters in Palestinian Hebron stab, injure Palestinian 12-year-old
  • Israel Squatters Chop Down Dozens of Palestinian Olive Trees Near Nablus (800,000 since 1967)
    • No religion condones this kind of viciousness, and these illegal settlers have constantly shown nothing but a deep seated hatred bordering on evil, towards these poor Palestinian farmers.
      They act like common thieves stealing trees, water, and even soil, from the Palestinians, because they know they can get away with murder, as far as their government is concerned. Investigations keep showing that these criminals are hardly held accountable for these disgusting crimes. The Palestinians are harassed, intimidated, and keep losing their property and other resources, that they desperately need to live.
      There is more:
      "The toll the summer war took on the population of Gaza has been extensively reported, but little is known about the war's effect on the Palestinian enclave's livestock.

      Al-Jazeera reports that some 15,000 animals (primarily sheep and goats) are missing in the wake of the war, though it is unknown whether they were killed, died from hunger or are still wandering around somewhere.

      A census in 2010 registered 73,500 sheep and goats, while only 58,000 were listed for fodder distribution following the war.

      "This means that more than 15,000 animals are missing," said Ciro Fiorillo, local head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which has been distributing fodder and barley for all of Gaza's sheep and goats." Haaretz

  • Defying US, Sweden to Recognize Palestine (First in Western Europe)
    • This is what the Palestinians need. Support from a nation that belongs to the EU. A bold move by Sweden, that sends a message to the rest of the world - that they are not intimidated by Israel or even the US. I sincerely hope this goes forward, and the the EU will allow Sweden to make it's own choices. It could also encourage others who might be considering it.
      It will be interesting to know how many desperate calls, and arm twisting, are going on behind the scenes. Time the EU and the US acted as if they are not afraid of Israel's wrath.
      Good job Sweden.

  • How Stupid Can CNN Hosts Get about Muslims with Reza Aslan? THIS STUPID.
    • It seems people are getting impatient with Bill Maher for showing consistent ignorance when it comes to Islam. First his tweet backfired when he mentioned slapping a woman and comparing her to Hamas. Now he has been beautifully slammed down by Reza Aslan, with nothing but facts. Bill Maher has allowed his hatred for Islam and Muslims, prevent him from learning the truth and clouded his judgement. Ignorance is bliss as far as Maher is concerned.
      Reza Aslan is a great debater.

  • Palestine goes to UN Security Council to Demand Israeli Withdrawal by 2016
    • 2016 is too far away. It is time Abbas did what is best for his people, who have suffered for decades. Enough of pleasing the US and Israel. Time the Arab nations stepped in and supported them. Abbas must realize that the US is not an honest broker, and that Israel is it's top priority.

  • The Coming Holy War over al-Aqsa Mosque/ Temple Mount in Jerusalem
    • While claiming that those who criticize Israel are anti semitic, Israel shows it's arrogance by disrespecting other religions, and treating their Holy places as insignificant. Israel's claim to Holy places, even when it is disputed by other religions, has become the norm. When the zionists want someone else's property and resources, the US usually looks the other way, while it is being ruthlessly stolen. It is time the Christian zionists of the US, realized that the zionists have treated Arab Christians very badly, prevented them from visiting their Churches, which can be considered bigotry and anti Christian. If ONE Jew was stopped or prevented from going to synagogue in that region, we would have been deafened by the predictable cries of "anti semitism", and the zionists would have seized on that incident, to justify one of their brutal crimes, as retaliation.

  • Is Rand Paul right that Cheney invaded Iraq for Halliburton Profits?
    • Maybe not the sole reason, but definitely one of the main reasons. If you follow the money, you will find out who made out like a bandit, out of this unnecessary war, based on lies, deception, and greed. Instead of going after North Korea, the rogue nation with nuclear weapons, they went after a toothless tiger, a tinpot dictator, because of the oil. The Iraqi Ministry for Oil, was one of the first establishments they secured, even the Iraqi Museum was open, and absolutely not secured, and many priceless artifacts looted. That shows just how much the neocon warmongers had oil in their minds.

  • Top Ten Ways in which it was Actually the Israeli Gov't that Derailed the Peace Talks
    • Of course, predictably Bibi will keep blaming the occupied, but the above facts, proves who really is to be blamed here, and no one should be surprised, this is typical zionist behavior, the world sees one thing - but the zionist try to whitewash it all with lies and denials. Was Bibi honest enough to admit they kept breaking international laws, and announcing much more illegal settlements, that were detrimental to these peace talks. Why not?
      They do all they can to sabotage these peace talks, and when it fails blames it's victims. The US media is just as shameless…on Fareed Zakaria GPS, the zionist media (Richard Haas and Bret Stephens, apologists and defenders of Israel). kept echoing Bibi's blame game, but failed to admit that Israel should take the bigger blame for building illegal settlements non stop, insulting the peace makers, and demanding it be recognized as a Jewish state, which has no bearing on Israel's security or safety. There is no honesty in our media any more. They see everything through zionist tinted glasses.

