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  • What's Religion Got to do with it? German Co-Pilot as Terrorist
    • I am sure there will be desperate efforts made to connect the co-pilot with radical Islam….. as if only Muslims did such horrible things. Anders Breivik, right wing Christian, also committed a horrendous crime that resulted in the deaths of many innocent kids. It will be interesting to know what made this man act this way. The mental stability of pilots should always be checked periodically. Some suffer from mental issues, but never take medication as it will show in their medical tests, and may affect their jobs. As a passenger this is frightening.

  • Obama-Netanyahu Tiff worsens: US won't rule out using UN to create Palestine
    • So what is there to wait for any longer? There is NO doubt Netanyahu is NOT interested in peace, nor ending the occupation and illegal settlements. He has made every excuse in the book to stall, reject, and be uncooperative, every time the US made tremendous effort to bring about some resolution. What more proof does the US need that this scoundrel has absolutely no intention of doing the right thing by the Palestinians. All those pathetic excuses about Hamas and the rockets are beginning to wear thin. Netanyahu's stubbornness to budge, and his arrogant continuation of illegal settlements at every excuse, are all signs that things will never change in the new government. What is Obama waiting for? The EU will only be happy to unite with the US in making Israel finally pay for all the crimes, and help the Palestinians get their statehood, independence, and human rights back.
      Time these poor victims of Israel's violence and continued theft of their resources, were given their rights back. The UN owes them that much.

  • Netanyahu's Victory did us the favor of ending the Charade
    • It was crystal clear what the Israelis wanted, and they wanted Netanyahu to do it. Polls have shown that Israelis want apartheid policies. I really cannot understand why it took this long for the US/UN/EU to realized this. It was evident, by the actions of Netanyahu that he wanted to keep the occupation going, and the illegal settlements too. Surely world leaders are not naive to realize this? The question is now what is Obama going to do? The ball is in his court, he has made it clear that there is no doubt Netanyahu means what he says, yet to a large extent his hands are tied, because within our nation, we have traitors who connive with this war criminal, against their own President, and will never stand with him. All Obama has to do is work with the EU leaders now, and make sure Israel gets it's just desserts, and the Palestinians their Statehood and freedom.

Showing comments 185 - 101