  • US: Stop Blocking Palestinian Rights! (HRW)
    • You are right, the US and Israel do have a reputation for being hypocrites. The finger pointing by Israel at Iran, for not being forthcoming about their nuclear program is one classic example.
      Until today, Israel has not sign the NPT, like Iran has, nor has it opened it's nuclear facilities, for inspection by the IAEA. The US and Israel are alike in many ways, mostly in negative ways.

  • Dear America: Climate Change is threatening Water, Plants, Animals & doesn't care what Party you belong To
    • Why are so many people so apathetic to what is going on?
      We constantly come across as backward, uneducated, and indifferent, to what is going on. We are one of the top contributors of carbon dioxide in the world, second only to China, and have contributed to this climate threat, and yet our people are more concerned about what the Kadashians keep doing, and watch Honey booboo. To admit to this must be hard for the right wingers, after all Al Gore was right, and they ridiculed him.
      It seems Americans live only for the moment, with no thought of what the future may bring.

  • Ft. Hood & the True Cost of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars: Nearly 1 mn traumatized: PTSD by the Numbers
    • When we talk about the unnecessary wars, the cost of it, and the lives lost, no one takes into consideration, that we have thousands of our kids, traumatized, mentally ill, and suffering from PTSD. It seems warmongers are so eager to wage wars, the long term consequences of their actions, are not even considered.
      Will situations like this deter the next warmongering administration, from making the Bush/Cheney mistakes, most probably not.

  • Palestine's Abbas finally says will Go to UN over Israeli Squatters
    • The last time the Palestinians went to the UN to get a lesser recognition, Rice was quite vicious in what she said at that meeting, and I was embarrassed at her mean speech. What is absurd is, the Palestinians are legally and openly doing what they are entitled to do, since their occupier has no interests in recognizing their rights, and yet, Israel and the US seems sore, mad, and outraged, they dare do that without their permission.
      Israel has even threatened sanctions against the Palestinians, and one phone call from AIPAC and our spineless Congress will cut the aid Palestinians get from us.

    • It is about time Abbas and the Palestinians, realized that Israel was once again scamming them, stalling them, and trying to give them the short end of the stick. They gave Israel too much of time, and were too tolerant towards the endless announcements of more illegal settlements, from the time these peace talks were started. The US has once again shown it is either naive where the devious machinations of Israel are concerned, or simply pretending it cannot get it. Now that Abbas has given enough time for US brokered peace talks, and realizes Israel will never, ever, keep it's word, he must change their course of action, and go directly to the ICC, where in reality is where they will get some justice. They should also bid for full statehood, so that they will be able to defend themselves against evil forces.

  • Tea Party Opponents of Muslim Cemetery Claim Islam is not a Religion
    • I agree. Perhaps they are too ignorant to understand that a cemetery is for burying the dead, and Islam is a religion that recognizes and accepts Christianity as a religion, and believes the Bible was from the same God they worship. It is sad that at this day and age, and access to information, we still have ignorant segments of people in our nation, who make fools of themselves, spewing hate and ignorance for the most idiotic reasons, and unwilling to listen to learned scholars in our nation, who keep explaining that Islam is a religion, and that the majority of Muslims in the world, are peace loving.
      It is strange but many of these crazy teapots have that same look on their faces, one that shows hatred and meanness for all.

  • US Special Interest Groups in the Middle East Peace Process
    • It is simple from the part of the US. Threaten to stop all aid and weapons, and demand that Israel agrees, and adheres to, the 1967 borders. If the US was able to threaten to stop aid, when Israel was caught selling our weapons to China, and the deal did not eventually go through, why cannot the US do the same thing again?
      The US Congress (most probably doing AIPAC's bidding) threatened to stop aid to the Palestinians, when they decided to bid for recognition at the UN, legally. So why are they unable to call the shots on this one, too?
      The writer is absolutely right, the US will NEVER threaten to stop the aid, nor the unwavering support, it professes for Israel.
      The US is not, and cannot be, an honest broker. It is more of an agent for Israel, trying to make sure it gets to keep most of it's ill gotten gains, from this ridiculous occupation.

  • Nancy Pelosi Admits That Congress Is Frightened of The CIA
  • Celebs to UN: Protect Palestinian Refugees in Syria (Alfonso Cuaron, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Sting & 25 Others)
    • In this situation, better late than never. At least the British celebs plucked some courage, and are bringing some kind of attention to the plight of these long suffering people. As usual, the Hollywood celebs are predictably silent. Hopefully the rest of the world will start making similar moves. What happened to the Palestinians, and how they suffer today, is one of the most unfortunate mistakes caused by the UN. The Palestinians are the victims of apartheid policies, and military occupation, that has shattered their lives, many displaced, property stolen, homes demolished, and the list goes on. It is time the UN tried to remedy the wrong.

  • Israelis slam Kerry over "Jewish State" Remarks as Abbas Rejects Demand
    • The Palestinians cannot recognize Israel as anything but their occupier. To recognize it in any other way is simply endorsing a military occupation, and admitting the blockades, land grabs, demolition of homes, control of their water, and inability to move freely within their territories, is okay. If Israel is recognized by the Palestinians as a Jewish state, would Israel then reciprocate and recognize Palestine as an Arab or Islamic state? Fair is fair.
      The US should insist on this.
      Bibi keeps moving the goal post, and the US is foolish enough to think it can score that goal.

    • I agree, it seems much as they deny saying it, they do want to "rid the Galilee of the Arabs", by terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of social services", and every mentioned action has been carried through by a ruthless military occupation.
      I hope the Palestinians will do the next best thing and go to the ICC, with proof of the endless violations of international laws, committed by the occupier. The sooner Israel realizes the world (minus the US) is serious about boycotting and sanctions the better. Israel operates with the notion that the world is completely blind to it's transgressions, crimes, and master plan.

    • Excellent article. Yes, why indeed does Netanyahu keep insisting the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a "Jewish state"?
      What does being recognized as a Jewish state got to do with the security of Israel? Chances of the Palestinians thinking it is a Islamic state is slim to none, and the entire world hears ad nauseam, that it is a Jewish state, as Netanyahu keeps making sure he must mentions this status, in every speech and interview.
      It must take some chutzpah for an occupier, who has not still recognized the rights of the occupied, nor agreed to their freedom, and who has violated many international laws including illegal settlements in disputed territories, control of Palestinian water, destruction of their olive trees, demolition of their homes,
      the endless killings of unarmed civilians by their fences, the decades of blockades and deprivation of basic rights, to keep insisting that the occupied "recognize" them in any way.
      Would Bibi Netanyahu then "recognize" the State of Palestine, as an Islamic or Arab state in return?
      This is simply yet another attempt by Netanyahu and Israel, to find an excuse to keep the status quo going. Perhaps the occupier prefers to keep wielding power over these long suffering people.

  • A Russo-Iranian Bloc against the United States?
    • McCain would never have had ANY kind of diplomatic talks, or made an effort to settle this first by trying to get to an agreement with Iran. Didn't McCain joke about bomb, bomb Iran?
      I do not agree with many of Obama's policies, especially the one he seems to be okay with, the dreadful drones.

    • To dsmith, the President has explained very well, his intentions regarding a peaceful agreement with Iran, and it is impressive, unlike the previous White House administration, he intends resolving this serious problem initially with diplomatic negotiations, and not shock and awe tactics. I sincerely hope for all our sakes, and the Iranian people, we can resolve this in a civilized manner.

      I will look forward to the response to your next letter, which will be very interesting, and I thank you for writing and asking for sanctions on Israel, who has always got away with human rights violations, illegal settlements, and a military occupation, that had it been any other rogue state, we would have sanctioned and boycotted long time ago.

  • Bill O'Reilly says Muslims will Diss Hillary; but 8 Muslim Countries Chose Female Leaders
    • O'Reilly's lack of information (putting it mildly) does not make him understand that some of these nations were far ahead of the US when it came to electing a woman as head of state. The US is not perfect when it comes to women's rights even today…we still do not pay women equally as men, and that is indeed backward and discriminating. It must be nice sitting in one's country, with no idea what goes on in the outside world, and making ignorant comments.

  • Why won't Western Politicians Condemn Israeli Crackdown on Palestinian Protesters, but do Complain about Ukraine?
    • Why do they ignore the crisis going on in the Palestinian territories, the military occupation, blockades, land thefts, and Palestinian children in their hundreds languishing in Israeli jails, with no legal recourse? Why do they keep sending the most aid and unwavering support to an occupier, pretending that the nation we arm and aid are the victims? Are they so ignorant, that they simply cannot acknowledge that Palestinian territories are shrinking, and that 90 percent of the water they have access to is contaminated, while the occupier controls it, and even sells it to these poor people? The entire world knows this, but the US pretends it is doing Israelis a big favor.
      It is heartening to know that there are Israeli activists marching for the freedom of the Palestinians. It is time these protests got louder around the world, boycotts started, and a louder message sent to Israel.

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  • Falk: Edward Said was the Palestinians' Nelson Mandela
    • Richard Falk makes a lot of sense. It is a pity that some simply do not have the ability to hear any criticism of Israel, and it's many condemned policies, and the occupation. The accusations of anti semitism in such cases ring hollow, are totally inappropriate, and meant to silence those who dare speak up against Israel.
      "He added that Said and many Palestinians became progressively more disillusioned over Palestine’s long struggle for statehood, because Israel allegedly refused to recognize Palestinian rights and accelerated violations of international law.

      “However barbaric the Holocaust, it did not excuse the failing of justice for the Palestinian people, who were fully entitled to live on the land of historic Palestine,” Falk said.

      Well said Professor Falk.

      Who in their right mind will expect any occupied people to acknowledge the existence of their occupiers, the armed neighbor that wields power over them?
      Most of all, Israel has NOT recognized the rights of the Palestinians, and even made a desperate attempt to prevent them being recognized at the UN, with the help of their top aid giver and supporter, the US.
      It must have been hard when the majority in the world decided to send Israel a message, and voted the Palestinians in.
      Israel demands they be recognized by the victims of their occupation, while it refuses to grant them their freedom and rights. What chutzpah.

  • The Iran Breakthrough TV News is Ignoring: Uranium Stockpile falls below amount Needed for Bomb
    • This should not surprise us...Saddam Hussein insisted he did not have WMD's and it turned out to be right. We have spent trillions, killed hundreds of thousands, lost thousands of our troops, and left chaos and an ongoing civil war raging there.
      The media usually likes to go with the war monger's narrative, and keep ignoring the real story, like the truth about yellow cake from Niger, for which a CIA agent was outed, because her diplomatic husband found out before the war, it was a huge hoax. For the saber rattlers to keep pushing for war, and want the Iranian people to suffer the consequences of it, they have to keep feeding the media with the lies, or make them ignore what could bring more balance into the coverage. It seems the US media never learns from past mistakes. They do indeed seem controlled, afraid to criticize, or highlight the truth.

  • Racializing Politics: We don't say "Slav" Democracy troubled in Ukraine, why Talk about "Arab" Failures?
    • Good question, why do we call it "Arab" failures? Nations fail because of bad leadership, poor policies, or the inability of it's citizens to put aside all differences for a common goal. Some even have begun because of instigation and interference by other nations. Millions have been poured into anti Islamic campaigns, so labeling any conflict into "Arab" or Islamic nations failures, plays into the hands of these anti Muslims bigots, and the media, also has to take for blame for labeling it as such. Do we ever hear the military occupation of the Palestinians as a Jewish occupation, or the now two infamous and failed wars by the US on Afghanistan and Iraq as White/Christian led wars?
      Perhaps the Arabs being semites, should also start accusing the name callers, anti semitic. Or has someone else trade marked those words exclusively for themselves?

  • Palestinian Children Arrested by Israeli Troops Face Abusive Violence
    • All you have to do is flip this situation around, and imagine Israeli children being dragged away to prison in the middle of the night, abused, and having no access to lawyers or parents, and you don't have to guess how the occupiers would have would hear the howls of anti semitism and victimization from the moon. The US congress are the enablers to this inhumane and abusive treatment of children. They know what goes on there, and the vicious treatment of children, but they keep sending the love and aid. Disgusting.

  • CAR Muslims Risk Ethnic Cleansing: What if Thousands of Christians were forced out of a Muslim Country?
    • The international community, including the US, did take their own sweet time to intervene, when they did, thousands of Muslims had already been massacred.
      From the Brookings Institute:
      "For over four years following the breakup of Yugoslavia and the onset of war, first in Croatia and then in Bosnia, the United States refused to take the lead in trying to end the violence and conflict. While many have written eloquently and passionately to explain Washington's—and the West's—failure to stop the ethnic cleansing, the concentration camps, and the massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians, few have examined why, in the summer of 1995, the United States finally did take on a leadership role to end the war in Bosnia."

      I am not specifically saying the US is the only nation that is indifferent to ethnic cleansing...right now there are a few nations where Muslims are ethnically being cleansed, and everyone seems to be slow in doing something about it. It seems there is no sense of urgency to do anything about it. How many must die before something is finally done to help? As I stated, ethnic cleansing, by any group against minorities MUST be dealt with promptly and severely. I don't mean only against Muslims either.

    • It has been noticed of course...and persecution of any minority by the majority religion, is deplorable. Are the politicians and churches not doing enough about it, and using their clout in trying to bring world attention to this? Yes. At least the Christians have influential leaders, both religious and political, who can do something about it, whereas the Muslims having no hierarchy, have no credible leader strong enough to bring attention and actions in nations like Myanmar, CAR etc., and as stated before, no one really cares.

    • It is ironic that these horrible crimes of ethnic cleansing, by murders and attacks on poor, unarmed, civilians, go unnoticed in the world, especially in the US? By the reports on the media, it seems the world is only full of Muslim jihadists, yet these brutal attacks on Muslims in CAR and even Myanmar, by the majority in those countries, keep going on, and no one seems to be doing anything to stop it. A new article in Juan Cole shows Americans do not have favorable opinions about Muslims, which explains why they are indifferent to what is going on, even when it comes to the Palestinians. After all, aren't they "ALL" terrorists?

  • Israel to Implant 9-Storey Ultra-Orthodox Seminary in Palestinian East Jerusalem
    • To your point, today a young Palestinian man was shot by the IDF, and another injured. His crime? Collecting gravel near a border fence. Many Palestinians, including unarmed teenagers have been killed in these meaningless border killings. It seems the mighty IDF is afraid of these unarmed civilians, and plays God by choosing who must be killed, and justifies the killing by calling them suspicious, and perhaps terrorists. Unfortunately, the American media keeps quiet about these on going murders, never mentioned, for the American people must keep believing the violence is always one sided - from the Palestinians only.
      It seems the rest of the world is fully aware of Israel's crimes against unarmed civilians, because unlike the US, they deem it one of the most disliked nations in the world, for good reason.

    • The Palestinians should take a page off the illegal settlers books, and start price tag attacks on this building. This in your face move by Israel, is disgusting, and it seems they are taking advantage of the helplessness of their victims, the Palestinians. This military occupation has been going on for too long, and to keep thumbing it's nose at the world at a time when the US is trying to negotiate peace between the two people, is yet again, the arrogance Israel has shown the world.

  • UN: Civilian drone deaths triple in Afghanistan
    • These are brown skinned Muslims, far, far, away from our shores, and as deplorable as these drones are, most probably most Americans will simply shrug this away, or buy the narrative that this is collateral damage, while in the pursuit of terrorists.
      One day we may find drones entering American airspace, and then the outrage will be deafening.

  • Iraq illegally Jailed thousands of Women, Torture & Abuse Alleged
    • The truth is, things were better under Saddam Hussein. He may have been a tyrant, but it was the actions of the US, that have resulted in terrorism, extremism, and sectarian violence.
      In his crazy way, he was able to keep his country from chaos and confusion that rages over there. The people were able to get about their lives in peace with no suicide bombs and car explosions at market places. To think Americans still wonder why we are hated so much!

  • 8 Unsustainable Delusions of the American Way of Life
    • When you read this well written article you realize the America we knew and were happy to live in, no thanks to bad political moves by our leaders, is unrecognizable, and not the same anymore. I arrived in the US decades ago, and had I known what it would be today, perhaps I might not have stayed. Perhaps my expectations were unreasonable.

  • A $9 Trillion War? Top 10 Reasons Americans will Regret it if GOP Derails Iran Negotiations
    • All good points. If only these shameless congress people had the good sense to reason out, and stop carrying the water for an alien nation, that, let's be honest, does not care a fig for the interests of the US or Americans, but their own devious plans.
      It is incredible to think that they do the bidding of a tiny war mongering nation, and go against their own President. Iran is not Iraq, and any attack against Iran, will be deadly for not only the US but the region too. Iran will retaliate in ways that will make these senator's heads spin. It seems they have forgotten that wars have to be averted, and it always is best to give diplomacy a chance, before dropping bombs on innocent civilians. It is time someone in the controlled media, did the American people a favor, and told them the truth.....that the fools they vote for, put the interests of a manipulative, alien nation, whose lobby writes our foreign policies, over their own interests first. The unwavering aid and support keeps being poured into Israel's coffers, while our people have to do without so much. The writer gives very good points and reasons why we should not do Israel's bidding and wage yet another costly war, that honestly, we simply cannot afford, unfortunately it seems loyalty to Israel makes them blinded to common sense.

  • "The Iranians are Coming!" Derangement Syndrome over 1 Destroyer in Atlantic
    • Much ado about nothing...Iran simply trying to salvage some national pride, after all it must have been so difficult to comply with many of the conditions set by those negotiating for a peaceful agreement. Let's look on the bright side; it seems Bibi Netanyahu is once again displaying his war mongering and we can watch with amusement, his rants against this "outrageous" move by Iran, and how much threatening they are to the US.

  • Israeli Pols attack Sec. Kerry over Boycott Remarks: "Can't negotiate with a gun to our Heads"
    • Can't negotiate with a gun to their heads eh? But Israel has held the big guns to the occupied for decades, and it seems reluctant to let go. Every. Excuse in the book will now be used to avoid making peace. To make peace means Israel will lose too much, including land grabs...they are military occupiers building illegal settlement in disputed lands, controlling the water belonging to the occupied, and generally doing as they please...why do they need a peace agreement?

  • Now Peace Talks, John Kerry, are "Anti-Semitic" in Eyes of Israeli Far Right
    • These antisemitic accusations are getting stale and used in ridiculous ways. It is now overused and totally inappropriate in this regard. Kerry has stated the obvious, and it is almost definite that BDS will increase should these peace talks fail. The outrage is I seems so easy for Israel to push for sanctions against the Palestinians,and refuse to release their own funds, when they attempted to get recognized at the UN, and urged their servants in congress to do the same, but when it comes to their world condemned land theft and illegal settlements, hey sanctions are antisemitic! Israel sounds more desperate and ridiculous by the day. I hope Americans are finally getting the real picture here.

  • Dovish SOTU: Obama will Veto AIPAC Iran Sanctions, Pledges Afghanistan Wind-Down
    • It was amusing to see the camera's pan down on one of AIPAC's favorite senators, Bob Menendez, as President Obama stated he will veto the sanctions bill against Iran. It is unfortunate Obama's successes, have been downplayed so much. He has disappointed me many times, yet he should be given credit for many policies, that are now taking effect, and easing the situation in the country. He has some achievements worth talking about, but you would not know if you hear the right wingers and those who want him to fail.

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu faces Zionist Racism from Son dating Norwegian
    • Yair Netanyahu who started a Facebook page showing his hatred for Islam, and displaying bigotry, is now dating a Norwegian Christian? I think this is one of life's ironies...he now faces a backlash based on racism and hatred, and a good dose of reality.
      He will now feel the intimidation and hatred he has dished out to Arabs and Muslims, from this backlash, and realize to be on the receiving end is not that great. However, the arrogant young Netanyahu can justify the fact he is not dating a Muslim, just a blond, Christian gentile from Norway , considering how his attitude has been so far. I would have said leave the kid alone, but knowing his reputation for being a racist, I say just desserts.

  • Human Rights Abuses grow in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
    • These stats keep coming out year after year, yet the international community simply shrugs and does nothing. Israel gets away with almost anything these days, whether it is murder, torture, or illegal settlements, and the US keeps aiding and supporting a nation that would otherwise be deemed a rogue state by them, if not for it's lobby in the US. The US tax payers should be outraged about this, but they have been deliberately fed with the Israeli narrative about being consistent victims of a people who have been under an occupation for decades, and is basically helpless against the most ruthless military, sophisticated weaponry, and supported by the world's superpower. What chances do they have? Their lands, water, and other resources are being stolen under the watchful eyes of the world, and apart from a few half hearted protests, nothing much changes.
      The Palestinians themselves have to get their act together, and stop their agitations, and instead try to work with the world community, and stop being pressurized by the US or Israel, who do not have their best interests at heart. They should not expect those that have occupied, blockaded, and robbed them, to suddenly have genuine concern for their wellbeing.

  • Israeli Policy Divides Palestinian Families
    • This is inhumane behavior. This type of separation will never be tolerated by the occupier, in fact they would have been whining and making political hay, had they been so cruelly separated by these restrictions. One special standard for them, and none for their victims. The more difficult they make it for these poor Palestinians, the sooner they can get rid of them in the galilee.
      Wasn't that the plan, anyway?
      To think our tax money ends up supporting the culprits that inflict such inhumane punishment on any people, is unbelievable.

  • Netanyahu Tells Kerry he will Grab 13% of Palestinian West Bank
    • It is time Obama, Kerry, and the US, told these arrogant land grabbers to go and jump in the Dead Sea...not only do they defy all international laws and keep building illegal settlements in disputed land, they also want the Palestinians to yield to their unreasonable demands. International laws go against them, yet they keep showing this unbelievable chutzpah when it comes to extracting all they can from their victims. This is why their actions have shown they want absolutely no peace with their neighbors, the status quo is much more lucrative, and pretending to be victims has huge benefits.

  • Israel Tries to Bully Europe over Criticism of Planned 1800 Squatter Units on Palestinian Land
    • No of course not...they must be the only occupying nation, armed with the most sophisticated weapons, unwavering support and aid from the US, and being condemned by the entire world for building illegal settlements, that keeps getting bullied by their entire neighborhood, plus the rest of the world too. Poor Israel.

    • The EU should not be intimidated by the usual methods Israel displays when censured. Israel needs the EU more than the EU needs Israel, and if the EU does not make this stand, once again the builder of illegal settlements and land grabs, will get away scot free. The world can never depend on the AIPAC controlled US to do the right is up to Europe to stick to their guns, and keep the pressure on Israel. About time, actually. The EU is not condemning these illegal settlements on a whim, the entire world condemns it, and it goes against UN resolutions. So really, the EU is doing the right thing, and being bullied into submission, a well known ploy by Israel, should not deter them.

  • False Nostalgia: The Original Fallujah Campaign Destabilized Iraq
    • A well written article giving us insight into the chaos and confusion Bush and Cheney inflicted on a nation that had not harmed us, and it shows not only did we mess it up big time, but how the Bush administration and the neocons, with the aid of the media, covered up big blunders they made, for example in Fallujah. Fallujah not only suffered the consequences of a major onslaught, but the aftermath was this day little babies are born deformed and suffering from incurable diseases. So much for winning hearts and minds. The American people, as this article shows, have been deliberately kept in the dark about the tragic blunders made by US troops, by the time these war crimes are uncovered, it will be too late.

  • Top Ten Ways Ariel Sharon Ruined Israel and the Middle East
    • I agree to what you say...they have disrespect and humiliated both President Obama and VP Biden on a few occasion, regarding illegal settlements, timing the announcements of building even more, to coincide with a meeting or visit.
      We must have pretty weak leaders who keep turning the other cheek.

    • To your point, he was called the Butcher of Beirut, the Bulldozer (his style) and the father of settlements....we see some of these qualities going on even today.

  • Ariel Sharon should have been Tried for War Crimes: Human Rights Watch
    • The question is, why are HRW and others so slow in responding to war crimes by war criminals? Why wait until someone is old and even dead, to discuss it? HRW or the ICC should be independent enough to decide who should face criminal charges, and be able to withstand the pressure from wealthier nations like the US, who play favorites and decides who should be hauled to criminal courts. George Bush and Dick Cheney should also be on that long list of war criminals.

  • Did Ariel Sharon get a pass on War Crimes because he was White?
    • To your point Sharon was found personally responsible for Sabra and Shatila, by an Israeli investigation (Kahan). Still, he got away, and went on to bulldoze his way into being PM.

    • You are absolutely right, Juan Cole, the US has consistently shown indifference to the many human rights violations committed by many of Israel's leaders. If this was Arafat who had been found personally responsible for the massacre at Shabra and Shatila, or had a Palestinian village like Qibya attacked by his
      men, in which scores of unarmed men, women and little children were ruthlessly killed, synagogues, homes and schools destroyed, would the US have pretended to be outraged and allowed the war criminal to get away? The double standards are sickening.
      By now we should have stopped the aid, and ordered Israel to stop acting like an out of control thug, if they want to continue sponging off US taxpayers. We hold the upper hand in this, and yet, our leaders have their chains yanked by Israel through AIPAC.

  • Ariel Sharon's Legacy for Israel and the Middle East
    • Well said. It is unbelievable that Obama's first words in his condolences were about unshakeable support for Israel. Now I wonder if he has ever uttered such support for any nation, when one of their previous leaders passed away. Certainly not for South Africa, when Nelson Mandela passed away. So why this continued assurance of love and support for only Israel?

      I wonder if he US media mentions the horrible, horrible massacres at Sabra and Shatila. I am out of the country at the moment, and can only guess they must be praising the man responsible for these massacres, and singing his praises.
      From what I heard in the media, VP Biden will be representing the US. They should just send Menendez, he would have loved to have shown his devotion to Israel at this time.

  • ‘Hezbollah missiles can now hit anywhere in Israel’
    • Some may call it a desperate attempt to level the playing field.
      One sided wars are unfair.

  • Iran: Israeli PM Netanyahu's Allies in US Senate Seek Vote to Scuttle President Obama's Talks
    • I never thought I'd actually see a bunch of congresspeople, who would not be there if not for their voters, take a stand against their OWN President, and try to pass a bill that would be detrimental to the on going peace talks with Iran. Right now we are seeing in action, what we have always known - American leaders doing the bidding of a foreign lobby, whose main intent is to do what a foreign nation commands, even if it derails the efforts made by their own President. Menendez, who is one of Israel's dutiful servants, will never get my vote next time.

  • Israeli vandals fell fruit trees in revenge attack on Arabs
    • This is yet again proof that Israel harbors and protects these thugs, who have consistently caused irreparable damage on Mosques, and has been life miserable for Palestinians.
      The UN states that In 2012, over 7,500 olive trees belonging to West Bank Palestinians have been damaged or destroyed by Israeli settlers. No wonder the US State Department calls their attacks "terroristic activities". Time the US reconsidered sending aid to a nation that breaks international laws, and does not heed any warnings. The Israeli government is either inept, or deliberately looks the other way, while these front line thugs keep committing these crimes.

  • Anti-Arab graffiti scrawled in West Bank village
    • What can you expect from Israel's front line thugs, apart from crimes on poor Palestinian farmers, firebombing cars, burning Mosques, and disgusting graffiti showing how racist they are.
      It seems the IDF either pretends they cannot see, or cannot control them.

  • Iraq's Real Problem: A US Occupation legacy of Sectarian Politics
    • We took a bad situation, made it worse, and left behind chaos and confusion. As Collin Powell said, we broke it, it is ours.
      If only we can learn to not start unilateral wars, and then whine that democracy has not been welcome there, like our troops.

  • Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State
    • That would be "recognized in negotiations".

    • I doubt any of those "Islamic states" demanded they be recognized in negations, especially with the people they have blockaded, had their territories occupied, and oppressed.

    • Juan Cole is absolutely right. You have got to wonder exactly why Israel is so obsessed by demanding to be recognized as a "Jewish" state. It is as ridiculous as the US demanding to be recognized as a Christian state. The entire world knows Israel is predominantly a Jewish nation, so why the desperation? Israel still has not acknowledged the rights of the Palestinian people, nor the fact that they have been systematically marginalized, losing land and water, yet Israel keeps insisting the occupied must recognize the occupier by it's religion. I guess it will be easier to use the "anti semitic" accusations, if Israel is "recognized" as a Jewish state, because everyone who criticizes Israel's transgressions, can then be accused of anti semitism.

  • Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal to Relinquish Control of Palestine-Jordan Border, Endangering Talks
    • About time too. Their hopes for achieving peace prevented such measures, as the US must have warned them against doing so.
      They should not hesitate to initiate such complaint, if Israel does not cooperate and agree to peace, and freedom for Palestinians.

  • Europe Abandoning Hydrocarbons: Closing 30% of Gas, Coal Plants in Favor of Green Energy
    • Time the US stepped up their green energy and got in step with other developed nations.

  • Gaza: the challenges faced by the young women (Video of the Day)
    • We should all wonder how Israel would react, if the world boycotted it, or denied it electricity, when one of their illegal settlers firebombed a car, killing it's passengers. We can only imagine the outrage.

  • Is a Third Palestinian Uprising on its Way?
    • Remember Americans feel they are helping a victim here, for that is what they have been told, and will be told. The truth will never be told in the US. Americans are duped into sending the most aid to an occupier, armed and protected by the US

  • EU warns Israel of backlash for settlement building
    • Sometimes it seems Israel is too dense not to read the warning signs. Eventually, crimes that is world condemned, including illegal settlement building, will not be tolerated, and US support will weaken. Many Jews around the world do not agree with this display of greed either, so when the EU takes a stand, it means something is changing, and it will not be in Israel's favor.

  • US Arms Shiite Iraqi Gov't to Kill Sunni Rebels, Arms Syrian Sunni Rebels to overthrow Shiite Gov't
    • Since the US arrogantly took a bad situation in Iraq and made it worse, I guess it is morally and legally responsible for trying to right the disaster we created. Unfortunately, the American people need help at this point too, but will not get it.

  • Israel Plans New Settlement Push Despite Threat to Peace Talks
    • Come on, let's be honest here, Israel, far too many times, have thumbed it's arrogant nose at the US and the rest of the world, and at crucial times flaunted the fact that they are defying the entire world and building this cursed settlements, that are detrimental to peace between these waring factions. Yet the US has whispered it's "disapproval" and keeps enabling the occupier, plying it with more weapons and the most aid. Any other nation would have been boycotted and aid stopped immediately. Let me remind the readers here that the Palestinians were immediately threatened to have their aid cut by the servants of AIPAC in Congress, when they legitimately made an effort to be recognized at the UN by this same Congress. The US if genuinely concerned can do much more to halt these shameful thefts of land, water, and occupation, but really who here is convinced they want to? It is all in the hands of the US, but they seem to keep playing along with Israel's endless charade.

  • Wounded by Apartheid Wall, Occupied Bethlehem Hopes for Pilgrimage Revival
    • The Evangelical Zionists in the US seems unaware that Israel has not only marginalized Muslim Arabs, but trying to marginalize Christians too. They have shrunk Nazareth the birth place of Jesus, protected those who attacked Churches, and even the Vatican have blamed them for such attacks.
      The adoration of Israel however by misguided American Christians, goes on.

  • Coleridge, Kubla Khan (Poem of the Day)
    • Thank you for this gem. The information about the composer and what inspired him to write this, is very interesting.

  • How many American Weddings would have to get hit by Drones before they were Banned?
    • The drones attacks on innocent civilians are disgraceful, and America's shame. If ONE American wedding party had been shattered by alien drones, and innocent people died, imagine the outrage. These are men, women, and little children, who are paying for the arrogance of American policies. Who are we after all, to decide who the extremists are, and why they should be killed, even if they are among many innocent people? It could be considered a form of terrorism too.

  • Obama will Veto new Iran Sanctions, Israel War Mandate pushed by AIPAC Senators
    • The big question is, just how loyal are these shameless senators, to their own President and country? Here we have a President trying hard to avoid war and more deaths in this rather delicate situation with Iran, and who do they support? An alien nation, and it's Prime Minister, who have consistently pushed for war, and an attack on Iran, which would cost us, the US, lives,and put us in a bigger economic mess. Menendez has taken his undying devotion to Israel to yet another low. His desire to do AIPAC's bidding should make many Americans question his ethics and loyalty, and question him and the others of equal shame, why they keep insisting on NOT giving their own nation and President, a chance to avoid more American lives being lost, or at risk.
      I did not vote for Menendez, and he seems to avoid the questions I ask for as a constituent, because he is unable to defend his disgusting support for Israel. Americans should wake up to this unshakeable loyalty to Israel by Congress, that has cost us too much in many ways.

  • Has a European Boycott of Israeli Colonies in the Palestinian West Bank Begun?
    • It is about time some entity or nation, that is able to resist any intimidation from lobbies or leagues, stand up and do something to help these poor people.
      The UN has predicted the Palestinian territories will be unlivable by 2020, and it seems the easy way out for the US, EU and other nations, to ignore warnings and just pretend it is not happening.
      The US is NOT going to initiate any punitive measures against the occupier for it's endless crimes against humanity, in fact it will continue to support, aid and arm, this nation that keeps getting away with breaking international laws, and has been a burden for the US for all these years. If the EU does not step in at this time, the Palestinian people who are already losing their lands, farms, water, and dignity, will vanish from the territories they have claim to, by acts of terror, assassination, intimidation, and the cutting of social services, by those who were once homeless, but now has the chutzpah to use US aid to extract all they can from their neighbors.

  • Israeli Blockade of 40,000 Gaza Fishermen Briefly Broken by Youth Protesters
    • No religion will condone this kind of ill treatment of innocent civilians. These poor fishermen, like the farmers, have been deprived of their livelihood by mean spirited actions, that are primarily done in order to drive them away from their own trade, due to suffering. A once thriving civilization, these Palestinians have endured hardship and endless punitive actions, by a very aggressive and violent government, that has occupied, blockaded, and in the process of making these territories unlivable. The inhumane treatment of these poor people goes on, while the rest of the world looks the other way. The US has been enabling, arming, and protecting, the wrong side.

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